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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  August 23, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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equipment. if you can figure out what it is before 8:00, i'll gave you a powerball ticket. >> i'll put your name on it, and if you win, i'll find you. >> is that a quick pick? >> it is a quick pick, yes. >> and do you have only pick one thing? >> yes, just one thing wrong. there are many things that are wrong. >> you have many opportunities to get correct today. >> the one i am thinking about that you might notice, well, by the way, here is the powerball ticket for you. >> johnny carson with the answer in the envelope? >> sign the backment make sure it is yours. are you ready for this? >> he didn't do it loud. >> supposed to be -- i'm tryig to imitate the hundred their woke us up last night. i rarely wake up in the middle of the night, but i woke up. >> i did too. >> i didn't hear anything. >> no thunder at all, you must have been out like a light. >> normally under this nerve
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that bedroom. >> weather, weather by the numbers, scale of one today, we give it eight, more seasonable temperatures, rainfall, it is moving out. but we still have some flood concerning, south and west, back toward northern sections of delaware, new castle county, watching some of the creeks and streams. mostly cloudy, maybe a spotty string he will early, otherwise sun, clouds, 84 degrees, later on this afternoon, as opposed to those 90s that we had yesterday. take a look, ultimate doppler, you can see much improved, but look at the storm reports. flashflooding, northern delaware, also north and west, and you can see some of those flood reports, over 3 inches of rainfall, in some locations, in gloucester county, also, camden county, and sections every delaware county, kind of zoom in, and you can see, around ridley, over 3 inches of rain fell
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short amount of time. folks down the shore, tell tear wise still in the seven's, humidity still high. low to mid 70s north and west. so looking at clearing conditions, 83, down the shore, low 80s, in the lehigh valley. what about those roads, bob? >> scotty, 7:02, we had couple of accident this morning, again, all of the roads are damp, and wealth, from the thunder boomers last night. hear is a live look, 422, only one lane open. right at route 23. accident involving this dump truck, right here. happened about an hour ago. so we're just crawling from royersford, through collegeville. all the way in. >> walter main break 202 coming out of norristown between fourth and ford street. >> right at trooper road, but at least there is one lane getting through there. early morning train derailment at penn station, new jersey transit train derailed this
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morning, in the station, however, no passengers were on board. no report of any injuries. there will be big delays today trains in and out of penn station, update on norristown high-speed line, trains running every 20 minute with no express service. mike and alex, back to you. >> the game i was playing. >> yes? >> already come to an end. >> okay. >> we've had people guessing, the teleprompters broken, we're just stupid. >> no. >> then somebody else said electric at this time at this out? running on a generator. >> does it really look like that. >> what happened is we didn't have any video, so dot store bit 69th street terminal crash, you wouldn't have seen the crash. >> just look at us talk about it. >> yes, we, if dollars, that so the game's off. >> yes. >> quick, at least we fix philadelphia. >> so the ntsb out there again or soon will be at 69th street. that's where lawyer send this morning, waist going on this
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morning? >> so septa quickly turned the investigation over to the ntsb yesterday, now, they've been here on scene since then, trying to determine what happened, and why? the obvious answer of course is that there was train crash yesterday around 12:15, when incoming norristown train slammed into a parked unoccupied train. several dozen passengers were injured, they were taken to local hospitalization. the emergency response was very swift and thorough. well, yesterday after the accident happened, the upper darby township mayor said he was pretty concerned, and he wanted to spend the day yesterday on the phone with lawmakers, talking about possibly installing new technology here to prevent this from happening again. overall, though, everyone is now focused on the safety of riding septa here. >> right now checking all of the evidence we consideration perishable evidence, speed would be circulating. i can't say that was a factor right now or not. but, once we get back to our dc headquarters we do, we do
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do a full system comparison with other to see if we can identify trends, and right now i want to say speed was a factor. i can't speculate that right now. >> well, what we do know right now, 42 people were on board, 33 including the conductor, were injured, and they were treated at hospitals, the conductor has been released since then, so we understand he will be back here on scene with investigators today, to give his vantage point and perspective on exactly what happened. one man on the train yesterday told us the train flew by tuesday two stations, back up to pick up passengers, and then boom the crash happened here at 69th street. so this morning, that train has been removed from the regional rail tracks. they investigate more about the train's integrity, they say the floorboards did buckle, from the impact of the crash. but they have so much more to go, and look into, to find out exactly why this train crash happened, yesterday morning, at 12:15, mike and alex okay. >> thank you. they're going to be out there for weeks and weeks and weeks,
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for sure. >> a man in critical condition after being shot multiple time in the chest and stomach there is happened in south philly, just after midnight at 16th and wharton, police are looking for two male suspect, victim taken to jefferson hospital. police believe he was sitting zero end a stoop, of a home, when he was shot. >> a lot of us mourning the loss of james whelan. he represented atlantic city, and in new jersey's senate, a city he served for more than a decade, as mayor.
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>> so he had surgery last month, to remove some cancerous cells from his kidney. said he had complications from blood thinners, still a smoker. reads in part: the sudden and unexpected passing every senator jim whelan enormous lost to the people of atlantic city, his dig strict and all of the state of new jersey. during my nearly eight years in trenton i came to know jim as a for the right and honest leader whose word was his bonds. >> that guy, he's in jail. >> interesting where they found him. they found him in the atlanta area, georgia, so now he is sitting in the jail cell this morning, thomas. so how did this happen? >> they got this man, 777 miles away. investigators focused on getting derrick rollins back to pennsylvania to face charge. who fired 17 shot at two men in philadelphia's overbrook park neighborhood.
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>> so they got a turns us marshals fugitive task force, they captured him outside apartment complex, was in at lan tax the news coming as big relief to those who live near the shootings here. >> so, there was sense of relief now that's gone. >> i'm glad he's off the street, can all breathe easily. >> rollins was with a woman when he was found, she is being questioned this morning, they want to know what role she played, and perhaps, getting him to the atlanta area. rollins by the way, mike, alex, has long criminal record with arrest for crimes, including drug dealing, and armed robbery. but once again this morning, they did get their man. 777 miles away in atlanta georgia. >> atlanta, i'll be darn. 8:08 -- 7:08.
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>> headstones found overturned at northeast philadelphia cemetery. officers say as many as 25 headstones were vandalized, sometime monday night, behind the memorial church of st. luke's episcopal. beer cans were found near some of the headstones police say it may have been the work of teenagers, and more than one involved. fourth cemetery vandalized in the area this year. back at mount carmel cemetery remember over 100 headstones overturned, and that case unsolved. still the despite reward out for $100,000. >> that's right. well, the navy is dismissing one of their top people. advice admiral joseph of his command, following a stream of collisions, involving warships in asia. so this command here has been with the navy, and this particular area of the world since 2015 was due to retire in about three weeks.
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on top of the firing, navy ships worlds wide would suspends operations. that doesn't sound right. i mean it had to be just for matter of hours. to review teamwork, safety, and seamanship on board all 277 vessels around the world. including that young man, from cherry hill, new jersey, 22 year old kenneth smith, is among the missing sailors. smith grew up in virginia, but moved to cherry hill when his father, who was a naval officer, transferred to the area, naval officials say, searches have found while and remains yesterday inside of the ship in a compartment, sleeping compartment. they've not identified anyone yet though. >> the whole situation just horrible. >> all right. big news out of phoenix last
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night. >> well, there were some violent clashes between police and protesters, this was after president trump held a& campaign style rally there last night. >> i think it was a campaign rally. >> well, a fundraiser wasn't it? >> fundraiser for his campaign, which is very early on in someone's administration. he really railed against the news media again, and promised to stick to his agenda, despite recent controversies, in fact, he brought up the controversy in charlottesville, right, doug? >> he did. and kind of connection with the news media. so, yes, you know, we new emotions would be running hi, this event last night, these are the kinds of things that the president clearly enjoys, connecting with his base, but, many of his critics were out in force. >> guy just got shot. >> it was violent ends to a protest. anti-trump activist, out in the street of phoenix, some throwing bottles and rocks at police, who tried to disperse the crowds. and those protest hads gone on
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for hours. >> we are sick, and tired of him. needs to straighten it up or needs to get out. >> it is rather incredible. it is incredible. >> all of this as president trump held free wheeling campaign style rally here, drawing thousands of supporters, and going after familiar targets, including the news media. >> it is time to expose the crooked media deceptions, and to challenge the media for their role in for mentioning divisions. >> the president defended his earlier comment in the in the aftermath of the violence at charlottesville, and following up on visit earlier today with the us border with mexico he once again promised to crackdown on illegal immigration. we have we have who close down the government, build that wall. >> the president did not spare critics every his own party, not mentioning names but clearly going after arizona senator john mccain then jeff
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flake. >> and nobody wants me to talk about your other senator, who is weak on boarders, weak on crime. so i won't talk about him. >> but the president did come back to that familiar campaign theme that fires up supporters, and angers many of his critics. >> we will make america great again. thank you arizona, god bless you. >> the president also strongly hinted, at a forthcoming pardon, for controversial former arizona sheriff, joe areio, connection with efforts to crackdown on illegal immigration. there has been some speculation that that pardon might come yesterday. it did not. but the president made it pretty clear that's the direction he is head in the. >> he said the sheriff will be just fine. just fine. >> yes. >> doug, see you tomorrow, thank you. 7:12, someone get a hole of karen hepp. >> she has chicken?
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her backyard, the cdc issued a warning. >> yes, backyard chickens, my granddaughter has four backyard chickens, they're linked to nationwide salmonella outbreak. did karen hear about this? including dozens of cases here in pennsylvania. and new jersey. >> in the last two weeks, 26 people in pennsylvanian three new jersey have been infected, in total, nearly 1,000 salmonella cases have been reported in the u.s. and one person has died. the patient say they had contact with live poultry, such as checks, ducklings, in the week before their illness started. the cdc urges everyone to remember to wash or sanitize your hands after touching the birds. does ted dow, that your granddaughter, make sure to wash your hands? because i've seen her try it kiss the birds? >> oh, she cuddles these four chickens, and tries to kiss them, they flap away from her. >> see when i was growing up, cats, dogs, maybe an amp steer. >> who had chicken? well, my uncle hell chickens. >> he had a farm? >> my uncle had a farm.
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we would go there, when i was a little kid, we went out there, and well, i can't tell you what we did. >> to the chicken? >> yes. >> oh,. >> they sent me as a little boy to run and capture the chickens, and then my dad. >> yes? >> rip. >> i learned, you know, the term don't stick your neck out. >> right. >> i didn't know when you're about to -- they actually stick their neck out? >> yes. >> specially when you step on their -- well anyway. >> oh, my gosh. >> you know the term run around with a chick win its head cut off? >> they do? >> they do. >> you have seen this? >> why. >> poor little chick glenn like silence of the lambs me growing up. oh, the chickens are crying. >> how long? we can discuss. >> oh, they run around for about 30, no, probably 102nd, then ptt. sorry, the kids probably up. >> horrible. >> powerball, $700 million on the line tonight. it may go higher than that at 11.
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>> you think snow. >> yes. >> every morning report nerve america. >> hold on. because i'm scared now that we're doing -- i'll wait. >> every morning reporter in america, every tv show have sent someone to a convenience store to ask people what would you do with $700 million. it is so stupid. we've done it for 25 years. so jenny is going to do something completely different. jenny? >> reporter: ya, i asked them if i could stands on my head, but they said no, they were concerned about liability issues. >> really? >> so for now, i'm going to disappoint you once again, but the reason i'm going to disappoint you and you'll hear from someone who will tell us what they're going to do with that money is because i think you might like the answer, ya, sorry. but anyway. we're live here at the 7-eleven in bridesburg, we've seen people stopping by to get those tickets. because the jackpot has reached 700 million, as mike said, probably going to get higher before tonight's 11:00 drawing here on "fox 29
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news," there is one in 292 million chance every winning, one man doesn't typically play the lottery, but today is the day. >> today is special. i never play. >> why are you playing today? >> because a dream, hoping, never know. >> for 700 million? >> someone's got to hit. so, you know, since someone's got to hit, why not me? >> if i win, i will be calling and asking for you and saying thanks for the encouragement. i wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't for you two. >> we're going to hold to you that. >> i'll bring donuts, everything. >> okay. couple of lousy donuts, that's all we got? oh, man. well, here is leo. leo said hey, jen, what are you doing here? isn't this steve keeley's neck of the woods? isn't this where steve keeley goes? i'm sure he always makes it a little different. but steve is on vacation so you got me. steve you just bought your tickets? at least if they say did you play the game i can at least say i d i know i ain't going
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to hit it but at least i know i tried. >> you tried. do you typically play. >> oh, yes, as running a the jackpot is up big enough i play. >> how many numbers did you get? >> i got four. >> four. leo best of luck to you. >> thank you, dear the tell stevie said hello, and you enjoy your day. >> thank you, too. >> he thinks you're joyce evans. >> well, some people call people by their last name you. >> get holly all the time. >> i get jerk. you know? because of jerrick. >> ya. >> okay. jenny well we look for to you do something different in the next hour than every other report nerve america. >> look at you. >> okay. >> what would you do? since you're talking about her, tell us? >> exactly. so on that note. >> let's do this. >> scott, again, tell me, there are five. >> five. >> five numbers that they pick one through 69. >> then powerball. >> yep. >> so let's peck one, we've got six half hours to go. >> it is one through 69 in here.
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and then we will make this the good day numbers. >> okay. >> so, then, all of us here who are watching, all of you watching out there, will play the same numbers, and then we will each win about a dollar and a half. >> sounds good. >> ready? >> you pick the first one. >> okay. >> can somebody write these down? ill, i guess. >> our first number, the good day philadelphia powerball winning ticket is? >> fifty-eight. >> that's our first number, 58. >> fifty-eight. >> okay. so i'll keep this over here. >> okay? >> all right, scott, we will be doing this all morning. >> sounds good. i need mike's help on this one, can i get the sounds effect again. >> hold on, let me get my clap, my thunder. >> oh. >> you know what i need? i need like thin metal, like thin metal brrr. , like a sign.
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(thunder heard). >> okay? oh, that's the cow bell. >> we need more cow bell. >> take a look at the amazing photo sent to us by our twitter user, lauren eileen. her friend took that last night of the storm. what an amazing shot there of the lightning along the ben franklin bridge. the thunderstorm activity has moved out. gradual clearing during the day. 84 degrees for center city. low 80s down the shore. we will see lower humidity, lehigh valley, 81 degrees by this afternoon, so the front still off to the west. but note most of the rainfall ends the, saw the line of nasty showers, thunderstorms, kinds of plow through the area overnight last night. temperatures, by this afternoon, 84 degrees in center city. low 80s for thursday, into friday, and look at the fall preview for the upcoming weekend. high temperatures only in the you are err 70s. hey, headed out the door, don't forget to join the weather authority forecast, all morning long, our 101.1
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more fm. bob? >> good morning, seven -- that's not right. go 7:20. 422, eastbound, stacked and packed, from royersford all the way in to king of prussia with only one lane open this accident here, about 24 minute trip into kop. and an accident on the blue route, 476 right near the schuylkill expressway. it is the southbound side of the blue route, coming out every mid-county. delays on the westbound schuylkill schuylkill, just over half hour, south on 95, heavy through the construction zone, water main break in norristown. southbound, between fourth and fourth street, closed for moles of the day, another water main break egypt road at trooper road. got update norristown high-speed line, trains running every 20 minutes, same deal as yet, no express service, all trains making all stops. and an update from new york's penn station, trains are back to normal, from that early
7:22 am
morning derailment. come on, let's check your lotto numbers before we go to break. mega millions.
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>> samsung is set to unveil the galaxy eight today. >> and it is supposed to be, the biggest, fastest, highest performing smart phone in the market so they say. so, it bridges up the question again, lauren, are you team android, team iphone. >> what from. >> team iphone, because i'm too lays toy learn another operating system. what about you guys? >> iphone because the station, our station phone. >> they pay for that. but i've been on team android and team iphone before. and i leak the iphone, i have to say. >> and people say when your friend or family all use one device, easier to have the same device for group connections and the like, all right, so what do we need to know about the note eight from samsung? do you need a fire extinguisher? mean joke. but with the note seven, the batteries exploding so the point is is that samsung has to make sure that this battery
7:26 am
is very safe. it most likely s but you never know. what's this phone look like? how much is it going to cost? we will get tonight, we get all of the official details, but we still have some pictures of it, it is huge. it is alike a 6.4-inch edge to edge display on the screen. >> look at that time that. >> dual camera, super fast, and they're touting the stylist this can do all sorts of fun thing on the phone for you. >> i hear the price might jump to $1,100. >> what? >> for the souped up edition. >> wow. >> can't confirm, that but expected to be expensive but look will probably hit the market around the time of the tent anniversary iphone. >> true. >> so try to compete. >> expected to be expensive, yep. >> did you play the powerball? you need to win the powerball to affords these phones, these are expensive phones. i didn't play yet. >> i got awe ticket. i'm in love with you. >> can i have it.
7:27 am
>> hold. don't move. i'm coming around. >> here it is. >> common. >> okay, i will put it down. >> did you quick pick the numbers? >> i did. >> i quick picked it, sorry. >> but we're also here on the show pulling out some numbers so we can all go in together. our viewers, and us. >> oh,. >> drawing them out after box. >> got t lump sum, obviously second most expensive jackpot ever. the lump sum cash pay out $443 million. >> what would you do with that money. >> i have a question. >> i have a question. there is a woman in my life. >> here we go. >> we really can't get married. >> why not? >> because of situations, there is reasons.
7:28 am
but i toll her i bought her a lottery, powerball ticket. she says okay, if you win, then we will be together. >> why? >> i don't know. >> because if you break up then you have to split the money. so now you got to be together to have all of the access. >> it just doesn't make me feel good. >> ya. >> doesn't make me feel good. you will with me the rest of my live if we win this money. >> but any woman that will be with you that far will be with you for the monday. >> i you'll be $700 million richer. >> why would that change anything? >> ya you're saying money doesn't buy happiness. >> he's a true gentleman. >> al next. >> true romantic? thanks, lawyer glenn bye bye. >> good luck. >> , teeth, smile, she has a
7:29 am
child, she has it all going on. >> she's little. >> little is good. >> listen to this, i know, i can't wait for the eagles. when do the eagles play? >> thursday. >> tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night. >> the dolphins. >> is it here? dolphins are here. they've been practicing together. >> so eagles fans, they say that they will choose football over their fate. >> would you rather meet someone, an eagles fan, rather than your fate, your religion? >> we're doing q street. we are talking about it, we have 68% of people, would rather choose eagles fans over their religion. we will talk to people, here at broad and walnut. q street coming up next.
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>> welcome back to good day, time 7:32, we see mostly cloudy skies out, there but most of the rainfall getting out of here, so, clouds giving way to sun, center city, 84 degrees by this afternoon, low 80s down the shore, gradual clearing, for the air show. the lehigh valley, 81 degrees, with lowering humidity, the cold front will be pushing through, pushing with it the clouds, the rainfall, and the humidity out to sea behind it, you can see, some clearing toward the western part of the
7:33 am
state. >> nasty line every showers and thunderstorms that roll through last night, south philadelphia, into northern sections of gloucester, camden couldn't, also moving south and west, along i95, that yellow over two and a half inches of rain, in a short amount of time. 74 degrees if wilmington, 74 in trenton, mid 70s right now in atlantic city so across the region for today, looking a clouds, giving way to peaks of sunshine, 84 in philadelphia. low 80s wildwood. and low 80s bob kelly in the lehigh valley. >> sound good, scotty. 7:33, good morning, everybody. big delays on 422, jammed, because of early morning accident. every now and then they open up second lane, but for the most part it has been just one lane, eastbound, all the way into 202. update on the norristown high-speed line, trains running, same as yesterday,
7:34 am
every 20 minutes, no express service, so every train is a local train. expect delays specially boarding of street? garnet valley baltimore pike watch for downed wires near schoolhouse lane, kennett square, smith bridge road just off of 202, some high water, and lot that far is any of the roads that are adjacent to the creeks, streams, that typically flood, when we get some thunder boomers, we got it this morning. west on the schuylkill, just over half hour. south on 95, stack up, from woodhaven, in to downtown. back over to you. 7:34, move in day, a lot of people moving in their children into doll edge today, across the country and specially here locally. so here is a big heads up on college campus safety, a lot of parent thinking about this as you walk away from your child for the first time. so billy penn. com put together a survey, in categories including overall
7:35 am
crime, sexual assault, and relationship violence, drugs and alcohol, and also hate crimes. the schools examined villanova, st. joe's, lasalle, university of pennsylvania, drexel and temple, and the findings may surprise you. this is good information for parent. as they walk away from their kids after they get their room set up. mike you were with, you have all of details with billy penn reporter anna or so. >> standing right next to me here, hi, anna. describe what billy penn. com is in. >> local news website here in the city and we cover philadelphia. >> you have done sole smashing i news reports about me personally. >> hey, maybe not me. blame my co-workers all right? >> a guy. wasn't you, anna. so, let's back off little bit. show this graphic here. >> yes. >> these are crime statistics that we got, well, every school in the area, at least the six we're showcasing, they sends out these stats, that we can all look at. >> right. right. >> so let's back up little bit. now, when you are looking at your tv set, only look at the
7:36 am
color, what that, green? >> greenish. >> greenish-bluish, the year we're looking at 2015. >> right. >> so let neat get out of this. would this be the one i'm standing next to that has the most crime? >> according to the numbers, yes. >> and? >> penn had the knows reported crime of any of these six city schools we looked at in 2015. >> over all crime. >> overall crime. >> so as you can see there, penn was number one. >> number one you. >> don't want to be number one, temple, villanova, dregg he will, st. joe's and lasalle. >> right. >> now you have adjusted these numbers, at billy penn. com. >> correct. what way? >> important to note penn also has the most student. so we adjusted those numbers and look that in nevertheless of the number of students and faculty on each campus. >> per capita. >> exactly. >> so adjust it, penn is not the one with most crime. >> right. >> villanova? >> villanova. >> st. joe's.
7:37 am
>> yes. >> the way it breaks down, villanova, st. joe's, will sell, penn, temple. >> yes. >> explain that little more watch did you do to co-late the numbers? >> we took what's called the fte, full time enrollment. that's the number of student and the number of full time faculty. we compared that with the number of overall crime fawn actually the suburban schools had more crime that was reported on campuses. >> okay. >> at least compared to the city schools. >> all right. that's overall. let's break it down into certain crimes. >> sure. >> sexual assault. relationship violence. so the stats we got from the schools show penn again. >> right. >> had the toughest time. >> right. well, you have to remember, experts say that higher rates of reported sexual assault can actually and good thing, because it can show that these schools have better environment for reporting sexual violence. >> that was penn, temple, drexel, villanova, lasalle, according to, that st. joe's was the safest? >> right. >> okay, now, you co-late dollars nutter about, billy
7:38 am
penn, and came out? >> similar results, little bit different. now it is also these sample size razz much smaller, when we are looking at overall crime rates, you had a thousand, or a thousand reports. >> but this looks like st. joe's had the worse numbers. >> one year, one year, but even when i look at that is correct i believe, it was like 16 sexual assaults. >> again, not looking at the big red number there. we're only looking at the greenish blue i shall number. >> 2015. >> okay. >> so that's your adjusted. >> correct. >> drugs and alcohol violations, the numbers we got from the schools, again, just the green, just the green. >> right. >> but penn highest again. >> right. right. penn the big party school in the state, right. >> penn, st. joe's, temple, villanova, dregg he will, lasalle. now your numbers say st. joe's.
7:39 am
>> the highness terms of per capita 88 out of every thousand student had deaths plenary referral for alcohol or drug rye slayings cents in 2015. >> oh. >> yes. >> st. joe's. >> st. joe's. >> so either they're cracking down more -- >> that could be it. >> their student rent getting worse at getting caught. >> last one we have time for, hate crimes. yikes. >> yes. >> the numbers we got from these schools, temple was the oh. now, again, just looking at the green. >> right. >> we didn't get any numbers from villanova. >> that's because they didn't have any reported. >> they had no hate crimes reported this. >> in all three years that we looked at. >> all three years. >> all three years, not single hate crime on campus. >> looking at 2015, tell-a lot. >> right. it is 11. again, small-ish sample size, and everything that was reported there was either vandalism or intimidation. >> oh, vandalism. >> right. that can be considered a hate crime. >> and intimidation. st. joe's was good with that all those years, all report.
7:40 am
you adjusted the numbers, billy penn. com. and did we already switch? we did? temple still up at the top. >> similar. >> it is exactly the same. >> it is. >> exactly the same. >> once again, they were small numbers. so -- >> yes. pretty good. >> yes. >> let's get back to something that's probably more important. and as the snarky reporting that you've done about me over the years. >> oh, man. >> like acting up on the air, getting suspended and stuff like that. >> oh, ya. >> why would you have to bring that up? >> i didn't bring it up. i don't know. >> in other words what you're saying if i just behaved i wouldn't be on your website. >> hey. maybe. >> ya. where did you grow up? >> in york county, pennsylvania. >> oh, ya. nice. alex, you know where i'm going? >> yes, how about i just take it. >> i love that idea. >> so after work, after you
7:41 am
come back from lunch feel that afternoon slump? science may have answer for that. why the mid afternoon slump kicks in, and how to fight it, and foremen, we will tell you what time of day men are just usually over it. >> what time of day we're most grume? >> yes. >> no. >> well, for you it is all the time.
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>> live look at the schuylkill expressway, that was the would be, i should say, eastbound schuylkill. this looks like 95 down near philadelphia international airport. looks like we're dealing with some haze in there, as well. then coming in from new jersey, northbound on the freeway, watch for delays between 295, and the walt whitman bridge. 422 has been mess all morning long. jammo from pretty much collegeville, double jelly donut delay, all the way into king of prussia. all because of this early morning dump truck accident. so give yourself some extra time. the norristown high-speed line, same deal as yesterday, trains running every 20 minutes. no express service.
7:45 am
expect delays specially if you're boarding at 69th street. your forecast for your rest of the hump day, scotty's got it in 15 seconds. >> a lot of rainfall with the heavy thunderstorms overnight, still aerial flood warning in effect, from philadelphia points south and west, into northern new castle county, we zoom in little closer, several of these locations, over two, and in some instances, three and a half inches of rainfall, close to the chester area. so watching those creeks and streams. otherwise, the cloud cover will eventually give way to, yes, some sunshine. 84 degrees, the afternoon high temperature, more seasonable for this time of year. so, all of the heavy rainfall from last night, that has diminish. >> but take a look at the
7:46 am
flood reports, some trees down, so some debris across the region, and take a look at the bulls eye, once again, that yellow color will zoom in. some locations, as much as three and a half, almost 4 inches, just south of the ridley vicinity. so, as we take a live look right now, 75 degrees outside of our studios. that seven day forecast, showing you, the fall preview, mike and alex, for the upcoming weekend. >> powerball is tonight. so we're picking good day philadelphia numbers. fifty-eight was number one pick. >> okay. >> first number 58. pick out another one. it is one through 69 in the basket. >> okay. >> i know this is stupid because we're all going to, you know, 10,000 people will play the same numbers and wove to split it up. but something fun to do it the. >> eight. >> eight. our second, good day philadelphia number is eight. >> all right. let's time, let's get into this. if you have to marry somebody, would you rather marry somebody of your own fate like
7:47 am
catholic, marry another catholic, or make sure that you're going to march a eagles fan. >> so quincy will be asking that question to people walking around center city this morning. >> yes, over 68% of people say they would rather choose eagles fans. this is leo. who would you rather choose, eagles fan or someone of your own religion. >> i don't care about the eagles because i'm a giant fan, so -- >> please, please, time for you to go, we don't need it talk to her. looking for eagles fan. bye, to you, lea, talking to eagles fans when we come up next. ♪ having a baby. caring for your parents.
7:48 am
learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy. ♪
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7:50 am
>> fate and football the question some fans have to ask themselves when it comes to dating. so, quincy has been saying it, 68% of eagles fans, would rather date someone who is an eagles fan, rather than someone who has the same religion, as them. so, quincy's testing us out on the street right now, quincey? >> bunch of people, 68 percent of people, there is new study, 68 people upset, would rather date another eagles fan, over someone of their same relearn on. what do you say, sir? >> i have to say religion. >> really? >> yes. >> are you an eagles fan? >> i don't watch football.
7:51 am
and i'm not a religious person, but would do the religion over sport. >> really? >> yes. >> we say the person you really liked wasn't the same religion but they may and giant fan? and we cannot stands the giant here. >> we all have to be one though, just because they're here, somebody's going to win, somebody's going to lose. >> okay. >> but that's it, but to go into the love thing about the religion, that's a whole different ballgame. >> what's your name, sir? >> jeffrey he'der. >> jeffrey, me and jeffrey were just having this debate here. a lot of people out in the street had to stop, couldn't stop because they had to go to work. let me run up on this guy, jared, don't get hit. excuse me, sir. come talk to me. what's your name, sir? >> trevor. >> new study, 68% of eagles fans would rather date another eagles fan, over someone of their same religion. you say what? >> oh, i don't know, man. i don't know. >> are you an eagles fan?
7:52 am
>> yes, i am, i am. >> would you rather date another eagles fan or someone of a different religion? >> doesn't mother. it don't. i don't -- i don't really care. >> are you dating anyone right now? >> , no not now, no. >> are you sing snell. >> yes, i'm sing. >> i single. what's your sign? >> a car just. >> okay, and your birthday is when? >> january 21. >> do you like, what do you like, because this may turn into a dating game? >> ya? >> ya. >> i like petite women. what's your social media? >> tk king under score. >> that's a lot. they won't find it. >> cool. do you have any kids? >> no. >> well ladies, he's a catch and he is an eagles fan. back to you guys in the studio. >> so now, you're playing the dating game? >> oh, ya. listen, he was an eagles fan, he didn't care, but maybe he'll find love off of this segment. you never know. this is what we do here at
7:53 am
good day philadelphia. you never know. >> you gave out the stain gram handle. someone could slide in the dm's. >> tk king un score. >> now, let's final him some love. >> is your fan? >> now, funny thing, my wife is from virginia, and she was a washington redskins fan. >> oh, no. >> her family are washington redskins fans, half dallas cowboys fans, i don't know how, when they're from virginia, but yes, we can -- you can't be in my house hole wearing burgandy and yellow and i'm warning the eagles game. wouldn't happen. >> if you date somebody, that is -- has the same team, if the team wins, and everybody's happy, there is more. >> true, and heater is another thing about my wife shall she is an eat's, we try to get
7:54 am
through, that as well. >> what. >> joking. joking. >> thank you, quince. >> i joke. >> it is a joke. >> she is redskins fan. >> preston and steve are next.
7:55 am
7:56 am
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7:57 am
>> it is time for preston and steve, welcome to "good day" philadelphia. we found this study, scientists studied the brain scans of men, and there is a certain tell you, during daylight hours, where men get the a kathd marissa, when you four guys there get the most cranky? kathy, we start with you. >> oh, my goodness. you know what? i think, i think they kind of cycle, like a woman. so it depends on the time of month. i wouldn't say that it is every day. >> wow. okay, marissa? >> probably about lunchtime when everyone gets hungry.
7:58 am
>> lunchtime for you guys, what, 10:00 a.m.? >> ya, ya, it is crazy. we eat way early, like you guys. >> i don't think every day you guys get crank. >> i i don't know cranky, but i hit a wall every day, around 1:00. it is usually on the drive home, 12:30, 1:00 to 2:00. that's when i'm liar -- scientists say 2:00 in the afternoon guys will get the >> here's how it manifests with me. i don't want to really talk. i don't want to talk. we have have talked all morning. and i'm in that zone where i want to not really communicate. and do that. and so yes. and that moment, in that hour, hour and a half, two hours, i probably would be the most cranky. >> yes. >> okay? that makes sense, then. >> all right? >> anyone going to ask me about mike? come on, you know the answer. >> insurance. >> you might know the glenn what about mike, al next. >> all right, alex, when does
7:59 am
he get cranky pants? >> whether is he not cranky is the question. >> oh, she was sitting on that one, ya. >> no, no, i don't think it is not like -- i mean, to ask kathy, katie is cranky all the time. >> no i'm not. no i'm not. >> oh, god she's horrible. >> got the disposition of most lean i. >> for us around that time of day, we're leaving, we're gone e finished with work, we start so earl kn m person? >> average person. >> at work. >> still getting into cranky mode. that will would suck. >> and they're saying it is men more so than women? >> yes. specially men in their 20's, 30's, so like casey boy, he seems like he's miserable. >> ya, constantly. >> hey, guess what? no, last night, i had a really bad stretch for about a half hour last night. where i not only -- >> computer froze? >> not only did i complain to a manager at a store, but i also, i nasty tweeted a bank, i nasty tweet add bank.
8:00 am
because they charged me 3.50 at the atm. i said this is ridiculous, and i called them thieves. >> did they respond. >> cranky old man. >> did they respond snow. >> they did respond, they did respond. >> what did they say? >> take your money and go to hell? >> i'll read the response to you when we guys. >> another time. >> by the way, who does a christmas club any more? >> ya.l right, well i guess we can keep that in mind going through the day. >> we'll pay a at the shown, report later on. >> as for us we will just be real careful around 2:00 p.m. every day. >> i'm pretty impressed. >> or 5:00 a.m., would you say? >> we're in at 4:30. >> miserable. >> yep. >> horrible. >> horrible. >> all right, see you later guys, take care. >> good day everybody it is wednesday, august the 23rd, 2017. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelph ia". >> what happened in upper dashy? that's what federal
8:01 am
investigators are out there trying to figure out. tuesday's train collision at 69th street terminal leaves many unanswered questions. what investigators are looking at right now shall as the possible cause. >> he was once saved by group of cops. >> say thank you. >> but now, he again. a local community rallying around six year old bringlynn daniels after tumor found on his brainstem last week. how you can become one of bringlynn's warriors. >> did he go too far? >> i couldn't make this would be like melbe's wedding night. >> melbee, storms offer the set of america's got talent, after a jab by simon cowell. why his comment got her so upset, and is it time to
8:02 am
retire the phrase, hey, can't you just take a joke? >> powerball fever sweeping the nation. and is the jackpot up for grabs in the powerball drawing? your odds of winning the more than $700 million jackpot. >> 8:02, sioux ' still off, and scott's here. >> and it is powerball mania. >> fever, whatever the cliche is. >> stupid. >> we've got our ticket already. >> ready to go. >> ready to go. weather by the numbers, today a eight. we do have clouds, giving way to sunshine later on today. eighty-four center city. eighty-three down the shore. lehigh valley, 81 degrees. cold fron that's going to push all of the moisture, showers, thunderstorms, wake ago lot of people up, last night, of course, a lot of loud noises, lightning, moving through, center city overnight last night. >> check out the lightning, this was what, around midnight last night? >> around midnight, 1:00 a.m.,
8:03 am
waking folks up, south of the city over 2 inches every rain fell in a short amount of time. >> there it is. >> beautiful picture, i think philly chit chat took that, right? huey dillon o of the lightning over center cit included. a lot of folks around the delaware but much improved weather for today a about the road conditions though, bob, on this wednesday? >> well, we started without a lot of thunder boomers, wet roads, now dealing with some sun glare and couple every accident. 8:03, morning, everybody, here is a live look, jammo, eason 30 bypass, the 30 bypass, coming out of chester county. stack up, all because of an accident, right here at 322. altogether, put about 35 minutes on the clock. to work your way out of chester county. been rough go on 422, as welshing bumper to bumper, eastbound collegeville into king of prussia. this early morning dump truck accident. casino every got us off to bad start there. we flip on over to the airport. ninety-five southbound, got
8:04 am
vehicle fire, they put it out, offer to the shore, but on the southbound side, right near the cargo city exit number 12, and the norristown high-speed line, again, trains running every 20 minute, no express service, and expect delays specially in you're boarding at the 69th street terminal. mike and alex, back over to you. >> thank you, as you know by now, ntsb is investigating this crash at the 69th street terminal. >> federal investigators are back at the scene this morning. because they're trying to find out what caused yesterday's train collision. and lawyer send getting the latest on where their investigation stands now. lauren? >> hey, alex and mike. so right now, they still have more questions than answers of course. but they're piecing this altogether, checking evidence, they said that it should be here for about four, five days to get their work done, then return to washington, dc of sor. several different teams all trying to find out different investigation. what we can tell you right now is this. they pulled the two rail cars from the tracks here at
8:05 am
69th street station, and they're trying to look into how this all happened. so, they are focused on something specific, but all working together. told the on board video record also been downloaded and sent back to dc to the lab for review. the mechanical inspection team will look at the maintenance history of the train as well as the propulsion and braking systems, signal investigator looking into that system, are they maintained, working properly as well as communications between the chrome center, and the the crews out in the feelment then what caused so many injuries, they're taking very close look at those train cars, and how they're designed. >> i think this is a tragedy. because these trains, this is not the first time this happened in philly. with trains, and everything else, that's going on. so something is not right. that's scar. >> i how can a crash happen in s an hour? something is wrong withitpment l failure, or something with the driver. >> will work on scene to
8:06 am
gather the details of the accident. our mission during this accident investigation is to not -- is to understand not just what happened, but why. why it happened and to recommend changes to prevent it from occurring again. >> so ntsb says they'll be talking to the train crews, the dispatch teams, the operator of that train. there was also an engineer on adjacent train. that will offer his perspective of the accident and what he saw, investigators say they'll be out here for about four, five days, again, collecting that evidence. they won't have answers any time soon. they say their report probably won't be complete for another nine to 12 months, mike and alex, but, that's not going to stop them from gathering evideno find out what happened, and of course the next question why? p, almost a year. all right. >> that's what it takes to figure out what's going on here. >> that's for sure. a lot of variables. all right, lauren, thank you. no, i just got tweet from nan,
8:07 am
she watches. >> i was about to read that one. >> october of 1993, mayor james whalen married us on the beach in atlantic city. he was so honest and gracious, and i say was, because he has died. new jersey state senator, james whalen has died, he represented the atlantic city area for a long, long time, not only in the senate, but also the mayor. he was the mayor for about ten years. he had surgery last month, to remove cancerous cells from his kidney. and had some bad, bad complications. official cause of death has not been released. sixty-eight years old. >> so governor chris christie remembered whale and in a statement that reads in p unexpd passing every senator jim hal end a lost to atlantic city, his district and to the people
8:08 am
of atlantic city. his district, during my nearly eight years in trend on i came to know him know jim as a for the right and honest leader whose word was his bands. >> even though it is the topic of the nation, for the rest of today, i refuse to say, this word that's coming upment because you say i say it wrong. and i still don't know what i'm saying wrong. >> i don't know that it is wrong. >> it sounds funny to you? >> whether they pick the balls out, what is it called? >> a drawing. >> drawing? >> how do you say it. >> drawl. >> drawing. >> a drawing. >> the powerball drawing. >> is that my texas built after. >> so i'm saying it wrong, drawing? >> it sounds like it has a wing. a drawwing. >> so how about this? drawwing. >> draw-wing. >> how do you say someone who sing?
8:09 am
>> singer. >> have you ever heard anyone say she is a he good sin-ger? >> you say it then. >> powerball draw-wing is tonight. and it is well, minimum of $700 million. >> uh-huh. >> but it may go to 750 or eight by the time 11:00 come around. >> so jenny joyce has been monitoring one area where you can buy these particular. >> the now, just joining us, we've given her the challenge. because every morning tv station in america is doing this same stinking story. and they always do it the same they go to a 7-eleven, or convenience store that buys the powerball, then go oh, look at the going to do if they win. and then you have to say are, os you 16 times in a hour. ya, ya. okay. she's going to do it in a different way. >> jenny? >> mike and alex, i have
8:10 am
someone here who will help me make my coverage little bit different. we have surprise for you. >> okay. >> bumm, bumm, bumm, we have joan, from port richmond. >> oh, joan! >> morning, mike and alex. >> with her good day shirt on. >> we love you. look at her in her fox 29 t-shirt. >> yes. >> she is our ticket to win this challenge here today. so joan, you came here, thousand dollars take a bus to get here. >> two busses to get here. >> two buses. >> thousand dollars take two busses to get here just to hang out with us and of course to buy her powerball ticket. and ooh ticket in your hand. >> yes, the winning ticket. >> i love joan watch did you tell me today, what did you say about me? >> oh. i said she looks like she is a high school student. i asked her her able. she did tell me. >> she actually is. >> and she is adorable. so cute. >> joan is my new best friends. but mike and alex, just for you, we did talk to some other people who whether here buying
8:11 am
your tickets, and they tell us not only what they want to do with the money for themselves, but also, for philadelphia sports. >> are you a philadelphia sports fan? >> yes. philadelphia phillies, flyers, eagles, sixers, all every them. >> is there anyway consideration we draw a connection between powerball and philadelphia sport? >> yes, most of us lose. >> so are you a philadelphia sports fan? >> i'm huge philadelphia sports fan. i have the phillies p right here on my leg, and i wear phillies watch every single day. >> oh, my gosh. so i have to ask you. is there any chance that this powerball can help the phillies? >> if i buy the phillies team maybe with the $700 million and bring in some of my friends i used to play stickball with, we might have a chance, hopefully can bring championship here again. >> i'm still sad and blue from 1964. that's a first year i started watching the phillies, i don't know, you probably don't remember this, probably not old enough to remember, they collapsed that year. six and a half up, 12 to go,
8:12 am
wear blue shirts every day because of it. >> there we go. a lot of people talking about h today, mike and alex, but did i win the challenge? i brought joan. i brought joan here. >> that's not bad. >> something little different. >> of course, joan will show up the opening of a sack. but we love joan. i've been to joan's house. >> joan is loyal. okay? >> i've seen joan -- >> said he's been to your house. >> yes, he has. >> oh,. >> in a house coat. >> in your robe? >> in my pajamas. >> tell you how joan got those stars on her shirt. >> i don't want to know. >> that guy still talking about the 64 phillies, and the clams. he's worn a blue shirt since 1964. what's weird, it is the same shirt. >> ya. >> so double-header yesterday? >> oh,. >> time to pick another one?
8:13 am
>> all right, this is the good day philadelphia numbers. we will pick five of these. >> i'll do this one. >> okay. >> we're all going to play these numbers, again, i know it is sill, because then it will diffuse all of the wings, because there are so many us playing. sixty-five. >> so it is 58-eight-65. two more numbers, then the powerball. >> okay. >> okay? going brainless, you know when you're in the store, and you have the option every picking the name brand one or just the generic, right. >> yes. >> how ditching the logo can help you save money and new website. website out there that's dedicated to saving you money and helping you with all of the brand less things throughout. >> i did cardinal sin two nights ago. at 7-eleven. cardinal sin. i'll tell you after the break.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> 89:16. accident right here, the accident itself, there you go, move it over to the side here, right at 322, put it altogether, though, you got 41 minute trip, leaving chester
8:17 am
county, all the way in toward king of prussia. latest, norristown high-speed line, same deal as yesterday. trains running every 20 minute, no express service, every train is a local stop. and expect delays specially for everybody boarding at 69th s where that investigation underway with yesterday's accident. been rough go on 422, still jammed solid from collegeville, all the way in to king of prussia where that earlier accident offer to the side, but the damage kind of donement accident, i should say, vehicle fire, south on 95, right near philly international. rain this morning, but we see the sun today? scotty has the answer in 15 seconds.
8:18 am
>> 81 degrees, lehigh valley, down the shore, 83, graduation clear, center city 84 degrees clouds to sun. overnight, some trees down, some debris in the roads. south of philadelphia, look at that bulls eye, over 2 inches every rain fell, in a short amount of time. 77 degrees, now, in atlantic sit, upper 60s now in the lehigh vale. here is a look at your forecast, later on today, 81 in allentown, 84 for you in wilmington, millville, 81 degrees, in wildwood. what about that weekend planner? a lot of sunshine, 78 on saturday, 79 degrees on sunday, so, that's that fall preview we've been advertising, for days now. >> scott, i have a question for you and alex and all of the viewers across america and out at the sea. >> okay? >> all right? >> we are going to bring steve nollello in, our consumer guy. >> yes. >> do you ever buy the generic brands of something? >> yes, it is cheaper.
8:19 am
>> yes. >> i did a cardinal sin couple every nights ago. >> oh,. >> we have a camera in the 7-eleven in bridesburg, steve listen to this, so i went in there, they were out of tastycakes. so i bought the generic 7-eleven cupcakes. see them? >> ya? >> i bought 7-eleven cupcakes, instead of tastykake. >> how did that go? >> i just want to apologize, i mean, like 7-eleven, too, but tastykake our local brands. >> is that why you've been running to the bathroom every ten minutes? >> well, i'm little gas think morning, but no, still tasted pretty good. >> well -- >> see, 7-eleven makes all sort every treats. >> yes? >> steve, it seems like it is a lot of times like toilet paper, something like, that basically the same thing, but we have a tendency to buy the name brand. >> and pay more for it. >> i tell you, yes, actually we're in the he can act opposite situation. because 7-eleven,
8:20 am
headquartered here in dallas so you go into the store you buy the 7-eleven brand to support the local economy. but i hear you, tastycakes, i'm from the northeast, i got you. talking about the brands-less trends in products. tell from luxury to leisure wear, this is really great opportunity for consumers to save money, because no more about things that are littered with signature, and logos, and initials, nor where is that more evidence in women's luxury handbags. >> this may look like the fancy louie vet and 1,600-dollar salve he he will. this h and m for 40 bucks, same color, same general size and shape. what you are looking for, inspired by stella mccartney bag, about a thousand dollars, we got it at zora less than 100 bucks, little higher ends, well, really modelled after the khloe cross-body bag for a thousand dollars. we're knock off beautiful rep applicant after it for about a third the price. next up talking about food. housewares. you know, products for around
8:21 am
your home. this is a company called brands-less. brand new for last year. everything, everything, is $3 on their website. nothing has a bunch of fancy marketing. here is the cool part. talking about non-gmo, sometimes organic, fair trade, kosher, gluten free, no sugar added, all of that stuff that you spends whole bunch of money on at the fancy specialty stores, but because there is no marketing involved, the company eliminates what they call the brands tax. that's how they're table to bring you every same thing that they have for just $3 each. yes, there are some shipping charges, as well, finally for you even for back to school with the kids, tell you what, logos are a thing of the past. people are more concerned about promoting their own brand, especially on social media, than they are somebody else's. so, buying logo-less t-shirts and sweat shirts, don't go to the fancy department stores for them, go right to the source, these from company called blank style links to all of this stuff right now on your station website and of course follow me facebook. com/save me steve. >> that's great.
8:22 am
blank. blank style. >> i like it, keep it simple. >> blank tile. >> thanks, steve. great job. >> isn't it weirds, if it is something really important i will go with a name brands. >> that's weird. >> like medication for some reason. >> really? >> like if i have a headache, go advil. >> depends on the price difference. i literally go up to the island, uh, well, this is cheaper. >> same thing, basically the same thing. >> 8:22. a preschool student sent home because every his hair? >> what? >> why the school's policy has his mother furious this morning.
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
>> see that kid right there, preschooler, his long hair made his school year short. get it? his name is jayasbestos oats, in fact, in his short life, he's never had a haircut. >> and his family, they love his long hair. >> i like it. >> but the scolder's crowed said boys hair has to be above the eyes, ears and neck.
8:26 am
so, oats was orders toward stay home until he gets his haircut. and his mom is fight that rule. >> i don't believe that short hair should be required in order to get an education. i feel like my son is owed the same education that all other children in the school district have. >> so i wonner what she will do then, just going to hold out? >> i don't know. >> would they let him back in the school at all. >> she doesn't believe hair lent has anything to do with learning, i kind of agree with her. >> i mean, so many of our young people's, people they look up to, have real long hair. >> and man buns are in. >> baseball players have really long hair. >> that's true, a lot of the phillies players. >> but rules are rules at those private schools. >> all right. 8:25, i'm so exit site today meet some of brlynn's barriers. local police saved his live. he called them his heroes. why those same heroes are now
8:27 am
once again helping him in the fight of his life and how you can help, too. ♪ we buy any car ♪ any make, any model, any age, any price ♪ ♪ from 50 bucks to 100 grand ♪ we buy any car ♪ any, any, any, any at, the gimmicks stop with our ads. trading in our selling your car is hassle-free with just three easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying centre. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now. ♪ find out how much your car's worth ♪ ♪ at
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8:31 am
of chester county, an accident right at the ramp, for 322. we have the 46 minute to make the trip. updating the norristown high-speed line, again, trains running every 20 minute, all trains, local stops, no express service this morning. traffic lights are flashing,
8:32 am
the city avenue off-ramps, from the schuylkill expressway, anybody exiting& trying to get into bala cynwyd, expect delays, delays on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound vehicle fire. >> saved his life, when he was having trouble breathing. braylon called him his heroes, now the same heroes, and the whole town, they're helping braylon once again, this time, it is for the fight of his life. >> say thank you. >> they saved my boy. >> that was three years ago. and braylon's mom called those police officers her heroes that day. >> no sooner i hung up the phone, they were in my house. and it was a blessing. like it was like they were therefore a reason that night but i don't know how much longer he could have went without oxygen. >> braylon now six, and facing another fight. a few weeks ago, his mom started noticing braylon's arm and legs were twitching.
8:33 am
his symptoms grew worse, affecting his ian his walking. it wasn't until he went in to have his tonsils taken out that a doctor at chop noticed something wasn't right. and ordered a cat scan followed by an mri. the scan showed a tumor-his brainstem. braylon had surgery just yesterday. and now the hard work begins. along with braylon's little sister and parent, the town every westhampton new jersey has embraced braylon, the deputy mayor started a go fund me page to support the family with all of the medical bills. it is called braylon's warriors. which is a fitting name, as braylon wears a superman necklace. >> because he is superman. so we have braylon's mom, jennifer here with us now, along with her sisters, jessica and jamiement and we have the westhampton's deputy mayor, abe lopez, and we have braylon's best friend, fernando. do you want to wave to the camera? there are so many, the entire town has coming it, first we mention just had surgery
8:34 am
yesterday. give us a update. how is braylon doing this morning? >> he is good. he is stable. he is a fighter. he's had a little couple of setbacks, but progressing. and we're going to get him better. >> how is he feeling? have you had a chance? is he awake? >> essay wake, talking, a little tired. i mean, did he just go under, you know, undergo surgery on his brain. but he's doing very well. >> and what are the doctors saying as far as, you know, what are the options here for him? had the biopsy. >> had the biopsy. it wouldn't have opened doors for other things, so there is radiation, there is chemotherapy, immune -- >> immuno therapy. there are all kind of things that can be done now. >> do they believe they can catch it? >> i hope so. we're at chop. some of the best doctors in my life. >> so just pray to god every day, and i know that my boy is strong enough to beat the odds. >> only is he strong, in dealing with there is he's
8:35 am
such a great support system. we have all of the family here. because this is all happened& so fast, i mean, just, what, within the pass couple of weeks, right? >> yes. >> whirlwinds? >> uh-huh. >> i mean, how have you guys been taking it. >> staying strong. >> yes? >> all we can do. >> yes. >> you know, we can only do so much. >> beyond his parent, and family, all we can do. >> saw on the video showing couple of years ago, just has contagious smile. and he's just so, sweet. isn't he? >> yes. >> and waist going on around the country amaze to go see whole township unitedment talking black, white, hispanic, democrats, republicans, putting lables aside, coming together to join and enlist as one of braylon's warriors, we're a small town but westhampton sure does have heart. >> how did the town ends upcoming together for this. >> committee woman receipted out to me, she told me what was going on, i immediately called chen, we firmly believe
8:36 am
that no mother, no family, should be battling pediatric cancer alone. all types every cancers are crisis. but pediatric cancer, and imagine that, going in for a tonsilectomy. >> yes. >> and learning that your child has brain cancer? i'm father of three. i've got a ten year oh, five year old, three year old, my heart broke immediately. and aside from praying, praying it is really important, we all believe in power of miracle. and we are believing in a miracle for braylon, and we have whole community praying. but we also know that no mom should worry about the finances during this, so we stepped up. we incorporated a non-profit organization. called the braylon's warriors fund. and that this week we will be filing for 0513c, and the state of new jersey so that we can encourage folks to give in confidence, knowing, that every single set, every dollar raised will be faithfully administered toward braylon and his family to make sure they have no needs.
8:37 am
>> let's put it up. you probably need what 25,000th? >> if not more. twenty-five is low ball. but get him by a carter. >> so let's get up this, folks. not just westhampton township. we can all come together, all of the good day viewers, sounds like you have about 5,000 so far. let's put a smile on braylon's face. this morning. let's get this number up. let's get this going. jennifer, can you remind everyone. why are they called braylon's warriors? >> because he has people that love him. they're fighting for him. my son is a warrier. he's my superman. and can he do this. >> he can do this. >> so he has a lot of people backing him. >> he's also a warriors fan? >> yes. >> he loves basketball. >> yes, goal end state, right? >> he lofts basketball. >> what does he want to be when he gross up? >> he want to be a police officer because of the westhampton police officers, and a zoologist. >> zoologist. >> he loves turtles. >> oh, i love that. >> please, give him our love. let him know we're thinking of him, we'll get this number up, i'm sure a link to the go fund
8:38 am
me page, but if you want to remember with a to search, braylon's warriors, facebook page, as well. i just want to ask fernando one quick thing. so what do you think of your friend, braylon? >> he's nice and -- >> do you love him? >> yes. >> do you love him a lot. >> yes. >> they're best friends. >> i love. that will. >> thank you so much. keep us updated how things are going. because he truly is special. we want to make sure we give him all the support he needs. >> thank you. >> we will take a break, we'll be right back. we just moved in about four months ago,
8:39 am
8:40 am
but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
8:41 am
>> the gosselins back in the news, arcment becomes heated and cops are called to break it up, between these two. >> jon and kate. so, what were they fighting about? >> one of their eight kids, according to "tmz," one of the parent took a child to the dentist, but started fighting about who would be taking the child back home.
8:42 am
the custody arrangements are private but it is about custody. john ended up taking the child home, and the police officer said to take it up with the judge. unfortunate it had to get to that level where police are called. >> after all these years, they're still arguing. >> it is move in day on north broad street. quincy harris, over at temple u. >> are you helping people move, quincy, picking up some boxes? >> yes, we are going to move some people in, how are you doing,y? >> i'm good you. >> look like a chef here. >> i am one of the chefs here. >> so you have good food. you have these people greeting you. wave. >> hi,. >> oh, it is a great day. it is energy. tu.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> time now, 8: 45, live look at the pocono mountains, blue mountain there, the sunshine's returning, the humidity dropping, more seasonable, comfortable day after all of that rainfall that was see across the area overnight last night, so we talk about the forecast in center city, 84 degrees, clouds giving way to sunshine, down the shore, gradual clearing, low 80s, low 80s, lowering humidity for the lehigh valleyment so here is the frontal boundery off to the west, it will be pushing through, pushing the clouds
8:46 am
out to sea. live look outside of our studios, showing some sunshine, breaking through those clouds, we have 76 degrees, right now, humidity still hi, at 85%. we have 77 degrees right now in atlantic city, upper 60s in the lehigh valley, low 60s right now in mount pocono. so here's the forecast for today. 84 degrees, more seasonable, gradual clearing, and that seven day forecast, showing you the fall preview, look at those temperatures, below average, upper 070 -- 70s for the weekends, planning a get away, right. >> yes, i'll frolic all weekends. >> follow nicky love to frolic, in the park. >> can you demonstrate? >> a ahh. >> remember we came back from one of the -- we were doing in the summer, doing our good day shows? and there was a field of yellow flowers, and we both ran out and started running? >> started spinning. >> slow motion. >> did we boomerang it. >> we slow-mow it. >> so quincy harris, graduated from temple, he's a proud
8:47 am
temple grad. so he's helping new student move n it is move in day at temple. >> is this bridging back memories quincey? >> yes, it really is. it feels like 1996 all over again, do the math. listen, guys, i'm here with doctor tj logan, just associate vice president of -- for student affairs. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> what are we doing here? real organized situation when we moved in it wasn't anything like this. >> this is day two of temple move n we have about 1600 of our closest friends joining us today. this is the most exciting day of the year for us. >> now, who lives here in morgan small. >> sure. morgan hall house as love of -- a lot of student, freshmen, and all temple student. that's what the build something set up for, apartment style housing. we're just excited to be welcoming people. >> i have to go talk to some students? absolutely. >> doctor, thank you very much. i need to get a doctor behind me name. we have a guy right here, what's your name sir? >> pruth.
8:48 am
>> we will call you p. ditty. p, what's your major? about bio major. >> and when you why are you? >> 2021. >> subtract that, i guess -- >> i'm freshman, freshman. >> are you nervous about moving in? >> oh, definately. i'm nervous, but i got my best friends in high school moving in with me. >> oh, snow is like a story come true. >> ya. i'm excited, man. >> oh, my. so rule number one, you got to get your school work done, okay? i know what your major is. what's your make snore. >> i'm bio imagine or two. >> so you guys, what will you going to do with this bio major? >> i'm trying to go to premed. trying to become a doctor. >> oh, so you'll be here at temple for awhile. >> long time. >> maybe you guys will open your own practice. >> mostly becoming a surgeon, though, too, so not sure. >> did you guys see what we produce here at temple university? let me help you guys move in. this is kind of heavy. what do we have in here? >> clothes and shoes. >> clothes. can we look? let's see what you have.
8:49 am
>> uh -- >> let's open it up here. see what we got here. hope it is nothing craze. >> i that's fine. >> where are you guys from? >> south jersey? what high school? >> oh, wow. look at this. yes, computer. wow, you got some -- okay, well, listen, you can't have too many head phone parties. >> i know, exactly? >> well, look, this is cool. look at this. guys, zip that back up. this is a dream come true. we are making doctors here at temple university. next hour, what i'll do i'm going to actually go in morgan hall. i'll have this experience, this is something that i probably didn't do. we will talk about it next hour, guys. oh, let me help you push this. >> so you didn't stay at morgan hall? that wasn't your dorm? >> it wasn't here when i was here. i'm a very old man. i'm a very old man. >> oh, that's okay, i don't think my dorm exists on mazoo campus any more either. look at them go, great with the pack being. my stuff was all over the
8:50 am
place. >> ya, his perfect packing. >> uh-huh. >> i'm just glad no tv reporter open my bag. >> what kind of stuff did you have? >> i don't -- well -- it didn't look that nice. >> all right. see what happens when a police officer rolls up on a woman who is dancing in the streets. there she is. you can see part of her. we're going to show you her legs, and the rest of her body. is she loitering, what exactly is she doing? the cops came. we'll figure out what happened. >> ♪ >> ♪
8:51 am
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8:53 am
>> as i get older, i find these stories offensive. >> so, this is dash cam video,
8:54 am
that, see that, police officer? her name is kim lynn, sergeant kim lynn, and she saw millie receiver, who happens to be 92 years old, dancing in the parking lot. so it is not a crime, so she did that, she stopped and danced with millie. >> i think that's lovely. >> keep on dancing. >> she just said she loves to dance no matter where she; if she doesn't have a dance floor, she will dance in the parking lot, dan where ever she is. >> that's an awesome tip. >> now, this is a news story. >> here we go. >> out of minnesota, a news store. >> i oh, okay. >> now, we find it fascinating, when people when they get little bit older, do things like dance, like, they
8:55 am
are not capable every doing things. >> or maybe they just thought it was cool. had it been a little girl being i'm probably sure it would have gone viral, as well. >> that's my point. she is doing maybe little girl would do in a parking lot. now we find that fascinating. we find that to be a news store. >> i or do you think cents it is the officer's part, that the officer decided to stop and dance with her? >> also, fascinating, we see police officers dancing in the street. >> but oh, isn't she cute? >> when people start calling me cute. >> oh, wait, you don't dance. >> no. >> i think i will gay to morgan's peer tonight, the soul crews remembers playing. >> you know i love the soul cruisers. >> and i actually dance. >> do you dance. >> i have not danced though since stop drinking, gone 106 days without alcohol. >> you can dance, still not drink. >> i only danced when i'm drunk. >> you need to go tonight and dance where you can really know what's going on, and feel it. >> i should dance like no one
8:56 am
is watching. >> exactly! >> the soul cruisers played at my wedding. >> karen? >> at my wedding. >> soul cruisers played at karen's wedding. >> sensational. >> and you're still married. >> they know i love them. every time they're flag our area they tweet me, let me know. >> just don't call me old. >> maybe you're cute, mike? can you except it, maybe just cute. >> real quickly here, i know we're out every time, have to pick one more powerball nerve. doing one every half hour. one through 69. >> hurry, hurry, hurry. >> picking some big numbers here. >> stupid number. forty-three, 43,. >> forty-three. >> all right, we'll pick more then. >> we have one more number then the powerball. after the break, and we'll be right back. oh, did you see the new way to clean up your skin on your face? you use empty water bottle. you use an empty water bottle and you suck the black heads right off your face. let's do it on karen after the
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the only thing we're missing is you. great wolf lodge. everybody in. >> i was just talking about kerry wilson last night. what happened toker? >> well, that's a good looking woman right there. that kerry, but don't hate her, because she's beautiful. something i say almost every day. i'll be wacking down walnut st.ment don't hate me. >> don't hate me because i'm beautiful. >> i said don't hate me because i'm beautiful. >> good morning,. >> do you have yours already? >> i do. >> thank you, mike. here goes the 9:00 hour, i don't know if you saw. >> this did you ever watch that america's got talent? a lot of people do.


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