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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we'll see if that one will be extended and then we'll move up the road into sections of mercer county, also into ocean, burlington county, watching for winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. so that's the latest on ultimate doppler we'll continue to foil back over to you. >> we'll check back with you scott momentarily. we have major breaking news in the case of four missing men in bucks county. >> let's get out to chris o'connell and dave schratwieser who have been following -- let's get out to dave schratwieser outside the bucks county courthouse in doylestown. so dave, what are you hearing? >> reporter: all right iain really really fast-moving developments in this case in the last 15 minutes. we got the to see cosmo dinardo carted off in leg irons and handcuffs and we heard from his attorney about the situation now saying that cosmo has confessed to the murders. listen now as cosmo gets peppered for questions and then his attorney tells us about the confession. >> mr. dinardo this evening
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confessed to the district attorney. he confessed to his participation or commission in the murders of the four young men. in exchange for that confession, mr. dinardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his live by not invoking the death penalty. >> cosmo what do you say to the families. >> -- for cosmo to be very honest forth right and truthful in what occurred within the last week and a half. >> mr. cosmos did give that full confession, and he was very forth right and gave all relevant details that he can. >> reporter: now again, that's paul lange1 of three attorneys for cosmo dinardo. cosmo dinardo left here about five minutes ago in a sheriff's van. peppered by questions from reporters about what he had to say to the victims family. he did say i'm sorry at one point. and then got in the van the
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doors were closed and he was carted back to the bucks county jail. lots of quick-moving developments. there was grand jury going on all day today. some people went in there. cosmo dinardo' parents were supposed to go in. they did not. he sat down with investigators. gave them the details, the whereabouts of the bodies, all four bodies from what we're being told. some weapons that were involved, and other specific details which they would not reveal. the district attorney matt weintraub is expected to announce something later tonig tonight. he told me and chris o'connell a short time ago he wasn't sure if he was going to be announced murder charges to night but i would bet at this hour that's a good possibility. i will also tell you that within the last half hour, another individual was brought in to the detective building behind me. we do not know who that individual was. sources are telling me they were look to go see if anyone else was involved in this crime. if they were, you can bet they're going to get lock up, too. now, i understand dawn and iain
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have a couple questions. go ahead guys. >> iain -- dave, have you heard anything at all about a possible motive? i know matt weintraub is being very tight lipped about everything. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: again, one more time. a lot of noise out here one more time on the question, please. >> are you hearing anything at all about a possible motive? i know the district attorney has kept everything close to the vest. but are you hearing why this possibly has happened? >> reporter: we've heard several different things. my sources are telling me this appears to be drug related. it may be related to the sale of marijuana, possibly some debts involving marijuana but, again, the district attorney has offered no specifics. when we pressed paul lange for specification about the confession did he not give any. he said he did not want to go into specifics until this was all wrapped up, and charges were filed. we understand this is a rather lengthy confession. it was very detailed from what we understand.
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investigators spent hours tal talking to cosmo dinardo now we hear there might possibly a second person or others. we do not know at this point, but all along there's been some thought that more than one person had to participate in this. given the fact that four young men disappeared and are apparently now gone. >> all right. dave schratwieser of course i know you'll continue to follow up and we will check back with you with any new developments. thanks for your hard work, dave. >> meantime of course the other top story we've been following is a tornado warning in our area. here is a look at the philadelphia skyline. you can see that it is dark and looks ominous out there. meteorologist scott williams has been on top of this much what's the latest? >> tornado warning has been allowed to expire for those areas we were watching north and west of the philadelphia. but take a look. the entire area pretty much sections of south jersey that includes gloucester, camden, burlington ocean county mercer county and also north and west still under that severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 o'clock tonight. ultimate doppler still lit up especially north of
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philadelphia. sections of montgomery county, berks county, reading right now looking at very heavy rainfall again and then as we move into sections of mercer county we'll take tour. this particular area severe thunder storm warning for bucks county, montgomery county until 6:30 that includes norristown, over to lansdale, moving toward the doylestown area. then as we move north and west, around the reading area, no longer severe thunderstorm but take look at the heavy rainfall. the vivid lightning that's moving through and earlier we were watching that activity that kind of push threw sections of berks county. you can see some storm reports of trees snapped and uprooted just to the east of the reading area. so that's what we've been watching and keeping tabs on as that activity moves out of the reading area into pottstown limerick and into sections of montgomery county. still capable of the downpours the lightning and rainfall rates over thee inches per hour. so not only do we have those showers and thunderstorms. we have the oppressive and
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excess tiff heat. the advisories and the warnings still in mace across the area. feels like temperatures have been right around the triple digits. right along that i-95 corridor for much of the afternoon. so you really have to take it easy out there check on your pets, the elderly, stay hydrated as we are looking at that stifling humidity. now with the rain cooled air, take look at the big temperature contrast with what it actually feels like with the heat index. it still feels like 95 degrees in philadelphia. but you head north where we've seen those shower and thunderstorms. yeah look at pottstown it feels like 96 degrees. it feels like 72 in reading it feels like 73 in allentown. but take a look wait feels like right now into sections of south jersey. millville it feels like 100 degrees. it feels like 105 right now as we move toward dover and feels like a stifling 102 degrees right now in the wilmington area. so coming up, we'll continue to talk about the heat.
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it is official. today marked our fourth heat wave with those three couldn't second could you tiff days temperatures at or above 90 degrees. still tracking storms this evening then again tomorrow but if you're not a fan of this heat, i do have that seven day for that shows some heat relief ahead. back over to you. >> all right. much needed relief, thank you, scott. happening now, something dirty is back in one new jersey community. unfortunately, it's the water. people are saying it is worse than ever. people in maple shade woke up to the brown colored water coming out of their faucets. >> this is the first time they've had to deal with this. >> brad sattin took a trip to maple shade today. he's back in studio now. so do we know what's causing this, brad? >> reporter: dawn, we do it actually started yesterday morning. that had water official opening the hydrants last night trying to flush the system. still, turned out to be problem again this morning and people as you can manage jane are fed up. >> don't tell gianna, ali or lexi there's problem with the water in maple shady. we're all jealous of them today.
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and the water here looks much more welcoming than what's been coming out of the faucets here and across the township over the past couple of days. >> brown and mucky. good allison says this came out of her home. the morning coffee before the coffee was added. >> just upsetting. >> it's coming out of our fauc faucet. report after scenes like these in maple shade last summer which had some residents boiling -- >> why is it hogging my faucet. >> rt. >> reporter: township leaders promised a fix cut today,. >> it's pretty disgusting if you ask me. >> mike grace woke up to it again. >> it was brown. then you let the water run for little bit and flush the toilet little bit. couple tiles. it finally dissipates. >> reporter: right now it's the worse it's ever been been. >> yes. >> we found lots of neighbors affected many saying the discoloration comes and goes there's even an entire facebook community dedicated to the iss issue. >> but yesterday it was like a brown. >> folks like bernie hill bread learned to deal with it though not please.
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>> recently in the last couple of months when it shows up it's really disgusting. >> reporter: township water contractor tells us the testing faulty hydrant on wednesday is what stirred the iron steddy many the system and call the dark look but the water is safe to drink. blame it on on cast iron pipes that need replaying placing. many won't drink the water instead beating the heat by relying on small water coolers and for those lucky enough giant ones. >> it does look row freshing. township of course studying lo long-term solutions now includ including a evaluating procedure that shoots ice through the pipes to clean them replacing old pipelines when they replace the roads and inserting liners into the pipes. all options here. needless to say none of these options are fast or cheap but again iain officials trying to make it clear here that water is safe to drink. >> all right. that is the good news. all right, brad, thank you. now to a developing story out of canada former president jimmy
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carter was rush to the hospital after becoming dehydrated. this happened while the 92-year-old was working at a habitat for humanity construction site in winnipeg. he told habitat kirk he's okay. spokeswoman said he was taken to the hospital as precaution this is the 34th time carter volunteered for the charity. check out these surveillance pictures of the police say the woman you see here broke into several homes in chester county while the homeowners were asleep inside. four different burglaries took place between june 24th and july 8th in weston township and east goshen township. two cars were stolen as well as wallets, credit cards and cash. if you know either of these women, call police. fox 29 news back right after this. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope.
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>> major breaking news right knot in the indicates of four missing men in bucks county a short timing a a confession by 20-year-old cosmo dinardo. let's get straight out to chris o'connell with breaking details at the bucks counsel tow courthouse. chris? >> reporter: dawn, a stunning confession to a story that's captivated frankly the entire nation. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo the central figure around the investigation surrounding the disappearance of four men over the past week confessed to investigators today he was brought in here this morning and according to his attorney gave a full account of what happened during the commission of those murders including where those bodies are right now. of course, one of those bodies was found on the expansive denardo family farm yesterday.
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today he confessed to those charges. just a little while ago, cosmo dinardo left this courthouse after speaking with investigat investigators. we shouted some questions as he left into the sheriff's van. take listen. >> cosmo, what do you say to those families? >> cosmo, you admitted to killing four people. why did you do it? what do you have to say to these families? anything to say. >> i'm sorry f why did you do it? >> was it some other crime, drug dealing good cosmo you want to say anything to the families? >> anything? >> you saw that was cosmo dinardo speaking with us after speaking with investigators today. once again giving that full confession. now according to his defense attorney, paul lange he tells us tonight in exchange for that
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full confession today, that the district attorney has agreed not to seek the death penalty in this case. that is according to his district attorney. we are -- that is according to his defense attorney. we are expected to hear from district attorney matt weintraub in a briefing over the next couple of hours. hopefully to outline some of these details but cosmo dinardo and now behind bars on $5 million cash bail most likely these murder charges will be enveloped that in those charge from before guys. right now, the investigation still continues at that in solebury township only as far as we know one of those three bodies have been found. so the investigation the search continues there. once again, cosmo dinardo confessing to the murders of those four missing men. guys? >> chris, thank you. still a lot of questions we hopefully will will get answers tonight from the bucks county district attorney.
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pennsylvania state auditors say the keystone state is not reviewing the effectiveness of addiction treatment programs and needed to more. in an audit released the states auditor general recommended three state agencies need to carefully monitor whether they're treatment programs that fight against heroin and other opioids are really effective those agencies are department of human services, corrections and drug and alcohol programs. the audit pointed out under funding of programs meant to help addicts in pennsylvania. well workers at philadelphia city hall are feeling a little squeamish they say the building has more mice than usual. >> they say mice have always been a problem just they have this bad. this is the first year they've got new exterminator the compa company's general manager says there's no date to to prove the mouse problem this year is worse than years before. nearby construction and allowing employees to eat at their desks and in their office social security likely fueling the problem. >> well today hundreds of airport workers and community supporters rallied to demand a resolution from american
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airlines contractors. philadelphia airport workers are holding off on their strike anothr day as talks between american airlines and the airport workers union continued today. workers say they are fighting for a living wage. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. take live look back down at ocean city where it was a hot one today. your weather forecast is just 15 seconds aways. busy thursday afternoon across the area. excess suv heat warnings. our fourth official heat wave and also scattered showers and thunderstorms across the area. ultimate doppler still lit up especially north of the philadelphia area. so we'll take tour across the area and show was we're watching right now. a lot of thunderstorm activity. moving through sections of
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bucks, montgomery, upper dublin, toward the warminster area we're looking at a severe thunder storm warning until 6:30. so winds likely here in excess you have 60 miles an hour and those rainfall rates over 2-inches per hour. we'll move a little farther to the east. monmouth county, ocean county severe thunderstorm, jackson, brick, toms river severe thunderstorm warning until 6:45. so the general motion has been from west to east this afternoon and this evening. we saw some hefty showers and thunderstorms that moved through berks county and prompted tornado warning earlier there are reports of some uprooted trees just to the east of the reading area. so over the next several hours, still watching for those scatter it's downpours once we lose the daytime heating. a lot of the coverage will diminish but by nine, 10:00 o'clock we could have activity down the shore. get a break tomorrow morning, but then by tomorrow afternoon the heat the humidity and boom
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you have more scattered showers and thunderstorms some of those could turn strong to severe with gusty winds and also some hail for tomorrow. then we dry out. lower humidity. that heat relief really for the upcoming weekend take look at the high temperatures for today. atlantic city 97 at the airport. 94 in philadelphia. so it wasn't the hottest day of the year so far but we're still looking at that oppressive heat with the feels like temperatures in the triple digits. wilmington 93 was your high. trenton made the up to 92. so the fourth heat wave it was official today with that high temperature right around 94 degrees for the philadelphia area. as we move toward tonight we're lookinlooking at those scattered showers and continual thunderstorms out there. mid 70s. then by tomorrow, we'll do it again. temperatures not as hot as today but keep an eye to the sky for those strong potentially severe thunderstorms. next couple of days down the shore thunder storm chances for tomorrow.
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then right now the weekend looks pretty good. that seven day forecast showing you as we moved move toward the weekend drier, lower humidity but we warm things up into early next week. back over to you. >> all right. some crazy weather today. though, thank you scott. all right. >> we got the phillies. they'll be back in action tomorrow. they'll be in milwaukee, and the guys are just trying to get things back together. trying to get things out of the basement. pete mackanin expects to see a lot different things for the rest of the season much he's trying to energize himself after a rough first half. see what he had to say. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ the phillies are back in action tomorrow in milwaukee and the second half of the season has to be lot better than the first because you can't get much worse at this point. pete mackanin said at the beginning of the season he wanted to be around 500 going in to august and, yeah, that ain't going happen. expectations have to change and today mackanin talked about what he sees for the rest of the year and how he tried to regroup during the all star break. >> i forced myself just to put it behind me and not think about it get some rest, eat some good food haven't good time with my wife on the shore and refresh for the second half. >> his goals for the second half are not based on wins in and losses. >> what it boils down to is, these guys need to show improve many over the first half. some have and some haven't. and that's what this is all about for us right now. these guys have to understand there's an urgency involved. i they want to be with us down the road. they've got to real dollar well the second half, and the team
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has to do well, and that's what it's all about. >> to wimbledon with serena williams pregnant big sis is crushing it right now. venus taking on the semi final s just too easy. two powerful and too precise she wonts six-four, six-two advancing to the finals her second finals this year. she went to the australian open finals and she lost to serena. to the nba summer league land so ball has played in has much must see tv. pack out every time. first game was suspect but since then he's been bawling. triple double in the second game followed by the best individual game by any player this summer and check this out. no triple b's for lon so rocki g the kobes. pops ain't going to like that. look at this pass right here. i mean just on point. crazy. then look at this again.
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he put his aaron rodgers on. full court pass. on the dime. ridiculous lakers won 103-102. ball had 36 points, 11 assists, eight boards and five steals. >> wow. >> i know it's just summer camp. >> it's just summer league. >> he's playing against the scrubs. >> oh, iain, just hate. you trying to say those passes weren't impressive? >> they are all right. >> all right. >> all right. we end tonight were catch our breaking news. cosmo dinardo admits to killing four men who disappeared in bucks county last week. when asked if he had anything to say to the vick timms families he simi said "i'm sorry" the admission will spare him from the death penalty thou there's a lot we still hope to find out tonight including the motive and any accomplices in the killings we expect a briefing sometime tonight. we'll have that information for you on the fox 29 news at 10:00. that will do it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10: 10:00. i witness is next.
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