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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00 no verdict it has been 24 hours since the jury was given the case in comedian bill cosby's sex assault trial. >> and the entertainer's fate remains up in the air. while testimony is over it's still been very active day in the courtroom. it's where we begin tonight at 6:00. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. that jury still deliberating and asking several questions. let's get right tout bruce gordon live in norristown. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, four times in the 13 hours this jury has been hard at work they've come back to the courtroom to either hear testimony reread or to literally ask the judge a question. but still, no unanimous agreement on these blockbuster allegations the legendary comedian bill cosby drugged and groped andrea constand in his own home 13 years ago. in a classic case of she said versus he said jurors in the cosby trial have twice now asked
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to hear read back cosby's 2005 deposition on the matter. his version of his initial romantic interest in andrea constand their blossoming relationship and the sexual contact inside his home on the 2,004 night in question. the defendant has insisted he had for some time been romantic with con stan the petting that night was consensual. >> we all -- cosby's spokesman told those assembled outside the courthouse defense witness who would have accused of constand of setting up cosby for financial gain was rejected by judge steven o'neill as here say. >> i think this court has not given mr. fair and ill partial trial. >> andrew wyatt insists cosby remains confident he'll be acquitted. >> mr. cosby is doing good. his spirits are up. he's confident that this jury is -- they're intelligent, they're asking the right questions and he feels confident that they're going to come back and make the right decision. >> reporter: there were
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several other cosby accusers on hand for the tense day long wait. plus a handful of demonstrators bashing the legendary entertainer as a serial sexual predator. >> the other individuals that i represent who are, you know v accused of mr. cosby are anticipating the verdict wondering when the verdict will be announced. >> reporter: so many people waiting. so many people with connections to this case tangential or otherwise waiting for this jury verdict. last night, the judge in the case called eight night around 9:45. no idea when things will be wrapped tonight assuming a verdict is does not come earlier. iain no matter what happens we'll be here to bring it all to you. >> we know you will, bruce. thank you. now on to your fox 29 weather authority. little warm out there take live look outside wildwood, new jersey. may feel a little cooler down there, but it's the hottest day
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of the year. >> when iain says it's a little warm you know it's hot. officially now a heat wave but relief is headed our way soon. meteorologist joins us give the good news. the heat wave will be ending tomorrow. it was the hottest day in philadelphia. temperature in the 80s down the shore. look at the philadelphia area. philadelphia new record of 96. the same in reading. new record in allentown of 95. 95 at the atlantic city airport. wilmington, trenton the night temperature 94 degrees. right now it's still hot out there 93 in reading and lancaster 94. 94 degrees in dover. where the heat index got over 100 today. right now into in hammonton with that southerly wind. 80 in sea isle north wildwood cape may sitting at 78 degrees. we have this southerly wind right now and that is going to be changing overnight. right now it feels like 95 in philadelphia and wilmington. feels like 100 in dover. feel like 95 in reading and also in lancaster. that humidity will stay high into the evening. with temperatures in the 90s till about 8:00 p.m.
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by 9:00, 85 with a southwesterly wind. staying in the 80s through the 11:00 o'clock hour with southwest wind the temperature 82 degrees and some showers to the far north and west of philadelphia with a front that's moving through. that front moves through and will go back to normal with some clouds tomorrow morning. a stormy end, though, to that heat and humidity. of course, we'll take a look at your father's day forecast. we get into an easterly wind it will keep us out of the 90 force while. we'll check out that seven day coming up. >> all right, kathy, thanks. in atlantic county investigators aren't saying a lot about why they issued search on the home of a office avenue local doctor. the doctor is the widow err of a murdered radio host whose death has gone unsolved for years. >> investigators have said the search warrants are not connected to her death but that still leaves a lot of questions. dawn timmeney live in egg harbor township tonight. dawn it was a tension filled morning. >> reporter: it certainly was, lucy. investigators say that dr. kauffman was extremely distraught when the search warrant was served right here. that he pulled out a gun and was
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waving it around threatening to harm himself and detectives. i spoke to the daughter of his murdered wife about just what happened here today. >> it's a lot for to us take in today. it's such a flood of emotions. >> reporter: kimberly packet doesn't know what to make of today's raid at her stepfather doctor james kauffman's egg harbor township office and the linwood home he once shared with her mother april. the well-known radio host and veterans advocate was found shot to death in her bed flam in may of 2012. her killer has never been caug! caught. >> this hole in my heart that exists is so indescribable. as a victim of something so horrific i think you remain cautiously optimistic always, because, um, five years is a long time. >> reporter: the atlantic county prosecutor' office assisted by the fbi and egg harbor township police served the search warn at 6:00 o'clock this morning for alleged criminal activity unrelated to april kauffman's murder. dr. kauffman who police say legally owns approximately one hadn't dread guns was not happy
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and pulled out a 9-millimeter handgun according to investigators. >> he was very unstable at the time. he waived his weapon in a threatening manner towards law enforcement as well as threate threatening to kill himself. >> that doesn't surprise me. but, um, it's definitely been a crazy day. >> reporter: hostage negotiator was brought in to talk dr. kauffman into surrendering. he was taken to a psychiatric intervention program at a local hospital before being medically cleared and subsequently arres arrested on gun charges. the prosecutor would not disclose the details of today's search and said whether it has an impact on april kauffman's murder investigation remains to be seen. >> i miss my mom every day. and i'm small, but i'm not going to give up hope and i'm also not going to stop until we have, um, justice for my mom, april. >> reporter: now dr. kauffman is jailed in the county prison. he'll have a detention hearing within the neck 48 hours. the prosecutor tells me that dre
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detained until he is tried on those gun charges. iain? >> all right, dawn, thank you. we're following developing story out of the nation's capitol. attorney general jeff sessions has been on the hot seat. he took dozens of questions today from senators on number of controversies plaguing the trump white house. some senators pressed sessions on previously undisclosed contact with russian officials. in particular his meetings with russian ambassador with russia's ambassador to the united states in march sessions recused himself from the russia investigation because of his involvement in the trump cal pain. >> the suggestion that i participated in nicole lucien that i was aware of nicole lucien with the russian government to hurt this country which i have served with honor for 35 years or to undermine the integrity our democratic process is appalling and detestable lie. >> senators also questioned sessions on if he had any role
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in the firing of james comey the former fbi director. thieves have new way of separating you from your money. first it was banks. now the target grocery stores. you probably heard of skimming where a they have puts device over the key passed an tm to record your account information now it appears they're putting skimming devices inside of self check out counter at a giant foods it its it happened sometime between june 1st and june 10th at the giant on logan square in new hope. at least 35 customers were hit. the crook making off with $30,000. skimming devices aren't new, but putting one inside a grocery store is. >> skimming devices is actually a face plate cover so it will look like the credit card machine at the register or at the self check out. that cover gets placed directly on top of that device. makes it look like it's in its original normal working condition. >> police have not found the device. giant says customer credit information is important to them and they are now working with
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police. in delaware the state senate is schedule to vote on increasing the state's minimum wage. the bill would increase the current $8.25 sent minimum wage by 50 cents cents a year. the vote comes after similar mesh stalled in the general assembly last year. now after 2020 the minimum wage would increase by a percentage equal to the cost of living adjustment under the federal social security act. a similar bill passed the democratic lead senate last year stall in the house because of opposition from small business owners. the first states also set to vote on a bill to make booze more available. the house is expected to vote to expand the sale of alcohol on sundays. so if it passes, you'd be able to buy bottles of wine or liquor or beer from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and that is two hours earlier than now. the house is also going to vote on bill to create new type of liquor license for those incredibly popular outdoor beer gardens. the power of the press and social mode ya strike again.
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>> how local students will now be able to honor a fallen classmate at their upcoming graduation. we are telling you about that last night. and this. -- i'm jeff cole. a south philly woman wants to know why it's so hard for her 91-year-old father a veteran of the second world war to get to the beach here? coming up and down this ramp. i'm press for answers coming up. >> eagles kicking off mandatory workouts today and one of the vets not too happy with this contract situation. find out who and what he wants later in sports. pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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pro tip: gianraspberries for prices on produce. john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. ♪ now update on story we told you about last night. it's all over social media. a delaware county high school senior was told her class couldn't wear orange ribbons at graduation to honor classmate who died of leukemia in eighth grade. after our story and the viral facebook post ridley student angel hall tells us the school is now allowing them to wear the ribbons. >> glad the school finally did the right thing. happening right now, along
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the jersey shore one woman is raising questions about access to a beach in sea isle city. the issue revolves around her 91-year-old father in his wheelchair she says it's not the beach doesn't have wheelchair ramp, it does. they're too steep. >> ing it difficult for her to get the navy veteran to the beach. fox 29's jeff cole has the story. >> reporter: karen rogers thinks it ought to be just a little bit easier for her to get her father a 91-year-old veteran to the beach of the 55th street ramp here in sea isle. it's the raw power of the ocean which draws 91-year-old edward rogers a navy vet to it. and the sites. >> watch the girls. [ laughter ] >> you like to watch the girls? >> reporter: his daughter wishes it will easier to get him there from her 55th street sea isle city beach home. when the pair get to the 55th street ramp, rogers a pharmaceutical rep must turn into a stevedore pushing her dad
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in his surf chair up the ramp and hanging on as he rolls down the other side. >> both ramps are extremely steep. so when i have to get under the chair to push it the waste of the chair plus pop and the steep less of the hill makes it just so much impossible. >> reporter: sea isle does have at least six americans with dissables act approved ramps to the beach. fifty-fifth street is not one of them. rogers argues she has to travel several blocks to get to them, doesn't have a pick up for his chair and they're almost as steep. she wants sea isle to fix the ramp at the end of her street. >> lower it, get rid of the steepness and have it easy for somebody to access the beach. >> reporter: city officials say the dunes grew here under multi million dollars beach restoration effort after hurricane sandy. the ramps to the beach became higher as well. sea isle's business manager who spoken with rogers says they try to keep the sand at the 55th street ramp packed down. >> what we've tried to do is
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maintain as best we can to keep it at least as easy as possible from a hard packed surface standpoint. >> reporter: he says, there are residents who were opposed to the 6ada approve ramps though have and add changing the ramps a heavy lift. >> why can't you go to 55th and just dig that baby out and flatten it more really take a backhoe and flatten it out. >> if i was permitted by law i would do that. i think there's certainly logic to that. to excavate the dunes now while they're in place requires a special permit in order to do that. >> reporter: sea isle's administrator seems to understand rogers flight. he says, if she has trouble getting him to the beach, she ought to call city hall and they'll help push. that sounds like something karen rogers will actually do. in sea isle, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. have like legislators and council members and whatever out there helping. okay. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. taking live look at rehoboth
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beach a dip in the water for most people not iain sounds like a very good idea. >> officially we're in heat wave meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in 15 seconds. in weather we're talking about record heat across the delaware valley. down the beach, looking pretty good. rehoboth beach, delaware, plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the the yeses it's 95 in philadelphia. the high today nick with a southwesterly wind. right now we're seeing somewhat cooler air in burlington, rochester, new york and toronto a back door front that will be pushing through and drying us out and cooling down those temperatures. take look at the peak heat up di cease when you add the heat and humidity. dover felt like 102. felt like 99 in northeast philadelphia. 98 in millville and reading.
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atlantic city it felt like 97 degrees. ultimate doppler, we're watching some clouds getting close but here's the rain associated with that front getting into the poconos but i think most of us will be relatively dry overnight tonight. so that front sweeps through. during the day tomorrow we're looking at a high of 82 with some morning clouds maybe a few morning sprinkles. and then we see the return of sunshine so temperatures much cooler and that wind becoming more northeasterly. so overnight tonight, look for some showers far to the north and west. partly cloudy with a westerly wind. 72 degrees. then that west wind as i mentionementioned becomes north northerly easterly we begin to kyle down. spotty showers with clouds ear early. increase sunshine the wind will kick in late in the afternoon at least 15 to 20 miles an hour. so it will definitely be feeling refreshing. lower humidity will be the key. a better hair day as well high temperature 82 degrees. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, thursday 78 degrees. just a beautiful day to be outdoors with morning lows in the 60s. friday a chance of a shower the
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temperature 77. and then for saturday, some afternoon showers the high 84 degrees. sunday for father's day hot and humid with a chance of a scattered afternoon shower or storm the high 90. 87 monday with showers and storms. for your tuesday, look for mix of sun and clouds, the high temperature 84 degrees. once we get in that northeasterly wind, for wednesday, for thursday, friday, into saturday, temperatures will stay in the 70s and 80s. the next time we have a chance of a 90-degree temperature will be on father's day. so enjoy it, guys. >> all right. perfect for me. beautiful golf day. >> um-hmm. >> i can watch golf we got the us open right here on fox. play golf and watch golf. pretty good day for me. >> pretty good day. not good day for the eagles facility if's really. >> power outage. like a thousand degrees in the there. >> after they were training. >> on the on the test day ever. not good. okay. >> you got like 90 plus players in hot locker room. >> exactly. no one is ever going back to locker room. fix it. fix it. eagles they kicked off mandatory work outs today and one of the vets not too happy with his
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crack situation. find out who plus last night the warriors beat the cavs in the nfba finals and lebron james made an absurd statement on his way out the door. that's coming up next in sports. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day. miss hoffman gets us there safe every time. mrs. migliaccio teaches us all about fractions - and haikus - and the erie canal! miss reeves makes us sound amazing. and miss santoro always takes time to see how we're doing. miss simpkins keeps our school looking great. recess wouldn't be recess without miss basile. and mrs. mccarthy always has tons of good books to read. which makes for a pretty good day at school. ♪ this summer in a place where flavor runs deep,
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♪ the eagles with mandatory work outs this weekend basically everyone important showed up because they had to or you get fined. marcus smith back in the building and jason peters showed up for the first time. peters missed voluntary work outs to stay healthy he's 35 he doesn't need this. this is june. partially because he doesn't like his contract he refused to take a pay cut in the off season and wants longer deal. he said this about his future. >> i want to retire here. i don't wanting to nowhere. plus i want to rest little bit. i show up every year. i don't miss day. i just wanted to rest a little bit this year. i don't wanting to nowhere. i want to be an eagle, retire here. make this home.
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i haven't thought nowhere past this year. >> u.s. open kicks off this week the second major of the year and despite not having a polarizing figure actually playing well the game is really as deep as it's ever been. we caught up with fox sports golf analyst shane bacon and he picked his favorite to win this tournament. >> i think right now dustin johnson is the player to beat any golf course any tournament any champion she tease it up at. i think that's how good he is and how polish his golf game. any time he tease it up no matter long golf course, short golf course, us em or otherwise, i think he's the favorite. it's really the first time in my opinion we've seen that since tiger woods. >> and of course, coverage for the unfortunately s open connect off thursday at 6:00 right here on fox 29. and we'll have you covered all the way through the final hole on sunday. and last night golden state warriors beat the cavs in game five of the nba finals to win it all it looked easy warriors one of the greatest teams i've ever
6:26 pm
seen. after the game lebron james was asked about super tease and he gave this silly answer. >> i don't believe i play for super team. i don't believe in that. >> okay. >> um i believe we're super team here. >> really? really? >> you played in miami four hall of famers that wasn't super te team? this cavs team has three hall of famers. >> yup. >> that's not super team? golden state just super super okay. don't say you've never played for super team. >> he left cleveland to go to miami. >> exactly. >> he played for a few super team. bosche and d wade. >> i'm telling you. >> won few titles in their prime at that. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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. cosby verdict count down. >> behind the scenes in the jury room. >> they looked serious, focused, not as happy as i've seen them. >> then, blow back over her interview with america's most notorious conspiracy theorist. and bachelor in paradise scandal. what this former contestant says he saw. >> are you surprised by these allegations of misconduct. plus, i will not allow him to take my life. >> the mom who lost her arm in the shark attack. >> i just remember pulling my arm out of its mouth and looking at my arm and it was just, it was gone. then, fire storm. >> deborah: will the newl


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