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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. philadelphia police are on the look out for a driver who they say was aiming to take out some officers. it all happened when several officers were in the middle of a carjacking investigation early this morning. that's when another car came barreling toward them. thanks for joining us at 11:00 i'm iain page. thankfully no one was injured but several police bikes were hit. our dave schratwieser has more on the investigation tonight. >> reporter: police say with thinking helped prevent a catastrophe early 91 monday morning when police officers car investigate a carjacking saw a speeding black nissan maxima headed right for them. >> they jump out of the way saving that are lives. >> reporter: the car plowed right through the crime scene and ran over three book kell sending the bikes flying through the air as the car sped off.
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>> no swerving, no braking going approximately 60 and the officers flashed their lights into the car to try to get the person's attention. >> no respect here for nobody no more. no pre inspect for nobody. >> reporter: no officers were injured but several police bikes were seriously damaged. police and people in this commune juniata neighborhood couldn't believe this happen. >> people are crazy down here. every day you see something different. crazy down her does we're operaf this was intent given the person didn't stuff the police presence that was there. >> reporter: investigators searched the area for the car and driver visited several businesses looking for surveillance video of the ca car car and driver speeding away. >> come in and tell us what happened. maybe they were slightly distracted whom knows. they can clear that up for us. >> police made two arrests in connect with the original carjacking investigation they haven't found any video of the car in the crime scene incident. the driver could face aggravated
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assault charges. at police headquarters, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> the supreme court decides it will review president trump's travel ban. the high court striking down lower court decisions that prevent the president from blocking travelers. the supreme court deciding to allow a limited version of president trauma's ban on travelers from six muslim majority countries drawing protests around the country. the justices will hear fullering october. the white house calling the decision a victory. sean spicer answered questions about how the department of justice will now roll the ban out. >> right now we're just pleased with the supreme court has done and once we have a better idea of its full impact we'll be able to have better analysis. >> the court went ton say that the ban does have one important exception kit not be enforced against foreign national who's have a credible blame of relationship with a person or
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entity in the u.s. still the bulk of that ban is approved. some information now about the senate health care bill. congress shaat budget office says it would lead to 22 million more uninsured americans over the next decade compared to the current law. supporters say that's because people would no longer face fines for opting out. republican leaders are trying to pass the deal this week. cbo says the house version would lead to 23 million more uninsured compared to the current law. on your radar tonight, a picture perfect day really turns into beautiful night out there. great night for some fresh air open the windows as we take a look at wildwood. give your eye ac the night off. meteorologist scott williams here with your forecast first at 11:00. >> hi there, iain. beautiful conditions down the shore. center city north and west. yeah, give the ac a break. we have trough of low pressure along the east coast for today as well as the next couple of
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days. so that will mean below average temperatures in a break from that oppressive summertime heat and humidity. look at the temperatures right now. 59 degrees mount pocono. 61 degrees in pots noun. 68 degrees in dover. 62 currently in millville. but look the the dew points the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. 50 is comfortable. in philadelphia right at 51. upper 40s right now the dew point in the poconos. so that tells you how unusual this dry air mass is for this time of year. most of the region dry. the i-95 corridor, south jersey, parts of delaware, we do have a few isolated showers far north and west. but we're watching a disturbance around parts of the great lakes that will swing through tomorrow afternoon during the heat of the day to give us few spotty showers. temperatures for tonight low 60s in center city. north and west those low lows wl be into the 50's so very comfortable overnight. planning your day hour by hour for your tuesday by noon
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76 degrees. by 4:00 o'clock, 79. that will be our high temperature for tomorrow. we should top out in the mid 80s for this time of year. beyond that wednesday 81 degrees and then we heat up thursday into friday. 88 degrees on thursday. 91 on friday and look at saturday. hot and humid into degrees. not as hot but we could have the threat for some pop you have up storms on sunday. then 90 degrees by tuesday. and take look at that fourth of july forecast. 90 degrees and once again there might be an isolated pop up during the heat of the day. temperatures for evening fireworks will be into the mid 80s. hard to believe iain that we're already talking about the fourth of july. back over to you. >> all right. it's incredible. thanks, scott. skyfox eye in the sky flying over a wild scene in montgomery county. a truck crash noose someone's home and we are learning tonight about some injuries. fox 29's dave kinchen reports from the scene in lower providence township.
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>> it hit like a boom. >> reporter: cloud crash that caused this truck to violently take out the side of a house on the twenty six hundred block of woodland avenue in lower providence township. barry saw the driver pass him monday evening. >> at this point, he swerved up on to the grass, and went direct fool that house, and there was -- i didn't see other car or no other actions. my guess he mute have had some kind of a medical condition. owe heard him yelling out for help and he was pretty much hanging out the front of that truck and wedged badly because the engine was pushed back and he was pushed forward. >> you could hear distress in his voice. he was definitely -- he was very company american. >> reporter: sam says he spoke to the driver before he was taken out of the wreckage and airlift to do a hospital. >> i kept asking him like, you know, can you feel all your body parts? he kept saying he could feel his leg report roar the cause of the crash is still under investigation. and police have not yet released the condition of the driver.
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in lower prof den, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. the feds wire tapped the cell phones of powerful labor union boss johnny dougherty and city councilman bobby heenan for more than a year as part of on-going investigation. the philadelphia inquirer reports that prosecutors revealed that in a disclosure letter. properties connected to dougherty and henon were raided last august part of a union construction probe. docker once low 98. no charges have been filed as of yet. developing to night, a top member of philly polices force testifying against the top prosecutor. joe sullivan took the stand today week two of the corruption trial of seth williams goats under way he detailed how da seth williams urged him to ease the way coming and going from philadelphia international airport for his friend local businessman muhammed ali who had
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contributed to williams' campaign. sullivan testified in february of 2012 he sent an officer to a gate when ali was flying into philadelphia. only to learn williams was with ali coming back from a tropical vacation. >> were you amazed that williams and ali were together on that very flight come from pun at a kanta. >> that was shocking, yeah. >> he didn't tell that you? >> no. i think that kind of speaks for itself. williams' attorney argues the da never ordered sullivan to walk ali through airport security. williams is accused of septembering bribes and misusing campaign funds in his role as da. he denies those allegations. pennsylvania drivers get a d for habits on the road that's according to new survey. we're rude. news flash. well not news to most of us but our chris o'connell has closer look at what the survey uncover. >> reporter: at least we could say we're not as rude as new york drivers. but that's not saying much. according to new survey, on rude
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driving, we are among some of the worst. admit you've done it, you've cut someone off on the road. maybe you stole that prime parking spot at the mall. >> why are pennsylvania drivers so rude? >> i don't have to answer that question. >> reporter: if you didn't know already, drivers around here are, well, pretty rude. >> cutting people off. gestures that go on with. >> reporter: what makes a rude driver. >> cutting people off and not using your signal. >> reporter: survey done by non-profit cars for kids foundation asked drivers about their driving habits. do you take gate? will you let someone pass on the highway? it broke down those results into states. >> go bleep yourself good. >> reporter: turns out pennsylvania is among the most rude. 42 out of 50 states scoring a d. saying we're likely to cut off other drivers during traffic backups. new jersey drivers got a c tha thanked 32 but the second most likely to steal your parking
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spot. >> ran a stop sign almost hit him and he put his hands up like whatever. >> reporter: so how rude are we? >> i have one question. can i ask you one question? >> no. no. >> i don't want you to. >> reporter: some drives actually admit dare i say embrace the rudeness. >> i learned to drive the same way on the same way. otherwise you'll have a panic attack and have to go to hospital. >> who are the rudest drivers. do we have to ask. >> new york has got us beat by far. >> that's right. new york drivers are among the worst. but are we being rude? or do we just have things to do? >> anyone whose under pressure or under time constraints. report roar like you are now? >> right. >> reporter: well now you know the most rude drivers. what about the most polite? well that designation goes to drivers from the state of idaho who are most likely to allow to you cut when merging into
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traffic. in university city, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> happening right now police are investigate a shooting in kensington. a 26-year-old woman was shot one time in the leg just after 9:00 on the 2800 block of north lee street the woman was taken to temple university hospital much she's stable right now. philadelphia police do have the 81 gut as of now to arrests made. a pair of shorts this may be the only clue police in one local town have to solve a wrist mystery. a tragic accident but the changed a little girl's live forever. she lost her legs after playing on train tracks. tonight, her mom tells fox 29 what's helping their family pull through. [ indistinct chatter ]
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dancer siena ward has been in tutus and chancing shoes since she was two years old. >> that's her thing. she's dancing. >> reporter: natasha ward lights up thinking about all the recitals her daughter had over the years. ♪ >> but an accident almost three weeks ago has changed this little girl's live forever. >> it was like someone just snatched my breath away. no, not my baby. >> reporter: natasha got a call after siena had been run over by the wheels of a cxs48 train on grace avenue in southwest philadelphia. police say she and some friends had just left school and were throwing rock and trying to touch the train as it passed by. they say siena slipped. her right leg severed at the hip. >> this is video of see nanny at chop after losing her right leg. and just last week, doctors were forced to amputate her remaining
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leg infection threatened her life. >> it's a life or death thing. take it. i'd rather have her here with me than worry about you know a leg that's potential kell her. >> reporter: several surgeries and awry helpless fever. see nanny remains in icu. >> she's strong. she's so strong. >> reporter: see nanny remains in the hospital indefinitely her family set up a gofundme page detailing what she'll need when she's allowing to home. we put a link on our website fox shawnette wilson fox 29 news. tonight police identified the woman brutally murdered outside a high school in north philadelphia. police say 31-year-old deck bra gulliver was found stabbed and beaten to death in a park by dobbins technical high saturday morning. investigators are apple to the public for help. so are her friend. >> i think the more we can do to help her now, you know, and obviously we can't bring her back, but if we can give her
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just her family some closure, you know, that's where we're at. >> police are looking for two eyewitnesses who called 911 but left when police got there. they're also waiting for the medical examiner's report to see if debbie was sexually assaulted tonight authorities in new york say a delaware girl is to blame for her fall from a ride at sick flags. bystanders at the queens berry park in upstate new york the ride was stopped and she dropped about 25 feet into a crowd. the girl was taken to hospital in albany police are not saying how bad her injuries are. investigators think she may have been trying to kick something or may have intentionally slipped under the safety bar. you see it and you shoot it fresco users helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood n west philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man on arch street. police were call to the 5600 block around 9:30 last night. the victim 31-year-old brian johnson, jr., was shot in the back and the arm.
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and died at the hospital. in chester, everyone is okay after a fire broke out in a row home and spread to another. crews had to rush to the scene on the 1300 block of west seventh street early this morning. they knocked that fire out in about half an hour. so when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and then use that fresco app to zen it to our newsroom. you might be get paid. fired adjunct professor at the university of delaware is getting death threats after posting comments to facebook after a college student who died after being in prison in north korea. catherine detweiler was fired on sunday. last week she posted to her facebook page that warmbier got exactly what he deserved. he died after being in jail in north korea for more than year. she often injected her political views into lectures a former student told us. >> politically about the presidency. i agreed with her but i didn't
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like that i had to sit through it during -- what was supposed to be an academic course. >> do you feel like her opinion should cost her her job? >> given in this case out of the context of a classroom. >> no, i suppose i don't. that was a good question. detweiler did not answer when our bruce gordon knock at her door. she later e mailed bruce to say, she had call the police on him and because of death threats she was not talking to the media. sean what's coming up in sports? >> the rookie of the year award came out today and sixers fans are not happy at all. fans are saying joel embiid and dario saric got rob. i'll tell you why that's far from the truth in my sports commentary. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. no mass tick allowed that's right tonight till 11:00 o'clock no deb bid bit or credit cards used on the patco high speed line doing system maintenance so, again, till 11-dollar night
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hopefully we'll be good to go by tomorrow morning. vine expressway closed tonight into about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. that stretch between the schuylkill and broad street every night this week. that closure goes into effect all part of the construction there on the parkway, and throughout the day tomorrow, watch for work crews along i-95 between enterprise and broad street. they'll put the cones down at 9:00. we'll check the jam cams, sue has your forecast when we meet you right here starring at 4am.
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♪ sean bell takes on the nba rook coast year award. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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>> sixers fans ain't happy right now a lot of people are saying dario saric and joel embiid got robbed of the rookie of the year award but guess what the person who wouldn't sit the person that deserved it. okay. don't call me a hater. i'm not. i know a lot of fans out there are going to call me that. i'm speaking facts right now. first of all joel embiid shouldn't have come close to it. he only played 31 games. yes, he's by far the best player in the class but the best ability is availability. okay. any coach will tell you that. so really it was about dario saric and malcolm brogden. saric is the better player. it's about who had the best season. with their -- with the exception of points and rebounds doing den really beat saric in every
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category. as zests, shooting percentage, threes, steels, et cetera and the biggest thing about this whole situation is winning. okay. because he wouldn't more and he was a significant part of a play off team. that's what it's all about, right? if it's close in the numbers, then a guy who win the most should win. all great players all have future thats so so bright but malcolm brogden deserved to win this award iain. >> 20 years ago author j.k. rowling released her first harry potter book introducing the world to young wizard whose popularity grew to become a cultural phenomenon first book later retitled the came out jun. objection warts castle at university sense is that right is running a special light show celebrating the milestone throughout the summer. queen b is now resting in a fanny hi with her family. beyonce' hadn't her new twins
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have been released from the hospital after reportedly being born premature the whole family nesting in a malibu rental at a cost of get this $400,000 a month. they'll spend the summer there. while beyonce' and hub jay-z look for a permanent home. >> wow. >> adopt me, okay. >> still no names, yet. >> i know. 400,000 a month. >> i could live in that luxury. adopt me, okay. please. >> all right. we are back at 4am for "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered all morning long. thanks for watching. have great night. ♪ - let's get this party harted
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