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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 3, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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of the field, i think it's going to be confusion and a little bit of chaos. >> ♪ doctor, doctor, give me the news ♪ is this good or bad? >> well, you know, fifa has a video-replay prohibition in the stadium -- the giant-screen policy where they can't show a controversial replay. so, the in-stadium spectators might be in the dark on this thing, and the broadcast audience, as well. so, that part needs to be worked out. >> our var czar, dr. joe, thank you. we appreciate it. all eight teams with strong story lines. var could become maybe the biggest talking point as everyone drives to that july 2 final in st. petersburg, a city whose colorful history we'll learn more about after this break.
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♪ >> st. petersburg is russia's second largest city behind moscow, and it was founded by czar peter the great back in 1703, and it remains the country's cultural capital. through the years,
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it's also been called petrograd and leningrad before returning to its original name in 1991. and st. petersburg stadium is going to be a focal point this summer as it hosts four matches, including your confederations cup final in early july. for more on the most western major city in russia, we bring in our "national geographic" reporter, sergey gordeev, who's going to be with us throughout our russian adventure, enlightening us on his home country, including one of the gems, st. petersburg. >> yes, rob. so, today, st. petersburg is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and a unesco world heritage site, but it wasn't always so. in fact, in 1703, it was just a small swedish village in the middle of marshlands freshly conquered by the then-29-year-old czar, peter i, who would later come to be known as peter the great, the czar who forever changed the course of russian history. ♪ one of the most active and celebrated russian czars, peter the great wanted
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to modernize russia and build a model european city, a center for education, culture and the arts. named st. petersburg after his patron saint, he dreamed this new city would become the center of western civilization. he started by making st. petersburg the capital of russia, transferring the title from moscow. palaces, universities, and theaters soon lined the avenues of the city that is now consistently rated as one of the world's top tourist attractions. the cultural capital of russia, st. petersburg is home to 300 museums and 70 theaters. it gave us such world famous names as pushkin and dostoyevsky, tchaikovsky and shostakovich, pavlova and baryshnikov. the hermitage museum, started by catherine the great in 1764, is considered to be the oldest art museum in the world. it boasts a collection so large that if you stopped for only 10 seconds in front of every
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work, it would take over three years just to get through it all. peterhof, the lavish russian answer to versailles, was the summer residence of the czars. its fountains, especially the grand cascade, are as popular today as they were 300 years ago. dubbed "venice of the north," st. petersburg was built on more than 100 islands in the delta of the neva river, connected by 342 bridges across hundreds of small rivers and canals. an open-air museum of incredibly diverse architecture, st. petersburg has seen it all -- revolutions, uprisings, changes of regime. it even changed its name three times. what has not changed, though, is its founders dream -- to have the city become a cultural capital and a meeting point for every country in the world. >> and it looks like, next year, peter the great's dream will finally come true, this summer, for the confederations cup,
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and then for four weeks in 2018, st. petersburg will actually become the center of the world. >> sergey, thank you. welcome to the team. while you were voicing over that feature, looks like a soccer crew battle royale has overtaken the field right here. cast of thousands getting ready for the confederations cup coming your way this summer, starting in just two weeks' time. some may or may not be wearing fur hats. it looks good on you, el presidente. >> thank you. thank you. >> my friend. for now. for now. so, we are exactly two weeks away from our host, russia, kicking off this tournament. they open up against new zealand. our russian friends feel like this has to be pretty much a must-win match up. look at all these pretty faces, make-up and hair. we're really working hard today. so then, your opening game -- it is russia/new zealand on that saturday. coverage begins 10:00 eastern on fs1. it's followed by "fifa confederations cup tonight," later. and then it's a double header on sunday. all 16 matches coming your way, live, on fox sports.
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and it begins from russia, saturday, june 17. enjoy the games with us. ♪
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this is "fox 29 news" at 6:00. >> we begin with breaking news out of england. the bbc is reporting a van drove up on the pavement and barrelled right into people on the london bridge.& a bbc report here was on the bridge at the time says the van was driving about 50 miles an hour, witnesses say there were several people injured, investigators will only say they're dealing with a incident on the bridge, and that the bridge is now closed in both directions. you're watching live coverage from sky news, let's listen in for a little.
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>> should repeat we spoke little earlier, lives close to london, but the only witness that we've spoken to. we suggested that there was a gunfire, spoke just moment ago, traveling across the bridge, in a taxi, in what he thought was the immediate aftermath of the incident. he didn't hear any gunfire; how much, what he did see were people moving away at speed, passed his taxi, having already seen a number of people injured to the sites afterward. little earlier we spoke to another witness, nick archer. >> we finished drinking at a bar. we came out onto the road and looked to my left. there was a guy thought to be -- he was just drunk, and then couple of seconds later, about three police vans flew pat, and the guy on the floorman and today flag one of
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these policemen down. jumped out and started tending to the guy on the floor. then one of the other groups with this guy on the floor started leading the officer up the road toward the london bridge. we didn't walk past the girl on the -- on the floor, the boy -- but we -- he looked in a bad way. i can't tell if he was hit by something or shot or what is the answer. >> there is a tense situation there in london. we will continue to follow this breaking story and bring you more information as it becomes available. also, breaking tonight, reports after shooting in chester township that left a toddler dead. good evening, thanks for joining us, at 6:00. i'm dawn timoney. >> i'm joyce evans, family members say three year old died following an accidental shooting along the 2900 block of bethel road. fox 29's joanne live in
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chester tonight with breaking details. joanne? >> reporter: joyce, a heart breaking and disturbing scene here in chester township. family members tell me the little boy who was nicknamed junior was playing with a gun. he shot himself and has died of his injuries. this is the scene here on bethel road, chester township. police going in and out of this home where it all happened. family members holding each other weeping, trying to make sense of what happened. from what we've been told the toddler either two or three years old somehow got a gun and reportedly shot himself in the chest this afternoon. emergency crews were here and rushed the child to the hospital. but it was too late. police are investigating the circumstances. we've been told the child's father was being questioned at chester township police headquarters. >> i can't really believe that a gun would be access tonight
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a two year old, from what i'm being told, a gun was under the bed. and i can't believe that a child would be able to get -- gain access to a gun under a bed. who, you know, who would do that? >> i spoke to family members. they said they needed time to process all of this before they make a statement or release a photo of that toddler who died of an accidental gunshot. we'll have more on this story tonight after the game. dawn, joyce? >> all right, thank up, joanne, so sad. under arrest the man accused of stabbing philadelphia city councilman david oh, turns himself into police. the man surround heard heard this morning hours after police issued a warrant for his after. >> fox 29 steve keeley was right there. >> getting out of the passenger seat of his lawyer's honda just five hours after 24 year old sean yarbary's family new he was a wanted man, "fox 29 news" learned he was being brought to our location where we reported on this morning's good day philadelphia, that police had identified him as the attacker of city
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councilman david oh. lawyer joseph right in the middle next to his stepfather told the family that he's innocent, best way to proclaim that, first thing to do, turn yourself in, so he did. >> this juncture he denies all of the allegations, and we'll see what the evidence shows. that's all i can tell you for now. we don't have anything. >> sean's grandmother lives just doors away from councilman oh, here on thomas avenue. the councilman's back home here less than 24 hours after being stabbed wednesday night as he was getting items out of his city issued chevy suv. they say he identified yarbary from previous mug shop as the man who demanded his car keys, wallet, everything else he had on him as he was stabbed and fought offer the attacker, ended up with nothing before getting away. >> could have been much worse, in the way this guy attacked, went and attacked him right away, continuing to try to injury the councilman, if it hadn't been for him fighting as hard as he did, it could have been worse.
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>> yarbary's step dad says he has a job working for a friends painting and never convicted for a crime as an adult, just youthful mistakes. both said if he didn't do this, turn yourself in the moment you know police are looking for you, and that's what he did. >> he has been charged this evening by the district attorney with attempt to commit murder, robbery, simple assault, aggravating assault, assault on another person. >> back in police custody, councilman oh, both back at work, both facing each other soon in a preliminary hearing n southwest philly, steve keeley, "fox 29 news." >> to your fox 29 weather authority now, live look at rehoboth beach in delaware on picture perfect night. so what can we expect for the rest of the night and the weekend? that's the question for meteorologist, monica, hopefully more of the same, monica? >> i'm hoping. it does look like we have some shower chances, so enjoy the sunshine while you can. looking in old city kind of close up look, but look at the
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people enjoying the sunshine, you can see the trees out there, 76 degrees, that was the high for today, that's where we're sitting right now. those winds at times, a bit breezy at about 14 miles per hour. get to go your overnight forecast, 57 degrees, for the overnight low. here's why. mostly clear skies, and when we see mostly clear skies through the overnight it doesn't allow the temperatures to drop pretty quickly. stowe will be a bit chilly, 53 . now for tomorrow, if you're grilling outdoors, for your sunday, be aware. there are some shower chances but they don't arrive until later in the afternoon. i'll take a look at the full forecast coming up in just a bit. back to you. >> all right, monica. >> the latest now on that deadly terror attack in manchester. pot star ariana grande made a surprise visit to some of her young fans who were hurt in the bombing after a concert at the arena. ariana grande shared some of the pictures of her hospital visits with her 107 million instagram followers. the attack at ariana grande's concert killed 22 people and
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injured dozens more. ariana grande returned to england ahead after one love manchester concert, to benefit victims of the attack. she is being joined by other big stars like katy perry and justin bieber. >> it is graduation season, how zombies leaders are helping area student celebrate and remember the special occasion. for goodness sake. >> and reality tv gone too far. one man broadcast his own arrest, on facebook live. >> joyce, the nba draft could makes sixers consider whether fought knows best is the best route for him. offers his thoughts whether it makes sense to play ball with the ball family later in sport.
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>> crowd participants hoping to boost philadelphia as a location for more film shoots. but, they say, certain challenges are threatening jobs here. >> graduation season is supposed to be time of achievement and celebration, but the big night, unfortunately, can be pretty expensive. so expensive that some graduate can't afford the lifetime memories. >> right. so looking for the bright side, our bill anderson spoke to group of business leaders who decided they would donate their time to help those who just can't afford the festivities. for goodness sake. >> always trying to give back, that's just in life, always trying to give back.
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comes full circle? imagine being the teen who works hard to stay out of trouble, you get your education, and whether it is time to celebrate your graduation, you just can't afford it. >> see, people that actually don't have the money for something simple as graduation pictures. i want to jump in. once i put the word out, all of my friends jumped on board. >> photographer richard saw kids waiting for graduation at the bus stop and riding the bus, their dedication moved him. he posted on facebook that he wanted to help. for once, something positive went viral. >> so many other avenues out there to help, feed the homeless, and everything else. we don't know where we fit in with that, but we do know we can take pictures, we can dress the kids up. >> after seeing his post, barber's make up artists started volunteering. i guess to some, free pictures for those who may not be able to afford it may seem unnecessary. but, to everyone involved, it is bigger than that. >> there is that one picture of the kid on the bus, cap and gown, got me, getting on the business with his, it was like
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kind of touching. >> i think we need to celebrate the kids working hard, doing what they need to do. >> if the message was to let teens know that they're supported, then it definitely seemed to work. >> i feel so grateful they're doing this, because not a lot of people have that type of heart where they will want to put out so much to give back. >> richard told me repeatedly, he prefers to stay behind the camera, but, in this case, he's glad the post spread, even if it wasn't his intent. >> actually it wasn't, but i'm glad it is out there for everyone to see that there is help. we are here. >> and yet another positive example of this situation, and social media, there is no ego involved. the team actually hopes that other take their idea. >> it is not a thing where say this is ours, don't, you can't be part of it. this is who ever wants to help, you find it in your heart to say i want to give back to my community to some kids that don't have it, to some families. by all means, do it. >> but if you do, like them, do it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson.
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>> nice to see people pitching in the community to make a difference. >> exactly. putting smiles on their faces, memories that will last forever. >> absolutely. well, late night host bill mark facing a lot of criticism today after using a racial epitath during interview that aired last night. the host of hbo real time was speaking with nebraska senator ben when he made the comment, the words was not leaped out on the episode was rebroadcast after midnight. now, in a statement, hbo said bill maris comments last night was completely inexcusable, taste less, and we are removing his deeply offensive comment from any subsequent airings of the show. and he says friday nights my worse night of sleep because up reflecting on things i should or shouldn't have said on my live show. last night was a particularly long night as i regret the words i used in the ban tore after live moment. the words was offensive and i'm very sorry.
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>> in this day and age, anyone can be a star. even someone about to be arrested, now, a man wanted for domestic violence is behind bars. >> but not before posting the video of his arrest, on facebook live. fox's jack shed has his story. >> thank god, thank god. twenty-six year old andre war seen fugitive on the run when a team of federal marshals and police officers track him down, and are breaking down his door, warren's first thought to stream it live on facebook. >> they booted my door. >> warren's surveillance cameras allow him to watch what the fugitive task force are doing, at one point he announces on facebook live his intention to flea out a second story window, but marshals had every exit covered. >> get back inside right now. >> here i go. here i go. here i go.
6:26 pm
>> put your hands up. hands up. >> i'm live. i'm live. i'm live. >> andre warren decides to surrender but instead of following the commands of the marshals, he seems more intent on continuing to stream on facebook live. >> i will. i will. you see my hand. i'm on live. i'm recording. >> police say warren put himself in danger by not listening to what the officers were telling him to do. >> apparently more preoccupied for putting on a show for his following on facebook, obviously the officers want to take control of the situation. they want to use minimum amount of force to apprehends, and they're there to do a job, any time he's not complying it, becomes dangerous for the officers? andre warren failed to tell his facebook friends why the police came after him. it turns out he's been on the run since last october. when he allegedly punched the mother of his child a number of times in the face, and then tried to throw her into a swimming pool at the summit county hotel. >> i'm live, i'm live. okay. okay. okay.
6:27 pm
>> drop the phone. >> despite being told to put down his smart phone, numerous times, warren picks it up again, so he can stream on facebook. police say war sent fortunate his refusal to comply did not have tragic consequences. >> that's a split second decision for the officer if that subject makes a sudden movement. in this case, obviously you can see, he's more preoccupied with the social media than listening to the officers. >> fox flues. >> in texas an act by several men goes viral after they disrupted traffic to play a game. >> yep. you're seeing that right. group of guys took a beer pong table right into the middle of the traffic in houston, and they started playing. their friends grabbed their phones and started recording the game. they up loaded it to facebook, and the video instantly shot to nearly 200,000 views. after they had a few minute of fun, they cleared out of
6:28 pm
there. >> everybody was honking at us, laughing, recording us and everything, but, ya, don't do it. it is kind of dangerous. >> how many minutes were you out there for? >> we were out there for like a minute, do everything in less than five minute. >> well, they say they never had any beer in those cups. it was just juice. houston police say nobody even called about these guys being in the street. but the stunt like this can mean criminal charges and fines up to $500. the guys promise that they won't do it again. >> fathers day comes early at san quinton prison. it is all part of a special program to keep families interacting, why organizers say it is so important. >> and people weren't afraid to get dirty today in glen mills, delaware county. fresco user emma takes us to the muck fest, which included this mud run and other obstacles. thousands were participating in the two day event. it ends tomorrow. it raises money for multiple
6:29 pm
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>> we are following breaking news, live pictures from sky news in the uk, london police say multiple people are injured following an incident on the london bridge. the bbc is recording a van, drove up on to the pavement, and barrelled right into some
6:32 pm
people on the london bridge. a bbc report here was on the bridge at the time says the van was driving about 50 miles an hour when this all happened. sources tell sky news this is believed to be terrorism, and we are just learning right now that police are responding to a possible second incident at the borough market. a popular tourist area, near the london bridge, police are telling people to run. british prime minister, theresa may, has been briefed about exactly what's going on right now. we will keep you posted. >> well, new security camera footage shows some of the horror that happened thursday our time. inside the casino in the philippines. the video shows the gunman firing assault rifle into the air, setting fires, and shooting at security officers. the gunman also doused gambling tables with gasoline and set them on fire. at least 38 people died in that attack, isis has claimed responsibility, but investigators say it appeared to be a botched robbery with no clear link to terrorism.
6:33 pm
today, marks one year since boxing legends, muhammad ali died. memorial service for ali took place in louisville, ken tuck think morning, it kicks off a six week festival in his hometown. it is called i am ali. celebrating his life and legacy. for years, ali suffered from parkinson's syndrome, which impaired his speech and mo bill at this. ali died one day after he was admitted to an arizona hospital with a respiratory ailment of the. >> in california, dozens of children celebrated fathers day early, with dads they hardly know or don't know at all. buses rolling into san quinton so children could visit theirs fathers who they don't get to see very often. 112 year old little girl said it is the second time she's seen her dad, he's serving years for second degree murder. >> it feels strange, but at the same time, very
6:34 pm
comfortable, because i get to see him. >> to tell her i love her, then all the sudden she comes and get to go know her, it is a big surprise. but i'm just so happy. >> it is all part of a program called get on the bus. organizers say it helps keep families intact during difficult times. it can actually help inmate with their rehabilitation. >> the nation's opioid epidemic affecting some of the most vulnerable people. one of the latest overdose victims, a one year old boy. >> and three state troopers helped save a new mom's life by delivering a box of blood. monica. >> we will have to pay attention to the radar splash in rain chances over the next few days, i'll map it out for you, coming up.
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>> beautiful day took biking, philadelphia officers, joining a dozen children for a bike ride in southwest philadelphia, part of program called cops and kids. officers do fun things with local children to get them off the streets.
6:38 pm
it is also for off a good time for officers to bond with the community, they meet once a month, in the summertime. >> now, to your fox 29 weather authority, and a live look at wildwood on this, yes, beautiful saturday evening. that's there, we're here. we saw some clouds, some showers earlier today, but it turned into a pretty nice day. >> sure d so what can we expect for tonight and tomorrow? let's head on over to monica cryan for the details. >> just seeing that makes me green with envy, oh, i wish i was down there. 75 degrees, pretty comfortable, not too hot, not too cold, i love the 70s, talking highs today into the mid 70s, those northwest winds at time a bit breezy. we know down the shore it can get breezy. so talking 76 degrees right now in wilmington, 75 in millville, the poconos coming in at about 65 degrees. so, cooler but current set up showing us those skies are clear. this is actually looped through. but since there is really nothing to talk about, there is not much to loop through. here's where all of the
6:39 pm
activity is. back behind us, notice a warmfront, followed in behind a cold front off to the west of us, this is going to continue to push east. so we've got one and then second chance for some rain, as we head into sunday and into monday. now, since this is little bit far north, what's going to happen is that first rain chance, that first rounds as we head into tomorrow, a lot of it going to start off in our northern counties. so let me time it out for you and show you what i am talking b through the overnight, things stay pretty clear, not until tomorrow morning that we increase that cloud cover here. some of the showers reaching up into the poconos, and then it starts to subside as we head into 7:00, 8:00 in the later part of the afternoon, even through the evening. some of this could be some stormy activity, i think most of south jersey, delaware, miss out on the first rounds every rain, really not until monday that we are going to see some rain pushing through, and some storms pushing through, through part of delaware, into south jersey, through the rest of the delaware valley, we are talking scattered showers and thunderstorms, but down toward south jersey and delaware, this is where we could see some of the highest amounts of
6:40 pm
rain, wildwood, into rehoboth, from your rainfall on monday, one, maybe even 2 inches of rainfall as we head into our monday. first rounds of rain not going to cause that much on sunday. but it is monday that it does look like it is bringing in some of the heavy rain specially south. seventy-eight is your high as we head into our monday. coming in from the low 80s on sunday, upper 70s by monday, once that cold front swings on through, we've got 73 degrees by tuesday, guys, but it does start to dry out as we head into the later parts of the work weeks, guys. >> thank you, honda. more than a thousand volunteers spent the saturday putting in time to transform a philadelphia school. fresco user, tyrone marquez, takes us to the philip h sheridan school in kensington, it is one of the oldest in the district. the volunteers painted hallways, built outdoor classroom, and created a teachers lounge. >> good job. >> bulletproof break through how some common kitchen items
6:41 pm
could one day save the lives of officers in the field. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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>> a young graduate of the us air force academy making a significant contribution to her nation's war fighting
6:44 pm
capability. but, she's not doing it from the sky. >> no, instead, doing it from the chemistry lab, fox's alicia ak un ah explains. >> this is what we've been using, it doesn't look that intimidating. >> no, of course not. >> really un assume. >> reporter: inch a -- unassuming part of the concoction made by kelly and her instructor. this goop, you see, could one day save the lives of those in combat. >> the concept of going out there, and stopping a bullet was something that we had made, in a chemistry lab, that sparked the interest for me. >> twenty-one year old got the idea in a chemistry class, and went to her then advisor professor burke at the academy studies department. >> naturally pretty skeptical. i said i'm not really sure this will work. >> to convince she poured water in corn starch, asked him to put his finger in with force. >> i jammed my fink near the bowl and i almost broke my finger. >> shear thickening fluid, powerful concept that the
6:45 pm
unlikely pair took, and using plastic forks and knives, a wal-mart mixer, and super simple yet super secret ingredient, came up with a pace that combined with other anti-ballist innings does this. >> quarter inch thick fab lick when tested stopped 9-millimeter bullet. >> a safety officer pulled this 44 magnum, he said this will fail. we loaded it in, and it stopped. it stopped it a second time, then third time. >> haley's ultimate goal is to lighten the load for those in combat. a full kit is 26 pounds, with the ceramic plates. you replace those with this new material it, could lighten the load by two thirds. at a fraction of the cost. more testing will prove whether this new product could be used to replace or reduce the heavy steel plating on military vehicles and aircraft, and first responders. >> the pieces are not new. everything that we used in there has been researched in some capacity for ballist innings protection. >> the air force was so
6:46 pm
impressed it is sending the now second lieutenant on full ride to clemson university for her masters in material science and engineering. upon graduation, she heads back to the military to help further develop protections for those overseas. >> i'm just trying to do what i can with what i know. i don't think it is really all that special. >> not special? >> the team has applied for patent lan share in any future sales of their invention with the air force, which is funding the research. in denver, alicia, fox news. the nation's opioid epidemic affecting some of the most vulnerable. one of the latest overdose victims, a one year old little boy. >> and three state troopers helped save a new mother's life by delivering a box of blood.
6:47 pm
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6:49 pm
>> a one year old boy in the hospital after overdosing on opioids. >> but, police say, quick action by his nine year old the little boy's life. fox's dave netters has the story for us. >> what if it were your baby? >> matthew brown said he was sleeping in akron when he heard the commotion upstairs. >> i heard the mother hollering, oh, my baby ain't
6:50 pm
breathing, somebody call 911. >> what is your emergency? >> come in? >> hello. >> a nine year old calls the police and paramedics, for his one year old brother, that's a non-breather. >> police say medics revived the unresponsive toddler with the opioid antidote, narcan. >> i can tell you that the brother basically said that there was some kind of residue, saw the child playing with the baggy. so at this point, we're thinking and we're testing, waiting for test results to see what type of opioid it was. >> so have you ever seen drugs in the house? be honest with me. >> i'm not going to lie, yes. >> okay. >> yes. >> and whose drugs? >> i'm not going to get into that now. but, yes, i have. >> the child was taken to akron children's hospital where he was administered another dose of narcan. his mother, 25 year old destiny carter, has been
6:51 pm
arrested on out standing felony theft warrant out of port and county, and police say, at a minimal will face child endangering charges in akron, police calling the nine year old brother a hero. >> 's hero, did he everything that he could do, and anything that we would expect somebody to do. but at this age, it is very heart wrenching to think you would put the nine year old in that position where he has to call the police and paramedics for a one year old. >> thank goodness he d that one year old boy is in stable condition. a new mom is saved, thanks to the quick thinking of some minnesota state troopers, a routine c-section turned into a hemorrhage and major blood lost for at leas for at least a. the hospital called the red cross for help, but getting the much needed blood to the hospital had to happen very fast or could die. that's when three minnesota state troop remembers called into action, for a blood run relay. >> i ran out of my squad. he ran out of his, he grabbed the box, in a box about this big, and handed it to me, i
6:52 pm
closed the door, away i went. >> got it there quickly. got it there safely. got it there in time for doctors to use it, and allow for a full recovery. >> a blood run is actually part of a job for troopers, but this one was a little different. along the way troopers learned that lisa was actually one of their own, she's the fleet manager for the minnesota state police, and the trooper said that made the run even more personal. by the way, mom and baby, are doing just fine. what are the odds? >> i know, how about that? >> wow. >> ron burke now, bus any sports today. >> and up lifting day for the phillies for a change. >> good. >> long season already. and we will talk about it, in fact, at the ballpark, filth fills fill break in a a new pitcher, break out of their funk, how it translated to the school boards. with the nba draft coming up, jerry coangelo speaks on whether fatherly love and city of brotherly love can co-exist.
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>> the phillies testily have to provide a lovely product on the fields, today guaranteed to do that in one way, ben lively made his debut against the giants, 25 years old, dominant the last two seasons in the minors with 24 and six records at double a and triple a. known as pitcher good location, showed that today in the third inning, he forces a blooper to shallow left. maikel franco will get the catch. goes seven innings, allows four hits, one run, walks three. he was terrific. phillies down within-nothing, but two down, tommy joseph steps into this one, solo shot off johnny, now tie ballgame. one-all. then bottom seven, phils up two-one, loaded, herrera, and everybody's going to come home. it is a bases clearing double. fills go up five-one, lead five-two in the ninth inning. nba draft coming up june 22, just three weeks away, ucla widely projected to
6:56 pm
be the second overall pick, but with the sixers taking him at three, still on the board, critical question, because, of the presence of balls heavy handed father. without mentioning ball by name, sixers advisor jerry coangelo expressed degree of caution, wip. >> he said, quote, i think ball is a terrific prospect, and could have outstanding nba future, i think it will be a challenge, challenging, with the people around him, without being specific, and yet, i don't think teams should bypass the player because they have those concerns. at the end of the day, what wins, in this league, is talent, than is a very talented young man. >> it is backs against the board time for former flyers head coach. his preditors down to the penguins, stanley cup times, the series moves to nashville for game three today. preditors gave up three goals in the third periods in their game two lost. out scored nine-four so far. maybe being on home ice will turn things in their favor. nashville is seven and one,
6:57 pm
bridgestone arena in the post-season, as laffayette and company head into this must-win. >> we focus on today, not worry about a big picture, we got to win a game, back in our building with our fans, i said yesterday, still stands by, that things we can do better on the ice, we've done some good things, but, you know, we're behind in a series. that will can't be good enough. there are some things we can do better. and we will look to do that today. >> so we'll see tonight if this is still a series, ladies? all right, thank you, ron. >> and that's our news for this saturday night. thanks so much for watching. >> you're live lottery drawing is next, followed by major league baseball, the mets versus the pirates, and we will be right back here with the news after the game. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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