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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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south jersey police release a sketch of the suspect in the attempted luring of the young girl. the story he made up to try to get his victim in his car. and caught in the cross fire, bullets fly into a home during a police involved shooting, what a mother and her daughter were doing when the crime scene came into their home. >> wait until you see video, wow. hey, nice job last night, so now lets douse you with everything we can find in the locker room. what in the world did mike trout do to deserve that. >> wow. >> oh, man. >> literally random things being thrown on him. >> whatever you can find, dump it on trout, south jersey. sports hero. >> good day, it is tuesday august 8, 8/8/2017. >> it has to be something special about that up doubtly
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number of the day is eight. >> yeah. >> would you think. >> so far it hasn't been very great, eight has not been great. >> this is what happened when you get dressed in the dark. >> i thought i could not zip it up, i will have someone zip it up. i'm trying to figure out. >> why is that because you don't have anybody, honey, can you zip me up. >> that is one way to do it. >> right down there. >> sue gave me safety pins. >> i think. >> look. we do the other sigh. >> beautiful dress. >> well, all of the other anchor woman in town tomorrow will have that, meisha with white stripes. >> yes. >> lets make this a thing.
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>> you have the red stripes going. >> i have a racing stripe too. >> all right. >> so, we will keep track of alex fashion progress this morning. unfortunately did not do eight but it is my mother's boyfriend, august 8, nancy ann o'donnell serio. i will not say the number because she's not happy bit. seven out of 10. i'm glad she's around. we saw her over weekend. bus stop buddy thinks he will get kyack nothing because things will eventually, i say eventually clear up, problem is we have a low pressure system to our south in the process of moving away, but we're in the northern edge of it so we're still seeing rain in our area especially southern delaware and new jersey shore, we have light showers that we're moving by to the north, plenty of cloud cover this morning. 69 degrees. sunrise isn't official just yet 6:06 is our sunrise time but eventually we will get that sunshine.
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we will just slow to clear today and we will get to a high of 82 with afternoon sunshine and northwesterly breeze we will take down dew points and won't be so humid. it looks like a good rest of the day, bob kelly, we have to get rid of the cloud and some rain. >> pesky cloud. we don't have same scenario this time yesterday, driving rain not with us but as we get ready to drive-in to work live look at the freeway headlights pockets in toward philadelphia approaching 295. looking good on the boulevard, but a little bit further north of here roosevelt boulevard, outer drive at c street watch for an accident right there in the neighborhood. traffic lights out in northeast philadelphia at torresdale and robbins at home of chicky ann pete's there and after morning rush south on i-95 they are working extra lane restrictions at cottman avenue. get a late start coming in the city after nine. allow some extra time. good morning to warrington again, little bit of fog, little damp roadways working your way down 202 in the
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turnpike but mass transit looking good with no delays, mike and alex, back over to you. 6:04. one person dead after a row home goes up in flames in kensington. two others including a fire fighter are in the hospital. >> lauren went over to temple university hospital in north philadelphia, what do you have >> reporter: hi there mike and alex. last night call came in around 11:00 p.m. this morning someone is recovering at temple university hospital from minor injuries from that fire. it took them about an hour to battle that blaze and as crews were finishing their work they discovered someone was dead inside that home. right now we don't know how the fire started or any other details about who was inside, at the time of the fire but we understand that second injury could be from someone jumping from a second floor window and we also know that fire fighter was taken to frankford torresdale after hospital to be evaluated as well this morning two minor injuries and a fatality after a fire in kensington overnight, now
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homicide investigators are trying to find out exactly what happened, mike and alex. lets get over to camden, police over there want everyone to be on the look out for a man who tried luring a girl into his car. she ran away and told an adult detectives have release that had sketch that you just saw of the man and surveillance photo of his car. late 30's, early 50's, dark hair, glasses. he was driving a newly painted gold hyundai elantra with new jersey plates. so the girl says that she was riding her bike when the man drove up to her and said her parents wanted him to pick her up. this happened sunday, around 2900 lock of addison avenue in the westmont area. hectic scene in north philadelphia where man opens fire on police. >> one of the bullets hit a home where eye family was
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watching television all before being shot by officers. steve keeley is at police headquarters with the details, steve. >> reporter: you two remember last monday and i was reporting on this same kind of thing happening where we found out that bullets were fired and not hitting the intended targets but going through a house and into a bedroom where a family was asleep. here we go again, yesterday another monday, second straight monday where stray gunfire, goes into a house, into a bedroom where a family, again is laying in bed. fortunately, even though it was in the afternoon they were laying in bed watching a movie so they weren't standing up and gunfire came through the wall and window again, two shots. here's the scene north fair hill. guy pulls up and a guy with new jersey plates and he instantly gets everybody attention because they say this guy is under the influence of something. he is acting very strange. they call 911. then more calls into 911
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because not only is he acting odd but armed and demonstrating a gun in front of the everybody. pulled out, locks and load is it. as soon as first police officers show up, he aims it, fires two shots at the cops, misses cops, bullets though are going, pennsylvania the cops and into the home behind him with the people inside. >> fired on police, there is ballistics evidence and you can see the holster that confirms he fired at uniform officer. we are talking to police and civilian witnesses. i need to stress that if there is anybody out here in the public that has any information that they need to contact the philadelphia police department and give us that information. >> we were watching tv and then we heard bullet go through the window and she started screaming. i got up because kid were outside playing. then i guess the shelf above
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her head by the bookcase. >> reporter: police run the car. they have no idea who this guy is in his late teens, early 20 's. that comes back as carjacked in south jersey. who knows what precipitated this more violence perhaps over the bridges, but this guy lived. you know what the coincidence is? families watching, starz and there is a horror movie called no one lives n this case everyone lives, even the gun man after cops shot him critical but stabling because they saved his life and rush him right to the hospital and temple surgeons saved his life >> we have seen video we will try to show you later. thanks, steve. did you procrastinate? the time to register your children for prekindergarten and kindergarten, in philadelphia, it has been extended, today through august the 11th. we have a few more days here. family can enroll children
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during extended hours from 8:30 in the morning until 6:00 . you just need to go to the district's prek office in the education center over on broad street. children must be at lee three years old, honor before september 1st to attend. a man on a atv runs down police in camden that driver still on the run this morning, what police say he was doing when they attempted to contact him. local youngsters gearing up for a showdown two teams that will be playing each other for a chance to advance in the little league world series regional. >> who do we root for, or for whom do we root.
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well, search is on for a driver, in a hit/run that left a detective and a police officer hurt over in camden. >> incident happened on saturday night after police say they saw the driver tampering with equipment at a gas station at broadway and mount vernon street. surveillance video shows a man authorities say popped a wheel y in front of the detective kennett egan knocking him on his back before driving over him. egan's partner was hurt when a tv hit the police car as she tried to climb out. >> he intentionally ran this officer over trying to seriously injure him. this could have been much worse. the officer is lucky to be alive at this point. >> police say atv riders are a major problem in the sit.
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suspect was part of the five riders trolling the city that night. atv was described as a black racing style vehicle. if you have any information, call the camden county police. >> four wheeler there, all right. 6:12. >> accounts, extreme weather causing damage in maryland, the moment carries lifted off the ground by a potential tornado. >> that looks like a tornado for sure. a permanent memorial for a little boy killed in a tragic accident, remember him? what now stands at a disney resort to honor victim of an alligator attack.
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high wind toppled trees, utility poles and flipped cars and damaged buildings. crews responded to numerous emergency but not hearing about serious injuries, thank goodness. weather service plans to conduct a storm survey to see fit was a tornado but look at that car flipped over. >> that is right, you would think that was footage out of the midwest but no, maryland, salisbury, um. sue knows that area very well. >> well, yeah, there is a university there, not too far from oaks city, maryland and interesting how we got around half inch of rain out of
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yesterday's storm but there were place that he is got five and a half inches like millville, new jersey, burlington in burling county got 5 inches and tulleytown bucks county four and 34 inches have rain. depended where you were. closer you are to the low pressure system the more rain you are seeing this morning. this whole cold front is moving southward and low pressure system moving off shore with it. eventually, eventually high pressure will build in but we are still seeing rain i the area, most of it to the south and some on the heavier side, but we have had a few sprinkles to the north and they are dissipating on the northern edge of that storm and scattered showers around cape may county and in sussex county in delaware around delimar there it looks like one heavy downpour but bethenny getting steady rain right new. we are not seeing too much problem with fog with that moisture from yesterday's rain 67 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-eight in wildwood. fifty-eight in mount pocono.
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little cooler then it was yesterday, but as we said eventually things will be drying out. at the shore today we will have early showers, the sun will probably break out in the afternoon but included will linger for a while, surf temperature is 75 with that low uv index though don't forget that sun screen and rip current risk is moderate so be careful. eighty-two today. eighty-five tomorrow. eighty-four on thursday. two, 10's in a row this week. friday humidity back. saturday we have a chance of showers and chance of thunderstorms on sunday, it looks like unsettled weather coming for the weekend we will work on that but in the meantime is there improvement today and if you forgot the forecast don't worry, 101.1 more fm to get your forecast on the radio after we get in the car. >> good morning, everybody. 6:17. hello northeast philadelphia we are seeing headlights southbound i-95 cottman avenue pad construction at betsy ross bridge coming from new jersey delays on the freeway, pockets
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of volume. everything damp and wet but not heavy steady downpour we had to drive through this time yesterday here. waking up down the shore good morning to ocean city looking good on the parkway and back road like route one a little wet so watch out there. route 309 we are dealing with some fog outside ambler and new project will begin today along bethlehem pike right at stenton avenue they will repave this whole stretch here that is a hot mess to begin w next couple of days this week actually with the paving project, expect delays, painters crossing route one and 202, again wet, little bit of fog here on 202 rolling in and out of west chester. watch out for an accident on the boulevard, north bound side of the blotched at c street. traffic lights are defective in the great northeast torresdale and robbins and that will slow everybody down heading for tacony palmyra bridge. mike and alex, back to you. all right, bob an 11
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year-old boy scout is third to die in the freak boating accident. this happened in texas. two teenage eagle scout where is teaching him how to sail when the man mast on their both bet hit an overhead power line. all three were electrocuted. it happened in full view of the dozen others watching from shore. saturday's accident has a small town of hallsville texas in mourning. hundreds of people came out in the a vigil to remember these excuse scouts. >> one of the students you want in your class, smart, well behaved, respectful, and he was just the perfect amount of goofiness. >> investigators are trying to investigate why the power line was hanging so low. light house now stands at disney world in florida to honor a little boy killed by an alligator at the resort. disney commissioned the statue in memory of two-year old lane thomas, in june of last year
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lane was playing on the beach when an alligator grabbed and dragged him in the lagoon. his father tried to save him but it was too late. lane's parents say they hope the light house to be a beacon of hope for families in despair. >> 6:20. jury is expect to be seated in taylor swift civil trial that is happening in colorado. >> yes, taylor swift is expected to take the stand during the trial, maybe later this week. she said that guy on the right there denver radio dj, groped her during a backstage photo shoot and that is photo shoot, david mueller was fired over the allegation. i filed a lawsuit seeking three million-dollar in damage s because of the loss of his job claiming he was falsely accused. take lover then counter sued for sexual assault only seeking one dollar but hoping to hold this guy responsible. she said it is an example of sexual harassment, he says he
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was not touching her rear end. well, mike trout, you know him from south jersey, he was doused in the shower last night. what he accomplished on a special day for him that led to that baby powder and talc. >> happy birthday to you. >> you can hear what they are singing to him. >> is that creamer. >> whatever. >> eggs in the locker room. >> why? >> we will tell you how many birthdays next. discover card.
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hey. what can you tell me about your new social security alerts? oh! we'll alert you if we find your social security number on any one of thousands of risky sites, so you'll be in the know. ooh. sushi. ugh. being in the know is a good thing. sign up online for free. discover social security alerts. after darren daulton passed away from a long battle with brain cancer his friends, former teammates got together to reminisce. the guys called him the glue of that 93 world series team, the great player, great teammate and just a great guy and everyone had nothing but great things to say about dutch. >> you wanted to be around the ballpark, you wanted to be around him. he was infectious with the way he treated people and way he went about his business. >> he just grew on you.
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he walked around with confidence, you know, he built everybody up. we were going to find a way to win. you know, at all cost as a team not as individuals and that is what we did. >> the eagles continuing training camp just two days from their first preseason game. they get to hit somebody. nelson agholor had a tough practice yesterday, so we will see if he can bounce back and continue to be the surprise of training camp. that is sports in a minute. i'm, sean bell. okay, hold on let's add another piece of sports. >> are you all right. >> love choked me up. >> ahh. >> eagles defensive tackle bow allen is hoping to become someone's beau. >> i see what you did there. photos on his dating app, yes, his dating app probably are not helping him, alex.
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>> he tweeted a screen shot of his profile, look at these pictures. >> yeah. >> he has a sense have humor he is single, i will be darned >> all of those pictures he is in a elephant costume with the description i'm elephant fantastic. well, he tweeted it out and said, can i get some tech support asap for some reason i'm not getting any matches in philly. >> i'll be darned. >> i find that hard to believe >> he is not get anything matches it looks like he was on bum many and believe that works the woman has to make decisions, a guy cannot reach out to you. >> i don't know about these dating apps. >> do you know about them no. >> are you on any of them. >> i am not. >> no. >> noy heard about it because i heard woman talking bit. they feel more comfortable because they make decision on who they get to get on the date with as opposed to the guy. >> they are in control.
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>> yes. >> i like that. >> do you. >> let's move on it is 6:27. look it is lauren johnson. >> hey, good morning to you mike an alex. one person dead two others injured after a fatal house fire overnight we will have details after the break.
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how one manmade it out of the burning building in a late nate fire that claimed one life. >> oh, man, fear and horror on the streets, brand new video shows police in a shoot-out with an armed suspect as bystanders fear for their own lives. >> some local youngsters gearing up for a showdown, two teams that will be playing each other, for a chance to advance, in the little league world series regionals. >> you are saying, a chance to advance. >> yes. >> yes, it has a ring. >> it does. >> then they will be on the national stage, everybody around the country can watch them play, it is new jersey verse pennsylvania. >> i'm excited they got that far but sad for us because how can you root for one team. >> it is true how regionals work. >> yeah. >> you have to get rid of new york and maryland. good day it is tuesday
6:31 am
august 8th, 2017. >> lets see what the weather will be like because yesterday , sue, my gosh. >> almost anything would be an improvement i guess but we have major improvement coming our way but included are lingering here at the shore, morey pier in wildwood they have lit up ferris wheel. you can see it because of the cloud cover. they are testing things out this morning. lets go to bus stop buddy. he has got the ore getting ready for kyacking but umbrella we need this morning. temperatures are generally in the 60's but there is still some rain hanging on to our south, it is very slow, to get out of here, it is low pressure system passing by through virginia but we're on is lower delaware, cape may county getting most of the rain from it this morning. 69 degrees in philadelphia we have sunrise, that happened official bye at 6:06 but we're waiting for sunshine 58 in
6:32 am
mount pocono. in the upper 60's every where else. later on today once cloud cleared we will expect to get back in the 80's which will feel more like august but should be pleasant with those northwesterly breezes. how how long will this weather pattern hang around? we will let you know coming up in a few minutes with the seven day, bob kelly. >> hi sue good morning, everybody. 6:32 as we grab your coffee, keys, head out the front door. live look at 95 through the girard avenue and construction zone. not the heavy downpours. we have motorcycles for a ride coming into downtown today, a live look here at the vine street expressway, all back up this right lane here, slow go, folks working their way in toward 30th street station and construction. heading up to musikfest today up in bethlehem no problems, here's a live look at penndot cameras just off of route 22. of course, musikfest in the heart of the bethlehem through the weekend. if you are watching us down the shore, some wet road is a long route nine, wet damp from
6:33 am
the rain overnight. we're looking good here though on the garden state parkway as you roll out of ocean city. for the gang up in ambler we have some fog along route 309, just outside of willow grove and then later on today they are kick ago this new project along the bethlehem pike between germantown and stenton otherwise your normal delays on the schuylkill expressway and mass transit off to a good start, mike and alex, back over to you. one person dead after fire raging through a row home in kensington. two others, drug a fire fighter are in the hospital. >> so lauren johnson is at temple university hospital where they are giving us an update, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, alex and mike. one person who was able to jump from that two story row home is here at temple university hospital being treated for some injuries. lets look at the video from the 15800 block of ease clementine street in kensington. that fire broke out last night around 10:40 and it took fire fighters about an hour to get fully under control. this morning we were learning
6:34 am
there was a fatality, homicide investigators and agents from atm f were on the scene after fire fight was over, not much information at this hour, about exactly how the fire started or that fire death. so again, one person's dead, two injuries, one fire fighter taken to frankford torresdale hospital and another person brought to temple university hospital to be treated, mike and alex. >> thank for that. 6:34. police in camden county want everyone to be on the look out for a man who tried luring a girl into his car. she ran away and told an adult detectives released a sketch of the man and a surveillance photo of his car, and split is , he is in his late 30's, early 50's with dark hair and glasses. he was driving a newly painted gold hyundai elantra with new jersey plates and the girl says that she was ride herring bike when the man drove up to her and said that her parents wanted him to pick her up. it happened sunday on the 200 block of addison avenue in the westmont area. >> good sketch. police opened fire on a
6:35 am
armed suspect after he allegedly points a gun on them >> but not before they say that he fired off shots nearly striking family members inside their own home. here's the video. >> quite a bit of video, from one this side, another angle we will show you in a little bit. it is actually a better angle of it. steve's over at the round house with details, steve? >> reporter: well, we will get details from commissioner ross , the second straight monday, commissioner that stray bullets go into a house and just missed a family in their bedroom. but this one was different. these bullets were intended for two of your officers. luckily they missed. your thoughts on these shootings where bullets are now coming into the bedrooms every monday. >> well, it is a very scary
6:36 am
situation, this one, this individual had a gun, was ordered to drop that gun by police and instead he fired at police officers. they returned fire striking him. he didn't even try to reach for that gun while he was on the ground. they had peace of mine and restrain to kick the gun away. very dangerous situation. >> reporter: initially they didn't know hoe was. i don't know if you found out but they had a new jersey car reported carjack, anything new come up since we last talk to inspector holmes out there it looks like that male is is a suspect in that case. he have is a 30 year-old male, he is known to police, that is all i have at this point in time but investigation continues and we will see where it takes us. >> reporter: week ago i was over here. we had your swat team in communication with us and they went into a couple of houses looking for the killer of the man in haverford, a week ago saturday. now 10 days, and they got his car, at 51st and location bus this time last week but they didn't get him.
6:37 am
can you update us on that case at all. >> we're still looking for him , hopefully that someone will provide us some tips that we need to bring him in custody. very dangerous individual, as outlined by you folks, so if anybody has information they should call police as soon as possible. >> reporter: while i got you here i'm a historian of philadelphia growing up here and i will note on this day in 1978 a philadelphia police officer who his life in the first move shooting, i don't know if you remember that case off the top of your head, you had two officers being shot at yesterday, your thoughts on the danger of the job now 39 years after an officer got kill in the first move shooting. >> it has always been a very dangerous job, people take for granted, but these police officers they get out here each and every day and they wake up to carry out their duty that they sworn to protect and serve and they do it well, often don't get credit that they deserve but we could not be more proud.
6:38 am
>> reporter: commissioner, thanks for your time. >> we have updated a couple stories and again, mike i like bringing that history up and we make no bones bit we are fans of the police and we know how dangerous this job is. we see first hanna lot of things we cannot show you on tv. you saw it when you ran that video somebody just shooting at police as they showed up maybe under influence of something as you heard commissioner race there a history of violence. as we sit here on the anniversary of the first move shooting where an officer who his life, back on this date in 1978, we are reminded again about the dangers that these men and women wearing badges and uniforms for philadelphia police department face on a daily basis. >> that is for sure, thanks for the update what we started calling red hoodie killer, boy they were so close to getting him but still on the loose. >> it seems so hard to believe we have a clear picture, a description, they know who he is. >> they just can't find him.
6:39 am
activist are calling for justice in a police involved shooting that left and 30 year-old man dead, up in north philadelphia. >> demonstrators gathered on market street in center city in honor of david jones, yesterday. jones died in june after a philadelphia police officer ryan palmer, shot and killed him. police say that jones was riding recklessly on his dirt bike and reached for a gun before the officer shot him. well, yesterday protesters shut down a city hall news conference to protest. philadelphia city council president darryl clark has issued a statement, after that incident. it readness part because of the circumstances, in which mr. jones was shot and killed, including, conflicting, witness account, and the troubling fact that he was shot from behind, we need a thorough investigation. the philadelphia district
6:40 am
attorney's office has referred this matter to the office of the attorney general due to a conflict of interest. officialness sea isle are trying to clear up any confusion about the animals seen on the beach necessary they are saying that they are not coyoties. >> no. >> they are actually foxes, do you see that picture there. >> they look like coyoties, i guess they have more hair then that. officials say that the animals are a mother fox and her pup. fox are a key part of the barrier island eco system. wild life officials believe they have got mange and easily curable skin disease. they have set up traps to capture them to get them the treatment that they need. in the meantime they are asking you to stay away from the dunes and the traps that they have set so they can catch and help, the mom and
6:41 am
her pup. >> i hope they get to help them then. >> we hear at fox enjoy our foxes. >> yes. >> and special relationship. >> and i happen to have mange. >> so it is pennsylvania, pennsylvania verse new jersey rivalry soon to be played out, on a little league field when these two teams will meet for a chance to advance to the little league world series, regionals. plenty of reason to celebrate for mike trout but it is how they are celebrating that is quite interesting here , just grab anything you can and put it on his head, look at that. >> i think i saw a sleepe on his head. >> is that baby oil. >> eggs, talc maybe he is chapped. introducing walkabout wednesdays.
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live look at the schuylkill expressway with a big trailer, pulled off to the shoulder here. we are looking live between conshohocken and gladwynn. we are seeing beginning of the morning rush hour. we have a great example left lane is pave, the right lane is bumpy, again crews have been out every night this week& repaving, grinding up the schuylkill expressway. coming up and over, no problems at all this morning
6:45 am
working your way in toward downtown philadelphia however, right after the rush hour they will work on i-95, all this week southbound at cottman avenue taking out an extra lane from 9:00 to 3:00. also some work on that princeton avenue ramp as well, accident in the neighborhood at torresdale and robbins that knocked out traffic lights, crash on the boulevard, northbound roosevelt boulevard in the outer drive, right here near c street so that is causing delays for everybody out of olney and double shot live look here at route one, 202, garnett valley gang and painters crossing they called that, 202 rolling up through west chester university. roads are a little wet, no problems on mass transit, rain out for rest of the day, sueby has the answer in 15.
6:46 am
things are better then yesterday but we are looking at our sky line of philadelphia that is pretty no matter what the weather. when we can see it. lets see is what happening with our weather. we have a cold front that is slowly sinking southward and a low pressure system moving along that front. it is taking its time getting out of here. things are better then they were yesterday but we still have lingering showers eventually. high pressure will build in, and clear things out, but not, just yet, we have thunderstorms down to our south, center of this low down around norfolk virginia on the northern edge of it here and most of the rain from that is heavier rain now headed toward delaware beach, lighter rain in cape may county as we look closer, we will see, it may be just drizzling in cape may but bethenny business to get those heavy downpours. we've got, we really don't have a problem with fog this morning and temperatures just a little bit cooler then yesterday but yesterday, we
6:47 am
never got out of the 70's, we never got out of the lower zero seven's and ended up topping off at 72. atlantic city was warmer then we were and temperatures stayed in the 60's in reading, trenton, allentown. today 82, eventually, some sunshine. eighty-five tomorrow and 84 on thursday, to two excellent weather days and member get out and enjoy them because it gets unsettled as we head in the weekend. more humidity on friday, doesn't warm up a whole lot but we have a chance of showers and maybe a thunderstorm, saturday and sunday, alex and mike? why are you whispering. >> because she knows it is bad news. >> here's some good news, we can just root our faces off, two local teams heading for a showdown in the little league world series regionals. >> karen, we're excited about this match up plus we're sad because we have to cheer for them both. >> it could happen, that is good news, it could happen. there is two local communities from our area, so excited they
6:48 am
are on cloud nine, we're talking upper providence little league oaks pennsylvania and holbrooke little look league from jackson, new jersey. pennsylvania dropped 10 runs on maryland, yesterday in route to a easy victory there nicely done, cole. perfect two for two at the plate were four rbi's, two runs scores. upper providence brought eight runs home to take a lead. you know else that is awesome garrett crew and chris cart nick pitching a combined one hitter as they shut out new york in their easy win in new jersey nine to nothing. rj deshay had a two run home run in the bottom of the second putting his new jersey team ahead five to zero as part of the four run inning that helped break that game wide open. here's the deal, those two teams are playing each other tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock. winner on that have game 100 percent, goes to the mid-atlantic regional championship game.
6:49 am
loser still alive, that team will have one more chance to have a rematch game on the regional championship which will be on saturday so we can still root for both of them and hopefully make it to the next round to find out which one and then cheer them on, i love little league world series. come together and root on the kid. >> so it is doubly limb nation >> yes. >> but nice two teams are doing so well that we're just cheering them on. it is exciting. when we don't have big major league team to cheer on. >> we need to look to our kid. >> that is right. >> all right. fabulous dress today, too. >> i'm ready for my tricycle race. >> we will be doing that at 9:00 o'clock hour. >> it is a romper. >> yes. >> romper. >> it is pants. >> it is netting is all i see. >> that is all you are focusing on. >> she will be racing a tricycle. >> you will be too.
6:50 am
>> yes. >> i hope i know i will hurt myself. congrats are also in order for millville, new jersey native mike trout. he achieved his 1,000 career hit while playing with the angels yesterday. only six players in the last 50 years have reached 1,000 hits, at a young age. in fact that is his 26th birthday. >> what a birthday present to yourself. >> i'm 26 and just hit my 1,000 hit. so i think a good way to celebrate would be douse him with anything in the locker room. baby powder, we have talc, condiments, eggs. >> look at all that. >> listen to them. >> happy birthday dear mike
6:51 am
>> disgusting. >> they let him cover his face >> what did they call him. >> mikey. >> well, look at that you love those slurpes. >> do you see baby oil. >> you cannot way slurpes like that. >> they who the game. >> wonder how fans feel they are celebrating. they are very sensitive about that. >> true. >> celebrating, having fun if you lose the game especially in philadelphia, can you imagine. >> well, yeah good thing it happened in southern california where. >> no one, they are relaxed. >> they come in the third inning and they leave in the seventh. we are less than two weeks away from the solar eclipse. >> have we made our plans yet. >> i'm thinking of going to charlton, south carolina because i have never been there. it will be a good place to see it. it is supposed to be a
6:52 am
beautiful city, you have been there. >> i have, rainbow row. >> see right across south carolina. so there is a company that is offering a unique way to see this thing, contest that could get you a private flight to see this rare phenomenon. >> wow. >> yeah. >> yeah. blank blank.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
look all you want because you are not in spain. >> is that where thinks happening. >> yes. >> it is a preshow for upcoming solar eclipse. >> well, it was in the middle of the night. >> partial eclipse but every continent besides where we are got to see this. >> yes. >> it is view from spain all lined up, the earth, the sun, earth, moon, as you know, and turned a reddish brown color. >> woman i know had a birthday yesterday and she was all excited about that a lunar eclipse. >> was she in spain. >> she thought it would be a wild night. >> was she in spain. >> no. >> she was in philadelphia,
6:56 am
but it was still happening. you got your sun, right. no, you got your sun. so the earth went in between the sun. >> are you watching. >> and the moon. >> please we need an astronomer. >> yeah you have your sun, and the earth goes in between the sun and the moon and then the earth shadow on the moon, right, yeah. >> i will stick with derek pits, hopefully we will have him in. >> what do you know derek. you want to be first to catch a glimpse of the upcoming solar eclipse, again, august the 21st. >> so this is the line up, mike. >> okay. >> the air b and b is putting on a special. short term rental service is giving away a one night stay in a, transparent dome in oregon. you can see the zone where you
6:57 am
can see it best is right there , the kay of the eclipse contest winners will board a private flight on the path of totality they call it. god, it sounds horrible. the path of totality. >> it is so scary. >> flight will increase viewing by one minute more than what is possible on the ground. >> wait. >> you will be in the air. >> by one minute more, really you will above the cloud in case it is cloud chicago, rainy. air b and b users can enter the contest on line. entry period closes thursday. >> all that for one minute. >> at midnight. >> would i do that. would i do that. why they were showing golden gate bridge i don't know i swear it is in the state of oregon. >> different people can apply from, i don't know. >> there are 18 people talking at once. >> on line what?
6:58 am
>> can people hear what you are saying. >> no, no. >> i thought we decided you can press a button. >> that that is different man, that is director but only producer's mike work in the control roomy don't know can you say what he just said in our ear. >> no idea. >> 7:00 o'clock. we will be right back with more interesting then this
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