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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 14, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we will cheer you up get things moving in the 9:00 o'clock hour. it is friday, july 14th, 2017.
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good morning, thomas. >> good morning. >> karen, good morning. loved your little dance earlier because it is friday. >> it is friday. >> that is karen's friday dance. >> she's going on vacation too >> a little bit. >> look at you. >> you are going away too. >> we are going to celebrate. >> yes. >> we love you, thomas. >> you aring ago way soon. >> am i. >> mike says he will be taking it for you. >> all my vacation got denied. >> oh, stop it. >> so beyonce babies are getting a look at the additions to the carter family how beyonce introduced the world to her twins what we are showing you right now. >> looking good. >> is there such a thing as too many clothes? experts say, yep, magic number of outfits to keep in your closet to keep you happy. so when i was a kid we would be down the shore in ocean city. we would say look at the people in the shoeby shuttle, we are breaking it down with are you one, have you ever been one.
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>> have you been called one. >> i have been, i have been one and i have been called one and called other people it too >> lets talk about this wisconsin couple, wedding season, people getting married trying to get photographers, venues together. they are searching for a photographer to capture most intimate moments of their wedding day. that is fine. but also wedding night. >> um-hmm. >> they want, someone who will document their prewedding, wedding, and the wedding party and also wedding night, you know. they made a request on craigs list they are looking for a professional to shoot their first time together, in a beautiful and tasteful way. the man and woman have been saving themselves for marriage and said first nate will be a little awkward but something they still would like to document and have video of. >> first night will be awkward you have a third person documenting everything, so doesn't that make it more awkward. >> would you think. >> why not just take pictures. >> by the way, looking at that
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ad if you want to put it up. it as please send pricing and examples of your work. >> i don't think they mean that kind of work or do they. >> it is one of those things, that could be a really short -- >> short film. >> karen. >> it is true. >> first time. >> day rate not hourly rate. >> is that what you are saying >> what do you think about this. >> couple saying we like this, photographer. >> but then i was just remembering history, when you read it, i -- >> she said history in time people have new leaders, new king or queen, the first night that people want proof that you really slept together. so all of the royalty, court come watch you and check sheets in the morning and make sure that you consummate the
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marriage. that was most important thing. they would have witnesses and other people in the room for first night. >> that was then, this is now. >> we don't need that now. >> are you telling me you get married, i assume, i don't need to see proof, or all that but my uncle did tell me, i don't know if he told me because he is my uncle he said most people don't um-hmm, on the first night. you are so tired. warn out, exhausted but by the time you get to the roomy just need to relax, maybe tomorrow. >> a lot of people comparing this to birth videos. you have people sharing a intimate moment, and photographer may be in the room, how is this different? >> i guess it is still creating life. >> i don't want to -- >> it can be done in the tasteful way and that is what they want, they want it to be done in the tasteful way. >> set up a camera. >> maybe for themselves. you can set up your own camera >> do you need a photograph.
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>> i guess you want good lighting and stuff. make sure lou good. >> i don't knock it. i don't -- it is bizarre, strange, certainly wouldn't do it but if they feel comfortable and they want this particular moment documented and done in a tasteful way to each its own, go for it. if is there a photographer which reading some of the comments, lot of photographers are willing to do it, so be it >> they want the money. >> it is their relationship f that is how they would like to remember everything, then go ahead. so be it. >> later they they can go back do you look at your wedding videos. >> we never looked at it before that. it was neat. i don't know if that is moment i want to see. hey, look at this, mom and dad , around you soy proud. so proud of this collection. >> that may not be the best night, that is not best of those nights in the future to come. >> later on.
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>> anniversary night or birthday. >> yes. >> final ruling before you move on. >> yes, no, no. >> no. >> no. >> i say go for it. >> thomas is a freak. >> that is all right. >> beyonce, did you hear she's unveiled her twins. we have a first look at babies look at that photo. she posted this overnight and read sir carter and rumi1 month-old today followed by a mommy one, daddy one and all of the babies. so many people are reacting like this wow. we are trying to get a close-up w all that is going on it is hard to see the babies. they are so precious. even speculating what the names were last week because news emerge they were filing for trademark licenses under sir carter and rumi carter. tmz is right once again. >> they did this for blue ivy. >> yes. >> trademarked the name for diapers, mugs, t-shirts as part of the carter empire. >> they don't want people to
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make money off their children 's name. >> we will show you side by side. going with the theme of her pregnancy announcement. there she was when she announced. she kept that floral arrangement. i wonder fit was just fake flowers then. for nine months without anything changing. it looks the same to me. >> very, very similar. maybe they got money. it was neil to show close-up. with all that is willing on in the flowers i didn't see them when we first looked. you are distracted by the whole outfit and get up. again, lift the veil. so neat. form of the bail is over and now back. she does a great job. >> you read comments i mean they are saying beyonce why can't you just send out photos of the twins or pose in the normal position. you see mothers, they do this, those little when they dress baby up ascertain fruits and vegetables. thinks such a moment. beyonce can do it. she had a photographer photographer. she calls it art. she shared it with everybody.
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i say good for her. she looks great. month ago she gave birth to twins. body looks great. it is hard to buns back. >> she takes ownership of what she's put willing out there paparazzi get it, they sell it and they get a million-dollar. she's careful to guard images and she puts it out there the way she wants. the way that she wants it to appear to the world. she's master of that. she's snap chat, you know. >> yes, she is, she's in control. her life, her family, her body , however she wants to announce it and share, it is her prerogative. one of our viewers, they were like please, i have twins, send me a picture. this is what it is like, with twins. >> yeah. >> beyonce has some help, so to be so glamorous so thank you for send ago this in. i imagine it is to deal with that because you have three boys. you had them one at a time. can you having two at won having to deal, and get together and clean them up.
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>> i baby sat when my friend had twins. you don't know what to do this one is crying, holding this one because they need relief. go take a shower. i have never been. i have bigger admiration for my friend that have twins. it is crazy insanity for two years straighty can believe it >> looking forward to it. >> you looking forward to it. >> one day. >> crazeness, madness, running around. >> well, lets get with it. >> stop pushing me off. >> is there a time. >> bring in a little tribe. >> let me start right now, time to make baby any, be right back. >> he is leaving. >> are you heading to the beach this weekend going down just a day and then coming right back? apparently there is a name for those day trippers and they are called soobie, it is a regional nickname denoting a tourist to the southern new jersey shore and we have check with locals to see how they sh
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oobie. >> it is somebody coming to the beach, they have their arms full, toys for the kid, they have tents, they are putting on spray tan so they don't get sunburn on the beach , their feet are white, they have not had shoes off and laying on the beach until they become a lobster. that is what that is. >> that about sums it up. >> some people say terms coming from the shoe box that he is nature produces because they come down, put all of the things in the shoe box, come down shore enjoy beach, eat food and come back. that is how shoeby came about. i'm new to the area i never her of shoobie. >> i have, i have an expression for people with kid , and you just don't have money to stay overnight. take train down, aloft times they would go to atlantic city traditions here we never did the same. >> long standing tradition is we call it same thing even though it has been 50, 60 years n ocean city there is a shuttle up and down.
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shoobie shuttle. >> people don't want to be called that. it is not an affectionate term >> you called the other person >> people being called that they don't know what it means. >> same thing when we went to sea side heights as a kid, you hear that shoobie, and they had different definitions but you are a shoobie at one point >> i was for years and years and years. >> we were talking about this in the news room. i'm trying to learn about the area, what is going on. i was at a cocktail party a couple nights ago. concerts you are looking for anything to talk about so oh are conversation i heard a new term. i said shoobie, when people go down the shore. they are all looking at me like they have never heard of that. we don't know what you are talking about. you never heard of. that they were like no. so then they go, well, what did that come from did you make that up. >> i said thinks august war. then i came back and i said i hope you weren't lying to me because i brought this up. they have lived in philly all
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their lives. so, they have never heard of the term shoobie. >> were they younger. >> i guess so, maybe. >> generational people at my age did that but now it is a nicer world we don't call names. >> we call it other things. >> yeah. >> they come up with other word. i thought wand fur they played a prank on me. i bring up this. i would look silly. but i guess it does exist. >> yes, they know now. >> is your closet or dresser spilling over with tons of clothing. well, specific number of piece , that you should in your wardrobe to be happy. that is how you know, that is key. >> ready. >> it is 37. former shop a holiks having only 37 articles in their wardrobe it makes them feel calmer, and happier, just 37. >> so a shirt, jeans. >> it doesn't matter. >> it is up to you. one said that she brought down her huge wardrobe and came up with that perfect mix.
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here it is, it is 15 tops, nine bottoms, shirts, trousers , shorts, two dressers , one jacket, a coach and some shoes. two dresses. >> it is a great idea. >> for men. >> i have like, well, i have a ton probably 30 suits and 15, 20 pair of jeans and i wear the same pair of jeans over, same shirt. >> how many dresses. >> i have two but i keep them to the weekends. >> the ruffles. >> yes,. >> but have your go to outfit you feel comfortable in, you wear it out. >> thirty-two suits. >> it is a lot. >> he is a anchor. >> we have learned about thomas. >> thomas has a black card. >> do you know what a black card is, do you know how that goes. >> no, i don't. >> thomas is fancy. >> here's the deal. we will get to this conversation as quickly as possible. we don't, fox doesn't provide with us parking, everybody knows that.
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we have to park on the streets we get tickets. i got one yesterday, thanks, p pa, so, the intern, actually producer said would you like me to pay your meter. i said thank you. just reach for wallet, took out credit card gave her the card key and apparently everybody made a fuss over a certain type of credit card that alex just went insane over. >> no, the producer said he has a black car. black card. there is rap songs and everything about black card, like wrappers, sing about having one to show off. basically, you have to be in a certain tax bracket and make certain amount of money. >> it is not from the tax bracket here at fox. do i some other stuff outside. intern veronica who we have escorted from the building, i made a few comments about the black card. >> it is heavy too, i was like oh, my gosh, it is nice. >> don't ab shamed you live a good life. >> he appreciates the finer things in life and lucky to
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have some of the fruits of that. >> extremely blessed, and i love to give back. >> speaking of paying parking tickets earlier this week i believe it was on manor tuesday there was a segment between yourself and mr. mike jerrick talking about parking, meters outside and tickets. you talked about a particular car. >> can we roll that. >> people trying to check on their cars. >> there they go. >> nobody is driving this mercedes around here. >> are you sure, we have some people with fancy cars. >> really. >> no, they have been let go by now. they make too much money and replaced by a 22 years old. >> who owns a red mercedes. >> was that your car? i knew it. i knew it. literally we went to commercial and said i bet that is thomas car. >> here's the deal. >> no, it is not my sister moved to england.
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she left me that car. she said i can't take witt me. i decided to drive that it day usually no, red mercedes. but who drives a mercedes. >> a red mercedes. >> it makes perfect sense because it is your sister's car. men like black, slick, you know that kind of thing. >> they go through that mid life crisis. >> yes. >> but usually red. i had this conversation. sue always had cars that are real bright colors. she has a red car too. she used to have an orange car i feel like it is more girl thing. you have a shiny red one. boys, sleek, black. >> black, silver. >> i like neutra tones because then you can get spotted out more. >> when i are driving a mercedes, lexus, you are spotted outy still miss my ge o prism my first car. >> it was a blue, i paid cash for it, it was $4,000. >> look at him trying to be normal now. >> yes. >> look at him. >> i remember back in the day.
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>> twnty or 30 years ago. >> yes. >> my first car was a volvo my parents believed in volvos, because with accidents, they say it is a tank. >> they wanted their baby to be safe. >> it was a blocking down the roadway, but i loved that car. what was your first car. >> my mom had a 67 maxima her old car, i drove that one. not a maxima a mustang. >> nice. >> really fun from back in the day and then i bought old cars i had through the years that were fun, and buy them from the guy and pit bulls. >> they are always bright colors. >> yes. >> i got one from the guy, it was so sketchy, guy gave them a card in the business deal. >> i think we went to the same lot where i got my prism and broke down days later. so proud, so happy. i'm in the trying, believe me, i came from nothing. >> you worked hardy worked hard throughout the years. >> it is just one of the those
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things you just don't i have been taught you work hard and you don't flaunt anything. >> hard work pays off. >> great reminder on have that , kid, stay in school. >> i will buy everyone in the studio something what do you want. >> a car. >> you get a car, you get a car, you get a card. >> that card will bounce. >> black card don't bounce. >> all of the interns just came in. all morning long. >> they are like sign me up. >> except for veronica she's still outside. >> we were in school, when it comes to school how about no more homework, lot of students they will be happy to hear this. thinks for one school district in florida. here's what they are doing. elementary schools starting this fall merion county they will not have any homework, new policy, school leaders say studies show homework isn't as beneficial as once thought, and instead what they want, they want parents to read with their kid 20 minutes a day, that is it, sit down and read.
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student will still have projects, book reports and everything to complete but just no daily homework. >> it is amazing, lot of the studies going that this is new best practice because they would pile kid up with homework. just transitioned in the last couple years. when my oldest was in first grade, it was, so, i feel like we had so much homework, overwhelming, fighting, screaming, hard, and new that the practices are finding we shouldn't be teaching new material but should be repeating material that you have learn to make it set in in so now with the younger grade they are deciding it is not as important. it is to have a science project, read 20 minutes every day which we do and it is a blessing for kid and parents both because my current first grader didn't have as much homework and it was a whole different year: so much stress. >> great to connect parents with the children at tonight because we are so busy during day, come home, do your homework and dinner in bed but to have that time to say how
9:20 am
is your day and go over homework together it is so crucial. even it is 10 or 20 minutes. >> it is elementary school. >> yes. >> it is like no one gets off junior high, high school you need to have it then but for young are grade and they say reading is most important thing for your kid learning vocabulary, word, doing it with you. >> i hope it inspires them to want to read because i love reading. i read all the time. my parents, they would have to tell me alex, come out of your room and eat. it takes you to different place and i loved all of the summer book clubs, we did librariy adventure books do you remember those. >> yes. >> i had simple reading, highlights magazine. >> i remember highlights. >> just whatever inspires reading because they will need that when they get to college a lot of reading in college. >> it is with all of the harry potter books my kid and now percy jackson, it is an adventure their kid can feel part of. >> nancy drew. >> i loved nancy drew.
9:21 am
>> cs lewis. >> yes. >> land of the witch. >> i read them. >> adventure of narnia. >> 9:21. >> a note, because we have been talking about this story all morning long, about the update with the missing men in bucks county we know cosmo dinardo he did confess to the killing and they are still trying to find and identify the three bodies for three other men but the 11:00 a.m. press conference that we thought would happen has just been postpone, bucks county district attorney announced that. he will update us and give us latest details involving cosmo dinardo's confession, second person of interest that we learned about this morning, we don't know what time but there will be a press conference but we will make sure you to keep you updated and bring it to you live follow us on fox 29 .com and have you have the app to get latest breaking details. >> we will be right back. stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> whenever i see this, i miss her. man, she has an amazing voice. whitney houston didn't earn respect of the madonna though at least at one point in time, letter madonna wrote in the 90 's has surfaced and she wrote the note to an actor slamming careers of both whitney, sharon stone, calling them horribly mediocre. she says that she would rather die then be those women. what kind of letter is this? that letter goes up for auction next week. aim sure madonna is not happen that i came out. >> neat are other people react to go people she was talking about. she talked about being partly depressed but sharon stone, fired back she wrote open letter on facebook letter starting off with dear madonna then she goes on to say no i am your friend. i have wished to be a rock star in some private moments
9:26 am
has felt as mediocre as you describe. i love, door you and won't be pitted against you. >> wow, rise ago above. >> madonna has said she went through a dark point in her life, and she, you no, rolled roller coaster fame and wasn't the necessarily nicest person at certain points but she has learned from that, she grew, she changed, lou back and some things do you that you, say you shouldn't have done, and if it is true, one of those moments. >> writing a private letter and sometimes you are being kathy, little bitter, why them , why not me, yes, unless someone sees it and you are a star and put it out there and make lots of money way to go sharon stony love you anyway. >> it is in the pennsylvania, it does not matter. >> frame it. >> yes. >> being a bigger person. >> did you know mack and cheese day. >> did, all day. >> well, this is one way to celebrate mack and cheese. this is over the top. have you ever heard of the
9:27 am
chicken wing stuffed with mack and cheese. >> um-hmm. >> this one knows thousand make it and he will show us how when we come right back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> was this song for just mac and cheese day? i never heard this song before. i love it. it is appropriate to play it now. >> i'm going in, doc. >> we have the owner of chef& tony's kitchen in the northeast, funny, because we were talking about chick last week, national fried chicken day. someone tweeted me, and they told me that there is this great place that makes stuffed mac and cheese. wait, so like chicken, that is stuffed with mac and cheese. so i was like what in the
9:31 am
worlds, we must have this, and chef tony, they called you out. now, chef tony is here. >> good morning, chef. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> doing well. >> here we go. >> i've never heard of this. >> did you come one this. >> my wife create the the idea in her brain. i made it happen. >> what was the reaction, we should take mac and cheese and stuff it in some chicken? >> i told hershey was crazy. >> but you did it? >> let's do it anyway. raw wings we took the liberty of taking the bones out, jumbo wings, and we literally make them go inside out to take the bones out. >> they can't be east. >> i no. >> de boning. >> no, it is not. so, if you guys want, you can, see, there is little cavity in here. and you can literally stuff the macaroni and cheese right on in there. >> there we go. >> okay, so what do we need to do? >> pick it up. start -- >> is this white ♪ >> that's white meat. >> come over here. i'm loving it. >> grab some mac and cheese. >> shove it in there.
9:32 am
>> this was your beauty, your brain child? >> this was hers. >> stuff, chicken with actual stuffing. >> so not easy. little messy. >> so i said, you know, why not do that? >> how much time does it take? >> takes two days to prepare these. >> but for him he does it in a minute and a half a wing. >> what? let me see do you it. >> this is not working for me. >> you just take little bit at a time. >> give me, alex. >> trying to do too much at once. how do you take the bone out? curious. >> you literally start, avenue de boning knife, we literally turn this inside out and take the bones. >> the so easy to make a slit down the medal? >> leave it whole so nice pocket for the mac and cheese. >> that's the secret. then what do you do? >> then we -- >> put your hands in it? >> yes. >> so two minutes? how long? >> so no. we cook them afterward, we stuff them, then season them with our house rub, and bake them in the oven, then the last step is flash fly them in
9:33 am
the deep friday err to get the nice crispy skin everybody wants. >> this is like what people come to you for, right. >> yes, ma'am. they also come to us, mac and cheese should and star. i don't think mac and cheese is just a side dish. here is one of the appetizers, we do mac and cheese bites. what's better than macaroni and cheese but deep fried macaroni and cheese. then the half pounds macaroni and cheese stuffed buryinger. >> what's the name of your place? the mac and cheese store? what's going on? >> we do all kind of stuff there. is just one of the. >> i need to cut this burger. you're trying to tell me there is mac and cheese inside of this buryinger? >> yes, ma'am. >> i don't want to get -- >> how long do you cook the chicken in the oven for? >> hour, low and slow. >> then frying it? >> yes. >> here you go. >> oh, sorry. yes, watch your finger. >> i'm used to it. >> there you go. i'll turn it. >> look at that! >> alex can't be trust wad knife. >> yes, really. i have no business. wow, now, how do you do that? cues kind of while it is still raw? >> we have burger press, 100%
9:34 am
blank angus beef, we start by building little pocket inside the burger, stuff it full, and we have, i think, ten different kind of stuffed burgers, but this is the mac and cheese version. >> because it is mac and cheese day let me look at this first. let me open up. because i want to see. >> let's go ahead. >> look at this mac and cheese, inside of this chicken, i can't get over that. >> buffalo sauce over there we make in-house. because normally if i'm eating like chicken, i put it with mac and cheese, and all going to the same place, right. >> exactly. we also brought potato salad, we brought our version of collard greens. >> you got to have collard greens. >> to me it seems like a perfect fit. >> where are you guys located? >> 4320 motorcycle gagger ' street below frankford and academy. >> delicious. wife, come back! >> she has special treat for you guys. >> oh? >> don't know where my spoons are. >> that's, just bring it on over. we will figure it out. >> so because sunday is
9:35 am
national ice cream day, i brought you some apple pine moon shine ice cream and our donut bowl. so it is apple ice cream with apple pie moon shine. >> wow. >> that's great. who is the better cook? >> i think we do well, we collaborate, we compliment one another. >> wonderful response, that's perfect, perfect. okay, i'm going over to you guys for dinner. >> this is good. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. we will be sharing. >> no worries? apple moon shine. thomas, you going to get little bit. >> try that. >> speaking of food, did you know, that eating all of those sugary desserts, oh, and carb heavy food are bad for your waistline? >> in. >> we figured. that will but did you know that simply smelling them could add weight to you? simply smelling them. >> can't beat it. >> we'll explain.
9:36 am
fast play games from the pennsylvania lottery are an entirely new way to play and win instantly. bet i can play faster than you can eat that bag of chips.
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i won! fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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>> ♪ >> the planes are moving at the philadelphia international airport. meanwhile, here, we're like, well, all eating and stuff. >> that chicken was so tendser. >> it smells so good. >> insane. honestly, to be honest, i didn't think it was going to be like chicken stuffed with mac and cheese. >> but it is literally chicken stuffed with mac and cheese. >> it is good. i'm eating my words. >> said it costs like $4 for one, you can get like three for 12. >> my favorite food, mac and cheese. >> make me a good mac and cheese have, my heart. >> now the whole offers coming down for it. >> look at jess creeping, our executive producer, uh-huh. >> pregnant lady. she ace allowed.
9:40 am
>> not just eating food. sniffing your foot can -- food can actually add to your weight. >> according to a study in sell men at that time limb, delicious smelling foods can adjust your eat being patterns, is in three groups, one disable, group every super smelling mice, and they found that the mice who could not smell, they didn't gain as much weight, as those with the superior sense every smell. they say they were lured into eating foods you might not otherwise eat if you smell them. that makes sense. if i smelled the way this studio smells right now, are then yes, i would be eating. if i didn't smell anything -- >> i think information moderation, my biggest problem is i go all day not eating, i eat when i fill in for mike, one of the perks, but i go all day without eating but then the meal at 5:00, 6:00 then i go to bed. >> true, i never see you eat. i never see you eat in the morning. >> true. i don't. >> what? i don't know how you go. >> aren't you supposed to have little meals throughout the dismay. >> i haven't seen my train nerve two, three weeks, sorry, mike, he said the same thing,
9:41 am
you can't go all day without eating. i don't eat breakfast, busy, lever here, before you know it is 4:00, 5:00. >> you should pacca lunch or something. >> seems like a lot. >> i don't know men don't do that, they work in this building, as soon as you get up you need to bus your metabolism. >> busted! >> hi, tori. >> getting all of the food. >> it will be all gone soon. >> and that's tony there, floor director. >> what's left? >> barely anything. oh, my god. look at that. >> that's whether you know it is good. >> two pieces left! >> perfect comfort food, i could eat wings every day. >> get one before they're gone. >> i think they're gone. >> they talk about the smell, like i smell that, and it is like patch log's dog, i must have more. >> i so i guess walk around stuffing our knows, that way you can't smell anything. take some napkins, put it up there, i don't have to deal. >> is that going to work. >> i don't know. i always like to eat, so it won't stop me. okay, richard, he's at
9:42 am
adventure aquarium, having breakfast with penguins. >> sounds fishy. >> ♪ >> guys, that's the story how i co-starred in the movie happy feet. it is pretty good, right? hey, good morning. listen, we are here at the bland new adventure aquarium's rock wall with all every these beautiful penguins. how you guys can be one of the first to get a glimpse at the new baby penguins, and see all of us in our natural habitat. we're having fun. we'll check it all out when we come back. >> there i was, tip tapping away, dancing, yes, doing it all, it was pretty fun. you guys, you won't believe who was there, woody, rosey o'donnell was there hanging out, ya, it was crazy. yes, fish, fish were involved. >> ♪ >> ♪ day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600 when you switch to progressive. winds stirring. too treacherous for a selfie. [ camera shutter clicks ] sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. but the prize at the top is worth every last breath.
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here we go. [ grunts ] got 'em. ahh. wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? [ crying ] why!
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9:45 am
>> we can see the rain right now in doylestown >> i like to introduce our guess, weather presenter for the day, alexa. yeah, she eight years old. anal election a, tell us how you came to be here today. what benefit did your parent go to back if february?
9:46 am
>> well, there was a gala at the media theater. and my parent won -- >> common little closer so everybody can see how good you look. yes, your parent won a chance for you to do the weather here on tv so here we are. so before we get to the forecast, a lot of rain on radar here, we are going to tell people about several shows that you're in the media theater. >> i'm in alice in wonderland, runs pretty much all summer. >> on saturday mornings, and into the woods. you're doing that tonight, right? >> yes. >> all week ends long. >> yes. >> so, media theater plus compete nag vocal competition. >> yes, look this is you in your costume. look how gorgeous you look. this is into the woods? >> uh-huh. >> what part do you play? >> i play sleeping beauty. >> sleeping beauty. isn't that pretty. you really look like you're in the woods there. and you really look like you're on radar here, too, you understands how the green screen works, right?
9:47 am
>> yes. >> all right. so alexa, we move off to the side there. so the folks can see where the rain is. so you look, look at yourself over there. isn't that cool? you can see all of the lightning, and thunder, and we will zoom in little closer, because we're going to show you where the thunderstorms are north of wilmington, delaware, now you point to where the media these is her. >> well, it is -- >> there it is, right there. in media. >> we're just masters of the obvious here. >> now, alexa, you stay there, i'll step out, i know you want to escape, but you turn to your left there, and tell me what the high temperatures going to be today. >> okay, so the high temperature is going to be 84 degrees. >> excellent. >> how about tomorrow? >> well, it is going to be 86, lower humidity. >> lower humidity, yeah. >> okay, now, sunday? >> it is going to be 80 degrees. eighty-eight. >> 88 degrees, that's right. >> and then what about monday and tuesday? are we still going to be in the 80s? >> monday and tuesday, yes, we are still going to be in 80s, still hot, 88 degrees on
9:48 am
monday, and 87 degrees on tuesday. >> fabulous, but when are we getting back in the 90s? >> back in the 90s, back in the 90s on wednesday. and yes, and thursday we are also in the 90s. >> hot again. let's hear it for alexa, yeah! (applause). >> fabulous job! now you know the seven day forecast, and thanks to your mom and dad for supporting the media theater. go see her in the 08 million shows she's in there. she's talented, yes, beautiful picture, in the woods, congrats, al election a let's go to the adventure aquarium, hosting breakfast with penguins this weekend, if you want to do what rich around is doing, how cool is this, richard. >> we're on penguin islands, this is awesome, i've been a huge fan all my life, dream come true for me. we're not the only ones here, look at these kids lined up. having fun out there?
9:49 am
(cheers). >> we've been working on that cheer all morning, i'm psched to say we did a good job. we're back here, jen, senior biologist, this is amazing what you guys have here. this is brand new installment rock walls, i mean, a lot to see here. >> absolutely. we just finished renovation of our outdoor ex observe 0-inch it. adding a lot of rock work in different areas that the birds can climb on, be more active, utilize exhibit, more complete way. lots of birds out swimming, taking advantage of all of the different areas. >> that's one thing i notice. they hang out. when you guys say oh, i chill on the beach. no, these guys chill on the beach. what's funny, as growing up, i thought penguins as he's eating your shorts there were super nice animals, i saw the movie happy feet. right? we know penguins are lovable. you through me in these protective boots because my calves were getting owe are eaten apart. >> little bit. they tends to use their mouths to explore a little bit. which is okay. unless they explore little bit too much. >> yes, absolutely, i think that's a lifeless on for everyone here, this is brand
9:50 am
new, brand new penguin here, right? we have lemme. just born this fall. >> l emme hatched out early in the spring. she's swimming around someplace. so she completes our colony 35 penguins strong, the largest colony we've ever had here at adventure aquarium, so lot of animals to look at and see, all spread out throughout the activity, lot of activity. >> so after people come out here, they can hang out, this is a whole deep pool over here. you can see them swimming, which apparently they love to do. >> absolutely. keep themselves nice and clean, always important to organize fitter. >> when you are a member of the aquarium things happen. tomorrow morning we have a special, special membership only breakfast happening. >> absolutely, pay streets for penguins, coming out having breakfast, penguins going out early tomorrow morning, everyone joining us will be able to see the first feed of the morning, have breakfast alongside. >> so come on out tomorrow morning for all of the members. if you're not a member yet,
9:51 am
you can still get memberships here. sign up, and part of this amazing experience. >> right. >> look guys, i promise you i would go swimming if were you all good, you behaved, once this camera cuts i'm jumping in with everybody. hey, it is hot out. we got to keel cool somehow. alex, everybody on the couch, it is abut full day out here. you got to come check out at car yum if you get the chance. enjoy. >> no, no, no. ya, holdup. >> richard, we have plenty every time. that's not how this works. richards, richard, you jump in while the camera is on, so we can see it. so go ahead. >> go for it, we'll wait. you have all the time. >> it is funny because she just through the magnetic strips on to the bottom of my shoes, i can't move. >> no, no, no. >> we just called wendy williams, she fine with it, she will slide her show. go for it. >> we'll wait. >> we will wait. thomas, hey, you are tough cookie man, back to you. i'm sends it back to you, i'm strapped in right here. already gone through enough. this is good. come on, guys, let's hang out. we're going inside and taking all of my friends with me.
9:52 am
>> hey, magnetic strips? >> would you call me out, wouldn't you? >> oh, every time. >> funny how it works. >> jennifer telling me no, she is saying don't do it, richard, don't do it. >> funny, i didn't hear her speak and she has a mike on. >> all right, richard. >> we're a bad influence? >> well, if you're going to say all de it, we want to see it. >> made him jump in. poor guy. pengwins won't hurt him. just swim with him. >> have you done that, building with dolphins stuff like that? >> i've not but sounds amazing. co-star romance, the rumor mill is swirling. the new spiderman movie, are they dating? >> are they an item? they're responding now. we'll see what they have to say. >> good looking couple. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
9:53 am
and exceptional customer service, head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. super pro-tip: buy your veggveggies pre-chopped. nce.
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9:56 am
now responding to dating rumors,, any time you're in movie, everyone thinks you're date atco star. >> i don't know why i did that. >> don't know what connecting means. >> so of course they're starring in the new spiderman homecoming movie. people claim they've been dating since the filming started. they do not necessarily confirm or deny the reports but usual social media to poke fun at their love lives. have tweeted wait, my favorite when it says we go on vacations together. ha, i haven't been on a vacation in years. and holland responds, does the press tour count? then she wraps it up with: i'm done. >> you know, people always like lie, lie, lie, deny, but people hook up on movies, all of the co-stars always hooking up with each other. >> to get the chemistry factor going, there, sexy, what happens when you're away, you know, like in that environment, like that hot steamy thing. >> yes? >> i bet they're hooking up. look at you, karen. >> okay, well, karen said it
9:57 am
first. >> karen wants them to hook up. >> fun. don't you always want the couple have that, you want them to hook up today and have the chemistry. >> want people to be happy, just be happen. >> i some people have been asking about mike, because before he left he said that he's going to be taking care every his grandson jack for two days by himself in denver. we want to be sure he's all right. there are some pictures, driving like two hours i think in the car to aspen, here we go, mike getting in the car. >> jack, we're loaded up. are you ready to go? >> uh-huh. >> ya? okay. next stop, glenwood springs and aspen, okay? here we go. >> oh, sounds like he's in a good mood and ready to go. >> because he was worried. they're going to have a great time. i think that's the cutest thing, i just didn't think i would see the day pop pop mike would be doing this. >> the ad ventures every mike. >> i talked to him yesterday and yes he's fine and jack is
9:58 am
good to go. update 11:00 a.m. press cons friend has been postponed, stick to for updates, we'll carry it live. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
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>> live from new york city it's the wendy williams show. >> wendy: we won judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: welcome! back to our live show. say


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