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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  July 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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yellow, green, red right there just in time for your morning commute. sue says it is not all bad especially for weekend. all right, how about this we have trouble, from the tap dirty drinking what the their that has this community at that is witt's end. is what in the water. good day thank you for joining us, it is friday, so excited, we have wonderful plans for what you are doing i'm karen hepp. im thomas drayton. great to have you with us, it is 5:00 o'clock. i know you are wondering what is the weekend looking like, sue serio. >> it is looking good after we get through a messy day to day we have another six out of 10. humidity still with us. won't be as hot, heat wave is over but we have storms to contend with a round this morning and later in the day, bus stop buddy is ready for that, he knows to stay away from the pool once there is lightening moving through the area. couple 60's, mostly humid 70's as we get started this morning
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you see lightening from lancaster county in to chester county toward northern delaware, delco and then here in philadelphia. all of those storms pulled together there is more rain to the north and down to the south, couple showers, new jersey shore and delaware beach to start your day. we will look at those coming up. 76 degrees right now, 5 miles an hour wind, southe, sunrise time 5:45 but this is a morning where we won't see some sunshine, we will probably just stay sticky, stormy, cloudy when it is not raining, temperatures in the 70's and we will get into the 80's instead of the 90's today there could be a break in the action in the middle of the day before more thunderstorms firing up with a cold front coming through. it should be out of here by weekend starts we will time it all out in the seven day forecast, friday is here, lets hope we will get through our commute, this morning in a good way, even with the wet roadways. so we will start off with a
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look at the route 30 bypass at route 340 and this is eastbound side of the route 30 bypass, you can see road are wet there, no flooding on this roadway but especially traveling in those back road you could run into some flash flooding, so these, downpours are pretty heavy this morning so be careful with. that vine street expressway, still looks dry, rain has in the made it to the city just yet, but should be opening up any minute. in fact it is opened. cars are going back and forth. i was looking at the roadway but yeah there are headlights there schuylkill expressway around grays ferry eastbound side is where we have some delays this morning. karen and thomas. >> cosmo, what do you say to these families? >> cosmo you admitted to killing four people, anything to say to these families.
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>> i'm sorry. >> with those word i'm sorry, admission of guilt from cosmo dinardo his attorney says his client has admitted to killing the four young men missing in bucks county. those men missing since last week. >> this admission comes as police have taken another person of interest, into custody, we have got continuing coverage of the whole investigation. our steve keeley is in doyletown with the very latest on this second person of interests, but we will begin with jenny joyce in solebury township with more on the possible motive for the crime as well as the search for more remains, jenny, there may have been two grave locations. >> reporter: that is what we are hearing our dave schratwieser broke that information last night, did he a post saying according to sources there were two grave sites and that is all part of the cosmo dinardo's confession to authorities, yesterday we're piecing this together based on dinardo's attorney what he had to say yesterday leaving the courthouse and also what we're hearing from a
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number of sources because at this point the district attorney when he cancelled yesterday afternoon's press conference he has not addressed the media since confession broke. we are waiting to hear from him later this morning. what cosmo dinardo's attorney told thaws his client admit hissed guilt and told investigators where they can find bodies in exchange for a life spared. d.a. promised him death penalty would be off the table , despite confess to go killing and burning the bodies of four young men, dean finocchiaro, tom meo, jimi patrick and mark sturgis. remains of the finocchiaro has been located in a 12-foot hole on dinardo's expansive solebury township farm. according to the source dinardo told prosecutors there are two separate grave sites on the farm which contain all four bodies. we still do not know exact relationship between the victim and dinardo, source tells fox 29 news a motive in this case may be related to a drug deal and a gun. dinardo's attorney addressed reporters yesterday as his
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client voiced a quick apology to his customer. >> you admitted to killing four people, what did you have to say to these families anything say, you are sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> mr. dinardo confessed to the district attorney. he confessed to his participation and commission in the murders of the four young men n exchange for that confession mr. dinardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the death penalty. >> reporter: how are families doing. >> they are holding up remarkably well, chris. i'm very grateful for their trust in us. it means world to us and keeps us strong and keeps us going. >> reporter: so that sound from the district attorney was from early yesterday we are expect to go hear from him at a 11:00 o'clock press conference where we expect to learn many more details of the confession and update on this
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investigation. yesterday we broke news about an arrest of the second person of interest in this case, our steve keeley picks up the story from there, steve. >> reporter: for sure it is a nervous few days for this 20 year-old accomplice who salt home wondering if his name would ever come up. imagine him watching television news at 5:40 and seeing that his accomplice has confessed and that has dimed him out. thinking that might happen, bucks detectives quickly notified philadelphia police before this guy could run knowing that he would get pick up, to go get him before he could take off, and once word got out about that confession philadelphia police were right here on the house, where is this? this is lawncrest section right off of roosevelt boulevard, intersection of the oxford and magee a row house on the edge of mcgee's block right there. this is just a 20 minute, 13- mile relatively quick drive
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to dinardo's bensalem home. these guys essentially friends and neighbors. expect bucks detectives to go back to this northeast philly house armed with the search warrant to see what this guy has got in his place in terms of the any possible evidence for this case beside having just the word of a confessed killer saying this guy is involve. we have learned this second person has a criminal history themselves in philadelphia and history of being a victim of violence. philadelphia police source tells us he was just shot in another incident in march. now through confession if you weren't paying attention dinardo says this guy only helped in three of the four murders and heard jenny explaining two separate graves on the solebury property this guy helped kill three, set bodies on fire and then bury the three according to dinardo's confession and dinardo may be brought back there in handcuffs and leg irons today karen and thomas to pinpoint for detectives and search teams where that second
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grave is if they cannot find it based on his directions and descriptions. because that one property that want farm, one of the many properties they own is 68 acres wide they may know that property by back of the hand from seeing where any soft dirt may be but that may be the initial grave of jimi patrick, a source tells us and he may be taken there to show him where his body may be underground. >> so many swift moving developments, thanks, steve. family member of the one of the victim tom meo speaking out about this tragedy. meo's uncle lives in kansas city, missouri and sat down with our sister station to share his thoughts about thomas and says it is just so hard for the family. >> it is tough, i think anybody who has been through a tragedy like this could imagine. it is really tough. >> they say tom was a good kid who liked to help people work on their homes.
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there has been so much twists and turns in this case but it was time line of events that helped investigators piece this case together. the first to go missing 19 year-old jimi patrick when he does not show up to work. very next day july 6th is the last day anyone sees dean finocchiaro alive, july 7th mark sturgis tells his dad that he is going to meet his friend and co-worker tom meo, last day either of them are seen or heard from. late their night a mobile license plate reader in solebury catches the plate of the ford pickup truck driven by cosmo dinardo, second late their same device read plate on meo's car. july 8th a man says he got a call trying to sell what turned out to be meo's car. july 9th, the car of mark sturgis is found near peddler 's village in buckingham township. that same day police find meo 's koran dinardo's family
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property. meo's diabetic supplies that he realize on are still inside july 10th, construction equipment arrives to dig in the dinardo property, and cosmo dinardo is arrested on a unrelated gun charge. july 11th next day dinardo is named a person of interest and released from jail after his dad post bond. july 12th dinardo ace rested accused of stealing mayo's car , bail set at five million-dollar cash only. hours later the d.a. announced investigators found humane remains on the dinardo property, and identifies at least one remains as finocchiaro. of course around 5:00 last night we have learned dinardo confessed to four murders in exchange for promise that the prosecutors will not seek the death penalty. we will continue to follow every facet of this case, when we're in the on the air stay with us on our web site at fox
5:11 am, as well as our fox 29 app. people in chester county are venting about problems with their well water, they live near construction site of sunoco's mariner east two pipeline or actually they are building the pipeline right through their properties and they are really concerned because water, either pressure has gone out or turned cloudy. they packed a meeting in west white land township. lots have people say cloudy water makes them feel it is not safe. they say it is caused for underground drilling for that project. is there an offer to have them hooked up to the public water service aqua and sunoco would pay for it but people living there are not really sold. >> what is sunoco building in to their proposition which assures all these people two years, three years, whatever the legal ramifications are that they will be okay. >> sunoco has been giving bottled water and paying for hotel rooms for people who are
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affect because they don't have any water pressure to take showers and stuff. 5:11. montgomery county officials are putting a price tag on the bill cosby trial and it didn't come cheap. costs added up to two 19,000 dollars. high profile trial required overtime for employees in several departments, other expenses were due to the change of venue, transportation cost and accommodations of jurors from allegheny county. only on fox take a look at this video of the car crash. >> a suv used to help animals destroyed. also, say it isn't so, we have got some chemical concerns what is in your mack and cheese. >> no. >> could our comfort food. >> not the mack. >> be giving us harmful chemicals. we will explain what you need to look out for. what are you doing?
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we're all lit up on ultimate doppler radar so lets zoom into first west of philadelphia our rain is moving from lancaster county into chester county. you can see lightening here around west bradford, new garden and heavy downpours as well, around west goshen, you where to get those downpours. north of the pocono mountains we have strong thunderstorms possibly moving in as rain around the lehigh valley. here's rain, along i-95 north of wilmington delaware in new castle county. we are in cumberland county in
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new jersey with some rain there, not as heavy as we have seen elsewhere and bethenny beach getting rain as well. we have a slight risk of more severe thunderstorms but more likely after daytime heating with pop up thunderstorms as a cold front comes through. there is a cold front still far out to the west but we are a couple disturbance is a head of it. the cold front moves through in the overnight hours and pushing that off shore but another one will take hold over weekend giving us a much better forecast. as far as rain is concern we have more to come this morning here's that break in the action we're talking about with a little bit of sunshine to the south of philadelphia, but with that day time heating some of these strong thunderstorms popping up may be late tonight, into early, early on saturday but it looks like it clears out nicely for rest of the day on saturday and on sunday, as well.
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it will be hot but not as humid, yeah. 76 degrees in philadelphia right now. sixty-six mount pocono. seventy-six wildwood. seventy-three in trenton. it is still sticky. we have gotten rid of the humidity just yet. we have got to 94 degrees yesterday before it turned cloudily, probably would have been hotter, fit stayed sun bye that was then, this is now we have thunderstorms for this afternoon. will four should be our high. mid to upper 80's on saturday and sunday and should stay dry over weekend. we add thunderstorm back in on monday and tuesday of next week and then we're back in the on the's on wednesday and thursday. once again about 101.1 more fm after you get in your car, tune in for music, and for weather authority forecast. time for traffic. more of our road are gettin wet, including chester county
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kalinin township and no flooding reported at this intersection at route 30 at route 340 this morning. checking ben franklin bridge, we're looking from the new jersey side, into philadelphia , a lot of haze, obscuring city sky line there but not too many cars on the bridge right now. there is another concert at very busy, bb and t pavilion we have had concerts there every day this week. tonight zach brown band darryl scott at 7:00 p.m. we could have a few thunderstorms moving through so be prepared for that thanks , sue, we will. 5:18. security camera rolling at the car accident you are about to watch in front of your eye balls. a guy goes out and realizes that was my car that just got slammed into it. only on fox 29. bruce gordon has exclusive from havertown delaware county . >> reporter: randy testa just wrapped up a conversation with
5:19 am
the contractor, just about two minutes later with randy now inside, driver of the dark colored suv introduced herself to his honda element sitting in the parking lane by the curb, a near death experience. >> that was a little unnerving big bang, very loud, shook my house. >> reporter: randy raced outside and offering to help would the man driver. she did not appear to be badly hurt. then he checked that target vehicle. >> i asked some of the people to see if anybody was inside and hurt. then i took a look and started seeing my stuff. that is when it dawned on me that it was my car. >> reporter: not just any car. >> it is my animal rescue vehicle. >> she came from north carolina in the hording situation. >> reporter: testa traps, transports and fosters dogs, cats and other critics, for providence animal shelter, justice rescue and other agencies in the region. >> you get a good feeling whole you can assist a helpless animal, when they cannot help themselves.
5:20 am
>> he was riding under a car. >> reporter: that is antonio who has a dislocated hip, randy trapped him, brought him home, raised money for surgery while getting this formerly ferrell feline used to adoption. >> i recently rescued a goose with this net. >> reporter: randy's work with these animals will continue but as for his vehicle. >> that will be abe total loss >> reporter: what does that mean for your rescue and transportation work for animals. >> it means turf find another vehicle and hopefully insurance covers what i'm out. >> reporter: bruce gordon fox 29 news. police need your help this morning, trying to find three men wanted for animal cruelty. so this is atlantic city here take a look at these photos police are trying to identify them in connection with the case. they have not said what happened here. alley cat allies organization is offering a reward for any information that lead to an arrest, if you recognize any of these men, give police a call. in philadelphia's fishtown
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neighborhood police are trying to find the nan this video he threw a sand bag in the door of a restaurant along the 1400 block of frankford avenue, made his way inside and stole a computer worth about four grand. it happened monday night. investigators releasing this video. warminster bucks county take a lot this guy. police want him off the street he pulled a gun at the person at 7-eleven on newtown road, early yesterday morning, he didn't get anything but interestingly he ran right by an officer who was not able to get him. he got away. maybe driving a dark colored sedan. keep watching here because over in burlinton county police need your help identifying that guy right there he is wanted for stealing two vehicles from the burns honda dealership in evesham township. police say one car was stolen on june 14th, another one on june 24th and on both occasions employees saw the man on the property acting, suspiciously. police in philadelphia, need help to get this person,
5:22 am
suspect video here, trying to break in the gas station on june 18th the philadelphia gas station on the 10,000 block of bustleton avenue. video shows him trying to pry opened the door, he was not successful, he did runaway. >> 5:22. trial date has been set for delaware state senator who cared a loaded handgun in the airport. congressman brian petty john says he inadvertently left gun in the lap top bag while packing. tsa workers, well, they found a gun during security check at salisbury regional airport in maryland last movement his trial date is scheduled for august 28th, if quick, petty john could get up to 10 years in prison. pennsylvania's department, seem to work together to better battal dixon say auditors. in a audit the auditor general recommend three state agencies need to carefully monitor whether their programs are effective in the fight begins opioids. they are the departments of human services, corrections and drug and alcohol programs. they pointed out there is
5:23 am
under funding of the programs meant to help addictness pennsylvania. is there a state representative from pennsylvania proposing a bill to increase mandatory minimum sentence for heroin dealers. representative jimmy san torah joined other leaders to propose a bill to, increase minimum sentence to five years for first time offenders. law enforcement officials say they have asked for this. >> these guy that sell heroin are murderer, pure and simple. i used the but word purveyors of death but they are murderers and they have to be treated, take kid gloves off, whack them, put them in jail where they belong and jamie's bill is a start of what we've got to do. >> you know that was mike chit wood up frommer darby. they have been dealing with this all the time. they had this news conference in front of the pilgrim garden shopping center with two people recently overdosed on heroin but they did survive. planning to fly? make extra cash, how selling your seats. >> so they will not make you
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wait until you have kid crying and everything happening there united plans to bump you from your spot but there is a big upside for the passengers and timing as well. this is a live look at celebrations happening in paris, france right now, it is bastille day they are celebrating the big revolution in france where they stormed the bastille and over through their government and led to more liberty, and changed them to democracy. there is president macron applauding troops as they are walking. we will dip into their coverage as they have their celebrations and of course our president is there as well. i will never
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following a stream of bad opportunity, united tried to make it less of a hassle getting overflow flights. airline is giving you option of changing their flight days in advance, instead of asking for volunteers at the gate when they are ready to go. testing a new computer program that predicts when plane will be full and passengers will be notified after five days in advance. then willing to reschedule your flight passengers will be given a $250 voucher and other airlines, will follow suit. in your health news right now just in time for national mack and cheese day, instant, mack and cheese contains high
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levels of chemicals, that is link to harmone disruption, birth defects and learning of behavioral problems in older kid and not good for grown ups either this was done by environmental health strategy center, those were in bottles, and chemicals were found in all 10 brand tested including leading brand and how about this even organic brand. i find that shocking. 5:28. the baby reveal that a lot of us have been waiting for. >> coming up in two minutes beyonce shares the first photos of her twins.
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a confession to a crime, person of interest, in a disappearance of four bucks county men right here makes a stunning admission as police take another person of interest into custody. >> get ready to dish out more money but only attending certain universities, we will explain. happening right now you're taking a live look at paris, chopper are flying as they celebrate bastille day. president trump is there but making headlines here at home. we will have more activities on bastille day in the latest headlines. it is friday, 5:31.
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tomorrow's thomas drayton. >> i'm karen hepp. thanks for joining us. we have so much news to get to but it will be a busy weather day, we have systems moving in right about now, sue serio. >> a lot of rain in the area depend where you are, it is probably on the way, we have got showers, bus stop buddy has umbrella to get you ready for the day, still mug tie with temperatures in the 70's this morning, we will see how lit up radar business thunderstorms moving through chester county heading toward delco and here in philadelphia and more to come, out to our west and thinks all in advance of the cold front that won't come through until, tonight, so we're not finished with the rain just yet, it is dry, but cloudy here in olde city as we anticipate our sunrise time at 5:45. 76 degrees right now only heading in the 80's and 90's but more thunderstorms possible later in the day. that is your planner for friday. now, before we get to the weekend we have to get through this morning. we check traffi for you and
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we will start off with this look at wet roadways in chester county. that is northbound route 100 at ship road, you can see heavy downpours just moving through that area probably still raining right now. the schuylkill expressway at roosevelt boulevard, volume hasn't picked up too much just yet, so is there plenty of room for to you get where you are going on time and quick look at route 42 at creek road , road are still dry there and everybody is moving just fine, karen and thomas. >> all right, sue, thank you. we will continue to follow this breaking news case, in the four missing men out of the bucks county. investigation taking another tragic turn in a shocking confession cosmo dinardo says he killed, all four men. we have team coverage this morning following all angles of this story, our steve keeley with the breaking details on a second person of interest but first lets get to jenny joyce live from solebury township with the very latest on the search for other four
5:34 am
or other three. >> reporter: good morning, thomas, there is a lot of new information, on the investigation which we're mostly hearing from sources, and from cosmo dinardo's attorney, at this point we have not heard from the district attorney in this case for several hours after he cancelled that 3:00 o'clock press conference yesterday. we are awaiting an update later this morning and we are continuing to hear from the people who knew, and loved, these victims, including dean finocchiaro, whose body was officially identified, already , cosmo dinardo's defense attorney and sources confirmed yesterday that dinardo confessed to killing, burning bodies of four bucks county men, he also told investigators where they could find these bodies in exchange for a life spared, d.a. promised him death penalty would be off the table despite confess to go killing dean finocchiaro, tom meo, jimmy patrick and mark sturgis. remains of the finocchiaro has been located in a 12-foot hole
5:35 am
in the dinardo solebury township farm. prosecutors have not confirmed they have located other three bodies at this point. so why did dinardo committees murders? a source tells fox 29 a motive may be related to a drug deal and a gun. a co-worker, a victim dean finocchiaro says it is just not fair. >> i'm mad. i'm mad that dean was taken away, somebody actually, decided to take him away from the world. dean's one of the funniest guys i have ever met. he was always friendly. always had a smile on his face always willing to give thaw smile if you didn't have one. just fun to be around. great guy to work with. >> we didn't deserve. that world didn't deserve. that his family here at work and his family back at home didn't deserve that. >> reporter: despite dinardo's confession he has in the yet been charged and we are waiting to hear from prosecutors and at an 11:00 o'clock press conference also expect to go learn more about this second person taken into custody known as person
5:36 am
of interest in this case. our steve keeley has the story on than that, steve. >> reporter: yeah, count me as not surprised at all when we learn through dinardo confession that he says he had an accomplice because yesterday we reported right here on this show at this hour that a source close to this case reported that to us that he likely had help especially when you look at how big, how deep that gravies. i will get out of the way we are getting hit by somebody here. hours after that was confirmed by a killer's confession just as confession became public philadelphia police were net filed by detectives in bucks county to go grab second accomplish dinardo name before that second person knew he had been informed by dinardo and before bucks detectives cold drive down quickly enough to go get him. philly police got him at oxford and magee just off roosevelt boulevard in philly 's lawncrest section where bucks detectives and evidence recovery teams will
5:37 am
likely go back real soon with the search warrant. bucks authorities picked up this person at northeast detectives about 1:00 a.m., brought them back here to be held, charges likely to follow real soon. we know this accused accomplice through the dinardo lawyers admission about the confession helped dinardo in three of the four killings and we now know there are two separate graves on the dinardo properties this accomplice helped set three of the bodies on fire and then bury them underground 12 feet down. fact that they were burn likely one only one has been positively identified so far. don't be surprised if you hear dinardo being taken back up in legal irons, cuffs to pinpoint where that second gravies, the authorities cannot find it on their own. based on his description, directions hopefully they will find it on their own but from a philadelphia police source fox 29 news has learned that this accomplice has a criminal history here in philadelphia and already a previous shooting his own shot just four months ago, in march.
5:38 am
a couple of his arrests we're told for drugs up in bensalem and his home, in the too far from bensalem, in fact, from dinardo's house in bensalem just a 20 minute, 13-mile drive, karen and thomas. >> details are horrific. you cannot believe, allegedly what occurred. 5:38. president trump celebrating bastille day in paris. >> he and first lady were welcomed by the french first lady and dignitaries, a short time ago for festivities here but here at home it is make or break weekend for hopes of replacing and repealing obama care. caroline shyly in washington with the rang link that is happening there, caroline, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, karen and thomas. president trump firing off a number of tweet from paris trying to rally support for this latest version of what would repeal and replace obama care. republicans are going to need all of the help they can get, they have a vote scheduled for next friday on this but they don't have the votes to even
5:39 am
get it to the floor yet. big weekend, trying to get those votes to get this passed >> g.o.p. senators have created a compromise there, some still are not satisfied what are some of the sticking points. >> reporter: sure, number of changes we have seen, three weeks ago they have been behind closed doors trying to change some stuff get moderates and conservatives on board. biggest thing $70 billion for states, going in the states, they can come up with their own programs to figure out how to help their health care services, health savings accounts can now be used to pay for premiums. this is a big one too, 45 billion more dollars to battle opioid addiction, that is a huge one for many rural states in the middle of the country. this is a sticking point the ability to buy cheaper plans with less coverage. that is what conservatives wanted all along, 22 and healthy, you should be able to buy bear bones coverage. moderates complained they say if you are older, sicker you will be priced out of the market. still a licensing way to go
5:40 am
before yes. >> selling continues, caroline , good to see you. >> so many on game of thrones fans are excited because it comes back on sunday. we have been waiting to see what happens with john snow, and sensei and whole cast. so we will show you some of that and explain. but first here's sean bell with sports in a minute. >> coming up in sports in a minute phillies back in action tonight, pete mackanin trying to get the guys back on track, hear what he had to say about the preparation going in to the second half of the season coming up next in sports.
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good morning i'm sean bell phillies back in action in milwaukee and hopefully second half of the season will ab lot better then the first. phillies have the war record in baseball, and it has been rough on pete mackanin. yesterday he talk about what he did during all-star break to recharge for second half of the season. >> i forced myself just to put it behind me and not think about it. i got some rest. eat some good food and have a good time with my wife down the shore and refresh for the second half. >> wimbledon venous williams has been crushing competition. with serena out, it has been smooth sailing. match point right here just too powerful, too precise, she won six-four, six-two advancing to the finals. to the u.s. women's open in north jersey this is how you know today just isn't your day. michelle wi with the chip shot and rolls right back to her,
5:44 am
rough day, she went one over, seven shots back of the leader , that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell.
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5:46 am
checking out friday morning's traffic this is a look at, past this bridge at disabled vehicle it is hard to see behind the trees here, it is on the roosevelt boulevard northbound, at wissohickon
5:47 am
avenue, disabled vehicle on the shoulder there but everybody is getting by, just fine, a look at the schuylkill expressway at roosevelt boulevard, it is brighter shot , then we had yesterday when there was all that haze but still muggy outside, everybody gets by already and another little part of the schuylkill this one around grays ferry, we will see that in our map here, where there is a little bit of slow going there, so, take your time, there is rain on the way, we will tell you where it is now and where it is headed in 15. let's get right to it, and zoom in, we have had thunderstorms, rolling through chester county, now they have entered, new castle county and delco and just on the doorstep in philadelphia it hasn't
5:48 am
started raining just yet but raining in concord township, around east marlboro and chester counties, to the north of us a thunderstorm about to enter mount pocono with pretty heavy rain there and we have lightening around wilmington, delaware and very heavy rain around middletown, delaware, in new castle county. moving over to new jersey it is ran but lighter around ocean city, new jersey, down in delaware, that last batch of rain, at lee for new has moved off shore but there is, more on the way and we are under a slight risk, according to the storm prediction center , of severe thunderstorms, later on this afternoon. after we get daytime heating. it will warm up, not as warm as yesterday but it will warm up. couple disturbance is a head of the cold front. once that cold front comes through it will lower humidity for a couple days and that is just, in time for the weekend. so, many are grateful about that. so rain moving through this morning, couple pop up thunderstorms are possible as we just saw on radar, maybe a
5:49 am
midday break and more rain moving in, late evening, and into the overnight hours so if you have plans outdoors tonight and lots of people do in the middle of july, just be aware, eye in the sky, thunderstorms, rain free though for the rest of the weekend. temperatures as we walk out the door mostly in the 70's, mid 60's in the mountains, and still feel, the stickiness and mugginess humidity isn't gone just yet, but 90's will be gone for now. ninety-one on tuesday. ninety-four on thursday, that made for heat wave number four of 2017. now for today we are in the mid 80's, depend how much sunshine we will get, 87 degrees tomorrow with lower humidity. eighty-eight on sunday and thunderstorms for monday and tuesday and we are back in the 90's wednesday and thursday of next week, working on another heat wave, perhaps. >> all right. lets see summer, 5:49. students are paying more to go to pennsylvania state owned
5:50 am
universities. tuition is going up three and a half percent for the next school year, $127 more each semester for full-time in state students. officials say increase needed to off set budget deficit of nearly 72 million-dollar. lehigh valley soda company announced four winning flavors for vintage style glass styles voters in an on line poll picked classics, cream, sarsaparilla. company was saved before it will cost you between 3.50 and $3.99 each. they will be available in the summer and stores in pennsylvania, new jersey, new york and maryland. apparently a new offer to maybe buy revel, a private firm, that said it put in a big offer of 220 million-dollar to buy the casino, but the owner of the former revel casino said he was unaware, he hasn't heard from his lawyers.
5:51 am
they got this offer down in florida. we will find out and sort it outfit is an offer for real or not or what will happen. how about our billy penn pen, standing tall above our city looking better than ever. several weeks of restoration on the william penn pen statue on city hall now done. this is a look from our city camera yesterday at 37 feet tall, bronze statue got pressure washing to get rid of the grime, last time they dit was 14 years ago. they will take down that scaffolding, by the end of the month. it will come down piece by piece. entertainment news, the beehive is butting this morning because beyonce has officially unveiled twins, she put a beautiful picture of her holding twins on instagram with the caption that read sir today. it is like picture she sent out when she was pregnant with all these flowers, whole bunch of emojis after. that she looks stunning, obviously and amazing. she may be in malibu where her
5:52 am
family has been renting a home so cure. how about kendrick lemar doing something in our neck of the wood, getting excited. he is bringing a pop up shop to philadelphia in connection to his latest album, the shop will be at ubiq at 15th and walnut next wednesday which is same day he will be in our city as you may spot him around performing at wells fargo center part of the several national pop up shops he is setting up. kind of cool. if you thought lassie lex cycle was wild get ready for the next one, imagine if, in connection to our area dwayne rock johnson decide to run. there is a effort to get him to do it and make it a reality there is a man in west virginia who filed with the federal election commission to perform a campaign committee on johnson's behalf, and johnson has hinted at a presidential run several times , so far, he has not comment and on the motion, i think he played football in our neck of the wood for a
5:53 am
time. game of thrown fans, winter is here, wind of winter season seven will kick off this sunday night so expect sleepy head machine morning people trying to see who will take over, john snow, et cetera what will happen. drama continues and we are getting excited. here's something that is trending right now wall street journal apologizing for an insensitive tweet about tennis player venous williams. story tweet promoted focused on a 18 year-old boy singles player flagged by officials because his under garments weren't white. wearing all whiteys strict rule at england club but journal posted a picture of venosa pink sports bra with something is not white. well, that struck people the wrong way. journal apologized and posted a new tweet with the same picture but different wording. how does a dozen doughnuts sound for less than a dollar? it is possible today at crispy
5:54 am
cream. they are celebrating 80 years of selling their original glazed doughnuts today they are offering you the chance to buy a dozen doughnuts for 80 cents, wow, considering one doughnut usually sells for 99, that is a fabulous deal. 5:54 we will be right back.
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welcome back.
5:57 am
it is tomorrow from noon to 7:00 in west philadelphia's powellton village neighborhood this will have lots of great music, as it always does, food , things for the kid, activities for the whole family and it is free, and see different this weekend we have another event in northern liberties, the philadelphia beard festival sunday at schmidt commons we have the purveyor on the show yesterday , lots of fun, and there will be food, activities , alex looking good with her beard. 5:57. cosmo's confession person of the interest in the disappearance of those four bucks county men makes a stunning admission according to his lawyer. plus latest on another person of interest already in custody. #p
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
mr. dinardo this evening, confessed to the district attorney. >> a stunning, admission, cosmo dinardo confessed to all four murders in the bucks county missing men case, the motive as police continue to, search for humanly mains this morning. we're learning did he not act alone second person of interest is taken in custody, what we're learning about his connection, to cosmo dinardo. and the damp start to the weekend, steamy, wet, weather is once again expected to roll rel through our area, but will it ruin your weekend plans. >> i see it all lit up there, the yellow, orange, red, green , it was steamy yesterday , wasn't it.


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