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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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bucks county. prosecutors giving the grizzly details. keep it here. your news starts in 30 seconds. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at ten. right now at 10:00 a nightmare. mysterious case that's lasted for more than a week. what started out as a missing
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person's investigation for four men in bucks county ends in tragedy with two men now charged with their murders. today investigators positively identified all of the victims found shot then buried on solebury township property. they are indeed the four men reported missing last week. now tonight, two men are under arrest and charged with the murders. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn tim feature there's no bail tonight for the two men accused of in these solebury township slayings. we have team coverage of the bombshell developments. our dave kinchen talked to community members in bucks county shaken from what's happened in their neighbor. let's begin with shawnette wilson live with the very latest. shawnette. >> reporter: well, dawn and chris, dinardo and kratz are charged with multiple counts of murder, conspiracy, abuse of a corporation and weapons charges and they're both being held as you mentioned without bail after an a rain many this afternoon. >> we've brought four young men one step closer to their loved ones and so that they can rest
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in peace. >> reporter: bucks county district attorney matt weintraub emotion filled and relieved friday to bring some sense of closure to the distraught families he have these young men and to announce charges against the two believed to be responsible for the murders. >> as you know, from what you've seen over the week, we did find three of those young men buried deep within the ground under an old oil tank that was convert flood a cooker about 12 and a half feet down. >> reporter: they are dean finocchiaro, mark sturgis and tom meo. exchange for deal with cosmo dinardo who investigator say confessed to the murders fourth victim jimi patrick's body also found. >> we'd still be looking for jimi patrick had we not made this agreement. i rode there in car on the same site as the other three men were found. it was so far away that i started getting stick my stomach on the ride. >> reporter: the details of what happened to these 19 and 20-year-old bucks county boys
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are sickening. investigators say in a confession thursday by cosmo dinardo on july 5th and he jimi patrick went to the corn field where he shot patrick after a marijuana deal went bad. and buried him in 6-foot deep grave. dinardo also says at the same corn field sean kratz he refers to as his cousin since dean finocchiaro. denardo fires at him while he's on the ground. kratz says never shot the vict victim. on july 7th mark sturgis and thomas mayo went up to dinardo and go to field where he shot meo in the back and sturgis as he tried to run. investigators say all the murders are linked to marijuana deals. but as for why dinardo and kratz allegedly killed the young men -- >> i'm not really sure if we could ever answer that question. >> reporter: investigators say dinardo told them he dug a 12-foot common grave with his dad's backhoe and dropped the three bodies in a large tank and dumped them. he also says he drove over meo with the tractor and tried to burn the three bodies.
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and dinardo and kratz are being housed at different prisons. investigators say they want to keep thiemia bart for their safety, the safety of other prisoners and witnesses as well. also, on another note community vigil to promote healing in the wake of all of this will happen here in the garden of reflecti reflection. it will happen on sunday at 7:30. dawn. >> shawnette, thank you. so who exactly is sean kratz the accomplice of cosmo dinardo in the three murder murders of r men. he's dinardos 'cuz sin end lived in northeast philadelphia. >> bruce gordon now with more from neighbors who know him. >> reporter: police using metal detectors spent friday morning scowering a property linked to sean michael kratz on susquehanna avenue in ambler. the search would ultimat ultimad to the recovery of 357 handgun believed used to commit series of heinous crimes. with kratz hip deep in the violence. next door bail hail and his wife looked on in stunned sadness. >> nice kid as far as you know. >> nice kid. >> reporter: any sense of violence. >> no.
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>> reporter: he showed you guns. >> he showed me guns. >> that doesn't mean anything. >> no. and he had shotguns on the hill in the back. but that's beside the point. >> reporter: never heard him shooting the guns. >> no. >> reporter: court documents say kratz teamed up with cosmo dinardo his cousin in the murders of dean finocchiaro, mark sturgis and tom meo. all three lured to dinardo's bucks county farm property by the promise of drug deals. kratz claims in the documents that dinardo water trigger man. but admits he was on hand for the murders of and the burials. charges against kratz include abuse corporation, dinardo for his part insists kratz fired the fatal shot at finocchiaro. it was denardo's confession that led authorities to kratz's philadelphia home late thursday night. police took kratz into custody and obtained a confession that shook those next door neighbors in ambler. >> i can't believe it. i can't believe it. i don't want to believe it. >> reporter: long after investigators had left the kratz property, we paid a visit to the lutheran church down the road.
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i asked a congregant because the evil in their midst. >> very sad. very sad. tragic. tragic all these lives that were lost and the families whose lives there never be the same. my heart goes out to them. >> reporter: only 20 sean kratz is no stranger to trouble. kratz told the judge he has two odd pending criminals cases unrelated to this matter he's currently recovering from having been shot several months ago. he remains behind bars next due in court july 31st. in ambler, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. as we continue to learn more details about this tragedy the community where this all unfol unfolded well they're trying to make sense of what happened. >> fox 29's dave kinchen live in doylestown tonight. dave, residents across bucks county reflecting really trying to regain a sense of normalcy. >> reporter: yeah, many trying to figure out what normal means now after this tragedy. many people new the victims, many new of people who knew the victims. others didn't know them at all.
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but they're still heart broken nonetheless. ♪ >> reporter: a song of hope in a community still reeling. >> i've noticed that people are a little bit on guard than they normally are. that's to be expect you know, and i think they're just kind of like -- they're looking for a way to almost forget that it happened. >> reporter: local singer joey reich man is still trying to understand the murder of four bucks county men earlier this month. >> the loss of a sibling of mine when i'm just off doing my own thing would be terrible. it would be pretty catastrophic honestly. >> reporter: we found people trying to follow their normal friday night routine in doylestown but many don't know what normal feels like any more. >> it's a little disturbing when something hits that close to home. >> reporter: justin bittner says he already saw a sign of coming together tonight. >> we just were eating dinner and the da was eating -- right next to us, and a lot of people, upping, were buying him drinks, wanted to buy him food. wanted to buy his dinner. i think people are very
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supportive of, you know, the efforts to bring these people -- this fellow to justice. >> reporter: across bucks county about a dozen people came out to the garden of reflection for just that. reflection. this woman's step dad is one of the first responders. >> he had one thought and that was to find these boys and bring closure to these families. and that's all he would say to us. come home we need to find these boys. >> reporter: while suspects mull over the murder charges facing them many struggle to understand how so many young lives could be taken so violently. >> it's just such a sad story to hear. i feel fort families. sympathize witness entire town. >> yeah. especially since it's people so young. kids that are only 19, 20 they didn't even get to experience like, their own tire lives it's just awful. >> reporter: it really is. the community healing will continue on sunday at the 9/11 garden of reflection in yardley at 7:30 p.m. we're told it's a vigil for the community to come out and rhee
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remember. back to you. >> all right, dave, thanks. of course this story developed quickly over the past several days. lots of twists and turns as the clues begin to come together to solve a mystery. that began last week. ♪ the gut wrenching nine days began july 5th with the disappearance of 19-year-old jimi patrick reported missing to the newtown township police. july 6th the next day, the last day anyone sees dean finocchiaro alive. july 7th, mark sturgis tells his dad he's going to meet with friend and co-worker tom meo. the last day either of them are seen or heard from again. july 9th, cosmo dinardo is interview by bucks county detectives and denies any involvement in the disappearan disappearances. the tenth the investigation including search teams with federal, state and local authorities focus their search on the vast solebury township dinardo farm. cosmo is then arrested on an
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unrelated gun charge. but less than 24 hours later, he's released from jail after his dad posts a $100,000 cash bond. on the 12th, dinardo is rearrested a day later this time accused of stealing a car belonging to one of the victims. bail now is set at $5 million cash. on july 13th, the confession. dinardo admitting shooting and burying all four men in an exchange for a promise that prosecutors will not seek the death penalty. we also learn a second man is wanted for the murders. and late friday, police arrested and charged dinardo along with his 20-year-old cousin sean kratz in the solebury slayings. ♪ >> of course, fox 29 has been your source since this story broke for the latest updates from investigators, of course, stay with us on air and online
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as news on this story develops. on your radar tonight did you happen to get caught in one of those drenching downpours? live look at wildwood. severe weather rumbled through parts of our area earlier tonight. the shore was one of those spots. it came with thunder, lightning and some pounding rain. and some showers well they're still lingering around out there. took a walk with my umbrella. >> i heard the shore got pounded tonight. scott williams. >> down the shore saw a lot of heavy rainfall, chris and dawn. anywhere from two to 3-inches of rain. look at ultimate doppler that heavy rainfall now pulling away from the delaware beaches and also down the shore we'll zoom in closer a lot of heavy rain for cape may, wildwood, avalon toward places like ocean city with all of that heavy rain. numerous storm and damage reports across the area as well. some trees down in chester county also parts of salem county, numerous winds gusting over 50 miles an hour and we'll zoom in toward the avalon area take look at that.
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lightning struck a car and it caught on fire. also, several cars were caught in high water down the shore due to all of the heavy rain so once again, from lancaster, chester county, salem, comer land, into sections of cape may anywhere from two and a half to 3-inches of that rain. the cold front will be pushing through. so coming up we'll talk about a beautiful upcoming weekend with heat and humidity relief. back to you. >> that sounds good, scott, thank you. up next police in south jersey on the hunt for pair of credit card thieves. wait until you hear what police say the duo spent $7,000 on once they got their hands on someone's stolen credit card. and a workplace debate. waging on. aside from vacation days and sick days, the viral conversation about taking a mental health day. ♪
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♪ our top story tonight, two men being held without bail in a bucks county jail tonight. both facing murder charges in deaths of four men. prosecutors charging cosmo dinardo and sean kratz both 20 years old with the murders making headlines around the country. investigators say each murder started with a marijuana deal gone wrong. >> happening now in camden county, police are searching for a pair of thieves. duo allegedly stole a woman's purse a panier row bread in voorhees. >> it gets worse. fox 29's joanne pileggi live outside voorhees police department with the story. joanne? >> reporter: chris. these operators new exactly what they were doing. police say they moved quickly. they stole the wallet and then
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went right across the street to a target store where they used stolen credit cards to buy gift cards. now police here in voorhees are asking for the public's help to find the thieves. it all started here at this panier row bread on white horse road in voorhees a couple of week ago. >> one of the patrons was dining with some friends and the perpetrator walked past her and grabbed her wallet out of the her handbag which she had drawn over the back of the chair. >> reporter: and then the person who lifted the wallet from the unsuspecting victim made a quick and calculated mo move. going from panera across the street to target. >> once the perpetrator left the panera bread they immediately came here to the target. there's two actors as of right now that we know of. they both entered the store. the one female actor then took the credit cards and bought several gift cards at high end value totaling close to $7,000. >> reporter: you might think that purchase would seem a little shift tee if you were working the register. but cops say the perps went to
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self check out and -- >> there's no one there to check your id or check your credit card to ensure you are indeed the purchase person purchasing those items. >> after the victim got alerts of suspicious activity, police quickly responded and grabbed time surveillance video. they captured these photos of the suspects leaving the store one with a cell phone in hand. another with a bag of visa gift cards, and then taking off in this late model black car. >> right now we're just looking at several suspects who have similar habits in criminal histories in this kind of field. >> reporter: well if you recognize the man or woman scene in the surveillance video, voorhees police would like to hear from you. now, coming up at 11:00, we'll tell you where police say the stolen gift cards tend to be used after a crime like this. chris, back to you. >> joanne, we'll see at 11:00. thanks. state police in pennsylvania are investigating the death of a state trooper after his cruiser crashed into a garbage truck.
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this happening this morning in westmoreland county just outside of pittsburgh. trooper michael stewart was kill in the crash. his partner in the cruiser suffered a concussion. the cause of the crash is still being investigated. montgomery county officials have confirmed the county's first overdose death related to the potent opioid car fentanyl. toxicology reports found the drug in 43-year-old man who was found dead in lower merion township back on june 10th. car fentanyl was developed as tranquilizer or elephants. it is 10,000 times more potent than heroin and hundred times more potent and that the chemical similar to it fentanyl. develop to go night, another obama directive could bite the dust. the trauma and administration may change guidance about how to deal with sexual assaults on college campuses. >> as correspondent kristin fisher reports there's new focus into the rights of the accused. >> reporter: for rape survivors like jessica davidson the obama air guidelines which crack down on sexual assault on
10:18 pm
college campuses were a god se send. >> the government administration took this very seriously and sent a leadership signal to that they too should take this seriously. >> reporter: but for students wrongfully accused of committing such acts and their parents, they say that same guidance has been a nightmare. >> not only are they expelled or suspended, but at the same time their believe in the american system collapses. >> reporter: new education secretary betsy devos is considering reversin reversing e nine guidance after meeting yesterday with all sides, the secretary said it's clear chan changes must maybe. she didn't say what those changes will look like. >> no student should feel the scales are tipped against him or her. >> really worried about that going away and us going back to the time when survivors if they reported were not taken seriously. >> reporter: now, the number of sexual violence cases currently being investigated by the department of education has exploded since that guidance was put in mace. in 2014, just 55 colleges and
10:19 pm
universities were under investigation. today, that number has more than quadrupled to 242. a group that represents many of those institutions told us today that they want to do the right thing but they need to know what the right thing is. they need more clarity about the guidance. so they think that these listening sessions like the ones yesterday are a good thing. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. and here's hank flynn with what's coming up on fox 29. >> reporter: it's hank. i'm in a rainy dover, delaware, city trying to shine a light on its crime issues but will it work? hang's take coming up. and some local brides are devastated left without their wedding gowns much the bridal chain gone bank rupp. one bride finding out on social media her dream dress may never come. ♪
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♪ you got to check this out massive sink hole swallowing homes in florida neighborhood today. all caught on camera you see. the more than 200-foot wide hole opening in land o lakes florida destroying the road forcing a bunch of evacuations there. officials saying the damage it's not done yet. this scholl still active and continuing to widen. fortunately, so far no one is hurt. >> develop to go night a stressful time gets even more stressful for some brides who are customers at a popular
10:23 pm
bridal store chain. they say that alfred angelo boutiques closed all 60 of its locations with little to no warning. many of those brides are left wondering if they'll even have wedding dress for their big day. fox 29's sabina kuriakose talked to the brides who were customers. she joins us in studio with more. sabina? >> chris and dawn, how awful is this. you splurge for the big day now you're out the money and the dress. so we were at an alfred angelo store in south jersey where some of these panicked brides were frantically trying to figure out if they would get that dress. but they couldn't even get through the front door. >> we already paid in full for our dresses. we just want to pick them up please. >> reporter: chaos outside the angelan alfred angelo boutique n cherry hill friday morning as dozens of brides rush to the bankrupt retailer. they were lock out months even weeks before their wedding day. >> i was never informed that i wasn't getting my dress. i found out through friends and
10:24 pm
social media. >> reporter: stacey and her mom debbie upset but determined to stay positive her dress was set to be delivered within the next two weeks. >> i just feel, you know, sad for her because she found the perfect gown. >> reporter: even the workers here were shell shocked telling us they only recently learned the brand was shuddering all 60 of its stores across the count country. they spent the morning handing off dresses that already been delivered. >> you're out all that money? >> yes. it's paid in full. report roar this groom showed us his receipt. he's out more than $700 for bridesmaid gowns. for the dresses that were not already delivered to the stores, brides were told to call this attorney's number posted to the door. we tried calling it, but we got no answer. >> nobody expected it in the industry. i mean alfred angelo has been in business since 1933. >> boutique owner sue of jay west bridal in haddonfield says the bankruptcy is a black eye on the bridal business. she doesn't carry the brand but reaching tout brides who need
10:25 pm
help. >> planning a wedding is stressful enough, so this is something that didn't need -- need to happen. >> i was so excited because i found it. i was happy. and now it's just a big let down. we called and we e mailed alfred angelo but our messages were not returned. now, sue the bridal store owner that you saw there says if you can believe it there is a silver lining here. it's the timing of the bankruptcy. she is the chair of the national bridal sale which is set to begin tomorrow at hundreds of stores. it's the biggest designer discount sale of the year. we want to help you out, too. there's more information on that on our website. dawn? >> thanks sabina. such a horrible thing for bride to go through. but appreciate it. ♪ up next murder charges filed against two men in connection with the cold-blooded killings of four men in bucks county. our jeff cole breaking it all down. and our scott williams is tracking your ever important weekend forecast. scott? >> hi there, dawn. a lot of folks probably headed
10:26 pm
down the shore right now it's still kind of damp and dreary at morey' peers. we'll talk about that forecast for the shore. the city and the poconos coming up. and shining a light on areas where crime is a problem but can it really put an end to it? our hank flynn explores. ♪ where are we?
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develop to go night two, 20-year-old could you see since cold-blooded killers. dinardo and kratz being held without bail tonight. bucks county district attorney says dinardo is charged with killing four men, kratz three of them. prosecutors say the victims were shot and buried at the hands of those two men. >> jeff cole reports on the grizzly details emerging about the solebury slayings. >> reporter: for days the bucks county da met reporters in a lot not far from the corn field where the search for the missing was on going. friday, the setting was county offices. >> we've brought four young men
10:30 pm
one step closer to their loved ones and so they can that rest in peace. >> reporter: according to cosmo dinardo's thursday confession, jimmy patrick the gifted college student on a full scholarship was the first to die. on july 5th he and dinardo went to the corn field where the 20-year-old says he shot him after a pot deal went bad with a 22 caliber rifle and buried him in 6-foot deep grave. next to be killed dean finocchiaro. also at the corn field a 20-year-old man now arrested and described as his cousin sean kratz shoots him with dinardo's mother's 357 handgun. dinardo fires at him while on the ground. kratz says he didn't shoot finocchiaro. finally on the seventh of july, mark sturgis and thomas meo meet dinardo in a lot at nearby peddler's village they leave meo's car in garage on the dinardo family owned property and go to the field where
10:31 pm
dinardo shoots meo in the back with a 357 and sturgis as he runs. >> what makes him kill these people? why does he want to shoot them? >> jeff, i don't have that. i'm not really sure if we could ever answer that question. >> reporter: all the killings are linked to pot deals says the da. dinardo has told investigators he digs a 12-foot common grave with his dad's backhoe and drops the three bodies in a large tank. later seen being trucked from the field and dumps them in. he also says he drove over meo with the tractor and tried to burn the three bodies. dinardo was charged friday with multiple counts of murder, conspiracy, abuse of a corporation and weapons charges. kratz faces three murder counts and other offenses. they both were are a raped this afternoon by a county magistra magistrate. weintraub got the confession from denardo after taking the death penalty off the table. friday he defended the move. >> your belief had you not offered him the deal of no death
10:32 pm
penalty you don't get patrick's body? >> we'd still be looking. i know that much. i can't predict the future, but that is what i believe. >> reporter: the district did not expect cosmo dinardo's mother to face charges because her son used her gun in the killings. and he praised the families of the victims for their grace and dignity. in doylestown, i'm jeff co cole, fox 29 news. >> coming up at 11:00 we continue our team coverage on the solebury murders. shawnette wilson and dave kinchen having live reports. philadelphia city leaders today educating community members about how to strengthen families. the philadelphia department of human services hosting third annual strengthening families submit at school district headquarters on broad street. this year's theme, strong fami families create strong communities. the all-day conference included several panels covering different ways to make families stronger. >> the way that we're going to fix the problems facing the city and facing poverty and crime and
10:33 pm
all the substance abuse issues is we all have to work together and share each other's pain and sare each other's successes. >> strengthening families is a nationwide implementing research based strategies to increase family strength enhance child development and reduce child abuse and neglect. tonight on hang's take it's a question you really could ask in a lot of places. could more lighting in tough neighborhoods help reduce crime? >> well, one group in central dover, delaware s bound and determined to find out. here's our hank flynn with the story. ♪ initiative try to get the residents to keep their lights on and calling the police if they see any unusualable activity outside their homes. >> reporter: it's hank i'm in rainy central dover, a group call lights on dover strong encouraging people to keep the front and back porch lights on to reduce crime. can it work? my take is, the jury is out but it's worth a
10:34 pm
shot. will grimes is excited about the lights on program. the coordinator for restoring central dover says more light in tough neighborhoods is a proven tool for reducing crime if central dover residents buy in. and he says they will. >> the residents are really committed to the fact that if they see anything they'll make calls to the police department. >> reporter: it's been done to varying degrees of success in other towns. despite its population of 37,000, dover had 19 shootings this year by july. four of them fatal. the dover police spokesman told me today the department is all for the program and good things from it program will install led lights on front porches and motion sensor back porch lights free of charge with no bump to the electric bill. the question is, will it work? >> it's not going to light up the whole street. if you light up the street, all show old houses that need to be torn down. >> reporter: charles was mowing the lawn live long dover resident says he's got his doubts about the program's capacity to curb bad behavior. >> lights a good idea, but it's
10:35 pm
not going to stop anything. >> reporter: tracy jefferson was out on the porch with friends and she shared this as the rain set in. >> if people are going to commit a crime, they're going to commit a crime. um, but at this point, anything you can dumb down or play down the things that are going on in these neighborhoods i'm all for it. >> reporter: university of albany center for problem oriened policing says that more lighting increases informal surveillance. in other words more people on porches or out walking and increases the chances of apprehension of people committing crimes. it also adds there are drawbacks to me the question is neighborhood buy in for lighting or anything else a success and failure of any neighborhood down to the people who live there. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ coming up a workplace debate raging on aside from vacation days and sick days, the tweak
10:36 pm
going viral about taking a mental health day. and kermit had it right. it ain't easy being green. guy behind that famous frog learned that lesson the hard way. ♪ it's not easy being green ♪ seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things ♪
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♪ check this out. a slimy sight on oregon highway police and local authorities respond to the rollover of a seafood truck that dumped eels all over the road. several vehicles were said to be affected by the slippery situation. the oregon state police say the truck was apparently transporting the eels to be shipped to korea. well we all know and love kermit the frog. >> yeah, but he's never going to sound the same again. the voice behind him has been fired. steve witness meyer whose been the voice of the beloved frog since 1990 has been let go. he's been with the muppets since 1978 and in a blog posted a dressing fans he said "i am devastated to have failed in my duty to my hero" it's not clear why he was fired. the voice of kermit will be re cast in october.
10:40 pm
muppets performer matt vogel will take over the role. no comment from miss pig good yet. >> interesting. a single tweet about a mental health day sparks a national debate. >> a woman who works at a michigan tech firm tweeting out this e-mail exchange with her boss after he supported her decision to take a mental health day. and it got a whole lot of people talking. thousands of people widely supporting this woman. many saying that every can you company should treat mental health days the same as physical sick day. some companies have moved on from giving employees a set number of sick, vacation and personal days just to flat set of paid time off. >> people don't talk about it very much and so i think that is probably why, you know, this dialogue in that tweet resulting media attention is going so big because we sort of touched on this topic a lot of people are feeling every day but not a lot of people are talking about it. some psychologists say time away from the daily grind can
10:41 pm
help and may even make employees more productive when they come back. i'm all for that. >> i am, too. all right. coming up, heading on vacation? instead of picking a spot on the map, why don't you pick some tasty foods. we'll explain how some people are putting the focus on food when they go away. >> doesn't sun like a bad idea. scott williams tracking your weekend forecast. scott? >> hi there, dawn. that all important weekend forecast. a cold front is going to be on the move, what will it mean for the upcoming weekend? new information coming up next. ♪
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that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
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sad update. brandywine valley spca telling us tonight harmony a cat that was hospitalized last week following a fire at that shelter has pass the away. a woman and three other cats all died last sunday after car crashed into the spca. police say latoya cooper lost control of her vehicle that she was driving along south street. there are all kinds of adventure kind of vacations but a growing number of people aren't exactly focused on the destination per se. >> that's right. instead they've got their eyes on the food.
10:45 pm
fox's kelly ring shows us how to let your taste buds lead the w way. >> reporter: for some, vacation means heading to the beach. maybe a theme park. as the travel product manager for triple a -- >> norris and venice. >> julio so tow is mixing the love of food with travel creating packages for culinary vacations. he says the interest in these types of tiffs is being driven by millennials and social media. >> they are moving the trending toward culinary more so than any other ages because they want to take the picture of the steak or lobster want have you and they want to share it immediately. while they're doing it. and i think that in itself has revolution knifed the way that we think of travel as it relates to culinary experiences. >> sean. >> winner of season seven of
10:46 pm
fox's master chef, sean o'neill is on board with the idea. literally. >> vacation in the stunning waters of the caribbean. >> he offers cooking demonstrations to fans on the master chef culinary cruise. >> the love that you get from the fans is incredible. this people just want to soak up knowledge. they just want to learn and they want to eat and that's what we're there to do. we give them, you know, our different styles so they get different takes from every master chef contestant it's an mazing time. >> reporter: mike goldman and his mother are visiting sarasota from wales. >> we love coming to look at new places. doing culinary tour it gifts you the restaurants but gives you the flavor of the local food. >> a lot of people on the tours are real foodies. >> get the food wrong, it's over. >> they travel around the world just to taste food in different areas of the world. then you've got people that are newbees they're learning about foods. >> and while these tasty trips
10:47 pm
may expand your waistline they shouldn't break the bank. >> there are culinary experiences that can fit any budge these days. >> kelly ring, fox news. what a good idea. makes me hungry, though. >> yeah. took a cooking class in it whole i was ron vacation they threw me an apron and threw us to work. >> yeah. >> we were literally cooking food for the customers in the restaurant. >> how did it turn out? >> it actually turned out pretty good. we had good teachers. all right. luckily. the radar has calmed down. did you see it earl yell tonig tonight. it has calmed a lot down especially here in the city. setting up for a nice weekend. live look at the ben franklin parkway tonight. comfortable out there on this friday. what about the rest of your weekend. scott williams has the forecast in just 15 seconds.
10:48 pm
it's certainly was another warm and muggy day across the area. but the high believe it or in the in philadelphia only made it to 79 degrees. well below average for this time of year and ultimate doppler it was lit up. parts of south jersey, parts of delaware severe thunderstorms kind of rolled through the area on your friday evening but take look at the last several frames. the heaviest of of the rainfall it has now moved away from those shower points and the delaware beaches. a couple of spotty showers north and west that will enter into sections of the poconos. but look at the numerous wind damage reports. winds gusted over 50 miles an hour parts of new castle cun tee, also, down the shore some flood concerns also we had some degrees down in sections of cumberland county, salem county also into chester county. so certainly some hefty thunderstorms that moved through the region. so as we go hour by hour, once again maybe a left over spotty
10:49 pm
shower toward the pocono mountains but otherwise, we start to clear thing out for your saturday. the return of the sunshine. lower humidity as well. so tomorrow looking pretty good with seasonal high temperatures and once again the drop in the humidity. but look at the high temperatures for today. 87 degrees in wilmington. 84 atlantic city. and the rest of us pretty much stuck in the 70s. 79 once again in philadelphia. 79 in reading and trenton only 74 degrees for that high temperature today. with all of the cloud cover and also those thunderstorms in the vicinity kind of cooling things down. tell cher wise right now, pretty uniform. low to mid 70s across the area. mid 60s though in the poconos. so once again, still kind of stormy at times far north and west of the poconos with those leftover showers. 73 degrees for the overnight low and planning your day, for saturday -- clearing skies, lower humidity by noon, 83 degrees. 87 by the afternoon. mostly sunny. looking pretty good.
10:50 pm
down the shore, hey, a great weekend. 85 degrees tomorrow. low 80ing for your sunday. water temperatures mid 60s and it look like right now a low risk of rip currents f you're headed to the pocono mountains i know dawn timmeney loves the poconos this time of year. 76 degrees for saturday. 79 on sunday. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you seasonal week and but lower humidity then pop-up storms early next week and yes, it look like we could be tracking our fifth heat wave of the season by the middle and latter part of next week with highs back into the low 99s. back over to you. >> all right. looks a lot like july. >> sean brace, yes. >> thanks for that pocono forecast. >> um-hmm. get the poconos in there. >> sean brace standing by with ahead in sports. phils back to work. >> that's right, chris. there's new life when it comes to the phillies in the second half of the season which started tonight. i'll explain. we head down to sin city checking on the sixers and final
10:51 pm
summer league game. will any of these players be on the opening night roster. i have that answer an few good highlights next in sports. ♪ it's not carbonation. those bubbles are celebrating. ♪ right now, get $1 any size soft drink. only at mcdonald's. ♪
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frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie, how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ ♪ new half new season i'm not sure how the phillies are looking at it as they head into tonight's game versus the brewers are phillies are sitting at 29 games under 500. so the main focus for the
10:54 pm
players and the fans at this point is to hope a few players get hot and maybe a few teams come calling before the jul july 31st trade deadline. it was retro week mend mill walk wee phils rocking the baby blu blues. pete mackanin when playing for the phils actually wore those jerseys. brewers up four, bases loaded and no juice needed for this g guy. that's ryan braun. he's clean folks and he hits a grand slam. brewers up eight-two. to the sixth we missed this. there's the bat flip. herrera goes yard hits two run homer to right field. phillies within three. they are currently down nine-sex of six in the eighth. over to the hardwood my heart goes out the 76ers beat writer who have been in vegas the last ten days covering the sixers in summer league. 72 hours and i'm out. that's all you need. sixers and bulls. sixers up four in first quarter. talk about guy on the opening
10:55 pm
night roster he gets the steal and throws down a nice reverse jam. nba he traveled but no need to call that. bulls up 16. valentine drives to the basket and finds it wide open. remember this by ryan arcidiacono used to may for nova finished with 16 points on the night. bulls win, 99-82. hey ladies, wimbledon finals takes place tomorrow morning and since serena about to have a baby older since venus in the finals looking to become the oldest female wimbledon champion at the ancient age of 37. i'm 36. she's not that much older. she takes on garr bean in a at 9:00 a.m. sharp. over to the men side, wimbledon want to change the name of their tourney to the federers. folks roger federer heading back to his 11th wimbledon final. p in fact six matches in federer has yet to lose a set. he takes on marion, in the final on sunday. finally we hop into did he
10:56 pm
loran and go back to this date in 1970. a short haired player by the name of pete rose came chugging around third. >> charlie hustle. >> during all star game and knocked out catcher ray foss see the game was tied. bottom of the 12th rows said he wouldn't have plowed him over if he can get to the plate. fair our foul rose had somewhat decent career i would say. >> gentlemen will gender that guy. >> fair or fowl. >> fair. >> absolutely fair. only 72 hours for vegas in you. >> can't do a whole week. >> i tried. didn't leave my room. >> wow. >> that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. dawn timmeney standing by with what's coming up at 11:00 o'clock. dawn. chris, ahead at 11 a story that has captured not only our area but the country. this past week, police arresting two men cousins and today charging them with the murders of those four missing men in bucks county. we have team coverage coming up at 11:00 and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes.
10:57 pm
remember, your mega millions lottery drawing is next. keep it here.
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