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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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testimony just wrapped up for the day in the sex assault trial involving bill cosby on the stand the accuser at the center of this case. it is the long awaited testimony from andrea couldn't stan. it's where we begin tonight at 6:00. thanks for joining us i'm dawn timmeney. lucy and iain are off tonight. let's get right advertisement covering this case from the very beginning. he's live in the courthouse with the drama that unfolded today. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, dawn. andrea constand once considered bill cosby a trusted friend and valued mentor but when she strode into norristown courtroom this afternoon, she did so as you say as accuser one who's story could send the entertainer to prison. the showdown between the legendary entertainer and his only criminal accuser was 13 years in the making. and the drama the emotion well it did not disappoint. andrea con stand told the jury she met cosby in 2002 while she was working with the temple university basketball program.
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cosby soon became what constand called a temple friend quote someone i trust, a mentor. then came the night on januar january 2004 constand testified she went to the cosby home in cheltenham to talk about her career plans. she says he gave her three blue pills promising quote they'll take the edge off. soon she said i began to slur my words. i had trouble seeing him. my mouth was very cotton knee. cosby she said led her to couch and then as she fought back tears, she testified quote i was jolted awake i felt mr. cosby hand groping my breast. she described detail cosby fondling her genitals and placing her hands on his. unable to fight back, constand told jurors quote i wanted it to stop but quote i was frozen. i was unable to fight. constand says she came to hours later and left cosby's home. but in the months that followed she acknowledged staying in some contact with her alleged attacker the fact healed home by the defense team during
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wintering cross examination. other cosby accusers were in the courtroom to watch. >> we had to be here. we really had to be here. you know, this is qatar civil for us? you've seen how difficult it is to be on the stand. >> i'm so relieved i am not on the stand. you know, but i have made my statements and my statements stand true. and we all know what he is. >> reporter: the defense cross examination andrea constand is real two fold wolf big themes. first, that her relationship with cosby was much more consensual than she has led on and second, she seemed in the days and months following the incident more interested in reaching out to civil attorney for a lawsuit than to police for criminal prosecution. more cross examination scheduled for tomorrow morning. things could get very rough out there. look andrea constand's versions of events did the perfect victims toes story. will it be enough to convict bill cosby, stay tune, dawn good we'll see you tomorrow, bruce.
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thank you now to a developing story out of delaware. two people including a six-year-old child have been rush to the hospital after a shooting. police say the child was shot in the head. current until critical condition. the woman is in stable condition. this happened about 2:30 this afternoon on the 700 block of east sixth street. neighbors say they are seeing increase in violence here. >> well, it's sad but now a days it's all these gang violences going on and all this other stuff going on. it's nothing really save no mo more. >> so far no arrests police are asking anyone who has any information to give them a call. more developing news tonight in new jersey. police say an nj transit bus driver is dead after a woman shot him in the middle of the afternoon. police have identified that driver as 45-year-old ryan reynolds of sicklerville. investigators say jackson shot him in washington township in and then turned the gun on people nearby say they heard the commotion. >> we heard a lot of sirens,
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police and ambulances and then there was a helicopter hovering over, um, our office here, and eventually the news reporters showed up and we got the word as to what was going on. >> it's still not clear yet what the victim and the shooter's relationship was. if there was any. no word on a motive. this facebook video went viral. it's disturbing and it's shocked a lot of people. it involves a group of teenagers punching a man with intellectual disabilities. three teenagers are in trouble because of it. joyce evans is live outside of northwest detectives following the developments they have case. joyce. >> reporter: dawn just another in that disturbing trend of targeting a victim video taping the attack and then posting it on social media. but these attackers kids, they are 12 to 15 years old. probably not laughing tonight because they're facing charges, not fame. >> there's no rhyme or reason. i mean it appears one could
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think that it's for kicks and giggles by sick minded individuals in this case juveniles. report roar the need to brag about it is exactly why they'll pay for this. this time. says northwest detective maliki jones. senseless act of violence. >> too much idol time. >> kids. >> it's a different generation we didn't come up like that. >> reporter: no excuse says neighbors struggle for some kind of explanation. >> it starts at home. >> you can really blame the parents. i was brought up, my mom was tight. but still, that's something you just don't do. you don't do that. don't get no points for that. >> reporter: elementary schoolteacher who says he had most of these kids here toll us he saw this kind of behavior and violence coming for years. he hopes it stops now. captain jones says, his message is clear. >> this is certainly not something to do to pick on somebody who weaker than yourself or perceive to be weaker than yourself. >> poor guy probably scared now.
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>> and we are told he is afraid. but his church family and neighbors are supporting him right now and it was actually one of his supermarket facebook asking people to call police and guess what? they did. dawn? >> all right, joyce, thank you. tragedy in philadelphia's mantua neighborhood tonight much police are searching for the person who shot and killed a 56-year-old man. it happened just before midnight on the 600 block of north shed wick street. officers rush the man who been shot in the head to penn presbyterian where he died a short time later. no word on any suspects or motive. a jury finds a bucks county man guilty of sexually assaul assaulting six girls from the same family. lee kaplan convicted on all 17 counts in this disturbing case. testimony over the course of the trial unraveled some horrific details about what went on inside a feasterville home. jeff cole is live at the bucks county courthouse in doylestown tonight with more. jeff? >> reporter: dawn, lee kaplan
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took his head no every time the jury foreman says guilty and he said as you've reported 17 tim times. meanwhile his young female victims are in foster care. their future to be decided by a judge later. >> the nine men and three women of the kaplan jury ordered lunch and soon after reached a verdi verdict. a clean sweep for the prosecution guilty on all 17 counts including child rape against lee kaplan. >> i feel relieved, um, i think the jury did a great thing. they did the right thing, and society is better off for it. >> reporter: cap man's crimes shocked region the rape and sexual assault of the six sisters in his feasterville home over decade. the oldest now 19 bore two of his children. >> do you believe your client was innocent? >> i do believe he was innocent of some of the things they accused of him of. >> what was he innocent of? >> does it -- go ahead.
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i'm sorry. >> is he innocent of child rape. >> i'm not going to answer that question right now. >> reporter: one of the sister was gived to kaplan by their parents parent until return for fm hem. the parents plead to child endangerment charges and sentenced the prosecutor is repulsed by what cap man did. >> i think it's disgusting. definitely. unfortunately this type of behavior does happen more often than it should. >> reporter: when it was over, the girls brother striding away from court had little to say. >> what's your reaction to this thing? 17 counts guilty on all of them. >> jacob, you must happy that this guy is going away here. >> no comments, sir. >> reporter: prosecutors say jacob came just to see this case through. now, they'll be a long sentenc sentencing period likely a long jail term for lee kaplan. live in doylestown, jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> all right, jeff, thank you. to camden county now prosecutors
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have charged two men with possession of child pornography. 42-year-old bash are barnaby houston and 29-year-old craig how well facing disturbing charges. how well was charged and released and houston scheduled for pretrial hearing tomorrow. you decide and we'll soon find out who will go head to head in new jersey in the governor's race. polls are open for another two hours in the garden state primary. six democrats and five republicans are hoping to replace chris christie who is leaving office in january. also up for grabs all 120 seats in new jersey's legislation as well as atlantic city and camden mayors. stay with fox 29 for results and coverage of the races when the polls close. here's live look at trenton tonight. parts of that city currently under a boil water advisory. it's affecting 35,000 people. there's apparently a problem with chlorine levels. water should be boiled for at least a minute before drinking or cooking.
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the mayor's officer says it is safe for bathing or for laundry use. and now to your fox 29 weather authority. as we take live look at old city on a chilly day. much cooler than it should be for this time of year. meteorologist kathy orr is here now. kathy, quite a warmup though on the way. we're looking forward to that. >> yeah, i'll tell you it will seem like two different seasons. beginning of the week like it's march and by the end it will feel more like july or august. ultimate doppler we still have a few showers in south jersey and in the lehigh valley some showers in a few heavier downpours that may make it into chester county and also into montgomery county into the evening period. a few spotty showers to the south of millville we had a flood advisory that has been discontinued because the rain has ended for the time being in south jersey. some showers a few thunderstorms through midnight. temperatures in the 50s. that on shore flow keeps it cloudy and cool but that will change. we're looking forward to a heat wave in that seven day forecast. first, some sweater weather coming up with your seven day in just a few minutes.
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>> kathy, thank you. culling up next give him your votes. not your sympathy a local teenager nominated for an it ward while battling a disease and raising awareness. and he's the newest member of the philadelphia zoo. the story behind this adorable baby boy. sean? dawn, after making some questionable statements about odubel herrera mike schmidt is pack paddlings faster than dion sanderrings hear the hall of famer trying to clean up his statements later in sports.
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>> it's a boy. 17-year-old kyra welcomed this adorable baby gorilla after pretty difficult delivery at the philadelphia zoo. how cute is he? >> zookeepers say they noticed kyra went into labor thursday, labor is usually pretty fast for gorillas but on friday she didn't seem very well. the zoo brought in centenarian and doctors from u penn and jefferson who helped deliver the little boy with forceps. the zoo says kyra has been
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cradling her baby since then non-stop. look at that face. a delaware teenager with cystic fibrosis has made it his mission to raise awareness about the condition. mike jerick introduces to that teen who says he wants your vote not your sympathy. >> michael caruso davis no stranger to hospitals. he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was just three years old. michael's lungs operate at 75%. and he has to put on a vibrating vest several times day to help break up the mucus in his lung. that's in addition to the 40 pills he takes daily. determined not to let his condition define him, he took up running and completed new york city half marathon. >> yeah, michael! >> yes! >> the 14-year-old got the attention of the boomer foundation which raises research funds in hopes of finding a cu cure. now, he's a finalist to become
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>> next week the agency will kick off ninth annual food drive that will benefit philabundance. hunger advocates say summer is particularly important time to stock food pantry shelves because children do not have access to free food programs from school. hunger goes undie teched throughout the region it's very important in the summer as we countdown the days until school ends that those children who get nutritious meals through the school program could go the summer without those nutritious meals. >> septa food drive runs through june 12th through 23rd. you can make food donations at the marked donations bins and monetary did he nations as well go to fox 29 for more information on donating.
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good ld day philadelphia steve keeley helped our pal wendy williams today covering the bill cosby trial. but before he got started with his report, he won over wendy's audience. >> wendy, first of all, let me get this out of the way before you get to the serious stuff you have the greatest life and most loyal audience ever. how you doin'? [ cheers and applause ] >> of course can watch "good day philadelphia" every morning from four to ten followed by the wendy williams show at 11:00 right here on fox 29. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look at rehoboth beach. not really a beach day. a chilly tuesday. but we are talking about some real heat on the way. meteorologist kathy orr let's us know when and how hot it's going get in 15 seconds. so to the south and the
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beahes it's cloudy and cool. to the north much of the same you're looking at doylestown little bit of a breeze. you can see old glory waving in the wind there. it's cloudy and it's cool and that's the way it will stay pretty much everywhere. the temperature 63 degrees in philadelphia the high today 69. temperatures really haven't changed that much over the past several hours. 64 the peak afternoon temperature at 2:00. 63 degrees from 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. and once again we'll stay cool in the 50s overnight tonight with that easterly wind. right now in philadelphia, 63. 60 in pottstown. that east wind coming as west as reading, wilmington and dover. yellow contour. lancaster the temperature is 71 degrees. sown down the shore it's cool. 59 in sea isle. 57 in ocean city. on the boardwalk in atlantic city 58 degrees. the ocean water temperature at 62. cool for now. but not the entire week. this area of low pressure and cold front will move through you can see this counterclockwise spin that's going to keep the moisture over our region with a few spotty showers.
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maybe even a few thunderstorms especially north and west. some of this will die down during the evening when we lose daytime heating in reading, berks county and moving into the western part of chester county some showers. so do expect we'll see a few of them during the late evening and overnight. 69 degrees the high for tomorr tomorrow. that's 11 degrees below average. thursday blow normal. friday normal and by saturday we start to get more like june around here with temperatures in the 80s. hour by hour there's your spotty showers and a few isolated thunderstorms through midnight. then we dry it out and during the day tomorrow, still a few showers moving in with that northeasterly wind but breaks in the overcast especially before sunset. looking better. much better by the time we make it into thursday and friday. as we look overnight, you'll see some showers. mostly cloudy skies. northeasterly wind it will be raw, wet, cloudy the temperature 54. during the day tomorrow, looking little bit better. mostly cloudy, some afternoon breaks. the high temperature 64 degrees and a few spotty showers.
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on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, thursday 72. friday 80. saturday 85. 88 sunday. monday 92. tuesday 92. looking at a heat wave moving our way and if you're heading down the shore saturday or sunday, take look at the shore cast. looking good. mostly sunny saturday. 78. sunday looking for a high temperature of 82 degrees. not bad summer is around the corner. >> not bad at all. thank you kathy. well mike schmidt everybody is talking about his controversial comments on the radio. >> exactly. the phillies this is last thing they need, okay. people talking about what he said instead of the actual game. he had some comments when it came to a due bell herrera about an hour ago. he tried clarify everything it didn't workout so well. it goals going through a week of voluntary workouts. hear what the 100 million-dollar man had to say about the eagles first round draft pick coming up in sports.
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♪ the last thing the phillies need is controversy, okay? but that's what they got. phils are on three game winning streak taking on the braves tonight with chance to win their second straight series. but only thing anyone will be talking about is what mike schmidt had to say obey dell herrera. schmidt was on wip this morning and was asked if the team could build around odubel herrera. he's a spanish-speaking player from venezuela and he went eight for 13 with two homeruns and eight rbi's in the last three games. so with all of that said, this is what schmidt had to say.
6:25 pm
>> my honest answer to that would be no, because a of a couple of things. first of all, there's language barrier. because of that, i think he can't be a guy that would, you know, sort of sit in a circle with four, five american players and talk about the game, upping, or, you know, try and learn about the game or discuss the inner working of the game. >> okay. here we go. now schmidt is backpedaling. he put out this statement about an hour ago. i'm very sorry that this misrepresentation of my answer occurred and may have offended someone. i assure everyone i had no intention of that. odubel is a dine dynamo on the field as he becomes more comfortable with the language his leadership kills will improve, non doubt he will be a centerpiece in the phillies future. listen there's no misrepresentation there. okay. we used what you said. to the eagles on their third week of ota's and all eyes are
6:26 pm
on derek barnett spes earl whole it comes to the defense side of the ball. the leader on the team fletcher cox has some advice for the kid. >> you know my number one thing i teach a lot of guys. all the new guys coming in. number one know the playbook. number two, if you know the playbook you can go out and play fast. when you see derek barnett washington do you see. >> you see a first round draft pick. a guy coming and still learning. he goes in every day, and he goes out practice and he work. the main thing about derek he listens. >> derek barnett will be beast. that's what everyone is saying about the guy. >> all right. sounds good. >> be sure to join us for fox 29 news at 10:00a teen a said you today because prosecutors say his girlfriend repeatedly pressure him to kill himself. what she said in bone-chilling texts to night at 10:00. that will do it for us tonight at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10: 10:00. have a terrific night. inside edition is up next. thanks for watching. ♪ save big
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the bill cosby trial. >> mr. cosby, where is your wife? >> the question everyone is asking, where is his wife, day camille. >> it's a boy and girl for george and amal clooney. the birth details. >> doggy door break in. the dapper burglar that crawled right in. >> shocking. >> how easy it is for thieves to slip into your home. >> they are going into buildings looking for people. >> what was it like to be trapped in a basement during the london terror attack. >> you are a victim waiting to happen. >> wedding album mystery discovered after 50 years. >> i found your wedding photos. >> the search for the bride and groom. now "inside edition" with


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