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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 23, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> welcome to chasing news, i am your host bill stayedia, we have a huge show for you, christopher columbus, is he a racist? some say yes. they want his statue taken down out of columbus circle. and we have the latest headlines that we're chasing, how they impact you. we touch on the weather, but first a story about senator bob menendez, he is under indictment facing trial for public corruption. what does this mean for you? if he is out of office, chris
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christie has 147 days left in office to appoint a pro-trump senator, that could impact you. alex? >> federal courthouse covering a trial that could have ripple effects from white house to your house, bob menendez going on trial for corruption, it might sound like a far away headline it could affect you, menendez is a democrat, if we were convicted and expelled, by january 2018, his replace me replacement woule appointed by republican governor chris christie, that would be one more republican seat in senate, this is moot if menendez gets acquitted. and murphy wins elect in the fall. menendez of indictedded more than two year ago his trial got underway tuesday with jury selection, the judge in case locking reporters out of the courtroom for two hours.
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menendez's spokesman said he was rea-- rearained and pleaded not guilty, menendez is on trial, justice department said that three quarters of a million dollar in campaign contribution given to him were bribes, that money with luxury vacations and trips to private planes were a quid pro quo for menendez allegedly intervened on a medical billing dispute, and got visas for his girlfriend, opening arguments are set september 6 it could last two months. >> thank you. >> bringing in our panel, what does it mean to you. welcome back. janet hoffman is here. political strategist.
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and our friend mcqueeny, host of new jersey now, jenelle, you as a democrat, one of the more prominent members of u.s. senate, he stood up to democrats and republicans. but what about if chris christie appoints a republican to replace him. >> that is scary. but bob menendez is one of the most prolific, well respected senators of our modern times, it is a fine line to really have when you are the federal prosecutor who really have burden of proof to really choose whether or not there is official or not, i think we should really pause for a second, and take a stip back, and let the case buyout. i will not count menendez out. >> is that a fair assetment? >> somewhat fair. menendez has two trials one in court of law, two in court of public opinion, good news he has
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40% favorable rate but 44% are not going to reesh lek hi to re. if chris christie appoints himself to be 50 vote on healthcare, minorities, people of limited income, they will be screwed. what trump could not get with his own republicans 50 vote and vice president's vote to get that, he can get with another republican senator even if that republican senator for a brief period of time is called chris christie. do you think that christie would actually appoint himself? >> governor christie has said before he would rather die than be in washington in congress. whether that true or not i don't know, he does need a job coming in december. but i think we have to be careful when we pigeonhole all republicans as being like donald trump. here in new jersey, i am a
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republican, and i don't walk in lockstep with donald trump, a lot of other republicans don't either. looking at health care vote, republicans like mccain voted again trump and killed the deal. reporter: >> what does this mean, audience sitting at home. how does this impact you. are you worried about jobs. >> impact on us, jim mentioned. the federal government has come down to single votes in reference to real ideal things that face people like you and i am this is very serious. i will not wound menendez -- count menendez out he a smart man with a great legal team. >> are you worried. >> i am not. >> he is a great guy, every man is innocent until proven guilty. >> leave it there we'll bring you latest headlines that we're chasing. >> criminal sentencing for former new york congressman
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anthony weiner has been pushed back. court date has been rescheduled to sept sep 25, he could face uo 10 years in prison. >> outraged, when in a saw american flag hanging upside down, someone broke into the lockbox over the weekend. >> the flag was lowered after the school was notifyd. >> a top u.s. navy admiral calls for a investigation into collision of uss mccain into an oil tanker near singapore, this is second time a u.s. destroyer ran into a commercial ship in three months, investigation will include a review into possibility of cyber instruction or sabotage. >> certainly a hot, humid day tuesday, a lot of 90s in the area, but changes happening right now, tomorrow will be a very different story, i'll talk about what to expect in your forecast, coming up. >> stick with us, coming up on chasing news, is christopher
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columbus a racists? shoulds statue in columbus circle come down or be moved? we take it up with our
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>> welcome back to chasing news, i am bill spadea, we have a loot coming up, coming up. gay couple traveling in world, getting married in each of 24 countries where it slg, i want
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to start with christopher columbus, some saying his statue has to come down, not everyone agree, ashley? >> christopher columbus statue at columbus circle in manhattan is now at and of controversy, city council speaker wants to remove it with other controversial statues. this comes as protest have been taking place in the nation, to have confederate and controversial statues and monuments removed, cory booker proposed to remove all confederate statues from capital. but with christopher columbus stat sstatue, those i spoke to e mixed reaction. >> the while european community who colonized this land has done a great disservice to native americans. slaughters, maybe that ises wronthewrong word, killing millf
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native americans, not okay. >> it is a piece of our history, and in history. >> mayor bill de blasio commissions a task force. and make for a recommendation on what should be done with them in manhattan, ashley johnson with chasing news. >> thank you. >> all right bring in our panel to break it down, welcome back, happy to have you here, jenette hoffman, and jim mcqueeny, start with you, columbus circle, an iconic part of manhattan, history it happened, columbus discovered america. >> historical, hypocrisy, it is ridiculous the way that is going on. where does it end. >> it is getting out of control, we need to take a stip back and
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look at it is before we you know, get rid of spha stats -- statues every where, history is important. >> you want to take down some. >> there are other issues. >> any statues you would take down. >> i don't. >> why not. >> you think about people -- >> because history is important, you get these elected officials jumping out there for headline, enough already, get too real business, go to work, let's not focus so much on tearing down statues, this is an important part of our history, whether you like it or not. >> i don't think that politicians have anything betser to do with our taxpayer dollars, i call out bill de blasio for putting together a commission for statues, there are real issues, people don't think about the statues as they walk by it is nonsense. >> it is important to know what is in your city.
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>> yes, subways are not running on time. >> focus on that. >> a bigger issue. but you know, statue thing is out of control, we can do so much other things. new york is busy. >> even this thing you talk about confederate statue, everyone seems to agree, they should take it down, no, i agree with you, it depends on how you look at it. people in a war if says something that people who lost a war. >> if you don't like it don't visit it. >> right. >> you mention subway, in new york city, after janet mentions mayor de blasio we have those tiles that are aranged as confederate battle flag, what do you say? replace the tiles, how about that. >> all right, why those and not a statue. >> the tile are not that important, they need to fix the subway system. >> does this discussion hurt cory booker as a political
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strategist, coming out of what many think was a failed couple of terms in new york now talking about statues what about healthcare, and immigration. >> right, as a democratic politician it probably helped with liberal elite who are trying to sanitize history, every day new jersey taxpayers we don't care about this we care about healthcare and taxes, we care about jobs, i think that politicians have this out of control with this. >> you made a face, when i mentioned cory booker. >> he is a great democrat, and -- you know hard on democrats, but. >> is if really about democrats and republican. >> no, it is not, we could do so much other good things. >> it is about democrats and republicans, thing they are doing are not what people want to get done. >> right. >> that leads to all disgust that people have for the incumbents. >> they want too talk about issues. >> why you are arguing statues,
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talk about my health care or middle class or region that is disappearing and vanishing, what are you doing about that cory booker and bob menendez. >> amazing about this, conservative, liberal, black, white, man, woman, everyone comes here, tonights we did, on common sense saying this are more important issues, my guess average person out there, average listener viewer, thinking yeah, what about my issues, you know, i walked by that statue but i need a job, thank you, great conversation, jamal, janet, and jim. >> we'll bring you latest headlines that we're chasing. >> it could be a drone war between walmart and amazon, walmart is applying for a patent for a blam blimp to deploy zone. >> in a viral photo cheryl is seen hugging her daughter eilleena one last time before taking her off life support, she
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thought it was important to show others horror of opioid epidemic. and tom mesereau, wil the counsl in cosby's sexual assault retrial, he is retried on charges he drugged and molested andrea constand in 2004. >> i am meteorologist dan. heat and humidity sunked on tuesday -- surged tuesday, with highs near 9, heat index was close to 100 in many spots, changes on the way right now, and here is the way that progression. showers, thunderstorms and then a cold front. and then the cooler dryer air arrives. but there will be a lag there, you may not nei feel much diffee in the stickiness until wednesday afternoon, two showers tonight, maybe a couple
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thunderstorms. it the line the rain will fizzle before it makes it to coast, it is muggy, cloudy, temperatures fouling to lower or mid 70s. by wednesday afternoon, you will taste that dryer air, we'll be looking cooley for wednesday, highs in lower to maybe mid 80s. and we'll see clearing skies hopefully nice breaks of sunshine by the arch, a situation where it will turn to a nice day. thursday, we're going to love the dry air. then mild temperatures, highs around 80, maybe 82, 83. we'll see sunshine and dry weather for thursday, that starts a tranquil pleasant weather pattern, temperatures a little bit below normal, we may top out in 70s for a couple of days approaches weekend, sunshine and dry weather will be nice. >> all right. thank you, dan. >> twitch gear, president of
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united states made a major policy announcement last night, regarding how we're going to handle the war in afghanistan, arian caught up with a local veteran and he weighed in. >> well monday night's presidential address lacked specific about number of troops needed for president trump's new plan for war in afghanistan. it was very clear that whatever the plan, president trump is certain that we will win. but how and when? mr. trump explained that his approach is a departure from time based strategy. >> conditions to ground, not arbitrary time tables will guide your strategy from now on. >> with more than 8,000 troops on ground, and a new strategy that does not limit amount of time or military resources, put toward this fight in afghanistan that leads a lot of americans asking how many more people, how
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much time, i spoke to military vet tom porter. >> i am encouraged it appears he consulted with his general and officer, he wants to see success in afghanistan. he is looking to experts. >> tom spoke with other factor as play, concerning success of president trump's new plan for afghanistan. >>, namely help from nato, as well as financial backing from india and pakistan. reporting for chasing news. >> thank you. >> all right, what do you think? jim, you spend time in middle east, my perception is, this is a reversal of both bush and obama, and more than a decade of nation building. >> it called mission crease, finding reason why we have on stay there, 2200 americans killed in afghanistan, 800 billion spent since 2001, that
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will be sorted out by iran one side and pakistan on other, idea that a sanctuary we're in there po prevent sanctuary of nesting of terrorists who will come after us, those people out of there now, they are in north africa. so we're sending troops everywhere, if you follow that line. that is what we have to do. >> a good point, i heard over and over, i agree with it. i would rather fight them there than here. >> absolutely, and we need to listen to our generals on the ground, i thought fors effective he acknowledged the problems we have, he also said i'm going to listen to the troops and generals on ground, and give them the support they need to win in afghanistan. i don't think our troops necessarily thought they had support of president obama in past. that say huge change. >> the poll show, that president former president did not do well among troops, even though george w. bush did before him, both
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policies, now almost in second decade in this war. >> history tv moment, from a liberal democrat, i think trump is finally listening to his generals. i want to thank troops for their service, but trump is correct on this one, we have to go over there we have t to ensure those terrorists do not come over here, i think he is listen displg listen tlistening.>> list got to vietnam. >> on the ground. >> we invested 20,000 more death in to that because we less end to a general. that does not make it more right. >> i think president was specific saying we're not nation building we're killing terrorists. >> is that key. with your constituent you think about people that know people with sons and daughters who are deploy. isn't it about time to get to culture of winning.
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>> we won under obama. we caught osama bin laden. this is continuing. the terrorists are sophisticated. trump has to listen to guys on ground. >> terrorists they are not in afghanistan. they are elsewhere. >> they are everywhere. >> they are everywhere. >> they are everywhere. >> they are among us now. >> thank you, jim mcqueeny and janet, and jamal, thank you. >> mexico. >> mexico. >> uruguay. >> colombia. >> this french couple weres first time they got married now they are about to do it again. 22 more times after that. >> very reta romantic. >> each time in a different countr
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>> mexico. >> mexico. uruguay. >> this french couple still remembers first time they got married, now they are about to do it again, 22 more times after that. >> only where same-sex marriage is legal
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>> welcome back to chasing news, i am your host bill spadea, we have a story about a gay couple who plan to get married in all 24 countries where it is legal, there are first stop, new york city, diana caught up with them. >> this french couple spill
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remembers first time they got married. >> love at first sight. >> cliche. >> love at first sight in 2010, i think. >> yeah. >> 7 years now. we got married in belgium. in 2012. >> now they are about to do it again. and again, and 22 more times after that. each time in a different country, but only where same-sex marriage is legal. >> i hope it is going to be fun. >> yeah. >> it will be fine. >> they are two european artists working on their latest project, called -- 22, they live out of a suitcase where they celebrate where same-sex marriage is legal and raise awareness where it is not. >> we stay positive, everyone in our work relates to positive side of things, this is the
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same, we'll mar marry 24 times, we'll celebrate but still there are 1 70s you cannot. >> first weddint in new york in further week of september then from there jam-packed. >> then to mexico. >> uruguay. >> colombia, canada, iceland, norway, sweden, finland, denmark, germany, london in ireland. >> dublin. >> new zealand, south africa, luxembourg, spain, and portugal. >> yes. >> that about it. >> south africa. >> yes. >> a list that could get longer as more country legalize same-sex marriage, all right malta and germany have been added, australia could be next. >> we would love to have an exabinexhibition at end of projt called 22 we just feature 25 or
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26 countries, then toll b will a time capsule this shaping now, this is happen in 18 months time. >> more information on plan can be found 22 the diana for chasing news. >> a great night of chasing news, we appreciate you watching, we had quite a show, talking about senator bob menendez, what do you think? is he going down in flames? will chris christie have a u.s. senate appointment. >> that and statue of christopher columbus they have is over stepped. it does not make sense to try to erase history, there are more important things like jobs. that is my thought, let me know, hit me up on twitter, facebook, you know where to find us, and listen every morning,
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