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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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like fireworks. fireworks at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. >> police say this gun fight was all over a mini van. plus the prosecution rests in the bill cosby sex assault trial. what we can expect when the defense gets its turn next week. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. and developing to night the prosecution rests its case in the bill cosby indecent assault trial. now the defense gets its chance. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. testimony ended with a bank in norristown courtroom as prosecutors spent this day trying to show cosby has a history of drugging women he wanted to have sex with. our bruce gordon is outside montgomery county courthouse. he's been there since day one. now with the latest. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, prosecutors say bill cosby drugged andrea
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constand inside his cheltenham home 13 years ago because he wanted to have sex with her. prosecutors wrapped up their case this afternoon trying to show it would not be the first time cosby has played that game. cosby's admission in found in his deposition taken a decade ago during the civil suit linked to this case. in it cosby discussed getting prescriptions for the depressant quaaludes back in the 1970's. he never used them but viewed quaaludes as pear drug. question, you were going to use these quaaludes for young women you wanted to have sex with? >> cosby, yes. >> more than just creepy the response may add context to cosby's acknowledgment he gave andrea con stan benadryl on the night he's 11 to have groped her. constand claims the medication left her groggy and unable to push cosby away. the prosecution now complete the defense will begin to tell its side of the story starting monday. and like any good entertainer, team cosby put out a tease late friday to keep the audience
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interested. >> we have not ruled out, um, mr. cosby testifying any time as of yet. we're weighing all our options. >> nothing is ever off the table when you're in the trial of this magnitude. you have to look at and weigh all your options. >> mr. cosby, what do you think of your chances. >> cosby flatly denied he would testify during a radio interview a couple of week ago. the lawyer representing nearly three dozen other cosby accusers says, don't hold your breath waiting for the cause cos. >> i would say that that is about as likely as any of us leaving for the moon on monday. but i guess one never knows. >> reporter: as we have report the andrea constand wait add full year before reporting the alleged sexual assault and stayed in contact with cosby during that time. before wrapping their case prosecutors put a psychologist on the stand an expert to testify that such behavior is not at all unusual among real sex assault victims. chris? >> bruce, thanks.
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on to your fox 29 weather authority now. let's take live look let's go down to the shore on this friday. this is cape may, new jersey. we're toll it is going to be a great weekend on the beach. >> of course, if you're not headed to the beach it's still going to be nice all across the area. let's get right over to meteorologist scott williams with the details. we like this on friday night. scott. >> that's right, dawn. it sounds like a winning weekend. that's what you'll get. we're looking at temperatures, though, heating up and we'll approach near record territory by next week. take a look at high temperatures for today. philadelphia 83 degrees. reading 83. 83 also in wilmington. the average for this time of year is 81 degrees. so we were a couple of degrees above average for a change. stepping outdoors right now, it's 82 in wilmington. 82 degrees right now in atlantic city with that sea breeze. 71 in mount pocono. so we'll go hour by hour. 81 degrees still by 7:00 o'clo 7:00 o'clock. temperatures will fall into the
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mid 70s by 9:00 this evening so outdoor plans looking pretty good and then temperatures by 11:00 o'clock into the upper 60s. we'll talk much more about that heat wave and when it will feel like a hundred degrees coming you. >> all right. thanks, scott. still developing tonight, the search for the men who kidnapped a teenaged girl right off the street and sexually assaulted her. we told you about this as breaking news last night at 10:00. it happened just before 7:00 at orthodox street and trenton avenue. three men forced the teenager into a vehicle, drove her to a abandoned building a mile away then assaulted her. she was able to escape and get to relative's house. >> it's crazy to think your kids are not safe walking from school or walking from camp. you literal vol to accompany your children everywhere you go. >> if you have any information at all police want to hear from you. a man is dead after a shootout in the middle of a crowded neighborhood. this all went down this morning in philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood. >> yeah, philadelphia police say
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it was all over a mini van. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose is live at the scene in port breeze tonight. >> reporter: dawn, this all started after woman's car was getting repossessed as you mentioned it quickly escalated one guy died and neighbors throughout this area were dodging stray bullets. it was a carrie possession that went horribly wrong. it had people here near the intersection of 18th dickinson ducking for cover as bullets erupted just before 10:30 in the morning. >> rapid fire. >> the neighbor has lot of new construction and new faces. mike young was down the block hauling cement. >> just like firecrackers. bam, bam, bam. >> gabbie height lived here for year and was working for from home. >> i heard a lot of boom, boom, boom. >> the sound of bullets was first confusing. but joanna sea girt knew exactly what she was hearing. >> oh, my god. somebody getting hurt. >> reporter: police say the repo man was start to go tow away the silver toyota van as it
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was parked outside santana food market. after heated argument police believe the woman who had been driving the car called her 32-year-old boyfriend to the scene. cops say he then pistol whip the repo guy who pulled out gun of his own the two ex changed two dozen bullets before the boyfriend was killed. >> we looked down and saw smoke coming up and people screaming running away from the screen. >> they spent most of friday marking shell casings after shell casing. the repo man is being questioned by police and meantime, the car that the two men were arguing over is now being held as evidence. >> all this killing is sensele senseless. why? >> reporter: and back out here live, just a short time philadelphia police towed away that minnow van that was in question. so in the end nobody got it. not the repo guy and not the victim. and right now police have not said what if any charges the repo guy might be facing.
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guys, back to you. >> thanks sabina. investigation tonight into a deadly police involved shooting in juniata park. police say an officer was transporting witnesses when he noticed a dirt biker driving recklessly this was about 6:30 last night. police say when the officer pulled next to the guy on the dirt bike on whitaker avenue he went to pull up to him and he can feel a gun in his waist. witnesses told investigators what happened after that. >> he said he himself looked the guy in the face and said, um, don't do it, man. don't do it. and as if to to say don't pull that gun out much that the his statement. >> the man did reach for his gun and that's when witnesses confirmed there was a struggle. police say the officer shot the bike rider as he ran away. the officer has been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation. a person taking a nap in their new castle home woke up to someone knocking at their door when they got downstairs there was a stranger inside. the guy took off but new castle
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county police say that guy was 40-year-old david recallly. police arrested him and 36-year-old robert ferguson. investigators say they also hit another home. they are now both charged with burglary and other offenses. today president trump for the first speaking out about former fbi director james comey's testimony at the white house today president trump denied asking for comey's loyalty. that contradicts what comey said yesterday when comey testified before congress. he also accused the white house of spreading lies about his departure. comey also confessed he orchestrated leaking a memo detailing conversations with president trump. >> no collusion, no obstruction. he's a leaker. but we want to get back to running our great country. >> the president's personal attorney will reportedly file a complaint with the justice department and the senate judiciary committee against comey. today pennsylvania governor
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tom wolf and other officials announced a funding update on future reconstruction of i-95 in philadelphia. on the north end of the one section at penn's landing a new and expanded cap over i-95 will reconnect penn's landing to the city. now on the south end, the reconstruction project will improve access to the growing philadelphia port complex. penndot has been working on improvements to i-95 since 1997 to help fix the highway since its original construction. that was back in the '70's. it will cost $225 million. >> the short term this project will support numerous construction jobs in the building trades. in the long term it will create countless permanent jobs generating significant revenue for the city, the school district and the quality wealth and the green space that will be enjoyed by philadelphians for generations to come. >> landscaping on the cap also addresses storm water mitigation by improving green infrastructure for water quality
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improvements. new jersey family says a bobcat trapped them in their own home. police came to the washington township home this is in morris county on wednesday night after the animal somehow made it inside the house. the bobcat had cornered the mom and her two young kids in the bathroom. the animal left about an hour later. police say it did not appear to be sick or rabid. no injuries were reported. well, a local teenager getting some well deserved praise. >> absolutely. philadelphia's top officials holding a special ceremony. mayor jim kenney and fire commissioner adam thiel honoring rudy edwards today at fire man's hall in old city. the 17-year-old is a real hero. back in may, he ran into a burning house on the 1,000 block of to rescue his one-year-old nephew bryce. >> our folks consistently 24 24/7365 risk their lives for perfect strangers. you risked your live for your
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nephew. and that's probably harder to know the person that you're going in to rescue. we thank you for what you did. we're glad it work out. god bless you and your entire family and remember, applications will be open -- [ laughter ] >> -- when you're a senior. >> way to go. the fire department said the whole family real did a good job in saving lives because they had an escape plan and they realized bryce was missing. two questions. feeling lucky this weekend? >> yes. >> do you have your tickets? >> no. well you better get them. powerball jackpot $435 million jackpot eighth largest prize in the game's history of course you can watch the drawing right here on fox 29 tomorrow at 11:00. former vice-president joe biden enjoying his retirement from public life the biden family dream finally fulfilled. we'll show you how. and one rule won't be enforced in a popular beach town. why the swimsuit tops may be coming off in ocean city, mary.
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sean. chris, the eagles they wrapped up all things voluntary practice this week an few players caught head coach doug pederson's eye. found out who coming up in sports.
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>> some special athletes were gearing up today. >> a pep rally today to get ready for the new jersey special olympic. athetes supporters and fans were at the td bang's mt. laurel campus today in anticipation of this weekend's games. td bank has partnered with the special olympics for eight years now. they raise money selling donations and taking donations from their 1,000 barges from maine to florida it. >> means everyone can get together and just do what they want to do and not worry about having -- having a disability or having an issue or just having fun. >> all about having fun. nearly 2500 athletes will
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compete in this weekend's games. former vice-president joe biden and his wife jill are keeping close to home with new they just bought a new home overlooking cape hen know poe len park in delaware. the beach pad will be get away from the couple's hectic schedule an place to spend time with family the purchase comes a few months after it was announced the bidens signed a multi book deal. biden spokesperson says the pair will keep their home in gree greenville, delaware, as well. a closed atlantic city casino is getting a hard rock revamp. hard rock international bought the trump taj mahal casino back in march. now the company is submitting a proposal to new jersey gambling regulators that features pool side gambling, fantasy sports betting and private gambling rooms. the casino is expected to open next summer. seems like beach goers in maryland will now be able to go topless. that's right. ocean city authorities ordered the beach patrol to not ask bear chested women i guess and men here, right --
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>> i guess to cover up at the beach the decision will be intact until the -- attorney general's office can come to an agreement on the state's indecent law exposure. i'm a little flustered there. >> obviously, chris. [ laughter ] >> all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority. we're staying ocean city, new jersey, though. no doubt lots of people are going to be headed down to the shore this weekend, and it's gonna be a hot one. meteorologist scott williams has all the details in 15 seconds. >> great friday across the area of tharea.86 degrees for saturd. warming up pretty rapidly though into the low 90s by your sunday.
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the humidity still in check for the weekend but early next week all bets are off. we're looking at numbers right now still pretty comfortable. 79 in pottstown. 82 degrees currently in wilmington after a high of 83. 83 was the high in philadelphia. right now checking in at 82. and look at down the shore. temperatures upper 70s low 80s due to a land breeze that we saw for today. ocean city, 81 degrees. hammonton 81. sea isle city right now at 80 degrees. water temperature still a little chilly in the low 60s. so for tonight it's partly cloudy, it stays mild temperatures bottom out in those mid 60s and then for tomorrow, a mixture of sun and clouds. it will be breezy. winds more out of the south and west tomorrow. 86 degrees in philadelphia. there will be a bit of a sea breeze down the shore so temperatures will be a little cooler but still it is going to be nice. 83 degrees for the high temperature on saturday. sunday temperatures right around
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87 degrees. there is a moderate risk for rip currents so swim where those lifeguards are present. temperatures in the poconos, 75 degrees for saturday. a mixture of sun and clouds. 87 degrees on sunday as we see the up tick in the heat. temperatures around the philadelphia area here's the bottom line. 86 degrees tomorrow. 92 on sunday and then look at monday into tuesday. 94 degrees monday. 95 on tuesday. the record high temperature sunday through tuesday 95 degrees. but when the humidity starts to build, take a look at the feels like temperature monday. 95 degrees and by tuesday feeling like 100. so take it easy we're not quite acclimated heat relief the middle and latter part of next week with temperatures in the low 80s. back over to you. >> i like it hot. >> i thought he said it might feel like 100 next week. maybe i was mistaken there. >> could have beening. >> speaking of summertime, i do not like this time of year end
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of hockey and we're still waiting for football it's a drought. >> season right around the corner. a couple of eagles are making names for themselves. you'll hear about that coming right now in sports. as the eagles start their mandatory mini cam next week fine out which players are making a name for themselves this spring, and chris, should we break out the brooms? >> not yet. >> cavs/warriors game four night and it's do or die time for king james. next in sports hear why he thinks warriors are already a dynasty. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day. miss hoffman gets us there safe every time. mrs. migliaccio teaches us all about fractions - and haikus - and the erie canal! miss reeves makes us sound amazing. and miss santoro always takes time to see how we're doing. miss simpkins keeps our school looking great. recess wouldn't be recess without miss basile. and mrs. mccarthy always has tons of good books to read.
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♪ it's all mandatory from here. eagles wrapped up their final week of voluntary ot a's this week. next week starts their first official mini camp where attendance is a must. looking back at this week's practices and previous spring sessions as well most eagles fans want to know who is the shining star and ready to step up come this september. the good news head coach doug pederson quick to answer that question in the focus is all about the rookies. >> you talk about our rookies and douglas has shown some strides here in the last couple
6:25 pm
of practices. um, donnell pumpfrey on offense being able to move him around a little bit and put him in that darrin sproles mold offensively watching him. derek barnett obviously is going to be a good player for us an nice little addition to our defensive line. >> mandatormandatory mini camp t week. michael jordan would have never get swept. i kid that's what king lebron and the cavaliers face this evening game four of the nba finals tips off tonight. the warriors are one of the best teams in nba history it's very easy to say that with this being the third straight year golden state playing for ring. it's not to say that's an excuse for lebron and company but you get the sense james realizes the warriors are just a better team. >> this has been the best team in our league the last three years. um, you know, they won a championship, and last year greatest regular season team we had played.
6:26 pm
probably one of the best post season teams that everybody has he have seen as well. we were just ache to overcome that, and they're playing like one of the best teams once aga again. >> see what happens tonight. all right. finally it was announced today that the flyers and defensive shaken goths peer reached a multi year extension he suffered a little bit of a sophomore slump this past season hopefully with his crack situation handled he'll bounce back strong this year. early reports six years, 27 mill a nice pay day for the 24-year-old ghost. >> that's what i was getting paid when i was two err. [ laughter ] >> something in common. >> not bad at all. >> yeah right. >> tonight at 10:00 what is better than a day at the beach? how about finding some cash there? and people aren't leaving the bills laying around by accident. who is trying to cheer people up by leaving people on a treasure hunt? >> that does it it for us here at 6:00. see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. ♪
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try our high protein drink. distracted by her cell phone, the woman who fell head first into the cellar. >> this is the spot where it happened. and bill cosby's wife, her imminent appearance in court. >> how her presence could help cosby's case. then, just in time, what we've learned about melania's move to the white house. >> the moving advance are coming next week. >> having family members around, they can make these days a little easier. that cannot be underestimated. plus, stranded this 78-year- old grandma trapped in her car for five days with only two bananas to eat. >> i would scream help and 911. >> how her family found her. >> i'm yelling, i'm coming to


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