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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  July 14, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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happening right now on good day fail cosmo's confession person of interest in the disappearance of four bucks county men makes a stunning admission, as police take another person of interest in custody. steamy, stormy round two of unsettled weather, tracking through our area just in time for our morning commute but sue says it is not all bad especially the weekend. also trouble from the tap, dirty drinking water that has a community at their witt's end. and it is what we have been waiting for, baby reveal, beyonce sharing pictures of the new babies twins for first time, and for a lot of excitement. >> i could barely sleep last night. >> i'll bet. >> i got my scrap book out and everything. >> names, hope they match up. great to have you with us, karen hepp good morning to you
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>> good morning, it is bastille day. >> let them eat cake. >> tastykakes tomorrow. >> that is tomorrow, eastern state penitentiary and for tomorrow, the information cast is a lot better then today. so, once again we will go with our number of the day as a six , because as karen mentioned earlier, it is un settled this morning. and, this is the visibility situation, we have a little bit of fog in places where it is not raining in allentown, foggy this morning. 76 degrees. it is still humid and muggy. sunrise time 5:45. other temperatures to check 71 in allentown. seventy-two in trenton. sixty-five hazel ton. seventy-three in ocean city. tell tours haven't don a whole lot from this time yesterday, 76 degrees in rehoboth beach. here's the deal you can see a lot of lightening heading toward lancaster county this morning, and, some rain, as
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well, we have got southern delaware work some thunderstorm activity and looking out to the west in pennsylvania, more on the way, we will take a closer look at that precipitation coming up. it is not necessarily going to rain all day but chance is there, all day, probably get a round this morning, bit of the break around lunchtime and scattered thunderstorms throughout the afternoon. temperatures will not be in the 90's. our heat wave confined to three days. eighty-three should be our high. that is planner from the weather authority at 4:02. lets look at traffic this time of the morning, it is construction but rain can slow you down too depending where you are. this is a look at construction at blue route, and at the mid county tolls and construction at broad street and the vine street expressway, a closer look, little different look then we usually see but vine closed until about 5:00 this morning as that ongoing construction continues. disabled vehicle pennsylvania
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turnpike, northeast extension, southbound, approaching the lansdale exit, and then it is raining up there as well. so take your time, guys, this morning. >> cosmo what do you say to these families. >> cosmo you admitted to killing four people anything to say to these families. >> i'm ore why did you do it. >> with those word i'm sorry admission of guilt from cosmo dinardo his attorney says he has admitted to killing a four year monk missing in bucks county. those four missing since last week this comes as police take another person of interest into custody. we have got continuing team coverage this morning, of the investigation, our steve keeley is in doyletown with the very latest on the second person of interest, but we will begin with jenny joyce in solebury township with more on the possible motive for this crime as well as search for rest of the victims, jenny.
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>> reporter: despite a confession, cosmo dinardo has not been officially charged, we are waiting to hear from d.a. weintraub on all of this, he has been quiet with the media since the confession yesterday afternoon. cosmo dinardo's defense attorney said his client admitted his guilt and told investigators where they can find bodies in exchange for life spared. d.a. promised him the death penalty would be off the table , despite confess to go killing, four young men, dean finocchiaro, tom meo, jimi patrick and mark sturgis, remains of finocchiaro has been located in a 12-foot hole on the dinardo's expansive solebury township farm. prosecutors have not confirmed that they found the other three bodies. they also have not confirmed common link between the four men and dinardo. a source tells fox 29 news a motive in this case may be related to a drug deal and a gun, dinardo's attorney addressed reporters yesterday as his client voiced a quick
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apology to our news cameras. >> cosmo, you admitted to killing four people, why did you do it. anything to say to these families. >> i'm sorry. >> mr. dinardo confessed, to the district attorney. he confessed to his participation or commission in the murders of the four young men. in exchange for that confession mr. dinardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the death penalty. >> reporter: how families doing. >> they are holding up remarkably well. i'm very grateful for their trust in us. it means the world to us. it keeps us strong and keeps us going. >> reporter: we expect to learn more about cosmo's confession killing killing and burning the four young men, and an update on the investigation in an 11:00 a.m. press conference with d.a. weintraub, last night he did hear that police took another person of interest into
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custody and for that part of the story we will go to our steve keeley, steve. >> reporter: yeah, that person just transferred up here to bucks county a couple hours ago after first initially ago rested by philadelphia police no surprise because once word got out just before 6:00 p.m., philadelphia police were notified to quickly grab this person in the northeast philadelphia, before they took off after learning that dinardo told authorities who helped him kill and set bodies on fire and bury them on his parent's property. now, philadelphia police swarmed here to this second person's house, right at intersection of the oxford and mcgee, this is philly's lawncrest section, gist off of roosevelt boulevard and relatively close to bensalem, by the way, where dinardo lived with his mom and dad. we have learned this accomplice helped dinardo on three of the four murders. there is a second grave on the parent's property and source say don't be surprised to see dinardo possibly taken in
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cuffs to that spot on the farm to lead investigators to it if they cannot find it on their own based on his directions to day. now, also expect, bucks county detectives to hit the northeast philadelphia house with a search warrant anytime now, we have learned that the second person has a criminal history, karen and thomas in philadelphia and a history of violence himself, shot, just a few months ago, a victim of a shooting just in march. so a whole lot to learn still, we will keep this person's name withheld until it is publicly identified and set out, by the bucks county authorities, and expect that as early as this morning when that news conference happens. >> wow, so many breaking developments, steve, thanks forgetting us those details, we appreciate it. one of the family members of the victim tom meo speaking out about what happened. this is his uncle who lives in kansas city, missouri sitting down with our sister station to share his thoughts about thomas. such a difficult situation for the family. >> it is tough, you know, i
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think anybody, who has been through a tragedy like this, it is really tough. >> to say that tom was a great kid who liked to help people work on their homes. so many twists and turns in this case but it was time line of events that helped investigators piece this case together. first to go missing 19 year-old jimi patrick when he doesn't show up to work. very next day, july 6th, is the last day anyone sees dean finocchiaro alive. july 7th mark sturgis tells his dad he will meet his friend and co-worker tom meo. last day either of them are seen or heard from. late their night a mobile license plate reader in solebury catches plate of the ford pickup truck driven by cosmo dinardo, seconds late their same device read the plate on meo's car. july 8th he said man got a call from dinardo trying to sell what turned out to be meo
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's car. car of mark sturgis is found in peddler's village in buck ham township. that same day police found meo 's koran the family property. meo's diabetic supplies that he realize on are still inside july 10th, construction equip amount lives to dig in the dinardo property, and cosmo dinardo ace rested on a unrelated gun charge. july 11th, the next day, dinardo is named a person of interest and released from jail, after his dad, posted bond. july 12th dinardo ace rested accused of stealing mayo's car , bail is set at five million-dollar, cash only. hours later the d.a. announced investigators found human remains on the dinardo property and identified at least one of those remains as finocchiaro. of course, around 5:00 o'clock last night we have learned dinardo confessed to four murders in exchange for promise that the prosecutors
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will not seek the death penalty. we will continue to follow every facet of this case when we're in the on the air stay with us, up to dayton our app as well as fox there is a lot of people in chester county very upset about some problems with their water, ever since drilling began near them. they live near construction site for the mariner east two pipeline. they complained at a big meeting in west white land township last night. there is many people hoff wells and they have lost their water pressure or their water is cloudy, gross from the underground drilling. now there there is an offer from the township's public water service aqua to be connected to the public water during that process. sunoco would pay for it but people are not sold. >> what is sunoco building into their prop situation which assures all these people two years, three years, whatever the legal
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ramifications are that they will be okay. >> has been providing bottled water and paying for hotel rooms for people affect by the drilling problem. montgomery county officials are putting a price tag on the bill cosby trial and it didn't come cheap, cost added up to just over two 19,000 dollars, high profile trial required overtime for employees in several departments, other major expenses were due to the change of venue, transportation, and accommodations of jurors from allegheny county. we have to pay for that again. we will have another trial. only on fox wild ride. >> coming up here on "good day philadelphia", an suv, well, look at this, we will tell you whole story about this wild drive. and also, it has taken a month but we finally have the photos, beyonce put out pictures of the babies, twins on instagram and we will show them the big reveal.
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a lot of action on ultimate doppler radar this morning. look at the lightening all headed toward us especially folks in lancaster, pennsylvania, a lot of heavy downpours, with thunder and lightening just south of york, along i83 and heading in to lancaster county where yellow, orange here indicating heavier downpours as well, moving further north it is raining in allentown but not as heavily but heavy rain, between lewis, bethenny beach along delaware beaches and scattered all
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across sussex county in delaware. we have rain right now but as we move through rest of the morning and with another round later on in the day, the severe, outlook, the severe storm prediction center has put us under a slight risk of severe thunderstorms today and tonight, we will see legend here, yesterday in the morning we were in the marginal risk and now greater risk as we go through morning we will see if that increases but you see chances of thunderstorms moving right through philadelphia right in the middle of rush hour by 6:00 a.m. leave early if you can, grab umbrella whenever you leave this morning. then we will see a break in the action and then some sunshine to the south of philadelphia, middle of the day, and we're not finish yet because here comes round number two in the overnight into the early part of the saturday morning with more severe thunderstorms possibly popping up then. we're at 76 degrees in philadelphia not too much different then yesterday at this time. still very muggy outside, we
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will look back to our heat wave, it started on tuesday, ended yesterday, 91, 91, 94 ended up being our high temperature yesterday with strong thunderstorms that rolled through later in the day for some of us but not for everyone. it will be the case again today but i think if you don't get action in the morning you probably will in the afternoon or evening. 83 degrees is our high today. then we will dry out in time for weekend on saturday you'll notice lower humidity, by sunday, it is still a decent day upper 80's is still hot but good timing with the weekend, then we have the chance of thunderstorms or monday, tuesday, by wednesday and thursday of next week it looks like we are back in the 90's and we could possibly be working on heat wave number five. that is your weather authority forecast, it is, time to take a look at traffic we will start off with construction as we do at this time every day, abe this is blue route, northbound at the mid county tolls. that lane is blocked there but
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, it doesn't seem to be causing any problem not at this hour of the day. vine street construction continues with the vine closed until about 5:00 o'clock in both directions, and if you travel that way you probably know how to get around that by now. we will go to a disable vehicle on the northeast extension of the turnpike, it is on the southbound side, approaching lansdale and the left lane is blocked there. and there is a lit built of rain along that part of the turnpike as well. karen and thomas. >> thanks, sue, 4:17. security camera rolling as suv , demolishes a car park right in front of the owner's home. this is a story you will see only on fox 29. our bruce gordon has the exclusive from havertown, delaware county. >> reporter: randy testa wrapped up a conversation with a contractor out front of his home on west chester pike wednesday morning, just about two minutes later with randy inside driver of the dark colored suv introduced herself to his honda element sitting in the parking lane by the
4:18 am
curb. a near death experience. >> that was a little bit unnerving, big bang, very loud , shook my house. >> reporter: randy raced outside while dueling 911, he offered to help woman driver she did not appear to be heard and then he checked that target vehicle. >> he asked some of the people to see if anybody was inside and hurt. and then i too a look in and saw my stuff that is when it dawned on me it was my car. >> reporter: not just any car. >> my animal rescue vehicle. >> she came from north carolina in a hording situation. >> reporter: testa traps, transports and fosters dogs, cats and other critters for providence animal shelter, justice rescue and other agencies in the region. >> you get a good feeling to assist and help a helpless animal when they cannot help themselves. >> hiding under a car. >> reporter: that is antonio with a dislocated hip. randy trapped him and brought him home, raised money for surgery while getting this
4:19 am
formally ferrell feline used to human contact and ready for adoption. >> i recently rescued a goose with this net. >> reporter: randy's work with these animals will continue but as for his mobile rescue vehicle. >> that is a total loss. >> reporter: what does that mean for your rescue and transportation work for animals. >> i have to find another vehicle and hope insurance covers what i'm out. >> reporter: bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> let's hope so. 4:19. police in atlantic city need your help finding three men want forward animal cruelty, take a look at these pictures, they are trying to identify them in connection with the case. they have not said what exactly happened here but the alley cat allies organization is offering a reward for any information, that lead to an arrest. take another look, you recognize him, give police a call. philadelphia fishtown neighborhood police are trying to find a man in this video, they say he threw a sand bag in the door of the restaurant on the 1400 block of frankford
4:20 am
avenue and made his way inside and stole a computer about $4,000. it happened late last night and police just releasing the video. give police a call. in warminster bucks county they are on the hunt for this person who pulled a gun right along new town road early yesterday morning. he didn't get anything but went right past an officer. he did getaway n1 was hurt, investigators say he may have taken off in a dark colored sedan. burlington county, police releasing surveillance video hoping that you can identify that person right there they are wanted for stealing two vehicles from the burns honda dealership in evesham township one was stolen on june 14th, another one on june 24th. on both occasions employees saw that person on the property, acting suspiciously. 4:20. we have an opioid epidemic and pennsylvania departments need to work together better to bat tal dixons say auditors in an audit released yesterday, the auditor general recommend three state agencies need to carefully monitor whether their treatment programs, that
4:21 am
fight against heroin and other opioids are effective. those agencies are department of human services, corrections and drug and alcohol programs. he pointed out that there is under funding of this, meant to help addictness pennsylvania. one representative from our area proposing a bill to increase mandatory minimum sentence for heroin dealers, that is representative, state representative, james san tore owe, he joined other delaware county leaders as well as law enforcement to propose a bill to increase minimum sent tones five years for first time offenders, aid law enforcement official said they have approached law make tours get something done. >> these guys that sell heroin , are murderers, pure and simple, and i use the buzz word purveyors of death but they are murderers and they have to be treated, take the kid gloves off, whack them, put them in jail where they belong and jamie san tore owe 's bill is a start of what we have to do. >> yesterday's press conference was right in front
4:22 am
of the pilgrim gardens shopping center where two people recently overdosed on heroin but they did survive. 4:21. pun that much shocked us all. >> do you remember this video? certainly hard to watch. so, that man has a disability and guy who punched him was already facing charges, they is, right there but now he has additional charges that he has to face coming up. but first here's sean bell. coming up in sports in a minute, phillies back in action tonight and pete mackanin trying to get guys back on track hear what he had to say about the preparation going in to the second half of the season coming up next in sports.
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good morning i'm sean bell phillies back in action tonight in milwaukee and hopefully second half of the season will be, a lot better then the first half because the first, was awful. before the season even came he said he wanted to be 500 going in to august. now expectations are a lot different. >> these guys need to show improvement, some have, some haven't and that is what this is all about for us right now. these guys have to understand is there an urgency involved if they want to be with us down the road, they have to do well the second half. >> so venous william dominat ing the competition with serena out it has been smooth sailing, match point here and she's just too powerful, too precise, she won six-four, six-two, advancing to the finals. to the u.s. women's open
4:26 am
in north jersey this is how you know today isn't your dade michelle wi with the chip shot and it just, rolls right back to her. not having a good day. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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right now on "good day philadelphia", a confession to a crime, from the attorney, he says that his client the person of interest in the disappearance of four bucks county men making a stunning admission, as police take another person of interest in to custody. also ahead this morning it is clear now but one south jersey community says that it is happening, again, dirty looking water, what officials are saying is causing it. under cover down the shore , are you heading down to the beach this weekend. well, a warning before you try to buy, your drink. >> let's just say don't do it. good to have you with us on this friday 4:29 about to click over on july 14th. >> pretty grateful it is weekend. >> i'm thomas drayton, sue serio doing double duty all
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week. >> yes. >> two more days. >> we're in the groove now. >> celebrate bastille day in this country because we like to have a party. >> french helped us out, they are good friend, allies. >> good way to look at it. >> happy bastille day. lets talk about thunderstorms happening right now in our area plenty of folks, getting rain, leaving in a few moments grab that umbrella six out of 10. buddy has his umbrella it is still humid and some showers are moving in the area with temperatures, in the 60's and 70's, it is, a look at the lightening thaw see movement into, lancaster county. is there thunderstorms just off shore in delaware but more rain there as well, and it looks like as parts of the berks county, lehigh valley, well, probably we all will get a taste before morning is through. we will take a closer look at
4:31 am
where heaviest downpours are in a few minutes. 76 degrees. 87 percent relative humidity. southerly breeze. not much at 5 miles an hour, as we see sunrise at 5:45. not sunshine to start the day. with other temperatures, in the mid 60's to the north of us and 70's, just not every where else. making a brake in the action around lunchtime but more popping up later on as we get a cold front coming through, and that is good news but we have that outlook out just ahead, and, checking traffic at 4:31. we will look at i-95, at cottman avenue road are wet there as some rain starts to fall and that part of the i-95 , folks taking it easy and not too much volume yet. construction on the blue route north bound right around mid county tolls, right here one lane block northbound side is not slowing anybody down either and vine street construction continues, right around broad of course until
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5:00 this morning. thomas and karen. >> sue, thank you. we will continue to follow this breaking news in the case of four missing bucks county men. investigation takes another tragic turn here in a shocking confession, cosmo dinardo's attorney says his client admits he killed them, and this is once again according to his attorney. we do have team coverage following all angles of the story, our steve keeley is in doyletown with the breaking details on a second person of interest, 20 years old, but right now lets start off with jenny gist live from solebury township with the very latest on the search for other bodies , jenny. good morning, lots of developments of here. we have a confession, possible motive, second person of interest, taken into custody, and continued reaction from the people who knew and loved these four young men murdered, cosmo dinardo's defense attorney and sources confirmed that dinardo confessed to killing and burning bodies of four bucks county men. he told investigators where
4:33 am
they could find bodies in exchange for a life spared. d.a. promised him death penalty would be off the table despite confess to go killing dean finocchiaro, tom meo, jimmy patrick and mark sturgis remains of finocchiaro have been located in the 12-foot hole in the expansive solebury township farm. prosecutors have not confirmed that they have located the other three bodies at this point. so why? why did dinardo committees murders? a source tells fox 29 a motive may be related to a drug deal, gun, co-worker of victim dean finocchiaro says it is just not fair. >> i'm mad, i'm mad that dean was taken away, somebody actually decided to take him away from the world. he was one of the funniest guys i have ever met. he was always friendly. always had a smile on his face always willing to give thaw smile if you didn't have one and just fun to be around. great guy to work with. >> the world didn't deserve that. his family here, didn't
4:34 am
deserve that. >> reporter: despite his confession cosmo dinardo has not yet been officially charge we are waiting to hear from the district attorney expected to speak at an 11:00 a.m. press conference. last night we heard a second person of interest was taken in custody, our steve keeley is following that side of the story, steve. >> reporter: no surprise to our daily viewers i reported all yesterday morning that a source real close to this investigation says that no what i did one man kill four people, and bury them 12 feet underground all by himself and that was confirmed, hours later in this confession. then confirmed by the confession when philadelphia police as we hit our video here swarmed a house in northeast philadelphia just as the confession became public, the cops in philadelphia net filed by detectives up here in bucks county to quickly go and grab this second accomplice dinardo name before that second person found out watching tv he had been
4:35 am
informed on by dinardo and then took off before bucks county detectives could get down there, and get him, themselves. philadelphia police got him at his home at oxford and mcgee just off roosevelt boulevard in philadelphia's lawncrest section where bucks detectives and evidence recovery teams will likely return real soon with a search warrant to look in this house. now bucks authorities picked up the person at northeast detectives around 1:00 a.m. this morning and brought him back here to be held, charges likely to follow real soon. we know this accused accomplice helped dinardo in three of the four killings and now know there are two separate graves up on the dinardo property, this accomplice, helped kill three and set three bodies on fire and then bury them, 12 feet underground. the fact that they were buried likely why and burned, likely why only one had been positively identified up until now because you can just imagine the condition, the bodies are in being burned and then buried under tons of
4:36 am
earth. now, authorities go where that second person is and they will also likely take dinardo himself and leg irons and handcuffs to that second grave if they cannot find it based on his directions and descriptions himself, and let him lead them to that spot later today. from a philadelphia police source fox 29 news has learned that this accomplice already has a criminal record in philadelphia and already around a previous shooting, his own, shot just four months ago in march, obviously just wounded. his northeast philadelphia home by the way, close to dinardo's bensalem home just 13 miles away a 20 minute drive. these guys relative neighbors when you consider how big a area we have covered in this story absolutely, steve keeley , you have to wonder where this case will go and many turns. 4:36. more charges for suspects accused of punching a man with cerebral palsy. chester counties district attorney has charge barry baker right there yellow shirt
4:37 am
, for allegedly a looting them. police say he was arrested and then made bail, took off, led them on a two week manhunt, warrants were issued and then captured on june 5th. we have water problems in chester county, we have water problems in maple shade, new jersey causing some concern this morning. for last couple of days, people there have been waiting up to gross, dirty looking water. they had this issue on and off for years, water officials say a test of the fire hydrant, caused iron sediment to spread across their system but they say that the water is safe to drink, discoloration, did clear eventually but people say it is just too common. >> it was brown. then we let water run and flush toilet a little bit couple times it dissipates. >> right now it is worse it has ever been. >> would i venture to say yes. >> don't want to drink cloudy brown water. township trying to look at solutions maybe putting liners in the pipes and replacing old
4:38 am
pipes at the same time they replace old road. new mural in philadelphia will honor a police officer killed in the line of duty. this mural right here of the sergeant robert wilson the third will be dedicated tomorrow at noon on the 6,000 block of baltimore avenue. wilson was buying his son a birthday gift inside a north philadelphia game stop two years ago when two men came inside and fired shots during an attempted robbery. he was shot and killed. on the new jersey shore, police are going under cover to curve under age drinking from wildwood to asbury park about 30 police departments are out in force this summer to catch under age drinkers in the act of buying alcohol. officers are doing it at liquor stores, bars, sometimes they are posing as employees, customers or working surveillance in the parking lot. this is 21st year for that under cover program which is funded through federal grants. last year police arrested american 225 people in shore towns for under age drinking. you have been warned. 4:38. ripped off.
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day two of the president trump's trip to paris, president, first lady are participating in bastille day celebrations. >> president met with the french president's manual macron and they discussed topics including terrorism,
4:42 am
climate change, despite his best efforts, president trump could in the shut down questions about his son's meeting with russian attorney during the election. >> it is called opposition research. i have had many people oh, gee we have information on this factor or this person frankly hillary that is very standard in politics. >> the two leaders also discussed president trump's controversial decision to withdraw from the paris accord and hinted there could be some compromise maybe on the climate change agreement. former president jimmy carter remains in the hospital , nine two-year old was in canada working at habitat for humanity site in winnipeg when he became dehydrated. spokesperson says mr. carter is doing fine and was taken to the hospital as a precaution. 4:42, oh, baby beyonce dropping another midnight bomb >> it is not music but first look at her new born twins, we will show you, we promise,
4:43 am
coming up. from the 5 a.m. light blinkers
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to the wobbling yogis. to the stationary race winners, we all need lean protein. and it comes in a jimmy dean's delights breakfast sandwich. stacked with 17 grams of protein. lean into a great day. shine on.
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couple wet roadways but 42 , creek road in new jersey is not one of them, at lee not yet and things are moving nicely for a friday morning, even this early in the morning vine street expressway is still closed and we expect that to remain blocked until 5:00 this morning. we will go back to the blue route northbound, construction is still out there northbound side is on the left-hand side
4:46 am
of your screen, you see is there one lane blocked there but not enough volume to slow anybody down just yet this morning and this is good time to mention we have rain moving through the area over the next couple hours and there will be heavy downpours associated with this rain and remember if you see flooded roadway turnaround, do not drawn, that is line we tell you when it rains heavily. back with further look at your forecast in 15. after you get in your car and turning around and not drowning tune into 101.1 more fm and get your updated forecast all morning long on the radio as well. lots of action on ultimate doppler radar. you can see copious amounts of lightening moving through
4:47 am
lancaster county right now. there is a lot of lightening. we will take that away and see orange, red where heavy downpours are right around lancaster and sadbury and other placeness lancaster county. we have heavy rain in the pocono mountains and lighter rain around lehigh valley. we will see rain in wilmington , delaware and that is spilling in delaware county rain at new jersey shore and delaware beaches as well this morning. so grab that umbrella and be aware of a wet morning. if you were aware of things going on yesterday in the afternoon there was a tornado washing in the reading area, yesterday. we did have a strong thunderstorms, trees snapping and up routeing and pottstown we had .8 of an inch hail that fell yesterday. today we are in the slight risk of all that happening again if you don't get it in the morning perhaps in the afternoon we have a couple round of thunderstorm activity , on the way. we will look at right now temperatures, still muggy, mostly in the 70's this morning. still feel soupiness in the air, if you are in an area
4:48 am
that is not raining. we had our official heat wave with a high of 94 degrees after two other days, in the 90's but today heat wave is over. we will get to 83 degrees. then nice weekend with upper 80's both saturday, sunday for lower humidity, we will take it, on saturday, more humid on sunday but we have chance of thunderstorms, on monday, tuesday and by need weeks end and maybe thursday we may work on another heat wave with temperatures returning to the 90's as you knew they would thomas and karen. >> heat wave number five. sue, thank you. 4:48. this has been a heart breaking story we have been following and bringing to you british couple may learn whether they can bring their terminally ill child to america for one last chance at hope. >> parents of the little charlie guard, are hoping that the court will make a ruling. they are seeking permission to bring their baby to our country for a experimental treatment, in court yesterday an expert told judge that the
4:49 am
treatment is worth trying. little charlie has a really rare terminal disease that has him deaf, blind, cannot swallow, move or even breathe without life support. hospital in london says his life support should be turned off and any further treatment would put him in more pain. time right now 4:49. in your money new jersey drivers you may have been ripped off at new york bridges >> according to a new triple a study that found 70 million new jersey drivers were charged more expensive cash rate, to cross the new york city bridges and tunnels even though they had an e-z pass. every bridge and tunnel advertised a cash rate and an e-z pass discount but what people don't know those discounts only apply to e-z pass that was purchased from new york. how about that. different prices depending if you get them in pennsylvania, new york and new jersey and get them in any state. also, there may be a new offer on the table to buy revel casino in atlantic city.
4:50 am
is there word a private firm from new york is offering 220 million-dollar. the owner of the revel glenn straub is denying and unaware of the offer on the property and never spoken to this property about a sale. we will see. there is a new study drawing link between chemicals and medicine and packaging and men's health. >> researchers found exposure to chemicals in medicine, food packaging and toys increases a man's risk of developing heart diocese, type two diabetes and high blood pressure. group analyzed 1500 men between 39 and 84. they say chemicals negatively 's affect development, metabolism, and although it only focused on men, similar outcome expect for women. in the store the other day , target or wal-mart, back to school. >> it is already started. >> paper, pencils, rule earnings, back to schooltime, month and a half away but retailers are hopping on it.
4:51 am
>> it is mid-july. so, major real tailers back to school sales, hoping to compete. wal-mart, making hundreds of school staples like those note pad and pence, through on line grocery shopping service. it offers curb side pick up which can be good news on line , and company's also doubling the number of key back to school items for same day school pick up and store integrated teachers list in the section of the web site, half million are already available. jc penny looking to appeal to the younger customers, department store plans to open up toy shops within each of& its department stores, and the shops will ab long side disney products, jc penny hoping to revive toy sales during holiday season. good idea. entertainment news. >> beehive is butting this morning, beyonce has officially unveiled the twins. >> lets take a look at the picture, beautiful picture. i cannot see it because it was too far away.
4:52 am
here are twins in the instagram picture. they are there. oh, look, they are in her arms , they are so cute, caption read sir charter and rumi1 month-old today, followed by whole bunch of emojiness keeping with her theme. she looks stunning, in this look in appears to be in malibu where family has been renting a home. we will be right back after the break. why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow.
4:53 am
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yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
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we decided to bring a close up in case you could not see new babies because they blend with the flowers. it is very similar to the birth announcement so there are babies once again. we wanted to give you closer. >> coming up next we will do annex stream zoom, to show you the eye color of the twins, just in case you are wondering this morning here at 4:55. great to have you with us, it is friday, zooming in. >> thanks, guys. >> all right. one of our favorite sandwiches , makes the list as one of the best in the entire country and for good reason. >> it is not a cheese stake, john's roast porkies ranked as one of the tasty cables 23 best sandwiches in the country it has been a philly favorite since 1930. other shops getting shout outs , my's lobster roll, bite into maine and cape elizabeth has the best. also chicken parm from milano 's dell any jersey city.
4:56 am
4:55. very special night of meals on wheels down the shore. >> hundreds came out last night at anglesea night market in north wildwood. they have food trucks, a lot of fun, nice night to be out. event was so popular last year that the officials extended it for another hour so it would go on, fun wouldn't even, one of the fresco users sent this video to us, thanks, whitney for send ago this in. 4:56. we will be right back with more breaking news and developments on this friday as we head in the weekend. noo
4:57 am
4:58 am
introducing the easiest way to get gillette blades text "blades" to gillette on demand text to reorder blades with gillette on demand... ...and get $3 off your first order
4:59 am
why did you do it? what do you have to say to these families anything you have to say. >> i'm sorry. >> you can hear he was sorry, right now on good day philadelphia, cosmo's confession a person of interest in the disappearance of those four bucks county men makes a stunning admission according to his lawyer, as police take another person of interests into custody. also ahead this morning steamy, stormy round two of un settling weather throughout the area see it moving in, the
5:00 am
yellow, green, red right there just in time for your morning commute. sue says it is not all bad especially for weekend. all right, how about this we have trouble, from the tap dirty drinking what the their that has this community at that is witt's end. is what in the water. good day thank you for joining us, it is friday, so excited, we have wonderful plans for what you are doing i'm karen hepp. im thomas drayton. great to have you with us, it is 5:00 o'clock. i know you are wondering what is the weekend looking like, sue serio. >> it is looking good after we get through a messy day to day we have another six out of 10. humidity still with us. won't be as hot, heat wave is over but we have storms to contend with a round this morning and later in the day, bus stop buddy is ready for that, he knows to stay away from the pool once there is lightening moving through the area. couple 60's, mostly humid 70's as we get started this morni


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