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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  June 3, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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♪ breaking news from overnight. police identify the man they say stabbed a city councilman and he's on the run this morning. how police were able to identify the suspect coming up in a live report. and the teenager gunned down walking to school. parents in the area say they are afraid while police try to track down the boy's killer. after days of sunny skies, some showers moved through our area. what you can expect for your weekend forecast. it's saturday, june 3rd, "good day philadelphia" starts right now. ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. here we are. good day everyone. hope you're having good saturday. so in the newsroom we don't have any windows right in the area where we sit. i came downstairs and said scott it's raining. >> he said dope worry. i should have known i had this weird thing with my voice and
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the weather helps me predict my sickness. >> don't panic it won't be wash out. a lot of folks are waking up a lot of events taking place across the area. >> right. >> live look outside our studios showing you, yeah, we have a wet market street right now. due to the cloud cover and some showers passing through. but once again don't be alarm because over the next several hours those showers will be push out of the region. as we look at ultimate doppler you can see we have the clouds. where we have the yellows and the oranges that's where we have a little bit more in the way of some moderate to heavy rape fall. so right now moving through cinnaminson also mt. laurel, moorestown, philadelphia north and west norristown looking at moderate to heavy showers also as we move through sections of bucks county the lehigh valley looking at some of that light rain. we'll zoom in and you can see what we're focused on. lower merion moving toward cherry hill right now, delran, looking at some of those showers pushing through. so weather by the numbers scale of one to ten, not that bad
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despite the morning clouds and showers. we'll give today about an eight. so temperature wise looking pretty good. we have low 50s at allentown, 40s right now mount pocono. 57 in wilmington along with dover. 56 degrees currently in atlantic city. so planning out your day. once again, next several hours watching out for some passing showers and some clouds but by lunch time we're clearing out the sunshine returns and look at those temperatures. 77 degrees center city. 75 down the shore for today. the lehigh valley about 76 degrees. so the weather headlines saturday morning showers. there could be some more rain by the end of the weekend, and then we'll talk about unsettled pattern, lauren, coming up next week. >> all right. thank you so much, scott. 7:02 this morning. let's start with breaking news. police say this is the man who stabbed city councilman david oh outside his home on wednesday night. this morning police are looking
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for that game let's check in with steve keeley who is following this story. they're calling him a fugitive. steve. >> reporter: well, lauren, they think this guy is homeless, and just wanders from house to house there's a lot of abandoned homes obviously in philadelphia so they went to the previous homes one of which where his family lives -- or lived just two blocks down the very same street that counsel sell man david oh lives on the attack happened wednesday night. 24-year-old sean your bray is his name he used to live in the 5600 block of thomas avenue and that is just two blocks down the street from councilman oh who lives in the 5800 block. detectives talked to councilman oh yesterday already back to work at city hall. they showed him his previous mug shot from his latest previous arrest. now whoever interviewed the detectives did not ask about his history or where this mug shot came from i can't tell you whether did he this kind of thing before, but councilman oh recognized him. identified him and may have even
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remembered him living on the same street in years past. >> during the course of our investigation we've now identified 24-year-old mail named sean yrrbrey. he formerly resided in the 5600 block of thomas most recent address in the 5800 block of catherine street, um, he's been charged this evening by the district attorney with attempt to commit murder, robbery, simple assault, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person. at this point he's a fugitive. we have search his home and not been able to fine him at this point. obviously we consider him to be armed and extremely dangerous as a result of the actions he heard he committed to the councilman. >> after getting arrest warrant for this guy last night but before talking to the media about him, they hope to get him before he knew -- police knew who he was and coming aft him much detectives went to his last known address us a herd op catherine street where his family lives now but he wasn't there and the family said they don't know where he is now.
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since detectives haven't found whatever it was used to establish the councilman and since he did not get anything in the robbery try, police want to get him before he gets his tshiffley into anybody else. may not have the smart street savvy and self-defense skills councilman oh had a with marshall arts and gets worse than the councilman d lauren, as you saw councilman oh even with a marshall arts background and army special forces guy eddie fence seive words on his forearm you get from fight off somebody. this guy doesn't just stick this tshiffley in his back he was slashing at him with it f he still has who knows what will happen if some woman for instance was going to get robbed next. that's why detectives hope somebody recognizes that picture we're putting on. we have it on our website if you want to get close look at it and see him wandering around on the streets before he does this again. >> absolutely, steve keeley, thank you very much. 7:05. a portion of pennsylvania turnpike shut down this morning due to fatal crash investigati investigation. lanes are closed westbound between the bensalem and willow
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grove exits. as detour drivers are being asked to take route 1 south to state route 132 and then to 611. people can then get back on to the turnpike at the willow grove interchange. in camden, crews are investigating the cause of a house fire there. it happen right around 4:30 at south ten many and morton streets. the fire was placed under control in less than an hour. a firefighter was transported to the hospital with smoke inhalation. and a man is in the hospital after being shot in the chest. the shooting happening around 12:45 on the 2100 block of gould street in mount mariah. the man was taken to penn presbyterian medical center in stable condition. so far no arrests have been ma made. now to developing story out of chester. a high school sophomore is dead gunned down while walking to school. police now searching for the killer. investigators say zion abdullah was a quote good kid with no history or trouble with the law. he was fatally shot after an altercation with a man or a group of men near 11t 11th and
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kerlin friday morning. abdullah staggered down the street to the vacant columbus elementary school property where he died. crossing guard apartment knee church had just taken up his post at the intersection when the shots rang out. >> i hear all this pow pow pow and kids running, and then i hear the ricochet off the wall so i ducked. >> what's going through your mind as mom when you're coming to school here. >> scared. i was really scared. i don't -- it's just too much. >> reporter: police are still searching for suspects in that case. and police in atlantic city hoping this sketch may ring a bell for someone they say this man sexually assaulted someone at knife point on tuesday afternoon in the 300 block of pennsylvania avenue. he was wearing all gray. any information you're asked to call police. and life look at ocean city on this saturday morning. no doubt lots of people down the shore already are headed that way. police in one shore town want to
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avoid scenes like the one you're about to see. fights, rowdiness and partying after the madness in margate there you see it there last week police are saying no more. they will not allow people to get out of hand and they're shutting down the so-called club wa. fox 29's dave kinchen explains. right now it's been pretty quiet. >> reporter: lenny munroe lived down the shore since the late 1950s and hopes this weekend stays like this pleasant and peaceful on the margate beaches. unlike saturday, which saw this wild teen brawl that made national headlines. >> i took off. [ laughter ] >> because everybody started going every which way. i mean they were knocking people down. kids down. people were sitting on the cha chair. i mean it wasn't right. >> reporter: it's not something lucy the elephant is used to either with 300 kids involved in the melee near the 136-year-old pachyderm on the washington avenue beach. >> the parents should teach
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their kids that they should be respectable no matter where you go. >> reporter: officials say three teens were arrested for assault and disorderly conduct. a police officer was even hit with gatorade bottle. that night, more out of control youth outside a wawa which some dubbed club wa on social media. a dozen were arrested for booze, marijuana and fighting. >> it's nice to party. i partied just like the rest of them, but, you know, you have to respect the law. >> that was a rare incident. it really doesn't happen that much down here truthfully. take it as one incident and move on. >> reporter: people we talk with notice add big difference in policing. >> yeah, i think they stepped everything up now. they're doing a good job and their hands on with the now. >> reporter: added piece of mind for out of towners like this family visiting from vegas. >> it's nice to know that there's police around keeping everything under control, but, yeah, i mean, we just drove up and it feels reall really safe d here. >> reporter: dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> wells fargo bank in delaware county robbed and the search is on for the man behind it.
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police say the guy you see here stormed into the bank on baltimore pike in springfield just afternoon yesterday. he told the teller he had a gun and demanded money. the guy got away with cash. police say he was then seen getting into a small light blue or silver car right across the street. if you have any information, you're asked to give police a call. testimony has wrapped in bucks county in the trial of a map accused of sexually assaul assaulting six young sisters. lee kaplan declined to testify in his trial. the jury heard a conversation recorded by detectives. the mother of the girl who's kaplan viewed as wives told her daughters to tell authorities the truth about their sexual relations with him. the 52-year-old now facing a long list of charges after polic found 11 girls living in his feasterville house last june. closing arguments are scheduled for monday. the funeral for rocker greg all man held in macon georgia today where the all man brothers band first found fame.
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private memorial will be held at 1:00 p.m. then all man will be buried next to his late brother and guitarist dwayne all man at rose hill cemetery. al man died may 27th at his home in savannah. he's remembered as being one of the founders of the surgeon rock style and his tumultuous marriage to cher back in the '70's. former president jimmy carter expected to attend the service. all man helped draw crowds during his 1976 campaign. all man was 69 years old. >> later on good day could living a longer life be a good reason to reconsider getting married? weigh in using the #fox29goodday. and philadelphia police are on patrol on two wheels and it requires special training. but first sue serio with weekend wendy. ♪ so weekend wendy is very excited about today's fet today on alley it isn't often the
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folks who live on oldest residential street open up their homes it's happening today between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. plus life music and crafts and colonial games and food and it will be a whole lot of fun. hope you have fun whatever you're doing today from weekend wendy and me.
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>> fallout continues from president trump' decision to leae the paris climate agreement. world leaders pledging to boost their efforts to curb global warming. mayors and governors here at
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home also expressing their disappointment. the trump administration is defending the decision saying the agreement would cost the u.s. many, many jobs. >> speaking of climate let's take live look outside scott williams on this saturday morning. might be a good good day to be on water slide. >> i mean although, lauren, west clouds, we have the morning showers kind of moving through the area. it's going to be a pretty nice afternoon. temperatures pretty seasonal for this time of year. but right now we do have the low clouds across the area, and some passing showers moving through the center city area, but don't worry, by this afternoon we are looking at some sunshine across the region. look at ultimate doppler. that disturbance we talked about last night, it is dipping through the area once again. we have the cloud cover and, yes, we have some of those areas of showers. so we'll kind of zoom in across the area, and you can see moving toward philadelphia, now into sections of burlington county, ocean county, getting wet here early on this saturday morning.
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so old city, moving into camden, looking at some of those showe showers. cherry hill, also, moving toward places like mt. holly, moorestown, cinnaminson getting little wet here early, early. as far as those temperatures, we're looking at 53 degrees in reading. 54 right now in millville. 56 degrees currently in atlantic city and in dover 57 degrees. high pressure will eventually settle in and that will mean the return of that sunshine by this afternoon but we do have those morning showers afternoon sunshine, temperatures topping out right around 77 degrees. so take look at the roots picnic taking place right now, of course, we have the clouds and morning showers. by noon, clearing, breezy, 71 degrees. by 4:00 o'clock, 76 degrees. temperatures pretty comfortable in to the evening. so a lot of events taking place. the pocono mountains, morning clouds and showers. afternoon sun, 67 degrees. 69 for the high temperature as we move toward tomorrow. and down the shore, we're looking at clouds to sun.
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pretty comfortable. 74 degrees today. low 70s for tomorrow. that seven day forecast is coming up. lauren? >> all right, scott, thank you so much. three more former penn state employees going to prison in connection with the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. a judge sentenced the university's former president, vice-president and athletic director for failing to report allegations against the former assistant football coach. graham spanier, tim curley, gary schultz will each spend at least two months in prison. the judge saying their failure to report allegations against sandusky unable him to continue molesting boys. all three apologized to sandusky's victims before their sentences were handed down. police raid a local business carrying out boxes of merchandise they are calling fake. only fox 29 was there when police and homeland security investigators moved in. our dave schratwieser has the details.
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>> reporter: boxes after boxes after boxes. >> selling counterfeit polo, counterfeit north face. >> reporter: all loaded into a big truck parked on north fifth street friday as city and federal homeland security investigators raided one of philadelphia's biggest counterfeit clothing vendors. >> he is not someone that's new to us, um, has history of this type of activity. >> basically they're not getting a they're paying for. >> reporter: only fox 29 was there as police executed search warrants at off the corner in the 5500 block of north fifth. the owner hasan darwich was charged with selling $300,000 in fake polo, north face and true religion clothing. >> these companies who are being counterfeited, they basically take that loss and they mark up their prices and trickles down to the consumers who are actually buying the legitimate items in these stores of the. >> if it's wrong, you know, he breaking the law,. >> reporter: this store customer watched as dozens of boxes of counterfeit merchandise
7:19 am
were hauled away by investigators. >> got to have common sense. it's coming from this store, you know, so it's not name brand. >> get good receipt guaranteed return on your goods. >> reporter: wayne hoffman shops here along the business tee fifth street core dough. he says he wants the real deal, not a knock off. >> i stay away from that stuff. i would prefer to get the real stuff. >> reporter: investigators say this store was loaded with fake merchandise, the entire back room and a second floor apartment contained counterfeit clothing. >> he's probably one of the biggest suppliers of street vendors around the city of philadelphia, broad and erie and several other locations. >> consumer gets here because they're buying an inferior product and they're product that could fall apart in the washing machine. >> reporter: this doesn't look right. just way to stay away from it. >> reporter: investigators say most of this counterfeit material is made in china imported here then relabeled or embroidered. darwich was charged with counterfeiting and trademark infringement. investigators also say some of the money from these
7:20 am
counterfeiting operations is being used to fuel another criminal activity. dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. 7:20. wrong number but right mistake. a text message lands one couple stanley cup tickets. but the tickets were not even intended for them. we'll tell you about the mix up after the break. but first, check out these winning lottery numbers. ♪ it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm ron burke may went out like a lamb forfeit lease and june ended like one after going six and two in may they opened new month by ruched up at home by the giants. tough night for the phillies with second inning eikoff gives rbi single to nunez makes it three-two. eikoff two and two-thirds innings and career low for him. phillies pitchers they walked giants batters ten times including three times they walked the starting pitcher tie block. ten to nothing the final. phillies gave up 20 runs in the last two games now. after two seasons in kansas city jeremy maclin released by the chief. he left the eagles after the 2014 season to reunite with coach andy reid in cki could have a lot to do with money the move saves the chiefs $10 million in cap space. first ncaa baseball tournament for the delaware blue hens facing texas text. read raiders garcia cracks a two
7:24 am
run homer to left. texas tech wins it five-two. that's sports in a minute. i'm ron burke. ♪ all right, ron, thanks so much. pittsburgh penguins fans got the gift they will not soon forget because of a phone number mix up. the couple received a text message on wednesday offering them four free tickets to gain two of the stanley cup finals. so how did it happen, who did it come? it was a mistake the message was for someone else but fate was still on their side. >> he calls me back about less than five minutes later, and says, he found julianne, but she was only taking one set of tickets so i could have the other. well, in that nice? lucky couple was able to watch their beloved penguins win game 24 24-one. quite a show on the steps of the art museum philadelphia's newest police recruits took to two wheels for impressive tactical training. for the first time in police department history, 30 newly sworn in graduates from the police academy didn't hit the streets.
7:25 am
instead they are joining the ranks of the bike patrol going through a series of training exercises. that included riding down the art museum steps. in a couple of days these rookies will be patrolling the east police division with experienced bike patrol officers and some of the most violent areas of the city. did you see that move there? police say this unit is an invaluable asset. >> these bikes are immobile, they're able to get up alleyways, they can go up on the sidewalk, they can go places that cars can't. they can cover so much more ground than foot beats but yet they offer the same advantages of foot beats in that the officers are on bicycles, and they are able to engage with the community. >> deputy police commissioner says building better relationships with the community has proven to be one of the most effective crime fighting strategies. all right. 7:25 on this saturday morning. you know i told people on twitter the prompter was down. who needs a prompter. i can't remember all of this.
7:26 am
but i think the people have been talking to us on twitter this morning. let's see what they have to say. jason roberts says, the ihmnun run today. that's good. good weather. >> little bit of rain this morning but we'll clear out by the afternoon. so don't cancel those plans. looking at the clouds and showers this morning. >> all right. let's plan on that then. philly films it's always fun to watch a movie and say, hey, i know exactly where that is. you know it happens all the time in the rocky movie when they run through the italian market. well, what's happening behind the scenes that could threaten movie making in philadelphia. but first steve keeley on our top story this morning. hi, steve. >> well, we are on the story about the guy who threatened councilman david oh and since we're out in the rain, detectives here at southwest are hoping this guy seeks some shelter and turns himself in here through the doors this morning. ♪
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♪ overcrowded, under funded, poorly managed, those words right from a report blasting delaware's prison system aft a deadly riot the state report came after the inmate takeover of the james t. vaughn correctional center. the governor ordered the review after the february standoff when inmates took four officers hostage, killing lieutenant stephen floyd. the report considers communication to be the biggest problem at delaware's largest
7:30 am
prison. and do you know this guy? police in northampton county looking for him. they say he follow add woman around a wal*mart trying to take what they call intimate pictures of her. it happened around 9:45 in the morning atly wal*mart on nazareth bike in bethlehem township. if you know who he is, you're asked to call police. welcome. you're watching good weekend. i'm lauren johnson. scott williams has check of your forecast. he says don't let the rain stop your saturday plans. >> yeah, a lot going on, lauren, across the area. the roots picnic, the devon horse show. a big race weekend in dover. we do have some morning clouds, and yes, those passing showers out there, but by this afternoon, looking pretty good. temperatures will moderate nicely as well. 77 degrees for the high temperature later on today in center city. mid 70s down the shore. looking good this weekend there. lehigh valley some morning clouds and showers. but a nice afternoon and a high of 76 degrees. so as we look at ultimate doppler, watching the clouds roll in and, yes, we have those
7:31 am
morning pockets of showers, where you see the yellow and/or ranch that's steadier rainfall right now moving through philadelphia county, university city as you move toward places like upper darby, drexel hill looking at some of that rainfall then it continues into parts of south jersey at this hour. 54 degrees right now in trenton is your temperature. 54 in millville. 57 current until wilmington along with dover. we have 46 degrees that's the chilly spot right now in the poconos. so we'll go hour by hour. by 9am still some clouds. a couple of spotty showers. by 10am the same deal. but watch what happens, yeah, this system it's getting out of here. by lunch time, clearing skies, that afternoon sunshine and a pretty nice saturday on tap. sunday sunshine to start. clouds start to roll in. there could be some afternoon showers mainly to the north and west of philadelphia around the poconos, the lehigh valley, and then as we move toward your sunday night, some of that moving closer to the
7:32 am
philadelphia area. the i-95 corridor. then as we move toward early next week, it looks like clouds and occasional showers from time to time with a bit of i wasn't settled pattern developing. what about your forecast in dover we're talking about the temperatures looking pretty comfortable. 76 creature today low 80s for tomorrow. so the bottom line with that weather authority seven day forecast, we're looking at some early clouds and showers today. 77 degrees. 82 degrees for tomorrow. then moving ahead to early next week, we have an unsettled pattern. 80 though still pretty warm on monday. but look at tuesday and wednesday. below average temperatures only up derr 60s on tuesday. 70 degrees by wednesday. then we dry out and temperatures moderate by the latter part of next week. lauren, back over to you. >> scott, thanks so much. developing this morning police say this is the man who stabbed city councilman david oh outside his home on wednesday night. this morning police are working to track him down calling him a fugitive. steve keeley life at southwest
7:33 am
detectives with the details. hi, steve. >> reporter: that look you just gave everybody lauer went weren't you want to see on tv only and not in person like councilman o had we're here at southwest detectives here and the 18th police district and detectives hoping this guy walks through the front door here on his own but aren't really counting on it. so after they couldn't find him on their own last night, they put out this picture to the public hoping someone that nose sean yarbray and knows where he's at may be even tells police are tells yarbray himself to get over here and turn himself in. now detectives figure he's homeless right now living here ban donned homes, but first when they got the arrest warrant last night, been they put out the picture to the public, they went to his family's last two homes they knew of and one of them was right on the same street where councilman oh lives. that is thomas avenue. now the attack happened in the 5800 block near david oh's house this guy lived in the 5600 blo
7:34 am
block. so he's trying to establish and rob people where he kind of grew up. then they went to catherine street. his family's last known address. family says they don't know where he is. they haven't seen him in awhile and they're moping somebody sees him and knows where he is now. >> very satisfied that this case now has identified a face and a person because obviously you saw the councilman's injuries although he walk out of the hospital and back to work today, could have been much worse and the way this guy attacked and went in attack mode right away continuing to try to injure the councilman if it hadn't been for him fighting as hard as he did, it could have been worse. but hopeful the public, we believe the kid has been life long resident of this area, so people know who he is. we believe at this point he may be homeless or living from house to house. so we're asking him to turn himself in or family members to convince him to come here and turn himself in. but it's our effort to locate this gentleman and get him off
7:35 am
the streets of philadelphia. >> reporter: whenever police have a recent mug shot like this one that tells you he was recently in trouble and released back out on the streets. they're hoping this latest round of trouble trying to stab david oh several times puts him in prison for a long time, and this latest mug shot will be replaced by a new one and one we won't have to show on tv for a i lauren, they never found that weapon chances are this guys still has it on him. since he didn't get anything from the councilman he may be looking for this next target not knowing the police are looking for him. >> steve keal, thanks so much. 7:35. sweeping changes coming to greek life at penn state university's campus. this comes in response to the death of fraternity pledge timothy piazza. the sophomore died in february after amazing ritual gone terribly wrong. the board of trustees pass add plan yesterday to crack down. the changes include the shutting down of any fraternity whose hazing involves alcohol, physical or mental abuse. the university will also now
7:36 am
govern activities instead of the chapters themselves. >> our aim is to curb destructive out comes within the penn state fraternity and sorority community with the hope that we can preserve what is good and value -- valuable of the greek experience and sense of community with these organizations provide. >> what was said was aspiration al and what was said is important, but there was not one derminative and fundamental action which was taken by the board of trustees of penn state. >> the plan by president eric barron was supported unanimously by the 38 member bore. kathy griffin apologizing again for the photo that landed her in pretty hot water. bizarre tearful and then joke filled press conference yesterday, the comedian said, her male counterpart boss not receive such harsh criticism. she said president trump's
7:37 am
family is trying to ruin her career. earlier this week a photo circulated online of her holding a fake trump head covered in blood. after immediate criticism, griffin took the photo down and apologized on twitter. griffin maintains she was not threatening the president. >> if you don't stand up, you get run over. and what's happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country. which is a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally i feel personally trying to ruin my life forever. >> since then, she's been fired from cnn and many venues have canceled her upcoming shows. the popular game words with friends getting new edition thanks to the president. remember that weird word that made national headlines in the tweet? should it be added to the app to play in the game? >> i don't know. you're taking live look at
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get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at ♪ >> chester county sheriff caroline bunny welsh at the white house standing over president trump's shoulder as he signed two bills in support of law enforcement. the public safety officer benefits improvement act and the american law enforcement hero' act both designed to protect first responders and veterans.
7:41 am
speaking of the president, words with friends gets new edition thanks to president trump. the popular mobile game has added that word how do we say it covfefe to its list of playable words. words with friends defines the word as the amount and quality of reporting when auto correct fails you at 3:00 a.m. >> you might remember the president tweeted that out just after midnight wednesday about constant negative press covfefe. eventually poking fun at his own mistake by asking people to guess what it meant. >> i don't know if anyone ever really guessed what it meant though. i think a lot of people were still very confused and, you know, laughing about it. i remember waking up that morning and it was trending on twitter and i was sort of like what's going on? >> yeah. no one nose wait means. he likes to tweet at like two, 3:00 a.m. so a lot of folks are like oh, it was just auto correct or something like that. >> right. >> then he sent out another tweet. have fun trying to define what it means. >> define, yeah. >> let alone trying to say it.
7:42 am
>> right. covfefe. second easily said it was typo. no, let's just keep ill going. by the time he woke back up, it was trending and it was everywhere. >> it will be added to the dictionary, watch. >> pretty soon. we'll have to see what happens with that. all right. it's always fun to watch a film. you've seen a film. i know exactly where that is. >> um-hmm. >> it happens a lot when you watch philly movies or movies shot in philly. >> yeah. >> there's some things that are threatening that and could be an end to movie making in philadelphia. >> i like at the airport you know how you're on that little stretch and it shows all of the movies filmed in philadelphia. >> i do like that. i do. well it might come to an end. we'll tell you why coming up. ♪
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♪ 7:45. ariana grande returns to england for the first time since the deadly bombing at her concert in manchester. she visited with some of the injured children. she's holding a benefit concert tomorrow. love me in chester what she's calling it. also, set to perform cold play, katie perry, justin beiber, miley sirius and pharrell. the concert raising money to help families impacted by the attack. suicide bomber killed 22 people and injured more than a hundred others moments after grande ended a show last month. major development in the investigation into the manchester attack. british police found a car a white nissan they hope can lead them to some clues about the suicide bomber. police also released new surveillance photos of the bomber salman abedi. the picture show him in
7:46 am
manchester five days leading up to the deadly blast. ten men remain in custody. all right. 7:46 on this saturday morning. taking a live look at the parkway. you can see the art museum steps off in the distant. we'll be telling you bon an event helping there today, scott arc lot of people will be interested in. in the meantime let's take a look at the weather and list stone a little bruno. >> we're looking at clouds and showers out there. so kind of wet for folks maybe working out along the art museum steps early on this saturday morning. but maybe two more hours of the unsettled clouds and showers to go and then temperatures moderate and the sunshine will return later on today. so as we look at ultimate doppler right now, we do have some areas of showers kind of moving right through the philadelphia area into sections of camden county, burlington county, ocean county right now and parts of south jersey. north and west bucks county moving toward the lehigh valley still a bit unsettled. we'll zoom in right now and show you where we have some of the
7:47 am
steadier rainfall moving through the philadelphia area moving toward the airport right now also places like deptford, moving toward cherry hill, haddonfield looking at some of those showers. we're pretty quiet for the most part down the shore right now. especially atlantic county, into cape may county. so the shore this weekend looking pretty good. as far as temperatures right n now, we have 61 in philadelphia. 57 in dover. low 50s current until allentown. what about some baseball later on this afternoon breezy, nice, 76 degrees. by first pitch with a mixture of sun and clouds. so the bottom line looking like a nice weekend across the area. 77 degrees the high temperature center city. 75 down the shore and 76 for the lehigh valley. we'll have that seven day forecast at the top of the hour. lauren. ♪
7:48 am
that's jerry how well explaining why she bail out on the spice girls 19 years ago. that's the video. that's ginger spice she left the group in the middle of their world tour in 1998. she apologized after a fan sent a tweet noting the anniversary of her departure. she said, i'm sorry about that. everything work out in the end. that's what my mom says. last summer the spice girls had said they would take part in reunion concert in hide park but details have not yet been pre leased. local celebrities set to rally this morning in support of the philadelphia film community. live look from the ben franklin parkway right now that's where today's rally will take place. the famous rocky steps at the art museum. director and writer m knight shy ma will be one of the speakers at the event protesting a potential cut to the pennsylvania tax credit. philly of course no stranger to major movies over the years. let's take look at the big names and most popular ones. the rally on the rocky steps more than 40 years after they
7:49 am
were made famous around the world with rocky. and another movie the newest film of that franchise creed. arguably most important influential main stream movie about aids philadelphia. >> the behavior of andrew beckett's employees may seem reasonable to you. it does to me. after all aids is a deadly incurable disease. but no matter how you come to judge charles wheeler and his partners ethical, moral and inhuman terms the fact of the matter is when they fired andrew beckett because he had aids they broke the law. >> tom hanks won best actor for his portrayal of gay attorney with aids suing his former firm for discrimination and you saw there denzel washington gave one of the best performances of his career as the lawyer who defended hangs. how about this one? another oscar winning film silver linings playbook. jennifer lawrence took home academy award for best actress.
7:50 am
robert deniro won for best supporting actor and the film took for the biggest honor best picture. and we have to admit. we all love a little gossip and one of the premier names in celebrity gossip is come to go fox 29 this fall. after a successful three week preview last summer page 6tv set to return. the show contributors and insiders will give you in the know gossip and news from entertainment, culture the media, finance, real estate, politics, and host petty smith tells us the show is filled with people who know where to be and who talk to to get the best scoop. >> it's a friendly competition. you know, because we've got carlos who's actually at page six and he's got amazing amazing contacts and we've got elizabeth wagon messiter who's over at variety she's got all the big hollywood studio contacts and then of course john fogle saying it's just our moderator and he's the guy who really kind of puts it altogeter.
7:51 am
>> viewers will also get a chance to weigh in on topics through social media throughout the day so get excited. page six returns in september. later on good day it's the super hero character every little girl dreams to become. impact wonder woman is now making at the bock office and in society. ♪ >> good morning i'm dr. mike. it's called techno appearance. that's where you're on the cell phone instead of talking or interacting with your children. a new study found that 50% of us as parents are on the phone three times a day when we shall be talking with our kids. a lot of whining. get off the phone. millions of us try to lose weight by dieting. some just can't lose the weight. i hear that in my office all the time. it may not be your fault. it might be your brain. the hypothalamus. that is designed to prevent us from losing weight especially
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♪ 7:55. the local young man who spent his live battling different challenges hopes he has what it takes to get the attention of philadelphia eagles. junior reporter tracy -- >> yas company. >> joins us from temple university here to explain i never want to butcher your last name. i let you say it. >> everybody does. it if it's. >> good to see you trace. >> i have story about young man from philadelphia who's basically struggled through melt pell points in his life, and he's about to do something really cool. sean sly has never had the chance to do things the easy w way. so it should be no surprise he's getting ready to camp out at the novacare complex. he wants a shot at work on workout with the philadelphia eagles.
7:56 am
despite never taking a snap in college. this is just one part of his story. >> being younger i didn't have a mother figure to lean on. not knowing where your meal is coming from. not knowing where you'll put your head at night leaving in kay cos was my norm. >> reporter: 24-year-old grew up in chaotic world. homeless at multiple points in his life, sleeping on this exact bench in fairmount park. >> it was home. >> reporter: in childhood filled with uncertainty, there was only one constant. >> football always is ended being motivation and gave me hope that things could be better tomorrow than they are today. report roar the pigskin is what he excelled at but he struck struggled in school. >> it wasn't because i couldn't get it because i was always try to figure out how to live outside of school. >> reporter: college football didn't work out doing to ncaa transfer regulations. just one more obstacle that seemed to get in the way. >> it was tough to deal with, but, you know, i tried to keep moving as far as possible in positive way.
7:57 am
>> reporter: so he focused on starring his own business training youth athletes and mentoring those who struggle with different forms of adversity. >> knowledge helped me and matured me little bit with the structure and belief and faith in myself that i can do it. >> reporter: sly's passion to help people find their purpose. but his jump many back into football came thanks to man who told sly to find his purpose. it came on a train from a perfect stranger with a hunch. >> a guy tapped me on my shoulder. i just want to tell you this. god told mow to tell you you'll make it to the nfl. everything you're looking to do from talking to people and helping society you're going to do. >> reporter: he's giving it one more go. >> more than just football for me. i want a chance through sport and football i can do that here. >> but first sly is trying to change his own life with his next stop. novacare. >> next stop novacare. when is he going. >> i talked to him last night and he's going to start on tuesday, and he's not going to give up until someone gives him a shot or he's taken away.
7:58 am
>> that is incredible. >> very inspiring. >> wow! >> it mack me think of hasan reddick he walked on at temple. >> yes. >> people doubted him. >> love his story. >> right? now he's out in arizona with the cardinals. >> wow. keep us post the. let us know what happens. >> will do. 7:58 this morning. next hour of good day. before that big job interview brush up your resume' my. update your references and what about your credit? will it help you land your dream job or could it hurt your chances? we'll help you answer that and we're couldn't to go follow this developing story. the search is is on for suspect who police say stabbed a councilman. now he's on the streets armed and dangerous. ♪
7:59 am
you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions. and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history. download our guide to plan your trip.
8:00 am
8:01 am
i still had to pull out sweaters and light jackets at different points. i think we're finally here with good weather. >> we're looking kind of gloomy right now. >> i know. >> outdoors don't panic. don't cancel any plans. we have little bit of rainfall to get through but i think you'll like most of your upcoming weekend. live look right now across the area. showing you kind of wet conditions folks moving out of south jersey crossing the ben franklin bridge. dodging a few raindrops right now as we look at ultimate doppler, we have mostly cloudy skies. where you see the orange, where you see the yellow, that's the up tensity so a little heavier
8:02 am
pockets of rainfall right now around radnor, lower merion, moving toward places like havertown, we'll zoom in little closer and show you what we're finding here on ultimate doppl you can see upper darby, moving toward east falls looking at some of those showers west philadelphia university city getting wet moving toward center city as well into parts of south jersey the lawns are getting some moisture here as we move toward berlin, moving toward tabernacle, shamong looking at some steadier rain. weather by the numbers scale of one to ten. yeah, today not no bad. we had give it what about an eight? so that planner morning clouds some sprinkles and showers out there. but afternoon sunshine turning into a pretty nice saturday. 77 degrees for the high temperature in center city. mid 70s down the shore. 76 for the lehigh valley. temperatures right now we have 55 in pottstown. 57 in atlantic city. 60 in philadelphia and wilmington. so once again, by 10am we're
8:03 am
still looking at some clouds and showers. but most of it's out of here folks by lunch time. that entire forecast with the seven day coming up. lauren? >> scott, take good look at this sketch. police say this is the man responsible for stabbing city councilman david oh outside his home wednesday night and this morning police working very hard to try to track him down calling him a fugitive. steve keeley life at southwest detectives following the new details with this story. hi, steve. >> reporter: hey it's possible the heaviest rain yet this morning may actually help solve this case because the cops think this guy is homeless if he wants to get in out of the rain maybe leave one of those abandoned homes they think he's living in and come here to southwest deck where is they have a dry holding cell waiting for him. even though he's homeless, they went to his previous homes where his family lives and you're to the going to believe this but one of the homes just doors away from councilman david oh right on the very same street where david oh lives and where he was attacked wednesday night. that's thomas avenue. now, he was in the 5800 block
8:04 am
when this attack happened. this guy grew up on the 5600 block. so right down the street from david oh. who knows, maybe these guys saw each other in a previous instance and david oh certainly recognized it when she head him the mug shot of sean yarbray and just two blocks down the street mean the detectives figured, hey, he may be just around there hanging out where he grew up since he is knows the streets and the abandoned homes so well. so maybe he's hanging out in ban donned homes and doesn't know that the detectives are looking for him right now. councilman oh was back at city hall already back to work yesterday. when the cops got the arrest warrant. there talk to him. reinterviewed him, and showed him the mug shot end said that's him. that's the guy that attacked me. during the course of oh you are investigation we've identified a 24-year-old male sean yarbray. he formerly resided in the 5600 block of thomas. most recent address 5800 block of catherine street.
8:05 am
he's been charged this evening by the district attorney with attempted to commit murder, robbery, simple assault, aggravated assault and reckles recklessly endangering another person. at this point he's a fugitive. we have search his home much not been able to find him at this point. obviously we consider him to be armed and extremely dangerous as a result of the actions we heard that he committed to the councilman. >> reporter: when he talks about searching his home that is the family home on catherine street. sometimes family will hide somebody, so even though they say we don't see him, we don't know where he is, detectives still had had warrant which gave the right to go in and look for him on catherine street, and the family was telling the truth. he wasn't hiding under the bed or in a closet there. detectives since they still haven't found whatever it was that stabbed the councilman and sin yarbray did not get anything in that robbery try, lauren, police warn everybody to get this guy off the streets before he gets you with that tshiffley in the back like he got the
8:06 am
councilman because it sounds like he had homemade knife you make in prison. >> he probably still has it on him. he is special physical he needs something and getting suppress rate out here on the streets. lauren. >> let's hope not. steve, thanks for the update. a portion of peps turnpike shut down due to fatal crash investigation. the lanes are closed westbound between bensalem and willow grove sets as detour drivers asked to take route 1 south to state route 132 and then to 611. people can then get back on to the turnpike at the willow grove interchange. over in cam, crews are investigating the cause of a house fire there it happened right around 4:30 at south tenth and morton streets. the fire was placed under control in less than an hour. firefighter was transported to the hospital with smoke inhalation. a man is in the hospital after being shot in the chest. the shooting happened around 12:45 on the 2100 block of gould street mount mariah. the man was taken to penn
8:07 am
presbyterian medical center in stable condition and so far no arrests have been made. on the jersey shore police are stepping up patrols one coastal community after brawls involving hundreds of teenagers. margate police increasing patrols outside the wawa where a dozen teens were arrested last saturday for fighting, boozing and smoking pot. right on the beach. officers arrested three teens in the melee involving up to 300 teenagers. margate city people we talk to think last weekend's violence was just a one-time thing. >> i partied just like the rest of them but you have to respect the law. >> that was a rare incident really it doesn't happen that much down here truthfully. so take it as a one incident and move on. >> police from neighboring towns assisted margate city police in quelling the violence but people feel the hasn't full of cops regularly aside to margate are enough to handle for the rest of the summer. now to follow up story on buck county teenager with a degenerative eye disease we're happy to report he will be get
8:08 am
exactly what he needs to see properly again. we first told you about ajlowe2 weeks ago and his struggle with star guard's disease a special but expensive set of glasses will allow him to see normally again. fox 29's shawnette well son has his story. >> makes me feel glad that, li like, everybody -- like just a few days ago no one probably, new york one actually even knew my name. >> reporter: you're kind of a celebrity now, is that what you're telling me? >> yeah. >> reporter: 14-year-old a j.lo at graduation at his school faith christian academy in sellersville. he's not a senior, but he's there because the school is honoring him with a special gi gift. >> our family of students and parents and alumni, grandparen grandparents, friends, staff and faculty raised over $16,000. [ applause ] >> reporter: the school' had he master presented aj and his family with check to pay for
8:09 am
pair of e sight glasses that cost $15,000. climber saw a story i did with aj2 weeks ago. about a degenerative eye disease he has called star guard. it's progressive and will eventually completely take away his central vision and there's no cure. the school challenged itself to raise the money and they did in just four days. >> it spark something, um, they've never asked us for anything, and we thought what a great opportunity to give back to this young man and his fami family. >> reporter: aj struggles to see almost everything. he was happy to hear he can now of a for the glasses that will change his life. >> i didn't expect to just happen report roar his mom and dad are overwhelmed with joy. >> words can't express how thankful we are for all they've done. they've been wonderful to us. >> reporter: aj is looking forward to doing his homework and he's excited about reading books without having to use a computer. which by the way the school through in a mac laptop with software as a bonus. >> pretty exciting. shawnette wilson fox 29 news.
8:10 am
later on good day, it's the super hero character every little girl dreams of becoming. who wouldn't want to be called wonder woman? why the movie though is already drawing criticism for movie critics and fans. but first, before that big job interview got your resume you got your references. what about your credit? will that affect you getting that job? we'll talk about it. but first sue serio with weekend wendy. ♪ so weekend wendy very excited about today's fete day on elfreth's alley it isn't often the folks who live on america's oldest residential street open up their homes but it's happening today between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. plus they'll have live music and crafts and colonial games and food and it will be whole lot of fun. hope you have fun whatever you're doing today from weekend we dee and me.
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8:12 am
8:13 am
>> 76ers out in camden getting their hands dirty around 250 members of the that organization partnered with verge what health to henry vile lies the camden's children garden helping restore the garden for the summer by planting flowers, weeding, repairing fences and other landscaping work. it's part of the 76ers project 76 which encourages employees to pledge 76 hours of volunteer service each year. that's awful nice of them taking live look at wildwood. scott williams wildwood crest wildwood voted as one of the top
8:14 am
destinations to vacation in the summer. >> i think it was wildwood crest. >> i think so. you're right. we have a lot of people that watch from wildwood. let's see if anyone is up and tweet us and zen pictures making taking a morning stroll on the boardwalk. >> looking pretty good for that morning stroll especially down the shore right now. we have some areas of showers out there. but don't be alarmed because most of your weekend looks pretty good. in fact as we go through the headlines, morning clouds, early saturday shower out there and then as we move toward sunday evening there might be a late shower but next week at least the first part of it looks a little unsettled. speaking of unsettled, look at ultimate doppler right now. watching that disturbance quickly move through the area here on this saturday morning. so the next couple of hours the rainfall will be moving out and once again as we kind of zoom in to center city, that's where we have more of the steadier showers with the yellow, with the orange color that you see. center city, university city getting wet also as we move into old city right now looking at some of those showers moving
8:15 am
into parts of south jersey the camden area, pennsauken, cherry hill looking at some of the rainfall as that continues to move just south of the mt. laurel area. temperature wise, 47 degrees right now mount pocono. we have 60 philadelphia and wilmington. upper 50s now no dover. 57 degrees in atlantic city. we'll go hour by hour. so once again by nine, 10:00 o'clock still looking at some areas of clouds and showe showers. but by lunch time most of this is out of here. sunshine returns for the rest of your saturday. looking pretty good. nice and breezy. by sunday morning, we're looking at sunshine to start, but off to the north, we're watching more clouds and showers but most of your sunday is dry. looking pretty good. i think they'll get the race in in dover but as we move toward sunday night, more of that rain kind of moves toward the area north and west suburbs here's eight, 9:00 o'clock looking at some of those showers overnight and then by monday it's mostly
8:16 am
cloudy and we'll be dodging some showers later on in the day. temperatures for the poconos, 6. morning clouds and showers afternoon sunshine 67. upper 60s for tomorrow. down the shore, pretty nice weekend. some morning clouds may be a passing sprinkle early 74 by this afternoon. 72 degrees for tomorrow. the seven day forecast showing you 77 today. low 80s for sunday. 80 on monday, then cooler upper 60s only 70 degrees for tuesday into wednesday. back over to you. >> okay. scott. rain in the forecast. here's something good you might be able to do. work on your credit. check your credit report. good news when it comes to credit. americans credit scores are at an all-time high and according to the wall street journal, average credit score reached 700 in april. that's the highest sips 2005. also, the number of risky borrowers is down with scores blow 600 now just 20% of us that number down from 25-point
8:17 am
5% back in 2010 and job hunters should remember potential employers are looking at more than just your references and your resume. they're also now checking social media and your credit scores, dan? is that allowed? >> deer, miss johnson pleased to offer you the job of anchor at fox 29 pending a review of your credit report. >> what? >> there is no federal law that prohibits it. there's some states that prohibit it much pennsylvania is not one of them. yes, about half of all employers are check your credit report. >> what does that that say to a potential employer, they look and see, responsible you're above that 700 mark. >> right. what they're looking for, they're not looking at the score. they're looking to see if there's a history of maybe fraud, bankruptcy that sort sort of thing. >> aww. >> that didn't deny you the job. >> okay. >> they have to tell you up front we're going to check your credit roar. you have to couldn't zen it to, right? >> oh. >> if you don't consent maybe you don't get the job offer. kind of a catch 22.
8:18 am
but the reality is, a credit report has become your personal financial tattoo. and therefore it is as we talk about a lot on this show it's really important that we make sure we know what's in there and let's talk about how we can fix errors and things like that. first, you got to know what's in your credit report. >> yes. >> the good news, it's easier than ever. consumers entitled to check they are credit report for free. >> right. >> once a year annual credit >> gotcha. >> that's first step. >> okay. >> let's all do that. >> especially when it's raining outside. it's a bad hair day. >> let's check inside. put the mini wheats down. go for the credit report. next, it's useless unless you know what's in there. >> right. >> so 25% of consumers say that there's and rower in their credit report. you won't know until you check it. so read it through. >> right. >> if there's an error call the agency set up a resolution process. eighths little bit of work but it's well worth it. >> worth it. >> to fix those errors. >> because when you have a better credit score, you get lower interest rates. >> exactly right. filters through everything. and then finally, you want to be
8:19 am
proactive. if your credit report reads like a steven king novel, right, and you know that you are a financial train wreck in the past -- >> yes. >> my advice s be honest to the employer. get in front of the issue and say look i know you'll put the credit report here's what you're going to find. i had issues in the past. i fixed them up. i'm working on them. i believe in honesty. right. what do you have to lows at that point? if they're going to check your credit report you know it's bad, get in front of the you. >> that's true. i still have problems with this. i can see how this can be important if you're in like banging or things that have to do with money. >> yup. >> if you're a teacher, a camp counselor, a nurse. >> i thought the same way until i thought well wait a minute employers are check your reference. >> yes. >> they're checking your social media accounts. >> true. >> right? the reality there's a lot of information out that that employers are checking, this is just another piece. this is another piece, lauren. >> i guess. >> clean up the social media get those pictures from spring break off and clean up that credit report. >> all right. dan the man. thank you so much. >> you got it here's winning lot
8:20 am
row numbers and we will be right back. ♪ i'm jenn frederick and this is momma logue and if you know me well you know that i've had many self tanning mishaps so deanna is here. good morning. >> morning. >> so you say there's stuff we can use from our kids after the accident and crafts bin. >> yes. >> so those little like foam little folk sticks like this but little foam thing for painting use that to actually contour self tan so you can actually use that little bit ton contour like in between the legs to make your legs look thinner. you can couldn't tar abs and face with that little brush. >> so the legs if we want to carrie underwood legs put the dark on the outside. >> put dark on the outside and little bit more self tanning here then you would here. that kind of thins out legs. >> i have to tell one of big failures at home i'm trying to do it but then it's like my arm gets kind of weird you say you have a thing for that. >> yes. so i actually put a little
8:21 am
translucent powder on those areas. like under arms, knees when it's drying you don't have to lines where they set. >> yeah. >> you do it on your knuckles your under arms and your knees. >> so sometimes i'll have my hair up in ponytail and i try to, again, these are all my personal failures, i try to like do it on my face you say there's one thing around the edge. >> you want to egley use a toner alcohol based toner and you put it right around here little cotton swab just so the self tanner you don't get that like, n when i'm done or before i do it. >> before you do it. >> all right. i feel like this summer i'm going to look way better. you guys look great. i'm jenn frederick. this is momologue. listen to your tan tips and you'll have no tan fails. ♪
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♪ 8:24. giving families in philadelphia access to healthy food. that's the mission of a program launched at saint christopher's started a few years ago and bill rohrer shows us, it's absolutely working. >> reporter: every friday in philadelphia saint christopher's center for the urban child sam and her team hold cooking demonstration for the patients picking up their weekly box of fresh produce. >> also really good source of iron and vitamin k. >> reporter: farm to famil famis or fresh x community based organization providing a box of fresh organi produce from the lancaster farm fresh cooperati cooperative. doctors prescription will allow
8:25 am
familiar tolls purchase a box at a discount. >> part of the challenge with living in this area of the city is that it's food desert or food swamp and so access to nutritious healthy foods difficult for families. pick if the last couple of days we have spinach -- >> dr. hans is responsible for bringing the program back to saint christopher's back in 2011. >> it's about kind of improving access but also not just hasn'ting them bock but teaching them how to cook there's a cooking demonstration every week. in addition there is recipes that come with each box and talk to the families not just about what recipes you can use with the box how you but how to store the fresh fruits and vegetables which is big part of it. >> reporter: harvey come to the center weekly for few boxes without the program quality organic produce would be too costly for her family of five. >> just to be in the city and to be in a place where we can walk like literally less than a quarter of a mile to have this at really affordable price farm
8:26 am
fresh produce organic to feed my family that's just a gift. >> bethenny joined farm to families after moving to philadelphia many years ago. she says the health benefits are overwhelming. >> difference in our health and our well-being and just energy for the day to be able to run and play and sleep well and crankiness wise and attitudes. just what you feed your body makes such a difference. >> reporter: in philadelphia, bill rohrer fox 29 news. well, the lineup is set for the roots picnic pharrell, solange so many more artists. what times you will want to be in front of that stage. her row every little girl dreams to become. the impact wonder woman is having at the box office and why movie critics and fans are a little disappointed. we salute those who fumble.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
if gravity's your biggest fan, it's ok. we understand. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on. police say this the man had stabbed city councilman david oh outside his home wednesday night and police are working to track him down calling him a fugitive. the councilman and army veteran stabbed after coming home from work on the 5800 block of thomas street. oh says the man demanded his belongings and stabbed him in the back. the councilman did undergo surgery. he is back at home recovering from those injuries. three more former penn state employees are going to prison
8:30 am
all stemming from the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. a judge sentenced the university's former president, vice-president and athletic director for failing to report allegations against the former assistant football coach. they will spend at least two the judge saying they're failure to report allegations against sandusky enabled him to continue molesting boys. all three apologized to sandus sandusky' victims before their zen tesss were handed down. welcome back. we will check in with scott now for check of our saturday forecast. >> hi there lauren. we do have the clouds. we have a few areas of showers moving through. early on this saturday morning but this is a quick moving system. it will be out of here over the next couple of hours. zooming in little closer right now you can see just south of philadelphia now crossing into parts of cherry hill, department for, moving toward the pine hill berlin area looking at some of those showers that will quickly move through. also, as we move north and west parts of bucks county still getting wet also as we move back
8:31 am
toward places like chester around the airport looking at some light showers but in airport delays i just check because of that rainfall. so that's a little bit of good news. we have 47 degrees mount pocono. 55 in pottstown. 60 wilmington, 57 in millville along with atlantic city. so we have the morning clouds and showers around but that system quickly gets out of here afternoon sunshine. temperatures top out around 77 degrees. so the bottom line, looking good for activities later on today. by noon, clearing, breezy 71 for the roots picnic. 76 degrees at 4:00 o'clock. low 70s early in the evening. big nascar race weekend. 77 degrees for today. clouds giving way to some sunshine. low 80s for tomorrow. i think that rainfall will hold off. so the weather authority seven day forecast showing you we have clouds to sunshine later on today. low 80s tomorrow. 80 degrees still on monday. a bit unsettled early next week.
8:32 am
and then take look at those temperatures tuesday into wednesday. high temperatures only upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. still a chance for some showers by wednesday but then we dry out and warm up for the latter part of next week. lauren, over to you. >> perfect. thanks so much. get ready to jam later this afternoon. well into the evening. scott says the rain will go aw away. the roots picnic kicks dave right here in their hometown of philadelphia. day long music celebration will be held at festival peer at penn's landing. it will feature headliners such as pharrell, lil wayne, solange this is the tenth anniversary for the event. so here's a look at this year's lineup some people added late some people pulling out at the last second. 21 savage, thunder cat, yeezy. check that out. new super hero movie with girl purchase wonder woman just released in theaters. early estimates after last night show it's expected to bring in more than $100 million this weekend.
8:33 am
>> the action packed intro tale follows the famous d.c. comic character as she leaves her home and taps into heroic strength to help an american spy during world war one. it stars israeli born actress/model gal gadot and actor chris pine. the movie not without some controversy at least one country even banning it while theaters around the us have offered women only screenings. joining us to talk more about the film's impact is amir smith from the greater philadelphia film office. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> talk about serious girl power. it's not only about wonder wom woman. the director also a female. >> awesome. see, that is one of the amazin things about the diversity that we love at the film office. diversity in front of and behind the screens. when you hear women in key positions that are not traditional roles for women on film sets. >> awesome. she also i think directed
8:34 am
mobster, i don't know. >> i think that. talk bout impact of this movie. little girls, young girls, young women see wonder woman washington do we think that does? >> it empowers them. seeing an action hero, someone whose going to say it's not peripheral character to a man much she's not just someone's girlfriend much she's not the she is the mape entree being served up to viewers that is so -- it's incredibly empowe empowering,. >> i was looking you and i were chat to go i was looking online and some people have some problems with it already. movie critics and fans, why? >> i'm hearing it's about feminism and people saying well is this what feminism looks like? a woman in leotard, you know, the push up bra, and/or is it a man's fantasy? and it is a bit of a man's fantasy. they cepit pretty costume wise pretty close to the comic book. but there's also being true to the world that was created because this is alternate universe that characters exist in. do we want the comic fans to be
8:35 am
outraged and not support the movie going against the grain and changing her costume. she remind me of cena the warrior princess the way she presents herself or the costume. i don't think there's anything wrong with feminism looks however a woman wants it to look. >> i was going to ask you your perspective on it being not only a woman but a woman in the film industry. do you find issue with it? >> i don't. i understand some countries why it may be banned because there's different dress codes. >> of course. >> i don't find any issue with it. she's a woman. she has a live of her own because that's kind of what they call the is this a woman or i think actually i may be wrong about that but it's a woman character who has her own life she's not just a side kick or someone -- she's fully formed. a woman little girls will look and say, oh i want to be like her. owe want to be strong and save the day. this is it's progress. >> i love it. >> it's two action fantasies
8:36 am
films hidden figures was for the science and the stem world. >> that's a good parallel. why you're here i have to ask you. m. knight shymalan fighting for philadelphia to keep more movies here. i think i read georgia out paced california with filming. what's our issue here in philadelphia? >> okay. our issue -- >> or pennsylvania i should say. >> pennsylvania film tack credit program we are number five philadelphia or pennsylvania should i say in the market behind california, georgia, new york, louisiana and pennsylvania our tax credit bank for the physical tax credit program is much, much, much smaller. georgia can improve whatever they feel make sense. california i believe just went to 600 million. >> wow. >> new york is 459 million we're only at $69 million. we turn away lot of work because if you can financially find incentive to film your movie somewhere else, you probably
8:37 am
will. because film makers are all gi gigging they are all indy in many makers and hoping to get deals. you can save a lot of money with tax credit program. biggest problem we have lot a lot of crew members much people moved to georgia because they cnnot sustain their families living and working here. >> hard to afford that. > we'll be on the parkway today rallying for it and m knight shymalan will be there a lot of great speakers, senato senators, senator vincent hughes we'll be out there night fighting the good shot. >> amir, look at that shot. it looks dreary now but scott says it will get better. >> all right. >> good luck to all of you out there and thanks for stopping by. >> thank you. >> are you still wanting to take that trip down the aisle with that special someone? well you may want to wait. why doctors say your health could affect your timetable forgetting married. ♪
8:38 am
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♪ 8:40. r and b singer brandy out of the hospital this morning. thankful after passing out on plane in los angeles yesterday she regained consciousness while getting treated on the jet way. she was taken to the hospital in stable condition. her rep says the singer's rigorous schedule link including concerts and personal appearances took a toll on her. >> i have not seen her out and about. so i didn't even know she was -- >> she was doing stuff on broadway. >> okay. >> take it easy. >> i know. man. erika our producer says she has
8:41 am
a new boo. that's hard, though, when you have -- you never know if someone is in new york and the others is in la michael stray man used to talk about that traveling to see his kids. that's a lot. marriage is meant to be till death do us part could the constant increase in life expectancy be a reason to rethink walking down the aisle? experts say yes. so they tell us that living longer could make couples more reluctant to commit to the long haul. scientists have recently revealed babies being born now are likely to live to 104 years old on average. >> get out of here. >> people can live to be -- much older than that. >> yeah. >> that means couples getting married in their 20s could spend eight decades together. consider this. additional research shows new drugs could make us live to be 120 in just 60 years. >> okay. so pushing that age back for marriage. is that what this is saying. >> because you're going to live
8:42 am
longer you don't want to live with -- >> eight decades with somebody. are you kidding me? so that brings to us our instant wee act poll question. could living a longer life be a good reason to reconsider getting married. i don't think you have to reconsider getting married but like you said, maybe delay it put it off for while because if you know we never really know. if you're thinking i can live to be 100 i don't have to rush and get married at 20 or their. >> this generation already is getting married a little later. i mean you think about generations past. >> right. >> folk got married like when they were 16. >> i know. >> even earlier than that. >> even earlier. >> it's delayed now for lot of folks because of life and other things. >> it's true. my mom was sending me pictures yesterday of her and my dad. i was thinking my goodness, by my age my mom was already married and that two kids and she -- i haven't done any of that. >> yeah. >> it's so funny how things change. >> well, i mean if you're in love and cupid hits, strikes -- >> it's true. >> why wait? >> you can spent 90 decades. >> who wants to do that?
8:43 am
speaking of moms, still ahead mom always said, don't play in the mill of the street. but these guys apparently forgot that advice. why these group of teenagers are getting so much attention on social media. ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
see exciting races and
8:46 am
nascar bet way to go. >> reporter: it's hank. you hear that? that's horsepower. i'm at dover for a weekend nascar racing and my take is, all you got to do is get here you'll be in victory lane, too. i never got why some people don't like stock car racing. if tv doesn't seal the deal for you people like young star eric jones and super fans will tell if you you want to know you got to go. >> fog like seeing a nascar race in person. getting the sight, the sounds, the smells and just taking it all in. >> it starts with the smell, the smell of race fuel burning tir tires. watching people go, you know, 160, 200 miles an hour whatever track you're at. >> reporter: it's a bug this racing in bet bit you'll read up on the history fine out why some drivers and teams are better than others local the critical role made by sponsors but the fun it's a lot more than fast cars the race is the race. that's good but i come to
8:47 am
realize in my calling this week zen not in the race but out here in the parking lot with the true champions. >> yay! >> true campground champion needs a favorite driver. >> billet yacht. >> allison. >> number six, baby. >> get your camper set up across the road from the track. put flag up for that favorite driver and make sure you got a e guys. >> we have friends fro. >> so that's what it's all about. on. the rest of the time is yours.. >> think about it it's five-day tailgate>> reporter: the campins the main [ laughter ] >> reporter: at the end of the day what justica racing is insad know, hey -- you got to be on the track listen to it go byngnd then you. >> reporter: i remember when i went to my first a wow people he been doing this all along know?r
8:48 am
own food and drink in and that. but if do youd. always. i'm hank and that's my♪ i remember you can watch the race on fox sports one sunday at 1:00. dover international speedway is a sponsor of fox 29. all right. 8:48 on this saturday morning. taking live look at the beach. it's a good place to go. scott, i'll tell you this, i have friends in town. crystal, christine, canny we're all celebrating sean bell and his wife jenny's birthday this weekend. we need good weather to make it happen. >> i think you'll get some good weather, lauren. don't be alarmed or don't panic for those birthday plans later on with your friends because we do have some clouds and showers early on. but this system it's getting out of here. so decreasing clouds clearing and then a pretty nice saturday even sunday on tap across the area. so as we look at ultimate doppler right now, sections of
8:49 am
camden county also moving into burlington county and ocean county still looking at some of those showers. north and west we have some light activity in the poconos lehigh valley but the bulk of the moisture is now shifting on off to the south and east. and that will be the trend over the next hour or so. so we will keep the clouds around for a bit. but then the sunshine peaks through later on today and those temperatures will climb. 60 in wilmington. fifty three degrees in millvil millville. 54 right now in trenton. done the shore, looking pretty comfortable. mid 60s. cape may point, 64 degrees. normal wildwood low 60s. sea isle city and along the boardwalk. so as we time everything out hour by hour, by nine, 10:00 o'clock, still looking at maybe a spotty shower out there but once again the bulk of the energy it is getting out of here. decreasing clouds and a really comfortable saturday is on tap. for tomorrow, sun giving way to clouds. there might be some late afternoon and evening showers pushing in as a warm front
8:50 am
advances across the area. and then as we move toward early next week, we'll keep some clouds and yes, more chances for some rainfall around. so here's a look at the forecast saturday, sunday temperatures upper 60s for the pocono mountains. early showers giving way to sunshine today. cloudy. some scattered showers tomorrow afternoon in the poconos and then down the shore, yeah, we have the cloud cover out there, early this morning a little bit of sunshine by the afternoon. 74 degrees for the high testimony cher today. low 70s for tomorrow. looking pretty good there might be a late evening shower. the big nascar events taking place 77 degrees for today. low 80s for tomorrow. and once again i think that rainfall will hold off. 80 on monday and then unsettled still through the middle of the week. temperatures tuesday and wednesday lauren only in the upper 60s to near 70. so much cooler then. >> okay. in in order, two men were hoping to hide their marijuana pants from authorities but instead their plan backfired. police say they doused dozens of
8:51 am
the plants in gasoline burn them when they saw sheriff's helicopter above them. the helicopter's camera was rolling as they tried to cover it all up. firefighters did put out that fire and deputies arrested the men. got to think things through my guys. check this out a naked guy. he's walk aig round a home near washington d.c. he's trying to figure out how to break in. you can see him. he's sort of peers into the windows at some point. trying to find out if anybody is home. once the sensor light turns on, oh, he decides i got to take off and get out of here. the homeowner inside didn't even realize this happened until the next day when he check the surveillance video. pretty creep out, of course, especially with his kids sleeping inside when all of this ham. what are people thinking? police are now looking for this guy. hard to see him, though. on that surveillance footage. okay. a popular drinking game took the internet by storm when a couple of guys decided to take their game into the middle of the
8:52 am
street. (horns blowing). >> come on you're seeing it right. two guys who decide to set up their beer pong right in the middle of traffic in houston and they're playing like nothing is wrong. their friends grabbed their phones started recording the game. put this on all on facebook. they up loaded it and it said to have been viewed more than 130,000 times. >> everybody was honking at us. laughing, recording us and everything. yeah, don't do it. it's kind of dangerous. >> how many minutes were ya'll out there for? >> we were out there for like a minute. to do everything it lasted five minutes. >> we was writ there, upping, like people was honking and everything, you know, but people were -- most of the people like were honking and recording oh ya'll crazy. >> they say there was no actual beer in the cups. it was just juice and they say they will not do it again. houston police say no one ever called about these guys but a stunt look this can mean criminal charges and fines of up to $500.
8:53 am
it all looks like fun and games until someone gets hur. we'll be right back. ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ this is definitely not what you want to see when you're driving down the road. look at this scott. it's a snake on her windshield. slithering. it happened just north of orlando. we know some people down in orlando. don't we? >> yeah. >> oh my goodness. grandpa says she called him
8:56 am
hiftd terrorist cal as i can imagine after she pulled over he rushed to help her by the time he got there the snake was gone. i can't even imagine. i was riding in life truck once in orlando we had the doors open out op breaking news some kind of way, a frog jumped in the live truck. i had no idea. i was texting the state station or like tweeting or sending an update i had my phone in my hasn't. few minutes later, over my head on the phone. >> directly on the phone. >> threw it up. he jump on the win she'll. >> i'm like, no! >> i can't imagine orlando creatures are everywhere. >> it's the tropics. >> it is. >> pretty much. >> it's true. okay this is my favorite story of the day. have you heard about this? it's a new couple they're trending on social media. the problem they're not couple any more because they broke up several years ago. we're talking about this story that involves nba star kevin durant and new bachelorette rachel lindsay. they were in what friends call a pretty serious relationship in college. when they were at the university of texas. they were there together. >> yeah. >> apparently they broke up
8:57 am
because she decided i'm going to law school. >> okay. >> you know kevin duran plays for the golden state warriors much they're in the championsh championship. listen, i know you're a big deal but i am, too. >> they're in the spotlight right now. >> that's good. it sounds like they departed amicably. >> it sounds like it. >> no hard feelings. >> maybe she'll show up at the game we'll see her on the hardwood cheering him on. >> oh wow. >> that's not going to happen. give us a quick look at the final forecast. >> okay. yes, we have the clouds and we have the showers out there right now. but sunshine later on today. turning out pretty nice. 77 degrees for tomorrow low 80s. there might be some evening showers around for tomorrow. then little unsettled early next week. still pretty nice, 80 degrees. temperature wise on monday but then we turn cooler. 69 tuesday. only 71 wednesday. with that threat of some rain. do you think we should venture down to festival peer and check out the roots picnic. we got to look at the lineup again, too. >> see what time to go, what stage to go to.
8:58 am
>> exactly. >> have great saturday, everyo everyone. ♪
8:59 am
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