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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 20, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i still love this song. i know they played it so much last summer, drake's one dance, and we're playing it because hip hop has now dethroned rock-and-roll music, as the most popular music genre. >> that's right. >> and drake, his summer 16 tour, the highest grossing hip hop tour ever. >> ya. >> so, hi, meredith. >> high. >> meredith from the q show, south philly meredith. good to see you. >> hi, morning. >> hip hop fan, rock fan, what genre? >> i listen to everything except country. >> you don't listen to country? >> just not the country chick. but i listen to everything else. >> every now and then, i listen to country, and cry. >> really? >> it is all sad. >> at love them are sad. >> some of them are angry,
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carry un wood. >> oh, i like her, oh, so maybe dow listen to some country. >> shanae's twaine. >> this that's country, that's not olds country. >> pop country. >> okay, that makes sense. >> but they're always driving trucks, and trains, and dirt roads and stuff and cheating. >> but mike, you love hip hop. >> oh, i probably listen to that more than any other jen, a and r&b. >> old school r&b. >> and you love drake. >> i'm big fan. >> you put pandora on and you put in motown, never get a bad song. >> never a bad song in motown. and i want to go to the concert last night, but it is too late. >> you didn't go. >> didn't go. >> oh, you're growing up, you're mature, i'm proud of you. >> this not drinking thing is really cramming my style. >> don't. >> before, when i was booze being it, i would go out there and stay after midnight. >> he was really thinking about it, too. >> i thought you would go. >> and instead what did you do? he went to the orchestra. >> i went to here up at the
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mann music center, what is happening to me? >> you're a newman. >> you're maturing, people with their families on picnic blankets and stuff, oh, god. good day everybody it is thursday, probably the last week every my life, july 20th, 2017. oh. kira sedgwick, married a philadelphia dude. she married kevin bacon. they met when she was 12. >> really? >> twelve. they ended up getting married, having couple of kids. now she's directing kevin bacon in a movie. >> and the best of the best, philadelphia magazine's best of issue hits news stands today. look at that cover. nice pizza. so, the surprising things you'll find, you know, they do the best restaurant, best place toss, who the best people, we will talk about it all and give you an inside scoop. >> i think it is their number one issue, people love, you know, rarely repeat, like restaurants, bars, and stuff like that. so people like to know.
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and i think that the people that read the magazine are the voters. >> oh,. >> of it, yes, yes, yes. so where is the best pizza, probably another -- anyway, somebody from philly mag is here. okay, so let's go check back in, did you hear what's happening? >> at the pal until. >> the palm, the renovated palm after a couple of years. >> is it done? >> phone for their charge at this tuscon l wall, so we shamed them into doing this for us. >> yes. >> it is bob kelly, sue serio, alex holley, then there is me, in my blue suit, and -- >> and you love your blue suit. >> would you say it is done, megan, in the control room? >> are they taking a lunch break? >> it looks like to to me but i don't have confirmation. >> think they'll add the sun behind good day or something? i don't know, but you look done. >> okay. >> we will zoom in on that eventually and show you the finished product when they put some accents on there. let's get into. >> this kevin hart is shutting down shame rumors, his wife is pregnant, right? >> a.m. evening owe, yes, he
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is. so there are photos, and a video out there. of course this is picture of kevin with his wife. >> okay. >> but these photos, and the video, basically, they were in, well, she was if the back seat after car, and he was in the car. and it happened at 5:00 in the morning in miami. >> okay? >> we can't show you the pictures or the video because we are not allowed to. >> why showing ultra sound, not sure? >> because his wife is pregnant. these are posts that they posted over the past couple every month. and see them in so in love, having a baby. people are shocked. >> supposed to make everyone more angry the fact had a that she is pregnant and he's out there doing this. >> touring around, has so much to promote. going city to sit. >> i recently his birthday, clubs and things having to make appearances and show up at a party to celebrate his birthday. >> so it gives him a pass to cheat. >> no. just explaining what he's been doing. >> but here is the thing. >> are you serious? like -- >> okay. >> although i will say the video doesn't even look like he is cheat to go me, doesn't look like he is kissing. >> doesn't look like anything,
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just talking. >> let's don't get ahead of ourselves. >> just saying. >> there is a video out there, somebody with a cell phone, standing across the street oral i and shooting at a car. now, inside the car is kevin, he's got his back against the dashboard, there is a woman, and i've seen this woman, she's very attractive. >> kind of reminds me of anico, his wife. >> she is sitting in the back, then it looks like female driver. i know, it is frustrating for you because we can't show this video. because we don't own it. >> and yes, we don't want to put out money for that. >> tell you what we do, let's recreate t go over to the green scene. >> can i drive? >> meredith, okay, you will be the driver. >> oh, so i have to be the girl? >> you're going to be the tart, i mean, the young lady. >> i don't want to be the other woman. i'll just be in the car. >> now, i understand there is was outside after club, right? >> beep beep. get in.
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>> yes. miami. >> i believe. it is 5:00 a.m. in miami. >> so 5:00 in the morning. >> well, it is miami. so this is what you see in the video. anyway to make it black and white? anyway you hear the noise of the cell phone video. and it is a little bit traffic going by. there you go. so imagine, we're inside. >> even though they aren't moving. that is park car. >> parked. in fact, kevin has the door open, he is his back against the dashboards, and at least one leg is out of the car on to the sidewalk. >> it, like he is leaning over though to talk to her over the seat. >> like he does get pretty close to her at a couple every points. >> when you take stills of it, freeze frames, individual stills, like he will be laughing and talking like there is but then he'll go in and talk to her real close. >> if she is like this it maybe looks like they're doing something. >> just take a shot like that of our two heads, that's a still frame. they took from the video. >> and that's what is kind of
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misleading, because they're putting these photos out, there then click on the video, it is four, five minute long, so just talking away. >> and take still frame of that. and it looks like we're kissing. >> yes. >> so if we were kissing, this is what it would look like. >> stop it. >> stop. >> so he eventually -- never really see this woman. but -- >> you never really see who i am, the woman in the back, until she gets out of the car. >> yes. >> should dow that part. >> he get up and leaves. okay? then the person keeps rolling, and then, ya, you get up, the young laid. >> i it is miami, so she has mid riff, she is walking, able ' her, then she goes across the camera. >> yes. >> that's my mike. >> you're right, little crop top on. and very sexy young laid. >> i yes. >> she is. >> all right. let's go back to the couch and discuss this. >> kevin hart says no, just laughing and having and talking in the car, that's what it looks like to me it,
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doesn't look like he was doing anything inapropriate. except if you're pregnant, and you're back 3,000 miles away from miami, and you see that, what due say? >> we discuss in the in the news room. and i follow kevin hart. i watch his stain gram stories. he post as l did he say maybe little while ago, i don't know how long ago, i'm out partying for meyer dirt day. i got permission from the wife to be out here, i'll have a good time. she saying it okay. i think it does get weirds though if, well, now, okay, putting this up. snow is his response, he put at the end of the day just got to laugh at the bs. we don't know if that's his response, but this was positioned after all the allegations came out. >> now, i think when he gets home, there is going to be a huge fight. >> you think? >> yes, i do. >> why is that? >> well, if that was my husband yes i gave you permission to go out and party. but i still don't want to see video of you at 5:00 a.m. in a car with women.
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>> beautiful women. >> i believe -- >> when i'm pregnant and hormonal and uncomfortable and hot and, no, uh-huh. >> what if you weren't pregnant? i don't think it would still fly. >> still doesn't fly. >> but questionable. >> any woman that i was dating or whatever, and saw that, this woe not be happen. >> i even if nothing happened. as a woman, like as your wife, just you don't want to see that. >> no. >> and it makes it worse that he is a celebrity. if that was just regular guy she would never even know, never have found out about it, it won't be all over the place. >> when you're well known, women and men, throw themselves at you. >> right. >> it is available everywhere go. >> oh, is that how it is? >> no one knows me. i've been around, kevin you've been around kevin, been around baseball players. women wait for them in the lobby. hotels. >> right. because ever sin from philly and we love kevin, we do, let me put this theory out there. when we've seen kevin he's never by himself. nos that he's too fancy, but entourage. what if he's in miami, they're partying because it is friday,
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i am aids assuming, entourage, maybe leaving the club and the girl is like oh, it is miami, i don't know, can you walk us to our car? oh, i will ' and jacks walks them to the car. oh, we had great time in the car talking oh, that was fun, wasn't it? ya, remember that bottle came out? blah blah blah, and he get up and goes home. >> you should and plan. >> that's his story to his wife. if he doesn't have a story that should be his store. >> i not that i'm a man, but i've heard a lot of excuses from the men. >> i don't know if i'm buying that one. >> you know somebody would try that. >> of course. >> literally guy in college toll me something similar to this, you want me to be mean? you don't juan me to be a gentlemany? can't walk her to the -- so i've been told that excuse. >> i had to walk her back to her apartment and i tripped and fell into her bed. >> this situation was they were at a bus stop, it was raining, right, because we lived off campus. we live in the same apartment complex. and so she, it was raining and she didn't have a booing back, he had a book bag, can i give you my books to put in your book bag, and that way you can
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have it so my books don't get ruined. sure. books are expensive, alex, what was i supposed to do. >> in. >> take her home. >> then she like well can i get your number so i can get my books later? ya. he was like i was being nice. >> that's right. it is the woman. it is the woman you should be blaming. >> ya, what? blame it all on her? >> that's right well. i don't know, i looked at it frame by frame. doesn't like like -- he is not touching her, not cutting her, and they left separately. >> she seems cool about it bus she recently posted over the past like last night, yes, nico did of her pregnant oh, doing great, guys, gave us update on the pregnancy. so they are not bothered. see, there she is, looking good. and i know like look what she is wearing, but posting pictures like this to show her belly periodically. >> close this out with this. how did kevin meet her? >> i don't know how they met. >> it wasn't in a car. >> there are accusations, you
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know, we don't know -- >> we don't know the real story. >> exactly. >> look at you. >> let's forget kevin hart. if you meet someone, and it is probably not appropriate relationship, isn't that always going to be in the back of the head? well, if you cleat with me, wouldn't you cheat on me? >> i would think so. that would always be in the back of my minds. >> i know that if you date somebody, and you ask them did you ever cheat on an ex-boyfriends, and they go, well, ya, but then gave you a excuse, that's always in your head the rest of the relationship. >> isn't that a phrase like how you get them is how you lose them? >> that's right. >> yes. >> but we're not saying that's connected. >> plain the first one wasn't the right one. >> now this next one, another hypothetical situation, just to get things going, start talking. >> yesterday we were driving to a shoot away, did you ever hear of lexington, south carolina, because you lived in south carolina look at this story. it is all over the internet. so this man, he's 56, he's
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been married to this woman for 17 years, 17 years. >> that's a long time. >> he's been sneaking away from the house to the outside of town to a motel and he's looking through the craigslist, and stuff like that, and he finds an escort. meet me at the old no-tell motel. >> i don't like the way you said oh, like that's wonderful. >> no. so he is cheating on his wife. the escort, prostitute, shows up at the motel door, he opens the door. it's his wife! >> of 17 years. i love that story. >> we were in a hour long car ride, he was like can you believe this? oh, my gosh. then he asked the question, so, once you get over the seaning, who was in the wrong here? is it the wife who is, you know, a woman of the night or is it the husband, who is being looking for a woman of the night? >> well at first when i heard the story i thought she somehow found out that he was doing this and she posed as a
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prostitute just to catch him. >> oh,. >> good their. >> i but that's not what happened. >> she really was. >> he's 56. the wife is 54. but she said on the post, on line, that she was 28. actually 26, i think. and the picture was just from the head down. wouldn't you recognize your naked wife though? >> you would think. >> yes? >> obviously they're not doing anything at home. >> or bodies change over time. >> that's your theory, they're not having sex. >> well, if she is a prostitute, if she is going out doing that. >> welshing maybe just for funds. >> just for funds? is it bee can't wrap yet. i have to tell you it, wasn't true. it was a fake story, i got sucked in, and now i'm very disappoint that this didn't happen. because it created debate. who is more wrong, him cheating on the wife or the wife cheating on him for money? >> well, at least she is
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getting a income. >> oh,. >> i'm kidding, kidding, kidding, a joke. >> they're both wrong. they don't need to be doing. that will so i guess that's why it is interesting they came together, because they could get ousted at the same time. >> although she probably cheat add lot more. >> i don't know, cobb a regular customer. >> true, co- >> just saying. >> if he's sleeping with a lot of women, she sleeping with a lot of men, what's the difference? she is making monday. >> well, now they're not together. >> well the whole thing was fake anyway. >> trowel. >> who creates these ind of stories? who sits at home? they should write books. that sounds like good novel. >> in all of the history the worlds, that has to have happened. >> so many people on earth, that had to have happened. >> madam tussauds washings museum in london, in you different cities including new york so we will put up the picture of beyonce, that is not her. >> of her wax fick.
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>> that's a wax figure. >> i think think it looks like khloe kardashian. >> well it looks like beyonce. >> what do they say, she is not the right complexion? >> they say her skin tone, white washed, and it doesn't really look like her skin tone. >> i think she is very light skinned to begin w i think -- >> isn't it just the way the light are shining on the wax? >> something off about it. >> people need to remember it is a wax figure. >> i at least want the wax figure look like her so i can fake all my friends. >> i've been up there. >> the whole point? >> yes. >> try to act like they met the celebrities? have sure. >> working at tv station in new york we brought in jennifer aniston, and brad
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pits' wax figures, i swear it was like they were standing there to the point of freaking me out. >> maybe it depends on the wax museum, too, i just saw a picture every jennifer aniston on line, her wax figure, and i thought it didn't look anything like her. >> i used to work in middle beach. i had to do morning live shows when it first opened up, there if you museum, i have to finds beyonce. i think sometimes people of color little more difficult to get the right skin tone, to get the right look. look how beyonce look at the wax museum in myrtle beach. that's her on the left in the black. >> she is look even whiter. >> her head and neck are one color her body part like her leg and her arms are another color. >> she doesn't look like her at all to me. >> no, not at all. >> uh-huh. >> and -- >> well who is next to her? >> i think that's -- >> gaga? >> lady gaga, or gwen stefani. >> i don't think that's looks like lady gaga either. like these wax figures.
9:18 am
>> hillbilly version of wax figures? >> stop. that's myrtle beach. >> why would you pick that post for beyonce? >> i think that's one of her dance moves. >> it is an interesting, ya. but that's why i say, when i first saw the controversy about this, then they'll be mad at beyonce's all over the world, because they all look kind of off. maybe that's the fun of it, go through, compare, maybe they want you to talk about it and see talking about the museum. >> also wizards people go to look at wax figures yours instead of the celebrities. >> you can't get to the real celebrity? it is not them. >> i was there all morning like at 6:00 a.m., and so some of the lights were out, it was the most creepy thing to be alone in the museum with nothing but the figures, i did not want to move. >> very weirds. >> i said i think someone blinked. i think they blinked. i was freaking out. >> you have watched too many scary mover us. >> i know. >> and never understood the blow up doll thing either. at this breakfast spot, bob kelly live from the woodbury
9:19 am
station cafe. hey, bob? >> good morning, woodbury. hey shall everybody. look at the whole gang. we are stacked and packed, as i like to sayment look at this crowd. they're wide awake on a thursday morning. we have the breakfast club, is here. what's your first name. >> my name is diane. >> high, diane. tell me, you got a group. go to different spots every week? >> yes, we do. >> and in the area. >> what do you think so far on this one here? >> one of our favorites. >> one of the favorites. you have the egg crepes. do you think this lady here has enough pup err? over here, look at this, do you think you got enough pepper on there? come on, add some more. we have the kids. common, what are we doing today after our tv appearance? >> going to the swim club. >> who want to go to the swim club? >> hey. common, check this place out. this is the woodbury station cafe. situated in the olds woodbury train station look at some of the old pictures they have on
9:20 am
the wall. this was the real station back in the day, right here, in woodbury, new jersey. come on over to the other side. you thought that side was crazy. come on back here. good morning, everybody. (cheers). >> look at this gang. oh, cute baby alert. now what's her name? >> adalee. >> hi, i love your little hair. check out this, adalee came to see me last year, how old is she now? >> one. >> one year old. my goodness, this looks great, behind us, some of the great food that we have here. look at the crepes here with the chocolate drizzle. oh, what is this one called here? >> the patricia claire. >> oh, and is that potatoes. >> over hash browns. >> oh, god. what did you have here? >> omlet with the brown potatoes. >> okay. >> and this last up. >> and this is the chesapeake ben yeah with the crab cabbing on it. >> wrap it all up, we're taking it back to the station, common, everybody give a wave.
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good-bye, woodbury station cafe. good spot, the air-conditioning is pumping, nice and cold, and the food is shot. back to you guys, jen, back to you, i think? >> yes, juliet, are you ready for the surprise? >> yes. >> sick of waiting? >> uh-huh. >> are you ready took do this? >> yes. we will do it right after the break. stay with us, we are telling somebody they go there.
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>> we're in magnolia new jersey, we're walking up on her house, and we're hoping to surprise her, julien, you're been waiting in the tv truck all morning, are you ready for this? >> yes, can i go in first? >> you can go in first, we don't care. so one of the reasons why you really wanted her to be recognized, you say, she is literally a servant for this community? >> yes, absolutely, just goes above and beyond with an amazing heart, incredible. >> what kinds of things does she do? i know she gets her six year
9:25 am
old morgan involved. >> she has done things like at first, i met her, going too fast, and we first met her through center for family services, with homeless shelter. and she has done like a luggage drive for all of the teens, so nobody left with trash bags, she's done ronald mcdonald house, she does like these princess nights for the kids, the families, salvation army, alex lemonade, okay, here we go. here we go. >> ring the doorbell, too. we should wait. >> high! >> how are you? good morning. >> good morning. >> surprise. >> surprise. hello. hi, i'm jen. i work for -- >> i know. >> hi, are you morgan. >> yes. >> we've heard a lot about both of you. and stacey wanted you to know that she is so honored to be your friend, because you go
9:26 am
there. you're helping so many people literally a community servant, and anyone that needs help, wake up early, stay up late to help everyone, and i know that you have ooh ' involved your caught near lot of it. >> yes, she definitely has quite the spirit behind all of that. and i mean, we do, we try to help out the best we can, you know, there is never, never a time not to give, right? you have to always be willing to help people out. >> what is sure mommy told you about helping other people? >> it is really nice. >> yes? >> you know that she does a lot for a lot of people. >> yup. >> you have to be really proud of her. >> uh-huh. >> okay. i know kind of crazy stopping by your house, this is balloons in a mug, but we have some amazing sponsors, cold stone creamery, valley forge convention and visitors bureau, wanted to give you guys some gift, so happy you were able to do this p i know one of the things you want, you want other families to
9:27 am
help other people. correct? >> yes. >> absolutely. so morgan you want to tell them where they should go? is where do we go. >> little hands that help. com. >> project that morgan has started at six years olds. morgan is actualy tiny miss new jersey. >> yeah. >> and one of her goals this year has been to get other families involved. and to get other kids involved. so she set this goal to really try to get people out and do something new. and it has been really cool. we've been able to help so many awesome organizations. >> stacey said one of the things she might have been nervous about helping people or putting herself out there. and you inspire people, right? >> right. specially with ronald mcdonald house. i mean, it is wonderful to give money or raise the tabs, but actually to go in there and watch these families and us, or so many people we know have had like that close call of health scares with their kids, we almost live this. it is scar. >> i yes. >> thank you, for going there,
9:28 am
you go there. and we are so happy. and i'm happy to meet you, too, little miss new jersey. all right, if you, hi, buddy, july yen, she was surprised? >> uh-huh. >> love him. do you think she was surprised? >> ya. >> if you know someone go to nominate them. thank you. >> thank you, guys. amazing. >> happy thursday. >> that's great. >> that's wonderful. >> try to get a treat for the dog that's barking, too. >> the dog want to be on tv. >> that's great. okay, kira sedgwick on the show, and she's directing her husband, philadelphia's own kevin bacon, what's that like? their daughter also in this lifetime movie. kira joins us, i'm going to bring up the fact that kevin met her when she was 12. twelve, and then married her, it sounds like the meredith story. >> i was not 12. >> didn't you meet your husband when you were 11 or
9:29 am
12? >> eighteen. >> oh, was it 18? >> yes, an adult. >> and dated him from 18 to marriage. >> yes, i did. >> since we are married now. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. >> testing. >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. sedgwick. keira. years, for two all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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we do this story over and over again about telling young people don't be sexting with your phones and stuff like that, i mean, kids make mistake, but social media can make it so much harder these days to overcome those mistakes. >> so, in her directing debut actress keira sedgwick shows what can happen after a very private moment like you are talking about are made public. >> there is three years ago on the video of me and tommy weber went viral.
9:33 am
>> holy crap. >> no way. >> you lucky bleep. >> daddy. >> do you want to explain that >> daddy, i'm really sorry. >> well, important topic, keira, thanks for tackling this and welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you so much. >> so, i mean it is a tough topic but we talk about it all the time on this show y did you want to do it. >> you know, i thought it was a real important story. i think bigger picture of this story is that the messaging for me is how hard it is to be a girl, in general, i think what is expect of teenage girls is so confusing especially sexually on the one hand you are not supposed to be a prude and on the other hand you can't be a slut and i think that girls often use sex as social currency. >> yeah. >> and so i think that this was a movie that really talks about when you are 13 and you
9:34 am
do something as you mentioned that goes out into the world on the internet she makes a sex tape with her boyfriend we meet her three years later and we see consequences of her actions and we see the fracturing of the family and how she tries to bring herself together and kind of rewrite that story without it defining her for the rest of her life. >> wow, sounds really interesting. >> yeah. >> so like you mentioned whole balance of not being a prude but not took sexual it it was hard for you. directing debut to see that play out. make it so she doesn't seem or come off a certain kind of way >> you know, the script is so powerful and so real and authentic that she you just fall in love with her and really understand the struggle right away. >> okay. your real life daughter is in it, you had these discussions one on one with in real life. >> you know, our kid came of
9:35 am
age in the earliest part of the internet, they definitely had cyber bullying going on that was done to them but in terms of sexting and sex tapes and stuff like that we actually, you know, i think we're all still struggling with this beast that we don't know how to cope with but, no, we didn't talk about it at the time but they are older now and they certainly see how powerful it is when something is out there in the world. >> i have two daughters. in one way we had conversations because they didn't want to talk about sex and stuff with their dad too much but would you sit there and watch tv shows like this on lifetime and just voice your opinion and you can get your opinion across that way and it does garner discussion, i think that will happen with this? >> mike, that is exactly the whole point, for me. i just feel like we need to talk about this stuff and i think that away in for families to talk bit is to sit around and watch it together
9:36 am
and then talk about those characters. they don't just talk about themselves because that is challenging and difficult but i think you really get everyone's point of view in this film. you understand father's point of view, mother's point of view and very much a family story because it is a family issues and becomes a family issue, whole family is reeling , you know, fractured. >> when you say it is a family story, you see kevin bacon here he is also in the film. what was it like directing your husband. >> it was so easy, it was like nothing, i'm telling you. you know, i think we have always been partners creative ly so telling him what to do and giving him tiny little tweaks here and there was easy and he welcome it. >> we're very proud of him from being in philadelphia did you meet him when you were 12 years old. >> i met him, he does in the remember but i saw him after, i saw a play that he did. he was 19, at the time, seven
9:37 am
years older than me and i said oh, mr. bacon i really like you in the play. i don't think he remember. >> then you end up marrying the guy do you ever make it back to philly with him. >> all the time, oh, yeah, a lot. i love phil i. >> next time stop by the show. >> congratulations on this, we will be watching. >> thanks so much. >> you got it. >> story of a girl. >> it is a good conversation starter for sure for families. >> you know i love lobster and luke's lobster where i go all the time. >> rich's there. >> i told richard all bit. >> i went from bee toss lobster something more delicious we're at luke's lobster brand new shack that is opening up, tomorrow, but guess what, they are giving away 100 free lobster rolls rolls to the first 100 guests how can you get one and score one? we will tell you after the break.
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mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like.
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million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
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okay, charge tours are almost done they are putting our names there, at the palm, and really good. >> he goodies. >> luke's lobster is richard. he is on a roll. >> yes. >> nice one, i love it. hey probably wondering where is lobster coming from i can tell you portland, maine that is how fresh this stuff is, and you are probably like who is getting it. it is luke, is what up. this is owner of luke's lobster. you used to be a lobster fisherman. >> third generation fisherman myself.
9:42 am
we are bringing it, directly to our sea food company. >> u.s.a. today has voted this , look at this puppy right here best lobster roll right outside new england. you have a location at rittenhouse. second shack is opening, right here, tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow. you have to try one of these. they are incredible. you go from fishing. you specialize now in the lobster roll what makes a good lobster roll. >> it is all about the source. you need super high quality meat. working directly with fisherman, owning the chain of custody verticalcally integrated from ocean to plate >> this is is what incredible, guys. he understands. he knows who these fisherman are who are catching this meat they are coming down tomorrow to open this place up. >> they sure are. >> meats has been cook. looks good let's dig into one of these puppies here. first step, real quick. >> grab a little mayo inside of the bun. >> the bunnies so, toasty, warm, i can smell it coming off there.
9:43 am
>> and we put butter on the outside, give it a nice crunch , golden buttery taste. >> here comes good stuff. >> quarter pound of fresh maine lobster meat. >> that is unbelievable look at that. now we will spread this over here but this isn't, oh, my gosh, this is how much meat initial to every sandwich. >> a quarter point. >> a quarter pound. >> and little bit of lemon butter on top. >> we top it off with what. >> secret seasoning, don't tell any what it is. >> they just don't do lobster they do tune, shrimp, salad looking to be healthy. tomorrow first 100 customers get in here get a free lobster roll. that could be the best deal i heard of. you are a good owner. luke's lobster shack at market e, get down here, cheers , my friend. >> there will be a line on market street. >> thanks, richard nice job. >> pink, our singer from philadelphia, pink becomes the subject of a mom shaping on the internet yesterday after she posted a picture of
9:44 am
herself. she's cooking in the kitchen. she has one kid on her knees on the counter and other kid in the baby bjorn and sauteing in the pan. >> and, so this is what people saw, this is a picture and her followers they were saying kid , they could easily burn because baby is in the pan and it is not that bad. let's in the overreact. >> so you react on social media right now get on twitter and let us know what you think about that. >> best of the best philadelphia magazine's probably top issue of the year is out and we will look at some of the best stuff around town, can't do all 250 but we will find out where that best pizza's from. >> we will have highlights. [ dog whimpers ]
9:45 am
man: let's go! man #2: we're not coming out! man #1: [ sighs ] flo: [ amplified ] i got this. guys, i know being a first-time homeowner is scary, but you don't have to do this. man #2: what if a tree falls on our garage? woman: what if a tornado rips off our roof? flo: you're covered. and you've bundled your home and auto insurance, so you're saving a ton. come on. you don't want to start your new life in a dirty old truck. man #3: hey. man #1: whoa, whoa. flo: sorry. woman: oh. flo: you're safe. you're safe now. woman: i think i'm gonna pass out. can you stop using the bullhorn? flo: i don't make the rules.
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9:47 am
okay, char it tour at the palm is almost done. they are doing bob's name. we will show you the finish prod new jersey a second or two. fifteen away from weather. before it was hot and humid but now dangerous. forecast high of 97, it will feel like triple digits this afternoon when why is national weather service issued an excessive heat warning for
9:48 am
urban heat areas. everybody else under a heat advisory. how long will this last? it becomes official today, and , okay, becomes official today and probably through weekend, maybe even on monday, as well, so, this is, what it looks like, heat and humidity you know the drill, take it easy for sure. >> wow, that is hot. >> this is hot too probably one of their hottest issues of philadelphia magazine the best of philadelphia it is on stand now. >> even though there is a pizza on the cover it is not just about pizza they have best breakfast spot, breakfast , doughnut, everything you can think of they have the best of. we have some details. we have ashley here. >> hi, ashley. >> executive director or editor of philadelphia magazine. >> yes. >> emily, contributing editor of the pun case. >> thanks for having us. >> hi, emily. >> you guys have task of figuring out is what the best. >> it is an entire work throughout the year.
9:49 am
we eat, we get waxed we do crazy things. >> excuse me. >> climb trees, we do what we can to find out best in philly and suburbs. >> best job ever. >> i love this too. >> that is fine. >> now, do you have any opening we were like to work with you. >> it it sound like just food but absolutely not. we're always hungry but we ask to you bring food. >> we can talk about the food. >> yum yum doughnuts in warminster this is their big kahuna doughnut. >> the one for us is best of philly 2017. >> that kind of serves a whole part, i would say. >> yes, it looks so good. >> you can smell the sugar. >> and up here, we have breakfast pizza it is from room five in the city and thinks they take their awesome pizza dough and they put breakfasty food. >> where is that place. >> it is in the callowhill walking district. >> okay. >> it is delicious. >> emily is what next one.
9:50 am
>> this is from luke's lob store. >> yes. >> we did all of the food. >> i got the massages. >> where is stock yard. >> stock yard in the fairmount area make own breakfast sandwich. >> that one there. >> this one and this one. >> right here. >> yes, it looks good. >> like mike mentioned it is not just about the food but people are in this right. >> sure are. >> they sure are. >> yes. >> one you would like to reveal right now. >> well, last year we were lucky to have you best philadelphian and we got that great picture of you with the pig. >> yes. >> remains one of our greatest shots in best of philly area. >> alex with a pig. >> i didn't know it at the time. >> we don't tell people things tell something else. >> best year, mike won best of philadelphia. >> congratulations, mike. >> well, yes. >> we have balloons. >> this is what happens to all
9:51 am
of the balloons. >> so that is "good day philadelphia", right there. >> congratulations right there >> do you have a picture. >> take a good look. >> what exactly do i get, a pry. >> you get some balloons. >> awesome bragging rights. >> okay. >> look at that photo. >> yes. >> wow. >> who are you point to go. >> come to our best of philly party. >> when is that. >> august 3rd. >> i will there been. >> everybody will be so happy to see you. >> we control wet tear. >> how did you come up with that. >> you just had a killer year, again we absolutely loved you. you are honest with the fans and so happy to have you back and better than ever. >> thank. >> that is really nice. >> it is so fun tie when you go to a photo shoot you bring extra clothes. i probably had six different outfits, that is the shirt i showed up in. >> what did you think the photo shoot was for it was a surprise. >> every now and then our pictures are in philly
9:52 am
magazine. >> yes. >> we tell them to come. >> that is so weird, i walked in and he took a shot at me as a test. >> it just shows were you looking good already. >> oh, yeah. >> you were having so much fun in every single one. >> so yes, we had a best. >> they should have done a. >> news stand to take. >> news stand today. >> yes. >> all right. >> okay. o.j. simpson at 1:00 this afternoon we will have it live here on fox, his parole hearing will he walk out sometime in october, that is huge. >> we will talk to tmz's harvey levin because he has covered this from start to finish. he knows the players in this. we want to know what he thinks bit. >> he covered every day of this in the 90's, tmz wouldn't be tmz without that o.j. trial
9:53 am
9:54 am
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9:56 am
okay. let's see it, thank you to the palm restaurant for putting our pictures up there on the wall. >> very cool. >> o.j. simpson, goes before the parole board at 1:00 this afternoon we will have it live on fox. nobody knows this case berth than harvey levin to tmz. so does he get out today. >> well, he will not get out today but i think they will say he can get out, which would be in october. the reason why i think he will get out, look parole board hearings to some extent are political. they measure what the public thinks. i think at this point public thinks the following that justice and o.j. simpson never intersected in either of these two big cases. in the murder case, they didn't find him not guilty, it was pay back for miss deed of the lapd. and with the kidnapping it was a ridiculous sentence by a judge who didn't really punish i am for what he did in vegas she punish him because she was
9:57 am
angry about what happened in the murder trial. i think parole board will realize there was never justice in this case. he served nine years. i think he is getting out. >> on top of that from what has been reported he can be what is considered a model prisoner, he has been doing what he is supposed to do. >> i guess that is a factor. >> yeah, lines, if he did bad things in prison there would be a basis for keeping him n but he didn't. there was really no reason, the thing that he got sentenced for this kidnapping thing in the hotel room over memorabilia is ridiculous and 33 years is insane. he served nine. i think this guy, i'm sure this guy murdered ron and nicole but at the same time that shouldn't be the basis of the sentence it was. i think he is getting out. >> we will be watching tmz live to see him assess this. this time you would have known the verdict or what comes out. >> thanks for coming in so early for us. we will pay you back with an hour special, one of these
9:58 am
days. >> that would be great. >> i love his show. >> i watch it every day. >> watch us every day.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: yes. [ applause ]


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