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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  June 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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begin with that shooting in wilmington that left six-year-old boy in critical condition. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in wilmington tonight with the details. shawnette. >> reporter: yeah, we're told that that six-year-old is in critical condition here. if you take a look behind me you can see a very active scene on the 700 block of east sixth street here in wilmington. we're told, again, as you mced that six-year-old was shot in the head. taken to the hospital, of course, a 31-year-old woman also suffered a gunshot wound to her left arm. officers say that they got calls about gunshots being fired in the area here. it's unclear at this hour what actually led to the shooting whether they were the intended targets or not but we do have neighbors here on scene telling us that the victims may have been actually getting into a car or sitting in a car when this happened. again not confirmed by police but as you can imagine a neighborhood just shocked out here and saddened this evening to hear that a six-year-old and a woman innocent it seems the victims of a shooting here. there's actually a woman on
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scene if i can bring her in. can you step in for a second? >> who says her son lives on the street. what's your name, dear. >> lore ren today bland. how did you hear what happened. >> i was at work and somebody told me and told me i need to get down here because my son lives on this street. it's sad. i have grandchild don grandchildren actually that live on this street. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: what's your reaction to the violence? this isn't the first certainly here. >> it's sad. it's like you can't even come outside. you can't even let your kids get raised on the street. it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. >> reporter report thank you so much. again no word from police speaking here on the scene but that six-year-old in critical condition at the hospital 31-year-old woman also shot in the arm we mentioned a lot of neighbors we've been talking to out here since we arrived offering up prayers to those two tonight. we'll keep update as we get more information from police here on the scene. back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. more breaking news in new jersey. where an nj transit bus driver was shot and killed in the middle of the afternoon. our jennifer joyce is live now in washington township. what do you know, jenn?
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>> reporter: good evening, dawn. so the prosecutor's office released an update a short time ago. gloucester county prosecutor's office has identified the nj transit bus driver shot and killed as 45-year-old ryan reynolds of sicklerville. investigators say he was shot by 44-year-old jackson who took her own live near a business in man it was township 15 minutes away from here. right now the relationship between the two is not known. washington township police have been here at the scene since the 1:30 afternoon shooting. here on the 6,000 block of black horse pike which is right across from a tgi fridays. we talked to the own are in of fence company next door he didn't hear the shots fired but heard lots of commotion here today. we heard lot of sirens, police and ambulances and a helicopter hovering over our office here and eventually the news reporters showed up and we got the word as to what was going
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on. we are hearing reports that the police and fire federal credit union across the street was on lock down that is not been confirmed through the bank. but they did confirm that only the drive through will be open through 6:00 p.m. tonight. resume normal business hours tomorrow. washington township police along with the gloucester county prosecutor's office and nj transit are working to together on this investigation. dawn, iain? >> jennifer, thank you. the eyes of the world are on courtroom in norristown, pennsylvania, cosby accuse sr. andrea constand took the stand this huge showdown revealing gut wrenching testimony. >> jurors finally hearing from the accuser at the center of this trial. fox 29's bruce gordon is live at the montgomery county courthou courthouse. bruce? >> moment of high drama andrea constand in from toronto canada she now lives tall, slender, but curly, shock a big black hair. she's strode into the courtroom here in norristown there was an audible murmur in fact some folks actually gasped this was
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it. finally after all these years, constand confronting bill cosby the legendary entertainer with his alleged miss deeds to his face. the face to face meeting between bill cosby and his only criminal accuser was 13 years in the making. the drama did not disappoint. andrea constand told jurors she met cosby in 2002 through her job with temple basketball. cosby soon became what constand called a temple friend someone i trust a mentor. then came the night in early to mid january 2004 constand testified she went to the cosby estate in cheltenham to talk about her career plans. she says he gave her three blue pills, promising quote they'll take the each off. soon she said quote i began to slur my words. i had trouble seeing him. my mouth was very cotton knee. cosby she says led her to couch and then fighting back tears she testified quote i was jolted awake and i felt mr. cosby's
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hand groping my breasts. she described him groping her genitals and placing her hand on his. unable to fight back, couldn't stand told jurors quote i wanted it to stop but quote i was frozen. i was unable to fight. constand says she came to hours later and left cosby's home. but in the months that folded she acknowledged nation some contact with her alleged attacker. a fact mentioned prominently during a withering defense cross examination. other cosby accusers were on hand for it all. >> we had to be here. we really had to be here. you know this is qatar sift for us. >> you've seen how difficult it is for them to be on the stand. >> i am so relieved i'm not on the stand. but i have made my statements and my statements stand true. and we all know what he is. >> reporter: theme of the defense cross examination two fold. number one that andrea constand seemed more interested in reaching out to personal injury lawyers than to police following
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this incident the constand cosby relationship was more than friendship, more of a sexual consensual relationship that she has led on. again, that defense cross examination continues at this hour. could be a late afternoon here in norristown. dawn, we'll have it all for you at 6:00. >> we'll see you then, bruce. thank you. tonight three teenagers are in custody in connection with this disturbing facebook video that went viral. depict something youngsters punching a man with intellectual disabilities and police aren't done they say they want more teens that are involved. >> this all happened in germantown. our joyce evans is following the developments of this case and joins us live outside northwest detectives. joyce? >> reporter: iain and dawn, tons of tips as you can imagine came from that viral video detectives actually picked up the three kids from a nearby school. they're still looking for the second puncher in that video. they say he lives in west philadelphia. but detectives have no doubt that this poor man was targeted because of his disabilities.
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>> the ages range from 12 to 15 years old. >> this is posted on facebook. >> reporter: reaction to the video attack posted in slow motion range from shocked. >> are you serious? >> what is he doing? oh, look. >> reporter: to disgusted. >> i'm speechless. >> reporter: to not at all surprised these days. >> you know, that's just kids that's bored. >> reporter: this man sales his size supplies from this truck bed right in front of where 38-year-old mentally challenged man was surrounded by a pack of kids. but police say this happened on memorial day he was not here that day but he believes the kids would have done it any way. >> it happened right here. >> yeah. i mean it's going to happen anywhere. >> reporter: it did happen again and worse. says northwest detectives captain malachi jones. >> we are looking at similarities from this incident relating to the assault of the principal. >> reporter: a principal bashed with a brick just a few
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days after this man was attack attacked. >> two of the four from this one possibly involved in the incident with the principal. >> parents need to take the initiative and start finding something for these kids to do. >> that's what the world is come to go. >> they should lock them up. they should lock them up. >> aggravated assault, simple assault goes along with that, recklessly endangering another person as well. >> off the street. they need to be. they could be do it to somebody else. >> reporter: well, this victim was very well liked. his church family and the supermarket where he works and others in the community are supporting him big time, and police are working with a caretaker of the man to get this whole investigation underway. we got a lot of our information from a former teacher of these kids who told us just how much trouble they've been and for years before now. in northwest philadelphia, joyce evans, fox 29 news. back to you iain. all right, joyce, thank you. a fugitive who escaped police custody in bucks county has been recaptured.
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warrington police confirm they took daniel selby, jr., 92 custody but they won't tell us any other details about the arrest. selby was being transported by police on sunday when he got away that triggered lock downs and school closures he was initially arrested on outstanding warrant. his father daniel selby, sr., was arrested yesterday. police say for aiding in his son's escape. to your fox 29 weather authori authority. live look at wilmington. today was another gray, cool day and we can expect more of the same. let's get right over to meteorologist kathy orr for the details. kathy? >> what a day. another cloudy day, june gloom we're calling it. that's what they say on the west coast when it's like this. some spotty showers and some heavy downpours especially in south jersey and places like millville and pitts grove through hammonton along the expressway a flood advisory through the next hour or so for these locations from woodstown through deerfield bridgeton to millville north to pitman and glassboro. we're talking about heavy rain
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that is fallen with additional rain expected within the next hour or so. so for this evening, spotty showers. a few thunderstorms popping up as well. temperatures mainly in the 60s and upper 50 50s. that persistent northeasterly wind keeping it cool, keeping it damp and keeping it cloudy. coming up, sweater weather tomorrow. another dreary day. a sunny stretch in the seven day forecast and guess what? here we go again. could have another heat wave in store. can you believe it? it seems like it's impossible. but it is coming. we'll talk about that later in the broadcast when i join you with the seven day. i'll see you then. >> kathy, what a see saw. in south jersey, more than $100,000 in drugs off the street after police pulled over who they're calling an alleged heroin dealer. 37-year-old terrence harris of pleasantville facing a long list of drug and weapons charges. police say they seized $100,000 worth of heroin, 40,000 in cocaine and two guns from harr harris. turning now to you decide a big day in new jersey polls are open until 8:00 tonight for the
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state's primary election. the biggest race we're watching of course is the primary for the state's next governor. six democrats and five republicans are hoping to replace chris christie who is leaving in january. also up for grabs, all 120 seats in new jersey's legislature. as well as atlantic city and camden mayors. of course stay with fox 29 for results and coverage of those races when the polls close. another act of terrorism what investigators say the attacker yelled before officers shot him. controversial comments from philly's legend mike schmidt. why he says one philly can't be a team leader. man risked his life to save a stranger. he jumped right into a moving car. why he says he is not a hero. and give him your votes, not your sympathy a local teen nominated for award while battling a disease and raising awareness.
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goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
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♪ jury says lee kaplan is guilty of all the counts against him. he sexually assault add group of girls from the same family in home in buck county. the girls given to kaplan by their parents as a gift. >> testimony over the course of the trial unraveled some very disturbing details about what exactly went on in that house. jeff cole life at the bucks county courthouse in doylestown tonight. jeff, fill us in. >> reporter: dawn, observers
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of the trial were still talking today about that kind of testimony that was brought about by these young six girls who actually took to the testimony last week. it took the jury just over a day to run the table on lee kaplan as you say guilty on all counts now he face as long jail sentence. lee donald kaplan's crimes shocked many in bucks county, even the prosecutor who tuesday rung him up. >> i think it's disgusting. definitely. >> reporter: 52-year-old kaplan heard guilty from the jury foreman 17 times at 2:00 this afternoon about 26 hours after the jury received the child rape and sex assault case. kaplan was arrested in june of 2016 and charged with raping and sexually assaulting six sisters from one family over a decade in his feasterville home. one of the girls now 19 bore two of his children. his lawyer said it was disappointed but little else. >> do you believe your client
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was innocent? >> i do believe he was innocent of some of the things they accused of him of. >> what was he innocent of? >> was he innocent of child rape. >> i'm not going to answer that question right now. in court testimony the six girls said they were the wives of kaplan who kept them away from the outside world. their parents gave or gifted one of the their daughters to kaplan apparently in return for financial help. the prosecutor believes the jury improved society with tuesday's conviction despite the difficult testimony jurors heard. >> they heard the truth. they heard compelling testimony from all of these little girls, and it's hard to hear. >> reporter: the girls are in foster care. their fate to be decided by family court judge. their brother in court to see the case through says the prosecutor declined comment. >> what's your reaction to this thing? >> i have no comment. >> 17 counts. guilty on all of them. jacob, you had you been happy that this guy is going away here? >> no comments sir. >> you think he should wasn't
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walk free. >> jeff, i'm going to say the court process is doing what it does. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: kaplan's attorney didn't go far -- quiet as far to say he's actually appeal but he looks like he had some plan to challenge all of this. kaplan shook his head as guilty rang out much his bail has rhee been revoke. there's a hearing whether or not he's a sexually violent offender he'll be sentenced to jail time n doylestown, jeff cole, fox 29 news. iain. >> jeff, thanks. following developments in two attacks in europe tonight. learning more about the people behind the deadly london bridge attack. but first developing news out of paris. in france where police say a man with a hammer attacked police officers standing guard outside note 33 dam cathedral. according to investigators the man yelled out quote this is for syria before officers shot him. at last check that man is still alive at a hospital in paris but investigators have not shared his condition. they're also trying to figure out if he may be connected to any other terror group and meanwhile today police carry out
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raids in england, new details about the three london bridge attackers. investigators say two of them had been on the radar british intelligence officials before. >> i absolutely recognize people's concerns. we want to stop attacks from taking place. we want to identify those who are seeking to do us harm. >> the london bridge attack was the third in three months in which authorities all ready had most of those assailants on their radar. here's live look at trenton. parts of the city currently under a boil water advisory affecting about 35,000 people. there's a problem with chlorine levels. the water should be boiled for a minute before drinking or cooking but the mayor's office says it is safe for becaming or laundry use. trouble seems to be brewing in the clubhouse for the phillies involving hall of famer mike schmidt. earlier today, during an interview wip sports radio mike schmidt made a controversial comment about phillies
5:19 pm
outfielder odubel herrera. >> this one has a lot of people talking. sean bell joins us now in studio to explain. >> sean. >> guys the phils are the worst team in baseball the last thing they need right now a controversial statement from all of famer especially one synonomous with the phillies brand. mike schmidt had questionable statements when talking about the phillies current third baseman today schmidt was on wip and spoke about the future of the team. and was asked if the phillies could build around odubel herrera. he's a spanish speaking player from venezuela. think in mind schmidt said this. >> my honest answer to that would be no, because of a couple of things. first of all it's language barrier. and, you know, because of that, i think he can't be a guy that would, um, you know, sort of sit in a circle with four or five american players and talk about the game, you know, or, you know, try and learn about the game or discuss the inner
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workings. game. >> yeah. there's a lot of spanish speaking players in that locker room and a lot of hispanic stars in the majors so a lot of backlash will come from these comments. later in sports, we'll have more on this story. iain? >> sean, thanks. well it's video going viral you've probably seen a man jumps on the hood of a car and kicks the window in. why the victim says she's confused more than anything. and forget having to learn how to parallel park the newest test drivers in one state will have to pass before they can get behind the wheel. a national trend of increased gun and ammunition sales. why experts say they're surprised.
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check out this video. a woman is pulling out of an atlanta shopping complex when out of nowhere a man jumps on the hood of her car and kicks her window in. it was all capped cher on her dash cam. the victim says she's never seen this man before in her life. after he kicked her windshield in the man ran off. police are still looking for h him. now to illinois where we're hearing for the first time from a man who risked his life to help a stranger this incredible rescue took only seconds. no thinking no medical training
5:24 pm
just instinct randy tomkins saw driver having a seizure dove into the stranger's car head first and saved the young man's life. the incredible rescue was caught on a police officer's dash cam last friday. the officer says he shared the video because tomkins deserved to be recognized. >> to spell on humanity and dixon as well. >> i didn't do anything special i don't think. i think i did what anybody would have done. >> tomkins was able to quickly call an ambulance to get that person having a seizure to the hospital. in scottsdale, arizona an suv crashe crashes through fencd lands in pool. the elderly driver was taken to a hospital but is expected to be okay. it's not clear exactly what caused that driver to lose control. drivers in louisiana could soon be required to take an etiquette class on what to do when they get pulled over. the legislation is the first of its kind in the country. the louisiana state legislature okayed a bill which would add
5:25 pm
the course requirement for new drivers. mesh is expected to move to the governor's desk. state senator says he came up with the idea after speaking to a former nfl player. >> after the shootings in baton rouge and the shootings in dallas last year he contacted my office and asked me to author a bill that helped educate young drivers on thou act when they got pulled over. >> the course would focus on basic tips having proper documentation readily available. keeping your hands visible at all times, and addressing the officer respectfully. today's white house press briefing feature add very familiar face. >> i want to talk to -- someone asked the other dye where our skype folks are. david from fox 29 in philadelphia. >> what our own dave kinchen asked press secretary sean spicer and the white house's response. and bad reputation means a lot of wonderful dogs end up abandoned and dying in shelters all across the country but new
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legislation could mean a new lease on life for a whole lot of pitbulls. kathy? meta appetite control... it's your glass of willpower that helps keep cravings... ...far, far away. feel less hungry with the natural fiber in clinically... ...proven meta appetite control. from metamucil.
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♪ we are on top of breaking news out of wilmington tonight. two people including a six-year-old child have been rushed to the hospital after a
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shooting police say the child was shot in the head and is current until critical condition. the woman is in stable. this happened around 2:30 this afternoon on the 700 block of east sixth street. no arrests have yet been made. a huge day in montgomery county courthouse. as bill cosby accuser andrea constand takes the stand in the comedian's trial. she testified bill cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her back in 2004. constand said after the alleged encounter she felt quote humiliated and confused. bill cosby's lawyers maintain that the encounter was consensual. the family of a man shot and killed by undercover philadelphia police officer is suing the city. 52 year old richard feretti was according to the lawsuit driving around looking for a place to park in may of 2016 when officers tried to stop him. police claim he refused to stop his mini van and officer shannon fired at him. that officer is on desk duty much the family claims they're being left in the dark so they
5:30 pm
found a wrongful -- filed a wrongful death suit. >> they want answers. they've been promised answers by both the police department and the da's office. they're now in a position where they're forced to file a lawsuit in federal court just to get answers about their loved one that was killed. >> lawsuit seeks more $150,000 in damage. a grand jury is determining whether officer should face any charges. homeowners across the region bracing for a possible hit to the wallet with the trump administration proposing to wipe out deductions for local and state property taxes. >> it was fox 29 that took up the issue in today's white house press briefing. dave kinchen is here. you actually skyped into the briefing to ask that question. >> i did, iain. you know only 35% of people surveyed support this idea according to a poll lie quinnipiac university. we wanted to ask press secretary sean spicer how homeowners in our area would be em pocked by
5:31 pm
president trump's proposal to cut those deductions and keep in mind new jersey is reported to have the highest property taxes in the nation. >> so the question is, what do you say to the folks who are worried they may take a major hit? >> well, david, thank you for asking. if you look at the principals ought lined by dr. cohen and senator minutia one of the principals was increasing the standard deduction so for middle income family you're talking bow doubling of that $24,000. we don't -- we of the mate about 95% of the folks that file now would not take individual deductions because of the increase the large increase that would happen. most middle income americans would actually save more under the president's plan because of the large increase that would exist with respect to the standard deduct. >> the white house says deductions for mortgage interest and charitable contributions would still be around for individual taxpayers. homeowners will be watching this
5:32 pm
very closely. back to you. >> all right. dave, thank you. ba tock your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look at reading on this tuesday night. kind of a cool gray day. we'll be dealing with more days like this before things get really hot like heat wave kind of hot. meteorologist kathy orr let's us us know when to expect those changes in 15 seconds. it may be cloudy. it may be cool, well, it doesn't matter though down the boardwalk, does it? here's look another the at wildwood. we'll be there down a week from thursday for orr down the shore. looking good. the average temperature is 80 degrees for this time of year and temperatures down the shore and even in the city of philadelphia are definitely on the cool side only in the 60s and a few 70s. here's the highs for the day. wilmington 73. philadelphia 69. that was early this morning.
5:33 pm
allentown 66. mid 60s for atlantic city. mt. holly and even in trenton you can see our camera shaking a little bit with that on shore flow keeping it cool. 63 in philadelphia. 61 in williamsport. 77 in baltimore but really cool through new england and new york look at that temperature in boston. 49 degrees. that's more like march than the beginning of june. dew point temperatures in the 50s. that means more comfortable air lower humidity building in. still skate in dover where it is little bit sticky we have a cold front coming through and that's going to change things big time. we'll see drier air but still this upper level low pressure system going to keep these rotating showers through the area. through south jersey, we have a few showers and some heavy downpours with a flood advisory also some spotty showers through the lehigh valley, reading berks county and heading toward the northern part of chester county some of these may survive into our suburbs with some spotty showers expected tonight maybe even a rumble of thunder. the high tomorrow only
5:34 pm
69 degrees. unbelievable. 11 degrees below normal. thursday below average. friday we get right around normal and then above normal by the weekend. as we go hour by hour, some spotty showers a few thunderstorm tonight. tomorrow maybe a spotty shower. persist at the present time easterly wind but the main weather feature will be temperatures only in the 50s in the morning with clouds and a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere and then by wednesday night into thursday we begin to dry it out. we see breaks in the overcast before the days end and then thursday looks like we'll see some sunshine. so really turning a corner by then. overnight tonight low temperatures will be in the 50s. mostly cloudy with a few showe showers. northeasterly winds about ten -- five to 10 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, we start it off cloudy, some breaks in the clouds during the day. the high temperature only 68 degrees. 12 degrees below normal. mostly cloudy. northeasterly winds again it's after that that things begin to look better. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority partly sunny thursday. 72. not so bad.
5:35 pm
friday 80. saturday 85. sunday 88. but guys we'll be so close to 90 i mean you'll be flirting with 90 here. monday 92. tuesday 92. and if we wanted to continue the seven day wednesday will be in the 90s so we're going for heat wave whether we hit it by monday or we hit it on wednesday. it's going to get hot around here real soon. so take advantage of the clouds. get the sunscreen, get ready because summer is coming. >> can't wait. >> um-hmm. >> feels like spring. all right. national trend of increased gun and ammo sales. why experts say they're surprised. and first responders show up to a little girl's birthday party. the reason they say they just had to do it. and it's the newest member of the philadelphia zoo. the story behind this adorable baby boy.
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♪ in north philadelphia, community members are learning some tips to stay healthy and do it on budget. the 365 club met today at save a lot to learn how they can buy
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groceries full of nutrients wound too much sugar or sodium and among today's lessons if you buy canned foods rinse that off before you eat it to remove some of the sodium. tonight the fbi is releasing data on background checks for gun purchases and there's a very clear trend data shows the number of people applying for background checks is actually on the rise. last month, it went up by six-point 5%. in pennsylvania, the number of background checks rose faster than the national average to more than 10% to almost 55,000 in may. experts say the numbers go against a political trend of gun sales increasing when democratic presidents take office and slumping when republicans take office. this next story get car lovers amped up. >> absolutely. we are getting a sneak peek at tesla's new electric car. check it out. this is the prototype of the model three on a test track in freemon, california. lots of details about this still a mystery it will sell for about
5:40 pm
$35,000. and tesla is hoping that will make this appealing to a mass market. >> model three is a game changer there's no question. even he says half as many as people have already reserved. that would be just ground swell of support for electric vehicl vehicles. >> hundreds have already pre ordered this car the model three has a range of 215 miles on pure electric. it's expected to get to owners by mid 2018. >> i like that price point. >> absolutely. all right. the bad reputation means a lot of wonderful dogs end up abandoned and dying in shelters across the country but new legislation could mean a new lease on life for a lot of pitbulls. >> a piano playing bear goes viral. you might have seen it. the woman who lives here says the bear, well, did he some other things while he was in her house. ♪
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♪ animal shelters overrun with homeless pets needing forever homes for one specific breed of dogs finding that home is even more difficult, of course, we're talking about pitbulls. they get really bad rap. sadly it stops a lot of people from even giving them a chance in the first place. >> bill anderson went to delaware shelter to meet pin bulls find out how knew legislation could save their lives and help their situation for goodness sake. >> there's nothing inherent win pitbulls that would make them aggressive. >> reporter: what's knownly referred to as a pitbull is either a violent and aggressive dog or just a friendly dog that's occasionally misunderstood as a result of bad owners. >> we believe that it's really who the pet parents how are you
5:45 pm
hoe how they train them. >> reporter: fair or not they have a reputation that at least in part leads to what i experienced today as brandywine valley spca. >> hey, guys. >> too many pitbulls abandoned to shelters. is that right of the reputation some areas were passing laws mostly directed to pitbulls that labeled them as dangerous even bfore the dogs did anything. some areas flat out banned them. forcing people to get rid of their family pet if they moved or got a job transfer but friday delaware became the latest state to say no more. >> the house bill that passed is preventing laws from being put in place that would be specific or discriminate towards certain breed or dogs that look a certain way. >> reporter: activist hope hope the anti breed discrimination bills will then people view the dogs by individual behave i don't know and not reputation. >> they're great family dogs. they can be with other animals. they been be housed with cats. they're just like every other breed we want them to be treated as such. >> reporter: i personally love
5:46 pm
and support rescue dogs. but admit i also hesitated when it came to pitbulls so today we put my own fears to the test. first there was charlotte. this ferocious pitt mix was much more afraid of me than i was of her. hello. stewie came out. and nope, nothing scary here either. and finally, copper. i was a little code about copper in the cage but out of it, copper just wanted attention. i'm not naive and people should of course be cautious when ado adopting a pitbull or really any dog but the hope of the breed specific law ban pitbulls can either stewier think original family or get a chance to be adopted into a new one without shouldering the reputation of an entire breed for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ in your health tonight living with an allergy a lot of us struggle with them every day. what if you can just turn off
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your allergies. researchers a australia say that could one day be a reality. researchers from the university of queens land found a way to turn off allergic responses in mice and they do it by modifying t cells. research focused on asthma but they say the same process could be applied to a lot of allergies even peanut allergies. americans are eating less salt now than they did in the past. salt content of packaged foods consumers bought decreased 12% when compared to 15 years ago. despite the positive trend researchers say people are buying less sodium from the grocery store but still say the sodium levels are too high. ever heard of social jetlag chances are you may have have it. study shows 85% of people go to sleep and wake up later on the weekends than they do during the work week and that triggers worse moods and chronic fatigue. that's social jetlag. its effects can have long-term problems on your overall health n nebraska, eight-year-old
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soccer player is making national headlines all because of her haircut. meet millie hernandez after helping her soccer team get to the finals this weekend, millie and her team were suddenly disqualified. it was actually millie's short haircut that led soccer organizations to insist she was a boy. the soccer association claims a misprint on the team's roster had hernandez listed as boy on the roster despite her coach and her parents telling officials she was a girl. both hernandez and her team were disqualified. >> that i was a boy and my, um, brother, he said, it's only because the looks. like when they look at me, they think i'm a boy but i'm really not. >> aww soccer community has taken notice former us soccer stars mia hamm and amy woman mack reached out to this little citing the championship she's won and her short hair and they want to meet the little girl. so have you seen this video yet it has gone viral millions have watched it a bear breaks in
5:49 pm
a home and of course as usual today all caught on security video. >> but what's got people amazed the bear decided to take a moment to tickle the ivories. it's true. now the homeowner is talking about the wild moment. fox's keegan harsha has the story from veil, colorado. >> reporter: if you've ever wondered what peace and quiet looks like, this is it. ♪ >> reporter: mountain living with a melody to match. but last wednesday, that piece was shattered. by an intruder. >> i thought it was like a burglar or someone had came inside. >> reporter: an intruder. >> , he claimed through this window. >> reporter: who not only left a mess. >> this is from him. that's snowflake is is from him from the kitchen. >> reporter: he had the fall to make a snack and had time to tickle the ivory. >> he come over to the piano and plays pete an know. >> reporter: they're.
5:50 pm
bear tohven break into the home. >> and that was also probably the domino's. report roar his jaunt around the living room, caught on security camera. >> we love bears. just maybe not inside our own house. >> reporter: the bear didn't stop with a living room. also spent a lot of time in the kitchen where he literally opened ajar of peanut butter just like this pulled over the freezer and took else what else a block of berry blend. >> he loved those. go the stuff out of this cabinet, you know, flour, the spice cabinets. >> reporter: katie thinks she scared the back back out the window when she got home and opened the front door. >> i'm very surprised he didn't get trapped in the house. of time i walk in the door now, i open it slowly and i'm like listening for noises. >> reporter: it's a berry up close encounter she hopes to never experience again. >> there's no bears welcome in the house. >> reporter: but boy, is it a memory this family will cherish
5:51 pm
the day a bear broke in and made himself at home. >> they might need to move. [ laughter ] >> i'm just saying. how about this veil police set in news release and we quote here the cords captured on video were unbarable and the tune was equally grizzly. >> that's what it said. >> that's what they said in the release. trying to be cute there. >> too funny. george clooney and his wife amal welcomed twin babies into the world thursday of mrs. clooney gave birth to a boy ella and a boy alexander. the new mom and babies are doing just fine. first responders show up to little girl's birthday party. the reason they say they just had to do it. and we've got breaking news. here's live video from the montgomery county courthouse as bill cosby is getting set to leave court. of course we have bruce gordon there for you today. there's bill cosby leaving court today as his accuser andrea constand took the stand today. some gut wrenching testimony.
5:52 pm
our bruce gordon is there of course and we will have more for in you just minutes.
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♪ an exciting performance today right in the center of the shops at liberty place in center city. african drum and dance group performing for shoppers. teamed up with aarp for the event today volunteers from aarp on hand to answer medicare questions for seniors. the 39th odunde festival that this sunday near 23rd and south streets. police officers and austin surprise a six-year-old little girl with a birthday party that she will never forget. they wanted to do something re really special after get this no one showed up at her party over the weekend. i hate that. >> it all came together less than 48 hours from police officers to firefighters, one agency after another wanted to join in on the surprise. fox's ashley paradise reports. >> happy birthday to you. >> reporter: six-year-old he have have a's wish came true.
5:57 pm
>> how fun was it? >> fun. >> reporter: to have a birthday party filled with friends. those friends were law enforcement and other first responders from across the area. texas fire protect, round rock police and fire, austin police, williawilliamson sheriffs officd precinct one. >> all in on the surprise. happy birthday sweetie pie. how are you today? >> good. >> help birthday. >> ut-oh. >> say thank you. >> this is for you for your sixth birthday party. >> reporter: division chief michael mcdonald heard from teacher friend that no one showed to little he have have a's birthday party on saturday. it wasn't hard for him to come up with a plan. >> nobody deserves not to have birthday party, and we're going to do this texas style out here. everybody was on board with it. you know there was no let me get back to you. everybody was just, we're there. how many people do you want? >> report roar the response was
5:58 pm
incredible. >> this is maybe unique to some people but it's not unique to us. we do this on a regular basis whether it's for little eva or whoever the need is for we want to make that a common practice and we dorks and i'm just thankful to be a part of it. >> reporter: her mother was speechless. she knew about the surprise but wasn't expecting anything like this. >> this was a parade. we literally had a little mini personal parade. i'm so excited. this was awesome. >> reporter: from the parade to birthday cake, presents, pictures and even a ride in a fire truck, eva was all smiles. >> these men went shopping for my daughter. um, i had pictures coming in last night asking me what's her favorite color? what do you think about this bike? i mean just -- that's mind blowing. and these are all people that have full-time jobs and families and kids and to make it special for my daughter is just a huge blessing. >> reporter: her mother says she sees these first responders
5:59 pm
and in a whole new light. >> this absolutely gives me the hope that i think we all need in the times that we're in right now. >> what was your favorite part? >> when i was in the fire truck. >> when she was riding the fire truck. that's her favorite part. >> exactly. >> cute. one great party she had. six years old. >> she won't forget that. >> always remember it fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00, vitter yo that makes your stomach turn. now three teens are in custody for this attack on a man with a disability. but police say they're not done yet. and the world's attention back on montgomery county for the sex assault trial against bill cos cosby. today, the woman at the center of the case takes the stand. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00.
6:00 pm
testimony just wrapped up for the day in the sex assault trial involving bill cosby on the stand the accuser at the center of this case. it is the long awaited testimony from andrea couldn't stan. it's where we begin tonight at 6:00. thanks for joining us i'm dawn timmeney. lucy and iain are off tonight. let's get right advertisement covering this case from the very beginning. he's live in the courthouse with the drama that unfolded today. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, dawn. andrea constand once considered bill cosby a trusted friend and valued mentor but when she strode into norristown courtroom this afternoon, she did so as you say as accuser one who's story could send the entertainer to prison. the showdown between the legendary entertainer and his only criminal accuser was 13 years in the making. and the drama the emotion well it did not disappoint. andrea con stand told the jury she met cosby in 2002 while she was working with the temple university basketball


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