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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  June 4, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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developing overnight terrorists striking england for the second time in two weeks. a van runs down pedestrians on lone dan bridge, then the suspect get out and attack victims with knives. how these moments of terror were brought to an end and what police are saying about the attacks this morning. philadelphia police investigating an overnight murder. a man runs to pizza shop for help after being shot in west philadelphia. the latest on the hunt for his killer. a rocking saturday in philadelphia. we have the top moments from the annual roots picnic. and the weather was picture perfect. will it hold out to close out your weekends? >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia". weekends. >> good day, it is sun jay,
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june 4th, 2017. thanks for joining us, you and i both have a littling? our ♪ >> the weather, allergies. >> beautiful weather on tap to start the day. see more clouds rolling in a little later on. there could be a spit shower but it looks like most of the rainfall. >> at 7:00, 61 degrees in philadelphia, the winds, it is calm, for now, as we take a live look, right now, across the area, still, a little chill in the atmosphere. take a look at the poconos, 47 e 51 allentown, 52 degrees in
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pottstown, 60 nil wedge machine ton and dover, big race taking place in dover today. weather looking great down there. as far as weather by the numbers, scale everyone to ten, what about a eight for today? dry, quiet. >> this is our next weather maker, watching cold front, also a warmfront, so, some cloud cover, will increase in our area, and once again there could be spotty shower north and west. looking at that planner, pleasant, 67, at 9:00. mid 70s by noon, increasing clouds during the day, and look at the temperatures, 81 degrees, for the high temperature for today. so once again, across the region, 81, clouds increase, there might be late spotty shower around. but most every us stay dry. down the shore looking good. mild, breezy, 73 degrees, upper 70s the lehigh valley. talk about the rainfall chances and some cooler temperatures next week, lauren, with the seven day coming up.
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>> (screaming heard). >> chaos, complete chaos. metro police in london warning people to get out of the way. another terror attack leaves seven dead. fifty injuries. car plowed through pedestrians on london bridge then nearby at the borough market two men with a knife started attacking people at bars and restaurants. a witness says it all happened so fast, he only remembers hearing the gunshots. >> three shots. >> ran for like 100 meters then load of police cars showed up. there was kind after period of quiet intense gunfire. i hid in the restaurant basically for about an hour. >> there can be no justification for the acts of these terrorists and i'm quite clear that we will never let them win nor will we allow them to cower our city or london. >> police killed the three attackers within eight minutes
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after they started their attack. according to prime minister theresa may the three men were wearing phony explosive vests, prime minister may is calling for tougher measures to contain islamic extremism in britain. she says five credible plots have been disrupted since the westminster attack in march. president trump sent out these tweets, whatever the united states can do to help out london and the uk we will be there, we are with you, god bless. in another tweet he advised: we need to be smart, vigilant and tough. we need the courts to give us back our rights. we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. authorities back here at home closely watching the events unfolding in london. philadelphia police released this statement. we are continuing to monitor the situation in london, as always. we will collaborate with our local, state and federal partners to ensure the safety of our citizens. we're continuing to follow the developments of this story, and will bring it to you throughout the newscast. gunfire erupts in west
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philadelphia leaving one man dead, the search now on for that shooter. steve keeley live at police headquarters with the latest on this investigation, hi, steve. >> reporter: well, lauren, any viewers who want a career in criminal justice who don't want to work over time don't ever get into a homicide detective division, because these guys work probably almost 20 hours every shift. and this year it has been tough one. june 4th now the 155th day of the year there is morning's murder in philadelphia, is the 128th person killed, that is just too close to an average of one philadelphia and killed a day sadly. what seem like a steady stream of shootings, stabbings, young men, like the one losts,- today in west philly. twenty-four years old, shot twice in the chest, at 4:00 this morning out on market street right under the l. it is all lit under there. there is businesses open 24 hours. he's able to stumble into one of them, his last steps into this 24 hour corner convenience store called train station pizza, open around the
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clock, right at 56th and market. folks in there rush him right down market street to the philadelphia fire department station. they get him right to penn presbyterian, shadily those two shots were deadly aimed. he's pronounced dead within a half hour of walking into that train shop, train station pizza shop, shot and wounded. market street has all every those businesses with surveillance lauren. maybe video will prove again to be the biggest help for homicide detectives, as they look shooting, so they can capture the so. steve keeley thank you so much. in north philadelphia sends two people to the in their 40's, analyst in the stabl mults outside after laurence streets d 2:15 thisor for who ever is responsible for firing the >> tragedy, grips chester to gun inside hisatally shooting
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himself in theto the scene, on bethel investigators questioned the child's father,ownd the boy was able to access thatar breaking, really heart breaking to b thin. >> i can't really believe that be access tonight a two year old, from what i'm being told, a gun was under the bed. and i can't believe that a child would be able to get -- gain access to a gun under a bed. who, you know, who would do that? >> a recent study by the associated press and usa today found gun accidents kill at least one child in the united state every other day. well the man accused of stabbing philadelphia councilman david oh will be arraigned later this morning. twenty-four year old shawn yarbray turned himself into police yesterday. he is charged with attempted murder. police say he attacked the councilman outside his home wednesday night, as he
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unloaded items out of his suuv. yarbray accused of approaching him, demanding keys, wallet, money, yarbray's lawyer said his client maintains his innocence, but felt the best course of action was to turn himself in. >> denies all of the allegations, we'll see what the evidence shows. that's all i can tell you for now. we don't have anything. >> councilman oh spent the night in the hospital, needed surgery after the stabbing and already back to work making public appearances. yarbray will stand before a judge at 8:30 this morning on those charges. 7:08. ariana grande returning to manchester. the big names backing the pop princess just two weeks after the deadly concert explosion. >> and later on good day, philly lit with stars for the roots picnic. who rocked it on stage and what we caught celebrities doing behind the scenes, but first, sue serio, with weekend wendy. >> weekend winds ski very excited about today's irish-american festival at
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penn landing it, happens from one p.m. to 7:00 p.m. it features traditional irish food and danc dancing, bad pipes and all kind of other irish music, as well, plus you can go shopping in a lot of the outdoor send ers have authentic irish goods. so enjoy your shepherd's pie and have a great rest of your day. from weekend wendy and me.
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>> stays x successfully launched first ever recycled supply ship.
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it took several days to get it off the grounds but everything went as planned yesterday. after two days of delays because of storms, the falcon rocket blasted off caring the dragon capsule into orbit. it will deliver 6,000 pounds of cargo not international space station, it is expected to arrive at some point tomorrow. >> all right, scott, take a live look, i think they told me that the cape may camera looks like a nice day at the beach today. >> yes, i mean, we are looking at sunshine right now, clouds, little later on, but i think most of the area will stay dry. so pretty nice day expected down the shore. as we look at temperatures across the area right now, it is pretty cool for some spots, especially north and west, we have some low 50's, allentown, 52 pottstown, 51 in reading, 47 degrees right now in mount pocono. 54 degrees, you're waking to up that in millville. fifty-seven atlantic city, 61 right now in philadelphia. parts of south jersey, down the shore, looking at 62, sea isle city, north wildwood,
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63 degrees, 55, inland, toward the hammonton area, low 50's right now in cinnaminson. so those weather headlines, 70s to low 80s for today, across the area, so looking pretty good. maybe an afternoon or evening shower, but the better chances for some rainfall early next week. ultimate doppler, we're dry, we're quiet, a lot of sunshine out there right now. but as we expands the view, north and west, around parts of the great lakes, this is our next weather maker. it is a warmfront, that will advance, increasing the temperatures later on this afternoon, but also, some clouds will casino every spill over into the delaware valley. but most of the rainfall chances will be north and west. in fact, we will time it out for you hour by hour. you can see, as we watch that clock by 5:00 looking at some of the scattered showers, toward the lehigh valley, also, the pocono mountains, your best bet for today. big race taking place in dover. i think we'll stay fine with that. then as we move toward tonight once again there could be rumble every thunder or shower passing through. by tomorrow morning, most of the computer models showing
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grab an umbrella we do have chances for some rainfall moving in throughout the day here is 2:00 for your monday, then move toward 6:00, the rush hour looking for better chance for some scattered showers, and thunderstorms, so for the poconos today, 67 degrees, sun, quickly giving way to clouds, watching out for some showers. down the shore, for today, low 70s, we are talking about partly sunny skies, nice breeze, and then as we move toward the dover area, for the nascar foxcast, looking at 82 degrees, once again, some sunshine, maybe a late shower, but i think they'll get the race n the weather authority seven day forecast showing you that afternoon spotty storm chance across the area, 81 today, 78 degrees for monday, but look at tuesday and wednesday, temperatures upper 60s to around 70. somewhat unsettled as we watch an area of low pressure kind of just move through the region. seventy-three thursday. seventy-seven by next friday, and 80 degrees by next
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saturday. over to you, lauren. >> thank you so much, scott. right at 7:15 this morning, police specialists collecting evidence in the heart of london after two terror attacks last night, seven people are dead, 48 others injured. the assault started as 10:00 p.m. london time. a van barrelled into pedestrians on busy london bridge. three men then got out of the van with very large knives and attack people at bars and restaurant nearby in borough market. eight minutes later officers shot and killed the three attackers. uk's prime minister theresa may has planned an emergency cabinet session today to address that crisis. also happening today, the attack in london comes less than two weeks after deadly bombing at ariana grande concert in manchester. tonight she'll headline star studded fundraising concert for the victims. justin bieber, katy perry, and other major stars, joining ariana grande for the show. fox's kristin has that story. >> reporter: security will be tight at the concert to
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benefit the 22 people killed and dozens of others injured at ariana grande's show in manchester uk last week. >> you see the police presence, then our safety, looking after, can only and good thing. >> stars including justin bieber, cold play, katy perry, miley cyrus and the black-eyed peas will also be performing at the convert. >> i don't want to allow senseless act of terror and fear to break apart the connection we have with people, the thing that music does for people to enlighten and aspire and bring joy. >> on friday ariana grande made a surprise visit in manchester to some of her fans injured at last week's concert. >> she was over the moon. she was very mousey at first, very squeaky, but must have had a good conversation for about ten minutes, and she had made her like a bouncing -- like a bouncy, and i had no idea what it was, quite funny break that down.
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>> manchester school choir is also performing at ariana grande's concert. >> we really concerned whether we should go back or not. but if there is a community as part of the healing process, i think it is important that we do that, as a community, as city. >> proceeds of the concert will go to an emergency funds set up by the city of manchester and the british red cross to help the victims and families of those affected by the bombing. in new york, fox news. >> and if you want to watch tonight's con stealth will be streamed on ariana grande's youtube channel and her facebook page. >> new security camera footage shows some of the horror that happened thursday, our time, inside a casino in the philippines. check out the video. it shows the gunman firing assault rifle in the air, setting fires and then shooting at security guards. the gunman also doused gambling tables with gasoline, set them on fire. at least 38 people died in that attack. isis has claimed responsibility. but investigators say it, appeared to be a botched robbery, with no clear link to
7:18 am
terrorism. >> thousands of americans are showing where they stand whether it comes to president trump's agenda. yesterday they either protested against or demonstrated in favor of the president. more than 140 march for truth role wrist held in cities across the us including new jersey, right outside president trump's golf course. many of the marchers are calling for greater unity as a nation. >> that hope is done is that we're able to pay attention to thing that are important to the american people, and not the few that we can deal with climate change, which is real, and have people stop denying it. >> in west pennsylvania there was a pittsburgh not paris rally to show support for president trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate accord. caught on camera, in new york city, attacker goes after a 90 year old man. you can see the suspect, kick the victim's shopping cart, then he hit the elderly man in
7:19 am
the head with a cane. how awful some this? this happening on friday, police say, the attack was unprovoked, some witnesses did jump in to defend the victim and chase the attacker off. police are now searching for him, though, the victim suffered very serious injuries, has lost hearing in one of his ears from being hit so hard by that cane. >> you're not watching a movie stunt here. that's driver taking things into his own hands. when he notices another driver, is having a medical emergency. here's what happened. randy tompkins literally dove into an open window, jammed the car into park, the driver in that blue car was actually having a seizure, and veering into oncoming traffic. the scene un fowling in dixon, illinois, tompkins of course now being hailed a hero. >> well, shocking new numbers show how obsessed americans are with fast-food. so we have a question for this morning. what's your favorite fast-food? when it comes down to it, it seems, americans prefer one
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type more than another. so share your response. use that #fox29goodday.
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>> today we talk about something remarkable, that's actually the product name, what allows to you do is write on your device and it stores
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everything. so, imagine this. you're in school. you have math book, science book, all every those textbooks, you bring the wrong one to class. guess what? now you just bring one device, you have everything. two, it is back up to the cloud. so if you do lose it, you don't lose your work. next, it actually act as a e-reader. stowe, with with most format. you can support your digital books. the neat thing about it you can actually write on those books just as if you would if you had a physical paper. again there is technology is the most responsive, they're claiming, in the world. from everything that i'm seeing it looks like it. so you want to talk about more high tech or in this case low-tech technology, bringing us back to human, reach out to us, hashtag text tank. we can continue the conversation on line. >> oh, listening to bruno. >> that's the song of the summer? >> i think so. i told sean brace that a few month ago, he said no, it is out too early. >> and people are still jam to
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go it, right. >> it is a good one. check this out. wal-mart shoppers, some of the companies retail workers taking on new jobs as they drive home from their shifts. here's what they're trying. so the big box stores testing the idea of allowing employees to deliver customer orders on your commute home. so you think you're off work but not really off work, scott. so they're saying it is a way for them to help speed up their shipping and help employees make some extra cash. so, they've been testing it in three stores, in new jersey, and in arkansas. >> kind of blog interesting their shift? >> or maybe if you have errands to run after work? but i think people will sign up for this. it is like over time without being real over time at the store. you get to get in your own car, like uber and deliver packages. >> everyone is making monday. >> i it is a win-win, right? one of the most popular or instagramable drinks from starbucks now year around, the a.m. bring pink drink, now officially on the menu as part of starbucks cool lime refreshers. it is the one that's made with coconut milk, ice passion tea
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and lime. >> non-choleic. >> non-alcoholic, that's right. it looks good, right? >> specially warm day. okay, in your silly science this morning, new study reveals what we already know, americans love their fast-food, even if they can afford better quality meals. so, research involving 8,000 middle age people found four out of five people ate fast-food at least once a week. are you guilty? >> i am. >> i am too of the the findings also appear to contradict the idea that people with less money eat the most fast-food. between 75% and 85% of people from all incomes, admitted to eating convenient meals. study appears in the journal economics and human biology. i think sometime after you've had a week of eating canal quinn ya? >> it can be good. you need your fix, your fast-food fix. do you have a go to? >> i do. you'll be surprised by mine. my go to is chick-fil-a, but for the waffle fries. i don't want any chicken, i
7:26 am
just want the waffle fries. >> and the dipping sauce? >> either barbeque or the chick-fil-a sauce. >> that is good. my go to is wendy's. >> oh, i like wendy's, what do you get. >> i get the dave's double. >> you know the thing about wendy's? i feel like you have have $5 and feast because of the 1 dollar menu. >> and don't forget about the frosty. >> oh, i do like the frothy i -- frosty, that's good. >> philly lit with tour buses, stars, for the tenth annual roots picnic, some stars didn't show up while other rocked the stage. we have some behind the scenes footage you don't want to miss. and stove keeley covering our top story this morning. high, steve. >> reporter: yes, more sadness here in the city of philadelphia. just talked to a young man who left an interview with homicide detectives here at headquarters. he told me he has watched me cover the murders of three of his friends before today and now this makes a fourth this year.
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and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new every day. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. now you can own america's tractor for just 99 dollars a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. >> a van veered off the bridge and lung into pedestrians. three men got out of the van, started stabbing people nearby. all three suspect were killed by police. the attack comes just two weeks after the deadly bombing at ariana grande concert in manchester. prime minister theresa may has convened an emergency security cabinet session, to deal with that crisis. >> back here at home, gunfire
7:30 am
erupts in west philadelphia, leaving one man dead. police say a 24 year old was shot near the corner of 56th and market streets, around 4:00 this morning. he made his way into a pizza shop to get help. he was then taken to the hospital where he later died. police have not made an arrest, and have no description of the suspect. let's toss things over to scott williams who did it perfectly yesterday. a job well done, my friend. >> all right, thank you. fingers crossed for today, lauren. we have a lot of sunshine to start on your sunday, more clouds, later on in the day, there could be a couple of spotty showers, but i think most of the rainfall holds off until early next week. live look outside of the studios, and you can see, a loft sunshine out there, temperatures have recovered pretty nicely in the city of philadelphia now, up to 61 degrees. we had temperatures pretty chilly, even 30's this morning, in the poconos. now, mount pocono, 47 degrees. we have 51 allentown, 52 pottstown, 60 in wilmington and dover. 54 degrees right now in millville. so, weather by the numbers,
7:31 am
scale of one to ten, today we give it about a eight. we look at ultimate doppler, dry, quiet, but off to the north and west, already some clouds trying to increase, main system still around part of the great lakes. so that will increase the clouds and once again the better chance of showers far north and west lehigh valley and the poconos. so going hour by hour for today, nice afternoon, by noon, 75 degrees, 81, for the high temperature today, in philadelphia. that seven day forecast is coming up. >> all right, we look forward to. that will thanks so much, scott. 7:31, man gunned down in west philly. police on the look-out now for his killer. steve keeley live at police headquarters and just spoke with the victim's friend. high, steve. >> yes, detective here, and detective on the scene. the ones on the scene looking for video. the ones here at headquarters talking to people who witness this. among them, jay hole man, same age as the victim, hanging out with the victim. let's go to the video. they're at all night pizza
7:32 am
shop/convenience store, train station pizza, at sixth and market right under the elevated train. you can see even in the middle of the night very well lit. jay says he's still at the counter, his friends goes outside after he was waited on, and he hears a lot gunshot. and then the friends stumbles back in, shot jay and everybody else in the store get him to the philly fire department house right down market street. they get him into pe penn presbyterian, sadly pronounced dead at 4:30. here's what jay told us after talking with detectives. >> early morning, lurking, thought he found somebody -- >> so in train station pizza, came out, stumble back in? >> ya, i was at the counter. he got hit. he was coming back in the store. collapsed right there. >> so train station pizza loaded with surveillance systems, both inside and outside, so that should help police. so in jay's mind he thinks somebody was just hanging out, lurking, waiting for a robbery
7:33 am
victim. and he thinks maybe his friend did not give whatever the robber wanted fast enough and got shot once in the chest. now police said the victim shot twice but lauren, as you know, sometimes when there is an exit wounds, officially it is counted as being shot twice. but jay said he heard one loud shot, never even saw the gunman as he obviously ran away. >> so sad. steve keeley thank you for the update. after month of hearings and court appearances, the trial for bill cosby starts tomorrow in montgomery county. the comedian accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a temple university employee at his elkins park home, this happening back in 2004, the jury was chose never pittsburgh, and will spends the next few weeks deciding the comedian's fate. coming up at 8: 15, we'll have two lawyers in our studio to discuss what we can expect for bill cosby as the trial get started tomorrow. of course, we will be there to cover that trial from start to finish. >> for many people, their ears, still running this morning, after the roots picnic yesterday.
7:34 am
>> here we go. make some noise. >> yes, 10,000 people showed up at festival pier throughout the day. the roots started the music festival ten years ago, this year's opening act was stellar with a extended number with rapper tariq, pharrell joined them on stage, the line up also included salage thunder cat, and lil wayne did not make it to the festival as planned. >> 7:34 this morning, the phillies finally show some signs of life. the rookie, who stepped up big, to help the team, get a much needed win. ♪ ♪
7:35 am
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>> good morning, i'm ron burke, in major league debut, two to his name, right-handed ben lively breathed life into phillies team in need after boost by pitching seven hinges, four hit, one run baseball, offense came in the seventh. the phillies scoreboard time. herrera's bases clearing double gave the phillies five-one lead, they went onto beat the giants five-three, as lively got the vick trim in
7:38 am
first major league game. first major league no-hitter of the season, marlins edison, struck out ten diamond backs batters, in miami's three-nothing win, had a record of one and seven this season. before he steps to the mounds, and through the sixth no-hitter in marlins on the ice, the preditors trail the penguins zero-two, stanley cup final moved to nashville, preditors up three-one, they add to it, craig smith makes him pay. as he get the goal. the preditors take four within hundred lead. win it five-one, resounding victory, penguins lead the series, game four monday. that's sports in a minute. i'm ron burke. get ready to rev up your engines today is the nascar triple a400 at dover international speedway. that's 400 laps and 400 miles. drivers will make their way around the 1 mile high banged concrete oval at international speedway. kyle busch will start the race in the pole position today. remember, you can watch the race, guess where, right here
7:39 am
on fox oh, on fox sports one, goat it, that's at 1:00 at dover international speedway. and they're a sponsor here on fox 29. so you always wonder when they have these races, oh, goodness, what's the weather? because if the track gets wet, they have to delay it, cancel, move it. >> 400 laps. >> can you believe it? >> that's all day event pretty much. but looks like the weather will cooperate. >> that's good. >> down in dover, we have a lot of sunshine out there, few more clouds later on in the day, and look at the high temperatures, expected, right around 82 degrees, there might and late shower, but once again, i think they'll get the race in. you know our hang flynn was down there. >> i know. >> just kind of previewing everything, the site, the sounds, the taste. it will be fun event. >> i used to live in orlando, so i had to go to daytona couple of times. it is too loud for me. >> you know i'm from the charlotte area, so nascar is pretty big down there, as well. >> i don't get it. i was a track runner. people used to say i don't understand running in circles, but it is different to me because i was involved in it, i feel the same way though
7:40 am
about nascar and racing, it is like, okay, when is this going to stop? >> there are activities to do, though, trust me. >> i'm sure. behind the scenes. all right, how old is old? it is a word that has taken on a negative meaning, in some places of the world. why some countries are now saying it is best to ban it. and next this new jersey dad is absolutely mad. he's dying from als and he want to try something, but he's not allowed. we will bring you his story. >> hey, college families, cost of your student loans is about to go up a little bit. that's right. from 3.76%, to 4.45%, that's the new interest rate on federal student loans. you see, once a year the federal government adjusts the rate. this year, it is going up. you grad student, med students, law students, yours
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>> 7:45 this sunday morning, a lot of sunshine as we focus on the temperature. fifty-four millville, low 50's north and west, look at the poconos, checking in at 47 degrees. it was in the 30's there, earlier, down the shore right now, north wildwood, 64 degrees, cape may point, 64. we have 60, mullica hill, upper 50's hammonton. the board walk in ac, 65 degrees. so, as we look at the weather headlines, 70s to low 80s for today, there might and afternoon or evening shower but better chances for rainfall next week. ultimate doppler, dry, quiet, sunshine to start. how much, clouds will roll in from the north and the west. a warmfront, will advance, and once again. that will increase the clouds, also, increase those temperatures, but looks like most of the rainfall chances will be toward the lehigh
7:46 am
valley and also the poconos. so, hour by hour, you can see, as we move toward the afternoon, we are watching out for some of those showers, far north and west, one or two of them might sneak in to the philadelphia area later on this evening, but as we move toward the overnight, it is mostly cloudy, tomorrow morning, cloud cover, by tomorrow afternoon, and evening, we are watching out for showers, perhaps some strong to gusty thunderstorm. so, here's the bottom line. eighty-one center city, 73 degrees down the shore, upper 70s for the lehigh valley. the seven day forecast shows 81 degrees today, once again, that chance of an afternoon shower or evening thunderstorm, scattered showers, monday, 78 degrees, 70 on tuesday, only upper 60s, lauren, on wednesday, well below average. >> oh, we'll get little cool-down, scott, thank you so much. two years ago bucks county father's world started unraveling. he went from a 49 year old devoted husband and active father of six to terminally
7:47 am
ill patient. fox 29's introduces us to frank and his fight. >> it started when my legs, and i slowly became unable to walk or move my legs in bed. >> a machine controlled by moving his eyes now speaks for him. >> it really agonize z me to watch him lose the ability to talk, lose the ability to move his legs, to move his arms. >> all of this happening in just a matter of months. >> i'm not afraid to die but i want to fight for my life. >> working, fighting, competing, is what frank knows best. a government job that took him around the world, competitive body building, and coaching, keeping up with an equally athletic wife, and now, six very active kids. taking him on the ride of his life all by his mid 40's. then? >> franky were like in shock.
7:48 am
>> he has als, lou gehrig's disease. >> to be in that room, hearing it, it was very difficult. >> harder breaking it to his kids, still? >> looked at all of us and he says but i'm going to fight like hell. >> they jumped right in there with him. so did friend, neighbors, business communities, local and national. >> we have many different supplies needed to take care of frank. >> insurance coverage, a drop in the bucket, compared to the extraordinary cost of managing what could be a drawn out terminal illness. >> family, friends, and the community are vital to keeping my spirit high. my wife, maryland and children, have been my rock. >> unfortunately, they have to mature faster than their years. it is not hard when everyone contributes and helps out.
7:49 am
>> amazing. >> when they're not a ten to go their dad, keeping him comfortable or just loving him up at home. they're on the road, backing up frank's fight, to get a federal law passed, allowing terminally ill patients the right to try medications, treatments, and devices that may help, but are not yet approved by our food and drug administration. >> for hope for me and my family. >> to be honest, i'm mad as hell that the last drug a purchased by the fda was over 20 years ago. >> they both have als. so they're dying. >> his sons, eric and zach, got mike pence's attention last summer at emotional town hall meeting in lancaster, pence enacted one of dozens of the state versions of the right to try act. neither pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware, are on that list yet. the family hit capitol hill
7:50 am
working congress, gathering signatures, frank got an invite to hear the president speak in favor of it. frank knows he may not get to see it happen for him. >> because while they bicker, we die, and that's just un-american. >> his mind remains as brilliant as his smile and sense of humor. >> i am too young and pretty. >> oh, now you sounds like muhammad ali. >> we can't ever make him look bad. >> the kids love every little thing about it. >> i look to up them. and i have so much respect for them. and i love them so much. like i can't -- i like, for me, it is hard to like think of like him not being there. >> like you're crying now. >> relax. >> i love you, daddy. >> their strength fuels frank to keep fighting for other to live. >> i need to be able to look my wife and children in their eyes and we gave it our all,
7:51 am
but wasn't meant to be. >> joyce evans, "fox 29 news." >> a family crowd funding site has been set up. it is called you caring. we have a link on our website if you would like to help on >> all right, people weren't afraid to get down and dirt think weekend in glen mills, delaware count i fresco user emma takes us to the muck fest, which included a mud run, and some other obstacles. thousands are participating in the two day event which ends today. all of this raising money for multiple sclerosis. >> all right, scott, look at those dirty, dirty people. but they're all doing it for a good cause. i have to clarify real quickly, a lot of people on twitter were asking what happened to my voice. are you okay, lauren? i'm fine. it is just that scott ordered all of this amazing weather, so i spent the day outside yesterday. i think i walk probably two, 3 t enjoying the city. and so everything gets all up in your system, i sneezed, coughed, you know, all day. so david sent. >> this. you don't sound good today.
7:52 am
what's wrong with you? i hope you feel better soon. >> all of the up and down changes with the temperatures, all over the place. >> i know. >> the rain yesterday morning, then the sunshine. >> voice, then dry, then wet, it does, that so i'm fine, i feel fine. i just sounds bad. >> we'll get you a latte, some honey. >> some lemon. all right, it is graduation season. how zombies leaders are helping graduates remember the special occasion all while they celebrate for goodness sake. are allergies holding you back? break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. new flonase sensimist changes everything.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we are jamming this sunday morning, veterinarians warning dog owners, and seeing growing number of cases here in our area. junior reporter. >> reporter: local vets have seen up tick in fatal bacteria infection, and main line vet greg hand said you should be aware of the racing. >> in general, it has been on the rise in the past ten years. >> it is transmitted through the urine of wild animals, and your dog can contract it just by lapping up still water. so, how do we know if our furry friends are infect in the. >> vomiting, laying around, not eating. i think just about anything, can be diarrhea, also, look at
7:56 am
the whites of their eyes may turn yellow. >> despite rising number of cases reported, not every vet vaccinates against the disease. so would you know if your pet was protected? >> have you heard of? >> not until you said it. >> have you heard of it before? >> i've never heard of it. >> though the vaccine wasn't always considered safe, doctor hahn says now might be the time to get your dog vaccinated. >> twenty years ago it was considered very reactive vaccine, and some dogs have reactions. the new err vaccines available now are very smooth, very little reactions. >> the chances your pet passes the disease to you are very low, but the disease could put your dog's life at risk. >> if there is a suspicion of it, typically we start treatment right away, which is antibiotics, and supportive care. because it ends up affecting the kidneys and liver and so for the. >> if your dog is not vaccinated be sure to bring him to the vet immediately. if you notice any signs of infection. >> very, very important to treat early. you really don't want to wait. >> and we have some great news about lexy, that was her last
7:57 am
piece as junior reporter. she did graduate from villanova few weeks ago, guess what, already has her job, first job in television, she started in her hometown, congratulations, we'll of course miss you very much. >> all right, 7:57. the one word that makes a lot of people cringe. old. people have said it to you before, right? you're old. why some countries think it is best to ban the word. and share with us on social media: a what age do you consider someone old? i think we all have different answers for. that use the #fox29goodday. >> our top story this morning: terror in london, the latest on the attack that claimed seven lives, injured nearly 50 more.
7:58 am
7:59 am
keep on going, america. keep on giggling... and goofing. keep on grooving... and togethering. with scott 1000's long-lasting roll, we'll keep on going, too. scott 1000. america's longest lasting roll. >> let's look at top stories, seven people are dead, nearly 50 others injured, after a terror attack in london. three suspect, in a van, ran
8:00 am
down pedestrians on london bridge, and then they got out and stabbed people at nearby pubs. police shot and killed all three attackers. no one has claimed responsibility for those attacks. >> and, one of the most anticipated trials in years gets underway in montgomery county tomorrow. bill cosby's trial starts after a jury was selected last month. the comedian is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a temple university employee at his elkins park home back in 2004. we have a preview of what to expect coming up a little later in the hour. for the tenth straight year the roots picnic rocks philadelphia, 10,000 people turned out at the festival. this year's line up included pharrell, salage, thunder cat. complete wrap of the show and some behind the scenes footage a little later in the hour, as well. good day, it is sunday, jean four, 2017. the highlight of my day yesterday, i didn't escape room for the very first timer. >> made it out. >> i made it out. >> you're here. >> we had two minutes left.
8:01 am
i started getting nervous, it was eight of us. you have to figure out how to all work together. you get frustrated at some point with the clues not working out. i didn't think we would make it but we did make it out. >> one time i didn't make it out. i needed a lot of help during it, too. >> no, we needed help, too. it was fun. >> the roots picnic looked great yesterday. >> it did. >> the weather cooperated. you know, kind of makes it feel like we're really entering the summer season. >> thank goodness, right? >> yes. temperatures right now, a little chilly. but we will moderate upper 70s, low 408's expected later today. live look along the parkway, showing you a lot of sunshine, it will be a pretty nice sunday, if you're stepping outdoors. right now, temperatures, up to 63 degrees, in the philadelphia area, winds will be more out of the south, so that will warm us up, inland, but it will be a little cooler with the sea breeze down the shore. temperature wise, right now, 54 degrees, in reading, 56 pottstown. sixty-four in wilmington, 66 already in dover.
8:02 am
so, weather by the numbers on scale of one to ten, what about a eight for your sunday? so as we look at ultimate doppler, dry, quiet, a lot of sunshine out there, but some clouds. they'll start to roll in from the north and west. increasing clouds during the day, once again, still nice, here's our next weather maker, in particular, for your monday. we will watch a cold front move toward the area. that will will spark off some showers, and thunderstorms. but some of this activity could move toward the pope knows, and the lehigh valley, a little later on today. here's the planner, hour by hour, by noon, 75 degrees, increasing clouds, once again, during the day. but temperatures still moderate upper 70s, by three. eighty-one gross later on today. so we keep the chance for an afternoon or evening late shower, 81 the high, center city, low 70s down the shore, with the sea breeze, upper 70s for the lehigh valley. we will talk much more about the rainfall chances, and an unsettled start to the upcoming work week, lauren,
8:03 am
coming up. >> (screaming heard). >> chaos, metro police in london warning people to get out of the way. another territory or attack leaves seven dead, 40 others injured. started 10:00 p.m. local time. cow plowed through pedestrians on london bridge, and then nearby at the borough market, two men with a knife started attacking people at bars and restaurant. a witness says it all happened so fast, that he only remembers hearing the gunshot gunshots. >> three shots! >> ran for like 100 meters, load every police cars turned up, and there was kind of a period of quite intense gunfire. i hid in the restaurant basement for about an hour. >> there can be no justification for the acts of these terrorists. i'm quite clear that we will never let them win, nor will
8:04 am
we allow them to cow error city or londoners. >> police killed the three attackers were eight minutes after they started, according to prime minister, the three men were wearing phony explosive vests, prime minister may is now calling for tougher measures to contain islamic extremism in britain. she says five credible plots have been disrupted since the westminster attack in march. president trump sent out these tweets, whatever the united states can do to help naught london and the uk, we will be there, we are with you, god bless, and another tweet, he advised: we need to be smart, vigilant and tough. we need the courts to give us back our rights. we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. and authorities back here at home closely watching the events unfolding in london, a statement from philadelphia police reads: we are continuing to monitor the situation in london. as always, we will collaborate with our local, state and federal partners to ensure the safety of our citizens. and we're continuing to follow the developments of that story, of course, we will bring it to you throughout the
8:05 am
newscast this morning. >> that attack in london comes less than two weeks after a deadly bombing in an ariana grande concert in manchester, and tonight, ariana grande will highlight star studded fundraising concert for the victims. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well it, seems, all of hollywood will be in the uk joining ariana grande for the one love benefit concert. black eye peas, robby william, justin bieber, katy perry just to name a few. ticket for the musical event sold out in just a matter of minutes. while some tickets were reserved for the fans, who were at that show during the attack. >> back here at home, gunfire erupts in west philadelphia leaving one man dead this morning, the search now on for the shooter. steve keeley, live at police headquarters with the very latest on this investigation. high, steve. >> reporter: yes, sunday morning, as you can see, lauren, not so slow for philadelphia police who seems like they're constantly busy. this is the 155th day of the
8:06 am
year, june 4th, and this morning's murder makes it 128 people killed this year. and that's just real close to an average of almost one philadelphia a day being murdered in this town and the steady deluge of shootings, stabbings, and seems non-stop violence. most of the victims, young men, like the one lost today, just 24 years old, shot in the chest, right at 4:00 this mo jint as he left thisck, 24-hr convenience store pizza shop, we tke but was still at the counter paying for his t door, and g >> early morning, lateht he foud somebody. >>s where he was shot, then stumb >> ya, i was at the coming backe storush him
8:07 am
right down the sh him right to d within a half hour and twenty-four years old, hopefully some surveillance video will help some of the witness testimony and evidence that police are gathering. but lauren, jay, the young man we talked to there, told me that he says hey, you covered other murders of other friends that i've had killed this year. this is going to be the fourth funeral this year in 2017, less than six months in, that jay will attend after young man killed that he knew closely, like the one this morning. how about that? >> awful, steve keeley, just awful. thank you so much. 8:07 this morning. also happening overnight, a shooting in north philadelphia sends two people to the hospital. both victims in their 40's listed in stable condition. they were shot multiple times outside after bar, dauphin and lauren streets around 2:15 this morning. police still searching for who ever is responsible for firing the shots.
8:08 am
>> and tragedy grips chester township after a three year old finds a loaded gun inside his home. the boiman and today fire the weapon, fatally shooting himself in the chest. emergency crews racing to the scene on bethel road yesterday afternoon. investigators questioned the child's father. now, they're looking into how the boy was able to access a gun. >> heart breaking, really heart breaking to be here for this type every thing. >> i can't really believe that a gun would be accessible to a two year old, from what i'm being told, a gun was under the bed. and i can't believe that a child would be able to get -- gain access to a gun under a bed. who, you know, who would do that? >> a recent study by the associated press in usa today finds gun accident kill at least one child in this country every other day. happening today: the man accused of stabbing philadelphia councilman, david oh will be arraigned later this morning, 24 year old shawn yarbray turned himself into police yesterday. he's now charged with
8:09 am
attempted murder. he's the one police say attacked the councilman, outside his home wednesday night. he was unloading items, out of the back of his suv, when the suspect approached him, demanded his keys, wallet and money. his lawyer says he maintains his innocence, but the suspect thought he should turn himself n he is expected to appear in court in about 20 minutes. >> we have a question for you. are you planning a summertime get away? are you going to anywhere this summer? >> probably going to florida. my sister is down there, my neices down there, probably new orleans. >> oh, ya. my favorite place in new orleans if you get a chance to eat go to acme. i don't know if it is called acme oyster house, like our grocery store? it is so good! and see i don't eat osseters but i do eat, they made like i don't know if it was gamba eye a, whatever it was it was delicious, i went twice and i was only there three days. >> andeany's, good, too. >> use the #fox29goodday if
8:10 am
you want to talk to us on social media. while your phones are out, he want to know how old is old? my neices say to me all the time, aunty lauren you're old. >> you're as old as you feel. >> that's true. some countries though are banning the word. we will tell you why. but first, it is being called the biggest trial since oj, bill cosby's sexual assault trial starts tomorrow. the one question plaguing the comedian right now. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> weekends wendy very excited about today's irish-american festival at penn's landing happens from one p.m. to 7:00 p.m. it features traditional irish food and dancing. bagpipes and all kind of other irish music, as well. plus you can go shopping in a lot of the outdoor vendors have authentic irish goods. so, enjoy your shepherd's pie, and have a great rest of your day from weekend wendy and me.
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packed with flavor, one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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>> 8:13, this sunday morning, live look at trenton, new jersey, pretty quiet out there at this hour, scott. i'm sure people will venture outside with a fantastic forecast, right? >> looks pretty good for your sunday, a lot of sunshine, but the clouds will start to roll in. temperature wise, still pretty comfortable. we have 63 philadelphia. sixty-two in trenton. mid to up ear's, once you move north and west. parts of south jersey, mullica hill, 64. sixty-two in hammonton, the water temperatures right now in the low 60s, we'll have more of a sea breeze if you are headed down the shore. 70s, low 80s for today. some afternoon, some evening
8:14 am
showers, then, unsettled for the early part of next week. ultimate doppler, dry, a lot of sunshine, but look at some of the clouds, starting to move in. north and west. then as we expands the view, most of the rainfall, with our next storm system; still well off to the north and west. this will impact us, early next week. so, hour by hour, once again, sunshine now. more clouds later on today, some passing showers far north and west, as well. we will watch for. that but once again, most every us should stay dry, race looking pretty good later on this afternoon in dover, as well, but then look at monday. unsettled, especially toward the afternoon and the evening. there could be some gusty to strong perhaps severe thunderstorms around the area. 81 degrees the high in center city, low 70s down the shore, upper 70s lehigh valley. 67 degrees, in the poconos today. once again, down the shore, we will call it partly sunny, breezy, 73 degrees. that seven day forecast showing you a little unsettled to kick off the week.
8:15 am
78 degrees on monday, but then, look at tuesday, wednesday, highs only upper 60s, to near 70, about 10 degrees below average. over to you. >> all right, scott, thank you so much. trial start tomorrow for bill cosby in montgomery county, the comedian accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a temple university employee at his elkins park home back in 2004. cosby who has not spoken much in public has maintained his innocence, he had a message for his supporters. this was after the jury was selected last week, in the pittsburgh area, four white women, six white men, one black woman, and one black man. >> in closing, i just want to thank all of the people who have come to see my shows, whenever i appeared, heinz hall, and thank you all. >> we will put some witnesses on the stand. we'll -- we're confident in the case we have. and look forward to getting it in a jury's hands. >> in court, late last month, cosby's lead attorney said the prosecution was systematically
8:16 am
excluding african-americans after a black woman was dismissed by prosecutors. the question now: how will race play out in his trial? joining thus morning, to talk more about it, albert solar, joseph marone with their insight on the case. who wants to start off? i'll start with you, will race play a role in the case? >> thanks for having me. in every casey think people bring their own individual ideas, their life experiences, any time you have different races, i think it does play an absolute role. and, you know, sixth amendment gives everyone the right to have speedy public trial, by an impartial jury. the question s. today with social media, today with news, with fake news, real news, can we have it. >> joseph i was asking you why would his lawyers allow the jury to be seat in the that way looking at the numbers? you say they don't really have control over that? >> there are only so many people you can pick from in the pool the jurors are provide in the that particular
8:17 am
county. whatever was there, that's who you have to pick from. each side is end tight told challenges, which they utilize them, but if you recall, last week, there was an issue that came about about race and the jury selection. they were saying that the prosecution was systematically using their selection toss eliminate black individuals. and an objection was made on the records by the defense attorney, rightfully so, that's his job to do that. plus, plus, he's trying to preserve the records for appeal issues. but does race play a factor in his case? i think not. i think it is something that the cosby team is trying to do in order to help them in their case. i think ultimately could backfire. >> okay. >> because cosby obviously is an international celebrity? right. >> that became an icon. and, becoming a icon, he embraced the entire country, and at some point in his career he demean the black community trying to reprimand them to clean up their act. >> true. >> now all the sudden then man is in a bad spot and he's
8:18 am
reaching out to the black community for their help. ultimately if some of those people on that jury specifically the two black individuals are of that minds set it, may backfire. >> let's talk about age. i'm an 80s baby. i remember mr. huxtables. do you think that affect the jury pool as well, knowing who is there? >> yes. i think it does. i think a lot of people bring in their personal ideas into the jury box, into the deliberations. and he's america's dad. and he came at everyone's homes, and everyone loves him. and you will also have the issue of privilege here, we have a celebrity is -- couldn't be seen as maybe being above the law, could be seen as being maybe having that kinds of influence over folks, taking advantage of his celebrity. but yes, age, i think, will play a factor. but again we have to temper that with the idea social media, he's familiar to everybody. >> that's what i was going ask you, following up on that, can he truely have an impartial trial? >> listen, no question. this case will come down to reds many, the reliability of not only the witness but remember now the judge in this
8:19 am
case allowed one of the other victims to testify. so that's going to expand this case, and additionally, one of the most crucial pieces of evidence in this case is his deposition testimony from the civil cases, now going to be allowed admit into the case n there specifically he says he talks about giving young women quaaludes for sex. so now you take his own words, present them to the jury, another woman, experienced similar encounter, and then the victim herself it, becomes a more difficult case. the way that the defense wins this case, they have to hard on cross-examination, into her credibility, and then inconsistency, race that doubt. >> do they have to be delicate with her because in her words she is a victim? >> that is correct. if they go too hard on her the jury may think that as an insulting move on behalf of maybe the defense. at this point i think cosby has nothing to lose. i think his defense team has to be strong on cross-examination and under mine had err story, the story is clone. the bigger problem, another woman has come in and has
8:20 am
similar story. plus you have the overflow of the media that has happened over the last year. i mean, we all know those jurors know they're more than another woman. there are many women, in fact, as much as 50, so that plays into it. then again, the biggest problem i think that when the judge allowed his deposition transcript testimony, these are his own words, sworn under oath, to come into evidence, where he says that he gave quaaludes to women for sex, that becomes very, very death mental to him. >> and it seems tough to me to have him in this hot seat. but he's not going to testify on his own behalf. but he has spoken in the media several times. sometimes you look up, like, what's he talking about? >> yes, i think as joseph will probably comment on as well, it is always better to have your client not get on the stands. >> okay? >> they would realistically probably pick him apart on this one. one of the victims' testimonies allowed to come in on this. but there were over zero six, i believe, women who have similar issues. so, it is a strategic move on the part of the defense to have him keep it sipped.
8:21 am
let the evidence speak for it s on the other hand, really quick, another important point, to understands that they're going to hear evidence. and the jury had hear evidence. and also, the victim will have her opportunity, as well. >> all right. thank you both for coming in. thank you for the perspective. >> of course we will be covering this from start to finish here on fox 29. you know dynasty can bring the heat, that's not all, how the famous restaurant is helping you add some spice in the kitchen.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> good morning, i'm karen hepp, today's busy mama, good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me about your babe. >> i isabella will be two this summer. >> she is adorable and cute. you also have another baby which is your business and you're a chef. >> i am. the my company the eat clean organization, 100% gluten free healthy no prep company with a focus on organic meats, wild caught fish and organic and local produce whenever possible. >> so many amazing dishes, the chicken skewers awesome. >> mediterranian style, we serve with greek salad, organic power greens, organic tomatoes, organic cucumber and then a taziki sauce. >> how much do they run? >> most cost effective 8.50, most expensive is 15 a meal. actually three different sizes, our classics, our nancy adler, and our athlete
8:25 am
portion. >> so that cracks me up. where is a area you serve us in. >> service all south jersey. as far as longport to hammonton, do offer deliberately to homes and work so we have free delivery to atlantic care location and also four pick up locations, two in lynnewood, new jersey, one in ocean city new jersey and one in galloway new jersey at zkizby kitchen. >> it looks absolutely amazing, thank you so much. it looks awesome, nicole. if you want some more information about this busy mama, and her company, you can just come to our website >> all right, check this perfect picture out, 8:25, 62 degrees, you're taking a live look at doylestown. let's head back to here to philadelphia, one of the hottest place toss eat in town. now go to learn a little something else. you heard of cooking classes, right? this one has a kick.
8:26 am
>> this week's alex around town, i'm not going to your typical cooking class i'm going to kung fu cooking class. >> we go to second and chestnut, what if i told you you could learn how to cook here? >> the oldie's dishes are home cooking dishes, not like restaurant dishes. >> i love this. now, a movie playing in the background, what's one that? >> so while we are making the food, while waiting for the food to be cooked, we are also watching kung fu, yes. >> so like cooking and kung fu. >> oh, yes. >> together. >> i want to learn how to cook. but i need a partner for this. >> they're making authentic juan ton's, a lot of different than american won tons, so the authentic, skin much thicker, much more meat, much more flavor. i would just dump in there.
8:27 am
>> oh, dump it all in, okay. >> cooking for the family. >> okay. >> so you a pinch salt, white pepper ginger jews, keeps it juicier when we cook it. >> now stuff it into the skin. >> then put tiny piece of meat like this, then you flip the skin over. then do you have push it underneath like that. this is the tricky part. so you put water on one ends, so it sticks together. folding and twisting at the same time. >> fold and twist. >> there is no way. >> so the best thing about this, this class is free.
8:28 am
completely free. >> oh, yes. >> and when can people sign up? >> we have a facebook page, hand's cooking class. >> you know he's known for making things spicy, yes, that's this week, alex around town. we survive han's kung fu cooking class. take that. you going to be all right?& give us some water! >> did you go to the roots picnic? here is the deal. who didn't show up? who was late to hit the stage. whose performance was quote everything? eddie the intern is here to break it all down for us. and we will head to the couch and talk just after the break. ♪
8:29 am
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remember dad helping you catch your first fish? then tell him he's special with great father's day gifts from bass pro shops. like new mr. steak propane patio grills, for steakhouse quality results right in your back yard.
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>> 8:31, breaking news out of london, counter terrorism officers say they've made 12 arrests in east london in connection to last night's deadly attack on london bridge. seven people were killed, nearly 50 other hurt, when a van ran down pedestrians on the bridge, the attackers then got out of the van, and started stabbing people nearby. police say they shot and killed all three suspect, at the scene no one has claimed responsibility for that attack. >> welcome back, you're watching good day weekends, i'm lauren johnson, scott williams keeping close eye on our weekend forecast, perfect weather, what can we expect today? >> a lot of sunshine to start
8:32 am
your sunday, with clouds, they'll roll in, and we could have spotty shower. here is the planner by noon, up to 75 degrees, 78 by 3:00. increasing clouds, 81 degrees, the afternoon high, in philadelphia, so 70s low 80s today afternoon, evening shower chance, unsettled pattern to begin the week. ultimate doppler, we are dry and quiet. but off to the north and west, clouds already rolling in, here is the next weather maker, a warmfront, that will increase the temperature, but we have chances for some rain, once again, late tonight, and especially during the day tomorrow. going hour by hour, by noon, watching the poconos, for some showers, so the best chance for rainfall today, the poconos, lehigh valley, and then as we move toward tomorrow, better coverage specially for showers, even some thunderstorms, by tomorrow afternoon, so, tomorrow morning, looks dry, but once again, 2:00 in the afternoon, moving toward the afternoon rush watching out for some showers, 63
8:33 am
philadelphia and millville right now mid to upper 50's north and west. big nash cast, race, taking place later on this afternoon, in dover. 82 degrees, some sunshine, clouds roll in, maybe late shower, but i think they'll get the race in. the seven day forecast, showing you, low 80s today, 78 , scatter showers, storms unsettled and cooler, take a look at the expected high temperatures for tuesday into wednesday only near 70 degrees. lauren, over to you people people ears still ringing after the roots picnic yesterday. >> one performer, not there though. >> also known as intern eddie from the q show was there all day, so we said, eddie, you have to common the show and talk us to, give us the scoop. you got there what time?
8:34 am
>> got there 2:30, 3:00. >> oh, were you in it for the long hall? >> i was so tired. >> i'm sure. >> i actually took a nap inbetween like back stage. >> q came and said i can't believe fell asleep. i can fall asleep anywhere. >> favorite part, salage showed up and shout out. and was on time. she was on time. >> what did you like most about salage yesterday? >> per performance was very, the vibes were like on point. >> okay. >> she came out, everything was red, when the colors changed the vibe changed. she is really a performer. like she literally, lauren, got on the speaker in front, hot down, went into the crowd, ran around, she was like where they were serving like drinks.
8:35 am
>> something in their blood, i mean, they're just like -- i didn't expect to get that much, because oh, she will come, and she will do couple of songs shimmy on up. >> when i walk by yesterday, i think it was around 7:30, 8:00. >> i noticed on the box office, an alert, talking about someone who didn't show up. >> yet when i got there, so excited then my friend was i don't think lil wayne is many coming. >> what? >> and so i was doing some research they were like i guess medical reasons? here is the tees. he announced 18 hours ago that he's having his third annual music festival, this is like the strongest line up ever. literally 18 hours ago. >> so something seems shade. >> i little shady. i don't understanded like if you're really having medical issues how are you even able to get that information and get it out to just do all of
8:36 am
that promo. >> so you think he just didn't show up? >> i think he is trying to promote himself. >> was late ad? >> he was supposed to be there at 7:15 on the main stage. >> he never showed up, they put geezy? his spot. >> how was that. >> good. around my nap time. >> so that's a lot. i know my friend rodney, my just for geez i, that's how some people people. >> alex holle just for salage, another intern with like 10:30, i couldn't have done itud pharrell, the ending. >> yes, i bumped q. >> oh, look at two. >> that was the picture. walk tn
8:37 am
steps, hey, pture. and he is a millennial. generation. >> you think so? >> i think the millennial generation, i'm right on the edge. because there are a lot of things about you guys, i don't know tell me quickly, something beyonce make up artist, face painter? >> his name savango. okay? he did her face painting, in sorry. but you kind of see slips of it, yep, that was the ends work right, there amazing, everybody, at first like who is doing this? like are you guys -- >> he was there at the festival yesterday? thousand dollars have a vi. thing, that's where he was, but yes, just walks up, skoots back, i mean, literally
8:38 am
amazing. >> i was like that's so cool. people watching youtube do a tutorial? i know festival make up is in, but s slaying this look. then that's when i found out. like oh, makes sense. >> would you say people missed out big by not going, just okay? what grade would you give it? >> i would give it a b plus. >> b us? >> b plus. >> one person arrived late. twenty-one savage, was supposed to perform at 3:15, he ended up not getting there until 5:00. but he got right on stage. >> did he good set. he was very exciting. i was actually like right in the front. >> did you take that picture. >> i took that picture. >> thanks for giving us the scoop on good day weekend, we love it, we'll try to send you out whenever there is good fun stuff here. you will be there. you're always in the mix. >> okay. >> eddie the intern. all right, look for him on "the q" show, too, because he'll make appearance here or
8:39 am
there. the one words that makes us all cringe. when people call us old. don't call me old. why some countries are saying we need to ban the word and tell us what age do you think is sold? stick around, so we can talk about being old, okay? all right.
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> 8:41, talking about three letters, old.
8:42 am
old! yes, so, uk, there is some social scientists there called for end to the term saying do not call people in their 60s, 70s, 80s old. we want you to refer to them as active adult. they believe people shouldn't be considered old until they reach a stage where they're very feeble, and they're nearing death. therefore, even someone in their 90s may not be considered old if they're still living a very active life. so we asked you guys, to respond to us on social media. when does old begin? and i think we had a comment that came in. which i like this one. because, you said it earlier. >> yes. >> it is not really a number, right? >> it is about how you glee wouldn't this person say -- he had i? >> old is not a number, when your body won't listen to your brain. >> exactly. i agree. it is when the disconnect starts to happen. you're young, how old are you? >> i'm 22. >> what would you think in your mind is old, like when you say, if someone say eddie
8:43 am
describe that person, at what age do you describe them as olds? >> well my mom she not old. but older. >> older. >> than me. so i would say old like 75 and above. >> okay. see, what i always thought of like grandparent, as old. because they were like our elders, like my parent didn't seem old but my grandparents seemed old. >> i like to say seasoned citizens. >> seasoned. >> exactly. >> that's good, right? >> they've lived, and also i think like sometimes i feel old, sometimes i feel young it, depends on the situation. >> agreed. because some days i feel beat-down. and i'm like this body did not used to go through this. i must be getting old. that's what i'll say. >> but if you're like 27, and feeble, for whatever reason, like -- >> that's a problem. >> still considered old though? >> if you live in the uk you can't. but if you live here i think, you know, it is fair game. just be careful who you call old. >> all right, today is the final day of the wizard world
8:44 am
comic can philadelphia at the convention center. a look at the stars, you might see walking around, if you are making the trip. >> it does not matter. merely paved the way for one who is to come. >> who is coming? >> you'll see. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> join me. fulfill your destiny.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> wizards world, at the convention center in philadelphia. you can find everything from comic books, swords, personalities. we sent our bob kelly to see the swag and finds out who you'll see walking around.
8:47 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> wow, check out all every these comic books. wizard world down here at the pennsylvania convention center. check it out. an opportunity to get every imaginable comic book, from every era, from every year, and every price range, all under one roof. and in addition to that, an opportunity, look, you got the characters down here, and speaking of characters, wait until you see who else will be here. a chance to pose with some of your favorite chargers. what do you think? >> what is he doing? >> oh, my god. >> perfect. >> forty years of the hulling? >> yes, 40 years, look at this. >> my god, you're rock solid. of course i didn't wear my short sleeve shirt today. >> what do you do to stay healthy? >> eat good ... >> i want you to look in the camera, give them one of the old classic hulk screams. go ahead.
8:48 am
>> okay. hulk is backment come down to comic con this weekend, you'll have a great time. >> captain america. how do you like my iron man impression? no, in this is not the beer week hammer, it is the nor hammer. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ is she looking at me? >> the kids can get these here. i need one. i can't stop playing with it. how about a sword? like kato. >> oh, sorry, so stiff. >> bob, when did you get here? >> tell us, what have you been up to? >> a lot of things, over hereof course wiz wizard world, main stage, where we have perform and cents. you know that show america's
8:49 am
got talent? kind of like wizard world has talent. local magicians, music acts, jugglers, and i heard you can juggle yourself. >> i'll give it a shot. pennsylvania convention center kids are free under ten all weekend long. >> come dressed. >> who let bob kelly have that much fun? comic con runs this afternoon through 4:00 p.m. let's take live look outside rehoboth beach, delaware. flags flying, the water looks crystal clear. i love that. scott it, looks like a lot of people are already out and about. >> yes, the weekend forecast for today looks pretty good. a lot of sunshine down the shore right now. but clouds will roll in later on today. i think most of us will stay dry. but we do have some clouds, and showers, off to the north and west. temperatures right now, 66 degrees, in dover. big race day there. sixty-three millville. sixty-four right now in atlantic city. 56 degrees currently in pottstown. we go hour by hour with the planner for today. pleasant conditions, by 9:00 a.m., up to 67. mid 70s, by noon. upper 70s by 3:00.
8:50 am
once again, increasing clouds. so, becoming mostly cloudy. we have a lot of sunshine now, few clouds, already increasing, to the north and west. but here's our main weather maker. as we move toward later on tonight, and early next week. that will bring us the threat of rainfall. so by lunchtime watching out around the poconos for some scattered showers, moving toward 5:00 p.m., once again, most of the rainfall chances far north and west, i think we're fine today, down the shore, part every delaware, as well. as we move toward the overnight, it is mostly cloudy, tomorrow morning, waking up to a lot of clouds. and then we have scattered showers in the forecast throughout tomorrow afternoon and evening. eighty-one today. seventy-eight tomorrow. then cooler only 70 tuesday, upper 60s, into wednesday. back over to you. >> graduation season supposed to be a time of celebrations. but the big night unfortunately can be too expensive. and some graduates can't afford the lifetime memories. looking on the bright side, our bill anderson spoke to group of business leaders, who
8:51 am
decided they would donate their time, to help those who just can't afford the festivities. for goodness sake. >> always trying to give back. that's just in life. always trying to give back. it comes full circle. >> imagine being the teen who works hard, you stay out of trouble, you get your education. and when it is time to celebrate your graduation, you just can't afford it? >> to see people that actually don't have the money for something simple as graduation pictures, i wanted to jump in. once i putter the word out, all of my friend jumped on board. >> photographer richard wah saw kids waiting for graduation at the bus stop and riding the bus, their dedication moved him. he posted on facebook that he wanted to help. for once, something positive went viral. so many other avenues out there, helping to feed the homeless, everything else. we don't know where we fit in with that. but we do know we can take pictures, we can dress the kids up. >> after seeing his post, bashers, make up artists
8:52 am
started volunteers, i guess to some free pictures for those who may not be able to afford it may seem unnecessary. but, to everyone involved, it is bigger than that. >> there is the one picture of the kid on the bus, really got me, like you know what i am saying, getting on the bus, so it was like kind of touching. >> i think we need to celebrate the kids working hard, going to school, doing what they need to do. >> if the message was to let teens know that they're supported, then it definitely seemed to work. >> i feel so grateful, for doing this, because not a lot of people have that type of heart, where they will want to put out so much to give back. >> richard told me repeatedly he prefers to stay behind the camera. but, in this case, he's glad the post spread. even if it wasn't his intent. >> actually it wasn't. but i'm glad it is out there, i wanted to see that there is help, we are here to help. >> and yet, another positive example of this situation, and social media, there is no ego involved. the team actually hopes that others take their idea. >> it is not a thing where say this is ours. don't, you can't be part of it. it is who ever wants to help.
8:53 am
if you finds it in your heart to say i want to give back to my communities, to kids who don't have it, to some families, by all means, do it. >> but if you do, like them, do it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> bill's so great. all right, when we come back: we will talk about one of the hottest celebrity trends right now. it is going bra less. you don't want to miss this. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
8:54 am
all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. it's been awhile since you first knew. there's something very different about you. you have the power to make your marshmallow wishes...come true. you can make your marshmallow wishes come true by winning one of 10,000 boxes of only marshmallows. find your code in special boxes of lucky charms. they're magically delicious.
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>> okay, cords to go people in the know, going bra less is the hottest celebrity trends right now. so, we were talking about this in the news room yesterday. i was like, listen, do what you can do. it is a social media campaign. it is called free the nip he will. encouraging women to lose their bra to protest sexual objectcation. now leaving their brass at home. i encourage anything to let women be women, empower women. i don't know that far one can lever the house without a bra though. >> let it all hang out. >> i don't know. >> it is summer. it is liberating, too? >> it can be. now, some people, you know, i always joke with my parent, i got left out that far line whether god was handing out certain things, i don't have that issue. other women i know cannot leave home without it. >> well, there is a way that you can still -- have you seen
8:57 am
instagram bra? >> yes. >> i guess that's kind of like inbetween, if you can't just go completely bra less, you can put on the instagram bra, still show like the side boob. >> that's what a lot of people are doing it for, certain dresses cut certain ways, so it gives you the sexy silhouette of the side? yes, i don't know, i don't feel comfortable. it is a lot. it is a lot. eddie and i were just talking about all of the things to be a woman, it is a lot. like it is intense, you got to work on it, when the weather is hot outside, too, be very careful because you get sweat things -- >> that's what i am ' saying. >> well, maybe down the shore you'll have a nice breeze to kind of cool you off. 73 degrees, partly sunny skies, we should stay dry down the shore. there might be a late afternoon-evening shower north and west. better chances for rainfall early next week, and cooler temperatures, tuesday, wednesday, only around 70. we dry out latter part every next week, also we warm up. >> meredith have you ever left home without your bra? >> whenever -- >> don't get too excited.
8:58 am
>> have a great sunday, everyone. all hail... those who flail.
8:59 am
everybody stumbles, but some of us do it well. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on.
9:00 am
>> chris: i'm chris wallace. if another deadly in london. the prime minister condemns an evil ideology. we will get the latest in live reports from london and we will discuss what it means for the u.s. with roy blunt, a member of the senate intelligence committee. then president trump pulls the u.s. out of the paris climate accord and a global debate. >> wow >> president trump: i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not par. >> chris: we will discuss the impact on the environment, the u.s. economy and america's place in the world with scott pruitt, head of the environmental protection


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