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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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tonight. the search continues for four missing men. a person of interest back in custody as the mystery remains what happened. >> your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ >> we have no idea why this could have happened to him. >> breaking news in the case of four missing men. >> this is for receiving stolen
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property and theft of a 1996 nissan maxima. >> new charges. a person of interest under arrest again. tonight, new clues emerge. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. under arrest again and this time not smiling. cosmo dinardo a person of interest in the case of four missing young men facing new charges to night. every clue in this case with missing guys under intense scrutiny and their families are desperate for any new piece of information. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. investigators are still searching into the night and this is the first night that they still have been out after nightfall. their work has cosmi dinardo named as person of interest held on $5 million cash bail tonight. investigators say license plate cameras spotted the truck he was driving the night some of the men vanished, driving just ahead of one of their vehicles. new clues emerging at the same time as emotional with jill for
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the missing. we have team coverage tonight at 10:00. >> fox 29 fosses dave schratwieser standing by. let's begin tonight with chris o'connell near the property where crews spent hours searching to night. chris? >> reporter: iain, i can tell you emotions are running extre extremely high tonight here at the search site for those four missing men. understandably family members who have been camped out here for days now desperate for any information they just want their loved ones found. in the meantime, there were some critical evidence found on that search site tonight, as the main focus of the investigation is back in jail. the central figure in the disappearance of four men is arrested for the second time in three days. skyfox capturing 20-year-old cosmo dinardo being he is cored back inside the bucks county jail. this time on $5 million cash bail. >> we consider mr. dinardo is flight risk. we had enough evidence at this
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time to make this arrest based on probable cause. >> reporter: district attorney matt weinstraub announcing charges against dinardo for receiving stolen. he tried to sell the car belonging to one of the missing men thomas meo two days after he was last scene. the car was found on the dinardo property. >> on june the ninth, we allege that cosmo dinardo attempted to sell meo's vehicle for $500 to a friend whose identity we know. >> reporter: even as night falls investigators including local police, fbi and u.s. marshall's service are still methodically sifting through fields on the expansive 90-acre dinardo family farm. and tonight authorities uncovered a major clue. a large piece of evidence covered by a tarp was hauled away on flatbed truck with a police escort. fox 29 source tells us it was an underground oil tank. so far prosecutors don't have
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enough to charge dinardo with the disappearances but they say those charges could be on the way. for three straight days family members have been gathering at the search site for any news but a few have told us they are lo losing hope of seeing their loved ones alive. >> handing down that record $5 million cash bail for a case like this, the district judge called dinardo a grave risk given the circumstances. he remains in the bucks county jail tonight. iain. >> thank you, chris. fox 29's dave schratwieser is joining us now live dave a grand jury set to hear testimony in this case tomorrow morning. >> reporter: dawn, as they continue to work on that property up in solebury township, they're also trying to build a case and their using an investigating grand jury to do it. we told you last night first on fox that the parents of cosmo dinardo will appear at that grand jury at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. today we learned cosmo dinardo himself was hit with a grand
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jury subpoena. as 20 year cosmo dinardo headed back to jail wednesday afterno afternoon, his father and mother were preparing to appear before a county grand jury thursday morning. a grand jury that could provide some answers in the case of four missing young men from buck county. >> it's obviously a very tragic situation. mr. and mrs. dinardo are parents, um, and they certainly can sympathize with the parents of these young boys who are missing. >> reporter: as fox 291st reported tuesday, the dinardos were subpoenaed to the grand jury as investigators try to nail down where cosmo dinardo was and what he was doing over the past week. when the four men vanish without trace. authorities have identified cosmo dinardo as a person of interest in the disappearance. the attorney for the dinardos says they are cooperating. >> i can tell you they are doing everything in their power to cooperate with law enforcement's investigation at this point report roar sources tell fox 29 that in addition to his parents, cosmo dinardo himself may be
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called before the grand jury thursday. it's unclear if he will testify. he could possibly invoke the fifth amendment refusing to incriminate himself. >> i don't want to condemn them. this is their son. but we could use cooperation from whatever source. >> reporter: dinardos own a concrete company and trucking company head quartered on castor avenue where heavy equipment including backhoes can be found. searchers wednesday concentrated their efforts on a large hole on the dinardo's 90-acre property in solebury township. >> what i believe is not material. it's what i can prove that matters. >> we can't give any other comments at this time. >> reporter: now, fortunato perry, jr. will join michael par low as the defense lawyers for cosmo dinardo at the grand jury tomorrow. we're also told by legal experts and seasoned law enforcement folks that they expect more than one person to be charged with these crimes. iain? >> dawn? >> dave, thank you. this of course is a story that has gripped the country.
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>> tonight in baltimore, married, vigil for one of the missing men, 19-year-old jimi my patrick an incoming sophomore at loyola university. while most of the school community is is away on summer break those who remained on campus held a vigil for the young man and they have nothing but kind words to say about him. >> he's actually pretty quiet. um, he was always willing to do whatever we asked. he was really good natured kid. >> school officials say the family of jimi patrick knows everyone is praying for him. meantime we're learning more about the links between the four missing men and the person of interest. ♪ we've been trying to connect the dots to learn how the four missing men and person of interest cosmo dinardo all know each other. what we've learned is that jimi tar patrick and cosmo dinardo both went to high school together. the two attended holy ghost prep in bensalem. we've also learned that mark sturgis and thomas meo worked
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together. dinardo was arrested today accused of stealing and trying to sell a car that belonged to meo contained his diabetic supplies. of course so many of you are glued to any update in this case. we're expecting another briefing from authorities at 11:00 tomorrow. we'll bring it to you live on tv or streaming on our web page or facebook. happening now in philadelphia, police are trying to figure out who gunned down a mother and her step daughter while they sat inside a truck. it happened overnight along the 3,000 block of north lawrence street in the crescentville neighborhood. police say the 35-year-old and 19-year-old were both shot in the head. this crime is especially shocking since police tell us women only make up 10% of murder victims. fox 29's bruce gordon spoke with friends, family and police. he has the latest for us from philadelphia. >> reporter: this is what it look like when you remove the heart and soul from a neighborhood with more problems than promise.
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the scene on the 3,000 block of north lawrence wednesday as word spread of the murder of 35-year-old little anna mendoza she of the smiling face and the always open door. >> she was like the happiest person i knew. every time i came to her house she was always happy. she always had food on the plate for us. she was just somebody that everybody loved being around. >> reporter: she and her step daughter just turned 19 and visiting here from puerto rico had just pulled to the curb in a borrowed red pickup truck with tinted windows just after midnight. when gunmen pulled alongside their vehicle and opened fire. spraying 20 or more shots into the truck killing both women instantly. mendoza's stepson was also on the scene. but he ran to safety as the bullets flew and the shooters fled. police believe this may have been a deadly case of mistaken identity. >> it's very possible that with the dark tint and with the time of day just after midnight that the shooter has no idea that two
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women were actually in the vehicle at the time of the shooting. >> reporter: as friends and family gathered near the murder scene wednesday, some had a message for the driver by desperados who cut down two women seeming without cause. said mendoza's friend through her tears -- >> she was a caring person. she had no enemies. you caught the wrong person. give yourself up. have some sympathy. she didn't do anything to you for to you take her life away. >> reporter: police will not say who owned that red pickup truck but fox 29 has been told it may have been owned by friend of the mendoza family. philly police tell us murders in the city are up more than 20% this year over last. but that cooperation from the public is down. if you know anything about this case, they'd like to hear from you. anonymously if needed. at the police headquarters, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. the father of a penn state student who died after a series of falls inside a fraternity house says he's irritated with
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the pre-trial hearing for the students charged with the death of his son. 19-year-old timothy piazza died in february after investigators say he fell several times and was ignored by other members inside the now shuddered beta theta pi frat house. prosecutors charged 18 men with various crimes. his father he has not seen much remorse from the defendants. right now, president donald trump is off to paris for upcoming meeting with the president of france. >> before leaving the president tried to men mize the growing controversy over his son's meeting with a russian lawyer. in an appearance with sean hannity last night, donald trumps, jr., acknowledged he took the meeting with a russian attorney she may have had useful information about hillary clinton and ties to russia. president trump defended his son on twitter today calling trump, jr., quote open, transparent and innocent and once again referring to the russia investigation as a quote witch hunt. meanwhile u.s. senators
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spent more than five hours today grilling the president's nominee for fbi director on how he would handle the role. 50-year-old christopher wray former federal prosecutor fielding questions from senators on a range of topics including the firing of his potential predecessor james comey and the president's latest tweets. questioned about his priorities wray responded that he would quit before breaking the law for the president. in one minute, pink hits the ac beach with thousands of her closest friends and you think it was hot here? sound fun to you. kathy is hard at work just walking outside. >> oh, yeah. it's hot out there and it's going to get even hotter. we are talking about the hottest day of the year and we are challenging record warmth. a little hot to be on the links, iain. >> not for me. it's keeping local kids out of trouble and out of jail. fox 29 goes there next. ♪
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pink is no stranger of course to this area. >> despite the heat it did not stop fans from dancing and singing the night away along the shore. our dave kinchen was among the huge crowds. he's live in atlantic city. so how was it, dave? >> reporter: well, we have to tell you it was great. what we heard but we can tell you it was also hot out there. but the heat affected some people but didn't bother everybody. ♪ >> reporter: world super star and bucks county native pink rocks the stage in atlantic city but her performance is not the
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only thing heating up fans. the sun has been, well, just like fire. >> it's crazy hot and humid. >> reporter: concert goers lined the beach hours before the show when the sun was baking the thousands already getting the party started and drinking. >> super hot. it took for over to get in. >> reporter: exactly the thing medical staff were worried abo about. teams fetching people for treatment after the sun was a little too much for them. >> the day has been very very busy. many people here and we're seeing a lot of heat related illness. so people, you know, are having to get rehydrated get out of the sun and get cooled down. >> reporter: they treated more than 30 people in the first few hours. so inter hydration stations like this one to take the solar edge off. >> we love the little misting tent you have and hydration bar is great too. >> reporter: if that doesn't work there's the option of going for a dip in the ocean but hellish heat or high weight water pink fans are a dedicated bunch. >> she's awesome. you know, she's great performer.
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she doesn't care what anyone thing. >> does her own thing. has her own mind and her lyric are wonderful. >> reporter: the medical staff tell us they're used to the beach fest concert series by now and they know exactly how many people they need to have in place in terms of doctors and paramedics to take care of everybody. it's a little cooler right now. kathy, tell us what's in store for the folks down here as they head home from the pink concert. >> more heat, dave, and more humidity. on ultimate doppler you can see we have a partly cloudy skies they do not have to worry about any type of rain or storms. that's the good news but right now we're looking at temperatures really warm. in atlantic city 85 degrees the same in philadelphia. trenton 82. it's not just the temperature it's the humidity. down the shore on the boardwalk it's 82. sea isle 82. the ocean water temperature is a little bit cooler at 66 degrees. but this is the dew point that amount of moisture in the atmosphere. philadelphia at 72. in atlantic city that's oppressive at 73 degrees. so we are talking about excessive heat tomorrow
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especially in the city along that i-95 corridor and our adjacent suburbs on the pa side the jersey side and in delaware. it will feel like it's over 105 degrees tomorrow afternoon. this is serious guys. this is when the heat turns dangerous. talks about storms as well that we expect coming up later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> only on fox a day on the links for some local teens tod today. but these young men did not grow up going to country clubs or tennis courts or rowin rowing bd the due skill river. there's a catch to becoming a member but what's on the other side is proving live changing. our joyce evans just back from day on the golf course. one of my favorite places, joyce. >> it sure s you'll love these kids iain n a world where second chances are rare these kids are encouraged to make the best of all kinds of rare opportunities while they can. >> he getting warmed up. >> reporter: believe it or not these kids are really knew to
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this. >> not bad. >> reporter: they're not quite perfect. >> i didn't say swing. see where you was at. >> reporter: nobody here is giving up. not on golf -- bend your knees. >> reporter: not op these young lives. >> it's not about how strong you swing. >> it helps me, like, think about like, more life than just the hood. >> reporter: exposure to the new and very different for teenagers in trouble with the law. >> some could be awaiting trial. some could have just come back home from place many facilities. >> that's the reason why you doing good. >> some could have been diverted from a placement facility. >> three things you should always respect every day. >> out of the lock up is where adam serlin director of court services at net centers and his staff hope to keep these young men who do not pose serious threat he says to the community. >> we try and keep kids in the community provide life skills programming, educational programming and avoid whole lot of those negative, um, effect
10:19 pm
that is happen. >> i do stuff to keep out of trouble. >> reporter: what would you be doing. >> things i shouldn't be doing. >> reporter: first tee golf course one of several partners in the sports for juvenile justice program. the brain child of the philadelphia sports collaborative funded by dhs through family court and the da's office. >> this is my first time trying this sport. >> this is actually jew von's very first day at this. >> you're pretty good. >> good shot. >> i thought it was boring at first and then i got the hang of it and it was pretty fun. >> reporter: anthony has gone on to join the first tee club through a scholarship program. >> i like it because it's a challenge. it's strategy and focus. it's a a challenge. >> it's a real work out, too. >> that was great hit right in front of you. >> this gives space for kids to really just be kids. no one will get arrest the on the golf course. there's no safety concerns. >> turn your club some more, t too. >> gives kids a free space to
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express themselves, be kids and enjoy themselves. >> reporter: whether they spend 100 days or six months, they come away with so much mo more. >> then you want to follow it all the way through. >> it's like a lot of things i want to see in life. >> it's different now. i want to experience the word. >> reporter: they are talented and smart. their success rate of going on to finish college or living a productive life never committing another crime has been pretty good over the past four years. the program has even won an international award for the work that they do. iain. >> that is impressive, joyce. so much. >> they're yeah, they're going to play you. >> i can't wait. >> ♪ two words that get people fired up. health care. but paying to fill out paper work at the doctor because it's on an i-pad? one mom is furio furious. ♪
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state regulators have reject add request for an emergency hearing to block construction of valve control station for the mariner east two pipeline. west goshen township filed the request and the public utility commission declined to address the dispute over the sunoco pipeline. the issues will be discussed at a previously rescheduled hearing in harrisburg on tuesday.
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♪ happening now, we hear a lot about the high costs of health care. but south jersey woman says the bill she just got really takes the cake. >> wait until you hear what she was charged for. fox 29's brad sattin joins us and brad, she took her two kids in for wellness check. >> simple enough. wellness check she does every year. it's fully covered by insurance. when she got the bill she got a double take. when she called to find out what the charge was actually for she cannot believe her ears. 11-year-old mia is getting regular lessons as she learns to play the piano. when it comes to her health, she's also getting regular check ups. but when the bill came following the last wellness check for her and her brother cole the statement was not music to her mother's ears. >> mia had one vaccine and cole -- they both that eye exams. i was like, okay, well maybe that's not covered under the wellness visit and if that's the case, that's fine but i want to know what i'm paying for before i pay the bill. >> reporter: when she called
10:25 pm
she was told the charge had nothing to do with a vaccine or eye exam. >> she said, you filled out questions on an i-pad when you got there. and i said yes. she said that's what the charge is for. and i was like that is ludicrous. >> reporter: you heard right. the office told her, $50 for each child to cover the use of an i-pad to answer some questions prior to seeing the doctor. >> it literally took me less than five minutes. less than five minutes. >> reporter: pam says they were never told of the charge at the time. her two children get their check ups at a new jersey location of the children's hospital of philadelphia network. her insurance company would not pay the fee but it was adjust fluid a negotiated rate down to $58 and 91 cents which pam says she has no intention of paying. she expressed her shock on facebook and the reaction there was universal comments from it's outrageous to craziness to some words we can't even put on tv. >> pam says after ten years with chop, she loves the people and quality of health care, but says the i-pad charges is over the
10:26 pm
top. >> everybody is nickel and diming everybody and it's got to stop. >> late this afternoon children's hospital of philadelphia did get back to us saying in part an op shopping al patient family questionnaire is a critical part of well heave child visits. the charge has nothing to do with the manner in which the information is collected but a charge for the clinician's time to interpret the results. chop is happy to work with families if they have questions "pam's point here she was just never told about it your best advice, of course, when seeing a doctor ask a lot of questions about costs. iain. >> all right, brad. interesting stuff. thank you. >> murdered right in the middle of the street. that's awful enough someone opens fire on the firefighters trying to save him. new details developing right now in the search for four missing young men. now this man arrested again days of searching ton night we may finally get some answers. chris o'connell is life next. ♪
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i'm leaving you, wesley. but why? you haven't noticed me in two years. i was in a coma. well, i still deserve appreciation. who was there for you when you had amnesia? you know i can't remember that.
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stop this madness. if it's appreciation you want you should both get snapshot from progressive. it rewards good drivers with big discounts on car insurance. it's a miracle. i can walk again. go back to your room, susan lucci. >> we're following breaking news tonight in the search for the
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four missing men and the man under arrest for stealing a car that belonged to one of them. we have just been told that there is a midnight news conference in the case. we will of course grinning it to you live here on fox fox 29. chris a mystery a lot of people are hard at work tonight trying to solve. >> reporter: that is right, iain. local, state and federal authorities remain on seen in solebury township looking for any clues into the disappearance of those four missing men and in the meantime they did come away with some critical evidence according to sources tonight. the central figure in the disappearance of four men arrested for the second time in three days. skyfox capturing the 20-year-old cosmo dinardo being he is cored back inside the bucks county jail. this time on $5 million cash bail. arrested for the theft of a car
10:31 pm
belonging to one of those missing men. now, as night falls investigators are still on scene methodically sifting through piles of dirt on the expansive dinardo family farm ton night authorities uncovered a major clue. a large piece of evidence covered by a tarp that was hauled away on flatbed truck with a police escort. sources are telling us that was an underground oil tank. a piece of evidence that is critical in this investigation. so far prosecutors do not have enough to charge dinardo with the disappearances but they say those charges could be on the way. as you heard a midnight press conference is scheduled for this evening. the families of those missing men have been holding vigil here at the search site for three days. they are desperate for information. one of the family members telling me tonight he is now not hopeful that his grandson is alive but they are still holding
10:32 pm
out some hope. we should have more information over the next couple hours. iain. >> chris, thank you. of course we know you are interested in this story. as we track every turn in the case again there will be a news conference at midnight tonight. we will bring the to you live. here on fox 29. a tail of two cities down at the shore while atlantic city parties on the beach, investigators are looking into a deadly shooting in another part of town. atlantic city residents say this is what it's really like beyond the neon lights of the casinos. a city plagued with violence. >> that bothers our hank flynn. here's hank's take. ♪ who is playing tonight? >> me! >> ♪ it's hank. i'm in atlantic city. i got tale of two cities for you tonight. one of them pink is playing. whoo!? >> alicia. our girl alicia from pennsylvania. >> local girl made good, baby.
10:33 pm
♪ >> reporter: the other atlantic city less glitzy the west side a side a kid got shot to death last night when fire department came to help him out, they got shot at too. my take, what do you think my take is? >> i never thought would it happen down over here. >> reporter: you never seen anything like that, nope, never. >> reporter: me either. it's nuts. bad enough somebody was gunned down on lincoln avenue who would shoot at firefighters trying to save his life? west atlantic city has side streets that cut behind houses. path ways reall really felt almt deserted today when you try to talk to people you get this. >> i can't talk to you, man. if people see me talking to you i might be next. >> reporter: ac fire chief scott evans said to be crazy busy up on the boardwalk with preps for the pink show. i'm trying to dig him up and see what he's got to say about it. after all his guys got shot out. >> the murder is bad enough but the targeting of his responder social security all new and it's a nightmare. >> two are former military guys and they know gunshots feel like they know what the sounds are
10:34 pm
where they're coming from based upon some of what they heard from some of the neighbors was, you know, the people were shooting at our firefighters to prevent them from caring for the victim. >> reporter: atlantic county prosecutor the victim is 28-year-old anthony mcrae dead from multiple gunshot wounds. west side activist steven young sees it all too often. the jobs, the resources everything he says is on the other side of the town. >> they play this producer called life nation millions of dollars but we're in community that practically broke with a lot of poverty. and they took away the free concerts that we had here for our local people. >> reporter: i didn't meet a single west cidar going to seat pink show almost like it's in another town. most of the people i met on the boardwalk waiting to see pink were from elsewhere. but that's ac for you. two cities. one where tourist dollars are king and the other one which is in a lot of pain. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ definitely a sad reality. >> it is.
10:35 pm
no question. all right. well, he bought a bottle of milk with 100 doltz bill it turns out that bill was fake according to new jersey state police. they say this man used the counterfeit bill at a wawa along route 42 in upper pits drove township last month. the man has several tattoos and left in a silver suv. if you know who this guy is, give police a call. pennsylvania state police vesting the death of 11-year-old boy who died after getting sick at a summer camp in pike county. daniel beer of norwood, new jersey, died at a hospital on monday. police are awaiting the results of toxicology tests. working hard or are you hardly working? it turns out americans are pretty lazy. how far did you walk today? ♪ this summer, journey into the adirondacks
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where campers carve through stone. and to the thousand islands, where kids can be kings. if you like big adventure, you'll love new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer getaway at
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taking a live look over trenton tonight. lawmakers will discuss a measure to pass -- to pay state employees for time they missed during the new jersey government shut down. the bill states employees will receive their salaries or wage payments for the time missed from july 1st through the third. if it passes, governor chris christie has said he will sign
10:39 pm
it. well, this next story is about a study about laziness. it's something we know nothing about here at fox 29 news. take a look at our control room. right. we're not lazy here. the show is on the air. >> that's our producer. >> is that aaron? >> on the air. >> isn't he supposed to be busy working? >> he should be. where is everybody else we have we got show on the air here. >> maybe we are kind of lazy here in the us. the problem the us is one of the lazy yesterday countries on earth according to study by stanford university. researchers there used step counters to track walking of people around the globe. they found americans on average only walk about 4700 steps a day. that's kind of near the bot top of the list. but it's not bass add indonesia they take 3500 a day. most active people in case you're wondering hong kong nearly 6900 steps a day. that's how they measure laciness by the steps. >> that was this particular study's methodology.
10:40 pm
>> gotcha. i don't know how many steps aaron was taking with his feet you. >> his feet were in the air. all right. >> most children are playing video games, but this eight-year-old, well, he's creating them, changing the world one app at a time. >> all right. today was hot enough, kathy but we got no relief in site? >> no. from the city to the shore, even in wildwood we're talking about temperatures that will be in the 90s and it will feel like it's over 100. we'll talk about that plus some storms moving our way. could be severe. we'll have the seven day when we come back. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. once again you got me sue serio until bob kelly forty one vacation. tell about on-going project in fishtown. it is columbia avenue that is closed while they continue the redoing of i-95 and the ramps at i-95 and girard this project is on going until august the fifth. your alternate is frankford avenue. we'll have all the latest tomorrow morning starting at
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10:43 pm
new jersey transit just approved a new budget for 201 agent new trains and buses more than 100 new rail cars will replace the
10:44 pm
old defendant cars in the transit fleet. regular commuters you'll love this, the new cars will have roomier two person seats instead of those crowded three person seats. well in this day and age, just about everyone knows how to use a computer. right? well one local boy, get this, he is actually programming those computers. he's a coding whiz and only eight years old. fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer checks him out. >> i want to you see how much code there is. >> he loves using the fanly computer. not so much for playing video games but actually creating them. >> i started learning thou code use something called mit scratch and basically i just use youtube videos when i got stuck i had my mom's help. >> he's up here pretty much all the time. running computer code and coming up with future inventions. >> robot that makes me pizza and gives you massages. >> that is probably a few years away. right now, though -- >> you need to start the progr program. >> this happy go lucky
10:45 pm
eight-year-old is making it easier for kids to learn to code a computer. >> story bot started out as a tool to help his friends load to code but grew into something builder. >> the story bot is tack tile so our blind friends can actually feel and touch and tell what things are. >> helping his brian friends with computer coding has given him the opportunity to speak all over the country. good today i would lick to tell you about an exciting adventure boomier. >> internet search you can find him speaking at the ted x i don't think conference in scranton. >> i thought it work great for my blind friends. >> that was last year. this is the home screen. >> now he's putting all of his energy into the new mobile app he's created. >> called pollinate for pets and it teaches you how to make very own poll any later garden. >> he loves nature and needed an idea for the paradigm challenge. >> it lists all these plants. >> international competition that uses kindness, creative at the -- >> tells you how to provide food for pollinator.
10:46 pm
>> this year's theme was how to eliminate waste. >> did you know that there are actually 4,000 species of native bees? >> his app will help kids build their pollinate garden just like did he at his nazareth, pennsylvania, home. >> without our bees who endangered we won't have -- they won't pollinate our plants which provide us food. >> helping bees pollinate s 98 is a huge task for an eight-year-old but his mom and dad are there to help. >> i'm excited he's becoming a live long learner. that gives me indicate chore he doesn't see it as a chore or something he has to do but he really enjoys doing it. >> he came the other day. >> in lazareth, bill rohrer fox 29 news. >> really really tiny bug. >> i can believe he's on eight years old. >> he'll be running the world in two or three years. >> good for him. >> good for him. keep making those apps. we appreciate it. >> talk about hot one. day was brutal as we take live look at wildwood. tomorrow will be even warmer at the shore than in the city.
10:47 pm
your weather authority forecast is 15 seconds away. >> from wildwood up down are town to ocean city we're looking pretty good out there. you can see the boards are still busy a little bit of haze because we have a lot of humidity even down the shore. temperatures are warm and the humidity is going to be running very high. it is 85 about philadelphia. the normal high this time of year is 87. so we're only 2 degrees below that at this late hour. allentown, pottstown, 79. 82 in wilmington and dover. 81 in millville. and down the shore, in ocean city, right now on the boardwalk it is 79 after a high of 90 degrees today. 81 in north wildwood. cape may .76. the ocean water temperature up to 67 after really bottoming out
10:48 pm
at at about 64 this afternoon as we go hour by hour tomorrow morning we'll start off with some sun. by the afternoon, some showers and thunderstorms bubbling up the main threat would be torrential downpours talking about some flash flood concerns in anyone of these cells with some lightning possible. then by the afternoon, additional spotty showers with some heavy downpours. possibly making it down the shore late tomorrow night. friday, a better chance of rain in the morning. some rain in the afternoon and some thunderstorms in the evening. you can see the radar really fills in to the south and west of philadelphia and the south and east by friday evening. this heads down the i-95 corridor as well. so a better chance of seeing more widespread storms during the day on friday but there is a marginal risk of severe weather for your thursday. it would be strong gusty winds and the possibility of those drenching downpours. we are in for our fourth heat wave of the year. tomorrow the hottest day of the year. as we make it up to 97 degrees. the record is 98 degrees and that was set back in 1994.
10:49 pm
we could touch that record. overnight tonight the low 78 degrees very warm, very mug muggy. very uncomfortable night. it will be the same during the day tomorrow. the high 97 in the city. 90's down the shore. afternoon shower or storm and once again those drenching downpours will be the issue and could cause some localized flooding winds out of the southwest at about five to 10 miles an hour. here's a look at those numbers to beat. challenging record warmth in philadelphia and wilmington with records in the upper 90s. reading the record 96. trenton 98. atlantic city 96 and allentown it's going to be tough to beat this. we'll try. the record is nine nip degrees. down the shore tomorrow, 93 in ocean city. sea isle 90. 86 in north wildwood. cape may point the forecast high is 82. in beach haven the forecast high 80. little bit cooler better in lewes, delaware, rehobot rehobod bethenny. in lewes it will be 73 degrees. seven day forecast from the weather authority, a few storms here or there in the morning and afternoon on your friday.
10:50 pm
saturday and sunday looking great. lower humidity in the wake afront. monday 90, tuesday a few storms and by wednesday hot and humid with a high temperature of 92 degrees. these are the dog days of summer. we'll send it over to you. kathy, we have a carson wentz sighting. wentz is back in north dakota check out what he's doing off the field right before training camp plus one of the stars of the phillies is about to be go gone. find out what pat neshek will likely end up before the trade deadline much that's coming up next in sports f we've got breaking news to tell you about. we are awaiting on a news conference in the search for the four missing young men in buck county. when that happens we of course will bring it to you live here on fox 29. ♪
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♪ ♪ thankfully football is almost here. we're 12 days away from start of training camp. finally we have something besides baseball and summer league basketball to talk about. it's going to be all about carson wentz. let's be hahn never it's about the quarterback can he make the next step not just on the field but off? he's already doing
10:54 pm
some big things off the field. back in his hometown of fargo, north dakota wentz launched the nave of his ao1 foundation. he talked about what he's trying to accomplish. >> at the end of the day pro football career maybe i'll play until i'm 40. i don't know. tom brady might be playing for a lot longer. who knows. but this is something that will definitely super seed that. on the field is what a lot of people know me for but at the end of the day i hope this makes a much bigger impact. >> to the phil fees back in action on friday in milwaukee hopefully the second half of the season will be a lot better than the first. the phils are the wore the team in this ba baseball. it ain't even close. at this point we want to see some type of improvement and the phils only had few bright spots in the first half of the season and one of those were pat nesh neshek. but they won't be having that guy for too much longer. reported the red sox are trying to trade for him at this point
10:55 pm
the phillies just want young talent in return and today the flyers had their trial on the i'm sle end of their developmental camp basically agility drills in the sand. general manager ron hextall said only one or two of these guys will actually paying the team. to sock sorry usa taking or martinique at the gold cup. look at this. tied two all. the 76th minute jordan morris with hess goal the second of the match. the united states are currently, s currently up three-two with just a few minutes left. to whim bell doll don three out of the four heavyweights on the men's side made it to the quarter the finalling but unfortunately only one of them advanced to the semies the old guy, roger federer got the done. the other two really struggled. novak djokovic had to call the quits. djokovic lost the first set and down two-zero in the second when he retired from the match. apparently his right elbow has
10:56 pm
been bothering him from over a year and he couldn't finish the match. afterwards he said he's going to have to sit down and really see a specialist to get this thing figure out and the one seed andy murray disappeared in this match taking on. he had a two set to one lead and faded away quickly. look at this great match point going back and forth. murray couldn't get it done he loses only roger federer left many you know what that means. done deal. he'll get the w only those two guys can beat him. >> wow. in good for him. >> at least one more. >> yeah. >> well that will do it for us tonight at 10:00 o'clock. iain page is tanning by what's coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. iain. >> dawn breaking news of course new details in that search for those four missing young men. investigators have announced a press conference at midnight. we've got the late breaking details coming up new at 11:00. and of course your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. remember, though, your powerful
10:57 pm
lottery drawing is up next. so good luck with that. we'll see in you just a few minutes. don't go anywhere. p://>[a5df]
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