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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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outlets are stake out in norristown, pa the trial of bill cosby takes over the montgomery county courthouse. the actor and comedian is hoping to clear his name. prosecutors are hoping to change the comedians toes title to felon. thank you for joining us at at 6:00. >> day one in montgomery county highlighted by gut wrenching testimony only other cosby accuser that will hear -- we'll hear from in this trial. bruce gordon live at the courthouse. bruce it's been a whirlwind kind of day. >> reporter: yeah, that witness' name is kelly johnson. she met bill cosby back in the 19 90's when she work at the william morris talent agency out in california. describes through tears this afternoon going to business cosby's bell air hotel room at his request, to talk about tv and her career. she says cosby offered her a white pill, said it it would help her relax, don't worry i wouldn't do anything to hurt y you. she was wary about the testimony an itemed to hide the pill under her tongue she she could later
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spit it out. asked her to open her up, ripped up her to know. there was the pill he directed they are swallow it. she did. she said she almost immediately felt like she was quote underwater later she a woke in his bed in the hotel room with cosby right behind her. she said she remembered hearing him grunt her dress was diss shelf. she remembered him putting lotion on her hand so she could stroke his genitals. withering cross examination from the defense attorney brian mcgonagle but the basic story held that is to say kelly johnson says what happened to andrea constand happened to me as well. dramatic stuff on this the first day of a trial 13 years in the making. as if to remind the broader public of his long ago but long time status as a america's dad business bill cosby arrived in court accompanied by his tv daughter actress key in a knight pulliam. >> i don't condone sexual assault in any way, shape or form. but at the end of the day our court system is set up and the
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judge said plenty of times in the beginning of this whole thing that you are innocent until you're proven guilty. >> cosby' charged with drugging and sexually groping andrea constand inside his cheltenham mansion back in january of 2004. constand is the only one roughly 60 accusers who's case has made it to criminal court which makes this a high stakes showdown for many of those other women. >> this is a day in court for 60 women who have come forward to say that cosby sexually assaulted them an bruised them sexually battered them and raped them. >> reporter: in opening statements defense attorney brian mc mon gay gel portrayed cosby as the victim in this case telling jurors there was in item to drug constand because their romantic relationship was consensual. gloria allred represents the other cosby accuser to testify in this case. >> he admits to sexual activity to miss constand but the real question is was she able to consent or not? >> reporter: in the face of
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all the accusations, and career crushing media coverage, cosby does have his supporters here. but not many. >> nothing but a circus. that's all it is. and bill got what, he only got his daughters. where is all of his friends? >> reporter kelly johnson's testimony is now over. she of course only the second most widely anticipated witness in this case. the alleged victim andrea constand well her story the first time told in public on the witness standstill lies ahead. dawn? >> all right, bruce, thank you. a soggy start to the week as we take live look at cape may on this monday night. as we deal with rain and showers across the region. taking a look at center city live we're tracking more rain and cooler temperatures. it's not going to feel like ju june. that's for sure. >> it's so dark outside right now. >> i know. my goodness. let's get on over to tox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. i'm sorry i'm at a loss for words. that look like dark and stormy skies over head.
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>> lucy, that they have happens to you. you're never at a loss for words. >> thank you for that. >> you're calling eight june gloom like out in la, right, lucy. talking about rain and clouds and continuing to move toward the northeast squeezing now along the coastal plane through south jersey that's where we've seen the heaviest am ams of rain half an inch or more through millville, cape may courthouse, atlantic city, brigantine up toward little egg harbor township and open as far to the north and east as tabernacle. we take zoom in right along the expressway, garden state parkway some periods of rain that will beginner through the next couple of hours much the showers will begin to taper especially in south jersey fog will develop late and that will reduce visible that's something for all of to us washington out for. temperatures in the lower 70s. upper 60s and it is going to be muggy overnight tonight. those dew points are high. as we go hour by hour, we see the rain tapering off still some spotty showers maybe even a thunderstorm late tonight. you can hear a rumble thunder. the wet weather will go through midweek.
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the sun will return in the seven day and then we'll be talking about 90 so just like that, the weather will take a turn. will it be in time for the weekend? that's in the seven day i'll see you laterred in broadcast. >> judge in delaware sentenced to teenaged girls that left their classmate dead. 17-year-old girl is now najaf nile facility for the next six months. on the other girl is on probation for 18 months. the case centered around 16-year-old amy joyner francis who died hours after the fight in april of last year. >> a big clean up underway in montgomery county in a neighborhood where a water main break spilled massive amounts of water into the streets. this is cell phone video of the water just pouring down the steps of a home like a river. the flow since stopped. the aqua pennsylvania 16-inch water main break at tyson and brad field of as in abington township had some of residents evacuating on their own because of the problem. there are no reports of any injuries.
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>> aqua currently working on the problem. our personnel from abington township, the fire department, the fire marshal's office, our code enforcement department all out on the scene checking to see if there's any damage to the homes. >> right now we're told at least six homes may have suffered some serious damage. breaking news in the search for a fugitive in buck county. police say the escapee's father daniel selby, sr. arrested in doylestown township tonight for aiding his son's escape. meanwhile his son daniel selby, jr., still on the run. after he escaped police custody. selby, jr. arrested on outstanding warn. neighbors in the warrington and chalfont area had to shelter in place but this morning things did return to normal. the search is on for burglar in the city's feltonville section. surveillance video captured a guy inside the dunkin' donuts on the five thus son block of rising sun of a just past midnight yesterday. police say he managed to kick a hole in the manager's office
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wall and get into the stock room. he got away with cash. if you recognize him, police would like to you call them. what this man right here is accused of in chester county is exremely disturbing. but after being on the run for days, police finally have him behind bars. he's accused of assaulting a man with cerebral palsy. let's get out to fox 29's joanne pileggi live in chester county at the courthouse with the very latest. joanne? >> reporter: dawn, that video of barry baker mocking and sucker punching the disabled man is issue credibly disturbing. outrageous. barry baker is back behind bars today after a massive law enforcement effort. he was in court today and he said that he planned to turn himself in but the assistant da didn't believe it. this is the surveillance video that has everyone so angry. 29-year-old barry baker teasing, mocking and sucker punching a man with cerebral palsy outside of a 7eleven in west chester in may.
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>> this defendant rapidly became public enemy number one. once everyone saw what was on that video, and saw what this defendant did to a man with a disability, because he had a disability, everyone was outraged. >> reporter: baker, 29, a of georgetown, delaware, arrested and charged with assault in the case almost two weeks ago. he made bail but didn't show up for a court date and local county and federal marshals finally found him today. they say he was hiding out at an exton hotel. >> he came peacefully, meek killly. because when he is facing people with guns, when he's facing people who are fully able, then all of a sudden he's a could you war. >> reporter: in the courtroom, shackled and surrounded by deputies baker toll the judge he planned to turn himself in. he also said his lawyer told him quote don't do blank expletive until i tell you to do blank expletive. prompting a scowl by the judge. outside the courthouse this afternoon, some general reacti
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reaction. >> the video is pretty cut and dry. he went up and hit a kid for no reason. so i mean i think somebody should have went up and knock him up right after. >> the defendant has already been charged with assault. he'll also now been charged with flight to avoid apprehension. also been charged with violation of probation or parole. so now he's lookin looking at ly years in state prison. >> reporter: the da says more charges could come for the people who may have helped baker while he was on the run. the judge set the bail for baker at $100,000 cash. the da thanked the law enforcement community for efforts to find baker as quickly as they did. live in west chester, back to you, dawn. i'll take it. luckily he's off the streets. thank you much, joanne. caught police say they have got two men who opened fire on crowd people shooting ten of them. commissioner ross and central detectives held a news conference this afternoon. announcing the arrest of 19-year-old tyrell broad knocks of west arizona street. he turned himself in today. now 18-year-old quadir burrell
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who'll lives on west lehigh avenue right now in montgomery county prison on theft charge. philly pd will pick him up tomorrow to face charges in the shooting. they say on may 20th on the 2500 block of north 23rd street, the two men fired into a crowd of people including children. those people were outside. they were dancing. they were listening to music. investigators say the men were targeting one man over a long-standing dispute. >> it's basically threats of amongst different groups and in fact some things are stupid that they're fighting over, okay, they took the opportunity may have been going on for a year. >> what was that dispute? well police aren't saying. all the victims did survive. game and wildlife officials are close to capturing a bear hanging out in bucks county. last night the fellow was in feasterville. today lower southampton. the bear was spotted this morning in a tree. officials say the bear is not a
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threat but they do want neighbors to be cautious because he is a wild animal. >> yup. >> that means do not approach him if you see him. one of the new jersey beaches hit hardest by super storm sandy is finally getting the help it needs. sky fox over ortley beach in toms river where state officials have begun dumping a lot of sa sand. the beach and dune project part of 14-mile project. costing $128 million. the beach will close 1,000 feet at a time. >> a local mom sends her son to the prom in an epic way. she spent $25,000. how she pull it off and why it was so important to her. ron. dawn, carson wentz showed he can make plays down field what happens earlier in those plays he's working on improving ota's. i'll tell all about it coming up later in sports.
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♪ live look at ultimate doppler radar. we track the rain. meteorologist kathy orr has your full weather forecast in just few minutes.
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north philadelphia mom getting a lot of attention on social media for the prom send off that she gave her son. >> a lot of attention. bring due by to the cit city of brotherly love. sawed ya was planning to give her son johnny a trip to due by for high school graduation but after several tragedies includ including a stroke, a thyroid cancer diagnosis and the murder of his father she was unable to do so. so she decided to bring the middle east to north philadelphia inn clueing 3 tons of sand and even a camel. johnny also took three different dates to the prom in style renting lamborghini, arrange rover and royce royals. she spoke to alex and mike this morning on "good day philadelphia". >> this was all mom's idea. when you started thinking they're bringing in sand, a camel all this stuff. >> i was saying, it's too much, month. but, it was worth it. it was worth it. >> worth it because the whole block came out.
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>> because of the whole block came out and, you know possibly exposure for my mom's business good what do you think the negative backlash on social media and what people are saying? >> i mean i don't really pay attention to that longs i got my family and my friends in my corner and my hood north philly. >> how much advance warning did you have? say that again. >> did you know -- was eight surprise? >> it was a total surprise. >> everything? >> that day? >> wow! >> the whole day. >> wow is right. mom spent $25,000 for this special send off. he better appreciate it. >> that's quite a send off. all right. a lot of people like to send off this storm system right now. >> no kidding. >> live lock at wildwood dealing with rain all day long. got to get used it to, more on the way. meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in 15 seconds.
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after a gloomy wet and cool day across the region, we are looking at warmer temperatures in the seven day. we have to wait few days. you can see rehoboth, delaware arc little bit of a breeze. cloudy skies, damp but dry for now. jersey shore a little bit more wet than that. atlantic city 77. allentown made it to 75. philadelphia topping off at 74 degrees. still below that average of 80. wilmington 74. reading 73. trenton, 71 degrees. right now temperatures in the 70s to the north and west. 60s to the south and east. millville atlantic city and wildwood getting a good dose of rain today. our winds have been out of the east or to the north and west so some cooler air and in that direct but look out west. 88 in st. louis. wichita 87. 92 in rapid city and temperatures in the hundreds in the southwest. wee we won't get that this hot by the end of that seven day we'll be back into the 90s
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feeling much more like summer. the dew point is that true amount of moisture in the atmosphere when you see dew points in the 60s. towards 70 like we see in dover you're talking about uncomfortable zone if it were even warmer it would be pretty hot and sticky around here but you will feel that extra tropical real feeling in the air tonight as you go outside and that will continue through the late night hours until a cold front moves through. so little bit sticky, little bit muggy and then that will come to an end tomorrow. we have to heavy rain to our south moving offshore that's a strong area of low pressure. we have a warm front lifting through all that rain moving toward the south and the east. and then here's our front that moves through overnight tonight. as it does, it will bring the threat of a shower or thunderstorm. some drier air behind it. but still some spotty showers during the day tomorrow. so tomorrow mostly cloudy. a few showers here and there. becoming more numerous in the afternoon. and then slowly we dry it out on wednesday but those clouds will still be sticking around.
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as we look ahead overnight tonight low temperatures will be in the 60s. it will be mild and muggy. with mostly cloudy skies a few showers maybe even a rumble of thunder as the front moves through overnight. during the day tomorrow look for mostly cloudy sky. patchy morning shower and spotty shower the temperature 70. on your seven day forecast from the weathe authority, wednesday mostly cloudy. thursday we begin to break out of this rut. friday 80. saturday 85. sunday near 90. and by monday, into degrees. hot and sunny there you go. there's june. we break out of this rut went get into more seasonal temperatures then actually go above normal for a change. we'll zen it back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, kathy. >> breaking news right now. let's go to montgomery county courthouse live where bill cosby is apparently coming out of the courthouse at any given moment. this of course was the first day of the trial in montgomery county of course the first session was the first phase was in pittsburgh where they had jury selection that's considered
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the first phase of the trial but this was opening arguments and we had the first day of testimony as we watch right now various people coming out of that packed courtroom in fact they even had an overflow area here. now, this of course was the first day of all of this here. we have people from around the globe covering this. this is all about his sexual assault trial. there he is right now. this is 13 years in the making. this was a day that bill cosby and his team had very much hoped would never happen. they did everything they can to make this go away. it did not. this trial became part of the campaign for district attorney in montgomery county with the current da making it part of his platform. he won and he came through. he is prosecuting bill cosby in montgomery county. day one in montgomery county it's a wrap. day two begins tomorrow. we'll be back in a moment.
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♪ eagles return to the practice field to kick off third round of organized team activi activities this crucial growth year for carson wentz. this practice time means everything to the second year quarterback and his now restocked offense wentz pitch the ball around in the rain today as he continues to develop chemistry with the new teammates especially those at refer. coaches are work wig wentz to improve his down field game by sharpening his awareness behind the line of scrimmage. >> these pock movement has been really good just in the drills we've done and the team drills we've done, um, there's some
6:25 pm
specific things, you know, in this game there's a lot of pressure on the quarterback all the time. so just little subtle movements in the pocket are very important for the quarterback. >> pocket movement is huge. it's crucial. knowing how to navigate it, just letting a feel thing and not actually visually seeing it, um, until the day i'm done playing this game i'll always just continually be trying to get better with that. >> the passing game needs to be great in wentz second season. the unit has been revamped nelson ago go her's career too many drops and too few catches. now one veteran brought in to show up the receiver position toll mega of his own difficult transition as a pro he's able to give agholor a hand in his development. >> my rookie year, it was rocky, up and down, and i've been in a position where i won us the game of i've been in a position where i didn't make the play. so i know both sides of the extreme and, you know, i made
6:26 pm
the play way more than i haven't you get that confidence. it comes down to confidence. right now he's playing great. >> phillies begin a night game road trip four game set in atlanta. phils on their first winning streak in almost six weeks after taking two of three from the giants at home over the weekend. we won't see ben simmons playing for the sixers. simmons nor embiid will compete if the utah summer like or nba summer like in july. they expect the first round pick to participate. he is still in the contract in turkey they think he will be on hand to participate in the summer but i'd love to see ben simmons. he was all right all last year. >> absolutely. >> all right. thanks, ron. >> that does it it for us here at 6:00. i'm got my umbrella handy. i'll ready for tonight. >> you ready for dinner. >> i'm ready for dinner. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next. thanks for watching.
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but you know you're gonna love it. ♪ ♪[ music ] mr. cosby how are you feeling today? >> arm in arm. bill cosby and his tv daughter rudy. >> a day full of drama as testimony begins in the cosby trial. >> and could this woman's presence rattle cosby? >> i'd like to stare at him and see who blinks first. >> this just in, video of one of the london terrorists. >> he was on video a year ago. and the little girl who stole the show at the ariana grande benefit concert. and wonderful. >> how the new "wonder woman" movie is making history. >> plus, mystery skyscraper. 29 stories tall, and


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