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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 6, 2017 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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. how ruf an american airlineses flight got. all kinds of injuries, news starts in just one minute. all kinds of injuries, news starts in just one minute. dude, you were right, these wait...what? the gold fish, man! you said i should buy some. no! i said you should buy gold fish, the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery... with top prizes of $25,000. ooohh.... are there really...? 25,000 of them? yeah.
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want more changes to win? go to and enter your non-winning tickets for the gold fish second-chance drawing with $10,000 prizes. . happening right now, gunshots broke the calm of a sunday evening in west philadelphia. good evening, i'm and will. the street was full of children and the ones doing the shooting may have been kids themselves. fox 5 brad sattin is live at police headquarters, a tense situation tonight. >> reporter: lucy, this happening after 6:00, around 6:20. the house where this happened, filled with children at the time. police get to the scene and they're told that a 14-year-old boy who may have been the shooter went into the house and refused to come out.
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it was around 6:20 sunday when neighbors called 911 after hearing at least eight shots fired at a home in the 4300 block of wyalusing avenue in west philadelphia. the street bustling with kids playing. when police arrived, a woman told them a 14-year-old boy run into the home and would not come out. police report being able to see him through a window. they barricaded the property, the swat team arrived in an armored vehicle with guns drawn as neighbors looked on. police say a woman and young children in the home were able to get out. shell casings were found behind the home. a less than an hour for the swat team to get inside and take two teenage boys into questioning without any additional shots and no one is hurt. police worked to secure a search warrant. tense moments with shots bring r ringing out by a house full of children. this all did end peacefully
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couple hours ago. homeland security was notified as a precaution. no one was hurt. two teens now being questioned tonight. lucy? >> thank you be brad. new look at what was a terrifying 30 minutes close to 300 people on an american airlines flight from greece to philadelphia endured all of it. you can see trash and drinks and people's belongings littering the aisles. after the plane hit severe turbulence, one passenger tweeted these pictures to show the aftermath. irvine is a doctor in los angeles. three passengers and seven crew members ended up at the hospital for evaluation. none of the injuries were severe. now, in one of the videos of the aftermath, you can hear the captain apologizing and tell the passengers it was a surprise. >> ladies and gentlemen, the captain. we really apologize for that unexpected. we were expecting light turbulence.
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they didn't report anything. totally unexpected. >> from the aftermath of it. this was anything but light. american says the fasten seatbelt signs was on at the time. feed lesss at the nearly 300 passengers and crew were more than happy to see the city of brotherly love. he tweeted this along with the shot of the philadelphia skyline from the wing of plane saying quote, philadelphia happy to land after the rough and tumble turbulence. landing safe and turbulence. police say they have a car jacker, carjacked an off-duty worker at 4th and spring garden. he wound up in new jersey when he robbed the gas station attendant at a service plaza. it ended in you south philly at 8th and mercer.
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in burlington county police are investigating a shooting it happened in mt. laurel around 6:30. they're not saying a whole allow about what happened here. we'll bring you more as it comes in. on your radar. in case you needed another reason to not really enjoy your monday, get your umbrella and windshield wipers ready. tomorrow soggy could be in store for us. monica >> like you were saying another manic monday as we start off with a lot of rain from start to finish. we're expecting at times heavy rain, here's headed our way, already on the ultimate doppler. we got the rain in west virginia and into ohio continue to move north here into the delaware valley as we head through the overnight most of us will be dry. it's really not until tomorrow morning already map it out for you that that rain moves in. first in the lehigh valley, really starts to spread in and become much more numerous as we head into the afternoon.
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we're talking heavy rain and the potential for flash flooding, which is why a watch is already in place for monday afternoon and evening. i'll break down the forecast as well as snow you some rain accumulation potentials make sure when you download the apple ap push notifications so you can get all of the weather alerts. very important. developing story out of center city. a woman has died following a hit-and-run on 13th and race it happened at about 3:30 this morning, police say she was 53 years old from kensington, looking for a newer model chief wrangler rubio con. they say the suv might have ride r right front damage. a dodge avenjer, cops say he may be in his 30's, blond hair
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and hit a man on the block of jackson drive and leaving him seriously injured. police would very much like to hear from you. in chester delaware county a weekend of violence has neighbors once again concern as our jennifer joyce reports, a half dozen people became victims of gun violence. >> reporter: in 26 hours, six people shot in the city of chester, bullets flying five different locations between friday and saturday before midnight. two weekend shootings happened in the area of 6th and lloyd streets. friday, the victim was a man in his 20's. shot in the chest and back. on saturday night, a man walking to his car heard gunfire then realized he was the victim with a gunshot wound to the arm. both men were treated at closure chester medical center. also on saturday night, near a sunoco on the 2200 block of
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edgemont bullets sounded loudly. police heard the booms and responded. a fresco user captured the video of the aftermath. a septa bus struck by the gunfire, fortunately the three passengers on board were not hurt. 30 minutes later, three more shot this time 10th and tillman. police say all six victims suffered nonlife-threatening injuries, they're asking for people in the community to come forward with information. in chester, jennifer joyce fox 29 news. on the international front, the pressure is on north korea over its latest ballistic missile test. the u.n. security counsel approved the toughest sanctions yet. the resolution will/the country's export revenues by one billion dollars. that is a total, a third of its total. it is significant. the goal is to cut off the money kim jong- kim jong-un regime uses.
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nikki haley he says it's a good step but the u.s. not ruling out other options >> we hope we don't have to do anything but all options have always been on the table and will continue to be on the table. the foreign minister of china is urging the north korean counterpart to stop provoking the good will. china is the closest thing to a friend that north korea has. the u.s. south carolina need to stop increasing tensions the president's administration is trying to plague the leak's play in the white house while coming out strongly against a new report in the "new york times" that mike pence is preparing to run for president in 2020. fox's christian fisher has shows details. >> reporter: the president taking to twitter to defend his trip to his golf club in new jersey tweeting quote working as long as planned construction is being done at the white house,
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this is not a vacation. meetings and calls, he also addressed the leaks that have been plaguing his administration, praising attorney general jeff sessions by saying after many years of leaks going on in washington, it's great to see the to open taking action. for national security, the tougher the better. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein appeared on fox news sunday he can could he go the talk of prosecuting those responsible. no matter who they are. >> if they violated the law in that case warrants prosecution, we'll prosecutes >> including white house officials and members of congress >> anybody who breaks the law. >> reporter: he addressed the news this week that the special council had empanelled a second grand jury >> doesn't say anything about the likelihood of investigations because we make a determination at some point in the course to have the administration. >> reporter: the administration is coming out alleging that vice presidents mike pence is preparing for a run for president in 2020 >> it is absolutely true that
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the vice president is getting ready for 2020 for reelection as vice president. and he's also in 2018, 0 concern, that is complete fiction. >> reporter: mike pence released a statement saying those allegations are categorically false. traveling with the president in new jersey, kristen fisher, fox news. the president took time out of his working weekend at bed minister. to crash a wedding, mr. trump pulled up in his golf cart to say hey, he looks dressed for cart and wore his famous red make america great again hat. you would think chris christie wouldn't want to bring up the beach. but new jersey of head of state brought it up today on cnn. he said president trump has a standing offer to stay at the beach house on island beach state park any time he wants. christie made international headlines after he enjoyed a state beach with his family during the three-day state shut
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none of them face charges relating to the actual shooting. this weekend has been anything but peaceful for people in the midwest and along the gulf coast when a fast moving storm swept through oklahoma, now new orleans, many having katrina flashbacks, brian llenas has a look at the devastation. >> reporter: in oklahoma roofs torn off buildings, trees and power poles up rooted and debris scattered. thousands of people lost power and many streets and businesses closed. the nash weather service set the team to survey the damage. tornado sirens did not go off in tulsa because the storm was moving fast and changed direction. officials say dozens of people were taken to the hospitals with minor storm related injuries. >> they were patrons in three restaurants and eating when the storm came through and dispatch started getting calls of people trapped in the restaurants
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because the roofs started collapse >> some of the most dramatic pictures are coming out of new orleans where parts of the city are under water again >> it's like katrina all over again. >> it's crazy you can't go out your front door >> downpours dumped up to ten inches of rain and some two to three feet in standing water isn't areas as water levels overwhelmed the pumping systems >> it was two hours of rain >> we're dealing with eight to ten inches of rain two hours, it is not going to be able to pump in in an hour, it will take a few hours. >> reporter: new orleans is not out of the woods yet. weather forecasts show rain in the region for rest of the week. in new york, brian llenas, fox news. tonight new information about why a ride malfunctioned at the ohio state fair killing a teenager and injuring seven other, the ride's manufacturer is based in the netherlands, it
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says years of corrosion led to the fatal accident. its statement said excessive corrosion on the ride quote dangerously reduced the beams wall thick that he is over the years. that ride had somehow some way just passed an inspection before breaking apart. florida, deputies say three teenagers are dead after what they're calling a wild night of burglaries and reckless driving. the teens were just 14 and 16 years old. kelly cowan has more on what happened early this morning near tampa. >> reporter: the suv is barely recognizable. a ford explorer stolen four days ago completey crushed parts and pieces of the cargo it carried across tampa road. it's the aftermath of what the sheriff calls a deadly game. >> they drive this way regardless of whether we're around or not. this is what they do. driving hundred miles an hour,
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drive recklessly. >> reporter: early sunday, four teens were inside the stolen car playing a cat and mouse speeding game in another to stolen car. the explorer sped off and per department policy the sheriff did not chase the teenager driver but that didn't slow him down. it hit another car, crashed through several vans at a dealership then rolled more than 100 yards before bursting into flames. >> this is not game. deadly. >> reporter: three of the four teens inside were killed. sheriff said they weren't strangers, to law enforcement. >> one of them got out on -- got released from the juvenile detention center july 31st. steals car august 3rd and this morning dead. >> reporter: the teen had been out all night breaking into cars and several stolen cell phones
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were found in the wreckage >> one of the deceased kids still has gloves on his hands from doing the car burglaries. they're dying because ripping people's stuff off and run from the cops. >> reporter: teenager car theft is a trend they've tried to fight as it spiked over last 18 months. but the sheriff said law enforcement can't fight the problem alone >> this is not on us. the families, the caregivers, parents, where are these 14 and 15-year-olds 4:00 in the morning? parents know where they are? somebody needs to start taking control. >> reporter: kelly cowan. fox news. in wilmington, a woman turned herself in after her boss caught her using the company car to pay for her wedding. police say 42-year-old patricia nicholas lon dehad access to the bank accounts and she served as the treasurer.
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the presiden noticed unusual activist and alerted police, more than $60,000 later a felony. a celebration in south philly for jamaica's 55th year of independence. people of all ages came out for the all day event. colorful tents and dancers lined the three-block party. gets enjoyed jamaican specialties like chicken and bob marley playing in the background. northern liberties shutdown for annual 2nd street festival between germantown and spring garden. hundreds of local vendors. this free festival has been going on nine years and counting. take a look at this woman in a suitcase, she's a police officer. and demonstrating how a man kidnapped a young model. then smuggled her away to sell her as a sex slave.
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she said she feared for her life every minute of every hour, her story next. also a florida sinkhole that swallowed two houses. that story is growing.
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. two more families had to get out following a sing hole that ripped open in florida. it is already destroyed two homes. in the past few days, the sing hole widened, making it 260 feet, it is 50 feet deep. county's building inspection office found signs that one home's foundation has been shifting. >> tile for instance was buckling and popping inside of
10:24 pm
the homes, and door frames were just not matching up. but it will be a small platform for them to work from, they will start to get debris up on the barge, they will take the barge over so they won't drag anything up the slope >> they believe seismic construction made it far worse. they could condemn three more homes tomorrow. this next story gives new meaning to the term dark web. police in italy say a 20-year-old british fashion model was lured by kidnappers who held her six days. investigators say the man had planned to auction her off online but they say when he learned she was a mom he decided to let her go, saying she was unsuitable for the trade. they stuffed her no a suit indicates and brought her across country lines and handcuffed her to a bed post. authorities say they arrested the guy the day after they let
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her go. police in japan remembering the atomic bombing 72 years ago today. ♪ . the u.s. dropped the atomic bomb on the city during the final days of world war ii. it marked the 1945 attack with a ceremony today. holding a moment of silence to remember the 140,000 people killed during that bombing. japanese prime minister renewed calls for a world-free of nuclear weapons take a look. that's a miracle in the making, bystanders and police all trying to save a man trapped under a car. we got the story next, monica >> we got lots to talk about. we're going to talk severe wether, the potential for flooding. and i'll map out who's expecting
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the heaviest rain to you'll know how to prepare tomorrow. nasa's latest mission seemed you could say out there. it already has one taker and he's nine. he's also from jersey. by the way, he's all the right stuff to fill this job. every year south jersey sends
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event and leave with the perfect cadillac xt5 for your next adventure. choose a low mileage lease on this xt5 for around $339 per month. ♪ . the u.s. military has now suspended its search to find three marines disappeared after their ohs precrashed yesterday morning, efforts are focused on recovering the aircraft. allison barer has more. >> reporter: the search is over for three missing marines and the focus on recovery. the marine say they motor vehicle notified the families and the recovery effort could take several months to complete.
10:30 pm
when officials called off the search around 3:00 a.m. in australia. the day before, august 5th, 4:00 p.m. local time. >> crashed off the east coast of australia during regularly scheduled operations. defense official told fox news it crashed as attempting to land on the war ship. 26 members were on board. the other 23 a safe. cause of the crash is under investigation. the white house says president trump is getting updates on the situation from his chief of staff. this comes weeks after a marine corp cargo plane crashed in mississippi killing all 16 aboard. u.s. military noncombat aviations crashes are up, so far there have been 12 in the same time last year. there were eight. here's the chairman on the house armed services committee a too weeks ago. >> we're working these airplanes beyond their design life, when they do have to go in for
10:31 pm
maintenance, they say there longer, because there's more problems to fix, if we don't keep up with the routines maintenance and our house or car, when you need to get it fixed takes longer and cost more. >> reporter: only a third are flight ready. last career military firms told fox news, budget cuts hurt their ability to fix aging fleets. the aircraft involved in the latest crash is a rotor aircraft it can operate as a helicopter or plane, allison barber, fox news. check out this amazing effort to save a man's life in georgia. police and folks lifted a car off of a man, he was trapped underneath it. this began when a group of people pulled up in a car. started shooting at another group of people. that's when the man dove for cover and he unfortunately chose a car where a driver was in that
10:32 pm
got out. he was trying to take off from the flying bullets but the driver didn't put his car in park so it rolled over the victim who is now in critical condition. well, this is reason to celebrate. tonight a local woman joined by her friends and family celebrated her o103 birthday. all for helen thompson. mrs. thompson was born august 6th, 1914. she said the secret is church. and bingo and she had a message for everyone who came out to celebrate with her today. >> i enjoy myself. all these years. i have a wonderful family. thank god for everybody. >> that's right. all the time the got to thank them. happy birthday to mrs. thompson. nasa is getting lots responses to its newly posted position for a planetary
10:33 pm
protection officer. none of the applicants quite as cute as a 9-year-old from new jersey. jack davis, he submitted a letter to apply to be a guardian of the galaxy. jack listed some of the reasons he thinks he would be a great fit for the new position. and he wrote it all out. he seen just about every space and alien movie. there you go. he's good at video games. and he's young, so he has time to learn to think like an alien, nasa responded and said the open position is actually all about protecting other planets from germs here on earth and he said his sister thinks he's an alien anyhow. that's why he should get the job. it is time to check in with the weather authority. dry for now as we take a live look at the ben franklin parkway but tomorrow, it will be a whole different story, meteorologist monica is tracking what could be severe weather.
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>> the potential for flooding, so we're kind of, got a lot to talk about, talking 73 degrees right now. things still quiet, your high today, below average as the clouds started to move inform most of us are rain free but here's of the rain, the warm front is bringing in a lot of moisture. starting by monday morning, continuing into the afternoon, we're looking at showers with imbedded thunderstorms and imbedded downpours throughout the day. then by the evening, time, this does move out tuesday. looking much drier, much nicer, partly cloudy conditions. here's the chance for severe weather. philadelphia and areas south like south jersey into delaware and parts of southern delaware are under a slight risk for severe weather but i think the big concern in the main focus of this is going to be that heavy rain. you can see the heaviest setting up once again through those shore points into south jersey
10:35 pm
down through parts of kent delaware, maybe three, four inches. philadelphia and areas like wilmington expecting one maybe two inches of's rain. because of that we're looking at a flash flood watch. again, we're talking bensalem, sea aisle, dover, middletown delaware with the impacts being basement and road flooding. a lot of those localized areas that see that flooding with the heavier rain will be the big impact. we've got an 89% chance of development towards mexico, this will not really be an impact here, a potential tropical cyclone, 63 in the suburbs, 67 in the city, with increasing clouds rain moving in for tomorrow. your high only 77. another day in the 70's, back into the 80's by tuesday. partly cloudy, much drier forecast. by the mid week. lucy >> thank you. that will do it for us for fox
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29 news at 10:00. next is sports sunday. this is fox 29 sports sunday >> the eagles had open practice, fans came out and celebrated in droves. check out the sights and sounds and meet the guy who's supposed to come in and help solve the secondary situation. we'll talk about the phillies coming through in the clutch. in the 9th gets the rockies we'll have all of that and much more next on sports sunday. gyp


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