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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a 17-year-old was swimming with some friends in a lake. got swept away in a current. this is right off wescott avenue. happened about an hour ago. you can see this is an all out search and involves local police and state police. local fire department as well. all part of this right now out there looking for this teenager. so as this continues to break, we will bring you the new information. live look outside our old city studios. big rain was moving through our area and we now know these storms have knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. peco says 29,000 customers have no power in philadelphia and montgomery counties. that's just peco. ac electric 1400 customers with no power in camden county. thank you for joining us on this busy night. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's get started with your weather authority and fox 29's meteorologist kathy orr. >> what a day indeed these storms firing up on ultimate doppler earlier this afternoon, and they did move through parts
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of south jersey including central jersey trenton and hamilton township. don't know if that's related to that breaking news but the storms did move through there within the past two hours. all this severe weather heading toward southern burlington county into the southern part of ocean county right toward lbi and garden state parkway where you see the bright reds and that magenta. downpours associated with these severe storms and damaging winds in excess of 60 miles an hour. on ultimate doppler you can see that severe thunderstorm warning still in effect for the southern part of burlington county and also ocean county including long beach island until 6:15 this afternoon. if anyone is down the shore on lbi of give them a call. tell them to get inside and wait until the dangerous storms pass through staffed for eaglesville and little egg harbor township lightning streaks and downpours with these particular storms. damaging winds will continue to persist. they are moving toward the east at 40 miles an hour and these storms will be near long beach
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by 6:10 and beach haven by 6:19 once again a severe thunderstorm warning in effect including long beach island until 6:15. these storms have a history of 60 to 70 miles an hour. multiple reports of trees and wires down in pennsylvania and new jersey and also heavy rain with some flooding some ponding on area roads. we'll continue to track the storms have the latest on trap cal storm cindy coming up later in the broadcast. >> all right. kathy, thanks. now to a controversy at a burlington county lutheran church former teachers aid at a pre-school is under investigation for alleged sex abuse. >> two teachers lost their jobs and the husband of one of the teachers is raising questions. jeff cole. >> burlington county prosecutor confirms the investigation into the former aid at the hainesport, new jersey, church is on-going and while the aid is long gone from the church school, a parent of a young alleged victim wants faster action. pastor jost, come out and talk to me for a quick minute here.
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it's an important issue. can you talk to me, sir. >> excuse me? >> pastor david jost would not meet with when you say we arrived to ask questions about the on-going probe. fox 291st roar add young male teachers aid was locked out of the church in december when state investigators came to st. paul's to look into allegations of sexual abuse of students as young as five. a barn says several students have told their parents of touching by the former aid who worked in the rejoice christian school now renamed the little tree pre-school. the investigation is being run by the new jersey state police and the burlington county prosecutor who called fox 29 wednesday to say the investigation remains open. a parent who says her son has told her he was touched by the aid and has spoken with investigators tells fox 29 i am very disgusted by the length of the investigation given the fact the alleged perpetrator has not been a arrested. fox 29 is not naming the former
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aid because he's not been char charged. there was no answer at his door wednesday but earlier this year, a man in the home confirmed the investigation. >> we understand that mr. bleep is under investigation by the state police. >> yes, glees and burlington -- >> that's official investigation in progress. >> he is under investigation? >> now, controversy has faired again. dawn sutton former board member at the school says his wife a teacher there was let go along with another instructor last week. the reason, low end control many. he's not buying it. >> they remove the cancer. being the teachers that were involved in the initial complaint. >> sutton says his wife did not witness sexual activity but was not comfortable with what she saw. >> can't have kids sitting on your lap even though you might, n might be a comforting thing at your house, um, it just -- there's guidelines that were put in mace for the safety of the church. >> reporter: again, yost would
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not speak with us some of the parents have sued the church and the parent organization jost says that's why he can't talk. i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> all right. jeff, thank you police in upper moreland montgomery county investigating the attempted luring of a 12-year-old boy. investigators say that that boy was walking near woodlawn and silver avenues when dark blue jeep pulled up and told the boy that he had permissio from his parents to drive him home. the 12-year-old boy ran and called the police. police say the jeep could be an older model liberty or patriot. >> always scary stuff. the search is on tonight for the person who gunned down a 26-year-old man outside a popular south jersey restaurant. >> police believe someone may have targeted the victim when those shots were heard this morning. let's get out to fox 29's dawn timmeney live in maple shade. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain and lucy, violent morning here the victim is identified as 26-year-old duvon young of willingboro. he work at this appliance store
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at al lb right next to the iron hill brewery. his killer is still on the loose after shooting the young man repeated many. people we spoke to today are feeling very uneasy that the killer has not been caught. >> i received a call to not come into the office. they were op lock down. >> theresa couldn't believe it her office and several other businesses on lock down after a murder across the parking lot from where she works in maple shade. the vick tom found shot to death behind the iron hill brewery and al bow appliance and mattress ross and north kings highway. >> it is disturbing. maple shade is a very quaint quiet town. and marl stop not too far from here. and again you just dope expect it anywhere around here. >> reporter: law enforcement from the maple shade police department and the burlington county prosecutor's office converging on the parking lot pouring over the evidence. the body remaining on the scene for hours. unnerving sight to nearby workers whose morning routine
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was turned upside down. june lee work at his family's dry cleaning business. he is shaken by what happened right out their back door. >> kind of a tragic and shocking to hear such a tragic event to happen nearby our store. >> reporter: police say the shooting was not random. that the victim was targeted. investigators telling everyone in the vicinity of of the deadly shooting not to worry although those we talk to won't rest easy until the kill is caught. >> you don't know what that person might going to do later or hurt someone else. >> suspect might return here again there might be kind of -- might be dangerous to us. >> reporter: again, the search continues for the gunman. anyone with information is asked to give police a call. a motive at this point still remains unclear. iain? >> all right, dawn, thank you. philadelphia da seth williams back in court today fox 29 cameras were there as ill williams made his way into federal court in center city. today prosecutors arguing that
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williams even stole tens of thousands of dollars from his own mother to pay his bills. williams is accused of taking bribes worth tens of thousands of dollars and in return provi providing legal favors. williams though denies any wrongdoing. the judge in bill cosby's indy september assault case just released the names. deadlocked jurors to the media as per their request the ruling may not answer the biggest question lingering over this blockbuster of a trial. the judge says jurors may not discuss what other jurors said during deliberations. prosecutors and defense had argued the names should be secret. philadelphia police are taking a hard look at their policies and practices. >> they inadvertently released an accused rapist. the man was on the loose for about 16 hours before they caught him again. our bruce gordon joins us in the studio to say, what happened, bruce? >> good question. philly police are blaming a clerical error for a big-time mistake that frankly could have ended very badly. russell allen brian had been
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held at the khuram from hold prison since may on rape charge dating back to last october. yesterday afternoon, police transported brian to the closed circuit or cctv operation at 18th district headquarters, 55 and pine to be arraigned on an unrelated theft case. somehow the paper work on the two cases got separated, and s so -- >> when he was deemed releasable on that secondary lesser offense, personnel from the cctv released him out right and he did in fact remain at large for some amount of time until he was apprehended again today. in the interim we did make contact with the victim of the sexual assault and we did take measures to ensure her safety in the interim. >> reporter: brian was caught around 9:30 this morning when he went to the drexel university police head quarters to talk to them about a case unrelated to that rape. police do not believe brian committed any crimes during the roughly 16 hours he was on the loose. but they are reviewing their
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procedures to make sure this kind of thing does not happen again. iain. >> let's hope so, bruce. thank you unless delaware, this rehoboth man charged with stealing a car police stopped 19-year-old james mulholland in lewes this morning they say he say a stole a chrysler sebring from a dealership. he's also accused of taking the car and stealing two radios and sets of keys from the high school. he's free on bond tonight. pennsylvania court ruling yesterday that would make police body and dam cash videos public could be short lived. state senator stewart green leaf is pushing legislation to nullify in ruling. the bill would give police departments discretion to refuse public requests to see them. governor tom wolf supports the legislation. taxi drivers at hahnemann hospital right now for somebody shot him this afternoon in fairmount. it happened along the 2900 block of ogden street. two men tried to rob the driver one of the help shot the 62-year-old. they got away with his phone and some cash. investigators trying to track
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down those two and cops say this guy unlocked -- opened unlocked car in kensington on monday and took off with somebody'sism pad. this was along the 500 block of west thompson street. they say he also got away with a couple of backpacks so reminder of course common sense really police say you got to lock your car and don't leave valuables in it. big announcement for bicyclists where you'll find pennsylvania's first designated bike route. all in all it's just a clock on the wall. it was stuck there for more than a decade. how it got back there in the first place. hold tom. >> iain, say hell throw markelle fultz. young man about to become the newest 76er but he says his greatest challenge won't be at the wells fargo center. find out where it will be later in sports.
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plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at ♪ >> breaking news out of mercer county, new jersey. skyfox is live over hamilton township. what you're looking at here are search and rescue efforts looking for a 17-year-old boy
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who was swimming with some friends in that lake right there and apparently some type of current swept him away. clearly it's an all hands on deck moment right now. time is of the essence. right off of wescott avenue. this happened about one hour ago. so you've got local police, state police and fire departme departments all right now searching for this 17-year-old. we're continuing to watch this as we get more we'll bring it to you. exciting news for bike riders in pennsylvania. penndot says the state is getting its first nationally designated bike route. it will be on route 50 it's 163 miles and will mostly follow off road trails including the great allegheny passage and the panhandle trail. so you may find your alarm clock a little annoying one familiar until pittsburgh has it much worse. >> their alarm clock is stuck in the wall and it's been ringin rg like work for 13 years. why? it all start the when homeowner jerylyn was trying to
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pass tv hook up wire through his living room wall. that's annoying. he thought the best way to mark the exact spot to drill was to tie a string to the alarm clock and then drop it through the air vent but then the clock fell. so now it has gone off at the same time every day you her it for 13 years. >> maybe three, four months it will run out of the battery. that was in september of 2004. [ laughter ] >> it is still going off every day. >> the clock's battery may die one day but for now, the lynns will live with that annoying beeping. >> like 2:00 in the morning it goes off. take the thing out of the wall stop the beeping. >> you'll have to open up the wall again it. >> exactly. i wouldn't deal with that for 13 years. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. >> awesome. >> live look at ocean city on the first day of summer. some severe storms making their way through the area over the past hour. meteorologist kathy orr with your forecast in 15 seconds.
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>> the storm still moving through fast and furious right now toward lbi. storms through ocean county and we do have another line of showers and some thunderstorms moving toward cape may and south jersey but they are not severe. just some rain that will be moving through a little bit later on this evening. as we take look along lbi through beach haven up to barnegat light we're seeing some very heavy rain and this is hail where you see the bright blew this is our hail tracker through little egg harbor township showing the intensity of the storms not just damaging winds but also some potential large hail with the severe storms. through barn nat light, lbi and down to beach haven very heavy rain with this wind so ponding on area roads and some flooding
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expected as well. take a look outside at doylestown right now. we had some significant trees down and wires down in parts of the doylestown, even pottstown and parts of upper bucks, upper montgomery earlier today. the storms have moved through and now we're beginning to dry out you can see those rain cooled temperatures pretty quiet amazing going from the 80 noose the 70s and the 60s this afternoon. pottstown at 69. reading at 75. philadelphia 73. millville still 85, no rain there. just yet. ocean city 73. being spared the rain at the moment. beach haven under the gun with some strong storms. the tomorrow cher is 69 degrees there. now we're turning focus to tropical storm cindy about to make landfall somewhere between eastern texas and western louisiana. this tropical storm expected to bring about six to nip inches of rain locally up to foot of rain along the gulf coast. it's only 125 miles southeast of galveston expected to make that landfall late tonight early tomorrow morning.
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then be inland western tennessee by friday afternoon and look at this the remnants algo all the way to the coast by saturday close to delaware and south jersey if you'll be down the shore the delaware beaches this weekend we could be seeing increased humidity, possibly additional showers and thunderstorms due to the remnants of cindy. we're keeping a careful eye on that. overnight tonight the low 68 degrees. once this rain clears, within the next couple of hours, high temperatures tomorrow going for 90. the second full day of summer won't disappoint. hot less humid and then the humidity kicks in with the heat for friday. take look at this the high 90 degrees with a few showers and storms. watching saturday as well with additional showers and storms possible. partly sunny sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday in the 80s. looking really good for the first week of the summer season. we'll send it over to you guys. >> there you go. >> thanks kathy. take it guys. take the while you can enjoy it but we're actually going to talk sports tonight with little flyers talk. >> love that. >> the flyers opening up that practice facility for a very
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special young man tonight. but it's the flyers who may have gotten the most out of it we'll explain why and from washington, d.c. to the university of washington to philadelphia. the very level headed markelle fultz on the challenges of being the topic in the nba draft coming up next in sports. pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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pro tip: gianraspberries for prices on produce. john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. ♪ oh does that process finally end tomorrow? 76ers almost as importantly the fans certainly hope so. in a little over 24 hour the nba draft will start. the sixers will be on the clock
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hoping to add final piece to years of just simply puzzling basketball. couldn't zen says they'll draft markelle fultz point guard from the university of washington. played only one year there but refreshingly said today that his biggest challenge in the nba will not be on the court. >> i think it's going to be more off court. just keeping the people that's not for me away and that's going to try to get stuff from me. i think that will be the biggest challenge. stuff on the court is hard work and dedication stuff i've been doing since i was little. on the court i don't think it will be any big a you had adjustment. >> 76ers have truste trusted the process. the phillies have to do so as well signed their topic adam ainsley from the university of washington. is there pressure to make an impact quickly with a struggling baseball team. >> personally i don't really like putting deadlines and trying to put expectations on myself. i'm just going to continue to do what i did, upping, this spring and the things i learned i'll try to, um, keep working on
6:25 pm
those things and kind of just you know bury my head and see what happens. >> sometimes in sports in life the right things happen. flyers made sure of that today. very special guest at their practice rink mark smith a young man with intellectual disability who's was brutally and unjustly attacked in late may. today the flyers did their part to make mark smith feel special. ♪ it was a day mark won't soon forget. he had the chance to spend a day with the flyers and they had a chance to put a smile on his face. >> two of our players who want to meet you. >> hey buddy. >> a chance to meet shane gostisbehere and antly to get his own autograph jersey and other flyers goodies. in a sport filled with wins and losses, today was a win/win. >> it was awesome. it was good to have him in here smiling ear to ear and just giving him his jersey really loves his jersey. >> the other flyers stuff won't be in mark's house for long. that's to understand mark smith. make it harder to understand why
6:26 pm
anyone would hurt him. >> the thing that caught me off guard the most was how he said right away he didn't want any of this stuff and he wanted to give it to little kids and make them just as happy as he was today and i think that really struck mimi inside. >> hard to say who the big winner was there today a lot of smiles when they left the voorhees 68 zones. >> good feelings all the way around. >> love that. breaking news septa got issues right now with a couple of the trains. big tree down. >> there's delays out there. want to pay attention that as you're heading home from work. join us tonight for for more fox 29 news at ten. it's officially summer in the city and the heat is on. lawmakers are trying to save kids and animals locked in hot cars. >> it's all weather related. we don't have a lot of time. is it out of here. >> pretty much out of who a few more stowers moving through win the next couple of hours. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great in it. inside edition is up next. ♪ it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness
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mocking tim tebow, did they go too far? >> then. >> how do you feel about the filming resuming? >> corinne fights back. >> the bachelor in paradise contestant says she's going to prove something did happen to her. >> and. >> hopefully this will change. >> pull the plug, why his graduation speech was shut down. >> then. >> the frantic search for a missing child. >> he's on the roof of the house. >> look where they found him, sleeping on his mom's roof. >> plus. >> the newlywed caught on video hiring a hitman to kill her husband. >> are you sure you want to kill this dude? >> after three trials, she finally hears her fate. >> and


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