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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  July 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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identified the bodies of all four victims. tonight, two men are under arrest and charged with those murders. good evening, thanks for joining us am at 5:00. i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. no bail for the two men accused of in the solebury slayings. 20-year-olds cosmo dinardo and sean kratz prosecutors say they shot and killed all four men now the grizzly details are emerging about these cold-blooded killings. we have team coverage for you tonight. we'll get to bruce gordon in just a moment learning more bout second suspect. we begin tonight with jeff cole live at the bucks county courthouse with details that are quite frankly pretty hard to hear. jeff. >> reporter: they certainly are. remember dinardo confessed soothers his words the week long search for the four missing men and the grim discoveries of bo bodies and human body parts all come to a close tonight with the startling details of cosmo dinardo's killing spree. for days the bucks county da met
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reporters in a lot not far from the corn field where the search for the missing was on going. friday, the setting was counter officsetting was countyoffices. >> we brought four young men one step closer to their loved ones and so they can rest in peace. >> reporter: according to cosmo dinardo's thursday confession, jimi patrick the gifted college student on a full scholarship was the first to die. on july 5th he and dinardo went to the corn field with a 20-year-old -- 20-year-old says he shot him after a pot deal went bad with a 22 caliber rival and buried him in a 6-foot deep grave. next to be killed, dean finocchiaro. also at the corn field a 20-year-old man now arrested and described as his cousin sean kratz shoots him with dinardo's mother's 357 handgun. dinardo fires at him while on the ground. kratz says he didn't shoot finocchiaro. and finally on the seventh of july, mark sturgis and thomas
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meo meet dinardo in a lot at nearby peddler's village. they leave meo' cars in garage on a dinardo family owned property and go to the field where dinardo shoots meo in the back with a 357 and sturgis as he runs. >> what makes him kill these people? why does he want to shoot them? >> jeff, i don't know that. i'm not really sure if we could ever answer that question. >> reporter: all the killings are linked to pot deals says the da. dinardo has told investigators he digs 12-foot common grave with his dad's backhoe and drops the three bodies in a large tank. later scene being trucked from the field and dumps them in. he also says he drove over meo with the tractor and tried to burn the three bodies. denardo was charged friday with multiple counts of murder, conspiracy, abuse of a corporation and weapons charges. kratz faces three murder counts and other offenses. they both were arraigned this afternoon by a county magistra magistrate. weintraub got the confession
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from dinardo after taking the death penalty off the table friday he defended the move. >> your belief had you not offered him the deal of no death penalty you don't get patrick's body? >> we'd still be looking, i know that much. i can't predict the future, but that is what i believe. >> reporter: now today weintraub praised the grace and dignity of the victim's famili families. now throughout this investigation we've heard the name of cosmo dinardo. we heard the name for the first time on monday. but only in the last few hours has anyone understood that there was a second person involved accomplice in this case. our bruce gordon is working that story and he joins us live tonight. bruce? >> reporter: jeff, that dinardo confession did indeed add whole new name to this evil equation. a cousin much dinardo's with connections in philadelphia and montgomery county who's involvement in this case brought police investigators swarming to this busy but wooded stretch of
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ambler. police using metal detectors spent friday morning scowering a property linked to sean michael kratz on susquehanna avenue in ambler. search would ultimately lead to the recovery of 357 handgun believed used to commit a series of heinous crimes. with kratz hip deal in the violence. next door bill hail and his wife looked on in stunned sadness. >> nice kid. >> nice kid. >> any sense of violence. >> no. >> you said he showed you guns. >> he showed me guns. >> yeah but that doesn't mean anything. >> no. >> it shot guns on the hill in the back but that's beside the point. >> reporter: never heard him shooting the guns or anything? >> no court court documents say kratz teamed up with dinardo his cousin in the murders of dean finocchiaro, mark sturgis and tom meo. all three lured to denardo's bucks county farm property by the promise of drug deals. kratz claims in the documents that dinardo was the trigger man but admits he was on hand for the murder murders and the buri. charges against kratz include abuse of corporation, dinardo
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for his part insists kratz fired the fatal shot at finocchiaro. it was dinardo's confession that led authorities to kratz's philadelphia home late thursday night. police took kratz into custody and obtained a confession that shook those next door neighbors in ambler. >> i can't believe it. i can't believe it. i don't want to believe it. >> reporter: long after investigators left the kratz property, we paid a visit to the lutheran church down the road. i asked a congregant about the evil in their midst. >> very sad. very sad. tragic. tragic all these lives that were lost and the families whose lives will never be the same. my heart goes out to them. >> reporter: though only 20 years old, sean kratz is no stranger to police. at the time of this thursday night arrest he was out on bail on a couple of unrelated criminal cases. burglary charges. he remains behind bars tonight. next due in court july 31. chris? >> okay, bruce, thanks stay with us here at fox 29. our legal analyst joins us in just a few minutes to tell us what could become in this case.
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to your fox 29 weather authority now. a live look at reading on another humid day. a day of unsettled weather for sure. >> take look at ultimate doppler radar right now. lighting up like a christmas tree. look at all those colors. you know what that means. storms are moving in. let's get over to meteorologist scott williams. >> scott? >> certainly dawn and chris, a lot of severe weather right now in particular moving down the shore. we have multiple severe thunderstorm warnings for salem county, cumberland county, cape may and atlantic counties with very heavy rainfall. gusty winds in excess of 60 miles per hour and rainfall rates up to 2-inches per hour. so as we focus in on the areas in extreme south jersey atlantic, cape may, comer band kale salem severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45. that's where we're zooming in a little closer. this severe thunderstorm warning right now over atlantic city and brigantine goes until 5:15. this has history of winds in excess of 60 miles per hour and also the potential for some golf
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ball sized hail. so we'll put a hail tracker on this. you can see hail size in diameter two to two and a half inches a loft so that is about golf ball size as it moves down the atlantic city expressway that's what we're watching with this particular thunderstorm. in the meantime, millville some winds gusting close to 60 miles an hour at the airport. moving in to sections of cape may county right now. a lot of heavy rainfall as well. the likelihood of some small hail up to quarter size with this activity moving through sections of cumberland county, now into cape may county. a lot of lightning as well. the cold front still off to the north and west. but that will sweep out all of the heat and humidity by the time the upcoming weekend arrives. so as we go hour by hour, by seven, 8:00 o'clock it look like most of those showers and thunderstorms will stay to our south and also east. coming up, the entire end forecast want to expect. back over to you. >> scott, here's life look at cape may right now. remember you can always get life
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up to the minute information from the fox 29 weather authority by downloading the fox 29 weather app. it is available on the apple store and google play store. ♪ right now new details emerging about drum injury's controversial meeting last summer with a russian attorney. now democrats say it's time friend pep investigation. >> fox's joel waldman in washington with the latest. >> reporter: earlier in the week donald trump, jr. came clean about the meeting you had with the russian lawyer. it was the end of the story but now it turns out it may not have been. house democrats inn at the present time on thor roll investigating russ are russia's election meddling calling on end pin commission to investigate any possible collusion between team trump and the kremlin. >> the american people have a right to know. >> minority leader nancy pelosi adding the president's son-in-law and top adviser jared kushner to have his security clearance revoked. that's because kushner was also at the meeting with that russian attorney along with an ex soviet
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counter intelligence officer according to more news that's breaking today. but despite the latest revelations, trump administration officials insist there's no there there. >> no action was taken. no follow up whatsoever. >> reporter: and curious photo surfacing today showing the president shaking hands with russian pop star aguilero back in 2013. producer rob goldstone is the one who reportedly facilitated the meeting between don, jr., and that russian lawyer and now it appears the former soviet counter intelligence officer as well. critics cautioning the drip drip drip of new details surrounding the trump family ties with russia is at best disconcerting. >> it just gives the impression that they are not getting out in front of this story. they're still hiding details when you know what he should have done a put it all out there take your lumps tran it to move on. >> reporter: the chairman of the senate judiciary committee
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saying he'll request don, jr., testify before the committee as early as next week n washington, joel waldman, fox news. tonight doctors have discharged former president jimmy carter from the hospital. he was being treated for dehydration in can in a today. the 92-year-old was not feeling well yesterday while working at a home building project for habitat for humanity. carter was taken to the hospital for rehydration as a precaution. americans receiving social security benefits can expect to see the largest payment increase in years next year. in january, recipients will receive a $28 monthly increase. that's a two-point 2% jump. social security recipients have gone years with tiny increases because inflation has been low or non existent this year they received an increase of three-tenths of a percent after getting nothing at all last ye year. local brides devastated. left without their wedding gowns. the bridal chain gone bankrupt. one bride finding out on social
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media her dream dress may never come. and it's your chance to own a piece of heaven on earth. literally. you can buy moon dust. and before you head down the shore this weekend, ask yourself are you a shoobie? do you know the definition of a shoobie? >> um-hmm. >> all right. we'll telling fill the rest of the people in coming up.
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this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your trip to the finger lakes at we're continuing to follow breaking news out of bucks county tonight. that's where two men are now facing murder charges for killing four men. bucks county authorities charging cosmo dinardo and 20-year-old sean kratz both now
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being held without bail. investigators say the four victims jimmy patrick, dean finocchiaro, thomas meo and mark sturgis were shot and buried on a solebury township property belonging to dinardo's family district attorney crediting a deal made with dinardo to take the death penalty off the table with finding the body of jimi patrick in remote area away from the three other bodies. investigators say each murder started with a marijuana deal gone wrong. police in new jersey are investigating the burglary at the days of old antiques and collectibles store in atlantic county. police were called to the store yesterday morning around 5:00 in the morning. both front glass doors were broken and some gold and silver jewelry was taken. so far no word on suspect. >> well a stressful time gets even worse for some brides who are customers at a popular bridal store chain. they say that alfred angelo boutiques closed all 60 of its locations with little to no
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warning. >> now many of those brides are left wondering if they'll have a wedding dress for their dream day. fox 29's sabina kuriakose talked to some of those brides who were customers. she joins us in can you do studio with for on this. tough one. >> we were at alfred angelo in south jersey where so many panicked brides were heading they were frantically trying to figure out if they'd even have dress for their big day. turn out they cannot even get in the front door. >> we already paid in full for our dresses. we just want to pick them up. please. >> chaos outside the alfred angel hoe boutique in cherry hill friday morning as dozens of brides rushed to the suddenly bankrupt retailer. only to find they were locked out months even weeks before their wedding day. >> i was never informed that i wasn't getting my dress. i found out threw friends and social media. >> stacey and her mom debbie upset but determined to stay positive. her dress was set to be
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delivered within the next two weeks. >> i just feel, you know, sad for her because she found the perfect gown. >> even the workers here were shell shocked telling us they only recently learned the brand was shuddering all 60 of its stores across the country. they spent the morning handing off dresses that already been delivered. >> you're out all that money? >> yes. it's paid in full. >> reporter: this groom showed us his receipt. he's out more than $700 for bridesmaid gowns. for the dresses that were not already delivered to the stores, brides were told to call this attorney's number posted to the door. we tried calling it, but we got no answer. >> nobody expected it in the industry. i mean alfred angelo has been in business since 1933. >> boutique owner sue miss allow ski of jay west bridal says bankruptcy is a black eye on the bridal business. she doesn't carry the brand but is reaching out to brides who need help. >> planning a wedding is stressful enough. this is something that didn't need to happen. >> i was oh excited because i
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found it. i was happy. and now it's just a big let do down. >> reporter: a big let down indeed. now, we called alfred angel lon and e-mailed them none of our messages were returned. the sue the bridal store owner says if you can believe it there is a silver lining here. it's the timing of the bankruptcy. she is the chair of the national bridal sale which is set to begin tomorrow at hundreds of stores around the area and the country. it is the biggest designer discount sale of the year she's hoping some of these brides can take advantage of that. we'll have more on our website to help you out. chris and dawn, back to you. >> thank you sabina. sad update to bring you the brandywine valley spca telling us tonight that harmony a cat that was hospitalized last week following a fire at the shelter has passed away. a woman and three other cats all died last sunday after a car crashed into the spca. police say latoya cooper lost control of her vehicle while she was driving along south street. well, it's an area that regularly in the news as an
5:18 pm
example of philadelphia's growing heroin epidemic. whether or not it's fair, open air drug dealing and using define kensington but residents tell us there's so much more to their neighbor. >> bill anderson was there as volunteers were changing the perception of their community for goodness sake. >> this morning got up, got dressed, get myself together, get dressed, take my grandkids to school, and once we opened the door, i see the guy sitting on the step then i noticed a needle hanging out of his arm. >> reporter: here's little brutal honesty. if you wanted to, you could do a story about the heroin epidemic in some neighborhoods just about every day. >> they sell lot of drugs and they can kill us because of the needles. >> reporter: but honestly what's truly inspiring to me this is the second time in a week i'm in the kensington nair hill area talking about neighbor who's have said, no more! >> i just want to do volunteer to try to make the area better than what it is. >> reporter: it's probably cliche to say it's been a long time since the area around hope
5:19 pm
park had very much hope. but today the city, sal vague army, volunteers and neighbors spent hours painting, cleaning and picking up needles trying to show that even in tough circumstances they're not ready to give up. >> i'm been here in the house for almost, um, 35 years. >> reporter: okay. >> i'm the oldest over here on this block. >> reporter: okay. >> so i want my community back. >> reporter: if you know the area, you know it's a struggle for neighbors. often surrounded by drugs. but what made the biggest impact on me was joseph a little boy i met who in between cleaning and his curiosity about tv shared the harsh influences a child his age shouldn't have to deal with. >> what do you want to be when you grow up. >> cop. >> reporter: why do you want to be a cop? >> because i like being a cop. it's good thing. i can take everybody to jail that sell drugs. >> reporter: tribute to his parents. he already has developed the protective instincts communities need to turn themselves around.
5:20 pm
>> so you helping clean up today. >> yeah. >> reporter: why. >> because so the other kids don't get hurt. >> that goal of the day was largely accomplish. the work of the day was complete. for a short time the presence of so many people provided the kids the freedom to wander and play and the community to help out. but the hope is that today's actions inspired tomorrow's progress for joseph and the other kids for neighbors who deserve it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ good lesson for the children living there. got to take pride in your community. >> i've been to hope park several times good to see it's driving to live up to its name. >> absolutely. well, check this out. did you see it? an suv that is used to help animals is destroyed. >> and terrifying. massive sink holes literally swap logue entire homes. >> and what happens in vegas stays in vegas. right? unless you buy some
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really bizarre stuff from a shop that specializes in just that. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
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♪ tonight friends, family and community members are honoring those who died serving our
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country. the vietnam traveling memorial will be making a stop in penndel, bucks county. it's a replica of the wall in washington, d.c. 136 flags surround it representing the men of bucks county who died in vietnam including three still missing in action. >> you get to spend time here in your town, in your home with your neighbors and share it. so it becomes much more personal and it allows you to maybe be a little morey fleck tiff. >> the wall is open 24 hours until it leaves on monday. a twilight ceremony will be held tomorrow night in penndel at 7:50. caught on camera. take a look at that. an suv demolishes a parked car right in front of the owner's home. amazingly the driver of that suv was not hurt in the smash up. >> but the impact of the horrific crash still being felt especially for some animals in need of rescue. fox 29's bruce door don explai explains. >> reporter: randy just
5:25 pm
wrapped up a conversation with a contractor out front of his home on west chester pike wednesday morning just about two minutes later with randy now inside, the driver of the dark colored suv introduced herself to his honda element sitting in the parking lane by the curb. >> bloom mow. a near death experience. kaboom. >> that was a little unnerving. big bang. very loud. shook my house. >> reporter: randy raced outside while dialing 911. he offered to help the woman driver. she did not appear badly hurt. then he check that target vehicle. >> i asked some of the people trying to help to look in the vehicle to see if anybody was inside and hurt. then i took a look in and i started seeing my stuff. that's when it dawned on me. that it was my car. >> reporter: not just any car. >> it's my animal rescue vehicle. >> she came from north carolina. she was in a hoarding situation. >> reporter: testa traps, transports and fosters dogs and cats and other critters so the providence animal shelter justice rescue and other agencies in the region. >> you get a good feeling when
5:26 pm
you can assist a helpless animal when they can help themselves. >> he was hiding under a car. >> reporter: that's antonio he's got a dislocated hip. randy trapped him, brought him home raised the money for surgery while getting this formerly ferrell feline used to human contact and ready for adoption. >> just recently rescued a goose with this net. >> randy's work with animals will continue but as for his mobile rescue vehicle. >> that's going to be a total loss. >> reporter: what does that mean for your rescue and transportation work for animals? >> well it means i got to find another vehicle and i hope the insurance covers what i'm out. >> reporter: bruce gordon, fox 29 news. we continue to follow brea breaking news. arrest in the killings of four men. new details about what let up to the the brutal bucks county murders. scott? chris, right now ultimate doppler still lit up multiple severe thunder storm warnings down the shore. we'll track this mess and your weekend forecast next. and a massive swing hole
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swallowing up homes in a in order neighborhood all caught on cam a the more than 200-foot hole opening. officials say the damage isn't done yet. the hole is still active and continuing to widen. that hole by the way is about 5e is hurt. ♪ fast play games from the pennsylvania lottery are an entirely new way to play and win instantly. bet i can play faster than you can eat that bag of chips.
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i won! fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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we continue to follow breaking news story this friday night. two men now under arrest.
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both of them charged with murder, conspiracy and other crimes. their names cos dough dinardo and sean kratz both 20 years old. both facing a laundry list of charges. all related to the cold-blooded killings of these four men. dinardo charged with the murders of all four. kratz charged in the deaths of three of them. the dry da agreed not to seek the death penalty in dinardo's case in exchange for information of the location of jimi patrick's body. >> joining us live onset attorney chaka johnson. so many moving parts to this case. do you think the da really needed to take the death penalty off the table to get this break, to fine the bodies? >> i think the district attorney is tasked with couple of things dawn. one of them to bring closure to families. and some of these victims families had some closure. albeit tragic closure they had closure bought bodies were located. there was one outstanding and i think to bring a complete set of closure to all victims in this case everybody wanted their bodies located and that's not
5:31 pm
uncommon thing for district attorneys to do to say listen, you will spend the rest of your natural life incarcerated but you will we'll take the death penalty off the table. you won't see the needle. >> what about kratz? does he have a chance of going to death row. >> he definitely does. i mean let's face it. the bargaining chip was the location of the last body. that's been played by dinardo's attorney. so that doesn't exist any more. so now kratz who is sort of late to the table with respect to negotiating in that respect doesn't have anything to bargain with. and it's tenor and the nastiness the level of tragedy in this case by twosome people are using the term serial killers at this point suggest there will be no leniency suggested to either defendant at this point especially kratz. >> what strikes you about this case? >> i find it very interesting that there was no narcotics located. it seemed to be that all of the victims and would be victims when they were a life were under
5:32 pm
a reusse. they were lured to this particular farm by way of we'll buy drugs or some sort of drug deal. no drugs located anywhere on the farm or anywhere by these young men who confessed i might add. so no drugs located and i fine it to be popular ploy to locate innocent folks to a location knowing they'll have money. that's the reason that you use the drug thing. you have to know the victim coming would have money. and so to cover up the robbery, you have a killing. >> finally, what is prosecutors doing now. is this case in essence closed and over because they have confessed? >> not at all. not at all. this could be the tip of the iceberg. when -- you have one of two thing, chris. one of two thing. either you have a young man who killed somebody for money and got the theirs of blood and got that taste and went crazy the next 48 hours or you have something much deeper and you have to comb through any missing persons that you have in that particular area. you have to start digging deeper to find out how many other cases you can possibly close maybe with kratz confession.
5:33 pm
>> all right. >> interesting. >> thanks for joining us. >> always a pleasure. >> chaka johnson. >> thank you. and back now to your fox 29 weather authority. as we take a live look down at delaware and rehoboth beach, will the storms move out for your weekend? your weekend weather forecast just 15 seconds away. let's hope so. if we can get through the next several hours, the upcoming weekend much improved. lower humidity so that will be the good news. but right now, still parts of the region under that severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 this evening. that includes all of south jersey. all of delaware and also philadelphia moving toward delaware, chester and lancaster county as we focus in on the flash flood warnings until 5:45 south and also west of philadelphia into northern sections of delaware, then parts
5:34 pm
of south jersey until 7:15. we've been looking at rainfall rates over 2-inches per hour with the severe thunderstorms into parts of south jersey. pretty dry and quiet as we move into much of the southeastern pennsylvania but the bulk of the energy right now is confined into sections of cumberland county, cape may county also atlantic county we still have that severe thunderstorm warning in effect here until about 5:45. so we're looking at very heavy rainfall. gusty winds in excess of 60 miles per hour so not the best of beach conditions right now down the shore from places like ocean city to avalon, sea isle city as we move toward the wildwood area as well. be on the look out for this energy as it continues to drift to the south and east at about 20 miles per hour so blinding rain and also gusty winds. the cold front still off to the north and west. but behind it, lower humidity, more comfortable conditions so this will kind of push all of this rainfall out later on
5:35 pm
tonight. so as we go hour by hour by seven, 8:00 p.m. still looking at most of the action down the shore. there might be a couple of storms that try and develop toward the poconos into the lehigh valley. but most of the rainfall tonight will be south and east of philadelphia. tomorrow a lot of sunshine. that lower humidity and look at the rain cooled conditions across the area. yesterday remember high temperatures were in the mid to upper 90s and right now we're looking at numbers generally in the low mid to upper 70s across the area with the rain and also the clouds. so for tonight, we'll keep things stormy at times. especially south and east of i-95 corridor into south jersey. temperatures bottom out in the low 70s. 87 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. but the humidity will make it feel more tolerable. down the shore, looking pretty good. saturday the return of sunshine. mid 80s. winds out of the north and west then low 80s as we move toward your sunday. that weather authority seven day forecast showing beyond the weekend it look like another
5:36 pm
heat wave could be brewing. dawn, back over to you. >> all right. it is summer. thank you scott. kermit had it right it is not easy being green. the guy behind that famous frog learned that lesson the hard w way. and a workplace debate raging on. aside from vacation days, aside from sick days the tweet going viral about taking a mental health day. ♪ (male announcer) are you ready to take the scenic route?
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then you belong at bass pro shops for freedom days. with clearance savings of 20 to 40% on select shorts and shirts. and save $50 on this eclipse speed frame tent.
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♪ of course, we all know and love kermit the frog, but he's never going to sound the same again. the voice behind him has been fired, canned. steve witness meyer has been the voice of the beloved frog since 1990 has been let go. he's been with the muppets since 1978 in a blog posted a dressing fans he said, i am devastated to have failed in my duty to my hero. it's not clear why he was fired. the voice of kermit will be lee in october until then muppets performer matt vogel will take over the role. a single tweet about a mental health day sparks a national debate on whether companies should take that
5:40 pm
seriously. a woman who works at a michigan tech firm e-mailed her team saying she would be take off for a mental health day. her ceo supported her decision. she was so surprised she posted the exchange on twitter and boy did she get people talking. people responding that all companies should treat mental health the same as physical sick days. some companies have moved on from giving employees a set number of sick and vacation days and personal days to a flat set of paid time off. >> people don't talk about it very much, and so i think that is probably why, you know, this dialogue and that tweet and resulting media attention is going so big, because we sort of touched on this topic a lot of people are feeling every day but not a lot of people are talking about it. >> some psychologists say the time away from the daily grind can help and may even make employees more productive when they come back. i'm all for that. >> i am definitely all for that. i'm taking vacation next
5:41 pm
week. >> all right. i'll be on vacation. not just mental health. >> not just a personal day. right. before you head down the shore this weekend, are you shoobie? i think you are. [ laughter ] >> you know the definition. we'll fill n. it's your chance to own a piece of heaven on earth. literally. you can buy moon dust. sean? good evening, dawn. could the phillies make a few trades before the july 31st deadline. manager pete mackanin believes so. hear from the skipper later in sports.
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♪ it's a story that captured
5:45 pm
headlines all over the country. breaking new details from bucks counsel tow tonight. two men are now facing murder charges for the killings of four men. bucks county authorities charging cosmo dinardo and sean kratz both 20 years old held without bail investigators say the four victims jimi patrick, dean finocchiaro, thomas meo and mark sturgis were shot and buried on a solebury township property belonging to dinardo's family. district attorney is crediting a deal made with dinardo to take the death penalty off the table with finding the body of jimi at its patrick which was in remote area away from the three other bodies. investigators say each murder started with a marijuana deal gone wrong. fox 29 keeping an eye on live ultimate doppler radar. we're all hoping the rain moves out for good for the weekend because as we take live look at wildwood lots of people like vacationing down at the shore. many probably heading to the beach today. and we hear there's a name for
5:46 pm
those day trippers. let's consult the dictionary and we're looking at the word shoobie. urban dictionary says shoobie is a regional nickname denoting a tourist to the southern new jersey shore. well, is that really a shoobie? here's hank. ♪ shoobie somebody comes to the beach that. he that the they got their arms full of toys for the kids. got a tent to set up. they're putting on spray tan. so they don't get sunburn on the beach. their feet are white. they haven't had their shoes off in while and they'll lay on the beach until they become a lobster. that's what a shoobie. >> reporter: if i'm going to the south shore to research shoobie i'm going over the rail. that's what a shoobie would be. it's hank i'm in avalon with charter boat captain jim lutz. do shoobies go swimming over the boat. >> i usually dope let them.
5:47 pm
sometimes they fall overboard. >> that's all right. >> hey. >> reporter: man overboard. you may know from shoobies wickipedia calls south jersey term for day trippers someone who goes to the beach for the day. >> all right captain i'm ready when you are. >> reporter: captain jim took me out on his 25-foot did you say key like he does for shoob shoobies all summer long. he loves them. >> they make the town. i mean it wasn't for shoobies we wouldn't have a town. they come to eat at the restaurants charter my boat. without shoobies there would be nobody here in town. >> reporter: most people say the term comes from the shoe b boxes that day trippers used to bring their lunches in in stone harbor the parents know it but even the smart kids weren't all that familiar. >> did you guys know what a shoobie was? >> no. >> fair enough. you guys, did you? it's all right. it doesn't mean -- it just means you're not 50 years old. on the beach what captain jim said seemed clear people had every variety of tent, chair, apparatus, i never been willing to carry that much stuff to the beach. i'm lucky if i carry a towel.
5:48 pm
the tall guy at town zen inlet bridge gave me his break down. >> very nice people. you can only take them for so long. >> reporter: i 20 see joe roberts busy cooking at his restaurant in sea isle city called shoobies how could he not know. >> down for a day, dip in the bay, home in a you are hurry red as a cherry. >> joe loves the local. they eat at home not the folks that he named his spot after. >> the guy down for a day he's on the beach he's going out to lunch. if it's nice day he'll stay and eat din are in. >> reporter: thank you again. i'll see you i'm a shoobie no one calls me one. i went to high school in beach community i feel at home at the shore. it could be the people are just nice and the term is sliding out of vogue. whoever you are, whatever you call yourself, the beach remains the best and trust me, the shore is happy to have you even if just for a day. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ summer's down in north wildwood we pointing at shoe bees.
5:49 pm
the socks coming down the beach or something like that. you always could point out the shoobies but very important to the economy. >> absolute a waiting for to you yell at me and say you're a shoobie. >> you are. >> i go to the mountains. all right. >> we'll bring you to the shore. to your health, birth control apps are not a new concept but one in particular gaining attention. it's the first birth control app to be certified for use as contraception. women take their temperature every morning and enter it into the app which considers that another fact such as cycle irregular lolls and sperm survival. algorithm tells a woman if it's a red day when she's likely to get pregnant or a green day when she's not fertile. >> okay. a new study tonight finding a new risk for obesity. inequality of physical activity that study out of stanford looked at how many steps men and women from 111 countries took. they found that countries where some people walked more than others have a higher rates of obesity. they're calling that gap the activity inequality.
5:50 pm
some items that are literally out of this world are set to go on sale in new york. how about that us? some moon dust along with tiny lunar rocks collected by neal armstrong zipped up and ready to be sold at auction. >> we're talking real moon dust. fox's jackie ibanez takes a closer look. >> reporter: this is the bag astronaut neal armstrong used to collect moon dust during the first ever lunar landing. it will soon go up for auction sotheby's in new york. traces of lunar dust and tiny moon rocks are still imbedded in the bag. >> it was an outer decontamination bag it was used to protect those samples from potential contamination from us on planet berth it also protect the spacecraft planet earth from any potential contamination of lunar pathogens. >> bag has been on nearly half century trajectory during which it was misidentified in nearly landed in the crash. made of the same fire retardant material as space suits it's
5:51 pm
expected to sell for anywhere from 2 million to $4 million. >> if you send it to nasa they're lunar sample curator and tested it and found it was not only lunar material but in fact tuft from the apollo 11 mission. further lee shows the bag was in fact the bag that neal armstrong used to bring back that very first sample on o app pal low 1. >> other items armstrong's snap chat of on the moon. >> many people do think of it as one of the greatest american achievements. americans were the first ones to set foot on the moon. they were the ones that -- the only ones who have. no one else has done it. >> sotheby's space exploration auction takes place july 20th the 48th anniversary of the pioneer lunar landing on that date in 1969. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news.
5:52 pm
pretty cool stuff but $2 million for moon dust is a little bit -- >> if you got the money somebody will pay for it. >> i guess. what happens in vegas stays in vegas unless you buy really odd stuff from a shop that specializes in the bizarre. and stay with us at 6:00. we have so much breaking news. our live team coverage of the missing men murders in bucks county. ♪
5:53 pm
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a slimy ight on oregon highway as police and local authorities respond to the rollover of a seafood livestock truck it dumped eels all over the road. several vehicles were said to be affected by the slippery situation. the oregon state police say the truck was transporting the eels to be shipped to korea. oh, boy. take look at this a woman taki g a selfie caused about 200 grand in damage at an art exhibition in los angeles. check this out. surveillance video of the woman walking along the right row she niels down and bumping into one of the stands then just like domino's each one falls over knocking that art into peaces. one of the artists said that were three skull tours permanently damaged. other has varying degrees of
5:57 pm
damage there. store in las las vegas contains the strangest items you can fi find. >> almost all of them are for sale. fox news' andrea craft has more on this very unique establishment. >> reporter: preserved human foot, works by picasso and skulls and bugs las vegas oddi oddities has thousands of bizarre items. owner donna has been collecting things that spark curiosity since he was 13 years old. >> i had to have anything that was rare. if it was rare, i needed it. i wanted it. i'm a little -- i'm getting a little older now and my wife is -- she's on me all the time that you know our kids don't want it any more, and why are you buying this and, you know, it's the thrill of the hun the thrill of the find. >> reporter: almost all of the items are for sale. except the ones that are specially price listed denar yous can't part with them. he makes sure to verify the authenticity of items before they go on the showroom floor.
5:58 pm
>> the nicest they know about it i knew the history on it. i knew the person that got it and i passed that on to the buyer and you know this hopefully is something he'll, you know, have it all his life and he can pass the story on to whoever he gives it to. then perpetuate the story forever. >> reporter: one of the major attractions is the large scale wax replica the last supper bought from madam tussaud's in the '60's and the soviet space suit of the first woman to conduct a space walk. >> probably won't buy anything but we -- i saw i think it's a dead cat carcass. and i just fell in love with it. >> damaris has another warehouse close to the store that is full to the brim with more of the crazy, the old and the hitter 86. he spent the last 45 years amassing hess collection and he has no intention of stopping. in las vegas andrew craft, fox news. >> that's a place i might skip. >> i'm so disappointed she already bought the dead cat
5:59 pm
carcass. good i was going to get that for birthday present. >> moving on. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00, breaking news. the bodies of four missing men found and identified. >> that we brought four young men one step closer to their loved ones and so that they can rest in peace. >> tonight, two men charged with their murders. fox 29 goes there and asks why. >> what makes him kill these people? why does he want to shoot them? ♪ >> in a story that has gripped the nation, fox 29 has team coverage live at 6:00. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ we begin with some severe weather down the jersey shore tonight. take live look at wildwood right now the rain is pouring down
6:00 pm
there. we understand lightning and thunderstorms rolling through cape may county as we speak. your fox 29 weather authority is just minutes away. but first, breaking details right now at 6:00 in the deaths of four bucks county men. murdered. tonight, we now know two people are behind bars in connection with this horrific case charged in the gruesome killings. thanks for joining us at 6:00 i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. no bail tonight for the two men accused in this solebury slayings. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo and sean kratz prosecutors say they shot and killed all four men. the bodies of those victims all found and identified tonight. now the grizzly details are emerging about their cold-blooded killings. we have team coverage tonight. bruce gordon has been learning more about the second man arrested in this case but we begin with fox 29's jeff cole. jeff you pressed the bucks county da for answers today. >> reporter: well, chris it was finally an opportunity to ask him some questions w


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