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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 11, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. on top of breaking news. part of route 38 is shut down right now in cherry hill after a car crash. skyfox right now live over the scene much this is cuthbert road. police are telling us the eastbound lanes are closed indefinitely in the area. so this is a serious one. and they say you're going to have to find another way around. we'll bring you more as it continues to come in. at the top of 11, a local dad who is thrilled to have his little boy back in his arms tonight. dad stopped into a store this afternoon. when he came out his car was about to speed off. his baby was in the back seat. i'm lucy noland. thank you for joining us. the man behind it all he's off the streets tonight. bruce gordon is live at the special victims unit. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, the bad guy
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in this bizarre little tale is indeed behind bars tonight. sure to be charged with vehicle theft. maybe even abduction in a case that frankly could have turn out a whole lot worse. three-year-old aaron ortiz, jr., looked to be in pretty good spirits thursday evening considering the wild redheaded been on. his family members gathered to breathe a collective sigh of relief outside of philly firehouse at home and the boulevard his dad aaron, sr., was still trying to catch his breath for good reason. >> the father of the three-year-old child went into a store at cottman and the boulevard, left the vehicle running with the keys in it and left his three-year-old child in the back seat. >> reporter: you heard that right. dad park his 2013 honda accord in the fire lane outside kixxusa to run in and buy a pair of sneaker for his son when a three hopped off and took off with aaron, jr. inside. store employee kevin brown saw dad react. >> we saw him sprint out the
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car. you can see his car peeling off. that was it. >> mile north on the boulevard the car thief stopped behind that firehouse and released the little boy still in his car se seat. then raced off again. family members arrived to console the little guy and all points bulletin went out for the honda accord. the police flooded the area and they were determined to apprehend this car and the person that had taken it. >> reporter: it didn't take long. maybe 90 minutes later, philly highway patrol officers stopped the accord on the 6800 block of torresdale avenue with this man behind the wheel. he was held at the scene until dad could be brought here. watch ortiz's reaction when he confronts the man who took his son. a happy end to go what might have been a tragic loss of life. >> little aaron's mother was also at that tearful reunion at the firehouse this evening. very emotional d not want to talk to reporters frankly may have a few things to say to dad tonight. eighths summary offense to leave your vehicle running and
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unattended. eighths crime to leave your child unattended in that running vehicle. lucy, lesson learned. >> indeed. duly noted. thank you much, bruce gordon. this video just tough to see. those people young women bruta brutally beating two others. now that video so often happens landed on social media. a woman on the ground defenseless as the people around her punched her and kicked her. fox 29's chris o'connell is live tonight at southwest detectives with the search for those attackers. chris? >> reporter: philadelphia police say they are close to identifying at least a couple female suspects in a video of a woman that was viciously beaten. that video then posted to facebook. the video that's now gone viral. shows a three minute beat down of a 26-year-old woman and her sister. it was shot on video and up loaded to social media where it's already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. the woman is punched and kicked
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more than a hundred times. her sister also getting beaten up by the same group. no word on what started the fight. >> it gets to the point multiple people are beating up one she's on the ground unable to defend herself. she's also sprayed with mace which causes her to fall to the ground. >> reporter: at 1.1 of the women jumps up with both feet and smashed the victim's head to the ground. police say the victim from south philadelphia reported the attack after she went to the methodist hospital for treatment of cuts, bruises and a busted lip. in the video you can see on lookers shooting video and others heard screaming killer! none of them called police. >> the young men out there you can hear them in the background yelling shoot her, beat her, continue on. they should have have been the ones that stepped and in endnd this fight while this lady was laying on the ground. >> reporter: now police are working on several leads including investigators going through that video frame by frame trying to identify those attackers.
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luce gee. >> going take to some time. hopefully it will happen. thank you, chris. on your radar tracking a chance of showers. let's take live look. that is reading. nice, clear night but we've got a chance of some rain just well just in time for the weekend. meteorologist kathy orr is here with her forecast at 11:00. are you still eating popcorn. >> yes. boy was that good. >> from johnson's what a great trip to the shore. if you were down the shore you know what i mean. pretty decent day for friday. the weekend little bit half and half. break it down for you. outside right now looking at a partly cloudy to mainly clear sky from the poconos to the city to the shore. the temperature in philadelphia 73. so good sleeping weather tonight. we can give the air-conditioners a break tonight. 70 in pottstown and in trenton. 67 in wrightstown atlantic city. 69 in dover and in millville it is 68 degrees. down the shore ocean water temperature is 77 degrees. with that on shore flow temperatures staying in the 70s overnight tonight. the ocean obviously has huge impact on our barrier islands.
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most of the area with mainly clear sky we'll watch that wind become more southeasterly overnight tonight. some clouds moving in from the west. a few spotty showers well to the north and west of the city tomorrow morning, and more numerous late tomorrow night and saturday. so friday really just mostly cloudy day for most of us. saturday look for some spotty showers. and then more during afternoon and into the evening. saturday the wetter day of the weekend. so overnight tonight look for low temperatures in the 60s. moonlit skies comfortable conditions with a few more clouds. really creeping in during the overnight. highs tomorrow still warm. little bit humid. friday temperatures will be close to normal in philadelphia. 84 degrees. 82 in millville. 83 in allentown and trenton and atlantic city the high temperature around 80 and that's inland at the airport. at the beach, mostly cloudy, 78. for saturday some showers the water temperature will be 75. so once again, sunday will be drier than saturday.
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pretty much everywhere. take look at your seven day forecast. saturday scattered showers, 83. sunday mostly sunny 86. parly sunny for your monday. that's an improved forecast the rain shifting to tuesday and wednesday and thursday looking great. mostly sunny for your wednesday another beauty on thursday the high 87 degrees. so if you took next week off, lucy, to go down the shore or have a staycation looks pretty good. >> all right. >> i'll tell you monday looks good. tuesday eh. maybe take in movie on tuesday. >> see you got to change it up here and there. so there you go. giving us the opportunity. >> there you go. >> enjoy. >> thanks kathy. president trump not taking north korea's latest provocation lying down. he just issued another warning to pyongyang as it announced it's finalizing plans to strike the us territory of guam. the president says kim john un's government needs to get it act together or risk facing extraordinary trouble. north korea is threatening to fire missiles toward the u.s.
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territory. at his golf course in new jersey the president refused to say whether he would consider a pre-emptive strike but he warn that north korea's leaders should be nervous if they launch an actual attack. >> it's not a dame it's a statement. number one, i would like to de nuke the world. i know president obama said global warming is a the biggest threat. i totally disagree. >> also today president trump announced he's planning to add billions of dollars to the nation's anti missile programs. so late night cheesesteak trip turned violent. police say two women got into fight over of all things a parking spot. one of them actually whipped out pepper spray and police are trying to track her down. fox's dave kinchen live in south philly. what is going on dave? >> reporter: crazy story that a lot of people here really can't believe themselves and police, well, they're really looking for this person tonight. >> it is extreme. definitely he can treatment. >> reporter: it's how he feels
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about this woman who philadelphia police say unleashed the pepper spray during a fight over a parking spot. in the heart of south philly's infamous dueling cheesesteak shops on july 24th. >> around this area specifically it's, um, parking is tight. >> i think it's terrible over a parking spot. i'm glad she didn't have a gun actually. >> reporter: philadelphia police say the woman was out with this man scene in the baltimore orioles shirt. he's considered a person of interest. the video shows both in apparent argument with a person in a white suv. later you see the two getting some late night grub from pat's king of steaks before the suspect is seen approaching the woman cops say she had an argument with. this camera captures the victim getting sprayed while sitting on a stoop. >> crazy. literal crazy over a parking spot. and if you drive around once, you can always get a spot out here. >> reporter: police say the couple got away in black hyundai suv. >> when i actually heard it this morning, i laughed. i thought it was kind of
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ridiculous. i was like, what's the orlando come to go? so we're doing this over a parking spot. what's next? >> reporter: well police believe that vehicle had maryland plates. they've also tell us that the victim is recovering. if you recognize those individuals give police a call. >> lucy. >> the man accused of mocking and punching a man with balance palsy is west chester is claiming he got locked up while he was lock up by prison guards. barry baker, jr. wrote the paper a letter claiming guards gave him a c >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. punching the man with cerebral palsy after making fun of him. outside a west chester 7eleven in may. up next, neighbors have been complaining about a certain intersection for years. they say it is dangerous. needs improvement. well tragedy just struck again. and an incredible transformati transformation. a local man lost more than
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100 pounds and he says it's all thanks to that photo he took with country super star josh turner. hundreds of folks looking for job might just be closer to finding one tonight. home depot teamed up for recruit military for career fair at lincoln financial field the event was opening to folks with military background. they check out opportunities not only with home depot but
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story now we first looked into two years ago. south jersey residents say there's still fighting to get a traffic light at a dangerous intersection and just yesterday that intersection proved deadly. fox 29's shawnette wilson has that story from woolwich township. >> absolutely lived. >> reporter: dennis gallagher is frustrated angry seeing the flowers at the intersection of old man's creek and auburn road in woolwich township. they're reminder of how deadly this intersection is. >> this was preventible. >> reporter: yesterday a 73-year-old woman was killed here before noon. a family member who did not want to talk on camera told me she lived a few houses away from this intersection for 50 years. she was taking lunch to her brother when the relative says a car hit her as she drove across the intersection. >> it's a recipe for disaster. these multiple parts here.
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we have identified and call this out and the proof is in the pudding. there is a record of multiple car accidents motor vehicle accidents happened here. >> reporter: he says flashing light placed here years ago hasn't helped. >> there's box that controls the light that block the view. the grass over there is high. >> reporter: we saw a lot of the problems while we were talking to him. >> right here. you can just see. look how far -- that truck' cars, n suv's rear wheels are on the white line he's still going to have to pull out further. >> reporter: the mayor posted on the facebook page in june a traffic light requiring drivers to stop is on the way. he wrote traffic light at old man's creek road and auburn road is still on track to be installed and fully operational by end of august 2017. >> i talked to the march on the phone and he says that a developer has agreed to pay for the installation of the traffic light and last he check they were on schedule to have it up and running before school buses hit the road next month. in woolwich township, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news.
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our fresco user helping us keep an eye on what's going around our area. they see stuff and shoot stuff if we use it they get paid and you can join in, too. so thomas, what you got tonight. >> here we go. this was fast-moving fire investigators looking into what started this huge fire at a warehouse in bethlehem. fresco user rich rolen showing us the scene on the 3400 block of commerce center. it burned for hours this afternoon. took more than 100 firefighters to get that under control. the morning call reports the fire started on the roof of that building. it's under construction. the good news here, no one was hurt. fresco by the way it's very easy to use. you see news happening you take out your phone and start roaring it comes right into our newsroom via the fresco app. if we use it we pay you. >> it's good money i might add. >> it is. >> thank you thomas. we probably all taken a picture at one time of another that has us gone hmm i really look like that? for local man his picture made one big impact.
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that picture he took with one of his favorite singers had him realizing how much weight he gain. he told our bill anderson at that exact moment he decided he was going to make change. and did he for goodness sake. >> i inside him to get in better shape and better health. that's one of the many reasons that makes what i do pretty gratifying. >> brian cole land assistant to the uppe upper dublin chief of e got to chance to meet one of his country music heroes josh turner about year ago. he was excited about the chance to meet turner he doesn't exactly like the picture they took together. >> got picture with him, and afterwards, viewed the pig cher and was honestly disgusted with the way i looked. >> reporter: seeing himself overweight really sunk in and inspired him to lose weight and get in shape. and now a year later, this was ryan when i met him today. >> i decided it was time to start taking care of myself.
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so ten months later, after dieting and working out, i lost 100 pounds. >> any of hughes have tried to lose weight know that 100 pounds is a huge accomplishment but as fate was have it turner was scheduled to come back to the area recently and ryan really wanted to share the results with the person who helped inspire him. >> i told the security guard i have to show him something. so we go back there and i'm sitting with him standing next to josh and i said you into towed see this. i show him my phone and he was blown away. >> josh turner inspired ryan. but after hearing his story, taking another picture with him ryan actually really inspired turner as well. >> he said i inspired him to lose weight and he's lost over a hundred pounds. [ cheers and applause ] >> look at this guy. >> was what's it like when you get a shout out from the stage and he's kind of acknowledging you? >> he mentioned that his concerts aren't always about music but, you know, making
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difference, and he surely made a difference in my life. >> reporter: we all have our struggles and often find inspiration in unusual places. but ryan is one of the lucky ones. he reached an mazing goal and found out that his inspiration lived up to expectations for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ man that is inspirational. so is this. live changing moment in norristown for a 14-year-old b boy. he's ethan piles right there. and he got a gift worth much more than money today. has called due ken muscular distrophy it's a terminal disease that takes away your muscle function with the help of non-profit jet foundation along with his family they collected nearly $50,000 in donations for that right there. that is an accessible van and that will help him and his family in their lives which is amazing. >> ron it's all good to have you with us. >> pleasure is mine. thank you so much.
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>> kind of big night in sports around here. >> big time. yeah. absolutely no doubt. >> no doubt. we'll talk about what's coming up to be a big season for the sixers in terms of the attention they're gathering. they'll be taking their talents to the uk suddenly becoming must see tv in the nba even though they haven't won anything. my commentary on their fast growing appeal is up next.
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ron burke is loving the national attention that the sixers are continuing to track. we have his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ the news dat 76ers will cross the atlantic to play the sell 96 london an 11th significant only levels. locally the team already won over the fan base but the team's excursion to europe the second time ever and first for regular season contest is yet another indication that the nba believes the sixers will be must see tv. remember earlier this week it was announced they'd be playing on christmas day against the knicks. that makes sense for obvious reasons the league wide attention the sixers are drawing as up and coming contender play as role in the decision to showcase them on that december 25th stage. through many changes in
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management to the roster the slogan trust the process morph flood movement. one that spread league wide and the team put together hasn't even laced up its sneakers yet. outside the hearts of fans the sixers haven't won a thing yet. but imagine the opportunity for even morey wards if they land in london as contenders. a whole new fan base might climb on board and turn the process into a unique type of progress from sea to shining sea lucy. >> i'm just inspired by that, ron burke. thank you much. philadelphia is about to honor dion warwick she's the -- this year's recipient of the marion anderson award. today in rittenhouse square city officials unveil this year' mon nori the north jersey born singer. the award pays tribute tots name sake. the city gives out the awards each year to honor artists whose work goes beyond entertaining. all right. so taylor swift is not backing down from what she says a dee
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jay did to her in 2013. pop star was in court today testifying against david mueller. she blasted mueller and his team for suggesting she's lying about mueller grabbing her inappropriately before a conce concert. mueller denies the claims and his lawsuit and says he lost his job because of it. testimony continues tomorrow. so i don't know you guys listen to any of this testimony but she did not back down. i really can't say whole lot about it because, um, there are some colorful uses of words but it was interesting because she says he didn't just grab her back side he lifted her skirt. >> my gosh. >> and groped her. >> i didn't know that either. >> yeah. >> i was shocked. there's probably whole lot more on t in z followed by and side edition the a mid need. chasing news at 12:30 and the simpsons. we're back at 4am for goo i make it easy to save $600 on car insurance, so being cool comes naturally. hmm. i can't decide if this place is swag or bling.
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it's pretzels. word. ladies, you know when you switch, you get my bomb-diggity discounts automatically. ♪ no duh, right? [ chuckles ] sir, you forgot -- keep it. you're gonna need it when i make it precipitate. what, what? what?
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breaking news there is a man in critical condition, fighting for his life after an overnight shooting, we've got a live report. daing rust, deadly, once again, neighbors have been complaining about this new jersey intersection for a year and what they say needs to be done to keep people safe after yet another deadly accident, this week. look at this, beat down works man brutally beaten as there she is knocked defense less to the ground, attack and swarmed with other woman, attacking her what police are hoping will track down her attackers. and, football's back, lets take a lot stand outs, just a preseason if you but we still get excited. who came up big? who has to work on some stuff. we will break that down. >> good thing it didn't count. >> w


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