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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 13, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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in the murders of four men. he says he did it. >> there's new information just in to our newsroom after that bombshell. your news starts in 30 seconds. right now, confession. >> i'm sorry. >> cosmo dinardo admits he killed four men. >> he was very forth right and
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gave all relevant details that he could. tonight new questions. why? and was anyone else involved? >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. lawyers say he admits he did it. cosmo dinardo's lawyer says he told investigators he killed four men. tonight, more clues are falling into place in the case that turned from a disappearance to murder. four young men and four families at the heart of it all. thanks for joining us at 10:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. lucy is off tonight. you saw it first on fox. cosmo dinardo told police he is the man they're looking for. here's what we know at this hour. cosmo dinardo' attorney saying the 20-year-old man agreed to plead guilty to four counts of murder in exchange dinardo will not face the death penalty. and tonight we're learning more about the murders and a possible motive. >> we have team coverage for you tonight and new information that you have not yet heard. we begin tonight with fox 29's
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chris o'connell on the phone. chris you broke the story tweeting out news of the confession just seconds after his attorney confirmed it. >> reporter: that is right. iain we're having video technical tran mission problems. we wanted to deliver this news to you and astonishing admission today by 20-year-old cosmo dinardo. according to his attorney, he has admitted, confessed to the mass murder of those four men. that this investigation is far from over tonight. in fact sources have told fox 29 that investigators are still looking for a co conspirator in these murders. they may have a motive and they may be even closing in on a potential suspect. now, cosmo dinardo walked out of courthouse today after investigators questioned him and after his confession. here's him walking out of court earlier today. >> mr. dinardo this evening
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confessed to the district attorney. he kev confessed to his participation or commission in the murders of the four young men. in exchange for that confession, mr. dinardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking -- >> cosmo, what do you say to these families? >> cosmo, did you admit to killing -- >> for cosmo to be very honest, forth right and truthful in what occurred within the last week and a half. mr. cosmo did give that full confession and he was very forth right and gave all relevant details that he can. >> reporter: now, that was dinardo's attorney telling us that he gave investigators a detailed account of the murders of dean finocchiaro, thomas meo, tim jimi tar patrick and mark sturgis. dinardo told investigators where
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the bodies are located. remains have already been found and what's been described as 12 and a half foot common grave but what is still not certain is how dinardo knew the victims or how they were connected, but new information coming to us by a source telling fox 29 these killings may have been over a deal over marijuana and a gun. now finally right now dinardo has not officially been charged with the murders. in fact the da has made no comment on this reported confession. he has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow at 11:0g where we might find more information on details about a potential accomplice in this case that captivated the nation. guys? >> chris, of course, four men who vanished are at the heart of this case. jimi patrick, dean finocchiaro, mark sturgis and thomas meo. dean's remains were positiv posy identified last night. dave kinchen talked to a friend of his. >> i'm mad. i'm mad that dean was taken away
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that somebody actually decided to take him away from the world. >> reporter: complete shock for bill who says he work with 1984 old dean finocchiaro at a levittown restaurant. >> we didn't deserve that. the world didn't deserve that. his family here didn't deserve that and his family didn't deserve that. >> reporter: he can't believe cosmo dinardo confessed to killing finocchiaro of langhorne and three other men dean's remains were the first to be identified by investigators. >> dean was one of the fun yesterday guys i've ever met. he was always friendly. always had a smile on his face. always willing to you give that smile if you didn't have one, and just fun to be around. great guy to work with. >> i'd always just see him at the skate park and up at the middle school that used to be there neshaminy middle skateboarding having a good ti time. always having laughs. talking shop and having a good time. >> reporter: his neighborhood is decorated with yellow ribbons as neighbors show support for his family. the same is true for the newtown neighborhood of another victim
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19-year-old jimi tar patrick. bucks county has been all a buzz in recent days since four men went missing but a confession in the case is mind blowing to residents. >> you look at this area, it's such a surrene, quiet, you know, family oriented area. it just disrupts everybody's lifestyle and people have to look over their shoulders now everywhere they go. >> you hear the stories and you never think it will come back especially golden bucks county here, you know. everyone holds it on high pedestal but people are people. anywhere. >> that was dave kinchen reporting meanwhile one of the family members of victim thomas meo is speaking out about what happened. meo has an uncle had lives in kansas city, missouri he sat down with our sister situation wdaf to share his thoughts about thomas and the whole situation. >> it's tough. i think anybody whose been through a tragedy like this could imagine. it's really tough.
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>> his heff few tom is a good kid who liked to help people work on their home. >> this story has developed quickly over the last several days. a lot of twists and turns as the clues begin to come together to solve a mystery that began last week. ♪ the first to go missing is 19-year-old jimi patrick. when he doesn't show up to work last wednesday july 5th. the next day is the last day anyone see dean finocchiaro alive. july 7th mark sturgis tells his dad he's going to meet his friend and co work core tom mayo the last day either of them are seen or heard f later that night a mobile license plate reader in solebury catches the plate of a ford pickup truck driven b by cosmo dinardo. seconds later, that same device reads the plate on meo's car, july 8th a man says he got a call from dinardo trying to sell what turned out to be meo's car. july 9th, sturgis' car is
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found near peddler's village in buckingham township. that same day, police find meo's car on dinardo's family proper property. meo's diabetic supply that is he relies on are still inside. july 10th construction equipment arrives to dig into the dinardo property and cosmo dinardo is arrested on an unrelated gun charge. the next day, dinardo is named a person of interest and released from jail. after his dad posts bond. july 12th, dinardo is arrested accused of stealing meo's car. bail is set at $5 million cash only. hours later, the da announces investigators found human remains on dinardo property and identified at least one of those remains as finocchiaro. and then, of course, around 5:0d dinardo confessed to four murders -- >> i'm sorry. >> four murders in exchange for a promise that prosecutors will
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not seek the death penalty. our coverage continues our crews are still digging for more information on a story that develops by the minute. we will of course bring you another live report in just minutes. on your radar tonight, nasty storms moving through our area. let's take live look at reading. everything is pretty clear right now. but that certainly was not the case a few hours ago. check out this time lapse starting around 5:30 this afternoon as we reported during fox 29 news at 5:00 and 6:00. berks county was under a tornado warning and you can see the rain and wind just pounding the city. kathy the big question are we out of the woods with this severe weather tonight. >> just had severe thunderstorm warning expire in cape may but still some torrential downpours. look at this from atlantic county all the way to cape may county. we're talking about drenching downpours vivid lightning and look at all of this rain. we also had some early row teague with these thunderstorms, but no tornadic activity here. but just a lot of lightning and
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a lot of rain drenching downpo downpours from city i'll through avalon threw stone harbor. the radar really lighting up in ocean city and strathmere as well. and this is all moving off toward the east. rain rates were about two to 3-inches an hour. now about an inch to an inch and a half an hour. and this is one of our last storms. this has history of hail an inch in diameter as the storm moved across the bay and entered into parts of salem county, cumberland county and now cape may county. here's another cell that's moving from the bay into western cape may county and if we do a track on this, you'll see that it's going to be moving east probably at about 30 miles an hour and at that speed it will be in avalon in just about ten minutes or so. so we are looking at the threat of severe weather that will continue right into the overnight hours with thunderstorms, potential hail, and also drenching downpours. coming up we'll talk more about showers and thunderstorms for tomorrow and a better weigh weekend ahead.
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i'll see you later in the broadcast with that. >> all right, kathy thanks now to developing story out of canada former president jimmy carter was rushed to a hospital after becoming dehydrated. this happened while the 92-year-old was working at a habitat for humanity construction site in winnipeg. carter told habitat officials he's okay. spokeswoman said he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. pennsylvania state auditors say the keystone state is not reviewing the effectiveness of its addiction treatment programs and needs to do more. in an audit released today the state's auditor general recommended three state agencies need to carefully monitor whether their treatment programs that fight against heroin and other opioids are effective. those agencies are the departments of human services, corrections and drug and alcohol programs. he also pointed out under fundinfunding programs meant top addicts in pennsylvania. local pennsylvania state representative is proposing a bill that would increase the mandatory minute numb sentence
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for heroin dealers. state representative santora joined delaware county leaders and law enforcement officials to propose a bill that would increase the minimum sentence to five years. law enforcement officials approach lawmakers to get something done. >> these guys that sell heroin are murderers. pure and simple. i use the buzz word purchase vares of death but they're murderers and they got to be treated, take the kid gloves off, wack them, put them in jail where they belong. and jamie santor's bill is a start of what we got to do. >> today's news conference was held in front of the pilgrim garden shopping center that's where two people recently od podded on heroin but they survived. all right. watch your screen. all right. keep watching. boom. wild, right? that suv that was just destroyed was used to help save animals. while not any more. a guys to as sand bag, yeah,
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a sand bag, through a restaurant door because he wants the computer inside in just one minute.
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the students of strayer university. time has taught us, the strength in them is in us all. and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america. in philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood, police are trying to find a man in this video. they say he through a sand bag into a door of a restaurant along the 1400 block of frankford avenue. made his way inside and stole a computer worth $4,000. it happened late monday night. investigators just releasing the video today. if you recognize this guy, call police. dirty drinking water. how would you feel about that cloudy mess coming out of your tap. well residents in west whiteland township have been complaining
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about dirty drinking water coming from their wells. >> and they all live near the construction site of sunoco's mariner two pipeline in chester county. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in west whiteland township tonight where residents met with sunoco and other officials over the problem. shawnette. >> reporter: well, it's not just dirty water. as of 4:00 o'clock this afternoon, one resident said he has no water at all. now officials say that drilling has halt the at the site where the problem occurred, but residents are left wondering, what happens next? >> we knew they were coming through so we were -- decided not to plant it this year. >> reporter: dottie and jim graham show me what used to be the garden area in the backyard of their west whiteland township home. before sunoco ran pipeline through their property. >> our pipeline marker there. >> reporter: grahams have lived here on valley view drive for 21 years with pristine water until now. >> i'm not having water. and it was cloudy. >> reporter: problems started for many residents in the area
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on june 27th tomorrow night township officials and sunoco reps held a meeting with uwchlan and west whiteland residents about what caused it. >> water in the drilling operation is not a unique situation to them. they thought perhaps initially it would be a spring but nevertheless they did notify us. >> reporter: residents voiced their concerns about the pipeline process. there's also an offer on the table from aqua the township's public water service for residents on affected wells to hook up to them during the drilling process. sunoco would pay for it. residents aren't sold on the process. >> what is sunoco building into their proposition which assures all these people two years, three years, whatever the legal ramifications are that they'll be okay? >> i appreciate what you're trying to say. do not look at us and say no risk. please. show us some respect.
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[ applause ] doing the best they can to help residents who have been inconvenienced. >> it has to happen. there's nothing we can real dollar about it. you got to make the best of it. >> reporter: now sunoco has been providing free bottled water and also paying for hotels for residents who either don't have water or do have water but with low pressure. iain? >> all right, shawnette, thank you. in burlington county police are asking for your help identifying the guy in these surveillance pictures. he's wanted for stealing two vehicles from the burns honda dealership in evesham. police say one was stolen june 14th. the other on the 24th of june. on both occasions, employees say they saw the guy on the property and he was acting suspicious. well it's an area that's regularly in the news example of philadelphia's growing heroin epidemic. whether or not it's fair, open air drug dealing and using to find kensington. >> residents tell us there's much more to their neighborhood. our bill anderson was as dozens
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of volunteers tried to change the perception their community and offer hope for goodness sake. >> this morning, got up, got dressed, get myself together, get dressed. take my grandkids to school once we open the door i see the guy sitting on the step. i noticed a needle hanging out of his arm. >> report roar here's brutal honesty. if you wanted to, you could do a story about the heroin epidemic in some neighborhoods just about every day. >> they sell lot of drugs and they can kill us because of the needles. >> reporter: but honestly what's truly inspiring to me, this is the second time in a week i'm in the kensington fair hill area talking about neighbors who have said, no mo more. >> i just wanted to volunteer to try to make the area better than what it is. >> reporter: it's probably cliche to say but it's been a long time since the area around hope park had very much hope. but today the city, salvation army, volunteers and neighbors spent hours painting, cleaning and picking up needles trying to
10:19 pm
show that even in tough circumstances they're not ready to give up. >> i've been in the house over here for almost 35 years. >> reporter: okay. >> i'm the oldest over here on this block. >> reporter: okay. [ laughter ] >> i want my community back report roar if you know the area you know it's a struggle for neighbors. often surrounded by drugs. but what made the biggest impact on me was joseph a little boy i met who in between cleaning and his curiosity about tv shared the harsh influence as child his age shouldn't have to deal with. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> a cop. >> reporter: why do you want to be a cop? >> because i like being a cop. it's good thing. i can take everybody to jail that sell drug. >> reporter: tribute to his parents he already has developed protective instincts communities knee need to turn themselves around. >> so you helping clean up today? >> yeah. >> reporter: why? >> because for the other kids don't get hurt. >> reporter: that goal for the day was accomplish the new sign of hope emerged and the work of
10:20 pm
the day was complete. for short time the presence of so many people provided the kids the freedom to wonder and play and the community to help out. but the hope is that today's actions inspire tomorrow's progress for joseph and the other kids for neighbors who deserve the for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ police in philadelphia want to catch this guy who they say tried to break into a gas station. it happened back on june 18th at the station located on the 10,000 block of bustleton avenue. surveillance video shows the guy trying to pry open the door. he didn't succeed and ran off but if you know who he is, give police a call. how about nice cup of coffee to start your morning? that's not coffee. it's water. straight from a local faucet. ♪
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♪ it's not carbonation. those bubbles are celebrating. ♪ right now, get $1 any size soft drink. only at mcdonald's. ♪
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frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie, how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ ♪ in warminster bucks county police on the hunt for this guy. they say he pulled a gun on a worker inside a 7eleven on newtown road early this morning. he ran out empty handed ran right passed a police person but got away. no one was hurt thankfully but investigators say he may have got tepp away in dark-colored sedan. ♪ happening now, it's back. some brown water in one south jersey community and some say it
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is worse than ever. residents in maple shade woke up to the dirty looking water coming out of their faucets it's been-going problem in the township. >> braddock we know what's causing this. >> it actually started yesterday morning had water officials opening the hydrants last night trying to flush out the system. still it was problem again for some this morning. as you can imagine, they are fed up. >> don't tell gianna, ali or lexi there's problem with the water in maple shade. we're all jealous of them today. and the water here looks much more welcoming than what's been coming out of the faucets here and across the township over the past couple of days. >> brown and mucky. >> allison says this came out of her home the morning coffee before the coffee was added. >> it's just upsetting. >> it's coming out of our faucet. >> reporter: after scenes like these in maple shade last summer which had some residents boiling -- >> why is it clogging my faucet. >> reporter: township leaders promised to fix but today -- >> it's pretty disgusting if you ask me. >> reporter: mike grace woke
10:25 pm
up to it again. >> it was brown. you know, then you let the run for little better and flush the toilet a couple of times, it finally dissipates. >> reporter: right now it's the worst it's ever been. >> i would say venture to say yes rt row report we made random stops at homes and found lots of neighbors affected many saying the discoloration comes and goes. there's even an entire facebook community dedicated to the iss issue. >> but yesterday it was like a brown. >> reporter: folks like bernie learned to deal with it though not pleased. >> recently in the last couple of months when it shows up it's really disgusting. >> reporter: the township's water contractor telling fox 29 the testing of a faulty hydrant on wednesday is what stirred the iron sediment in the system and caused the dark look but the water continues to be safe to drink. blame it on old cast iron pipes that need replacing. iron particles the culprit for few years now. many won't drink the water. instead beating the heat by relying on small water coolers and for those lucky enough giant
10:26 pm
ones. now the city is instead studying long-term solutions including evaluating a procedure that actually shoots ice through the pipes trying to clean them that way. replacing old pipes as roads are replaced and sliding liners into the pipes. needless to say none of these solutions are fast or cheap but they are at least solutions. something that folks want to s see. >> all right, brad, thank you so much. ♪ breaking news tonight. four missing men and now one man says he killed them all. and tonight we're finally getting some answers. our chris o'connell is live next. ♪
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we have been following breaking news in a case that's been on the hearts and minds everywhere all week. cosmo dinardo admits that he killed four young men and we're learning more about a possible motive in the case. let's get out to fox 29's chris o'connell. chris, you broke the story of dinardo's confession.
10:30 pm
stunning admission tonight from cosmo dinardo according to his attorney the 20-year-old bensalem man has in fact confessed to the murders the mass murders of those four missing men. but this investigation is far from over tonight. in fact sources telling fox 29 that investigators are still looking for and in fact may be closing in on an arrest on an accomplice of these murders and may even have motive. cosmo, what do you say to these families? >> after confessing to the murders of four missing men, cosmo dinardo speaks. >> i'm sorry. >> why did you do it? >> mr. dinardo this evening confessed to the district attorney. report roar his attorney says dinardo gave investigators a detailed account of the murders of jimi tar patrick, dean finocchiaro, march sturgis and thomas meo in exchange for his confession his attorney says prosecutors have agreed not to
10:31 pm
pursue the death penalty. >> we negotiated this out come for cosmo to be very honest, forth right and truthful in what occurred within the last week and a half. >> reporter: dinardo also told investigators where the bodies are located remains have already been discovered in what's been describe as 12 and a half foot common grave on the expansive solebury township family farm. what is still not certain is how dinardo knew his victims or how they were connected. but a source telling fox 29 tonight the killings may have been over a deal over marijuana and a gun. >> how are the families doing? they're holding up remarkablely well, chris. i'm grateful for their trust us in. it really means the world to us and keeps us strong and keeps us going. >> reporter: now right now dinardo has not been charged with these murders. in fact the district attorney hasn't even commented on this reported confession yet.
10:32 pm
he has a press conference scheduled for 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning where we will possibly hear more information on how these murders were committed and a possible accomplice. iain. >> chris, thank you. of course following the twists and turns in this case we've got timeline for you all the dots get connect it's on of course, we'll bring you any news conferences streaming online and on facebook and of course here on tv. putting bill cosby on trial did not come cheap. high profile trial required overtime for employees in several departments. other big expenses were due to a change in venue and selection, transportation, and accommodations of jurors from allegheny county. officials in montgomery county have calculated the expenses of the trial at just over $219,000. well security cameras are rolling as an suv demolishes a park car right in front of the owner's home. the driver of that suv apparently was not badly hurt. >> but the impact of that crash
10:33 pm
is still being felt. our bruce gore didn't is live in havertown, delaware county tonight. >> he has the story you'll see only on fox. bruce? >> reporter: guys, this stretch of west chester pike is straight as an arrow yet it has seen its share of bad accidents this particular crash nearly cost a local man his life, and may yet impact four legged friends he lives to serve. randy testa had just wrapped a conversation with a contractor out front of his home on west chester pike wednesday morning. just about two minutes later with randy now inside the driver of the car colored suv introduced herself to his honda element sitting in the parking lane by the curb. a near death experience. >> that was little unnerving. >> big bank. very loud. shook my house. >> randy raced outside while dialing 911 he offered to help the woman driver she did not appear badly hurt. he check that target vehicle. >> i asked some of the people
10:34 pm
that were trying to help the lady to see if anybody was inside and hurt. and i took a look and i started seeing my stuff. that's when it dawned on me. that it was my car. >> not just any car. >> it's my animal rescue vehicle. >> she came from north carolina. she was in hoarding situation. >> testa traps, transports and fosters dogs and cats and other critters the providence animal shelter justice rescue and other agencies in the region. >> you get a good feeling when you can assist a helpless animal. when they can't help themselves. >> he was hiding under a car. >> that's antonio a dislocated hip. randy trapped him, brought him home, raised the money for surgery while getting this former ferrell feel line used to human contact. and ready for adoption. >> just recently rescued a goose with this net. >> randy worked with animals will continue but as for his mobile rescue vehicle -- >> that's going to be total loss. >> reporter: what does that mean for your rescue and transportation work for animals? >> well it means i got to find
10:35 pm
other vehicle and i hope the insurance covers what i'm out. >> reporter: well, so randy's animal transports are on hold while he and his insurance company sort out the damage. he just bought that suv 11 months ago. still owes some money on it. as for antonio, he goes under the 95 on monday. surgery for that dislocated hip. wish him luck, iain. >> absolute, bruce. >> bummer. >> thank you. we go to the a tm pull out some cash but a note for help? well, what a one guy is trapped inside, yeah. >> wow. little boy goes into restaurant and comes out covered in poop. his mom she's extremely mad.
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♪ >> how bizarre is right. real bizarre news out there tonight. we thought we'd have fun and bring you some of the craziest stories we saw out there today. we'll start in florida where a loft crazy things happen with a muppet and some drugs. >> see what we mean? bizarre.
10:39 pm
right. listen to this. people stash drugs in lot of random places but this one probably takes the cake or the cookie. police in florida have arrest add man for stashing a large amount of cocaine inside a cookie monster doll. the man was pulled over for having obscured license plate when the officers smelled marijuana he searched the car. that's when he found the doll in a backpak and thought it weigh a little more than it should. there was total of 314 grams of coke in that doll. well there are few things you expect to see slide out of an atm machine. your debit card, cash. >> maybe receipt. but not a handwritten note asking for help. that's what happened to guy in core pups christie texas he got handed when they went to use the atm a worker was fixing the machine but he got trapped in the room behind it the door locked on him much he didn't have his phone. he wrote a note and slid it through the outside asking for someone to call his boss to help. some people thought it was joke but finally someone call the boss and they finally got the
10:40 pm
help after two hours the worker got out of that locked room. that's crazy. >> i know, right? all right. now this one. >> it's gross. >> really gross. new hampshire woman is outraged. >> her son wound up covered in feces while playing at a mcdonald's play area. according to her, the incident happened after her five-year-old went down the slide at the restaurant. but it doesn't stop there. she also claims she asked the staff for help for about ten minutes only to have everybody ignore her and end up taking smoking breaks. >> i was at that point just using my bare hands and fortunately one of his socks did not have poop on it i was using his left sock to try to scrape it off of his skin. >> yuk! >> restaurant owner says they have quote look into this matter and have taken all appropriate internal actions as well as reiterated proper protocol with our team end quote. a wild evening for weather, kathy. but we could have even more storms tomorrow? >> absolutely. more storms tomorrow and this
10:41 pm
just in. 74 thunderstorm warning for sussex county, delaware, until 11:30. that includes lewes, delaware, and rehoboth. the delaware beaches. we'll track the storms and talk about the weekend coming up. ♪ it's hank i'm here with sport fishing charter captain jim lutz out of avalon. we're talking about shoe bees. [ laughter ] hank's take coming up. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600 when you switch to progressive. winds stirring. too treacherous for a selfie. [ camera shutter clicks ] sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. but the prize at the top is worth every last breath. here we go. [ grunts ] got 'em. ahh. wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? [ crying ] why!
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live look at wildwood. a lot of people vacationing down the shore. many heading down tomorrow and we hear there's a name for those day trippers. let's consult dictionary we're look for the word shoe bee. where is it? here it is we found it in urban defines it as regional nickname denoting a tourist to the southern new jersey shore. but what really is a shoe bee. here's hank. ♪ shoobie somebody comes to the beach they got their arms full of toys for the kids, they got tent to set up. they're putting on spray tan. so they don't get sunburn on the beach. their fight are white.
10:45 pm
they haven't had their shoes off in while and they'll lay on the beach until they become a lobster. that's what a shoobie. >> if i'm going to the south shore to research shoobies i'm going over the rail that's what shoobie would do. >> it's hank i'm in avalon with charter fishing boat captain jim lutz. captain, shoobies do they ever just go swimming off the boat. >> usually don't let them. sometimes their crazy and they fall overboard while we're fishing. >> fall overboard. >> yeah. my take is that's all right. >> man overboard. >> you may know from shoobies wickipedia calls south jersey term for day trippers someone who goes to the beach for the day. >> you're right captain i'm ready when you are. >> captain jim took me on his 2t like he does for shoobies all summer long. he loves them. >> they make the town. i mean if it wasn't for shoobies we wouldn't have town. they come to eat in the restaurants. charter my boat. without shoobies there would be nobody here in town. >> most people say the term comes from the shoe boxes the day trippers used to bring their
10:46 pm
lunches in in stone harbor the parents know it. but even the smart kids weren't all that familiar. >> did you know what shoobie was? >> no. >> fair enough. >> you guys, did you? it's all right. it just means you're not fief tow yearsed. >> reporter: on the beach what captain jim said seemed clear. people had of variety of tent, chair apparatus i've never been willing to catch that much stuff to the beach. i'm lucky if i carry a towel. tall guy at townsend inlet bridge gave me his break down. >> very nice people you can only take them for so long. >> reporter: i went to see joe roberts he was busy cookin cookt heft restaurant in sea isle city called shoobies how could he not day. >> down the day, dip in the >> they eat at home, not the folks that he named his spot after. >> the guy down for the day he's on the beach going out to lunch. if it's nice day he'll stay and eat dinner. >> thank you again. i'll see ya. >> i'm shoobie but no one calls me i went to high school in beach community i feel at home
10:47 pm
at the shore. could be the people are just nice and the term is sliding out of vogue. whoever you are, whatever you call yourself, the beach remains the best and trust me the shore is happy to have you. even if it's just for day. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> i didn't know they still referred to them as shoobie. >> i did not know what that was until today. >> i've heard of it. >> an old term. >> all right. we found out what it is. we saw some serious heat and humidity today. really hard to just walk outside and take a walk down the block but as we take live at rehoboth beach lot of wondering will our friday and the weekend be this oppressive. your weather authority forecast with the answer in 15 seconds.
10:48 pm
>> heat and humidity and storms won't quit across the delaware valley. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for sussex county, delaware, until 11:30. some storms moving offshore of the jersey shore in cape may and now this is the focal point. lewes, delaware, rehobot rehobo, torrential downpours and to the west frequent lightning but this isn't even the severe cell. the severe cell little bit farther to the west to the north and west of georgetown right in the area of bridgeville. it's moving east at 25 miles an hour. and at this speed, it will be near ellen dale 10:55. milton at 11:10. lewes at 11:32. and hen lop penn acres by 11:42. severe thunder storm warning in effect for this area of northern sussex county, delaware, until 11:30, damaging winds. could it take down trees and power lines in this storm's pa path. we've had so much rain today and the downpours trenton nearly 2-inches of rain. reading an inch and a half. over an inch in pottstown. close to that in doylestown. allentown picking up a quick half inch. in hazleton the poconos close to
10:49 pm
half an inch of rain. now as we look ahead we're talking about more storms during the day tomorrow. and more on that we'll send it over to scott williams who's tracking that severe weather earlier today it just won't st stop. >> absolutely, kathy. you tracking the showers and thunderstorms right now moving through southern sections of delaware. that will diminish and things will settle down for tonight. but tomorrow's system is still off to the north and west around parts of the great lakes. it's a cold front that will put an end to the heat wave, but we'll have lift in the atmosphere and also tropical downpours in fact take look at the highlighted area in yellow that includes philadelphia, south jersey, all of delaware. we have the risk for some damaging winds, some hail. lightning and take look at some of the other threats we're talking about flash flooding as we move toward the moderate category for some hail tornado threat for tomorrow will be low but as we go hour by hour, maybe some pockets of rainfall in the morning. but the main event for that
10:50 pm
severe weather watch the clock. 2:00 p.m. north and west. moving toward philadelphia right around five, 6:00 o'clock and then into parts of south jersey tomorrow evening so kathy that is something that we'll have to watch for tomorrow but it look like the good news all of this will be out just in time for the weekend. >> that definitely is good news, scott. if you're going to get a jump start on the weekend tomorrow a little stormy. tonight look at the boardwalk in ocean city. i was right there earlier today and it was dry during the afternoon when everyone else was seeing the storms. now we're seeing the remnants of severe weather move through the boardwalk and everyone running for cover. overnight tonight, low temperatures will be very balmy. we are talking about that sultry humid air continuing the low 75 degrees with a westerly wind. during the day tomorrow, scott mentioned showers, scattered thunderstorms, the main threat those winds and also flooding downpours the high temperature 86. down the shore looking good for your weekend. some storms possible friday, saturday looks great. the high 86. on your seven day forecast from
10:51 pm
the weather authority, saturday sunday lots of sun a few storms popping up monday and tuesday. wednesday and thursday looking good. lots of summertime heat with highs in the 90s. we'll send it back to you. >> hey, sean. >> kathy, on old flower flyer getting a new job. the philly folks making a great connection across the country plus the phillies getting ready for their second half of the season and oh, how expectations have changed. hear what pete mccann mon is looking for for the rest of the season much that's coming up next in sports. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic. here's bob kelly. >> well it's me sue serio until bob kelly ruins from vacation. big construction project to tell you about. at a very busy intersection. girard avenue between broad and 15th street there's construction as they replace the trolley tracks and it's now through sunday. so your alternates are ridge avenue, popular and 13th street. we'll have the very latest on your friday morning traffic and the forecast coming up tomorrow
10:52 pm
morning at 4:00 o'clock. ♪
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ listen at one point i thought the phillies would be the best team in the city this year. yeah, obviously i was dead wrong. they're awful team right now. they have the worst record in the league and it ain't even close. manager pete mackanin has been fighting a losing battle all
10:55 pm
year long. so nobody needed this all star break more than that guy. today he talked about trying to recharge his battery for the second half of the season. >> i forced myself just to put it behind me and not think about it. get some rest. eat some good food haven't a good time with my wife down the shore and refresh for the second half. >> his goals for the second half are not based on wins and loss losses. >> what it boils down to is these guys need to show improvement over the first half. some and some haven't that's what this is all about for us right now. these guys have to understand there's an urgency involved. if they want to be with us down the road, they've got to really do well the second half, and the team has to do well, and that's what it's all about. >> to wimbledon little sis has been over said shaked doing big sis for awhile. we might be calling the venus the greatest of all time. venus killing now that serena has been out sort of pregnant.
10:56 pm
venus williams cruising through wimbledon right now in the semi finals. match point venus just too powerful, too precise she won the match six-four, six-two she's headed to her second finals of the year. to the nhl little philly love out in arizona. the coyotes hired rock tocchet has new head coach. the owner is actually a guy from philly and today he talked about why he decided to hire tocchet. in my mind he was a philly guy like me. scrap per, tough, philly people have attitudes. we feel like we can't live up to new york so we have a natural chip on our shoulders. >> pretty funny. >> yeah. that's right. so that's why they're going to be successful. we hate new york. >> we have something in common. you come together. >> that's true. too funny though. >> that will do it for us tonight at 10:00 o'clock. iain page is standing by with what's coming up tonight at 11:00. >> dawn kind of growing icky
10:57 pm
problem philadelphia city hall kind of what's running around the halls that's got fur and some employees little freaked out? and of course we got your wake up weather and seven day forecast all in the first five minutes. stay right where you are. we'll see in you just a few. ♪ mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles)
10:58 pm
hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
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11:00 pm
>> live there center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. breaking to night at 11:00 another person of interest just taken into custody hours after a bombshell confession and a possible motive in case that has so many people talking. everyone hearts of course have been with the four families waiting for word after four young men went missing in bucks county. thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00. i'm iain page. right now, that person of interest is in custody at northeast detectives in philadelphia. being held for bucks county authorities to pick up and question. right now no charges. we will take you out to the neighborhood where all of that went down. here's what we know right now. cosmo dinardo's attorney saying he plead guilty to four counts of murder in exchange dinardo will not face the death penalty. tonight we're learning about a possible motive. we've got team coverage for you


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