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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 14, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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mr. dinardo this evening, confessed to the district attorney. >> a stunning, admission, cosmo dinardo confessed to all four murders in the bucks county missing men case, the motive as police continue to, search for humanly mains this morning. we're learning did he not act alone second person of interest is taken in custody, what we're learning about his connection, to cosmo dinardo. and the damp start to the weekend, steamy, wet, weather is once again expected to roll rel through our area, but will it ruin your weekend plans. >> i see it all lit up there, the yellow, orange, red, green , it was steamy yesterday , wasn't it.
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>> it has been soupy, very soupy. >> but we made to it friday. >> it is july 14th 2017. good morning, thomas. >> good morning. >> tgif, we are looking for a bright spot here. >> well, just you wait until tomorrow, and, part of today may in the be too bad but it is still, humid, out there, we have a six out of 10 in your weather by the numbers, some showers around this morning with bus stop buddy, he has umbrella, not to go in the pool with lightening around. we have seen 70's, most of the temperatures still very sticky out there, whether it is raining or not, an area of thunderstorms moving through, new castle county delaware, delco, pennsylvania and just about to enter center city philadelphia, more out to the west, so we will be watching all of this, all morning long, be prepared, for dry conditions, and then all of a sudden driving through a heavy downpours and we have to be careful. we have 76 muggy degrees in philadelphia, right now just at our sunrise at 5:45.
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and we are looking at most of the temperatures in the 70's, 60's to the north of us, and in the mountains our comfortable spot this morning. uncomfortable most of the day but not in the 90's. that is it. we will have a three day heat wave for one that happened this week 84 should be our high depending on how much sunshine we will get, sunset time 8:29. that is our friday. we will talk about a dry weekend coming up and beyond in the seven day forecast but right new we will start off with a look at west, okay, lets start, is this 95 at cottman where we are right now what roadway is this? okay, and tell me is what coming up next because we have roadways wet in chester county , this is i-95 at cottman avenue, and it is cloudy, but it is not wet just yet on the roadway. we have had a couple light showers there, this morning, and everybody seems to be moving along, okay, maybe an
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early exodus to the shore today, and also tonight, at bb and t pavilion there is another concert zach brown band with darryl scott and that starts at 7:00, so expect extra traffic and be prepared for a shower there tonight, guys. cosmo what do you say to these families. >> you admitted to killing four people, what do you have to say to these families, anything you have to say. >> i'm sorry. >> why did you do it. >> shocking confession in the case of the four missing men in bucks county. cosmo dinardo says he killed them all. so the four men have been missing since last week, only one other body have been identified by authorities. >> there has been speculation did he act alone? we are hearing this morning there is a second person of interest. so our crews are covering this store friday all angles this morning. steve keeley is standing by doyletown with more on this second person of interest that
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we are learning about. >> lets go to jenny joyce in solebury township with the latest on this investigation, good morning, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, alex and thomas, a lot of news came out of yesterday's aspect of the investigation, we are awaiting a news conference to learn so much more, we have not heard from the district attorney in this case, in several hours, expecting many developments to come. at this point even though cosmo dinardo has issued a confession he has not yet been officially charged. cosmo dinardo's defense attorney says his client admitted his guilt and told investigators where they can find bodies in exchange for a life spare. d.a. promised him death penalty would be off the table despite confess to go killing and burning bodies of four young men dean finocchiaro, tom meo, jimi patrick and mark sturgis. remains of finocchiaro has been located in a 12-foot hole in the family farm. according to the source dinardo told prosecutors there
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are two separate grave sites on the farm which contain all four bodies. at this point we still do not know exact relationship between victims and dinardo. source tells fox 29 a motive may be related to a drug deal and gun. dinardo's attorney addressed reporters yesterday as his client had a quick apology to our news cameras. >> cosmo you admitted to killing four people. anything to say these families >> i'm sorry. >> mr. dinardo confessed to the district attorney. he confessed to his participation, or commission in the murders of the four young men. >> how are the families holding up now would you say. >> as best as you can expect. they are exhibiting great, grace and poise, and i pray i never have to be in this situation but if i ever were, they are really been a model of grace and poise and dignity >> we are expect to go hear more from that district attorney coming up in an 11:00 ,
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alex and thomas. >> more information to come on this one active investigation, thank you. second person of interest we have learn is under interrogation. officers, they swarmed a home in northeast philadelphia and they took a man in custody. >> details coming in, lets continue our coverage this morning, steve keeley outside the district attorney's office in doyletown, steve? >> reporter: we have learned a lot of similarities between dinardo and this second man, both 20 years old, both families in the same business and these two guys live close to each other and both with histories of previous arrests, now, this 20 year-old, home, here at, oxford and mcgee, right on the corner, prime intersection in the lawncrest section of philadelphia, right off of roosevelt boulevard, and we told you this time yesterday, that a source close to this case, believed that dinardo had help and dinardo himself confirmed that through his confession.
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now apparently in the confession he had help in just three of the four murders and in digging two separate graves , in this second grave he had help of the three bodies, set on fire, and then buried, 12 feet down as jenny just told you and how did they dig that 12 feet grave? with help. you will be surprised to hear, maybe not so surprised to hear once we learn more later this morning we are able to report this but expect bucks detectives to hit this northeast philadelphia house with a search warrant real soon and we have learned that the second person criminal history not just in philadelphia but drug arrests, to in bensalem, one in lehigh and history of being a shooting victim himself. dave schratwieser reported this guy was shot back in march, which is just weeks ago , apparently recovered enough to take part in shootings and killings, and just a horrendous crime up here. so we will see more developing later on and see if this name comes out later publicly.
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we're withholding it until he is name as a suspect or charged in this case, guys. >> this certainly answers some questions because so many people are wondering, you know , did cosmo really do this all alone. >> reporter: nobody with any degree of common sense ever believed that likely when you look at that grave site and not like he killed these four people over a lengthy period of time but all within a span of less than a week. nobody could pull that off alone according to the investigators we talk to. >> 12-foot grave and continuing to dig. we will have another update, steve, thanks. we will follow this still developing story throughout the morning. >> coming up at 7:30 number of questions remain involving grand jury how do you transition from the person of interest to the suspect. we will break it down with our legal analyst here, fred tease i, in at 7:30. 6:08. not just dirty one man is not getting water at all. dirty drinking water situation that has a community at their
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witt's end. what is ahead, tourist tragedy, what killed a forceful blast from the nearby jet, a lot of people lining that beach to take a look what happened. we will tell you straight head
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they voiced their concerns last night. many residents with wells have either who their water or suffer with low pressure and cloudy water from underground drilling. there is an offer on the table from the township's public water service aqua for people to be able to be connected to the public water supply during the drilling process. sunoco would pay for it, but residents aren't sold. >> what is, sunoco building into their proposition which assures all of these people, two or three years, whatever the legal ramifications are,
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that they will be okay. >> sunoco has been providing bottled water and paying for hotel room residents affected by the drilling problem. well, it is dry right now but that is about to change. what you can expect through this friday, it is dry in some area, wet in others, we will tell what you to expect as we make our way through the weekend.
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shocking confession in the case of the four young men in bucks county who went missing last week, cosmo dinardo has admitted that he killed them. his defense attorney says there was a exchange to avoid death penalty, police only identified one of the bodies 19 year-old dean finocchiaro and police are questioning a second person of interest. officers swarmed a home in northeast philadelphia to take him into custody, we will have more details as we are following more information that is coming out on this story this morning. but first lets talk about your weather authority forecast, here at 6:15. we will look at the radar, it is moving, in. >> but look at this video, look at heavy rainfall that triggered flash flooding through midwest storms knocked out power to thousands and forced numerous road closures and in illinois national weatherservice issued flood warnings along the planes and
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fox rivers from indian, ohio, new york and massachusetts, torrential rains have really wreak havoc on commuters and local officials. >> part of that system, is that the system moving through , sue. >> that cold front that we will get tonight but what we're getting now and see how wet it is at philly international. we are getting disturbances in advance of the cold front. you can see how active radar is at the moment with quite a bit of lightening in someplace s and more to come, in this area. we will start off to the north in mount pocono very heavy downpours there and, of course , bears repeating when driving around and encounter flash flooding and see roadway completely covered, turn around, don't know how deep it is, so there is thunder and lightning our area, new castle county delaware, lot of rain in delco right now and across the river in woolwich township in new jersey. here's philadelphia raining outside our window at the moment, and there is more to
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come, down in, lower allaway creek, we are seeing lighter rain in ocean city, new jersey , just a weaker cell there but we are at slight risk even later on in the day after this roundings through in the morning of get something strong to severe thunderstorms, later on, high pressure will be push off shore, another one will build in time for weekend but steamy and stormy are word for today with a break in between but cold front has away to go before it gets here. you can see rain around throughout rest of the morning rush hour, more to come later on. so heat wave is over, three day heat wave, fourth one of the season, we will stay in the 80's, upper 80's and should dry out in time for weekend and low humidity tomorrow makes it a pleasant day but gets sticky around monday, tuesday we have chance for thunderstorms and we could get back in the 90's by middle of next week. once you get in your car and driving carefully around that rain tune into 101.1 more fm and get your weather authority
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forecast there as well. time to check traffic at 6:17. wet roadways, how yourself extra time this morning abe a problem on septa's west trenton line, about a half an hour delay in some cases because of signal issues near neshaminy falls station, and this look at very wet, vine street expressway, and, there it is, with plenty of action as we head, off of the schuylkill, into the city. i-95 around new hope, another wet roadway this morning but traffic seems to be moving along just fine. just allow some extra time guys, take it ease on it wet roadways. president trump and first laid your are in france for bastille day celebrations. >> in the only france independent day but bastille day marks 100 years since u.s. entered world war one. president trump walk ago long part raid route there. second, final day of his visit he and french president macron discussed terrorism, trade, climate change, despite his best efforts president trump could not shut down questions
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from reporters about his son's meeting with a russian attorney during an election. >> it is called opposition research. i have had many people call up , oh, gee we have had information on this factor or this person or frankly hillary that is very standard in politics. >> the two leaders discussed president trump's controversial decision to withdraw from the paris accord they hint that had there could be a possible compromise, on climate change agreement. 6:19. a trip to saint martin takes a turn for tourist visiting from new zealand. fifty-seven year-old woman died from the jet liner blast. she was knock in the wall as she tried to cling to the fence. it happened at infamous airplane flight path in the world right next to the beach as you can see here. police say other people have been injured from trying to feel the blast but this is the first death. >> 6:19. may be hard to believe but 40 years ago was infamous
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blackout in new york city. >> in 1977, night of darkness which inspired mayhem, look at it right here, three lightening bolts struck overhead power lines outside the city, about 36 miles outside city. what you are seeing here people hitting streets in the upper west side, people taking bats, setting cars on fire, there were 3800 arrests within a 24 hour period. you can see some of the scenes there, the fire, to several of the buildings. 300 million-dollar in damage. the power wasn't fully restored until the following day and some parts of the city , came to a stand still. forty years ago. >> 6:20. charcoal ice cream, have you tried it. >> nope. >> head up before you do, ladies, one medication you are taking that charcoal could majorly mess with.
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phillies back in action against milwaukee and hopefully second half of the season will be much better then the first half. before the season came, pete
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mackanin said he wanted to be 500 going in to august. now expectations air lot different. >> these guys need to show improvement over the first half, some have, some haven't. that is what this is all about for us right now. these guys have to understand that there is an urgency is involved, and they want to be with us down the road and they have to get up. >> venous williams dominated with serena out, it is smooth sailing, match point here and she's just too powerful, too precise, she won six-four, six -two advancing to the final to the u.s. women's open in north jersey, thinks how you know today isn't your day. look at this michelle wi with the chip shot and it just rolls rolls right back to her. not having a good day, that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. thanks, sean. the tim tebow magic continues. >> a lot of people surprised here some had low expectations
6:25 am
, others says no, right on point. since being promoted to saint lucy by mets tebow has been putting on a show for fans. last night former nfl quarterback hit a walk off home run, his teammates, well, they were loving it. you will see they will dump water off him as they run toward him. there are rumors he may advance to the mets. >> all right. >> yes, he can play any sport at this point. >> he is on the team. this is mets advanced league affiliate. would it make sense because it would increase ticket sales if anything for mets right new but some mets fans looking on line some of the comments they don't want him. >> remember when he was an eagle. >> long ago. >> people were excited for a while. >> apparently doing better in baseball. that is his passion when he was a child he always wanted to play baseball. >> what was he doing with football first. >> money. >> well, baseball players make nice change. >> speaking of making nice
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change, sue serio. >> reminds me my husband and i watched when michael jordan played baseball, do you remember that? that was his first love too. i guess, you can't get it out of your system. we would lake to get this rain out of the system and get our weekend started but thunderstorms are still on the way. we will have that weekend forecast coming up, jenny? good morning, sue. a confession and possible motive in the case of four bucks county men murder, also we're hearing more from people who knew and loved these victims, we will be right back why visit great wolf lodge?
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great wolf lodge. everybody in. cosmo dinardo confessed to all four murders in the bucks county missing men case the motive as police search for human remains this morning. did he not act alone, second person of interest is taken into custody. what we're learning about his connection to cosmo dinardo. and a damp start to the weekend? steamy, wet weather, do you see it, rolling through the area but will it ruin your weekend plans? i'm looking outside, it is coming down, right now. i didn't bring an umbrella. >> still looks dark out, doesn't it. >> it does. >> but it is not. >> this will end soon, sue.
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>> well this round. >> oh, no, there is more. >> another round on the way, and we will have a few breaks in between, won't rain continuously but hey it is bastille day bus stop buddy has his french flag on his t-shirt, umbrella an important part of the day, temperatures in the muggy 70's this morning and yes, there is rain moving through right now but if you look out to the west and there is more on the way, we will keep an eye on that throughout the rest of the morning rush but not every where is raining southern delaware taking a break. jersey shore not too much going on there but more on the way. 77 degrees. 6 miles an hour breeze from the southwest. heading to a high of 84. that is it for heat wave number four. three days of 90 or above. scattered thunderstorms and another round possible later in the day. we will detail that coming up in the seven day forecast. time is 6:30. we are taking a look at traffic on our wet roadways
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this morning. unfortunately we have an accident to tell but on i-95 southbound, before federal city road, exit number five and route 31, police are on the scene, in lawrence township, i-95 at cottman avenue, that is a wet roadway as well, looks like folks taking their time and in west trenton 30 minute delays signal issues because of that this is near neshaminy mall station, so if you take west trenton line, you will be late this morning. thanks, sue. a shocking confession cosmo dinardo's attorney says his client admitted to killing four young men missing in bucks county. >> four men, they have been missing since last week. >> there has been twists and turns here dinardo's admission comes as police taker another person of interest in custody. >> our crews are covering this from all angles this morning.
6:32 am
steve keeley in doyletown with more on the, oh, actually karen's in the studio with more on the second person of interest but we will start with jenny joyce in solebury township with the very latest on the investigation. >> reporter: yes, person of interest and possible motive, a confession, lot of developments yesterday and we are still hearing a lot from the people who knew, loved these victims, all as, cosmo dinardo confessed to killing and burning, the bodies of four bucks county men, that is what we're hearing from his defense attorney as well as sources confirming that dinardo told investigators where they could find bodies in exchange for a life spared. d.a. promised him death penalty would be off the table despite confessing to killing dean finocchiaro, tom meo, jim i patrick and mark sturgis. remains of finocchiaro has been located on the 12-foot hole in the family farm. prosecutors have not confirmed they have located other three bodies at this point. so why?
6:33 am
what is the motive here? a source tells fox 29 that the motive may be related to the drug deal and gun. a co-worker of victim dean finocchiaro says it is just not fair. >> i'm mad. i'm mad that dean was taken away. somebody actually decided to take him away from the world. dean bass one of the funniest guys i have ever met. he was always friendly. always had a smile on his face always willing to give thaw smile if you didn't have one. just fun to be around. great guy to work w we didn't deserve. that world didn't deserve. that his family at work didn't deserve that and his family back at home didn't deserve that. >> reporter: despite his confession cosmo dinardo has not yet been officially charge we are await to go hear from the district attorney who is supposed to be having a 11:00 o'clock press conference more answers expect this morning. alex and thomas. >> there are a lot of questions, thank you. lets get to the second person of interest who is now interrogate by police. officers they swarmed a home in northeast philadelphia and
6:34 am
they took him into custody. karen hepp is in the news room with more details. >> investigating believed that cosmo dinardo had help committing murders of these four men and yesterday during his confession did he give a detailed account of what happened in the last week according to his lawyer and police have a second person in custody. man was pick up in his home in philadelphia's lawncrest section late last night, he lives at oxford and magee avenue. we are in the revealing man's identity. we know he has a lot in common with cosmo, he is also 20. he has an arrest record. is family is in similar construction business as dinardo's, cosmo dinardo allegedly told investigators he had help in three of the four murders and help digging 12-foot grave. victim had been shot and then burn. he is also expect to help them investigators find remains of the fourth victim, somewhere on the property. so three were buried together, one in a different location. that property owned by parents we also know second person of
6:35 am
the interest had been shot back in march and has arrest from his both bensalem and in lehigh. lots of new developments that we are learning and steve keeley, moving on to other locations, as well, guys. >> we will get more updates as well from him, thanks, karen, we will continue to follow every part of the case. when we're not on the air stay up to dayton our app as well as our web site at fox 6:35. more charges for suspect accused of punching a man with cerebral palsy. >> video was tough to watch here. chester county district attorney has charged barry baker, guy in the yellow with flight to avoid apprehension. charge comes for allegedly leading police on a two week manhunt. after his initial arrest for may attack baker made bail, two other warrants were issued and then he took off, he was captured on june 5th. >> check out, these surveillance pictures, police say woman you see broke into the woman you see here, broke in the several hems in chester
6:36 am
county while homeowners were asleep inside. four different burglaries took place between june 24th and july 8th between west and east goshen township. two cars were stolen as well as wallets, credit card and cash. if you know these women call police. trial date has been set for delaware state senator who carried a loaded handgun in the airport. congressman brian pettyjon said he inadvertently left the gun in the lap top bag while packing. tsa workers found the gun during a security checkpoint at the regional airport in maryland last month. his trial date is set for august 28th, and if convicted, pettyjohn could get up to 10 years in prison. montgomery county officials are putting a price tag on the bill cosby trial and dit not come cheap. cost of added up to just over two 19,000 dollars, and, high profile trial requird overtime for employees in several departments, and other major expenses were due to the
6:37 am
change of venue, transportation costs and accommodations of jurors from allegheny county. pennsylvania state auditors say the keystone state is not reviewing effectiveness of the addiction treatment programs and need to do more. in an audit released yesterday state's auditor general recommend three state agencies need to carefully monitor whether their treatment programs that fight against her win and other opioids are effective. those agencies are department of human services, corrections and drug and chill programs. he also pointed out that is there under funding of programs meant to help addict ness pennsylvania. a local pennsylvania state representative, proposing a nail would increase mandatory minimum sentence for heroin dealers. republican state representative jammed san tore owe joined other leaders as well as law enforcement office s to propose a bill continue on crease minimum sentence to five years for a first time offender. law enforcement said they approached law make tours get
6:38 am
something done. >> these guys that sell heroin are murderers, pure and simple , i used the buzz word purveyors of death but they are murderers and they have got to be treated, take kid gloves off, whack them, put them in jail where they belong , and jamie's bill is a start of what we have got to do. >> yesterday's press conference was held in front of the pilgrim garden shopping center and that is where two people recently overdosed on heroin but they did survive. kensington is regularly in the news as an example of the philadelphia's growing epidemic. >> residents tell us is there so much more to their neighborhood. yesterday dozens of volunteers they tried to change perception of their community and some offering some hope here. salvation army neighbors spent hours painting, cleaning, picking up needles near hope park and trying to show even a tough circumstance they are not giving up. >> that is one of the violence here to try to make the area better then what it is.
6:39 am
>> i'm here for almost 35 years. i'm the oldest in this block i want my community back. >> that they will. people of all ages came out to lend a helping hand and you are making a difference. >> do you see that little boy there who just got out of the screen, he talked about, he is a child, he went out as part of the clean up and said, they is, if you could hear what he had to say. he just wants it to be safe for other kid. he wants to be a police officer because he does not want this to happen in his neighborhood. >> see sign, is there hope. >> there is hope, for sure. >> emmy nominees are in and saturday night live is now the most emmy nominated series of all time, other big shows with more than 20 nominations, that is now talk of hollywood. but first, we have to talk about the weather, it is rolling in, how it will impact your weekend, i know you have plans coming up next.
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a shocking confession in the case of the four young men in bucks county who went missing last week. cosmo dinardo admits that he killed them. his defense attorney says there was an exchange to avoid the death penalty. >> we are expecting another
6:43 am
update later this morning. we do know police have only identified one of the bodies 19 year-old dean finocchiaro and right now police are questioning a second person of interest, officer swarmed a home in northeast philadelphia to take him in to custody, our team coverage will continue in a moment. so, first we will get an update on the traffic at 6:43. >> it is wet roadways slowing folks down this morning an a few pockets of showers and thunderstorms moved through the area there is a problem, north of the trenton on i-95 southbound between federal city road and route 31, we now have that road closed because of an accident, police are on the scene again lawrence township mercer county just north of trenton, traveling up there watch out, it is southbound side but undoubted there is a slow down on the north bound side as well. route 42 at creek road in new jersey, volume starting to pick up, a little hydroplaning going on there as well as heavier rain moves through so
6:44 am
hopefully folks take it ease i had and watch out for flash flooding on mornings like this still in new jersey, 295 northbound just pennsylvania route 42 freeway, we have an accident in the right lane of i-76. we will be right back with your forecast in 15. 6:44. this is a look at very damp ben franklin parkway this morning, still a beautiful roadway my favorite one in the city, even when it is wet because of the rain. here it comes, actually in some cases like yesterday when it was so hot and humid rain like this can a relief but we have to watch out for some of that flash flooding. looking at ultimate doppler radar shows all of the action and where we have a break in
6:45 am
lancaster county we have more rain on the way just on the door stop and thunderstorm activity as well. we will zoom into a couple places seeing heavier rain in northern new castle county right around wilmington delaware south of the city and here, pockets of heavy rain as well seeing that outside our window, and heavy rain, in mount pocono and some thunderstorms not too far away as well, you are probably hearing that thinned up there here we are in philadelphia, and haddon township right across the river, with some of that heavier rain and we saw it on route 42 around creek red as well, moving a little further south, we will see gloucester county, camden county, all of the dark green, and the yellow indicates heavier rain this morning, lighter rain around ocean city new jersey but you'll get some more as well and we will expect more thunderstorms to fire up this afternoon after a break in the middle of the day and these could be strong to severe, we are under a slight wrist ago cord together storm prediction center.
6:46 am
cold front will be copping through tonight but we have a couple disturbance as head of the cold front and that is what we are experiencing right now in fill and surrounding areas. we are not quite finish but we have steamy, stormy for today, good things to remember, still humid out there and muggy 77 in philadelphia other temperatures in the 70's, we are not expected to get lower humidity air lower dew point until tomorrow. we did get our heat wave. ninety-one on tuesday. yesterday's high was 94. it would have been higher if we have not gotten those cloud and did see thunderstorm activity. today 84. upper 80's and very welcomed word here lower hugh mid for saturday, sunny, hot on sunday but still looks like a dry weekend so plan those outdoor activities, we have had thunderstorms, mugginess on monday and tuesday and we are back to the 90's by middle of next week alex and thomas. >> lower what? lower humidity.
6:47 am
>> split is. >> yes. >> billy penn pen standing tall above philadelphia is now looking better than ever. weeks long restoration of the william penn pen statue atop city hall is complete even though it does not look like it. we are showing old video. that was the look from one of our cameras showing what it looks like because it had all of those stand and stuff up there. >> scaffolding is down. >> yes. >> how much effort would it take for to us get a new shot this morning. >> it is raining. >> we can send someone with an i phone. >> 37-foot tall bronze statue underwent pressure washing to get rid of the grime and build up over pennsylvania 14 years. scaffolding shut down at end of the movement that is why. it is up for now even though it is finish, ready to take it takes a while to get all that down. but remember there was going to be a big controversy when they had scaffolding, and all of the work set up to happen when draft was here.
6:48 am
no, why would you do that. everybody will be looking at draft and taking pictures and showing video. >> not to mention weddings and backdrop and you want that, in your wedding photo. never a great time do it. they push it back pennsylvania the draft so now it will be finished for rest of the summer. sixty-ninth prime time emmy nominations are out and there are a few surprises. >> surprising because karen hepp, it is a show that has been around quite sometime that is getting recognition all over again. >> yeah we're talking about sn l because they came up huge along with hbo west world both are earn most emmy nomination fos are individual show, they have 22. saturday night live is most emmy nominated series of all time. >> no, i'm married. >> sean, kiss me. >> i can't i have a wife, i took vows. >> i'm famous, it is okay. >> you kiss me no one ever sees me again.
6:49 am
>> yes. >> oh, my, s and n has total of 231 nominations over history of the show, west world, such a good one, house of card right there, and so, so many good shows out there, best comedy, sleep or how about atlanta. >> i love you. >> what is that. >> that is like some freaky. >> atlanta will battle it out with blackish, master of none, modern family, silicone valley , and sleep, and the un breakable kenney schmidt. few new comers in the outstanding drama category including as you can see this is us, west world but this is us is so good. netflix stranger thing, the crown and of course west world fox did have a couple shout
6:50 am
outs we dominate voice over character performance was american dad, bob's burgers, family guy, simpson's taking four of the six spots and did you know simpson have won 10 emmys and nominated 26 times. how about that. >> i did not know that. >> i'm so dizzy by watching did someone on 20 cups of coffee ed it. >> we saw all kinds of clips. >> i could not keep up. my goodness. >> do i watch a lot of the shows that got nominated. west world, loved it. so good. >> did you watch atlanta. >> i do. >> karen, thank you alex baldwin said wow do one season that was it. he is coming back for another season as president trump. >> he wrote a book, nomination >> he doesn't get paid much but now he will. >> now he gets accolade. >> emmy nominations. >> charcoal ice cream, have you tried it. >> i'm try it. i haven't tried it i'll try it >> what exactly is it. >> charcoal and ice cream together. >> that would make sense.
6:51 am
>> we want to give you a head up before you do, ladies because is there a medication thaw are taking that the charcoal could majorly mess with. also ahead, parents a terrifying challenge is making round on social media, and it is linked to teens committing suicide, how it starts and why it takes 50 days to complete, and how ending is more tragic then anything you could imagine. we will tell you about it.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
so right now we are taking a live look in france, and it is july 14th and it is known as bastille day and they had a parade, we're looking at french president there, macron , hoist greeting people, all of the dig tritt there. trump was spotted healther there. we are not sure where he is in the crowd at this moment but champs-elysees if you look overhead at parises modeled, of course, it has a connection here in philadelphia because, our parkway here, it is modeled after the champs-elysees in france. >> you can certainly see the influence. >> if you want to feel like you are in france just go down to the parkway. >> celebrate, with some french bread. >> what is really close to the parkway in fairmount they have had festivals and things that are happening to celebrate bastille day. so you can get a taste of it
6:55 am
here in philadelphia. some fun facts here. >> have you ever been to the prince. >> i have, i don't remember much, but what about you. >> at what age. >> i was in fourth grade. >> you have been all over the world. >> one place i have not been to. >> france. >> no interest. >> no, it is not that, i will just go down to the parkway. >> thomas travels. >> all kind of placesy will save my coin. >> he didn't want to go to france not because he didn't. >> i need someone to go to france with, will you be my traveling buddy talking to the camera or me. >> talking to the people or me >> i'm not talking to nobody, nobody is listening. 6:55. few things you expect to see slide out of the atm, debit card, cash. >> maybe a receipt. how bay handwritten note ask for help. >> would i not expect that. >> that is what one person in corpus christie texas got handed when they used that atm right there apparently atm worker said please, help i'm
6:56 am
stuck here. there was an atm worker who was fixing the machine but got trapped in the room behind the atm and didn't have his cell phone. wrote that note you saw a moment ago and slid it to the outside asking for help. couple people didn't believe him. so he kept writing the notes. finally someone did call his boss, and the help came and they unlock the door and he is out, embarrassed but telling his story. >> would i think it was a prank. >> yes, that is crazy. >> he got out. 6:56. parents, listen up, a terrifying, new challenge is making the rounds on social media and it is link to teens, dying by suicide, how it start s and why it takes 50 days to complete and how ending is tragic. plus jenny joyce following our top story this morning, jenny? good morning, alex, a confession and possible motive in the case of four young bucks county men, murdered, we will have more coming up next.
6:57 am
come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids. before dress up, turns to make-up. and tag becomes hashtag. before furry hugs, become first loves. come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. save $10 on admission and get a free 2nd visit, only at sesame place go before they grow.
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6:59 am
cosmo's confession. >> what do you have to say to these families, anything you have to say. >> i'm sorry. >> cosmo dinardo admits to all four murders in the bucks county missing mens case to be spared the death penalty. the motive and heart break as police continue the grizzly search for human remains. plus did he not act alone.
7:00 am
a second person of interest is taken into custody, what we are learning about his connection to cosmo. a make or break weekend for health care in america, g.o.p. senators come up with a compromise, but one thing that could happen that will pull the plug on the entire plan. ready for weekend? the wet weather could put a damper on those plans, the morning mess, rolling through the delaware valley, today. oh, baby. >> ♪ >> meet the twins. beyonce finally introduces the new additions to the carter family. take a look. that happened in the middle of the night. >> when did she give birth. >> a month ago. >> one month ago today apparently. >> she looks good. >> she does look good, my gosh , what is her secret. she has a lot of doctors. >> she has a volume us drape going on


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