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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 20, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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hey, good day everybody it is tuesday, june the 20th, 2017. karen hepp joinses couch. >> good morning, karen. >> good morning. >> you join it, joins us on the couch. >> yes. >> yes. barbie's man ken has a new look, ken's in longer just a blue eyed guy, look at that blonde hair. >> yes. >> that is pretty good hair. >> getting better hair, better hair styles. >> so, there is a new diverse line of ken's. >> ten, 10 available today but 15 or 12. >> it sound like ate bachelore
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tte. >> oh, yeah. >> winter's coming, and i know you are like what, it is summer. temperatures may be in the 80 's and summer may start tomorrow but it is snowing in one part of the area new exhibit that will cool you down at philadelphia zoo, and plus, it is last day of school >> let's go. >> ♪ >> that is a great scene, it has become iconic, almost. >> well, greatest moment, count down to the end and then fun starts, you don't to have do homework, you don't to have worry about going to bed early my kid are in that mode. my kid had their last day just other day, this is bus stop. so sad for a bus stop crew because number of those boys right there are moving away and we will last time we will
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be together. >> where are they going. >> up to new york, up there. >> what are your boys. >> there is pop sickle day. >> enjoying that. >> that was best part. >> kelen. >> so cute. >> that video that is for high school musical. >> right. >> yes. >> high school musical two. >> who was the guy. >> corry blue. >> yes. >> whatever happened to him. >> i don't know what he is up to nowy haven't heard from him in a long time. >> wanted to see your school photos just like karen use the #fox 29 good day to get on the air right away. what drives a man to cheat in your relationship. >> i'm sure you will think of like the explanations, maybe he is not fulfill. >> lets go through some excuse s that you have heard from men, over the years why they cheat. >> nod ready for a relationship. >> not getting what he needed from his significant other. >> yes. >> karen.
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>> daddy issues. >> daddy issues. >> not ready to settle down, but men are really shallow, quite frankly. >> yes. >> this new survey. >> who did they interview. >> 2,000 adulters, i don't know how you find them, these people walking around saying i'm a adulterer. >> or they asked if they ever cheated and then asked them why they cheated. >> i would think it is pretty heavy reason. second most common reason for cheating what's motional reasons. men said they were in the getting what they needed from their partner. the third most common reason. >> makes you think about usher 's song, leave one i with i would go home at night and all i could think about the girl, confessing to it, yes, all of the problems. usher song. >> third most common reason the partner isn't giving them enough sex. >> um-hmm. >> because they have kid, trying to keep their life,
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their job, so busy, and, you knowy thought that was going to be number one you weren't getting enough sex you wanted to get sex from somebody else. >> is what number one. >> i'm too embarrassed to say, do you want it. >> yes, would i like to know. >> 2,000 people surveyed. >> okay. >> number one reason they cheated on their loved one is because the other woman was hotter. >> oh, god. >> it is no the that they are hotter they are so hot. for men it is because they before there old line about why did you come because it is there because they were there. it was easy. i could. and just attracted. it is in the moment. it is in the like they are hotter then your wife but hot woman right there see her and get that opportunity and you have a cocktail too much, like that is it. >> there is a bowl of mack and cheese sitting there, i will eat it. >> it looks good to me that would be good. >> i understand people say, that men are simple when it
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comes to things that they want sit that simple when it comes to cheating because they are hot. all it takes. do we have any restraint? do we have any restraint. just because is there ice cream doesn't mean i will grab it and eat it because it is there. >> i don't know what flavor sit. >> it is worse, all of the men we know famous actors arnold schwartsenager and they mess with people who are not even hot like the cleaning hot. >> that is just available. >> the cleaning lady can be hot. >> in this case it wasn't. >> my current cleaning woman vice attractive. >> beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> it is true, he liked her. >> i go to my relationship advice from a guy i know for years, our photographer mike greenwich. >> he keeps it real. >> are you surprised, number three reason mike was not getting enough sex at home. >> um-hmm. >> no, number three was not getting enough sex. >> i thought that was number two. >> number two was not having enough emotional contact, not getting what you need
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emotionally. >> yes. >> number one was somebody hot right here i will have sex with her. >> i'm not buying any of those , mike, it happens because it is convenient. i told you earlier men cheat because women say yes. if women stop saying yes you wouldn't have a problem with men cheating. it is that simple. you can step out all you want but if there is no place to step to you can't cheat you have to go back home. that is bottom line. >> isn't there always a woman that will say yes and other woman that will sellout other woman that doesn't respect. >> is there always a woman that says yes. what i'm saying is it has nothing to do whether she's hot, it has nothing to do whether you get enough sex at home, in of that matters f i man wants to go out and find something on the side he will find something on the side. as long as there is somebody that will make it convenient for him they will make it convenient for him. the age may have a difference. when you are younger who cares whether she's hot or not you
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want to have something to lay with tonight you know what i mean. it doesn't matter to a young guy. sex is brand new to him. he is just having a good time. he doesn't care whether she's hot or not. so, that whole idea, that she was hot i just don't buy ity don't know if i agree with that completely. >> but you are not in that age standard at all. >> the 18 to 24 years old young man is who i'm talking about, mikey don't remember these days. >> you are more refined now, mike. >> yes. >> you want what you want now, it is different. >> it is right, a fine wine. >> i'm just thinking about it, it is that simple, just because they are hot. >> they are attractive. >> but let's face it, you guys get attracted to a lot of things easily. there is a lot of things you encounter every day that you get excited by. if we were to base it off of
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that, men must cheat multiple times a day. how many times do you walk down the street and see somebody nice looking. >> trust me, alex, there are men who treat multiple times a day. >> yes. >> i don't know why you women act like y'all so surprised like that there is guys that cheat multiple times a day and they go home and lay next to the girl like is there nothing wrong at all. >> i know people like that. >> he says it so matter of factually. >> i can, i was in the one of those guys. i could not do that. but i don't think mike, he wouldn't do it now. >> aim not that guy either. i'm married. hold on, let's be clear i'm a happily married guy, there is no cheating going on in my household. i'm just telling you, i know plenty of dudes, hung out and i have seen it, you know what i mean, and karen hit it when she said, air held in schwartsenager, his house keeper was not hot. >> yes. >> you can say what you want. >> but she was there.
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>> but she was there. this is a guy who can have anybody that he wants. >> yes. >> he has plenty of money, he can get anybody he wants. >> there is just no hope. >> again, this is why i go to mike for my relationship advice. >> oh, yeah. >> you go to advice from mike you know you are getting it real, very matter of factually >> mike, is what secret then for you either self regulating , because you are out there photographer, people see you, follow you, very social guy. to just going home. sit your wife or me. >> in my opinion, it is you. if a man doesn't cheat it is because a man doesn't want to cheat. it has nothing to do with his wife, home wife, you could be happiest guy in the world and still go out and cheat. i have seen guys who do it. you know what i mean? some guys just like variety, you know what i mean. i think -- >> something i called
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situational ethics. you shouldn't be doing it. some guys don't cheat because they don't have the opportunities to cheat, you know what i mean. if it was right there in front of them i wonder what decision they would make. situational awareness. >> i agree, mike. there are guys that don't have the opportunity to cheat but i also say a guy who doesn't have the opportunity to cheat is probably a smart guy because he is keeping himself out of trouble. >> good one. >> you know what i'm saying. if you don't put yourself in the situation too give yourself an opportunity to cheat, you are probably doing yourself a favor. >> mike, thank you very much. >> sage. >> a lot of wisdom. >> anybody have relationship issues i'm always available to help out. >> are you on twitter for guys that need advice. >> i'm on twitter, mike classic pro, on twitter and that is on instagram. >> he is a good follow. >> oh, yeah, mike classic pro. >> yes. >> i have been pretty well
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trained. >> by, who. >> just -- >> women. >> where i don't look at women on the street anymore when i'm with my women. >> it took you how many years of getting beaten down. you figured this out in the last year. >> wait a minute, not even not a quick second glance. >> not anymore. >> i don't have a issue with that as long as you are not touching you can do a second look and just keep walking. >> you don't mind. >> no, not really. yeah, she's cute. >> yes. >> that is not true you only would do that if she's with you right next to you. any other circumstances you know that happens. >> at lee i do the i'll walk by and pretend aim looking for a bus, turnaround. >> you play it off. >> checking out customs house. >> i did get busted the other day walking down walnut street , and from a half a block away you could see this
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woman coming. man she was dressed. it was hot. it was 95 degrees, halter top. you can see her. half a block away. maybe a block away. i'm walking. >> with this what, what. >> this woman. >> and the whole time, she knows i saw her too, from way down. here she comes, woman coming right here. what is he going to do what is mike going to do. i made a fatal mistake. >> mike. >> i could not control my eye balls. i was trying to go over here. she walk by i did one of those , i got you. >> caught. >> you should just fine some random object like a streetlight or a window sign and just focus on. that you know she's coming, all right, moment of truth she's coming. >> like yoga, find the dristy. >> yes, next time that would
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help. >> it has happened and i did not look. i didn't go left or right. looked straight ahead. i slammed in the pole. >> a glance is okay but if you turn the head and stuff, that is too much. quick eye, you know, our eyes move. >> yes. >> wow, what was that. >> i was walk buying shoe store the other day and there was a woman putting out shoes in the window. i i said look at those shoes. you are looking at would the man putting the shoes out. >> maybe trying to cover up your looking. >> i'm always looking at would the man, not the shoes. >> now i can never go back to the shoe store. >> didn't we say he is learning not to look. >> yes. >> i'm trying not to learn. >> you are in the process. >> i'm in the process. >> yes. >> like sixers. >> so lets get to these barbie , new ken dolls are out, there is about 10 of them. is what idea matel is trying
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to be more diverse. >> these are your options, barbie, all of the new men out there these are ken's of the future. highlight different body types and they come with every hair color, get a ken with corn row s. >> i see them. >> or ken with the man bun. >> yeah. >> two of them with the man bun. >> he can be caucasian, african-american, latino or asian or mixed. different body types. is there all kind of ken. >> where is the mike bloated guy he even has shade. >> is what real interesting about this because in the pennsylvania and karen should remember this, barbie, you had barber and they introduced another race or different type she would be barbie's friend. it is black barbie i would have but barber's friend. these are all ken dolls. not ken's friend tom, or ken's friend gain, all within ken. >> i like this. >> yes. >> i agree. >> long time coming. >> for sure. >> but man bunny don't know the man bun trend will last, the fact that we have ken doll
9:15 am
>> is there two of them, at lee one too many, you know. >> that man bun thing will go out soon. >> they can change them up, as styles change. >> look at that why if there are ken's why can't they have a bunch of barbie's. >> they already released that. >> is there a black barbie now >> there has been a black barbie but they have a -- >> she was christie. >> when i was younger christie 's barbie's friend. >> why are you looking like that. >> is barbie now just original barbie from the 50's or is there different races of barbie now. >> i think there are different races. >> megan, help. >> yes, can you please. >> i met would the man who invented barbie. was it a woman? i think it was a woman. >> wasn't she living in germany here. >> no, i have met her. >> we have to research that too. >> we have to look this up. >> we have been warned to come back on that one.
9:16 am
>> not that we don't believe you mike because you have met everyone. >> i didn't like barbie, i was more stuffed animal person. you can be whatever it is, it doesn't have to be things it is a bear, giraffe. >> plus barbie was frightening to me as a little boy, my sister had barbie's, what is this. >> barbie made her first appearance in 1959 and american business woman ruth handler but she used german doll called bill lily as her inspiration. we're bet right, but ruth handler. >> you hung out with her. >> i have met ruth handler. >> she's dead now but in the 90's she came on a tv show i was doing. when did she die 1986. >> no, 2002. >> yeah, there are, there are barbies. >> of different races. >> yes, i'm trying to pull it up. >> that is barbie. >> they are called barbie
9:17 am
fashionista. >> so there are barbies. >> i'm sure there are others too. >> very nice. now ken is catching up for every barbie there is now a ken doll. >> isn't that lovely. >> just beautiful. former first lady michelle obama men for her arms, of course, very fit, healthy living, she's tried to tell us we all should live more healthy life styles. she is still working out even though she left white house. she posted a series of instagram photos she has 14 million followers by the way, michelle obama wrote when i was at white house i hosted boot camp weekend for my close girlfriend. it didn't math their they were all at very fitness levels. our boot camp weekend were reminder if you want to keep taking care of others we need to take care of ourselves, first. >> i think it is so neat she had boot camp with her girlfriend can you imagine being part of the gang lets
9:18 am
get my girl friend coming over to the white house, work out. >> can you imagine. >> it is easier to work out with your friend because you can talk, and take your mine off pain. >> did we see michelle obama planning. >> yes. >> sit all pictures, no video. >> there she is. >> look at that one. >> look at those arms. >> since she was like in the white house people always talk about her toned arms and how amazing they looked. >> were you looking got other night. i was honored to with you as you were honored by the african-american chamber of commerce of pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, not just one state, three states, this is the 2017 millennial influence era ward. you are a millennial who are influencing, people in the delaware valley. it was really cool. >> i was just, honored that they thought of me and they
9:19 am
decided to do that. this is part of the conference and trying to encourage and inspire other people in the community to do great things and mike, you came, real nice because i didn't go by my yourself. >> i was your dad. >> no. >> with you then they asked him to speak, you know, it is going to go badly when mike says, everyone in here is 21 and over, right. oh, geese. >> i walked in can you say a few word. what? >> no, i do a lot better now that i'm not drinking alcohol, right. >> yes, yes. >> you are still funny, punchy self. >> but there was. >> give him a grade, c plus. >> no, people were rolling on the floor, it was just very risque. >> well, it was pennsylvania academy of fine arts, my first time going in the building. >> beautiful building the sculptures, everything was amazing. >> they have giant stone
9:20 am
sculptures have basically men with their arms cut off and legs cut off and name. the biggest statue. >> hold on, like anxious greece. >> biggest statue of david i have ever seen in my whole life. >> that is papa. >> they have piecible kingdom over there, with all of the animals and they are all people coming together, yes. >> in this room with this cocktail party, it is lined with naked men. >> we need to meet upright there. >> they don't talk. >> you would be drinking, oh, hello. >> it makes for good selfies. >> i did take some interesting pictures. >> oh, yeah. >> quite the event we should go back. >> beautiful place. >> thank you very much. >> they are doing a lot of great things they want to help others in the area so i will be mentioning some of the stuff on the show in the upcoming weeks. >> alex holley gives some of the best speeches ever. most speeches at charity
9:21 am
events is very boring. third speech i have heard you give that was really good. i was actually listening. >> yes. >> and... >> wow. >> and a tear. >> really. >> probably because i mentioned. >> when you started to talk about my started crying. >> never mind i speak about the things i have overcome to get here but it is the part. >> typical man. >> tell me burr self. >> who brought the white guy. >> they, they didn't. >> did you see this this makes me sick. they are the cutest couple, jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez, anyway, they just got back from a trip to paris, have you seen the pictures of them in paris. so in love, one day she wore a $99 outfit, next day $5,000 outfit. >> we have picks.
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it is 9:25 on this tuesday , school's out for summer. >> we want to see your photos. >> i love this. >> this is from melissa howard , sophie's last day of first grade look at her crossing her legs, you go girl >> she's in charge. >> really. >> last night in winslow township new jersey, middle school eighth grade, 360 students. cute. >> thank you, wayne for that. >> so i'm jealous. i was going to say i'm jealous alex rodriguez and jennifer lopez they have a darn good life. they have wrapped up their vacation to paris. >> oh, look at them. >> vacation. >> yes. >> it is a vacation. >> look at this. >> yes. >> they are having a great time. >> the couple visited, you know, the louvre, the eiffel tower. look at this, a night on the town. >> oh, god. >> he is so cool. >> he is a sharp dresser. >> yes.
9:26 am
>> look at that. >> dripping in gold. >> our balcony in paris. >> oh, barf. >> they go to the louvre and he -- she's looking at mona lisa and takes a picture from behind her. you know, behind her head, looking at the mona lisa. you are more beautiful. everybody is more beautiful then mona lisa but... >> stop it. >> mona lisa looks like she has got gas. >> some people thought that it was a self portrait. >> it was. >> maybe she was just bored. >> she was first traffic reporter of good day philadelphia, mona lisa. >> you have been creeping. >> i have been creeping. >> one night she said oh, this is a $99 outfit. then next day she went out in this gucci outfit that was $4,000. >> look at you. >> that gold. >> dripping in gold. >> dripping in gold. >> you pay attention. >> well yeah, i'm jealous. >> and then, so how did they
9:27 am
get home. >> yeah. >> well, they didn't fly commercial, private jet and he takes this picture as they are leaving, the video, they are leaving paris, so they are over france and he scrolls you can write on videos, a uvoir. >> oh, puke. >> if they sat next to the plane flying commercial can you imagine the commotion and everything it is j lo. >> but i'm just jealous. >> well, aren't you guys going on vacation soon. >> yes. >> pretty nice. >> you know how to vacation. >> it will be all right. >> i'll somalia picks. >> take picks like that, you know with. >> with mickey and mini. >> yes. >> there we go. >> it is, thomas. >> that is thomas drayton. >> they to look so much alike. >> absolutely right. >> yes. >> when i watch the news at
9:28 am
4:00 in the morning i think i'm looking at j lo and alex rodriguez, karen hepp and alex rodriguez. >> very sweet, thank you. >> lets get to the zoo. >> we want to go for wintertime at zoo. >> no, summer. >> it is winter, look at that, there is snow. >> are you nuts. >> jenny joyce, in minneapolis >> i know, guys, it is june and i'm going down a snow tube , wow.
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>> ♪ >> winter. >> yes, as karen would say, win is her coming. >> game of thrones, well, we have a game of thrones over there, at our zoo.
9:32 am
>> yes, we haven't lost our minds. we know tomorrow's the first day of summer. but for jenny joyce, it is winter. >> reporter: i'm still catching my breath after that ride. wow that was awesome. so it is a 20-foot high slide, right, lawyer. >> gym ' by laura houston from the philadelphia zoo. all part of the new exhibit called winter. >> welcome to winder wonder lands, chance to celebrate some winter fun in the middle of the summer. 20-foot high slide, 120 feet long. >> we have to show you what else is going on, this exhibit actually opened up last weekends. so it is new. it is open seven days a week. this is in addition to the actual entry cost for the zoo. society it is $10 during the week, $12 on the weekend, discount for members. what's happening over here, laura. >> our snowball area. everybody loves to throw snowballs, one of the first things we do when little kids, pick up the snow, throw snowballs. so set up target for kids to be able to throw snowballs at and have the chance to, yes,
9:33 am
you know, check out the skills, never know, phillies might need to recruit, just have the chance to just have a lot of fun making and throwing snowballs. >> how cool. so our kinds models here, i believe they are a all interns, college age, what age >> it could be as little as can throw. on the slide it is a restriction of 40 inches to be able to slide down our big slide. but we do have smaller slide for littles. in this area, as long as you can throw, you can throw a snowball. >> okay, so inside we're going into the play snow zone, right, lawyer? >> exactly. >> what a great idea. everybody is sweating in the summer. you can come here, escape the summer heat, actually jump into the snow. this is real snow. this is 100% real snow. this is frozen water, real snow. nothing added. so, it is that chance to really be able to celebrate what we love so much about winter, in july. and august. i mean, we all love the snow. i mean, sometimes as adult we get cranky with the shovel, and the ice on the road, so
9:34 am
you don't have any of that negative, only the positive fun of the snow. >> i was going to say that, no hassle, come here, just enjoy every fun aspect of snowfall here. wow, very, very nice snow castle, we have going on. >> snow castles and igloos going on, for the little guy who can't go on the smile, smaller slide. what's the target age for this? >> we certainly want to be included i have to our little friends. so this is, you know becomes five years and younger, i mean, we had somebody the other day go down with their little one, little tiny baby. just a gentle little slope. so certainly fun for any of our little folks. >> a gentle little slope with these adorable little sleds over here. how cute are they? i love it. so this is great. and i was wondering while up there, the sun was beaming down on us. it doesn't melt. >> no, it doesn't. it doesn't melt. it does melt little bit. we do make new fresh snow every night. so we do have any melt, okay, make moreover night.
9:35 am
>> awe s love this, guys. just to let you know i did break some of the rules, wearing open tow shoes, i didn't know i wasn't allowed when i went down the slide, so if you want to come here plan ahead, make sure you're wearing closed tow shoes. some people even suggest wearing a jacket or sweater, also chilly. but honestly feels really good. and also, buy your particular nets advance, because you'll get time slot of two hour span of when you your @ loud to comen with the ticket. so do that on line? >> absolutely. the closed tow shoes for everybody's safety. i might need a jacket which would be a lot of fun in the middle of july to have to have something that you need a jacket for. >> how fun. you guys might have to have some competition what can be made with the snow. they're pretty talented. >> i think so. i think it is amazing what they're able to achieve. couple of buckets, little imagination. >> so fun. well the slide i think is my favorite, mike, alex, karen. >> i like it, too. is this the first year they've done this, jenny? >> yes, the first year.
9:36 am
>> i love the idea. >> they've done anything like this. >> such a great idea. >> how soon will you be there with your three boys. >> i am thinking 12:30 today. >> great relief from the heat. >> great idea. >> wonderful idea. >> wait a second. >> this might be problem kelly's last, kelly's classroom. >> because the last day of school. >> well, make it big, baby. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> you got it, gang. good morning shall everybody, no more homework. no more books. no more teacher dirty looks. this is the last day of school. we are live for the last day of the year party. yahoo. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play
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>> good morning, everybody, it is the last day of school. and we're here! >> we're here at the marple -- marple newtown school district, the very last day of school. >> how many kids do you have here? >> about 36 a kids. >> fabulous school year? >> great community, in the heart of newtown. >> tell me about the brick t-shirts all of the kids have on. >> year we are we come up with a theme, last year taking it, this year we have this. >> franky is our gym teacher here. >> welcome. >> our kids are enjoying the celebration, they put the hard
9:41 am
work in they believed in each other, we had a message with grit, love and grit, we can accomplish anything. >> got to love it. all right, go back down the line, the kids excited. but you know what? the teachers have to be just as excited. they're all lined up here, getting ready for the very last day of school. jared, we will spin around here, first of all, your name, what grade? >> ashley, i teach fourth grade. >> fourth grade watch are you going to do this summer? >> i'm getting married. >> ashley is getting married. (cheers). >> and all the kids are invited to the wedding! (cheers). >> what is your name and grade? >> my name is kelly, i teach second grade. >> what are you going to do for this summer? >> i'm going to disney world and i'm going to catch up on my sleep. >> going to disney world. who wants to go to disney warmed? oh. well, again, they got the shirt, that that we've got grit. i was able to squeeze into a
9:42 am
kids small. >> so proud of myself getting into the kids small here so if we could have the principal, let's ends this up in our cheer, because guess what? at the end of school, what are we going to do during the summer? we're going to day camp, right? so next week we kick off camp kelly where we go to the camps, john, if you can get them going with our chant. go ahead. >> boys, girls our last chant of the year. on me. we are, we are, we are, have a great summer, bob. >> you got t have a great summer, everybody. who says -- hey, everybody go home early today. what do you say? (cheer injuries). >> back to you guys, let the summer begin. >> jen, back to you. >> thank you, bob. all right, we have chef, chef,
9:43 am
and another want to be chef. say hi to our friends, that came to visit us from buena, new jersey, and we're going to make some wings, with some peaches. >> with some peaches. >> epic. chef and the other chef. >> and some burbon.
9:44 am
mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> brian, brian wilson's birthday from the beach boys, 75 years, i'm looking at those waves, and they're rocking
9:46 am
today. surf's up. >> we'll finds out the weather in 15 seconds. >> 9:46. >> enjoy the last day of spring, because you know what happens really, really early in the morning tomorrow? summer, summer solsus, official 12:24 a.m., wednesday, june 21, so this is it for spring time. we have the colds front come through yesterday. it is not going to be cool today. it will be appropriately warm. no more rain along the jersey shore. we've got 76 degrees, in philadelphia, 64, mount pocono, 75, in dover, delaware. and breezes are now coming out of the west, instead of the southwest. so that eases things up little bit. it is preallot pretty breezy, 14 miles per hour winds, we have the ever so slight
9:47 am
possibility of having a heatwave. because 90 degrees on sunday, and it was 90 degrees yesterday. today, we're going with 87. but it is not out of the question that we would hit 09 degrees, close enough. and, then, we stay in the 80s, is it thursday, late thunderstorms after we hit zero nine on friday, mid eight's with first weekend of summer, alex, car glenn thank you, sue. >> definitely go going to feel like summertime for sure. jen helping us all morning take our food from the farm to the table. and she has not one chef but two helping her right now, hey, jen. >> i have to say, executive chef james has been here all morning long if you are watching on instagram, you know how we got this gorgeous apron, good morning. >> morning. >> what are we making? >> doing wings, tossed in peach burbon sauce. >> i like it. so that's one of the things, chef, we talked about, as i said, okay, i know that, you know, how to make some food. but i wanted you to use the
9:48 am
stuff from the farm market, and new jersey farm markets in general. give us something unique. >> so making peach burbon wing sauce? >> peach burbon wing sauce. >> what's in it? >> there are some peaches. so yesterday we walked through, we saw what was fresh on the market, peaches looked great. peach cobbler, peach pie, we want something different. >> yes. >> everybody lovings wings. >> yes. >> that's right. >> all dow is wing, wing, wing, no matter what. >> uh-huh. so we're going to do this true, the wing kitchen fashion here put big flavors. first, we have shallots. >> you do pop up every once in a while when only like 4,000 people show up. >> a pop up and it is crazy called the wing kitchen. >> okay. >> we do chef driven wings, everything fresh. so we have some jalapino. >> i asked this question off camera. do i need more fresh hal pin ya in my kitchen? you. >> need it. they last long time. so versatile. use them on different things. >> like a week two, weeks. >> can last two weeks east. >> i okay.
9:49 am
>> add spice, add fruit i necessary to it. >> oh, nice. >> so we have our fresh peaches here, add garlic. >> lovely. >> some brown sugar. >> yes. >> you know i like the brown sugar. >> add little burbon to that. >> oh, yes. >> burbon in the kitchen, careful, don't pour from the booth. >> why? >> because sometimes the flame will travel up the bottle and do you have throw it like a molotov cocktail. >> thank you for that tip, chef. >> so little chicken stock. >> okay. >> and it is okay that the brown sugar is just clump in? >> we'll have our whisk here, and we'll whisk it up. >> who doesn't have a which ising in their kitchen? >> thank you, james. >> add little corn starch, cold water to it. >> milk, the consistency you look for. >> once that summers up like that, looks like this, all beautiful, glaze i. >> we have friends that came to visit us from bound a do you want to try something? come on over. >> look at that. so we have our perfectly
9:50 am
roasted chicken wings in there. >> super yummy. >> now we're at a farm market. so when you're at the wing kitchen? >> the wing kitchen. >> okay. usually little fancier. >> i'll hold onto this like a real helper. >> fresh herbs on there, lovely. >> fancy pants. no wonder you won chopped. >> try one. >> try one of those. >> see how it goes. yes. yes. yes. executive chef james, i'm glad we got to you talk on tv. >> i'm glad you got me to talk to you, jen. >> yummy? >> newly retired? >> nice kick to it. >> awesome. >> thanks for coming to visit us from bound a i said it right, right? >> thanks for your help. >> we do it, camden county technical schools, wing chip, we do it big here. >> and my sue chef. >> bye, giles. oh, and a school bus. >> right on cue. >> some viewers were like, he's amazing, great personality.
9:51 am
>> wonderful. okay, he is a new dad, new cd he has new name. what? >> what we should be calling jz from now on. what? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:52 am
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> looks like somebody graduated. congratulations. it is the last day of school for a lot of people. is that kevin mccarthy? >> awe, so cute, pre k to eighth grade. >> adorable. >> really good. >> first and last day of high school. drexel bound. congratulations. first day of school versus last day of school. oh, finish kinder garth glenn perfect attendance. nicely done. look at these shirt all done for school for these, my daughter will make her and her girlfriends matching shirts, too school for kinder garden.
9:55 am
first grade here i come. >> too cool. >> i love it. >> tomorrow, well, that's horrifying, tomorrow, we're going to have a pool party in honor of the if i day every summer, first day of sum letter kick in while you're sleeping, see you at 9:00 tomorrow fourth and marketment we will get in the poolment and we have a special, special appearance, by a special guest lifeguard. >> oh. >> think bay watch. >> okay. >> uh-huh. >> did you hear about jay-z? he's a lot going on. reportedly welcomed twins, right, new albumn coming out and he's charging his name again. >> what? >> so, this is after he dropped the hyphen from his name, remember that, now we just say jay-z, now he's bringing it back, and if you're in going to spell his name you need to spell it in all caps. so that's what want. all caps, jay-z. >> think he's having mid life crisis in. >> maybe about to roll out something, new product, wasn't
9:56 am
to have the name corresponds with it? >> well, you know, he has 99 problems but name ain't one. >> well, it is one, he's going back and forth. >> that's true, he's can't make up his minds. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> from two, three summers ago, god i loved that song. >> apparently someone asked her about her friendship with taylor swiftment and she got -- put her foot in her mouth with her response. >> what did she say. >> told uk outlet quote there are certain places you can't go together, certain things you can't do, different set of considerations with a friendship. she said it is like having a friends with a autoimmune disease. yikes. ya. so, a lot of people ripped her, okay, you're being insensitive here specially like selena gomez, friends with taylor swift, and she has lupus. >> well, odd. >> so she responded, lawyered -- saying she was sorry for being so insensitive. but i like their names >> that's true.
9:57 am
>> oh, come on, i didn't get that. >> they should do a campaign together or something, make some money offer of it. >> because they don't ever shop at lord and taylor but karen probably does. >> i like lord and tailor. >> i do too, but mine would be cosco. >> oh, get out. cosco and taylor. oh, it is the first, the last day of school. i feel like getting out of here. let's go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, you two. put on some spandex and let's get the heck out of here. >> it is time to go. >> see you, pool party! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:58 am
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy. >> wendy: thanks for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. yes! how you doin? okay. let's get


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