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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  July 27, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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the fast, furious, fatal flames consuming a home. >> we got a hick up in our get up today with the sound on the tape there. >> our system is ready for the weekend, i think. >> oh, we can all talk like that. >> oh, oh, oh, good-day-everybody ... okay, that got olds quickly. >> real quickly. >> let's see if this plays. have you heard about this drive by dump challenge, nba stars, and every day humans, are stopping at people's homes. just random homes, getting out, and shooting baskets, and dunking on people's basketball hoops. >> but then you run away, run to your get away, and runoff. >> oh, this dude. >> listen to what's playing, too. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> bad lows. >> oh, that's great. >> oh! >> there is a fail. >> ouch. >> anyway. so here is your basketball
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player dunking. >> so when if tv people just did this, drive by tv people, like sue, could you drive up just to a stranger's house and do a weather forecast. >> and give them the forecast? >> right if the drive way. >> uh-huh, i would do that. >> or bob, give little traffic report? >> coy pup up to a traffic jam, go right out, and start doing traffic. >> what about somebody's snows. >> somebody's house. >> their driveway. >> jammo. >> best way to work it. >> how about this? go into their house and direct traffic from the bedroom to the kitchen table, hey kids, go brush your teeth? >> oh? >> if you want him to do that today, simply get on twitter, and then we will dm you, and find out your address, and here is the best thing, he's heads today delaware. so if you live inbetween old city and the state of delaware, down 95. >> common! >> bob kelly show up in your driveway. >> wake up the kids, direct traffic, from the kitchen to the bedroom, dress the kids proper. >> i go to twitter. >> well, i'm excited about
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this thursday. >> okay, we'll have to figure out the rooms. >> let's get to the number of the day. eight out out every ten, be humid by the end of the day, but starting out all right. clouds around this morning, seeing some sunshine, a lot of cloud cover. but the umbrellas for later on, we will see pop up thunderstorms on this national chilly dog day. 69 degrees, 84,% relative humidity after sunshine emerged yesterday. we got to 82 degrees, still below average. but it was a nice day, and today, probably 85 with some pop up thunderstorms late in the day, increasing clouds, enjoy the sunshine while it is here. what's going to happen as we head into the weekends? well ' have that forecast coming up in just a few minute, bob kelly here right now. >> hey, sue, 7:02. good morning shall everybody, some problems out of the gaeton mass transit. first of all, patco, running with some delays this morning, had about 15 minute delays, now saying things are getting back to normal.
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septa having some switch issues, signal issues, at the jenkintown junction there, west trenton, warminster and the lansdale-doylestown line, all running with delays that roll through jenkintown this morning. the atlantic city rail line is suspended between absecon and atlantic city, the bridge is stuck in the up-right position. so they're using shuttle buses, and in place of the trains this morning. coming over the walt whitman bridge, eastbound, into new jersey, some construction still set up, on the mid-span. some of these guys maybe working little later because of the rain that is coming our way over the next couple every days, live look at the schuylkill, if you are coming inbound, you can see the difference here, there is speed bump, they were milling the roadway last night. so between conshy and city line, the left and right lane, about two indifference, there keep that in mind specially for the motorcycles out there on the schuylkill this morning. mike and alex back over to you. >> okay, another police involved shooting this time in rhawnhurst. >> so let's get out to steve keeley to get the latest,
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because we're still getting more details. steve? >> reporter: whenever you have police firing guns, standard to have unmark detective in internal affairs. you won't get any on-air comment from anybody from the authority at the police department from headquarters, and told this will probably come toward the end of our show in the 9:00 hour. here's what we know unofficially. but confirmed through the officers who are on duty overnight. so, we're here, at the intersection of horrocks and strahle street. right behind greg, he'll spin around, see a big white philadelphia marked police suv guard ago hyundai that looks perfectly parallel parked there, right? well, that's stolen vehicle. apparently, these mir awed ers driving through the street every philly in the middle of the night in a stolen car looking for another carjack victim, and better car to steel than this. so that's their get-away car, even though that's already been stolen. right? so they're driving around, they finds a victim off bustleton, who is a security
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guard working on duty, and they hole him up. they get all of the money he's go got on him, $100 cash, and toyota camry owner being and they take off. before this guy could take off, the cop on duty sees these guys driving irradically. he just tries to pull them over. doesn't know these two cars are together. but one after the other. they take off. both of them. then he realizes he has two cars taking off, doesn't even know what they d suddenly, they get out of the car here, and they all run down toward pennypack park, you see the crime scene unit, crime scene tape up in the pennypack creek probably another hundred feet down there through a trail, maybe these guys are familiar with that, but they get into the woods, remember, it is dark out at the time. they start shooting at this officer this officer so busy running, trying to figure out waist going on, he doesn't responds to the radio calls, and they have an officer assist call go out, which in police terms this guy could be shot and down. so, all of the officers on
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duty anywhere near here try to come and fearing one of their own may be in dire need of some help and so luckily that officer was not hit by any of the gunfire, and good thing these guys weren't good shots and the overs he is used great restraint. even though they tried to kill a cop. the cops didn't even shoot them. and so these guys were arrested couple of them, and they'll be charged with carjacking and aggravated assault on police and whole long, long list of charges, but we've got a lot of cops here on the street, the philly police letting this very busy section of rhawnhurst, still get through here, so they're keeping one lane open. but more officers are showing up and whenever, if you have noticed in the news lately, whenever the police are firing a gun, whether they shoot anybody or not, we get the official spokesman, mr. kinny boo or commissioner ross doing the talking all coming from the source once the fact and story straight. psych deck even going door-to-door seeing if anybody in these apartments, even saw or heard anything in the middle of the night. so they are egg doing all hands investigation for sure.
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guys? >> you got that right. all right, steve, thank you. also, overnight, authority are investigating the deadly fire, this is in glennside, montgomery county. man died after flames broke out early this morning, on the 600 block of garfield avenue. a neighbor saw those flames, called 911, around 2:00 this morning. firefighters discovered the victim unconscious just inside the home. >> and man, let's take you to the ohio state fair. amusement ride breaks apart in mid-air. >> the people riding it were sent flying. and one of them was thrown to their death. so, thomas drayton more from the news room on was there an inspection on there ride. >> there was, there was inspection, prior to the ohio state fair. they check off everything, seemed okay, so this all happened yesterday and today announced ohio state fair in columbus will reopen today, despite that terrifying ordeal, happened on the mid-way ride obviously the rides won't be up and running
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because the governor put a stop to that. last night's tragedy, you see right there, caught on cell phone video. >> this ride called the fireball. the video shows the moment where some of the cars break away from the rest of the ride, we obviously are going to pause it, throwing the riders, this morning, 18 year old man dead, seven others injured, three of them are in critical condition. the governor, all has orders erred all a mousement rides in the entire state shutdown until they're re-inspected for safety. he says tragedy like this one hits home for everyone. >> you go somewhere to celebrate and have a great time, and you're with friends, and sometimes with family, and, you know, the fair is about life, and then tonight with this accident, it becomes a terrible, terrible tragedy. >> so, alex, you ask the question, yes, it was inspected. investigators say the fireball ride passed all of its
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required safety inspections, out in california, a ripple effect, officials shutdown and reinspected similar ride at the orange county fair this was done just as a precaution. and it is expected this morning that similar inspections will take place across the country at fares just to make sure, yes. >> all right, thomas, thank you. well, the mayor of allentown will appear before a federal judge. i think in a few hours. but in philadelphia ed pawlowski along with four other are accused of taking part in a pay to play scheme. prosecutors say they shook down people for campaign contributions in exchange for favors, pawlowski denies any wrong-doing, and says he'll not step down at mayor. >> i want to make it clear to everyone. i've done nothing wrong nor have i ever personally accepted a dime beyond my salary as mayor. i've also never accepted anything but legal campaign
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contributions, and in no way shape or form would city hall ever up for sale. >> still trying to fix that audio problem. please hang with us, i know it is annoying. also, named in this indictment, former reading pennsylvania mayor, vaughn spencer, the men face corruption, bribery, and fraud charges. >> 7:10. two men are under arrest on gun charges this morning, police responded to a call shortly after 11:30 last night the 2,000 block of denny street in germantown. they found two suspect, coming out after wad dollars -- wooded area, one with a gunshot wounds to the lower back. two guns were found at the scene, one of them an armed military style weapon. police say they believe the shooting happened at another location. the suspect, who was shot; in stable condition at temple hospital. and police are investigating a double shooting in wilmington, delaware. happened just before 9:00 last night on the 2400 block of north madison street. officers say the victims, a 16
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year old boy, 18 year old woman, were found inside after home on that block. the boy had a gunshot wounds to his left leg, and the woman had a gunshot wounds to her right leg. they're in stable condition. philadelphia police suv crashed while responding to a call last night. two officers and the other driver ended up in the hospital after the crash. it happened around 9:00 at the intersection. east upsal street and stenton avenue. police car ende ended up with ft edge dense, police have not released the condition of those hurt in the crash. 7:11. now to big story that happened yesterday. during a show, and still getting lot of reaction this morning, to president trump's decision to reverse the policy on transgender individuals in the military. >> as you know, president trump is reinstating the boy -- obama era ban, drawing sharp criticism from both sides of the aisle. >> karen hepp joining us frost news room with the criticism and support coming out for in. >> the president's announcement reverses what
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happened last year with ash carter defense secretary at the time, ruling people that were transgender could serve in our military. and so thousands did, and openly, so now the future is very, very unclear, and there is a lot of concern for so many of those who are serving right now with soldier ex-marine, sailors, in his tweets the president said in part the military quote cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that trans jenner in the military would entail. critics are bashing the president, while the white house is claiming it is best for national security. >> the decision is based on a military decision. it is not meant to be anything more than that. any more than that. it is simply, obviously, very difficult decision. not a simple one. but the president feels it is the best one for the military. >> unfortunately lgbt issues is able to succeed in our right. tragedy for the trans jenner individuals that are currently
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serving. all cadets that are currently in school, will not be allowed to enroll in the military. they won't be allowed to serve. >> so, it is very unclear what will happen to those cadet training to do. that will the white house doesn't know, they haven't said, they didn't make an announcement when they had the news conference, didn't have a plan in place about what will happen to the troops currently serving right now or when they'll roll this out, or time line on any of that. many in the military seem they were caught flat footed or blind sided by this announce many g out very suddenly that tweet. now we will see what happens when this all becomes rolled out, guys. >> okay. yes, a lot that has to happen if that were to happen. >> discussing this in about 15 minutes. >> uh-huh. >> some locals who were here. >> yep. well, republicans failed again to get enough support to repeal the affordable care act. but they're not giving up. a group of ten governors are calling on senate leaders to heed john mccain's plea for bipartisan work on overhauling
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the aca. in a letter issued last night, the governor's urged law makers to set aside, quote there is flawed bill, and work with them on making healthcare more available and affordable for every american, they're request comes hours after the senate voted against simply repealing the affordable care act without a replacement, that vote five-45. >> 7:00; more controversy surrounding justin bieber this morning. >> police say he hit a photographer. >> so the accident happened just, well, late last night, while justin was leaving a church service, this was in beverly hills. >> he stayed at the scene until paramedics and police arrived, released without a citation. >> the photographer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, and bieber canceled the rest of his tour earlier this week, saying it was due to unforeseen circumstances, but it has come out since he rededicated his life to god,
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felt like he needed to take time off to strength then relationship. >> good for him. 7:14, call it 7:15, because you know why? it is 7:15 on this thursday. let's go to the beach. >> well, we can go to the beach. but we can't real i go into the weighter. so if you're going to the beach you have to stay in the sands right now. that's because official are closely monitoring several new jersey beaches because of high levels of bacteria. >> jenny, what, 11 different beaches? shore towns? >> yes, 11 beaches in our area, so that's atlantic city and here in ventnor, little bit after bummer, guys, a loft people are down here for vacation week, however, we do have some good news, the beaches were closed yesterday afternoon, and they will probably be re-opened today. so, not for too long. the ventnor beaches closed at 1:00 yesterday when the water was tested and it was discovered that there was a high level of bacteria in the water, ventnor one of three dozen state-wide, that tested
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positive for this bacteria. and as of this morning, four beaches remain close in ventnor along with seven beaches atlantic city and portion of the bay in somers point. cape may county beaches are not affected by. >> this we talk to a lieutenant, with the ventnor beach patrol yesterday, who said that he thinks it is due to heavy rainfall, all of the rain that we've had recently, and the subsequent storm run-off. some people were still on the beach yesterday. they were dipping their toast in the sand. but they were staying away from that water. >> they do bacteria count, when they tested water quality, we're always in the excellent, yesterday we were under an advisory, which meant the count were up above the normal levels. >> on the back of the lifeguard sign i saw a sign that said beach closed. >> i think it is good they're testing the water, but it is definitely upsetting as somebody that want to go into the water with my family. >> better to be safe, right? so, a lot of people here, wondering what is going to
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happen today. whether or not today's going to be a beach day. we were expecting to get an update sometime later this morning, maybe around 10:00 or so as to whether or not the beaches will be able to reopen. we were hearing that it is probably going to be good news, mike, al next. >> oh, good. >> that's positive sign. because i think, listening to sue, it will be a good beach day. >> so you want to go in the water and go on the beach. >> and tomorrow will be rainy, but then things will improve over the weekends. sue, why don't you just give the forecast instead of us? >> if you insist. we've got a look at the beach there. this is ocean city. are we there? yes, of course. we have a lot of beach cameras, and we like to look at them. because it is a little cloudy there. while we're seeing some sunshine here. but unsettled weather ahead. soaking storms are possible, in some spots, tomorrow, cooler temperatures, in store for this weekend. it is still july. but it hasn't really felt like it the last couple every days, especially, after that five-day heatwave last week. temperatures are in the 60s,
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mostly, to start this morning, 70 in wilmington, winds are coming out of the south. so we will feel more humidity before the day is through. but we're not seeing rain at the moment. now the chances there this morning, as we see in the fox future cast, they do have some showers indicated, the possibility is there, a lot of cloud cover, throughout the day, and then, later on this afternoon, the possibility of some pop up showers and thunderstorm, but the real heavy stuff rolls in on friday. again, chance in the morning, of some showers, but the greater chance of soaking thunderstorms in the afternoon tomorrow into saturday morning. but hopefully just the morning. because by the afternoon, the sun is out. but it is not too hot. that's the forecast, anyway. yesterday, we got to 82 degrees, today, 85, tomorrow, 83, with those showers, thunderstorms, look at the weekend, 70s, both saturday and sunday. but by the time august is here, we are back in the 90s, a lot to keep track of.
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and if you forget. well the reminder right there on your radio after you get in the car bob kelly. >> on the pre second you got it, 7:19. plenty time to listen to sue in the car if you are headed south on 59 right now. accident southbound, in toward newark, delaware, right at 273. there is a live look at our picture down there, south on 95. i'm actually headed this way later this morning, our breakfast with bob segment at the metro diner right there in the owe mega shopping center just off route 273 and route four. so if you are headed down there now, jammo. south on 95, heading in to route 273 there. couple of other accidents, one in quakertown, south on 309, right at west end boulevard. watch for delays. also, a crash in blue bell, route 73, at the blue bell pike. outside we go, live look at the schuylkill expressway, coming into fill ill, right hand side here, that's eastbound, but between conshohocken and city line, watch for that uneven pavement. they've been, you know, repaving on the overnight there. so, you hit a big speed bump,
7:20 am
spill your coffee down the front of you. west trenton line, warminster, doylestown line, having trouble with some of the signal issues at jen kin town. septa just sent me alert saying signal issues are fixed so the delays should start to diminish, and eventually, getting back to normal on the regional rails. mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you, bob. whether is the last time you listened to something over a cassette? or on a caseate. >> oh, the little cassetts you jam into your car? >> yes side a, side b. >> twenty-five, 25 -- 20 years? >> really? we know vinyl people, artists are still selling their songs on vinyl, right? well the cassette may be making a come back, guys. >> oh, no. >> uh-huh. we will tell you what artists are doing now. do you have a cassette player still? >> i don't. no. oh, god. really? i still do have some cassette. they're just laying around. >> hey, by the way, the entire squad now, we're about an hour
7:21 am
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>> okay, so, planning to take a little vai vagues down in mexico? i know it is hot, but still people go in august. better be careful specially if you're going to a resort and the bar at the resort. >> it sounds like this is casino every disturbing, because lauren, at first, we were thinking oh, must be the water, been long standing thing maybe you shouldn't be drinking the water in mexico. >> but it is not the water? >> booze. >> i was thinking spring break, cancun, party. yes, no, talking about families, right? responsible adults. going to mexico. and drinking one, two drinks, marguerite, a whatever it is, at mostly all inclusive resorts, getting sick, blacking out, losing consciousness, in one case died. >> oh, my god. >> the state department is warning that a lot of alcohol, 40%, is the estimate, that
7:25 am
sold in mexico is tainted, meaning it is unregulated. so you don't always realize the effect it will have on you. so the warning is please drink with moderation, and sometimes one or two is the limit. >> yes. >> should we even be drinking at all then? >> sounds -- >> i know, after there is i would say let me see the booth thal you're using, let me see how you open it. i want a new bottle of some, you know, look or brands that you recognize, i know, it is concerning. >> yes. and even the liquor brands you recognize could be counterfeit. >> that's true. >> so you can't even. >> but there was methynol in some of this stuff. methynol. >> yes. >> correct. >> now, alec was telling me that, you know, it is very hip now to use vinyl records to play your music. >> and people, we know, that's an old school thing, now just coming back. so it is not a new thing. >> yes, yes. >> people into the signings again. but now, we're over the signings, something else coming back? >> yes. over the signings. and i get vinyl records better
7:26 am
audio quality, get it. what i don't get it why we're into cassette tapes now. >> pull out the boom box or the clunker car, i don't get why people like cassetts, but sales up 75%, jay-z, his new albumn, actually releasing that on cassette, yes. at the hotel where they got in the fight with salage? is that the reference? >> no, wrote a song, apologizing to beyonce at 4:44 . >> i knew you could clarify that for me. thank you very much. >> that's when i'm the clearest. >> at 4:44, in the shower. >> actually me too. >> yes. >> good point. >> anyway, so he's releasing it on cassette and before spotify. i mean, i thought most people are streaming, but you see these artists not just jay-z but the weekends, justin bieber come out with cassette recent will. >> i silly little fad, it will i go go away in a year. >> i think something we've
7:27 am
forgotten, forgotten about the quality after cassette. >> well, but the trend is there seems to be a longing for physical media, for something that you can touch. >> true. >> you know? >> don't do you have re wine them, then figure out oh, a was on the a side, boulevard side? >> do you remember mix tapes? >> of course. >> you know, you're my boyfriend, i want to make you a mixed tape of, and then write on it and put hearts. >> lauren if you were my girlfriend i would have made you some slow jams. >> oh,. >> what songs would be on it, mike? >> come on over to my place, by tend i pendergress. >> some ted. >> i come on over to my place. >> ♪ >> i always hate it when the tape got out, thousand dollars take the pencil, twist it. >> and then it starts negative out and tape all over the place. >> i forgot about that. i forgot about that. >> a lot of trouble. >> lauren, have a great day. >> you too, guys. see you later.
7:28 am
>> how about there? >> look at is that thing. in we'll explain. >> looking for you. >> okay? >> what did dow? >> have a debate. >> a move that has drawn sharp. and quick criticism. what do you think? let's debate. next.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> the chilly dog, well, for right now, if you like that for breakfast, it is national chilly dog day. oh, phillies won last night, too. happy about. that will anyway, weather wise, clouds around, most of the temperatures in the 60s, you can see, how cloudy it is here in old sit. 69 degrees, our current temperature. sun, emerged yesterday, and we dot to high of 82. but we got some warmer air rolling in, today, and we'll see some pop up thunderstorms later on in the afternoon,
7:32 am
we have got stormy weather, and cooler weather, on the way, just in time for the weekends. those details, bob kelly, are coming right up. >> got you covered, sue. 7:32, good morning, everybody on a thursday, getting up, getting out, grabbing g your coffee, slow going on 95, the schuylkill, little slow into and out of the city. also, delays along the blue route, 476, as you roll through delco. let's roll down to delaware. southbound, i-95, an accident here, approaching route 273. so there is our del dot camera there. accident on the left. all jammo, as you head southbound, into the exit, for route 273. right there in newark, and quakertown, route 309, southbound, a crash at station road, blue bell, route 73 at the pennell and blue bell pike. live look at the schuylkill, on the right, stack up, headed into downtown, mass transit, septa says, the regional rail lines getting back to normal after earlier signal issues at
7:33 am
jenkintown, mike, back to you. >> bob, thank you. clock 32, i'll take you back to june of 2016. then candidate donald trump tweeted this: thank you to the lgbt community, i will fight for you, while hillary bridges in more people that will threaten your freedom's and believes. -- beliefs. now, yesterday, president trump took to twitter once again to make a major million city announcement. that kind of surprised a lot of people. sending shock waves through the lgbtq and military community, saying, transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the military, after consultation with my generals, and military expert, please be advised that the united state government will not except or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military, our military must be focused and served and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdens ends with tremendous medical
7:34 am
cost and that transgender in the military would entail, thank you. >> among those who reacted, quickly, chris beck, who transitioned to kristin, after 20 year military career, serving as a member of seal teams one, five and six. the purple heart recipient invited donald trump to meet her, and tell her to her face that she is not worth toy serve any more. joining thus morning to be weighing in on the president's decision is aclu community organizer, nayima sanchez, and dom giordano. thank you both. >> thank you, mike. >> we start with you, nayema. what do youy? >> i think is blatent attack tr. there is no concrete data that says being transgender in the military is cost effective or
7:35 am
it is a disturbance. there are over 15,000 transgender individuals who serve in the military today. and there are no issues as of now. so i don't see why our commander in chief will attack transgender individuals. >> dom, what say you? >> i don't think president trump, mike, should have done it in a tweet. now the military doesn't know exactly what to do. are we talking about people transitioning, or who are transgender? but i think i differ with nayema that there are issues. that that's what the military people say, there are issues, always the case about is there just bias i am police knit this, are their real issues. think i president obama returned this in at the 12th hour, 11th hour of his term. >> in october, yes. >> he was trying to make a political statement, because he believes in pushing this forward, in all kinds of ways around these issues, than is a push back, but it was done
7:36 am
impulsively. i would like to see the great debate. i think you would see reasonable people say there are issues here, with hormone row placement that ongoing, and other issues around this, that do cut away from military rid necessary. >> but if a man is transitioning to a woman, women are allowed to serve even in combat positions, dom. >> mike again, i think there is ongoing treatment. so i would have to look at each individual. >> what would that have to do with military service? >> if a person is getting hormone replacement therapy, and they're in active combat role or something along those lines, there has -- >> , what their hormones are out of control or something? >> no, no, no our guest can probably speak better than i, i don't want to be insensitive, there are hormone replacement therapies that are owing begin, and that is issue with military readiness, that's what the military people would say. >> well you know honestly think anyone who passes any physical and mental screenings, for the military, should be allowed, whether they're trans, whether they're lesbian, gay, by sexual, or
7:37 am
any other communities. i think that anyone who is a united states citizen who want to serve for our united state government, our military, should be allowed, with hormonal replacement therapy there are side effect. and that's without question. but do the side effect occur throughout our whole transition? no. these are early, early side effect that come in when you are just generally starting transgender related hormone replacement therapies. >> nayema, does the military pay for reassignment surgery? >> the military could. insurances now are covering, whether they are medicare, medicaid, or private insurance. they're considering paying for gender reassignment surgery, is it costly? i mean, we are all, even myself, seeking it achieve affirmation surgery, which is
7:38 am
a battle, and a challenge. >> you have ' not gone through that yet? >> welshing i mean, my surgery and all of that is personal, and i think that is between me and my doctor. >> sure. >> but it is very costly, and we have individuals who are willing to serve in the military, and why can't we take care of their medical needs? >> dom; this real a thing about cost, medical costs, is that what this really is? >> there is a medical cost, mike. and i would say in fairness, it is a bit blown out of proportion, given the cost of other things. for example, the military, i think it is five times the cost of what they're paying for this at least for vie agorae so i would say the military shouldn't be giving out vie rag either. taxpayers are going through this big healthcare debate right now, looking at all of this, and i would say these two things are kind of co-equal. so if transgender individuals will pay for the surgery, or moan replacement, on an ongoing basis, that takes away that hurdle, that argument, it is a few million dollars,
7:39 am
which is not big in the -- >> no. >> i noticed a lot of conservatives yesterday saying that they lobbied for this decision by the president, but they didn't think it was going to go this far. >> well, yes. and i think, sadly, this is because we have the jeff sessions ongoing, i'm a supporter of sessions, and president trump is not apparently at this point, and conservatives something. but a lot of conservatives are reject that. i know i want this to be debated in a for the right way. not impulsively as president obama did in his president trump is doing now, both have done the same thing. >> i always kind of look john mccain whether it comes to military things, you know, former pow, chairman of the senate arm services committee. he really sustained almost immediately. this is what it said in part. there is no reason to force service members who are able to fight, train, deploy, to leave the military, regardless of their gender identity, the department of defense is currently conduct ago study on
7:40 am
the medical obligations it would incur, the impact on military readiness, and related questions. dow not believe that any new policy decision is appropriate until that study complete. and thoroughly reviewed by the secretary of defense, our military leadership, and congress. what about the six or 7,000 or many as many as 15,000 trans jenner individuals, already in the service? with a would happen to them, on? >> well, that's the problem with this tweet, mike. no one knows. >> you don't know. >> that's deficiency. and i would say you have to earn the side of these people staying in the military, if the records is they have not had these problems, or issues, that would take away from readiness if that's the case, i think ultimately what you'll see the fair thing is they stay in the military. >> yes. >> thank you both. >> thank you, mike. >> thanks. >> all right. quick break. right back.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> good morning, 7:43. both direction action, there is city line, we got the uneven pavement, as you come inbound, they paved the left lane, the right lane, about 2 inches little lower. so if you are riding the motorcycles, like the guys we
7:44 am
have out front here, you want to be extra careful on that schuylkill expressway. got an accident down here in delaware, southbound lanes of i-95, right at route 273, here is a live look, at the back up, now, looks like the accident cleared, traffic starting to flow again. so that's good news, as you head south on i-95, this morning, accident on route 55, in new jersey, the southbound side, just outside of depford, then coming in toward philadelphia, delays on both 55, and 42, as you work your way in toward philly. and then south on 295, watch for delays as you work your way down into the work zone. your thursday forecast, plus rain coming for the weaken, sue has the details in 15 sick. >> 7:44, at the shore. it is going to be kind of
7:45 am
cloudy today, 08 degrees, but we still have a eight for the uv index, make sure you still wear that sunscreen, and yes, showers, thunderstorms are in the forecast for tomorrow. moderate risk of rip current for today. not too hot, not like last week, temperatures starting off mostly in the 60s, winds out of the south mean that it will feel little more humid today. we don't have any rain yet on the radar, it is a possibility this afternoon, this evening, and specially tomorrow. 76 degrees yesterday, in atlantic city, we got to 82 in philadelphia, we ended up with sunshine, it was zero eight yesterday in reading. today, eight a. for those late day thunderstorms possible, and 83 for tomorrow, that rain could linger into saturday morning, but look at this, temperatures in the 70s, both days of the weekends, don't worry if you like it hot and humid that's coming back by wednesday of next week. at least it has been comfortable for eagle training camp most of this week. and more on the eagles, coming up.
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
>> in the next couple of weeks before the season begins, i want to add to my jersey collection. soy, but i would like to wear a jersey of somebody who will play really well.
7:49 am
so we need predictions, who will play well. >> right. need to get ahead of the game, before the jerseys get marked up. and they'll be expensive. we have to be ready. so we have sander here. >> a lot of pressure, what happens if he goes out, gets a jersey, and get trade in the few weeks. >> marcus smith, the number one. >> you bought that marcus smith jersey, didn't you? >> i was the one. he's gone. >> he's out. there are few things that happen in sports that are unanimous, as far as reaction is concerned. >> yes? >> i haven't seen one person who has been upset about this. let's be honest. he is the last real representation of that chip kelly era that stench that was left by chip kel when he left here. so, now, it is over. it is gone. the bleach has been applied to the nova care center and he's the last remaining, and also, opens things up for younger players at the half. >> my question, maybe, in the grand scheme of things, not that important. but, why now? two days before training camp been here for awhile, hasn't been producing for awhile. wouldn't we have known this,
7:50 am
made the decision, i don't know, ten of the season? >> there is the idea of bringing him back, contract issues how much he might be owed. and you also have a body in case somebody get hurt in the ota's and the stuff before that. but now, and this is what happens with nfl teams, they let you go little early before the pre-season really starts, so you can latch on with another team. >> so it is good business. >> as did allen barbre. >> barber, correct. except he found a suit their was willing to trade a conditional draft pick in 2019. >> seventh rounds though. >> but this is okay. because he was going to get cut. >> okay? >> so you get something back from, and then isaac, another one. i'll say it for you. >> all right? >> the young kid, the rookie last year, the starter at left guards. they love him to protect carson wentz. the guy's jersey who you already own. >> yes. >> so everything works out, marcus smith out. allen bash is her out. isaac seumala in. >> let's get our jersey purchased. i'm going to dick's, then over
7:51 am
to modell's, and i'm going to get the jersey of? >> number one, al sean jefferies. marcus smith on the mine. al sean jeffries, he will be the play maker, he's going to be the most exciting eagle on the feel this year without a doubt. he'll score touchdowns in the red zone, make great catches, make great plays, as well, you'll be so excited when you see him catch the football and score, you will be want to go wear his jerry? okay. do we rest being buying the jersey of numb ben with your draft pick again. >> i know where you are going on. >> this yes. in this case, derrick barnett is a safe pick. when you tower g about not only draft, but also his jersey. so i love it. derrick barnett will be here for awhile, and he'll perform. >> though he cable off minor injury, what about jordan hicks? >> mr. hot tub. we love jordan. jordan is a beast, he'll be one of the best interior line baconers football in the ffc this year, all over the field, got hands, got power, you want
7:52 am
his jersey, both of you want his jerry? brandon graham has been around a while. do we still want his jerry? >> absolutely. he had good season last year, even better one the year before. he can get to the quarterback, just matter before turning the contact into sacks. >> sure. >> also great kid. and he's got great personality. so when he plays well, you feel like you're rooting for really good kid, as well, the whole city behind him. get his jerry? who should be the final one to rounds it out? >> let guess with a rookie starting to surprise people. humphrey, shifty little running back supposed to take over for daryl sproles. here is the key. >> oh,. >> they love him in the passing game already. they haven't even had the veterans there yet. they love him in the passing. >> i am will his jersey fit me? >> well, maybe alex, let's start with that. >> i'll take that. >> all right, co-crush me. good to see you. >> run right over you though. 's like a buck-50. they need to put weight on him. >> he can still crush mere. thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. have you seen this thing, the drive by dump challenge.
7:53 am
so, these are basketball players that go by your driveway and dunk on you. snow a tv person was going to go do a drive bay it, would be like a traffic reporter. so, bob kelly, will do traffic from your driveway, or your front stoop. >> talk about a jammo. >> if you invite him. and do you have do that on twitter. >> so let us know, tweet us alex holley fox5. mike fox 29. put the address in your dm. >> then let's go to ac, because that's where richard courtesies. believe it or not. >> oh. >> it is wild. it is unusual. and it is right here on the atlantic city boards walk. ripley's believe it or not. i've already been inside. they're going to give us a behind the scenes look, it is terrifying. stick around, you guys, do not want to miss this.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> quite a few years, little
7:57 am
hidden gems around the city, i still haven't discovered. >> yes, beautiful sit, and they're so many great things that are here, so like you said, some places we know becomes other hidden gems you don't know about. >> shall we call, let's do this as regular segment, we could call it hidden gems. >> because they're sometimes unusual, sometimes unique. >> yes. >> but always interesting. like this shop in glennside, pennsylvania we stummed recall upon. >> not just art but african art and lot of it. >> this is what it is all about. >> a massive collection of items inside, gallery. >> the first thing they say, wow. >> sculptures. >> this is the only place you'll find this stone, is zimbabwe. >> paintings. >> i have a guy his name david allen, he used to live in mt. airy. >> jewelry. >> jewelry, that's all from
7:58 am
morocco. >> and masks. >> i have thousands. i have stuff in the storage room, you didn't even see. >> and his art is as varied as his clientele. on any given day. a mid welcomes cash usual collectors to fortune 500 company reps to his glennside pennsylvania store. >> either you hate it or you love it. one piece, you can see, there is no collection, everything one piece. modern art. that's what you call modern africa. >> because there is so much to see, he makes a point of telling each customer the same thing. >> first thing i tell them, do me favor, don't pick up the first piece that you see. i want you to look. because i have them. >> museums are finally catching on. and with hamid's help you will too. >> let's have something in common. art, then you have somehing is-
7:59 am
connection between each other. >> what i would suggest, take lot of time. it will take hours to go through all of this. >> there is so much to see. >> really cool. hey, by the way, if you have behind gem, that we should all know about, e-mail us at fox 29 dot news desk at fox tv. com. >> because we like to come and we like to learn about it. >> i like gems and i like to uncover them. >> if we put it on tv can we still call it a hidden gem? >> not any more. >> uncovered gem? >> not in more. >> just a gem. >> just a gem. >> high! good day everybody, it is thursday, july the 27th, 2017. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelph ia". >> two stories developing this morning, shots fired at police, carjacking in rhawnhurst turns into a chase, how the danger for police continued later in the woods nearby, then deadly fire in glennside.
8:00 am
the fast and furious flames consume a montgomery county home. >> credit with the alerting his owners before this partial building collapse with a animal may be feeling that humans are missing. >> a list accident, justin bieber, the books, hits a photographer his truck last night. how it happened, where the singer was moments before the crash. >> ♪ >> ♪ hey, i just thought of something, maybe sends in pictures of does your catlett you know or your dog, let you know something funky is hang in the house, you know what i mean? like something isn't quite right? >> some intuition? >> yes, yes. >> like baxter the cat yesterday. >> saved some lives. >> we talk about it, the drive by dump challenge, anybody
8:01 am
that likes to play basketball, every day citizens, stop at a house, of somebody that they don't know they get out of their carry, and if there is a basketball hoop in your driveway, they run up to it, then you run away. here is a example. >> well, i thought this had sounds on it, but i'll do it. whoosh. >> ♪ >> oh, this one does. >> cool. >> oh. from the car. >> oh, nice. >> hurry, hurry, and run back. >> okay, so, you know, i know that jaylen brown from the celtics did it. de aaron fox from the kings did it. some players -- >> and police officer. >> yes, yes. >> so we're not basketball players, what will we do, tv
8:02 am
drive by. so we said, well, bob you can drive by and direct traffic in people's houses, or driver ways? >> i'm headed down my breakfast with bob segment, down at metro diner, just outside of christianna area,. >> so if you live or have a business between here and there, new york city and del. >> i. >> yes. >> you'll stop? >> i'll stop along the way, stop along the way, run in, do it, run back out. >> not many people are responding to this. >> they don't want in you their homes. >> they don't want meme in my homes? >> well, keep them coming on twitter. >> okay. >> we will finds t look, if you don't sends me an address, i'll finds you. >> somebody must want bob in their house, somebody. >> oh, poor bob. his feelings are hurt. >> in the meantime, got couple of umbrellas up near old city, little drizzle out there this morning, that's not showing up on radar, but it is there. that's why bus stop buddy has had the umbrella all morning. clouds around, 07 degrees, 81% relative humidity, breeze out of the south at 5 miles an
8:03 am
hour. sun emerged yesterday, not sure about today, but we will be warmer, eight a degrees the high, with pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon. couple showers, tonight clouds, showers few thunderstorms talk about tomorrow and the chance of heavy rain coming up. >> 8:03, thursday, kind of just your normal delays along the blue route, schuylkill expressway, i95, as you head through the southbound in toward the construction zone. going to flip on down into route 55. southbound accident south of the depth forwards interchange, also delays coming inbound, in toward philadelphia, up and over the walt whitman bridge bridge. live look at 295, in the work zone, working your way down in toward bellmawr, past the black horse pike, and up and over that walt whitman bridge. shackamaxon with detours, and the septa route five bus also
8:04 am
on a detour there this morning. >> police got into shot south in the early morning hours, this morning, in the rhawnhurst section of the city. >> and so steve keeley has been in the area trying to get more information as it is coming out. steve, what's the latest? >> you heard bob mention the water main breaky was on couple of days ago, so here is the philly water department n addition to fixing water main breaks, they're also shooting investigators, you see all of the muck he just pull out of the curb, will go as close to the sewer as he can to see how deep they are, that's why they need almost a crane here, looking for possible guns thrown down there. the problem is now you see everything that philadelphians just throw out of their car windows on to the streets, and these poor guys have to dig through a stink i sewer, and that's another plus of anchoring, by the way, the air is fresh where you are, not so much here. so, that's what they'll do. look across the street here at
8:05 am
strahle, and horrocks street. we're on strahle now. where police still have it shutdown, then we walk down here, greg, we will wrap up our hit with crime scene still down there for you people just joining us, what happened was, couple of guys in a couple of cars, were driving around, in one stolen car, looking for another car to steel. and they see a security guard over on bustleton, and they see him in a uniform, and they still hold him up for his keys, his cash, and they take his toyota camry, then they stupidly drive these things riddick justly around the streets where philly cop just happens to see them thinking it is their drunk drivers, then both guys take off simultaneously and the other car is this hyundai suv over there with the cop lights behind it. they're guards that car. and he realizes these guys are to up no good. then they start shooting at him. so there was a shoot-out. as far as we know, nobody got hit. but, they might not have all of the guns and probably trying to figure out who was shooting at who.
8:06 am
go anything breaks at will the czars i'll let everybody know, update you in the next final hour of good day, guys. >> okay. you and bring going to get together after the show let's do that tonight thank you. >> 8:06. >> also developing this morning. man is dead, in a house fire in glennside montgomery county. flames broke out on the six unblock of garfield avenue, neighbor saw the fire, and called 911 around 2:00 a.m. firefighters discovered the victim unconscious, in his living room. no bun else lives in the home. right now, authority are investigating how it all started. >> 8: zero six. funeral arrangements set for little girl who put up quite a fill mean a died on monday, and you may remember, she met the pope through the "make a wish foundation" last year. a viewing set for tomorrow night at the park i shall of saint ana long the 2300 block of east lehigh avenue.
8:07 am
funeral mass saturday at 11:00 l basilica of saints peter and paul. so we wish their family the best. >> oh, boy. phillies have confirmed that one of our friends, long time catcher, darren daulton; struggling in his battle with brain cancer. friends and former teammates, have taken to social media to ask for prayers for the 55 year old, who has been battling this disease for four years. he was diagnosed back in 2013, the same cancer that senator john mccain is fighting right now, matter of fact. best to him. >> 8:07. the mayor of allentown is scheduled it appear in federal court in philadelphia this morning. ed pawlowski will answer to corruption charges in a alleged pay to play scandal. the indictment includes former reading mayor, spencer, and they say they shook down people for campaign contributions in exchange for favors and city contract. the men are also fashion i
8:08 am
bribery and fraud charges. >> folks, you animal lovers out there. animal instincts, let's talk about this, can your pets, your cat, your dog, whatever, in fact, i just got a tweet, saying their rabbit warned them of earthquake couple of years ago, that's quite a few years back we had an earthquake. >> seems like specially after yesterday. because there was a cat in west philadelphia. >> right. >> who is credited when alerting his owners before a partial building collapse. it saved two lives. so, it got us wondering, do animals have these instincts? can they tell real when something is about to happen? >> we need an animal behavior specialist. and i'm looking at one right now, across the studio. she joins us next.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> 8:11, remember the story that happened yesterday just before we went on the air, actually the 4:00 news on the air, the partial building collapse, let's just say it collapsed, almost the whole house on that little street, south ruby street in west philadelphia inbetween
8:12 am
53rd and 54th. >> so fortunately everyone inside were able to get out safely. thanks to their cat, baxter. their cat. the couple says baxter actually alerted them that something was wrong, before the collapse, thankfully, baxter, also, made it out safely. >> the good people over at red paw thanked him brought him out of the home see it there before it was too late. so this got us wondering. >> can animals sense danger? >> i think so. there has been so many, look who is here, doctor morgan callahan, veterinarian at the center for animal referral and emergency services, in other words, cares. >> good to see you doctor. >> so many people fascinated by baxter, and the fact that baxter was able to alert the two, who were in the home. everyone had a story. oh, my cat new about an earthquake before it came, before there was big storm, i knew my dog was barking so can animals really sense if danger or something about to happen?
8:13 am
>> i don't think animals have a sixth sense per say, but i do think they have such amazing lynn developed sense of hearing and smell that they can sense things and be aware of thing before they happen. >> so baxter yesterday morning, would baxter have heard something we couldn't hear? >> my a sum sean, so whether it was clinging or rumbling, so something i would suspect was irritating him, because the human animal bonds was so strong, owners so aware of their pet, they new something was going on. >> so there is like -- so what happens with like earthquakes? a lot of people have said we just had one of our viewers saying their ran split a ran submit. >> yes, the earthquake. can you hear or smell something when an earthquake is coming? >> i did some research on this, there is speculation that animals can feel the primary waves, the waves before the big waves that were able to measure up to 60 to
8:14 am
092nd beforehand. >> we got a lot of report during earthquakes and the resulting tsunami. this could feel the waves the big ocean waves, isn't that wild? >> a lot of speculation that that's true. >> so it sounds like we should have a lot of pet in our home? >> i guess so. >> i think it is a great idea. i think everybody should have a pet you. >> think it is only certain animals or mainly cat, dogs, ran submit. >> the in is her that much i've done, really every animal has been mentioned. they say that elephants will swing their trunks, peacocks will show feathers, different animals will behave differently what would a lemur do? >> i don't know, i don't know the answer to that. >> she mentioned 062nd. what would a slot do. >> sleep. >> he can actually. >> there is an earthquake coming. >> oh, too late.
8:15 am
>> what do you have? >> i have two cats and a dog. >> so do you think they sense? >> potentially. so maybe more than other. yes. i think it is possible. >> this is what we need to do. everybody has good cat and dog story. have your animals alerted to you anything? we had a friends yesterday in the meeting say that their cat could smell carbon monoxide coming out of the basement. >> that i think that can be true, there has been a lot of reports that animals can smell different gas leaks, even carbon monoxide. >> how about getting some already, denise said i had outside cat warn me that the house in jason's house about to blow with a gas explosion. >> weirds man. >> isn't that crazy? >> how long have you been a vet? >> twelve years. >> do you hear these stories all the time? >> i do, yes. dow hear them all the time.
8:16 am
>> do you watch it. >> v? your ride is here. >> thankfully absolutely. >> thanks so much for having us. >> 07 degrees if philadelphia, 72 in wilmington, 71 in dover. so, we are warming up, not really that much. because we have so much cloud cover out there. we're seeing couple of areas of green on radar. also experiencing just a little bit of drizzle, in a few spots, including here in philadelphia. so high pressure exiting, weak colds front to the north of us, and this warmfront headed our way from the south. so we've got basically two system headed our way. tonight and tomorrow, is really when you will feel the effect of that, especially tomorrow, with the possibility of soaking thunderstorms, 82 is our high yesterday. once the sun came out, today to 85. 83 degrees tomorrow, chance of showers, thunderstorms, on and off throughout the day. and then cooling down for the
8:17 am
weekend, what's the rain ends oonon sunday morning, left over, 76 degrees then, 78, beautiful day in store for sunday, we stay kind of comfortable monday, but by the time august begins on tuesday, we are really warming up. >> that's a look at your seven day forecast. bob kelly, is here, but he's not here-here. you're there here. >> i'm right. i'm kind of here, but out there, i'm kind of here. on my way to do my breakfast with done segment down at the metro diner in the owe mega. >> ben franklin bridge coming into downtown philly little slow, mid-span into center it i at eighth and vine, some problems on septa, they had some earlier switch problems at jenkintown, so just some minor residual delays on some of the trains, east on the schuylkill, into downtown, mike and alex being back to you in the studio.
8:18 am
>> okay. getting any message? >> yes, we, are matter of fact. quite few businesses have weighed in, some in old city, so, basketball players are running, stopping at people's houses and dunking basketballs. >> and then they run away. >> not ball players, tv people. my traffic dude, can you run up and do traffic for somebody? >> what the heck? >> okay, common. >> then you got to run away. >> watch out for traffic. >> hold onment common. >> go this way. >> actually on our way, just about ready to get on 95. >> constitution center. >> on our way down to, what's up, man, hey, how are you? >> what's your name? >> lamont ballard. >> what's in the back of this truck here? >> water. >> do me favor. can you host this down? make it nice and clean. >> the's go over here, sixth and mark street.
8:19 am
>> what's your name? >> natasha. >> okay, just going to make sure everybody get across the street properly. >> here, look, folks getting ready to get into the convention center. >> hold on. single file. >> everybody good morning, liver on fox 29 right now, give a wave. >> here is what i want you to do. line up single file behind me. line up single file. come on, we start to tour this way, ready? >> follow me. >> common. >> you know better than that. >> oh, cutie. >> a lot of people. >> here we got another one. real quick. hurry up. >> you don't mess with those trucks. >> they're arm. >> can you drop this at fourth .
8:20 am
>> fourth and market. >> meet this guy at the back door. >> i'll running outside and get some change. >> thank you, bob. >> yes. >> if you want him to show up at your house, if you live somewhere between here and old city, and delaware, he'll stop at your house, too. >> please let us know. >> santa was here, was it yesterday or the day before? >> santa's back, darn it. santa has traded his sled in for very loud motorcycles. >> it is a special christmas delivery, in july. and you can help this group of bikers help kids in need. we'll go outside and talk to them. >> you go there. >> hey, guys, you know, you see them, the balloons are here. this woman helping people struck welling addiction. mental illness, come on back, i'll tell you what this woman is so special.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> animals helping out at your
8:24 am
home. lucky girl, hi, lucky girl. my dog always senses when the batteries and the smoke detectors are about to go out. i mean, like go bad. >> isn't that wild? >> so the next day they'll start beeping. then this other guys say hum. some woman says come to my house in middletown, bob. >> ellie me dog alerted my son and woke him up when a fire had just started in his room. in husband bedroom. man. >> we have some amazing pets. >> okay, santa outside. what? >> july. >> alex? >> what's going on? >> mike i'm here with the motorcycle club, hey, fellows. ya. all out here talking about christmas in july, but more than just what we were celebrate g the christmas trees, doing some great things, here with joe, you guys do there is been doing this since 1996. what's this event?
8:25 am
>> our 21st annual toy ride. to shriners hospital. it is our big christmas in july thing. all day thinning there is sunday, july 30th, and we start at eight a zero one state road, the old philadelphia police academy, now high with a pay troll headquarters, there, 8:30 a.m., to start making breakfast, omlet made to order, from 8:30 to 10:30 we do breakfast, at 11:00 everybody get on their bikes, kick stands go up, santa leads us to shriners hospital broad street. where we drop off the toys, and we meet the kids, and we have great time. then after that we go down to our after party. which is at 847 north franklin street. and mission barbeque supplies the food. we have draft beer. we party all day, we do biker games, hang out, great day. it is $20 a person. $30 if you are riding about with two feel. all of the monday that i we raise goes to shriners hospital. to date we've raised over $300,000. >> wow. that is fall day. so if someone is sitting at home, all they need to do, need to have their bike right? >> or car. come down in a car, come down
8:26 am
in a van. pile everybody in your rv if that's what you want to do. i don't think we've had rv yet. >> now, you have example some of the toys people can bring. and i know a lot of people this might be good. there are particular toys you're looking snore. >> there are. has to be new toy, has to be unwrapped. and no stuffed animals. >> okay. why not stuffed animals? i love stuffed animals. >> you get kids, they can hole onto germs that sort of thing and they go around. >> i do want to talk to terry shriner's hospital for children. i think real interesting, because you need times -- so many times kids in the holidays kids need toys, but when you think about it kids play with toys all year long. >> people think of the toys at the giving season but this carries us through to december so been around 91 years, these are amazing friend to our kids, number event our kids and staff look forward to i can't thank these guys and our motorcycle friend enough. twenty-one years of send tour yan christmas in july toy run.
8:27 am
>> talking about kids in the hospital. so dealing with a lot. >> when they have to go through physical therapy, surgery, meeting these guys, these guys even made one of our patient last year an honorary jacket. this take them through the week this having tough weeks, really looking forwards to it, keeps them nice and strongment one last thing, with all of the fellows here consideration we bring the camera down? >> young and the restless, fellows! >> back to you, richard. >> we're on the boards walk, ripley's believe it or not. i've found the most beautiful
8:28 am
woman. she is so nice, we just started talking. have so much in common. you got to come meet her. what? ma'am, ma'am, ma'am? where did you go? listen, we got to find her. come back with us, we're going to find her somewhere. ma'am, not again.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> tough year for angelina jolie, her divorce from brad pitt has taken a physical tow. we'll tell you now how it even has affected her appearance, she says. >> it affected her face. this correction question, big relationship question. do you check your partners cell phone, their phone at all? do you see what's going on there, maybe the text messages, e-mail, anything? do you check to see what's going on? well, stop it right now. would will tell you why besides the obvious reasons that will rec your relationship, even if you don't finds anything. are you a phone check err?
8:32 am
zooming in on you. have you experienced that? >> am i phone checker? >> or does someone check your phone? >> with a are you talking about? i was getting my haircut yesterday. that was the topic of conversation in the -- in the -- >> we're checking what you're doing. >> in the hair, in the barber shop. >> yes? >> yes. >> you accuse me of phone checking you. >> do you. >> she spies on my phone. >> i do not spy. just like it is staring me if the face, sue, i can't help but see it. >> i actually got a text, see, the other day, from the space shuttle, the space station, they could see my text it is so big. >> font largest size that exists, yes, i guess it is okay if you're not in a relationship, just if you are, it can rec your relationship. is that what i am getting out of this? clouds around this morning, we're seen little drizzle around, have that umbrella nearby, just in case, on this
8:33 am
national chilly dog day, bus stop buddy, celebrating poolside. but, not a lot of sunshine, 70 e humidity, kind of socked in with clouds here. we've got some rain to the north. we've got warmfront to the south. we're kind of inbetween with all of this moisture in the air. will we actually see any heavy rain today, that wouldn't be until later in the afternoon, yesterday we eventually saw sunshine, got to 82, today 85. you will notice more humidity today, pop up thunderstorms today and tonight. weekend forecast coming right up. >> oh,. >> very nice. >> in a few minutes. >> what if i wanted right now? >> coy tell you. >> okay. >> it will be cooler. >> wish of the coolest things in atlantic is he, lie to do there is ripley believe it or not. >> so if you like the bizarre, you will feel right at home. always all casino every cool things you can hear about in history, but also right now because richard you are showing us cool things?
8:34 am
>> yes. >> i'm tuning in the news sam, over 100 years old there is popsie. that's probably one of the most normal things in the whole placement manager chris, how are you,er? >> doing well. >> thanks for having us out. >> thanks for coming. >> this is incredible. every place you've taken me, gotten more and more frightening. this is no different watch are we looking at here? >> intrigue by animal oddities, collection of different animal oddities, that we have, cat with two heads, six legs. >> fair amount of beef right there. >> two headed lamb, albino deer, actually this crave was acquired from a farm right here in new jersey. >> that's crazy, but it get weirder and weirder as we go back. the figi island mermaid there is thing is terrifying, imagine it in the ocean? >> that's right. p.t. barnum used to portray this mermaid as jen you ooh inch. it was only after his death it became known as the world's greatest fake, ripley has acquired several of these. >> it is odd.
8:35 am
but definitely looks like my first gunned friends in high school as we will. we won't talk about this, we're in new jersey there is thing is crazy. what is it? >> that's right. since we're in new jersey we have to have a replica of the jersey definitely skeleton. >> you say it is a rep applicant a why is it only a replica? >> because the real jersey definitely has never been captured yet. >> what? >> so genuine bones. >> that's unbelievable, get in here, have to see this one last thing, we have the cuban i popper, look at this guy. he's one of the favorites of the exhibit. correct? >> guess what? we have the vineland eye popper. carl, where are you? >> hey. >> what's up? wow. >> this -- your eyes, what's going on? how are you doing that? >> just natural -- >> so every time i give you one of these? >> just -- >> if pops out there? >> pops right out. >> how long have you been doing the eye popping? >> probably ten years, but
8:36 am
doing it three years professionally, chris brought me in ripley believe it or notment and everything has been great ever since. >> where can you take the eye popping? where are you going with it. >> take it to the entertainment business, hoping to do citcom, you know, around the world, where testify leads me to. >> so you're in made of an august. if you guys need professional eye popper you know where to come. vineland new jersey, ripley believe it or not. right here on the board walk. i'm going to keep working on it, believe it or not, i might get it. hey, thank for having us. holy moly. yes, give them one more. >> oh! does that hurt? >> look. >> he said it does not hurt him at allment and he barely has to put any pressure, and thee things just pop right out. >> wow. >> oh. my goodness. >> by the way he lovers doing it, he loves doing it. >> ya. >> and he can sing. >> oh. but guys, up close, it is terrifying, it is good. >> oh, my gosh.
8:37 am
>> i, i, i -- >> can you pop your eyes out? >> no. >> i can't either. >> can you imagine dating him? >> i'm stunned. >> i'm stunned, too. that was pretty cool though. >> weird. >> wow. >> i wonder if he's there every day? the vineland eye popper. >> come on, give me your best shot. just looks scared. >> all right. >> justin bieber deed he got into a car wreck, actually ran over a photographer watch was he doing just before he hit the dude? wow. vineland eye popper.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> bieber accidentally hit a photographer his truck last night. what happened? >> he's huge news this week because every him cancelling his tour. heard of paparazzi, surrounding his vehicle, and as he was trying to leave, it appears, that a tire ran over one of the photographers. >> ouch. >> real he, i will say, did he stay until police arrived, and he was very concerned, but still, you know, there was group of photographers, paparazzi surrounding him, until he left. >> so probably trying it back up and get away then just didn't see him? >> well, you know? er. >> where. >> i mean, yes, so many
8:42 am
cameras, and the flashes, and, again, there were tons of photographers. and they were approaching his vehicle, and weigh just trying to leave. the photographer that he did hit, there aren't any live threatening injuries. >> yes, over his foot. >> just seems interesting, i mean, the reason why he canceled his tour because he felt like he was going and needed a break, right? can't cup one. >> yes. absolutely. and this is the life of justin bieber. you know, i've interviewed him from the beginning of his career, and i remembered when he was a teenager was very excited about fame, and as i have reported on him through the years, something that he has been struggling with and he canceled the tour abruptly this week, that's why so many photographers outside waiting for himment usually are tons of photographers but the fact such a huge story this week, this he were hounding him. >> this page 16, here for me on fox in september, and i've been rea reading you for years,
8:43 am
gossip political up out of the new york post, come to television. do that i have right? >> absolutely, i'm excited about it, too get a lot of he clues evers, the kind of stuff we cover, the things you read in the column will be brought it life on television, saying it was hosting and myself and bevy smith, elizabeth, will be - >> great. >> take on today's hottest goss up. >> love it. carlos, thanks. >> thank you. >> you have got it. another one every those days on good day philadelphia and we go there. >> and recognize, because go there, let's get ready for the surprise. >> okay, getting ready for the surprise, we'll tell you what this is. and so important, to so many people. come on back, you'll going to like this one, i promise.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> we're taking a look from strawed berg country in, another beautiful day. we'll find out in 15 seconds.
8:47 am
>> 8:46. kind of cloudy out there. but how are we doing with our allergies? let's check in with a sneeze report. very low tree pollen and grass pollen, very high mold spores, and the weeds are kind of in the moderate range, that's what's trouble these days, the pollen count kind of low. had rain earlier this week, we spec more tonight, tomorrow, but for right now it is dry. 07 degrees in philadelphia, 62, mount pocono. it is up to 72 in wildwood. seeing little sunshine at the shore. not too much around here though. the occasional sprinkle or drizzle, not even enough to show up on radar. so 85 degrees today. limited sunshine, late day showers, thunderstorm. chance of rain any time tomorrow. pop up showers and thunderstorms. and maybe that rain will linger into saturday morning, but cooler temperatures over the weekends. warming up, by wednesday, of next week, alex, we're back in
8:48 am
the 90s. >> i guess we better enjoy it while we have it then. ninety's. it is a you go there day. we're surprising another member of our community, who is working hard to make a difference. today's honoree turn her own personal agony into foundation to advocate for those struggling with addiction. so jen is in center city giving us some details about our honoree. but we don't want to let anybody know just yet. >> we can't say exactly who she is. now we have some pictures of her. the organization is angels in motion. it is because the woman went into the kensington section literally looking for her son who was struggling with addiction at the time. ronnie sue is here. okay, so fir of all, thank you for nominating her. tell everyone what is it so? >> this is a blessing bad. we have kensington, bucks county, we have a charter naught atlantic city north we go to camden, center city here it is snap bags, sometimes the only food they're getting during the day, but two more
8:49 am
important things in that bag. one is the note that says you are loved. you are worthy. but on the other side there is a pamphlet. that opens up, it has the president of our company's phone number. >> this can he call her at any time. and it also has resources, shelters, where you can go for different kind of resources, and harm reduction. >> we are here, because we're outside cjc, the court building, she thinks she is going to do in what she does a lot go, with people who are in criminal trouble but struggling with addiction to make sure that you don't excuse the crime. >> no, no. >> but you make sure when they're in there they get some treatment. and they're not allowed to ignore getting help for themselves? >> yes. the issue of substance abuse needs to be addressed no matter where they are. there are programs in a lot of the courtesies tells. so, we would go in there, advocate for that individual. so that the judge sees that there are some issues, mental
8:50 am
illness is one of them, whether it be anxiety, depression, bipolar, sometimes that's before you do a drug, sometimes that's to medicate, self-medicate, so the judge knows there is another issue or issues that hopefully this can get addressed while they're incarcerated. >> do you think they'll surprise them? >> i sure hope so. >> so here is the set up guys. i don't know if you can see, i don't another with the clicker thing is to show you the other side. this is swarming with angels in motion, hiding but in plane site. so begin, you know how this goes? i'm not god at this. typically we pull off the surprise so you want to be here for the 9:00 hour. >> let's hope we can pull it off. sometimes hiding in plane site works because people aren't expect that. we have to see. stay tuned tough year for angelina jolie. her divorce from brad pitt has taken physical toll. we will tell you now she is revealing that it even affected her appearance.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> the stars, leo dinardo owe dicaprio, they were caught up in a love triangle in the movie, came out 1997. >> yes. >> but if roam life still very close even after all of these years they get together from time to time. >> oh,. >> posted photo on instagram, look at them altogether. oh, he looks different. he's bald now. >> really creepy photo. >> this is for gala for leo's foundation, and he captioned the pick, gangs all here, now saving icebergs. go figure. >> that's a good one. >> yes. >> it would be better if it was good photo. so billy sane is bald now? >> yes. >> kate wins let doesn't look like kate. leo does look like leo.
8:55 am
i'm sure probably just the lighting. remember in the movie, at least from what i remember, he had a great head of hair. >> what are you doing? >> what? what? >> guy taking a picture every us. >> oh, he was. >> yes. >> oh? >> speaking of that. >> i don't think you even heard what i said. >> no, did you. >> what did i say? >> you said billy sane in the movie was a really creepy but very effective fiancee. >> yes, did you hear what i said. >> what did you say? >> great head of hair, all slick back and stuff, great head. >> well, now he's bald. >> now bald. >> but maybe shaved it for a role? >> oh, that's you there. >> yes? >> nothing wrong with bald men. i love borris and he's bald. >> sure. do you. you know he's married? >> i admire. >> oh, you admire him? >> yes, and the work he does. >> essay track tiff man. >> speaks several languages, by the way. >> bald used to not be an attractive thing. then somewhere in the 80s, 90s, somebody shaved their head. >> and they looked good? >> and they looked good.
8:56 am
now bald considered sex. >> i so are you going to, you snow. >> at some point, but if this goes up any higher there is thing right there, if it goes any higher, i'll shave my head. >> i like your mickey mouse ears. >> just kidding. >> i love you, mike. >> i love you too. >> do you snoop? your partner's phone? whether you're married or you're dating? you better stop that. it will rec your relationship. even if you never finds anything. see, here is the thing. i've heard so many women say to me, if i look, i'm going to find something. i will finds something that is not maybe appropriate. >> maybe that's why they want to look. anyway, not giving up. atlanta falcons wide receiver goes through great thing to find lost earring, he hired atom to find it. >> ya. >> have you ever had a something, you just did the
8:57 am
absolute most so you can find it? call in everybody, did a search. let us know. tweet us about it. we want to talk about it. >> okay.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> okay, good morning to you, it is thursday, july 27th, 2017. >> it will be a good one, high, hope i don't talk too much. >> what? >> that's what the song sayings. >> oh. we're supposed to be talking. do you snoop in your partner's phone? stop it right now. why it will wreck your relationship, besides the obvious reasons, we will tell you why it will wreck your relationship even if you never finds anything. >> also, re slayings ships can be so difficult. what a rough year for angelina jolie. her divorce from brad pitt, not just even emotionally hard, she says it has take answer physical toll. she is crying in the shower. how it is


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