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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 14, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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a second person of interest is taken into custody, what we are learning about his connection to cosmo. a make or break weekend for health care in america, g.o.p. senators come up with a compromise, but one thing that could happen that will pull the plug on the entire plan. ready for weekend? the wet weather could put a damper on those plans, the morning mess, rolling through the delaware valley, today. oh, baby. >> ♪ >> meet the twins. beyonce finally introduces the new additions to the carter family. take a look. that happened in the middle of the night. >> when did she give birth. >> a month ago. >> one month ago today apparently. >> she looks good. >> she does look good, my gosh , what is her secret. she has a lot of doctors. >> she has a volume us drape going on there.
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>> oh, critics comes out. >> with all of the patterns, there is the babies. >> i know, right. >> we will zoom in. >> we did that for about an hour, we kept showing where are babies. she's holding the babies. >> yes. >> lets get to weather, raining like crazy outside, little bit of the break, is that just rolling through. >> more, you get those heavier downpours and flash flooding and then over that quickly and we still have puddles left here in olde city. our number of the day is a six out of 10 because of the messy weather. we have been saying steamy, stormy. it is humid when not raining. buddy is red which his giant umbrella there. he is in the backyard waiting to go swimming because he is ready for bastille day to have fun, it is friday after all but look out to the west in lancaster county we see another round of thunderstorms moving through and another round moving across pennsylvania maryland border west of hageers town. lots to watch here on radar.
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we will get more in depth here but still raining lightly in olde city. seventy-five, calm wind, 90 percent relative humidity. very bad hair day. it was official yesterday, fourth heat wave of 2017 with the high of 94 degrees but that should be it today, we're expecting a high in the 80's later on, on and off showers and thunderstorms as well. we will talk about that coming up but lets get to traffic because we have a bad accident in mercer county, this is north of the trenton on i-95. southbound side is closed between federal city road, and route 31, police are on the scene of that accident, located in lawrence township in new jersey. route 42 at creek road still puddles, hydroplaning going on there as rain rolls through but everybody seems to be moving along okay. is there still that accident out there on 295 northbound in new jersey just pennsylvania 42 freeway i-76 in the right
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lane and slow go there this morning, everybody should be going slowly because of the rain, thomas and alex. cosmo what do you say to these families. >> cosmo you admitted to killing four people what do you have to say, anything to say. >> i'm sorry. >> a confession from cosmo dinardo. told police he killed four young men who went missing last week in bucks county. the case has turned from a disappearance to a murder case and there is more people involved. >> we know second person of interest now in custody. >> so our crews have been covering this from all angles this morning. steve keeley standing by with more on that second person of interest. >> lets start with jenny joyce in solebury township with the latest on this, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, thomas and alex. we learn a lot of details from various sources. we are expecting an official
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update from the district attorney later this morning but back to what happened yesterday, cosmo dinardo confessed to killing, four bucks county men. he told investigators where they could find bodies in exchange for life spared according to sources. d.a. promised him death penalty would be off the table despite confess to go killing and burning bodies of four men dean finocchiaro, tom meo, jim i patrick and mark sturgis. remains of the finocchiaro have been located in the 12- foot hole in the dinardo expansive solebury township farm. according to the source dinardo told prosecutors that there are two separate grave sites on the farm which contain all four bodies. at this point we still don't know exact relationship between victims and dinardo. source tells fox 29 news motive in this case may be related to a drug deal and a gun. dinardo's attorney talked to reporters as help client made a very brief statement. >> cosmo you admitted to
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killing four people. why can you do it. what do you have to say to these families. anything you have to say. >> i'm sorry. >> mr. dinardo confessed to the district attorney. he confessed to his participation and commission in the murders of four young men n exchange for that confession mr. dinardo was promised by district attorney that he will spare his life,. they are holding up remarkably well, i'm grateful for their trust. we are expect to go learn about the status of the investigation at an 11:00 o'clock press conference , alex and thomas. >> thanks, jenny, lets get to the second person of interest now because that person is now being questioned, by police, officers picked him up in northeast philadelphia our steve keeley has been gathering digsal information
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from bucks county this morning , steve. our viewers will remember that i reported a source close to the case told us to expect that cosmo dinardo did not do this all by himself and, of course, we ended up hearing from it dinardo himself. here is our video from last night when we got confirmation and philadelphia police were called, by bucks county detectives, to head to this address pretty quickly because as soon as word got out that dinardo was confessing and diming out his accomplice they didn't want him running before bucks county detectives could drive down and get them himself. philadelphia police got him at his home here, at oxford and magee, pretty busy intersection right off roosevelt boulevard, philly's lawncrest section where bucks detectives and evidence recovery teams likely will go back real soon with the search warrant and bucks authorities pick this person up, at northeast detectives around 1:00 a.m., and brought them to be held up in bucks county
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charges likely to follow real soon and we know this accused accomplice through the confession helped dinardo kill three of the four, and then helped them bury set bodies on fire of the three of the four, this accomplish not involved in one of the murders, and that is how we learned there were two separate graves on the solebury property and dinardo probably told them where to find that second grave and if they can't find it on their own since it is 68 f dinardo is taken out there in leg irons and handcuffs once again to pinpoint the exact location. as far as with this second accomplice go, philadelphia police again secured the scene , fox 29 news learned this accomplice already has a criminal record both in philadelphia and in bensalem. we have learned of two drug arrestness bensalem and already, has been around violence himself. shot dave schratwieser tweeted last night just four months ago in march.
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so his northeast philadelphia home real close to dinardo's bensalem home just 13 miles away. these guys same age 20 year-old and their families in the same business and we may have some news for to you report at 8:00 o'clock when it comes to that and maybe why this would help explain how this accomplice really helped, dig this hole. we will tell you that at 8:00 if we're able to but tune in then we will have likely more on this the rest of this accomplice. >> absolutely throughout the morning. second person of interest. would i imagine authorities are going through process of calling them suspects. >> reporter: sorry, thomas somebody just drive by. >> would i imagine investigators, district attorney going through legal process before calling these two suspects. >> reporter: yeah, would i say expect charges to come and then they will call him a suspect, they will not just go on the word of this confessed killer, they have to get some proof that this guy was in it
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from him, himself when will confess or whether they have got some proof through search that is what we will wait and find out this guy may be confessing saying hey i didn't kill them i just helped bury him. i don't deserve the same life sentence cosmo dinardo will get. that would be in his best interest if he didn't pull the trying tore maybe try to cut a deal. >> of course, we will discuss this with an attorney, we have fred coming in 20 minutes, thanks, steve for those updates. meanwhile one of the family members of the victim tom meo is speaking out about what happened. >> meo's uncle lives in kansas city, missouri. he sat down with our sister station w d.a. f to share his thoughts about thomas saying it is a difficult situation for the family as would you imagine. >> it it it tough. it is really tough. >> he went on to say tom was a good kid who liked to help people work on their homes. 7:09.
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is there a dangerous internet challenge making round on social media. >> karen hepp's joining us live with more on why this app is so concerning. >> reporter: this is something on many different formats like a trending around and it is sick, horrific, awful and two families are dealing with the consequences. one in texas, other in georgia it is so-called blue whale challenge, out there on snap chat, twitter, instagram and responsible for these families losing one of their children. i want to show you 15 year-old isaiah from texas a tragedy. his dad found him hanging in the class it on saturday. a cell phone that he used to broadcast his death live was found nearby. i'll explain. tina grease to play the game, none must person called an administrator gives 50 tasks to be completed and chronicle on social media in 50 days. starts out with something a song, depressing song, escalates to self-mutilation and all of the while, people are taking pictures and documenting the horrific tasks
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the final one is to take their own life. >> this is something i think that will spread, you know, we have a lot of kid that are disturbed, lot of kid that don't have a great relationship with their parents. they don't openly communicate with their parents about being bull mid school or divorce they are going through and substance a boot issues and so they find support on line. >> in a way that is not supportive. there are conflicting reports about how it began in europe a couple years ago. they said 2015 in russia. letters are going home to parents from all different schools around the country. spending too much time on line , isolation, who of interest, not the kid you always knew, this term blue whale comes from the phenomenon of beached whales which is like toned suicide. it hurts your heart, sad, talk tour kid right now and make sure they are aware and that you love them. >> it is heart breaking. sometimes you have to go on line and see what they are doing and have that conversation, karen, thank you 7:11. thinks a make or break weekend
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for republican plan to replace obama care. >> we know g.o.p. senators they have been working around the clock coming together, selling a compromise here but some are not satisfied, caroline, in washington, it could come down to one vote. >> reporter: yeah, make or break this thing alex and thomas. president trump tweeting this morning from paris trying to rally g.o.p. support around latest version of the senate health care bill. one of the tweets said he would be waiting at his desk pen in hand. >> american people deserve better than obama care. >> reporter: republicans have publicly released second draft bill while privately wheeling and dealing to bring it to the senate floor. >> it represents a bill that concerns express add cross conference. that hoist we come together and honor our prom toys repeal obama care if they fail. >> i would be very angry about it, and a lot of people will be very upset but i'm sitting waiting for that bill to come to my desk.
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>> reporter: here's is what different, an additional $70 billion for states to create their own reforms, health savings accounts can be used to pay for premiums, an additional $45 billion to battle opioid epidemic and the ability to buy cheaper plans with less coverage. it that is last provision about on the soaring moderates f they can buy bear bones coverage prohibited under obama care then older, sick americans will have to flip more of the bill and their premiums could sky rocket. they don't like that medicaid cuts remain. democrats remain soldly opposed. >> this proposal is in effect lipstick on a pig, cosmetic changes to a fund. ly cruel, costly proposal. >> reporter: some conservative back profession giving money to the states to find their own solutions but don't like obama care taxes on high american incomes are still in there. >> we are keeping obama care as much as anything and that is in the our promise. >> the price tag will be out monday on this bill how much
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it will cost on taxpayers. alex and thomas, back to you. >> we will see, come monday, all right, thanks. >> all it takes is one vote a lot of selling, over the next 24 to 48 hours so we will see. former president jimmy carter remains in the hospital this morning. nine two-year old was in canada working at a habitat for humanity site when he became dehydrated. spokeswoman says mr. carter is doing fine and was just taken to the hospital as a precaution. it is hard to imagine something like this happening now but hates been exactly 40 years since blackout in new york city. >> 1977, night of darkness which inspired mayhem. these are images, three lightening bolts struck overhead power lines just outside the city. people hitting the streets in the up are west side looting stores, some 3800 people were arrested, and some reports say 4500 people. power not fully restored until following day, $300 million in
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damage, one death attributed to the events of that night, and as you will remember sue, if you may remember, it was in the middle of a heat wave. >> it was just an overload and then unfortunate thunderstorms and that is what happens when you get that heat and humidity is what happening right now. i thought would i give guy news first it should dry out over the weekend, yeah. 86 degrees on saturday. eighty-eight on sunday with low humidity. seasonal temperatures. if you are going to the shore rip current risk is low but you have to be careful and watch out for thunderstorms today. it will be about 80 degrees for a high today, warming up, uv index around seven. ocean water temperatures cooled off a bit at 63 degrees now we will let you know about the rain and we're getting a break here in philadelphia at the moment but look out to the west there is lots more to come as we go through the rest of the morning. you will see where showers are to the north of us, heavy rain still up in the pocono mountains undoubted some pond ing of roadways there but here's philadelphia where showers just came through and
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we had heavy won, steady rain at medford lakes, lumberton, new jersey around tabernacle as well and then we will go down through ac expressway and see rain through most of that roadway as we are on our way to atlantic city or other shore points for the weekend. 74 degrees in atlantic city. seventy-four lancaster. still muggy, even when it is not raining. we have to wait for cold front to come through before things get less humid but our heat wave was official with a high of 94. today we will lose 10 degrees but still very sticky, lower humidity tomorrow. sunday it will be about 88 degrees. gets humid gannon monday, tuesday of next week but are we working on another heat wave? by wednesday, we will see what happens, regardless they will get your forecast on 101.1 more fm once you get in the cartoon in your radio there we're there too. it is really cool. lets check traffic at 7:16. wet roadways as we look at roosevelt boulevard, the folks have their headlights on this
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morning and it is, slow go heading in the city from the boulevard, to the schuylkill expressway. still have that accident out there, far north of trenton, i-95 south, just between federal city road and route 31 in lawrence township. that roid is still closed police are on the scene right there, so avoid that if you can and then on 295 northbound in new jersey just pennsylvania route 42 still have that accident blocking, the right lane and some travel times real quick it looks like it is slow go westbound on the schuylkill expressway nine minute trip from the vine to city line avenue, guys. we have some breaking news , israel's police chief says two officers are death after an attack by palestinian assailants near a major jerusalem shrine. three arab citizens of israel opened fire on police one of the holiest sites in jerusalem in this particular compound it is holiest side of judaism and
7:18 am
third wholly yes, sir in islam it has been a flash point sparking round of israeli/pal sin yan violence. as soon as we learn more and we will show you images and pass along the information. 7:18. so now we will get to entertainment news this morning. >> how many times have you studied this picture of beyonce. >> there is a lot going on. >> beyonce has unveiled the twins. we have zoomed in, so, there are the twins, sir carter and rumi and we have had to zoom in because if we show you original photo. >> you wouldn't see them. >> they get lost. >> in the beauty of everything i mean look at this, is there so much to it from the outfit to the flowers, the water, the green, just a lot. but they are one month-old and this is first picture that we have seen from beyonce, confirming the fact that she had twins. we knew it happened and her
7:19 am
dad had said something but this is first time from her. >> so little won are beautiful she's looking good there. gave bit to the twins. you look at photo and some of the comments on social media. >> what are they saying. >> about the body did she lose baby weight and fabric and was it air brushed and production value that went into it and why not take a simple photo. >> if you take a photo we will analyze it and figure everything out. >> you see her leg extended there. she looks great. >> it is a beautiful photo. looks like twins are doing well too. >> something interesting you said last time she posted was back on may. >> may 30th. >> she's still pregnant with blue ivy. now she posted the twins. their family has grown. >> the world's talking. >> yes. >> congratulations, beyonce. >> and to jay-z and blue ivy. >> yes, momma takes care of the babe us, you know that. >> i hope he is helping out something. it is being called one of the best movies of 2017, more from the planet of the apes is
7:20 am
out in theaters to day but sit really worth your money? is this a good one? our movie critic kevin mccart your will see it and let us know. first hbo and netflix takes over emmy nomination what is this is saying about how we're watching tv.
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we're taking a look at allentown this morning. >> yes. >> we have a series of producers here. you can tell when we have changing of the guard. >> music changes. >> it is a friday. >> diana. >> all right. >> what, wow. i didn't know she knew about that. >> this is how diana gets down in the weekend. >> apparently i'm learning some things. >> all right. >> 7:23. so this years emmy nominations are in and hbo and netflix they are really leading the pack. >> this is a pretty big surprise here, hillary.
7:24 am
>> yes, streaming is king. we knew they created binge worthy shows and now they have emmy nomination toss prove it. hbo is taking the most nominations this year, 110 emmy nominations, their biggest one in the drama section west world drama will be a big section this year, netflix following hbo at 91, they have a few in the drama section, house of card, the crown, stranger things and who knew, rounding out top of the pack with drama section. now they walk away with that. that would be first emmy nomination in drama for them but not doing so well, this year amazon they have 16 nominations, same number they got last year. they have catching up to do, but it is interesting to see how streaming sites are really taking over, and changing how we watch tv, we want it all at once. we don't want to wait week-by-week to get different episode. >> that says a lot about us. >> it is great to be recognized by having a statue but this is also good financially, isn't it for
7:25 am
netflix. >> yeah, this is great. they have invested millions and millions of dollars in developing this original content. this is a plan they had about a year ago to invest in 200 plus more hours, that is netflix alone in original content and this is, this is paying off for the company. >> really as you think about those netflix show like since eight is a show i have been watching and it cost millions an episode to produce. they had to pull it. fans were upset. they brought it back. i wand their means shows just so expensive will get to continue on because they are getting the attention so we will have to see. >> you are seeing tons of variety as well and go on netflix now compared to what it was two years ago everything is original content that is their goal. that is a money make are for them. >> let's talk google ball you can book your salon and spa appointments through google. >> easier to treat yourself now with google.
7:26 am
manny, pedestrian i, massage, spa appointments now easier, google maps just type business name thaw are looking for and their location and then there should be a button that pops up that says book, just click it, and then get through reservation process, all on the app. in need to call, check availability, all that is automated. on their search feature that should have the same function as well, with the book option, to make reservation and this is kind of a win/win for google because they are getting date a data means big money, in business these days and they are getting information, on what this business you actually go to, do business at , and then also, they want to keep their users staying in their app. google maps they want to you stay there instead of going to competing app that is handle reservations only. >> so simple do you remember back in the day they had to get yellow pages out, is spa under health, retail, click through it, i'm dating my self
7:27 am
>> go through different numbers. >> yes, i remember. >> now it is just, and then you are book. >> they are trying to make it easier. thanks, hillary, we appreciate it. >> thank you, have a good weekend. >> you too. >> have you seen since eight, my good. >> what it called, since six, sense and the number eight. it is just so many different cultures. really good. it is for adults, so put that out there. >> i think i'm old enough. >> people are like, for people at home, my kid. 7:27. lets get to the top story, this morning, cost maine dinardo confessed to killing four young men missing for days. this is as police take another person of interest in custody. we will analyze latest information from the legal perspective and why he says it was smart for prosecution to take the death penalty off the table in the exchange for a confession.
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impact will be immense. >> so new movie step follows a baltimore girl's high school step team as they use sister hood and determination, to conquer obstacles in their way members of the team are going to join us this morning on good day and they will share why step means so much to them and they will step for us. >> it is a powerful
7:31 am
documentary, can't wait for that one. also charcoal ice cream, have you tried it? head up before you do, ladies, one medication you could be taking that really could mess you up. good morning, we have made to it friday, july 14th. and even though we have made to it friday, you can see behind us here it is messy out there. >> sue says it will last for about two weeks. not really. >> would you prefer sweating like yesterday or getting wet like today. it is not constant rain all day long but chances are there all day long so we have a six out of 10. buddy has his umbrella and his french t-shirt because it is bastille day. it is 70's to start and still very muggy with the rain around. places we are getting a break like lancaster county and chester county guess what here comes some more lightening, possibility of heavy downpours and that means possibility of flash flooding as well. plus we have rain that has moved into new jersey, still
7:32 am
raining in the mountains, this is your friday morning, folks. 76 degrees with 91 percent relative humidity. no the a good hair day. fourth heat wave was official yesterday with a high of 94 degrees. we will not get in the 90's today. today we are looking at a high of 84 degrees, some rain around this morning, still steamy by lunchtime, there will be breaks in the action and a few breaks of sunshine middle of the day but more thunderstorms firing up later on and that is your weather authority forecast and it is time to check traffic. of courts, wet roadways this morning and looking at i-95 northbound around allegheny avenue shows that we have, we are looking northbound here so southbound side is on the left-hand side of your screen and that is where all of the volleys this morning. mercer county this accident is still out there i-95 southbound just between federal city road and route 31 the road is still close there had as the rainfalls, police are on the scene, there in
7:33 am
lawrence township just north of the trenton. 295 north bound still have that accident out there too just pennsylvania route 42 freeway and that is blocking the right lane, this morning, thomas and alex. the case of the four missing men in bucks county has gone from a disappearance to murder. >> right now investigators are questioning a second person of interest after cosmo dinardo confessed he killed the four men. >> mr. dinardo confessed to the district attorney. he confessed to his participation or commission in the murders of the four young men in exchange for that confession mr. dinardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the death penalty. >> you admitted to killing four people why did do you it. what do you have to say to these families. >> i'm sorry. >> police still only identified body of one of the
7:34 am
missing men even though we have been told cosmo dinardo has been cooperating to tell them where bodies are. joining us is fred teci to talk about this case. good morning, fred. >> good morning. what an absolute tragedy across the board. >> you have to think about the families here. >> i can't imagine. first of all, i have four sons see four pictures and it just makes my stomach turn. this is just a horrible case. i just, the, what the families have had to live through is unspeakable. >> so lets talk about cosmo dinardo then. he has confessed to killing four men. >> correct. >> in exchange for death penalty being off table. >> correct. >> people say why would they do that. you say it was smart. >> a lot of people say why did they do that. it is okay to be enraged at what this guy did but people in society find this crime so horrific that they want, they want revenge, they want this guy to be killed. i have been in situations like
7:35 am
this over years when i was a prosecutor where you take ultimate penalty off the table in an effort to get somebody to cooperate and confess. in this case he confessed. he will cooperate. tell them where bodies are. you have to worry about victims, the families. it is your job to represent the people of the commonwealth if you have an opportunity such as this one where a guy, irrespective of how horrific crime is the guy wants to confess and you need his help. this is a deal you make with the d.a. if he doesn't tell them where bodies are or cooperate fully or come forward with the information that he promised them, in exchange for the deal , then deal can be taken off table. >> he is talking because we have a second person of interest here. at what point, this is number one question i'm getting, he confessed but we are still calling him a person of interest. what will it take for him to be a suspect. >> so, dinardo's cooperating and obviously provided them with information with respect to an accomplice which is
7:36 am
shook police may not have found. you could very well had someone out there played a significant role in the murder of four young men and not know about it. if that person's name came from dinardo the answer why he is a person of interest until he is charge with the crime you cannot, you can call him a suspect but you cannot call him a defendant. can't say he has been accused. saying someone is person of interest protects everyone and keeps it nebulous. bottom line fist they know who this guy or woman or whoever this is person they will arrest him and they willing called defendant. >> agreed to be charged with their murders but they have not come up with the official charges just yet. >> in pennsylvania, commonwealth of pennsylvania it is not like federal court. federal court you have to charge only grand jury candidate n pennsylvania the prosecutors charge. the d.a.'s office charges they go to the grand jury from time to time to collect evidence but you get charged by prosecutors. so prosecutor will have charges against this guy for murder or whatever it is with you he has agreed to plead
7:37 am
guilty and life sentence without any chance of parole. rest of it will be all pro forma, yes. >> as we dissect this case we have grand jury. there could be a number of charges even if this is all speculation but if he mentioned it to someone could they be charged as well. >> that is a great question, question is what did he say, you know, you can be charged as an accessory after the fact but question is what obligation does law put on someone like that who has been told by the way i killed four people and buried their bodies in the backyard of the my parent's farm. he tells you? that are your obligations. does law impose on you an obligation to tell them what you know? interestingly if he said to you, i killed four people and i'm about to kill four more and bury them right next to each other that may be a different story. >> well, thanks, fred tecce. we are expecting a press conference later this morning to give the latest details,
7:38 am
updates, we will car that i live for you. >> thanks for having me, guys. >> we will take a break.
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taking a look at sky top lodge, this is what it will feel like today kind of dark, glummy, wet, so get ready, we will update you for how long, hopefully not all weekend but sue will let you know. >> hint, bright spot. >> bright spot. >> there is. >> everyone has heard conventional wisdom about birth order. first born are straight laced, babies, babes of the family are spoiled rotten and middle children act out because they feel like they are ignored. that about sums it up. i'm an only child. >> are you an home child. >> second born. i feel it. >> you are the baby then. >> no, well, yeah, i'm the baby. >> you are spoiled rotten. >> no, i was than the spoiled. my sister got everything. >> first born. >> i never wanted it. >> you never wanted. >> i never wanted anything. >> wanted. >> did i say that wrong,
7:42 am
wanted. >> i never wanted. >> i said wanted what. >> let me tell but my whole childhood. through go. these stereotypes may have merit. researchers have proven that families with two or more children that the second born kiddies 25 to 40 percent more likely then their older sibling to get in trouble in school, become involved in the juvenile justice system and serve time in prison. they are acting out, they want the attention. >> you were the rebel. you are rebel here at the station. i'm sure you are at home. >> i'm the quiet one in the station. >> silent rebel. >> yesy like to sit there and observe, listen. >> and then do your own thing. >> were you remember until your family. >> no, i was good one. my sister was the troublemaker she would sneak out at night and i would be one by window no, we will get caught. >> in my experience in talking to siblings, each one blames the other. >> she will admit it. she will say that i was loved
7:43 am
more. which, you know, it might be actually true. >> don't say that she's probably watching. >> she is watching, she would agree with that. >> no, she loved us equally. she was one you get atm phone call. we lived at fort dix, new jersey here and she would sneak out at night and military police caught her one night. they called my parents. >> she was in trouble. >> she was in trouble. >> yeah. >> but they just, actually discovered another night when she snuck out. they started yelling at me. did you know where she was. >> i did. >> did you give her up. >> no. >> at lee you have. >> i did give her up. i totally did. i was concerned about her safety. that is whole other story. you know how it is, in a family with a older, younger sister lou out for them. >> by telling on them. >> i snitched. she did punch me in the nose and i got stitches. >> my gosh. >> 7:43. she sound like a tough cookie.
7:44 am
ladies, that charcoal ice cream you are eating, if you are eating it, i haven't had any before, it could be meting with one of your medications, what you need to know before you try the new food trick.
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7:46 am
7:47 am
checking traffic in chester county, west whiteland township, it is at route 100 southbound at pottstown, pike. it looks like it might be a while before that one gets involved and that part of the roadway appears to be blocked. we will go back up to mercer county north of trenton i-95 southbound, it looks like road has been opened again but very slow go because of the earlier accident between federal city road and route 31 in lawrence township. west trenton line of september , 30 minute delays, signal issues near neshaminy falls station, the reason for that and concerts at bb and t pavilion, busy week over there in camden, new jersey. the zach brown band tonight with darryl scott, it all starts at 7:00, not only watch for extra traffic around that time but there could be a few pop up showers or thunderstorms this season as well, alex and thomas.
7:48 am
it is still me. it is four now. we will run out of room here if we get anymore heat waves but last within was last couple of days, last heat wave , won't be last of the year probably but it is latest one but all of ours have been confined to three days. we can remember summers when we had extended heat waves. hopefully that won't happen. what we are dealing with now are showers and thunderstorms rolling through the area and a line of very strong thunderstorms, with heavy downpours, moving into lancaster county. they had taken a break earlier and here comes more rain, which will be heading eventually into chester county once again. we have pockets of heavier rain in mount pocono, moving further south, we're hearing in philadelphia we are taking a break for now but not too
7:49 am
far across the river in haddonfield, new jersey light rain there down the ac expressway to the shore and see some rain falling in brigantine. that is a look at where rain is and it is with us on and off throughout the day-to-day, steamy, storm, alliteration for this morning, there will be breaks in the action with the rain and high of 84. no more 90's, not until million-dollar of next week but we will get a break from precipitation and looks like a decent weekend for middle of the july, no rain in the forecast. >> at lee it clears out for weekend. >> 7:49. well, i don't know if you tried it but some people have, it is trend right now, it is black ice cream, charcoal ice cream. >> i heard of charcoal, charcoal thaw grill and put on your face but charcoal ice cream. makes medications lessee effective. >> we are talking about woman on birth control, doctor mike.
7:50 am
>> activated charcoal, latest thing. you have black ice cream. activated charcoal, it is very , unique, it is like goth, ice cream gone goth. >> how does it takes. >> it is not that bad. it doesn't taste like it. it doesn't add anything to the taste it ace variation of charcoal like a lower grade. >> no, higher grade. it is a medical grade. food grade. >> why would you put tonight your body. >> we use it in the emergency room if people have taken overdoses of things like lithium, sometimes alcohol poisoning. we use it because it absorbs chemicals in the intestines and prevents absorption into the body. now that is good if you are poisoned but it is a problem if you do it on a regular basis. one it can prevent, drugs like oral contraceptives from working because it gets excreted, it doesn't get absorbed in the body and that can cause pregnancy. you have this every day, i'm a little concern. it is not toxic.
7:51 am
it will not kill you. it is something you need to think about. it can affect a lot of different medications, up to about 200 some people use activated charcoal for gas. in fact, alex, you have had some gas problems. >> have i? >> well, i'm your doctor i know everything. >> i did not authorize that. >> wait, no, no activated charcoal used for gas usness so that is okay. >> work it out. >> you don't want to do it every day. you don't have gas. i thought it was cute. >> cute to make people believe i have gas. >> household dust not dusting at home, make sure getting dust every where, it could be making you fat. >> there is a lot of chemicals in dust. i have to tell you there is, bisphenol a, flame retardants all of these chemicals side effects of modern living.
7:52 am
you don't want your couch to catch on fire so it gets treated. all these chemicals concentrate into dust. for kid, the theoretically concernis these are endocrine disrupters, they effect your hormones and in kid they can increase risk of weight gain. what they did was they took, mice, fat fat cells, and they exposed them to dust and they had these chemicals in them, and then they increased the growth of these fat cells. not only will do it that, it can cause cancer, decrease harmonal activity, and endocrine disruptors and what we need to do if we have an environment as best we can that is chemical free. >> wow, another incentive to clean up your house. >> does dust have calories? >> well, i wouldn't eat it. >> do you eat dust. >> i would go with the charcoal. >> i'm more concerned about my mental health. >> never, i love you, man. >> you will find a new
7:53 am
provider. >> yes. >> it is all good. it is all natural. >> let it out, alex. >> not right now. >> walking around city people will think i have gas. >> no, you don't have gas, just not right now. >> we love you doctor mike. >> 7:53. another planet of the apes movie hits theaters today, take a look. >> we are not savages, apes fight only to survive. >> all dead a long time. >> will it be a bust or blockbuster goal. plus game of thrones is back this weekend. richard curtis is getting ready game of thrones meets brunch. >> i'm doing may happy dance right new because game of thrones is back and a local restaurant right here in philadelphia, it is blowing the doors off, it looks lake we are there right now.
7:54 am
coming up.
7:55 am
caress, with floral fusion oil is more than one thing. it's soft skin and fine fragrance. discover more than one thing with caress.
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soft skin, fine fragrance. caress. to test her favorite soap... against dove. so we are using this test paper... ...that represents skin. the paper is dissolving... and dove is not dissolving... at all! with < moisturizing cream dove is gentler on your skin.
7:57 am
we are looking atwoodloch in the pocono mountains. >> it is rainy but don't worry we had one system moving through this morning, another one business to move through and then, well, you have to wait because sue will have your forecast in a bit. 7:57. donnie wahlberg visited waffle house in charlotte, north carolina and apparently in a very giving mood. >> i would say so, singer posted this on his facebook page, new kid on the block star racked up a $82 bill but i made the waitresses day with a $2,000 tip. the caption read my mom waited tables and my dad tended bar for years. when i walk in the waffle house staff treats me like a king. you better believe i treat
7:58 am
them like queens. he stopped in the waffle house , in june and left a $500 tip. >> wow, i bet those waitresses were excited. >> i think it is super cool and cool thing do you powe it. >> it is interesting our producer says it bothers me because he posted it himself to let people know. >> why does this bother you so much, megan. >> i appreciate that he did good, but appreciate it, that is great, $2,000 tip but even though he said it my mom and dad were in the service industry and this is why i do this, it is like he posted it. waffle house posted it, cool. >> if he waited a day, the waitress would have posted that don't you think and then respond reason yes did my mom was a waitress my dad was a bartender. >> what a way to do it, with a $2,000 tip. >> maybe phrase it, like you got to tip better, right. >> yes. >> like leaving 1,900-dollar
7:59 am
tip. >> you tip and go but i agree with megan. >> he shouldn't have posted it himself. >> great job. >> i bet waitresses dent care he posted it, waffle house, all they necessity they have $2,000 in their pockets. >> that is for their good service, love it. >> kfc now wear your love of kentucky fried chicken on your sleeve, literally. >> have you seen this, kfc opened up an on line store selling limited addition kfc items, t-shirts, they have socks, that is a pillowcase, with the colonel on it. most expensive item that is a meteor in the shape of kfc chicken sandwich. guess how much that goes for? >> how much? >> $20,000. >> how do you just after a meteor for sale. >> because you got to, maybe mark wahlberg will buy that meteor. >> yeah. >> i said mark. his brother donnie. >> mark can afford it too. >> do you remember that mcdonald's straw we had on the show, that you were so excited about. >> yes. >> it is going for up to
8:00 am
$10,000 on e bay. >> talking about the plastic straw for milk shakes. >> in the shape of the kind kaine they created it just for milk shakes that they came out with two different versions, limited addition, there were 2,000. >> is this the within where flavor separates. >> yes. >> they have the pull in the bottom of the straws and separates, yeah, 2,000 of them , up to 10,000 on e bay. >> do you still have user yes. >> that is the straw. >> you threw yours in the trash. >> i still have it on my kitchen counter. >> did you use it. >> i don't think i have, maybe i should put it up. let me know how much you want. >> it will be worth more after you use it. >> that will bring value down. >> good day to you it is friday july 14th, 2017. admit to go murder. >> killing four people, what do you have to say to these families, anything you have to
8:01 am
say. >> i'm sorry. >> cosmo denard/confesses to killing the four missing bucks county men why he dit and who may have helped him. back for a battle. >> thinks our last stand. >> planet of the apes franchise returns with what is looking like another blockbuster hit, why our movie critic is calling it one of the best films of the year. step to success. >> nothing can step in our way >> this documentary follows high school girls in baltimore who are stepping to get a step up. >> i'm willing to work because this is it. >> the team joins us live in the studio to share how they learn to laugh, love, and thrive, on and off the stage. >> beyonce's babies. >> ♪ >> we're finally getting a look at new addition to the carter family, how beyonce introduced the world to these
8:02 am
twins. >> now singing beyonce songs. middle of the night. we will talk. >> you are not paying meter. >> i gave her my credit card and i'm very worried. watch her put in the machine and take it out, don't memorize the numbers. it only has a 200-dollar balance. >> i'm buying a car. >> great to have you with us on this friday. >> we will never see her again >> okay, sue, hard time running away because it is slippery out there. >> a lot of puddles still left from the last round of rain and guess what, we have got some more on the way, we're not quite finish with the rain , cold front will not come through until tonight and then just be prepared for an un settled weather day, bus stop buddy sure is, he is, going to see some sunshine at times but you have to be ready for those pop up showers and thunderstorms throughout the day especially toward evening
8:03 am
it is very humid outside. look at the thunderstorms rolling into lancaster county, berks county headed toward chester and eventually it will rain again here in philadelphia. there is a look at our neighborhood and wet roadways and sonya somewhere paying parking meter for thomas drayton. 6 miles an hour breeze. that is not her. 91 percent. >> my car noise longer there. >> that is it. >> they are sweeping it up after. >> bye-bye. we have had our fourth heat wave of the year, officially yesterday, just made up that word, 94 degrees was yesterday 's high. today 84 with scattered thunderstorms throughout the day especially in the evening. that is your forecast for friday. lets go to the road. watch out, there are wet roadways out there and more downpours coming. we have this accident scene at route 100 southbound at pottstown pike and west white land township, very
8:04 am
serious car that looks like it went in the tree or just into that curb there but they are still in the process of cleaning up that. eastbound platt bridge an accident that will cause a big backup there approaching pen rose avenue as you try to head into philadelphia, one lane block, other lane getting by slowly. so you might want to stay on i-95 this morning. travel times as you get started on a friday, it is kind of slow, on the schuylkill from the vine to city line avenue. that is about eight minute trip there for you but it is not bad on the blue route, or i-95 at lee not at the moment alex and thomas. >> 8:04. a confession from the person of interest, in the case of the four missing men in bucks county. >> cosmo what do you say to these families. >> you admitted to killing four people, what did you have to say to these families, anything you have to say. >> i'm sorry.
8:05 am
>> so there there you heard him say he is sorry but he told investigators did he kill the four men. it was shortly after midnight that the case took a grizzly turn when authorities found human remains. >> steve keeley is in bucks county with the very latest on this second person of interest we have been learning b we will start with jenny joyce because we want to go over for motive. so many people wondering why did he do this as well as search for more remains. they have yet to identify other three men. >> reporter: we are expecting a lot of developments here today. we are awaiting a press conference with the district attorney here where he has been briefing the press, daily , and that is supposed to be at 11:00 o'clock this morning this comes one day after cosmo dinardo confessed to killing four young bucks county men. that is according to sources and his attorney also, was telling us a little bit about that confession, the d.a. promised him the death penalty
8:06 am
would be off the table, despite confessing to killing and burning bodies of these four men, dean finocchiaro, tomorrow meo, jimi patrick and mark sturgis. remains of the finocchiaro have been located in the 12- foot hole in the dinardo's solebury township family farm. according to the source dinardo told prosecutors there are two separate grave sites on the farm which contain all four bodies. at this point we do in the know exact relationship between victims and dinardo. source tells fox 29 a motive may be related to a drug deal and a gun, dinardo's attorney addressed supporters yesterday >> cosmo you admitted to killing four people, why did you do it, what do you have to say to these families. >> i'm sorry. >> mr. dinardo confessed to the district attorney. he confessed to his participation and commission in the murders of the four young men. >> reporter: how are families holding up, matt. >> as best as you can expect,
8:07 am
they are exhibiting great grace and poise, i pray i never have to be in this situation but if i ever were, they have been a model of grace, poise. >> reporter: we are three hours away from an update from district attorney weintraub here in solebury township scheduled for 11:00 this morning. we're expect to go learn more about the status of thin investigation and cosmo dinardo's confession yesterday , alex and thomas? so lets get more on that confession because new from that confession we have learned that a second person of interest is now being questioned by police. officers picked him up at a home in northeast philadelphia >> our steve keeley working this one lets continue our coverage, outside at home in the lawncrest section, steve. >> it may not be official yet but era accused killer. this is where they found him. this is one of the places he stayed. this is his uncle's house. they were like yeah, take him
8:08 am
this kid has been out of trouble in, trouble constantly arrested for shoplifting at macy an "s" in willow grove park mall just in january and that is like the least he did. believe it or not, in march, this kid shot, six times at comly and tabor street just in march, just weeks ago, critical then, survived that brush with death and doesn't still turn his life around according to police. what happened was police were real worried especially with the detectives on the case in bucks county and prosecutors that when word leaked out courtesy of the lawyer who came out and spoke yesterday and told us all that this cosmo dinardo had confessed they were real worried because part of the confession which took 45 minutes, they wanted three things, where the fourth victim was because they only found three of the victims. they wanted to know who his accomplicees were and the details. here's some of the details, that are hard to hear for sure
8:09 am
so this guy was just part of the three of the murders. what they did was, jimi patrick was first shot over a gun sale, that was done by cosmo himself. but these last three victims, all shot, and thrown in a oil tank. you will recall jeff cole showed this wrapped oil tank as evidence being tart add way on a flatbed truck. these guys bodies were put in that oil tank deep down underground and then set on fire. so as evidence recovery team from the fbi was finding this gruesome site, buried deep down underground, they realized they only had three bodies and they needed to know where the fourth victim was and that was one of the keys they wanted in exchange for not giving this guy the death penalty or at lee not seeking it. so now they have got the second person, philadelphia police pick him up. there is video from last night here at oxford and magee which
8:10 am
is real close off the boulevard right on a corner house in a busy intersection with the streetlight and one of the many places this 20 year-old men to hang out but constantly in trouble and even after being shot himself, nearly getting killed doesn't make that life change you would think that would wake you up just in march, and made miraculous recovery but not mentally to not get any smart er with that and end up, and sooner and killing three people according to police and prosecutors over a marijuana sale which is just hard to believe but that is what happened and get these details later with these arrest warrants. there is no arrest warrant for this guy. probably not needing a search warrant for this house because this guy lived in several places but an arrest warrant. they can hold him for a time and they are working right now as they have non-stop to get this casing and get some charges going for both of these guys for murder one.
8:11 am
>> possibly learning what does he know and will he point in any other direction, we will find out, steve. >> tough to hear those details 8:11. well, it is called one of the best movies of 2017, war for the planet of the apes out in theaters to day but is it really worth your time, your money? we will ask kevin mccarthey with a review he has seen it.
8:12 am
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not a good morning for folks eastbound we have a vehicle that is, across the lanes there, and it looks like we have had quite an accident there but this is approaching penn rose. and, another accident, out in chester county route 100 southbound at pottstown pike, it looks like they have tow truck there and they should have that cleared up in the next couple of minutes. there is a disabled vehicle on the vine street expressway
8:15 am
right around broad street. folks get around it okay but slowing down a little bit. we have more advice to slow down because we have more rain on the way and we will have the forecast in 15. eighty-three about row list being have rip currents and moderate uv index. tomorrow not as humid but it looks like a warm one there, and delightful this weekend, 75 on saturday and 80 degrees on sunday. now lets get to the rain moving through the area right now, orange here on radar, that is indication of heavy
8:16 am
rain starting to move into lancaster and berks county from west, to east with plenty of lightening, plenty of heavy downpours. where else is it raining? in mount pocono we are seeing heavy rain, down the jersey shore there was rain in beach haven starting to move off shore, we are in the slight risk of severe weather for later on today because after this round is through we have got more thunderstorms, possibly firing up later in the day but no more high of 84 today. weekend 86 on saturday. lower humidity. eighty-eight on sunday. by wednesday we are back to the 90's. both days of 90's probably another one after that, maybe. >> thanks, sue. >> sorry, we were rowdy. >> we are learning things about thomas and quite shock to go people here in the studio. >> we will tell but kevin but i'm embarrassed. >> the third install president of the planet of the apes, re
8:17 am
boot, opens up nationwide to i day. >> it is called war for planet of the apes. >> the mercy, no peace. this is war. apes together, strong. >> you are impressive. >> some are calling it best film of the year, but we want to know what kevin mccarthey thinks because he told me transformers was not a good movie. he went to see it. it was horrible movie. i trust this man. >> hey, you should listen to me sometime. >> i listen to you. >> it is weird in a dark movie theater thinking about kevin mccarthey. >> by the way, i'm in berlin for atomic blonde i'm interviews cher lease theron and the wifi isn't great. i'm in my room. but we don't have a ton of time. we will get to it, it is a cool out, this movie was made
8:18 am
more planet of the apes. it is third film in the re booted franchise. we saw rise of the planet of the apes, dawn and thinks war for the planet of the apes. this time around caesar, is going on a revenge mission to take out woody harrelson's character. this is one of the best films of the year. here's why andy circus delivers best performance from an actor i have seen in 2017. take a look at this behind the scenes footage. here's how they do this. basically this gentlemen andy circus is playing the ape through performance capture technology, he has a suit on, head mounted camera. there is a person behind this performance. it is not just a cgi character they have acted the part out across the other actors and that is how it looks on set. it is brilliant. to me it is same thing as acting, did he this through lord of the rings, also king k
8:19 am
ong in 2005. i sad down with andy to talk about how technology has change since he played, him in the early 2,000s to now, playing caesar in war for the planet of the apes. >> you are doing this incredible technology and now stepping into this film in 2017, what did it look like then and what does it look like now and what stayed the same and what has changed. >> motion capture physical capture of the body has not changed since a great deal since 2001 or two. other than thaw can shoot-out side on location. that is big thing that has change. at that time you could only shoot with cameras in a studio , 360 degrees. then we started to work on planet of the apes we were able tea many contact yas outside and shoot on location. that is one thing. facial capture is most significant difference because when we're shooting lord of the rings there was in facial capture it was basically my
8:20 am
performance was filmed and animators copied frame by frame exactly what my face was doing. this is directly live. to a certain extent you have markers, head mounted camera. >> it is crazy how they do it but they perform it and digital animators create the character from what he did on set. amazing. one of the best of the year. intense, gritty, action packed , very emotional. you will cry. he deserves an academy award as best actor. 4.5 out of five war for planet of the apes. >> we will go see it. >> yes, thanks kevin. >> thanks, thomas, love you. >> bye. >> love you back. >> fancy hotel room. >> yeah. >> quite a budget. >> living the high life. >> 8:20. step to success a new documentary follows high school girls in baltimore using stepping to get a step up, the teen joins us live in the studio to share how they
8:21 am
learned to laugh, love and thrive on and off the stage. >> getting paid here billboard released list of the highest paid singers of last year, adele number five, we will break down top four next.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
bill game released of the top 15 money makers and drake came in number four at 37.3 million-dollar in 2016. >> top three who beat out drake this person dame in
8:25 am
third. >> ♪ >> the boss, bruce springsteen , took third spot here 42.2 million-dollar. why are you blaming me, why did you say alex. and, sorry, you guys, we have learn something about thomas and now we won't be able to forget it. >> close second was this iconic group. >> ♪ >> guns and roses took number two spot, the group earned 42.3 million-dollar, and number one highest paid singer in 2016 is. >> ♪ >> all hail the queen beyonce topped list with 62.1 million-dollar. all that will go drawn drain because now she has three kid. bill board says thanks to the sold out formation world tour
8:26 am
which was an all stadium. she sold out link. it was her sixth album lemonade and then comes thomas >> way down the list. >> at least you are on the list. >> and then there is richard. >> good morning. >> hey guys good morning, now listen i told you before i'm so excited for sunday because hbo game of thrones is roaring back, on to our screens. now look a local restaurant is just as excited they are hosting a brunch of thrones. you pick a house, team whatever it is you can be part of where we're at and how to get tickets coming up.
8:27 am
i'm leaving you, wesley. but why? you haven't noticed me in two years. i was in a coma. well, i still deserve appreciation. who was there for you when you had amnesia? you know i can't remember that. stop this madness. if it's appreciation you want you should both get snapshot from progressive. it rewards good drivers with big discounts on car insurance. it's a miracle. i can walk again. go back to your room, susan lucci.
8:28 am
8:29 am
a bride to be posted acranials list ad not unusual yet but why she wants someone
8:30 am
to capture wedding day and wedding night if you know what i mean. >> this is bizarre. is there such thing as too many clothes? experts say that yes, the magic number of outfits to keep in your closet to keep you happy. >> i had one suit i just change the shirt. >> do i not believe it. >> sir, do you believe that. >> well... >> just change the shirt. >> he could getaway witt. >> that is the thing a man can getaway with that. >> yes. >> the interns are now... un audible. >> looking good, regardless. even if that is the only one. bus stop buddy has variety of t-shirts. this is his france flag t-shirt for bastille day. it is humid. we have not gotten rid of the humidit and there is occasional rain. we have a few sun breaks, very hazy sunshine, but it is, we're getting ready for more
8:31 am
rain. we can see then are storms in lancaster county, chester county and cloud cover around just about every where else. 76 degrees in philadelphia with bad hair day. 91 percent relative hugh mid. high of 84. scattered thunderstorms. eye on the sky all day long. that is your weather authority forecast. lets get to the road. many are wet roadways, this morning and we're starting off with the disable vehicle on the vine street expressway at broad street, luckily off to the side there so it is not getting in anybody's way but this accident on the platt bridge is and we still have one lane getting by, now this is approaching the city, eastbound on the platt, so that will take you a lot of extra time this morning, thomas and alex. >> did you know winter's coming. >> oh, game of thrones. >> that is right. >> are you ready. >> yes, i do watch that one. we love it. >> here we go.
8:32 am
centuries our families for the together against their common enemy. despite their differences together. >> wow. >> sunday, right. >> yes. >> is the return. >> also sunday you want to plan out your whole day make it all game of thrown theme just go to the huge brunch. this is a game of thrones brunch that is happening, please explain. >> that just totally pumped me up. you have to excuse me. i'm so excited. we are huge game of thrones brand, i would say sit tap house but we are not calling that. brunch of thrones sunday. it is called what.
8:33 am
>> this weekend we are house city tap house of logan square >> because when you are in this you have to do it right. >> yes, that is righty love that. >> so brunch is happening on sunday. i know where i'm going to be sunday night. sunday morning how do i start my day off. >> festive, kick whole weekend off properly. we have some friend here. >> cheers. >> we're all back on sunday. huge game of thrones fans here you guys have taken it to the next level. you have created a whole menu game of thrones related. >> yes, having some fun, getting our chefs, inspired by westerrose and all of these houses. so we have a couple inspired dishes. we have the hound, chicken and waffles. of course, brunch of thrones would be complete without sauces, lemon cakes. >> those smell awesomey love hound's play on the chicken, waffles, a real man's meal. >> for sure. >> as we come down here you will see something really cool that is only gang brewery is
8:34 am
the game of thrones official beer, right. >> home of gang has partnered with hbo. it is for all of the seasons they have been creating amazing single beers dedicated to each season. new beers from this season is been the knee, golden ale brought with honey. >> yes. >> really beautiful, easy to drink, perfect paring for brunch as well. on the end there we have theon 's this must be sausage pizza. >> that is best play on word. if you watch, you know how fantastic a sausage pizza is. >> yes. >> great job, chef there i don't know how you figured that out but i love it. >> we have some oysters. >> yes, we have faceless fried oysters. >> nice. >> nod to the last season. >> our last one down there. >> well, that is, to honor the deceased bastard ramsey we have his beef bendik. >> you might see a finger in there. >> people come down here sunday how can they get
8:35 am
reservations and tickets. >> call the restaurant set up reservations and with your reservations you you are entering into a game of sorts, it wouldn't be game of thrones without it. >> we have quizo, free geary pick this shirt out. i am team starks. what would you be. >> i'm a dragon guy, all the way. >> that is in the a bad one, blonde coming out of the fire pit. >> i can't resist it is all happening sunday right here at city tap house in logan square >> logan square. >> trying to make it south as old west as possible. you can still get tickets and make reservations, be a apartment of this, awesome. appreciate you having us out. happy game of thrones, alex, back to you in the studio and back to the desk i have no idea anything that he said because i have never seen game of thrones not one episode. >> i didn't want to admit it, no. >> i was in barnes and noble and they are selling books on it. i almost bought a book. everybody keeps talking bit. >> i will buy the box set. >> it is always better to read
8:36 am
the book first. >> yes. >> lord of the rings. >> i'll buy the box set. >> compare notes. >> i will go. >> beyonce's babies we are getting a lot new additions to the carter family, how beyonce introduced the world to her twins. mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys.
8:37 am
hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'! come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids. before dress up, turns to make-up.
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deadline tight out conn uncertain honorary placing and repealing obama care. president trump saying republican senators working to get their failed obama carry placement approved. i will be at my desk pen in hand. after all these years suffering through obama care republican senators must come through as they have promised. chris wallace, anchor "fox news" sunday joining us, good to see you, my friend. it is a make or break weekend for president trump in replacing obama care. >> yeah, it is kind of
8:40 am
interesting, i will say he says i have waiting with my pen in hand. can you imagine ronald reagan and bill clinton saying that. they have one in washington twisting arms, meeting with people not sort of sitting there and saying i will wait to see whether you pass a bill it is a different kind of presidential leadership. it is in real trouble, not even in terms of the final vote, on the senate bill to repeal and replace but on the question of whether or not they will be able to get it to the floor. they need 51 votes to do that, two senators have said no, one more and they won't even be able to bring this up for debate. we will talk on sunday to rand paul, a definite no and one of the questions obviously as much as you just dislike obama care why is this bill worse. we will talk to rand paul. >> why don't they like to compromise, chris. >> different people for different reasons. that is the real challenge. you have to thread a needle. conservatives like rand paul says it doesn't go far enough,
8:41 am
it leaves obama care taxes, regulations in place. they want to get government out of the health care. conversely we have moderates like part of obama care and fact that it is extending coverage to millions of people and they are worried those folks, a lot of their voters will lose their coverage. so again, you have moderates who say it goes too far and conservatives says it does not go far enough. >> real quick we will see, it has been a tough week for the administration, donald trump junior, russia involvement what is head line come sunday. >> i think head line is that white house credibility has been shot on this, for months, they have been saying there is no collusion, there is no meeting, there were no contact , it is a hoax, fake news and we find out not that disclosed it but because on the front page of the new york times there was a meeting between top campaign officials and a russian lawyer and, you know, argument as to whether
8:42 am
or not she really gave them anything of value but she, there certainly was if read e-mails they hope to get and expect to get dirt on hillary clinton and they were told this was part of the kremlin effort to tip the election to donald trump. we will talk on sunday to a top member of the president's legal team jay sekuulow about all that. >> chris wallace, always good to see you my friend at 9:00 this sunday. >> thanks, thomas. step to success new documentary following high school girls in baltimore is powerful and using step to get ahead, team joining news studio to share how they learned to laugh, love, thrive on and off the stage, stay with us. >>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer
8:43 am
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we have not had too bad of a time, but mold spores are high there is flip side of that. and weed pollen out there, and there is rain on the way. , and chester county right now with the possibility of heavy downpours, if that is where you are, driving this morning,
8:46 am
and if you nor the there yet, and 78 degrees. cloud cover, and sun occasionally getting through those cloud, our heat wave became official yesterday with a high of 94 degrees after 91 on tuesday and wednesday but that is it for that one because today we don't expect to get out of the 80's. eighty-four should be our high limited sunshine and possibility of pop up thunderstorms. just in time for weekend lower humidity on saturday and a warm, day on sunday with no rain in the forecast. >> alex. >> we have a new documentary that tells powerful story of a high school step team in baltimore whose success in stepping gave them confidence to follow their dreams. >> ♪.
8:47 am
we're baltimore city. when they come to step practice, all of those things are erased out of their minds. they can make it through life. >> so joining us now we have some of the step teams member, corry granger, takea solomon and director of the documentary and original choreographer and coach gary macintyre. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> welcome philadelphia ladies >> thank youy watched this film and i was just amazed. we got to see how stepping really influences your lives and what it does for the school. i want to start with the ladies on the step team. you started in sixth grade as the captain. what does step mean to you. >> well, basically just a creative outlet for me. it was a way to fulfill my dreams. i wanted to be a choreographer on broadway. that was just one way for me to take one step.
8:48 am
>> did you have any idea that it would mean so much in your life. that brought you all together and held you together. >> i had no idea. >> okay. >> what about for you, ladies, then. >> i didn't think that we within here with you today. we have been, a lot of places and we didn't think our stories would be this great and inspirational. we are grateful to be in this position. >> what was it like because we got to see inside look with your families, relationships that you guys have in your lives. was it scary to be so opened. >> i wouldn't say it was scary , it was more you had to reflect day after day about how your day went on the things you could do differently and things thaw wish you could have done differently and things like that but ultimately it is like cameras are not even there. we were just living our lives and then cameras came. it wasn't hard to adjust. >> there is stepping factor and school factor. i was really impressed. you don't see this very often with schools where you guys are committed to making sure
8:49 am
100 percent of the students go off to college is that correct >> correct. >> that is a tall other. that is. >> it is a tall order but i think we have been set up academically from sixth grade through 12th grade we have a secret formula that we are more than happy to share and again this year we have 100 percent college acceptance and 10 percent graduating seniors have offers for scholarships. >> what is secret formula. >> you have to see the movie. then you can contact me. >> i like that, paul a and then, gary, for you being the coach, shaping these young women, they have come together you have helped them achieve their goal. you tell them this is what it takes and work behind it, what was like being there i have these ladies i want to get them on the path where they wanting to. >> it was truly inspirational. just the fact that i came in and they were experienced step pers. they have been stepping for six years at that point. they were missing just a few
8:50 am
steps, discipline, sister hood , the self esteem. it was all there but it wasn't really responded on. so they had to come together as a team to make it a success not only on the step team but in life, they were all going through the same things being in the same classes, doing college education process and trying to reach victory. so i think that all of those factors and the things that were instilled in step practice helped them get those those things. >> you mentioned even though movie business stepping that is a connecting factor is there so much about relationships and things to deal with to get from where you are and where you want to be. you said it is school that will get you out of here, it is not just stepping but you have to be focused. >> absolutely, you have to actually say this analogy, you have to be contradict lar to be extracurricular. there is a g pa requirement to be on the step steam or any extracurricular activity and i'm on that. you make g pa requirement we
8:51 am
have to figure out what it is. it is not just me but team of people who all come together to figure out what is important to get you right. >> amanda, thanks for telling their story. what attract you to them. >> i was born and raised in baltimore, as well, i was a broadway pre dueser in my other life making shorts about first generation students going to college and girls education. these young ladies saw me come into their school six times a year with cameras from the time they were 11 years old. one day blessing asked me and said next time you come to school cameras come to step practice. i walked in. i was than the familiar with step and rich history in african-american culture but for me it was like a musical and musical characters can't speak any more so they sing to express their fear and their hope and their dreams and is what these young women were
8:52 am
doing with step. >> you are proud to be african-american right now. >> yes. >> things happening in baltimore with freddie gray and somewhat called riots and things going on that is all adressed in this movie. >> that is part of their lives and who they are. these young woman and in the film we see them talk about everything they go from talking about martin luther king and black panthers to kim kardashian in one sentence. that i think makes movie really relatable and exciting for young people to see. >> okay, ladies, we cannot talk about step with the doing some stepping. we will take a break, we will move chairs, clear the area then will you perform. can we see something, something. >> you got it. >> thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. >> very important movie, i encourage to you see it. very well done, very open and honest. so when we come back you'll see steppers perform.
8:53 am
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8:56 am
before they perform they are all in college. where do you go to school. >> towson state university. >> alabama a and m university. >> and johns-hopkins university. >> now my producer want me to do this, i'm a little embarrassed because when i was in school difficult some stepping too. we have video. watch these monitors this was me in college at university of missouri. >> ♪ >> just a little taste. nothing compared to what you ladies can do we are ready to see it. are you ready to see, the
8:57 am
lethal ladies of baltimore. >> all right, go see movie step, it comes out august 11th , thanks so much, ladies, that was wonderful. we will take a break.
8:58 am
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