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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  June 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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30-year-old man. lot of control and actually slid underneath that truck. paramedics took him to the hospital. he didn't make it. died a short time later. now they have not identified him as of yet. but this is an area that you'll want to avoid for now. a repossession gone wrong. van in philadelphia gets towed with some precious cargo still inside. a seven-year-old girl was asleep in the back seat, her mom thought she was kidnapped and called police much that's where we begin tonight at 5:00. thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened here. let's get right to fox 29's dave schratwieser life at police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, detectives from the special victims units are reviewing surveillance vid video, evidence and talking to witnesses in this bizarre case that developed overnight. no charges have been filed against anyone at this hour. what we do know is, the child is safe. it was just after 2:30 thursday morning when police say a 26-year-old worker at this
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domino's in west philadelphia pulled her mini van up in front of the restaurant and went inside. leaving her seven-year-old daughter asleep under a blanket in the back seat. >> she's there for work. her car is outside. apparently the car is double parked and while she's inside. >> reporter: it turns out the mother's van had just been legally repossessed and was being towed away by the towing coach the tow truck driver had no idea there was a child in the back seat. >> he does a visual inspection and doesn't see anything or any signs of any human inside the vehicle. i could visually see right through the back of the car and there was no, new york city occupants of the vehicle. >> reporter: mom called police to report an abduction a few minutes later, officers pulled over the tow truck and the van at 50 and wood land the child was asleep and unharmed. >> do we know how long she's inside domino's before this curse? >> we're working on time frame around 20 minutes based on what we can put together at this point. >> reporter: the mother and daughter were reunited while police investigated.
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>> right now, no one is charged with anything related to this incident, but, again, investigators are still working on it. >> reporter: police say the mom is being detained on unrelated outstanding warrant from new jersey. >> the mill of the night you don't want to leave a child out there even during the day, it's just bad things can happen. if it's deemed that the mother is leaving the child in the car was in some way negligent or posed a danger to the child the appropriate charge will be endangering the welfare of a child. >> it was unava voidable. there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: the child was unharmed turned over familiar man. the repo was wearing body cam. he turned it over to police much he's been cleared. investigators are still working on the case. we should have update on the investigation coming up at 6:00 o'clock. iain? >> dave, look forward it to. thanks. the driver of a pick up is dead he crashed head on into a dump truck in new jersey. this happened this morning on route 55 in franklin township. state police say the pick up from you driving the wrong way slammed into that dump truck.
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dump truck driver was taken to the hospital. his condition is not known. the identity of the pickup truck driver has not yet been releas released. new jersey state park police are hoping you can help find a man who attacked a woman at parvin state park. police say this is the guy who attacked a 25-year-old woman who was running monday afternoon on the lake trail. she says the man grabbed her shoulder, hit her in the face and neck with a stick. she says she fought back though. got away. so if you know who he is, give police a call. now in philadelphia, video captured a guy stealing from a church. this is from the church of christ in southwest philly. from may 25th through may 29t29th. police are just releasing it trying to find the guy. they say he stole all kinds of things from a shed in the back of the church. value of all it around about $3,000. two workers are recovering from minor injuries after the scaffolding they were on collapsed in center city. this was the scene at fourth and market around 9:30 this morning.
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right near our studios. fire officials say the scaffolding hanging several stories above the ground gave way sending it falling more than 20 feet on to roof of a building next door. people nearby heard all the commotion. >> it was like this loud thunderous crash and all of this like sounded like sliding stuff hitting the roof and sliding down both sides of the peaked roof. >> fire officials say the workers were strapped on to the scaffolding. firefighters helped get the workers down to the ground. what caused that equipment to give way still not clear. bucks county businessman admits he gave philadelphia district attorney seth williams lavish gifts prone vied him with travel entertainment because he said it's good to know someone in power. 40-year-old muhammed ali took the stand in williams federal corruption trial according to court. now ali said he met with jumps seven years ago and immediately started to donate to his campaigns because he wanted to be close to the da. ali's testimony came as part of
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his plea deal in his own tax evasion case. williams accused of accepting bribes and misusing campaign funds in roll as da. he did noise the allegations. so would cold hard cash push you to tell police about a drug dealer? bucks county is hoping $5,000 would have you picking up that phone and making that call. push out the push cher that's what bucks county authorities are calling the new program it helps stop down drug dealing obviously heroin is a huge issue in our nation. >> both bucks county crime stoppers and the da thinks this move could slow it down some. our dawn timmeney has more from fairless hills tonight. dawn? >> reporter: iain and lucy, bucks county leaders and local law enforcement are hoping money talks. the problem has gotten out of control here. the heroin problem and they are counting on some serious cash and signs like this to curb the crisis. >> overdoses have become so frequent i actually have an overdose kit that i carry. >> reporter: lieutenant nelson whitney of the falls township
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police department is on the front line in the war against heroin. this 29 year police veteran and twained emt delivering the lif life-saving drug narcan on a regular basis to reverse the effects of heroin on users. >> and when you pull the cap off, you clear make sure there's nothing in the way in their pocket gone right through their clothing into their thigh and hold it there for ten seconds. >> last year we had 79 overdoses and 29 were fatal. >> this year is on track could be worse that's why lieutenant nelson is all for the push out the push cher program unveiled by bucks county crime stoppers today. it's offering rewards up to $5,000 to people who turn in drug dealers who are arrested and convicted. >> they may be reluctant to call 911. they may not have a relationship with an officer if in their local police department se this provides an easy phone number where they can leave an an non muss tip. >> the signs handed out to people wanting to make a difference. >> we can net enough of these signs and enough lawns throughout the county that's
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people standing up and saying we're not going to take it any more, we're putting you drug dealers on notice. >> reporter: local officials say it's obviously going to take more than they've done to date to eradicate heroin and believe this will work. >> everybody has a tipping point. >> we've got to find a way to engage the public. if offering a reward helps, then that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: so how does it work if the calls are a non muss? a caller will get a number and if a drug dealer is arrested and convicted, they would give that number and that's how they would get the reward. coming up tonight at 6:00, i talked to local woman who already has this sign right out in her front yard because for her, this is personal. iain? >> dawn, thank you. a bridge connecting two popular shore towns will reopen just in time for the busy weekend. the townsend inlet bridge that connects sea isle city and avalon will open again tomorrow. it's been closed for the past two and a half months so crews could repair one of the suppor
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supports. >> first thursday of the summer that means kathy orr is down the shore. >> um-hmm. >> kathy, got out of the office headed down to margate new jersey with my name sake elephant i might add, kathy. >> york we'll be taking a look at your name sake in just a minute lucy. how could we possibly forget. everybody loves lucy what beautiful day down the shore. kids out of school and you can see a haze down there as we look down beach toward the south toward longport, but a beautiful day all the way around. guess what? a lot of the kids have come here today and a couple of these kids including sophie have been down for awhile right, sophie. >> yeah. >> how long have you been. >> since last saturday. >> you're so lucky. jimmy, how is the water out there? >> um, the waves are picking up. >> ooh. are you a future meteorologist? >> yup. >> yup. how is the water temperature? >> pretty -- getting warmer and warmer. >> okay. there's your forecast for the water. take look at the temperatures around the delaware valley. down the shore, it's pretty nice
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down here. temperatures hovering in the 70s but i have to tell when you the sun is out it feels much hotter than that. 76 in sea isle. 76 in cape may and 77 in north wildwood. inland camden is 87 degrees. it's 88 degrees, guys, in philadelphia and 88 degrees in trenton right now. even in the poconos it's close to 80 degrees. this is what will happen overnight tonight. by about 7:00 o'clock, the temperatures going to be 84. by 9:00 o'clock, the temperature is going to be 81. and by 11:00 o'clock, the temperature is going to be -- 74. 74 degrees. now, we do have some showers that are moving our way they are the remnants from the old tropical storm cindy and cindy is going to create some proble problems. some tropical downpours are possible and enhanced rain over the weekend. how do you feel about that? >> i don't know really what -- about that but i feel -- i feel like that start a problem. >> more rain for us over the weekend possibly from the city down the shore. we'll talk more about that
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coming up later in the broadcast and this is for you lucy. there's quick look. >> wahoo! >> she's in the background. >> she's so cute. lucy the elephant. >> you have to love her. >> kathy orr, thanks so much. kathy is talking about what cindy is doing right now we're getting a look at yesterday pots pour full storms in action. this is home surveillance that shows that tree on the 3,000 block of saint vin jent street in mayfair going down the wind sending crashing on kathleen hoff's car. it sat on top of her car kind neighbor came along this morning. all right. you know make that neighbors as one man chopped the tree down a handful of others helped clear all of those branches and all that stuff off of kathy lean's car. her car, however, has you might imagine has major damage. a new report says penn state needs to address sky rocketing tuition and spiking enrollment of out of state and international students.
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auditor general eugene depasquale says the tuition jumped 500% over the past three decades. background clearances are missing for some of the adults who work at youth camps on campus. penn state says it's working to reduce costs and find new revenue. university says there's no bias against in state students. all right. if you so desire you still got time to get that beach body. apparently we don't need to worry about working out. how to literally freeze a way your fat. >> they risked their lives to save ours. at no cost but their numbers are shrinking. the profession in danger of dying. plus this. i'm at the nba draft and we already know who the number one pick is going to be later in sports markelle fultz talks about why philly already feels like home. >> hundreds of needles pick up from philly streets put in ajars and dropped off at city hall.
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♪ philadelphia police want to you take very good look at the teens in this video. they want to talk to the three about what happened on a north philadelphia sidewalk. police say one of them knocked down a 39-year-old man while the other two tried to steal his backpack on the 1900 block of north 11th street. look at them smiling about it all the teens did not get the backpack. they ended up running off.
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if you know who they are police would very much like to talk to them. after hiding behind closed door meetings for weeks senate republican leaders finally revealing a draft health care bill today but there's already opposition not just from democrats but also some republicans. fox's joel waldman has details from washington. >> reporter: the senate republican version of health care reform is only hours old, but already in jeopardy. >> my hope is not to defeat the bill to make the bill better. >> republican opposition is stacking up some members say the proposal does not go far enough to lower health care costs. the draft slashing taxes on higher incomes and eliminating the individual and employee mandates. >> americans are no longer for forced to buy insurance. they don't need or can't afford. >> democrats calling it a cruel and version of the health bill. >> the millions who lost their health care, mean to seniors who would find their premiums going up dramatically. >> president trump saying he would welcome democratic support to fix obama care allowing him
5:16 pm
to check off a major campaign promise. but -- >> obstruction any of the. they'll never support. we won't get one no matter how it is. >> the senator minor leader to his colleagues. >> let us right now democrats and republicans sit down and try to come up with a bipartisan bill. we're willing to do it today now this minute. will you accept that offer? >> mr. president if i thought that was a sincere offer i would take it in a minute. in a new york minute. >> but it's not. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers not the only ones upset. >> capitol hill police hauling off protesters some in wheel chairs furious over the senate's draft which also calls for drastically cutting medicaid. >> mitch mcconnell had hoped to bring this to vote next week with at least four nays this bill may have already flat lined. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. they are the people you have
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to trust in the most dire of situations. volunteer firefighters could be the one to save your life. >> but fewer and fewer people are stepping up for that live saving job. joanne pileggi joins us now in stewed eighty seven what's going on here? >> lucy, iain it's not local problem one facing volunteer fire companies across the country. their ranks are down and they need help able volunteered of tears willing to train and fight fires in smaller towns and communities. case in point haddonfield in camden county. >> just feels like the right thing to do. >> reporter: not sure many people would say the same as they got the call a house explosion in the next town over. joe du of that n volunteer firefighter with the haddon fire company joins fellow volunteers to do what they have have to do. >> i don't think people are aware. 75% of every firefighter you see is a volunteer, and people aren't aware of those stats. >> reporter: but according to national statistics that are mered in haddonfield, the number
5:18 pm
of volunteer firefighters has dropped precipitously in the past 20 years. >> you're asking for a group of individuals come from either work or from home to come in and put their life on the line and to save someone s life or property. and becoming more and more difficult. >> reporter: chief trot man started as volunteer 30 years ago and continued while he worked in federal law enforcement. he points to the time commitment and expectations of modern fear fighters. who do this life-saving work as non paid, highly skilled emergency responders. >> training today is upwards of over hundred hours and continuous training, continuous ceu's the public demands to have professional show up. bring enough resources -- >> trot man says they can get a call to rescue a cat one minute, a sewer leak the next. or -- >> it could be terrorist attack. it could be to a fire itself. the fires today are burning hotter and faster than they ever have before because of the product that is are in the hom
5:19 pm
homes. the construction of the homes. >> reporter: so safety compromised with fewer volunteers the chief says area communities formal lines to help out but if there aren't enough volunteers, then what? >> if you don't get the volunteers you'll wind up having to go to paid department. >> reporter: firefighters dunn says his department and so many others could use a few good men and women willing to do their part. >> it checks all those boxes in terms of being active member of your community. so if they're looking for something to help out in any way shape or form, yeah, you can coach your son's little league but you could come here and lend a helping hand. >> reporter: there are some incentives in place in some communities offering tax credits and tuition reimbursement for volunteer firefighters. officials in both new jersey and pennsylvania are now looking at recommendations to help recruit and keep volunteer firefighters. by the way, ben franklin founded very first volunteer department back in 1736. i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. >> such a renaissance man that one. thank you joanne. the 76ers on the clock tonight.
5:20 pm
the first pick in the nba draft. they're hoping tonight is the end of the process. right, iain. >> it is the end. the beginning of a new era. >> that's right. sixers fans, we've all sat through years of losing to night hope is this pick is the final piece of the puzzle and yeah i've got fingers crossed. >> piece of the puzzle expected to be markelle fultz it's going to be him don't worry about him he would join a talented roster that already includes joel embiid and ben simmons. sean bell joins us live at the draft at the barclay center in brooklyn. sean. >> reporter: yeah, i'm in bc. this better be the final pick to the process. of course, it's going to be markelle fultz. this is second year in a row we had the number one pick, and last year at least there was a little bit of suspense, right? we thought it might be brandon ink ram we knew it was ben simmons it's a deaf this year markelle fultz we knew as soon as they got the trade. markelle came right up to the sixers facility in camden to work out and he met all the guys. ben simmons, joel embiid, robert
5:21 pm
covington and since then he's been in constant contact with these guys because it's already like a family situation. hear what he had to say about keeping in touch with all the sixers players. >> me and ben simmons already have good relationship the fans there are just blowing up instagram and twitter. shows the support they have. >> have you been in touch with a lot of guys at all. >> i've been talking to embiid, simmons, robert, all of them just talking about the chances if i come there and just getting advice really them telling me about the draft process and enjoying the process. >> of course, he's enjoying the process. later in sports, we'll talk about him loving cheesesteaks, loving philly and already trusting the process. guys, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, sean bell. talk to you soon. eye sore on one of the most popular urban trails in the country. we are digging deeper to find out when a fix could be in the works.
5:22 pm
it's been more than a week since dozens were killed in a high rise fire in london. why the prime minister says other buildings in the city are at a similar risk. you're just the sitting du where the ducks need to shoot back. [ gunfire ] >> florida sheriffs making a call to arms.& what he says everyone needs to do in the face of dangers here and abroad. ♪
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♪ to england now several high rises could be at risk for turning into infernos themselv themselves. today british prime minister theresa may said at least seven other high rise buildings in the country have the same flammable panel link as the tower that is the building where 79 people died last week in london just a horrific fire. officials think those external panels contributed to the inferno. may is urging lapped lords to send samples in for testing. >> i was informed a number of these tests have come back as combustible. the relevant local authorities and local fire services have been informed and as i speak, they are taking all possible steps to ensure buildings are safe and to n affected residen residents. >> still no word on what led to that deadly fire. more than 150 people lost their
5:26 pm
homes. may says they have been offered emergency hotel rooms and rehousing within three weeks. a florida sheriff sending out call to arms. >> he says people should be armed and prepared in case they face an ago tiff shooter. polk county sheriff near orlando grady judd going public with his response to these attacks around the world and here at home. he says armed assailant doesn't plan on you fighting back much get a gun to defend yourself and those around you. >> become proficient. get a concealed firearms license and carry it. and if you need to shoot somebody, shoot them a lot. >> judd went ton say if you're not comfortable with gun get something else to defend yourself like a stun gun. all right. lawmaker in australia gaining international attention not because of her policies. her action in parliament that would make any mom proud. >> u.s. is aging. getting more diverse. one group of folks, though, growing at a slower rate than
5:27 pm
others we'll tell you which one. ♪ hey, lucy, this is kathy live from margate. we're doing a little bit of yoga here. it's going to be a little rainy down the shore. we'll tell you the best time to be outside coming up.
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>> in atlantic city authoritiese second teen who drowned last week. somebody walking along the beach near morris of a found the body
5:30 pm
of a 15 year old ramon quinn. today he had tried to save his friend from a rip current and they were both pulled under. fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at trenton. another hot sunny day. looks a little hazy out at this point in time. summer getting off to a pretty good start. meteorologist kathy orr down the shore with your forecast in 15 seconds. all right. let's get it out to meteorologist kathy orr. >> down the shore. i like how that rhymes in margate. you think we do that on purpose? >> may be. >> hi, kathy. [ laughter ] >> you don't that on purpose, do you? >> what a day you guys just great day to be down the shore. you can see behind me still some folks on the beach and why not? it is a picture perfect afternoon down the shore from
5:31 pm
the city to the shore and we'll try to keep this great weather going across the region. let's take look at the temperatures. in philadelphia right now it is 81 degrees. the high temperature today made it to 86. it's even hot down the shore. we have a little bit of a sea breeze now, but i'll tell you, it is still quite beautiful down here. the current set up shows few clouds streaming in and all of that associated with two things. a cold front that's moving our way and also the moisture from the old tropical storm cindy. you can see it on our current setup map with all that moisture ahead of it moving toward the mid atlantic and the delaware valley. and that is going to impact our weather over the course of the weekend. so as we go hour by hour, you can see our future cast. temperatures are going to be still warm during the day tomorrow. but we are going to see some rain moving in by about eight, 9:00 o'clock in the morning. by the afternoon, it's a little bit spotty. and a few scattered showers here and there. now, on our future cast by
5:32 pm
saturday morning, don't let this keep you away from the shore if you're planning oncoming down because there will be some spotty showers but then by the afternoon, we do think things are going to clear up a little bit after the morning. so some heavy rain saturday morning. then we begin to dry it out by the afternoon. a lot of stuff going on down the shore and in the city over the course of the weekend. so our forecast is looking pretty good. temperatures are going to be around 81 degrees down the shore for your friday and then by saturday, 81 with some early showers. giving way to some comfortable conditions. water temperatures sitting at about 67 degrees over the weekend. so overnight tonight, tepp hers will be around 74 degrees in the city and the suburbs. 70 degrees. it's going to be pretty pleasa pleasant. mostly cloudy for the evening but then rain will be moving in. we'll see a southwest wind at about five to 10 miles an hour. that's not going to be all that bad but the rain will be moving in tomorrow. scattered showers even a chance of a thunderstorm. the temperature going for
5:33 pm
86 degrees. southwesterly winds about ten to 15 miles an hour. on your seven day forecast, temperatures not going to be so bad. 87 for your saturday. 83 for sunday. and then next week, looking go good. you have 81 degrees for monday, tuesday 79. wednesday 81. and then by the time we roll around thursday, we're talking about a temperature of about 85 degrees. now, back here live, we're tal talking seafood and why not have a little seafood when you come down the shore. this is looking pretty. good we have fries, come on over, guys. you guys can have a few samples over here. some fries, i'm looking at some crab. i'm looking at some mack and cheese. lobster role. this is a great day. how you doing today? >> good. thank you. >> what beautiful day tell us a little bit about what's going on this weekend in margate and with essex seafood. >> we'll be at beach stock in front of the library at huntington and we have all kinds of seafood here with our fresh lobster roles. our shrimp poor boy. our lobster risotto, crab spice
5:34 pm
fries and clams strips. >> should we give a little bit out here. >> absolutely. >> what's the specialty this weekend the lobster role. i think you want a buy of that. >> kathy, can you hear me? >> i can help myself, kathy. >> yes, i can. >> can you please bring back lobster roles for everyone here and the lobster are you society at a we're about ready to die. [ laughter ] >> hold my mike for meme lucy wants me to try the lobster roles. >> and bring some back. >> this one is for you. >> okay. >> this one is for me. she'll be really mad. are the fries? >> really good. >> okay. here i go, lucy. >> okay. >> that looks so good. uh-huh. you see that iain much that's a look of satisfaction right there. >> i'm going to pack that one for you. >> thank you. oh, my gosh. what's in your lobster role. >> all fresh lobster meat cooked and pick every morning withdrawn butter an toasted bun. >> someone wants to find essex seafood where do they go. corner of essex and ventnor.
5:35 pm
that's really good. good stuff for dinner. >> really good. >> down the shore check it out this weekend we have a very big week. we have a lot going on. so come down, don't let the weather scare you away by saturday afternoon we shall be good. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> lucy, i'm packing it up for you. who are we go. >> i'm like really hungry. don't forget iain. [ laughter ] >> see you later. >> have fun. all right. tropical storm cindy made landfall is now tropical depression bringing high winds and heavy rain to several states. flash flooding serious concern along the coastal areas. >> steve harrigan on the ground with details. >> reporter: this is something we've been seeing all day people wading through 43 or 4 feet of waited water to get to their houses to see what's left of them want they can get out of them. ma'am, how is your parents house doing. >> it's fine. they're still dry sitting dry. >> what did you need in the house that brought you and your eight year old out here today? >> he has all stars baseball torn many so we came back for his injuries see he left over there. >> that's a dedicated parent right there. walking through 4 feet of water to get that baseball jersey.
5:36 pm
good luck tonight. >> thank you. >> the storm made landfall in louisiana overnight. but really the worst damage here is in mississippi inn land that's where we've gotten 12 to 15-inches of rain some areas. people tried to pull their cars up to higher terrain but we've seen the water rise really steadily throughout the day here. there's been one fatality from this storm. a lot of people ready to do search and rescue operations but a lot of these people who live on the water have their houses on stilts very well prepared. don't seem taunted by the storm so far it could get even worse over the next 24 hours here in mississippi. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. clearly a depression nothing to mess around with. dream come true for a bunch of local kids. you see how happy they are where they spent their day all thanks to the salvation army. got something to hall but don't own truck. don't worry about it. the new service kind of like uber but for your stuff. the guy sat down n to a woman at a local star buck. nothing wrong with that, of
5:37 pm
course. but what he did moments later, oh, that got the attention of police. p://>[a5df]
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5:40 pm
america continues to become more diverse according to new figure. from the u.s. census bureau the report says that all racial and ethnic minorities grew faster than whites from 2015 to 2016. the census also finding that the u.s. median age has gone up to nearly 38 to two fastest groups of the populations are asian and mixed race people they grew by 3% in a year. non hispanics whites remain the lore jest group of americans at 198 million. some summer has a tendency to be moving season for lot of people. >> that's true. >> maybe you a need a truck. now you can get an app for that. >> really. >> trucks offers truck drivers for those who need something moved but they can't do it themselves. so you just detail what you want moved, where it's going and when you want it move. a driver with truck or van can accept the job kind of like other apps and then you're off from there. one customer describes a positive experience. >> a friend of a friend told me
5:41 pm
about truxx it was kind of like uber with a truck. will they pick up a piano. they'll pick up anything. >> price is right. the price ranges by the way 25 to 35 bucks depending if you need help unloading it. of course we do. all right it's not late -- to late to get your body in shape for summer. the new treatment that freezes away all the fat.
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♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at
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so, your new prescription does have oh, like what?ects. ♪ you're gonna have dizziness, nausea, and sweaty eyelids. ♪ ♪ and in certain cases chronic flatulence. ♪ no ♪ sooooo gassy girl. so gassy. if you're boyz ii men, you make anything sound good. it's what you do. if you want to save 15% percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. next! ♪ next!
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♪ salvation army and the phillies are teaming up. >> just a great day at the ballpark. all to make sure 500 children had a fantastic day to remember those 500 kids got to have a day with the phillies. they hung out at the park and they actually caught the
5:45 pm
phillies cardinals game up close and personal. hers was there today as well. donating $25,000 to salvation army. that's cool. >> probably would never actually see in person only on tv. so we are excited to bring a busload of kids to the phillies game to experience this opportunity. >> to add to the pefect day the phillies won five-one today and by the way, iain, this was the fourth year running every single time this day happens the phillies win. i think they should make it every day. >> yeah, unfortunately they can't do that. just saying. all right. now to your health. imagine getting your hottest summer self thanks to cold freezing contraption much it's a in you weight loss process called cool sculpting. >> people going in for the big chill say they're losing inches without breaking a sweat. our fox correspondent steve noviello explains. >> reporter: from push backs to sit ups, cardio to catch the
5:46 pm
hottest new trend in fighting fat is actually ice cold. >> we are sculpting with this device it's amazing. >> reporter: william moore is the clinical director at advanced skin fitness in dallas. where clients can't get enough of cool sculpting. the fda cleared non surgical process that freezes and eliminates fat cells forever. >> it will go away and stay away. >> reporter: joe says he's summer ready with a slimmer silhouette that's thanks to the subzero process. >> i've tried the fasting card cardio. i've trying do a days i work out twice a day. those help. >> reporter: targeted fat loss not until now. ♪ >> as we take the temperature of the fat cell down to where it crystalizes freezes and dies but the skin, the muscle, the they have been, the other parts we don't want to freeze are prote protected. >> reporter: targeted fat cell dye and are processed through your body and eliminated while that can change your shape, this is fat reduction, not weight loss. meaning the fat cells which remain can still balloon back up
5:47 pm
if you don't maintain a healthy lifestyle. ideal candidates are weight stable with specific pockets of fat. >> this area was treated last year. this area here, and then the back and the abdomen area were tweeted this year. >> so says it's not a drastic difference but one he sees and likes. here's his before and after pictures. >> i'm back in my 31, 32s and instead of the 34s. >> patients report little to no down time average of about 24% reduction in the number of fat cells. you will experience numbness thanks to the freezing temperature which sits at a steady 11 degrees below zero. >> you're numb for good three to four weeks. critics warn of late onset pain and a very rare possibility that the process could actually cause fat cells to grow. >> i tell everyone of my patients in their consultation this could happen. >> reporter: moore says most importantly the applicator the late at the time generation of technology just approved cuts
5:48 pm
treatment time in half. that combined with multiple machines at his office doubles efficiency. >> i went down 2-inches in that area. um-hmm. my love handle area. it was great. >> joe is back for another deep freeze. >> honestly i didn't have lot to lose but it's still enough to where i notice it and i'd rather be it gone. >> around here should be no sweat. ♪ >> all right. it's cool sculpting is fda cleared for everything from your arms and thighs to your back and abs. chill isn't cheap though. sessions start about six to 700 bucks but some folks say they only need one round. >> colds are common in kids even in the summer. but how tell whether that wheezing you're hearing could be the sign every something like asthma? this is ricoh his mom takes him to the children's health care of atlanta for asthma treatment. doctors diagnosed him when he was just two years old. he's already been in the hospital nearly a dozen times when his asthma is at its worse. one doctor says diagnoses asthma in kids can be tricky.
5:49 pm
>> viruses like rhino virus or rsv are all the lovely viruses that we get colds from can actually irritate a child's lungs. much more frequently than they do for adults. she adds just because a child is wheeze asking not necessarily mean it's asthma. she goes on to explain third of kids under five have wheezing episodes but only ten to 15% actually end up having asthma. >> all right. for many women motherhood is their proudest role. >> but you know that research actually shows nearly two-thirds of moms have experienced shaming for their child rearing choices in survey more than 400 moms conducted by the university of michigan's children's hospital. 61% of moms say that they have endured criticism about their parking choices. social media play as very big role because you're putting your life out there, right? 62% say they get unhelpful advice. 56% say they get too much blame or not enough credit for how their child behaves. >> as a parent, there's so much
5:50 pm
going on that we don't need the shaming. someone shaming you online stay away from that person you don't need the negative energy. >> many women appear to be taking it all with just kind of like with grain of salt, right? 67% say the criticism made them more confident in their parking choices. ♪ >> we love summer. here we go. >> on thursdays and orr down the shore. you just heard kathy just now. >> she gets in that plane and flys down to margate. >> that's right. >> hey, kathy. >> hey, guys. we're having a great time. we're getting set up to show you something so cool that's going to be going down this weekend in margate and i've been coming down the shore for my whole life and i didn't know about this. and part of it is going to be marshall arts. this is master sham minute great to see you. >> it's a pleasure. >> and you are going to be part of this great weekend called beach stock. >> absolutely. >> and you're going to help me learn how to do something martial art. >> that's right. you mentioned you might want to break a board.
5:51 pm
i'm excite glad i'm kind of afraid. okay much shall we try it. >> yes, you'll do great. >> give me a little instruction here. >> what i want you to do put your left foot forward. >> okay. >> get a good root. all comes from the ground. all your power comes from the ground. >> okay. >> use the heel of your palm and come straight forward straight through like that. >> are youd? >> do you think i can do? >> i don't know. i hope you guys think i can. >> focus your mine. one, two, three. >> all right. >> thank you. >> wahoo! >> that's for you. thank you. >> you're going to be doing this on the beach. lots of march shaat arts breaking boards this weekend. >> yes right behind the margate library about 3:15 breaking lots of boards having lots of fun. come on down it will be great. >> thank you very much. i appreciate this. my kids took karate but i never had the chance. so i appreciate it. >> it's my pleasure entirel ent. >> thank you very much. ed come on over he had explode you're scaring me after you broke that board. >> ed is the president of the business associate. why is this a big party this weekend.
5:52 pm
>> venous sap people on the beach here just having great beach party. two bands set up, two different stands set up one for kids and one for the adults. there's going to be activities all day long surf less seasons for free, surf demonstrations for free. >> wow. >> thousands of people. ends up with a big bon fire at night movie on the beach for the kids. >> there's going that be little bit of rape in the morning saturday do not let that keep you from coming down the shore. margate will be the place to be. i'll be one of the 15,000. i can't wait. >> still the planet's biggest beach party. >> i love it. all right, guys. bragging rights. >> good job. >> just don't that to to the lobster role. >> no. >> that comes back here. a few of them. [ laughter ] >> taits the same i'm sure a little squished. thanks, kathy. australian lawmakers turning heads in particle lamb not because of her policies. her actions that have moms everywhere cheering. >> and hundreds of needles put into jars and dropped off at city hall. the message these philadelphia residents want to send to their leaders. a guy sat down next to woman at a local starbucks which is no
5:53 pm
big deal, but what he did mome moments later got the attention of police. ♪ tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way.
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you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace.
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5:56 pm
history made in the halls of the australian senate. for the first time ever a senator breast fed her baby. >> she brings her child to work often. australian parliament changed its rules last year so it would allow female lawmakers to nurse their infants in the chamber. ♪
5:57 pm
it's hank i'm at pains park philly opened up yet another skate park. you still grousing about this quote up quote fad? my take is 68 boring a lot of chaos in skateboarding you get hit with board you fall a lot. sometimes hard. you get back up and do it again. then you land something incredible and people trip out including you. >> whoo! >> it's fun. it's art. >> it's like the world is our canvass and we're the painters and we're painting on our canvasses. we're just going around and having fun and not even doing anything wrong with people just having fun with our wooden toys. >> it wasn't always that way. skaters used to get bad wrap. sometimes they do. catherine lovell doesn't buy it. she told mow today opening a new park in west phil. >> there's some folks that of course have ideas about skateboarding our experience has
5:58 pm
been when you give them great pub look spaces they can use it's really positive for kids and it really helps them grow as young adults. >> reporter: wednesday was international go skate day. so there was lot going on. pains park was packed with action. people focused on getting better at skating. not critics. darrell richardson says that critics don't factor into the conversation because they don't understand the sport. >> some people had don't have experiences with it only see skateboarding through the spectrum of it damages property. they're unwear of what skating means to other people because they never had the opportunity for it to like touch them the way skateboarding touch us. >> reporter: they keep wiping out these guys and improving. you can watch them all day. skate philly sebastian bore does and deeper meaning to it. why do you think kids love it. >> it does beat you up but teaches you really great life lessons you'll have to get up and try again. you'll have to keep going after whatever you want to succeed in. >> reporter: to be hahn never there's no pro problem here at all. skateboard sag chance for kids to mix physical activity with
5:59 pm
clothes, gear, music, a chance to be cool. so if you dope like it after all this time, the skaters, the sport, they don't care. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ all right. i hope they enjoy that new skate park. in exactly. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00, runners beware. a big hole may be blocking your route. get used it to. this obstacle along the schuylkill river trail likely isn't going anywhere any time soon. ♪ and tackling the drug problem. overdoses have become so frequent i actually have an overdose kit. >> one local community's plan to shell out cash to get more dealers behind bars. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00.
6:00 pm
signs are popping up around bucks county push out the push cher part of a plan to stop drug sales and put drug dealers in jail. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the idea is reward people who help police track down arrest drug dealers kind of an investment they say of sorts. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live in fairless hills, bucks counsel too. dawn? >> reporter: well, lucy and iain, local bucks county officials and law enforcement are hoping that money talks. the heroin problem here has gotten out of control and they are counting on some serious cash and signs like this to curb this crisis. ginny proudly display as push out the pusher sign in the front yard of her falls township home. buck county crime stoppers kicked off the initiative today which offers people up to $5,000 for turning in drug dealers who are arrested and convicted. >> you have to get these push chers. it's not the addicts themselves it's the one that is sell it. get them and maybe it will help. >> reporter: residents can


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