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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  July 12, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ break tonight -- >> we're scared. >> out on bail. >> he's probably one of the nicest kids i know. >> a person of interest and four young men gone without a trace. >> tonight a turn in the investigation and fox 29 has the exclusive. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ it's a mist that has everyone captivated breaking news in the case of the four missing men tonight a person of interest is out on bail as the search for the missing gets more intense. thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. lucy a off tonight. cosmo dinardo named as a person of interest in the case just released from jail a few hours ago. people who know him, floored over this case. we have team coverage tonight on fox 29. our chris o'connell talked to stunned neighbors but we begin
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with our dave schratwieser. dave? >> reporter: dawn, investigators tonight turning up the heat. we have learned fox 29 news has learned that today the parents of cosmo dinardo the person of interest in this case received subpoenas to appear before a grand jury later this week. >> we've been in touch with them. >> reporter: sources say antonio dinardo and his wife have been subpoenaed to appear before a county grand jury thursday morning as the fire storm swirling around their 20-year-old son cosmo intensifies. >> i want to be very careful to stress that he is a person of interest. he has not been charged or arrested with respect to any of the missing four young men at this time. >> reporter: sources say the spotlight is being shifted to dinardo's parents as investigators want to question them under oath about their son's actions last weekend after four young bucks county men disappeared. the da stopped short of calling dinardo's father a person of interest. >> i would not classify him that way, no.
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report roar sources confirm that investigators have seized the cell phones of antonio dinardo, his wife and son. as they try to piece together timeline for cosmo dinardo's whereabouts since last wednesd wednesday. >> we're considering the whole thing a place of interest. i can't say that the whole entire property is a crime scene. >> reporter: as the search for the four missing men moved into the night tuesday some of their friends started to visit the search site. >> it's hard. it's where -- we're all just shooken up by the whole thing. we're all -- we're scared. >> he was just so close to meme it's one of my best friends. he was such a good person. everyone deserve add jimi in their life and now he's not he here. >> sources also told fox 29 that the dinardos have retained noted philadelphia defense attorney fortunato perry, jr. to represent them at the grand jury. perry refused comment. >> yes, anything is possible. i have hope. >> the whole story behind it
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like just not adding up. something is not right. seems weird. i don't know. scary. >> reporter: now fortunato perry, jr., would not comment further on those subpoenas tonight. air tack one the philadelphia police helicopter was over the search site late tonight eye bawling the situation for investigators. they are expected to resume the search in the morning. the da is also expected to hold a news conference at 11am again tomorrow morning. now, chris o'connell has been following the cosmo dinardo story tonight as he was released from prison. chris is live in bensalem. >> reporter: dave, cosmo dinardo was released from the bucks county prison earlie tonight on 100,000 cash dale. we're here in this neighborhood tonight where many of his neighbors say they are stunned cannot believe he or any of this family may be involved in this disappearance. >> neighbors say his mug shot is a exactly how they know
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20-year-old cosmo dinardo. smiling. >> he's probably one of the nicest kids i know. he's really honest. hard-working. >> neighbor on the finely man cured bensalem culled did he sack didn't want to go on camera but she told us she's known cosmo dinardo for all of his life and says the suspicions around him as this neighborhood stunned. >> it's difficult. it's very difficult. i mean, you know, cause nobody somebody for such a long time you don't -- you don't want anybody to go through this. not the families of the four boys or anybody. >> reporter: tonight constant parade of gawkers driving by the dinardo family home. it's a street filled with houses. the family's development company built 20 years ago. neighbors say they saw changes in cosmo dinardo after suffering a brain injury in 2016atv accident. and may be the cause of his documented mental illness but this connection to the four missing men is still a mystery.
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to those who know him. >> i put this flag up here for donald trump when he was elected. i'm running he seen me shoveling the hole, grabs the hole and installing stalls the flagpole. that's the kind of kid he was. >> reporter: and sources are telling fox 29 that cos dough dinardo's sister is being harassed, and the dinardo family is receiving death threats over the past couple of days. live in bensalem tonight, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. so many people have been conclude to every update in this case it's been a long and winding road. here's what we know so far. remember it was last wednesday we learned that jimi patrick went missing. then it was two days later on friday that we learned that three other of these young men went missing. so that was the first couple of days. and then it was on sunday that we started learning that police were looking and searching this farm in solebury township it
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does long to the dinardo family. then we learned just yesterday that this man, cosmo dinardo, was actually arrested on unrelated gun charge. he's a person of interest in this case. there's been so much interest in this case a loft have you been following life on our faceboo facebook -- fox 29 page more than 125,000 of you have been watching this life as we've been showing you the search goes on. we of course will continue up to date you here on fox 29. you can also check us out online as authorities will update us every day you can check that out on ♪ happening now, snap chat, naked pictures and tonight allegations out of lehigh county avenue very inappropriate and illegal relationship between a high schoolteacher and his students. that teacher who used to work at whitehall high school is fell facing felony charges to night. >> detectives say there's more than one victim. fox 29's sabina kuriakose has the story.
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>> he was a very great teacher. he was very nice music teacher. everybody used to love him. >> reporter: grace jones only good memories of her former my sool music teacher scene here in yearbook photo. but the recent whitehall graduate recalls being confused early in the year when he was suddenly replaced. >> i was like surprised. i was asking where is he? nobody, didn't tell me good prosecutor are filling in the blanks. they say 29-year-old boring san knee was snap chatting pictures of his private parts along with one video of him touching himself several students parents of one teen went to school officials in october. the district says it immediately notified authorities and placed him on paid leave. mr. boring san knee this is fox 29. >> no answer tuesday at the northampton home looking for bore good san knee. the couple who lived here moved out four months around the time he resign as music teacher from
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the while whitehall coply district according to the statement from the superintendent laurie hackett. which reads in part... >> they were inappropriate. he could be losing his job. >> township rose says she keeps a tight watch on her daughter nos' snaps. there's no reason for teachers to be on their student's social media streams. >> absolutely not. i don't think the teacher or any school employee or adult should be contacting any child outside of the realm of their parents knowledge. >> reporter: prosecutors say bore good san knee messaged one former student that he wan wanto have soaks with her. he's been arraigned on unlawful contact with minor. school district says has not been back on school property since these allegations first came to light. in whitehall township, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> police in egg harbor township they say they've got five heroin dealers off the streets they
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arrested michael eager, amanda school off -- after searching an apartment in the london court condominium complex. police say they found 456 bags of heroin in the apartment as well as more than 10 grams they expect is crack cocaine. the family of the penn state student who died inside a fraternity house got front row seat to some of the most hea hed testimony and cross examination yet in center city council tee. defense representing 16 former members of the fraternity clashed with prosecutors during day three of a preliminary hearing. challenging details of the case. they want the charges against the former frat members dismissed. prosecutors say 19-year-old timothy piazza died after several falls inside a frat house during alcohol infused pledge events back in february. investigators claim surveillance video from inside that frat house shows frat members ignoring piazza did he spice the
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pledge showing serious sign of of distress n south philadelphia police are looking for a group of teens who according to investigators broke into the bowling alley in the basement of saint monica school and wrecked the place. it happened on two separae occasions last week at the school along the 1600 block of shunk street. police say the group stole cash and damaged items in the bowling ally. >> tonight trump, jr., spoke exclusively with fox news tell his father he did not tell -- tell his father about meeting with a russian lawyer. now he's at the center of the investigation. this all stems from allegations that he met with a russian lawyer to get some incriminating information about then opponent hillary clinton. that lawyer today claiming she did not give any dirt on clinton and donald trump, jr., releasing the chain of e-mails between him and a producer named ron goldstone. he offered to set up a meeting with a quote russian government attorney. vacation is delayed majority
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leader in the senator mitch mcconnell is pushing back the august recess for senators by two weeks if in hopes of getting a bill through to replace obama care he can see a new health care bill draft later this week a price tag monday and maybe a vote late next week. >> this makes you want to shield your eyes. chaos, hard to watch. a violent arrest. how did this get so out of control? and kathy, you know i like the heat but this is getting up tense. >> um-hmm. we're talking about it getting steamy and stormy and the heat could turn dangerous bite end of the week. wee take a look at that seven day. >> an actual snakes on an actual plane. you heard me. ♪
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♪ a violent arrest that is very difficult to watch. it was all caught on camera and posted to facebook. a disturbing video that quickly went viral. what happened? how did this arrest get so out of control? >> our hank flynn wonders is this type of behavior by police ever appropriate. here's hank. ♪ it's a part of life. we have to have rules and regulations and laws and all of that, but the abuse of their authority is what has to stop.
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>> it's hank i'm up on ellicott street by now you may have seen the viral video of a physical arrest of a kid they called men newer. it happened early monday hadn't right here. i've got exclusive video to show you my take is for police, it doesn't make the picture any prettier. suspect head mashed into the pavement boy philly police as he's handcuffed. hand placed around his throat. he resists and gets slammed twice hard into the ground his head taking most of the impact. it's a different luke at an incident first made known in video shot and posted by rel rivera that went viral it. >> makes me an agreement nobody deserves that. nobody deserves any treatment like that. it's not fair. >> reporter: police say a male age 21 was arrested hit with narcotics charge and taken to the hospital as a prisoner with police detail. they add the incident is under investigation. internal affairs detectives were on the block along elkhart tod
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today. >> two weeks clean. exactly two weeks clean. >> he's a good kid. >> closest thing to family that the arrested man has here in the us he's from pure tow ricoh he struggled we heroined addiction they say but they let him -- fed him and let him stay on the porch to use the bathroom. he'd clean up out front. >> kevin kept a bed on the sidewalk by hope park. benjamin says that's where he was when the incident with police got started. heaven knows how. >> their judgment is fast. this minute happened like i want to say it didn't take four minutes for minute. >> reporter: this is not a story about neighborhood that hates cops. we do not. >> we appreciate the work the police do. we need them in our community. >> reporter: one of the hardest and most stressful jobs on the planet being a could cop. it's a massive responsibility that most police wear with seem
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and grace. kevin was handcuffed when he was head was slammed into the ground when he was body slammed into a pool rim. police are supposed to be better than this. it's not okay. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ something dangerous washed up along long beach island, new jersey, it was found along the beach in harvey cedars last we week. turned out to be a portuguese mo war kelly fish like creature leaves an extremely painful sting. experts say the man o war is not completely uncommon but if you see one, you're asked to let a lifeguard know to make sure no one gets hurt. well, fine wine gets better with age, right? well what about wine produced while our founding fathers were still alive. that's right. a new jersey museum today discovered bottles of alcohol& that date back to 1996. officials at liberty hall museum were restoring its wine cellar they found three cases of wine
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behind a wall. the cases were filled with colonial wine. museum also found a number of class jugs used to hold alcohol called dem my johns from the 120th museum officials believe there's remnants from the prohibition. >> hmm. >> how about that. >> interesting. i can't imagine it tastes very good. >> maybe too old. >> yeah. all right. now to your fox 29 weather authority. live look at wildwood on a hot night. tomorrow could be even more steamy let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr. >> what a night indeed. the boards are pack at this late hour as we turn the corner around midnight. temperatures writ pretty warm out there with numbers in the 70s and the 80s. it's 82 in philadelphia. the dew point temperature 72. that is oppressive. when you add that heat and humidity it feels much warmer right now 80 in wilmington. 79 in millville. 65 in the poconos the comfortable spot 77 in lancast lancaster. 78 in reading down the shore we have a southerly wind south southwesterly wind bringing
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cooler temperatures. ocean city 72. 74 in sea isle. north wildwood 77. the ocean water temperature 66 degrees. when you get those southwesterly winds it pulls that warmer water away from the coast. you get colder air coming up from the bottom some colder water we call that upwelling and i expect that ocean ocean water temperature to go down even more especially around cape may. the heat indices, 87 is that feel like reading in philadelphia. 83 in millville. it feels like 86 even at this early hour to the south in dover. this is the stick factor. what it will be feeling like later today. nate degrees by thursday 104. and by friday we lose some of the heat and the humidity feeling a little bit more comfortable. by the afternoon, we're looking at some temperatures that will be warming up through the 90 90s and some thunderstorms or thunder showers that will be occurring during the afternoon. so very heavy downpours associatassociated with these ad lightning as well be aware of that. thursday morning, we'll see drying conditions and then by the afternoon another chance of
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some scattered showers and thunderstorms with additional downpours. thursday is the peak of the heat. we have an excessive heat watch that will go into effect. it will feel like it's over 100 degrees and that's when the heat turns dangerous down the shore the next couple of days highs will be in the 80s southwesterly winds mostly sunny for your thursday. and into friday temperatures will be in the upper 80s still a little unsettled. so overnight tonight, low temperature 76. mostly cloudy and muggy during the day for your wednesday look for that milky white sky with heat and humidity the high into. spotty storms in the afternoon. and as we look ahead there's a threat of severe weather tomorrow. but it will be a spotty threat with some downpours. you can see the heat wave gets underway by thursday. some storms on friday weekend looks good and dry through the beginning of next week. that's a look at your seven day forecast guys. kathy markelle fultz out of the summer league. we got to see another guy who will play a big role fort sixers
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this upcoming season all star from the phils showed up end showed out he made us really proud. check out what pat knee shack did next in sports. ♪
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you get the point. snakes on plane not exactly something that you want to deal with. it appears some snakes did fly from hong kong to the u.s. and customs officers aren't too happy about it. those officers seized five king could be brass during an inspection of express male from overseas. the contents of one package was described as a plastic tray but
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x-rays showed something different. so officers cracked the box open and found the snakes. they turn the animals over to the fish and wildlife service. sports is just 15 seconds away. all star game as you just saw was a pitching dual with a little bit of drama at the end. pat neshek was the only phillies player to make the all star game and to be honest i thought he might not get any burn but did he and he showed out. neshek started the second inning after letting up a hit he build by bryce harper. harper running over making the great catch to end the inning. neshek gave up no runs rare for a guy in the phillies bullpen. game went to extra innings and in the top of the tenth robinson
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kano give that mvp to meme solo shot that was the game winner. american league wins two-one aft the game kano had a pretty easy choice to make. >> you have your choice between the chevy colorado zr2 to your left or right behind me the chevy corvette grand sport. >> that's an easy choice. i'll take the corvette. >> to the nba summer league. it was a rematch of the first game of the summer for the sixers they took on the celtics but there was no markelle fultz. the buzz was out a little bit but we still got to see another young guy shine. brett brown and brian coangelo in the house out in vegas the only guy that will make the roster probably timothy cab beer row he had a pretty solid game. he got some buckets. 16 points. five boards. sixers will take the l88-83. back to the major league baseball game. 27 years ago bow jackson did this. look at this. bow knows runs up the wall. he's a super hero.
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>> stay tuned next
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happening right now on good day philadelphia, it is a mystery that has everyone captivated. new details in the case of four missing men, a person of interest is now out on bail as the search for the missing gets more intense. and also, hitting the picket line. we've got a strike, folks, hundreds of workers now on strike, down at the airport in this airport and several other. >> and someone sent me an e-mail. i can't help what someone sends me. you know? i read i responded cords inningly f there was something interesting there, i think it is pretty common. >> the president's son un fire and firing back, donald trump, jr. defending his meeting with a russian lawyer. >> and this is one of those really hot dinner ticket that has everyone dong their best white outfits, having so much


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