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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ loo front of center snow philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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16 hours of deliberations and still no verdict. the jury in the trial of bill cosby has call eight night. today was day seven of the sexual assault trial against the comedian in montgomery county. jurors of course will head back to court tomorrow to continue their deliberations. good evening to you, i'm lucy noland. our dave schratwieser and chris o'connell have our team coverage tonight. we begin with chris who was in the courtroom tonight. chris? >> reporter: lucy, the jury in the bill cosby case back at their hoe toll night most likely getting some sleep after another exhausting day. though told the judge today they were exhausted and they wanted to call it a night. so after more than 16 hours of testimony over two days the fate of bill cosby still hangs in the balance. the ledger danny comedian left the montgomery county courthouse earlier tonight having to wait at least another day to find out that fate. the jury of seven men and five
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women still deadlocked to night deliberating for more than 16 hours. four times in the last two days that jury of seven men and five women asked a judge to hear different parts of testimony given during that trial. now, inside the courtroom just feet away from cosby, andrea constand the woman at the center of this case who accused of cos beef drugging and assaulting her she has not had any comment other than her sworn testimony. now, this jury keep in mind they are from the pittsburgh area. al gain know county jury. they were told by a judge they are doing great. they are keeping their attentive and listening to everything. unfortunately, just no verdict as of yet. this jury will be back at the courthouse at 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. lucy? >> obviously, sequestered, chris it's got to be difficult for them they're away from home. they're from allegheny county staying at a hotel. so do you know how they're holding up?
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>> reporter: well, to actually tonight they did ask the judge to go, torque simply outside for little while to get a breath of fresh air. keep in mind, eight days in a jury box going over tedious testimony sometimes. so it's tough to keep your attention in there. but so far so good. the judge said they're doing great job just keeping focused in a very complex trial. >> oh yeah. all right. chris o'connell thank you. cosby seemed to be in good spirits after another late night at the county courthouse. well he even did his iconic fat albert voice again for the cro crowd. >> you heard him right there. dave schratwieser was there when it happened. fired off around of questions as well. dave? >> reporter: lucy, bill cosby left here with a thumbs up and that trademark fat albert line as he left tonight. clearly energized a bit by the 16 hours of deliberations. we spoke to his attorney also leaving tonight. he too seemed to be upbeat.
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mr. cosby 16 hours. how are you feeling? >> mr. cosby -- >> hey, hey, hey. >> as one woman advocate circle the montgomery county courthouse in a box truck tuesday night, with music blaring and a message for bill cosby, the 79-year-old comedian spokesman was holding court outside with the media. >> he is, you know, being bill cosby. >> reporter: andrew wyatt spoke as jurors passed the hour 13 mark of deliberations and forged ahead into the night trying to determine cosby's fate on charges of aggravated indecent assault. >> just taking it in this moment, um, believing that these jurors are looking through the facts, seeing the truth. >> reporter: well over 100 members of the media and on lookers stood poised all day inside and outside the courthouse. as the jury diligently went about its business cosby and his attorneys were cooped up in a
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room waiting patiently for jur jurors to make a decision appearing confident. >> this is the place where the truth happens. this is the place where impartiality is supposed to be. >> reporter: according to his spokesman, cosby and hess defense team are not surprised by the length of deliberations. >> i didn't think this was going to be cake walk. i never saw it being a cake wa walk. >> cosby team says it's appreciative that the seven men and five women on the pittsburgh area jury are pouring over the evidence and testimony taking time to weigh all the factors before deciding if cosby will or will not spend the rest of his-in prison. >> brian, what do you think 16 hours so far, brian? >> jurors are working hard, da dave. >> reporter: that was defense attorney brian mcmonagle clearly a little bit upbeat tonight as he left the courthouse. he told me off camera tonight that the jury is doing exactly what the defense wants, taking their time, going over the evidence and the testimony.
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day three deliberations tomorrow. lucy? >> all right, here go again, dave schratwieser. live in norristown much what's the worst case scenario for cosby? what exact charges does he face? would he have to register as a sex offender? all of the answers are on we are adding updates from around -- around the clock from the trial, of course. steamy temperatures on your radar tonight. taking live look at allentown on this tuesday evening. are you maybe just a little bit tired of the heat wave? because if you are, you are in luck. we have relief in sight. meteorologist kathy orr temperatures dropping back to, um, normal over the next couple of days. >> normal, yeah. but normal is 82, lucy. >> still warm. >> not like normal 60. heat and humidity combining to make it feel like it's close to 100 degrees across the area. in allentown we made it to a record as well. well into the 90s. temperature right now is 85. the high today 96 in philadelphia. a record. a heat wave. the hottest temperature of the year. winds out of the southwest
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receipt now at 9 miles an hour. that's going to change. so sunday we're at 94. yesterday 94. today 96 much that's heat wave. the hottest heat wave our second one. tomorrow down to 82. but 82 is pretty much normal for this time of year. see that green contour with temperatures in the 66. we have a front that's backing down from new york and new england we call eight back door front much that's going to change things around here already 71 in williamsport. 72 overnight in philadelphia and bring drier canadian air mass and showers associated with eight few clouds overnight and tomorrow morning giving way to increasing sunshine. by the afternoon, the high temperature 82. but look at all these wind particles you see them coming more from the northeast increasing in intensity the winds will be picking up tomorrow the comfort level the dew point will be dropping as well. we'll go from uncomfortable where we are right now to comfortable. comfort zone. 55 to 60 degrees dew point temperatures will put you in that comfort zone with much drier atmosphere. it will be much more tolerable
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tomorrow. overnight tonight the low temperature 72 degrees. partly cloudy. with just a chance of a shower far north and west of the the city. in a west win all about the wind because then we shift it to the northeast tomorrow about ten to 15 miles an hour by the afternoon up to 20 miles an hour winds. so that will be refreshing as well. this is our sky cast you can see the breaks in the clouds. you will be seeing some deep blue by the afternoon with a lower humidity. the weather authority, a heat relief big time for thursday. 78. friday some showers, 77. just a few rounds of showers, saturday some afternoon showers, more toward evening so i think we'll get most of the day in saturday the high 84. then for dad late afternoon some showers maybe a rumble of thunder hot and humid sunday. monday some showers and storms. a better chance and then by tuesday, look for mix of sun and clouds the high temperature 84. so lucy with that persistent easterly wind component for wednesday, thursday, friday into saturday, it will keep it cool cooler. better weather for dad on sunday
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and we have the us open on fox 29 beginning on that you are. >> it's a double the joy for iain page on that sunday. thank you very much much. >> you bet. >> appreciate it. happening right now, kathy was telling you we're all cooling off after really hot day. hottest of the year. the heat spoiling the excitement of some outdoor graduations tonight. in fact our dave kinchen is live at cb west high school in doylestown. dave that's correct graduation had some drama in play. >> reporter: yeah, i can tell you especially at cb south there were problems there and the heat was just too much for a few people. >> drinking a lot of water. yeah. fanning. >> reporter: it's the way many families tried to stay cool while watching the seniors graduate at central bucks high school west in doylestown tonight. >> it's been brutal actually. it's very hot. >> reporter: few miles away at central bucks south seven people were overcome by the heat and had to be treated during an outdoor graduation ceremony earlier in the day when it was hotter. >> i can imagine that i was an
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emt for ten years. i know a little.about that. >> that's a shame. it's a shame such a happy occasion people have to be ill. >> many older attendees watched a live stream in the air conditioned auditorium including george a vietnam vet. >> the government gave me a new hip it's too hot and it's more comfortable. i wanted to see my granddaughter. i couldn't see out there. >> we wanted to stay out here where the fun. many came prepared. >> fan spray keep us cool. you know. got water and stuff. knots too bad. >> reporter: well cb school district said that all of the high schools win graduations today outside graduations they offed people a chance to watch them inside as well. back to you. >> all right. sounds good, thank you dave. agitated attorney general jeff sessions strongly denies any innuendo leaking him to any russian enter appearance in the 2016 election. sessions fired back at questioning from the net
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intelligent committee today. >> the suggestion that i participated in nicole lucien, that i i was aware of nicole lucien witness russian government is an appalling and detestable lie. >> sessions wept on to explain his decision in march to recuse himself from the on-going investigation into a election meddling but drew the ire of democratic senators often refu refusing to answer questions or saying he couldn't recall details during the two and a half hours of questioning. coming up it's story that fired up an entire delaware county community. students ba banned from wearing ribbons to honor the memory of one their friends who should have been graduating with them. then, the school changed its tune. beautiful day at the beach. until this mom and her daughter started getting swept out to sea, but heroes came to their rescue and now they need your help to find them. to thank them.
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breaking news. let's head back to londo lon mae fire is ripping through a 24 story apartment building that went up in flames broke out just past 1:00 a.m. london time. from what the bbc is roaring, there are 200 firefighters right now tackling this blaze. and that the entire tower block is what they're calling it was on fire and they're now worried that this building could
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collapse. evacuation process has been underway for quite sometime now. 40 fire engines at the tower. and we understand from the metropolitan police that there are a range of injuries that is a quote from metropolitan police which are the police force in london. so that's what's going on there. we'll have much more as the news continues to break through. it is still raging. big developments in a story you saw about shooting left six-year-old boy in critical condition. we told you last week that wilmington police arrested a man from minquadel. the delaware attorney general's office says those charges are dropped. police uncovered new evidence. the wilmington police chief says they developed new leads with new suspect. that little boy ovary mapes in critical condition. a local family is hoping social media can work some magic tonight for them. they are trying to find some real super heroes. the family is looking for the people who saved their lives on a rip current pulled them out to sea and our shawnette wilson is live in clementon with this
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story. man, to hear how this woman talked, shawnette, it was so scary. >> reporter: frightening, luc lucy. you know, tonight they just want to thank the people had saved them they came to us to try and help find them. it had all the makings of a great day at the beach for the mattos family. they went to long beach island sunday the first day of a heat wave with temperatures over 90 degrees but marsha recalls the moment the fun came to an end. >> that is when sheer terror kicked in for me i couldn't get to her. >> reporter: she and her 11-year-old daughter mariah decided to go out further into the water aft her 13 year old daughter mikayla and other relatives swam back to shore. marsha says they were only waist deep in the water when a rip punt swept them out. >> i was like let's swim parallel because that's what i read before that you swim like sideways parallel to the shore. so you switch out of it. but it wasn't working. we were still just being push out. >> reporter: they were so far apart. >> it was the most helpless feeling i've he have felt in my
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life. >> reporter: marsha says a man drifting towards them grabbed mariah. a girl on a surf bod got them on and back to shore. another man grabbed marsha. in all five people pulled off a daring rescue saving this mother and daughter. but they only got to meet one of the five who saved them they hope this story reaches them. >> i need them to know what they did, you know, meant more than they probably realized. >> reporter: they cep telling me over and over again just how grateful they are to be alive. if you had anything to do with that rescue, go to fox to find out how you can contact the mattos family, again, they want to say thank you. lucy? >> that would be great row uni union. thanks very much, shawnete. so many questions after police served search warrants in atlantic county doctor' home and office. prosecutors say doctor james kauffman waived a gun and threatened to kill himself as officers searched his egg harbor township office today. but a hostage negotiator persuaded kauffman to surrender. the doctor is the widow err of murdered radio host april
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kauffman. police have yet to solve her 2012 killing. investigators say the search warrants have nothing to do with her death april kauffman's daughter says today's events are not surprising. >> i think my family and i are just really -- it's such a flood of emotions, and obviously, things didn't have to happen the way that they did today. but they did, and we're just struggling to deal with it and try to process exactly what it is that happened today. >> investigators are only saying the search warrants are connected to suspected criminal activity. you see it you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show what's going on around you. what's on tap, iain. >> car jumps a curb at 16th and jfk boulevard in center city this afternoon hits two people. two cars were involved in the crash. one of them came to stop against a newsstand. police say one pedestrian involved in the accident is a arthritic-year-old man the other is a 77-year-old man. witnesses say one of the victims was a teacher at philadelphia performing arts school.
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fresco user neal shared this conversation with us. >> so the lady hitly man and like it was our teacher his body like flipped over the car and we ran over to see if he was okay because like when when he saw it i had screamed and then like we ran over to see if he was okay because like they were just laying there like they were not getting up. and then eventually our teacher got up and like we saw that he was okay. >> police have not released conditions of the victims but they say they are stable in the hospital. former vice-president joe biden in old city today receiving a live long learning award at whhy. fresco user emma sending us the video from the even event. the host of fresh air interview biden on stage. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. >> thank you very much iain much ridley high school administrators changed their minds after a fox 29 report and viral facebook post. we told you last night how they wouldn't let students wear an orange ribbon to graduation.
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those ribbons honor a student who passed away from leukemia in eighth grader of the would have graduated today. the student let students -- the school let students who wanted to wear the ribbon do so. what was the big deal original originally? well the school has a strict dress code for graduation and said the ribbons did violate it. all right. sean bell i have to say i'm still celebrating the dubs incredible victory. >> of course, because they wouldn't last night there's whole bunch of ridiculous hot takes today. lebron james said something in post game press conference that had me rolling my eyes and scratching my head. what he said and why it's so, so ridiculous next in my sports commentary.
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apartment building that is completely consumed. it broke out hours ago. witnesses say they have been hearing people shouting for help from the inside hundreds of
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firefighters on the scene at least 40 fire engines. now eyewitnesses are reporting that absolutely heartbreaking scene where in fact residents are screaming from the top of that building and even in the evening they can see flashlights being flashed and they knew that people were up there but there was no way to get to them. metropolitan police are saying that's the london police force by the way are saying that they are treating a range of injuries here. so it is obviously has burn out of control it continues on as i said that is a live mc cher from london england our prayers go out to all of them. sean bell, thanks lebron james -- thinks lebron james is living in fantasy world. he thinks the king is a little nuts. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ i don't believe i play for super team. i don't believe in that. >> okay. >> um, i don't believe we're a super team here. >> are you kidding me lebron? are you kidding me? i'm not the guy whose going to kill lebron for losing to team that is clearly better than the cavs much especially average a triple double but this statement right here is absolutely bon kerrs. lebron you play for super team for the last seven years of your career. what do you think the team you had in miami was? that team had four hall of famers three of which were in the their pile and ray allen was the best shooter in all of basketball much not one, not two, not three. you remember that statement? you made that because you knew you had a super team in your hands. after that, you moved back to chief land and created another
11:26 pm
soup squatter. cyrie irving is all star, gold medalist and future of hall of fame. kevin love as much as people hate on the guy he's all star himself and a future hall of famer, too. idea lebron has never played for super team is ridiculous. this year he just played for one that was even more super. lucy? >> all right, thank you sean. first family has the power to move merchandise sunday first lady mel len ya and barron trump moved full name into the white house. barron was sporing the t-shirt with the word the expert on it. it's from j crew it sold out online. it's 29.50. there you have it. >> we are back here at 4am for "good day philadelphia". sue serio, bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered all morning. have yourself a great night.
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switch now at announcer: today on "tmz." harvey: cavs didn't just lose last night but lebron's legacy may be tarnished. van: according to game. >> the best player in the world is michael jordan. after that, it's kobe. evan: really good video of crazy stuff. the streets, people are going crazy. >> it's funny. when kevin durant takes a sip of beer and immediately spits it out. >> he doesn't drink. >> a lot of black people don't drink beer. van: a lot of black people don't drink beer? where the hell you hanging out? >> kourtney kardashian is in miami. she's putting on her pants. look at her heart-shaped butt. harvey: she's getting in the kelly: she's getting in the game in the fourth quarter. seriously. >> bow wow found himself in another internet controversy so he posts a video of 50 girls running after him. >> does he sit outside justin bieber's hotel and when bieber comes out -- kelly: we found somebody to


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