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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 24, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> yes. >> good. you guys are ready for eagles football. >> yes, we are, going to take down the dolphins shall usually in the 9:00 hour we see the charter buses driving past i bet they won't pack tis today, be in their rooms. >> i think maybe on a game day, you might sleep in. >> if any of you all are watching, tweet us, let us no, i don't think you get to sleep? >> like kissing your sister. >> is it? >> doesn't count. >> thursday, august the 24th, but a lot, i mean, zero nine guys out there tonight, on the side line. >> why is kissing your sister not count? >> because -- >> do you know what that term means, kissing your sister? >> like kissing your sister, like, you know? >> not exciting. >> i mean, like, you know, some back water, like kissing
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cousins? >> because i grew up in wichita, kansas, you think that's back water? >> you think that's hill billy? inch. >> zest. >> all right. >> i didn't have sex with my sisters. well, there is that one time. no. no, it is like kissing your sister. it is not ex soothing. >> i'm just going to sit here. i like to be neutral. >> you know i did have a crush on my cousin, though. margaret ann. i was in love with margaret ann. she was my first cousin. >> how did that happen until. >> she really cute. >> i think that's common. because we had some crushes, my kids, you know, some crushes on their cousins, did i at a certain age. >> what do you tell them, you >> i do. that. that's the only person in the world you can't march. >> i i really wanted to kiss her but i coin, on christmas we go out to their house, they lived out on a farm. >> shocking. >> it is kansas. >> and i would get really nervous when i saw her. >> you should have admitted to the fact she was a girl and --
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>> , no she was really cute. no, it was margaret ann. then i got to spends the summer throughout with my two sisters and margaret ann. and we would ride sugar, the horse, with no saddle. we would ride it bear back together. >> was robert ann your first kiss? >> we never kissed. >> okay. >> so you weren't cussing cousins, you just like your cousin? >> no, i would have kissed her, but she would have run screaming from the farm. margaret ann. >> is she happily married now? >> she is dead. >> oh. >> that's a great story. >> mike, awesome. >> she march aid do you have us, though. >> yes. >> everyone is a do you have us when they're not you, is that what you are thinking? >> pretty much. no, he was a do you have us. dufus. i remember -- >> oh, stop. >> go ahead. >> now, a woman that i've met couple -- welshing we co-host
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add show together. she married salmon rushdi, remember that name? >> yes. >> then big time on the food network, all of that, she is a chef, food critic, she has seven year old caught their you see right there. >> she -- her daughter started to talk like her, about her daughter wanted to control her weight at seven. we'll explain. >> and talk about job benefits. so it is a babysitting gig, but this isn't your typical babysitting gig. it also some unusual and luxurious perks. so to the point where i want to quit and do this right now. it is a six figure nanny job that comes with a maserati. >> six figures to be a nanny? and you get to drive that car? >> yep. i don't even think it is enough money for this job, and we'll explain. i don't think they're paying enough. >> donald trump? >> no, no i have no idea who it is, but there are some details. >> really rich people. >> all right. this is a new trends that car len tell you about at a wedding reception. >> i've seen people do this.
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having people register the couples for the honeymoon. they say we'll go away, help us celebrate. do you think that's tacky or do you think that is something that should, you know, people should do sniff ' seen it, my brother did it, i think it is common nowadays. >> last wedding we went to remember big controversy, we showed up with a gift and we were like the only people. they didn't have a gift table. where do we put this. people are like you brought a gift? >> you're not supposed to bring the physical gift because then after the reception, somebody's got to put it in the trunk of the car, and take it all back. >> but they had a place foreign develop opens. >> envelopes you can do that, it would be easy to take back to the house. but you what do do, get them a physical gift, sends it to the home so they don't have to deal with is it. >> people still bring gifts, you can do it, they won't say don't give me. >> well, they took our gift. >> yes. >> so money, so if you think about it, has to be expensive, especially going all out, the air far irks guess the fancy honeymoon suite. if you really are feeling
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nice, some limo services, nice meal. maybe like if you're out on the beach, maybe like a meal on the beach, you snow. >> they do. that will you can register for like maybe like a massage or specifically. >> couples massage. >> i don't see anything wrong with there is there are couple every websites that i've seen, there is one honey fund. com. and travelers joy. com. however, the new trends is getting slam for being tacky and greedy by some people. >> so let's discuss this. >> prefer to get them cutlery? >> i think i would rather give them money for beautiful vacation than a toast error towels. >> well, a tears lasts longer. >> true. >> so there is that. >> what do you remember more? when the toast pops up, do you think of mike? or when you're in bore a bore a do you think of mike? and i like to make it all about me. >> so then come back home dealing with the day-to-day, getting back to regular life, we're not thinking about
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borabora. >> how often do you back and think oh, my honeymoon. >> where did you go? >> barabora. >> you went there? >> we think that's an imagine dall thing, you know, i think that would be kind of lovely. >> how long have you been married? >> we've been married for 11 years. >> and together, yes. >> over the past 11 years, every day do you think oh, when we had our honeymoon. >> i don't contemplate the toaster east. but we look back, it was the most amazing vacation we ever had. and i think also, i don't think this is tacky, not like you're asking people to pay for your wedding or to buy your dress, you're asking them, and sometimes you have a theme usually when do you a shower like around the clock, you give gifts depending on hour of the day or a kitchen shower, so this could be honeymoon shower, like could you have it at a place, that's the theme, is having like sends of this off on their wonderful honeymoon, a theme. >> you all dress up in swimsuits oring? >> teak i bar, cocktails. >> ya, really.
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>> i've always wanted to go to borabora. did you have one of those huts, over turquoise water? >> everything that's built there is out over the water. not really a law, but every single thing, every person on the entire island is on their honeymoon. every single woman has like the ring, the nails. >> you bring the ring on the honeymoon? i would be scared i would lose it. >> yes, you go the next day. well, some people they travel, they put on something different because you don't want to lose it. >> so what do you hear a lot of huh, huh. >> oh, mike. you have private area of the everyone gets huge private area. >> if this hut is a rocking, don't comma knocking. >> people are weighing in. one says toast r over trip i would rather put my money where the couple prefers. and it saves on wrapping paper. very good. linda says once i paid for two days of car rental in maui not sexy but useful. >> somebody bought them a car rental? >> yes. >> but it was useful.
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they didn't have i to think about it, it makes sense. >> true. >> i registered also at the home depo. and i got like garden host that we needed, like so sometimes you need things -- also fun, too. and you remember every person that gave you an actual gift. oh, stop it. >> what? >> you their stuff? >> you wrote the thank you notes later. so i know every person that gave me every gift. >> so if so-and-so calls, i need to you do me a favor. she got me a toast err, i'm not doing that. or she didn't get me something off my registry? >> , no you appreciate it, you love the object more. oh, so-and-so got this for me. someone got me luggage. >> you don't have any situations where a person in your life and what they gave you at your wedding was not you what felt like, you deserved? you know what i mean, someone close to you, that's all they got me, and we've been friends for how long? you never through the. >> i've got that. >> yes. get the same thing. a waterford clock, so that when they looked at the time as they leave for work or whatever they might think of me. again it is about me.
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>> about you. but someone was unhappy with it? >> they said well don't you always give that gift to every wedding? >> oh, that's trowel. >> so they know. >> oh, it is a clock, it is from mike. >> but the idea was every time they look at the clock they might think of me. >> oh,. >> you can say i always have time for you. >> they wanted to be special. >> yes. >> for your wonderful time together, whatever. >> caroline says, disney lets you help pay for a begged. you can register gift for wedding at disney, and it lets you help pay for a wedding. >> if somebody would suggest that i go to disney world for my honeymoon? >> a lot of people. >> divorce. >> stop. they have their weddings at disney. people do that. >> really? >> yes. >> we've seen fabulous education. >> mickey holds a ring or something? >> didn't mariah carey do, come and past, gone, didn't dot renew vow. >> in. >> kim kardashian, closed down disney lands? >> i don't think for their wedding. i don't think kim got married.
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>> not for the wedding. maybe it was for going with the kids birthdays? >> probably just regular day in their lives. >> like north's birthday or something. >> yes. >> you got a garden host? >> i got a garden host, air conditioner. >> air conditioner as a wedding gift? >> those can be expense. >> i've needed. >> i am a host? >> i needed those. >> you're right, i would say something like the wine glasses we use all the time, dow use those more, and then nicer things, so dow remember, in hindsight, better selection. >> how often do you buy the china, when people give you the wedding china. >> once you get it, you make a commitment you're going to use it all the time. i just slapped that stuff out all the time. >> really? >> two people over. putting the china down, oh, ya. >> boy wants peanut butter and jelly sandwich, china. >> you sound like president trump. china. what do you think of red
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china? i think it clashes. >> yesterday, you got no reaction. >> all right. so you got hosed on the honeymoon. all right. >> he just loves the hose. >> i'm going to throw my mel bee on you. >> okay, patmal, gorgeous woman, her obsession over her own weight, always talking about trying to lose weight, negative effect on her daughter. explain this. >> so there is a newest a. she wrote this. she says that she put her weight watching ways behind her after she heard her seven year old daughter, say i weigh too much. >> oh, god. >> she said she was shake when she heard her daughter said i don't want to eat because i am watching my figure. people say a lot of time. so she says language matters there is just shows we need to watch what we're saying around our daughters, and the kind of signals we're sending because they do what mommy does. >> well thanks padmal for telling us something obvious. >> i think obvious, but we don't think about it in the
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moment. maybe what we're doing or thinking, so talking and we oh, you know, a kid might hear that. >> like karen told us the other day she cusses all the tile around the house and the boys are now starting to cuss. >> true. it does happen. children model your behavior. but you don't realize, sometimes with women always trying to be self deprive dating. constantly talk that way girls learn that pat then is what makes meme like me, always trying to, you know, be in a approachable person or something, that's not the way to be liked. >> weird thing. kind of like girl language, ill feel like girly love my figure. that's kind of how you try to bond with someone, oh, you know, i need it watch my figure. girl, i'm not where i need to be either. i need to work out. oh, ya, we have that in common f were you to say oh, i'm not eat that i'm watching my figure. well, and then the other is mine's fine, i'm eating. so steamy feel like people feel obligate today say something negative about themselves, too, to make the other person feel okay with it, create that kind of space.
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>> true. i used to do that negative response from people give me compliment. >> yes. >> then my mother told me, mike, just say thank you. and shut up. just say thank you, and move on. >> that doesn't always work. at least for women. i've seen this on twitter, like this thing went viral. >> this woman said she was like on continue err. and guys would message her, girl, you know you look fine, she is like thank you. they're like never mind, you're not that cute. it is crazy, she has all of these members axe, every time she said thank you, thanks, i know, and they're no, you're not that hot. relax. >> every time. that was her reaction. so i feel like sometimes you can't say thank you. >> so what did the guys want them to say? oh, me? >> yes. >> really? >> this old thing? apparently, i mean, fascinating, also look it up. but like message after message. i want you to be confident or something. >> ridiculous, tinder creep. >> i it is awkward i guess if you say hey mike you look
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really good. oh, no you're not. >> thanks is okay, but the difference is thanks i know. >> but i will always go no, i'm bloated, i hate myself. >> you immediately, your go to. >> stop saying that, it is really negative, stupid. >> let's see if i can finds it. >> you know, i'm really starting to get to this point in my life where i have really something brilliant to say and i forgot. >> maybe it wasn't that brilliant. maybe your brain is editing for you? >> or maybe for being mean to me. >> really? >> are you looking for a job? i think i got one for you. it is six figures. it pays $130,000 a year. now, you have to be a nanny. >> i i can become a nan. >> i imagine keith as your nanny. here is a requirement. you have to have a degree in child psychology. with a minimum of 15 years experience, the nanny must be willing to work six days a week, 13 hours a day, and
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there are four kids. >> but you can fly with the families on vacations, four homes that you have to take care of london, bar bay owes, capetown, atlanta, george a personal chef. you will be able to eat the personal chef's food. you will have access to porche, range rover, and maserati. the family has gotten more than 300 applicant of course, they say most are not qualified. only small amount have met the specific requirement. now the degree in 15 years of experience is going to cut out a lot of people. >> i'm out. >> but who is it for? >> i toll you my nanny hired, uma they are man, after us, they go through agent cyst. >> you told thus? i don't remember this.
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>> uma thurman has your nanny? >> when you go through the screening process, you don't hoe who it is until it happens. yes. so -- >> a lot better than me, paying. but i feel like you don't want this job for the hassle, people like that are impossible to please. and there is always going to be problems, there used to be the joke, the nanny diaries written by -- yes. >> and speak french, do all of these crazy things, like it is unrealistic expectations so they present it oh, you get to live our glamorous life, one of those things so expense i have to live in all of the cities anyway, that and you're working 13 hour days with four kids. >> sounds painful to me. >> i think it is not. >> london, barbados? >> it might be great for a year or two, and then there is
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burn out, where there would be, you snow. >> but somebody had 15 years experience, like in your four's, right? >> well, they want someone more mature, they can handle that many kids. have patience. and college degree. >> you don't want cute little hot nanny. >> oh, really? >> i'm sure she doesn't. we've talked about this before. even karen agrees, you can't have a hot nanny. and the best way it say, that oh, isolette -- at least 15 years experience. >> my daughter's nancy really good looking. >> yes? >> uh-huh. >> i just don't think it is wise. you just don't want that in your house. not a good decision, i'm so glad we're past that college care, kids are school age. >> did you dot hiring of your nannies. >> of course. like as the mom, well, depends on everyone's house but i do everything, all of the doctors appointment, all of the scheduling, the sports. >> adrianna lima, like a swimsuit model came in and applied, was very qualified, would you say no? >> she would never come n you look at the pictures first.
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>> oh,. >> karen, would eliminate her rounds one. >> pictures. that's great. that's great. >> but my point is um, a well, we think the same way about that. >> have you talk to uma? you have my nanny? >> when my daughters were really small we did hire someone to come in. she was an opear from sweden. >> oh,. >> her name was silka. yes. >> you seem to be reminiscing about silka. >> no. >> i kept my space. she lived in our home. >> when -- >> they zoom in. >> no, nothing. but my -- >> it is like minute oak yo nose grows, this is how it goes. >> i still have my cough. >> not once? >> no. >> never even tried, hey? >> no, but i will say this. i had a baseball jacket from the yankees that the yankees had given me, she really likes it. and i gave it to her.
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and my wife at the time was upset. >> oh,. >> why did you give her that jacket? i liked that jacket. so there is some jelousy there. but there was nothing going on. but my friends, ken, my friend, ken, who came over, he was my friends. >> yes? >> a cameraman. and he ended up, uh-huh. >> oh, so that's why, because she went to someone else. >> no. no. no. i never would have done that. >> by the way, i found the woman, actually from philly. feminista jones, the one who responds today men with the compliment minutes, thank you, if you want to make a man mad today, tell him you a grew with his compliment. >> she's from philly. have him come in. >> hey, karen, you look fantastic today. >> thanks, mike. >> okay, there is that. alex, whoa, you look like a snack. >> it sound weird when you say t you're looking like a snack.
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>> you're looking like a snack. now, say -- >> by the way, instagram yesterday, people loved that. >> yep, you looking like a snack? >> they loved it. >> what would you say? you're looking like a snack. >> thanks, mike. >> so -- oh, mike, here go. >> no, if you said, ya, i know, look at all this. guys would be mad at you? >> well, it is stuff lick this guy would say i love your hair. she goes thank you, dow too. >> he says careful there girl, don't let me like it less. >> whoa. >> so flipping through, some of them, my gosh, hey, nice bod. >> i she is goes oh, i know, right. >> i didn't know you knew. sore bye that. >> how would i not know. i look at it every day. actually you don't have a good body. you need to hit the gym more. >> maybe we should have her in and talk to her about it. >> you're looking like a tastykake. >> my gosh. tastykake. that's the philly version. >> quincy harris has lost his mind. he's training for a
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triathelon. you're very inspiring. >> no, not going to put something in that. i want the reps to catch up. >> okay. >> terrence, just doing little weight training. >> yes. >> we've swam today. we ran. now we're going to attack the bike. when we come back. let's take our shirts off. common. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i toll you it wouldn't be the last time. join our partners tomorrow, checking school supplies for student, bring five new school supplies to clementon dark and splash world tomorrow between eight a.m. and 1:00 p.m., and receive admission for just $10 by donating plus, bob kelly will be there during the show tomorrow. so come up and meet him, and get on tv. >> why not? >> come down, i guess. >> let's go back it ambler,
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quincy harris has agreed do a triathelon, he's training, now doing some weight training. >> he's working on his core. >> okay, so, we're at the ambler y. terrence, why, why are we doing this? why are we rowing? is this going to help us? >> rowing is a full body work out t works the whole full body. so i have him doing this just to warm up. to get him ready for the bike. >> okay. >> and he's doing it at a good pace. >> you burn a lot of calories doing there? >> a lot of calories. >> my gosh. and this will help me out with swimming, swimming. >> women g running and bike. give you all three. >> i'm tempting to complete a
9:26 am
triathelon, and what happens you do 800-meter swim. i don't know if you saw my swimming earlier. it was amazing. then you go to a 26-mile bike ride. and then a 3.1 run. so now we are doing the biking. where should my gears be? >> well, your gears, you start down low, the lowest, so you can work on your speed. >> okay. >> so we want to work on your speed. >> we can do all of this at the y? you can be indoor. you can go outdoor? >> outdoor. >> you have everything? >> we have everything here at the y that you need. >> okay. >> and do you personal training, as well? >> yes, i do. >> a lot of people have been asking me, why am i doing this triathelon in june. as you well know, my mother passed away a couple of months ago, and instead of mourning, i said hey i want to put my mind on something else that i can be a little bit more positive, get in the best shape of my life and ex ten my life so this is one of the challenges. so -- >> this is a good challenge for you.
9:27 am
>> thank you. i'll come here. i'll keep training. and i am i'll come back on good day philadelphia so you can see my progress. watch "the q" 12:00 noon today. mike, alex, i'll be cut up before you know it. >> you got. >> this we believe in you. >> you bert believe in me, as well. >> oh, 100% believe in you. i have a person that you will meet in the future, i'll tell but him, he will change his life. >> your husband, he does triathelon? >> yes, but it is not him, i have s else. >> i'm urging the entire triathelon community in philadelphia, jersey, delaware, reach out to me. i need tips. i need a community. >> okay. >> come own, let's do this together. "the q" on fox. >> okay. >> this dude went on 30 day cleanse, and did he it, he ran 3 miles per day for 31 straight days. >> yes. >> when he says he's going to do something, he does something. >> so true. >> miss black america, it is that time of year again.
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they've done it i think almost 50 time. we have a number of the contestant here, oh, yes, i admit, i book this segment. >> hi, hey, ladies. come in, sit down. >> make room. >> let's take a commercial break so we can get everybody organized. >> get situated. start to sit down. is that patience? >> yes. >> oh, patience, is here. >> seriously, we will get this organized. after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing.
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patients i've never been disappointed in you and i will in the bring it up. we will talk bit after the
9:32 am
show. >> all right. >> all right. y will just hang out back there what is wrong with this picture? i'm a dufuss. okay, alex. >> contestants are coming to fail for forty-ninth miss black america pageant. you can see we have some of the lovely ladies sitting right here on the couch. they came here this morning. we have three ladies competing and they are from philadelphia including one, of course you may recognized patients. >> yes, patients carter. >> and we have linda cuzie and somer jordan. >> hello. >> hi somer. >> they are join by, the reign ing miss black america nicole lambert. >> nicole, that is biggest crown i have ever seen on a queen. >> thank you, i wear it well. >> it is so biggie can see through it. >> yes. >> where are you from, nicole. >> i'm from originally representing, i represented delaware but i'm from new york , georgia, i currently
9:33 am
live in south carolina. >> how would you describe the miss black america pageant. >> it is great, an amazing experience, lot of sisterhood and encouragement a monk each other so that is what i love bit. >> it is in manayunk this year >> yes, performing arts theater. >> when is it. >> it thinks saturday at 8:00 p.m. you should come. >> i think i will. >> how many woman will be competing. >> six. >> final six. >> six finalist is when does it start. >> congratulations then making it to the final six. >> you three are in the final six. >> yes. >> now, so is there, well, swimsuit. >> yes, there is a swimsuit. >> what time does it start. >> and there is talent. >> yes, there is talent. >> we have terrific girls who will be performing terrific talent. i'm excited about it. i for instance, will be performing a dance from ghana called at door dance and it
9:34 am
was originally imitated the dance of the movements of, an antelope. >> wow. >> so, the name for a antelope in my country. >> antelopes jump, they can, and they are very fast. >> yes, yes. >> real quickly can you tell us, this young lady has an amazing story. you grew up in philadelphia. >> yes, i grew up in philadelphia in the germantown area and i graduated from eastern university. eastern university. this is my first pageant. i won a pageant and i will play my 200 year-old violin. >> 200 years old. >> where did you get that. >> when wayness high school i was home less by my junior year by the time i was 17. lovely passerby donated the violin to me and i have had it ever since. >> now you are an home owner. >> yes, i converted a news to a shelter for young girls. i will mentor them on entrepreneurship. >> amazing. >> all of you have amazing stories. you are originally from west
9:35 am
africa but studying nursing. >> i am studying nursing. i'm in west chester preparing to do my master in public health right now but hopefully eventually i will go to become a cardiothoracic surgeon and that is what i'm looking into right now. >> we know patients because were you our intern here at fox and then went through the thing in orlando, you know with the pulse nightclub and all that, survived those gunshots and all that. so, what are you going to be doing. >> well, i'm still finishing my senior year at nyu as you may know, majoring in communications but getting ready to start have patients foundation raise ago wear necessary about gun violence and hate crimes in america but doing it through three browns which is media, music and mentorship, all things that are important to me. i'm glad to have this platform to speak about this. >> she just came back from hollywood weren't you working in hollywood. >> i had an internship in paramount pictures which was fun but i think i will focus
9:36 am
on the foundation first and the other stuff will come along. >> they are all so accomplished we just wanted to highlight that ridiculous. fantastic. >> if you don't mind could you give us 30 seconds of what you will do saturday. i mean our studio is no the that big. can you do a little bit of the dance. >> i will not do the dance i will do another kind of dance because my dance will be too much, so i will do an african dance called azoneto so i will just show you a few moves here and there. >> best place to do it over in front of the green screen there. >> right over there. >> we have put up a curtain for you if you don't mind. here we go, linda. music. >> so this dance is really simple. >> ♪
9:37 am
>> it is a real simple dance. >> do a little something, let's see. >> all right. i'll be there. >> very nice. >> okay. >> now, how long have you been playing the violin. >> fourteen years next month. >> so will you do like 30 seconds for us. >> okay, let's see it. >> all right, somer, somer, jordan. >> ♪ >> all right. remember these are tidbits, sneak peaks. >> yes. >> and then patients.
9:38 am
>> this is my first time singing for you guys. >> let's hear it. >> i'm excited. >> i am too hopefully it goes well. >> put three minutes on the clock. >> patients carter. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yeah, all right, just enough to make me want to come this weekend. >> all right, ladies, come back in here real quickly. >> so where will it be so people can know and do they have to buy tickets. >> i don't know. >> do we know where it is. >> say it again one person. >> it is at venice island
9:39 am
performing arts and theater this saturday at 8:00 p.m. so be there or be square. >> does it cost money. >> yes. >> how much are tickets 45 to $50. >> there is still some left. >> yes. >> very nice. >> i will be on the front row so we will see through. >> best of luck. >> thanks for having us. >> are you going to be sad to give away your lovely crown. >> no, i'm keeping this crown. >> no, i worked hard for this. >> okay, coming up next is breakfast with bob. >> national waffle day we will see cool waffles. >> yes. >> i love waffles. >> hey yo good morning everybody it is national waffles day, take a look at this you ain't seen nothing yet, good morning, to mt. airy >> good morning. >> we are in the house, hi kristin would you like a cup cake. >> oh, yeah we will sugar her up mom, stay right here we will be right back hot spot on
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stenton avenue.
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good morning, everybody. my favorite day of the week we get to a different neighborhood and we have breakfast. good morning from mt. airy. >> wow. >> yeah. >> we are here at gilbeen's bakery at stenton avenue. two cup cakes if you give me a high five. bam, look at that small. here you go, hon. she likes the one with the sugar on top. sugar her up mom she will be up all day with me is crystal brown, the owner. this is a family operation here. >> yes, it is. >> we have been here since may
9:44 am
12th. >> okay. >> we're family owned, operated. >> everything you make is from scratch. >> everything from scratch. >> so every family member had something to do with the bakery and cooking background. >> absolutely, yes. >> do you argue, fight. >> sometimes. >> i would love to be a fly on the wall at thanksgiving, right, with the family. lets go down the line. this is one of the partners, josh, national waffle day what do you have here. >> we have chicken and waffle. our take on the chicken and waffle with mapel, carmel, dressing on it, and just topped it with powder sugar. >> this is what i mentioned this morning it is national waffle day, who loves sticky buns. >> applause. >> wow. >> i asked them to do a waffle /sticky bun version, this is new bob kelly special, in mt. airy. >> sticky bun waffle, we have one with raisin, one with a combination of raisin, walnuts and one with walnuts what do we have here. >> we have fish and grits, it is flourished, with a cheese grits, we have bacon, egg and
9:45 am
cheese on our homemade croissants and more grits. >> more grits, cheese grits with our seasoned shrimp. >> check out this art over here is what your name. >> gill. >> show them wharf been doing with the cake here. >> this is start off to our strawberry short cake here. we use fresh strawberry homemade whipped cream, fresh bake cake we comb it, add crumbs. >> show them what you are doing. >> comb the shied like that. >> do they let you lick the bowl. >> no, no. >> this is what it should look like and what it will look like when it is all done. look at the case here, okay, who is hungry. >> me. >> wow. >> applause. >> guess what it is 0 calories here today, all right? >> wow. >> gillbeen's bakery on stenton avenue in mt. airy, come on, cup cakes for everybody. stay right there, good day coming right back. we just moved in about four months ago,
9:46 am
9:47 am
but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
9:48 am
i'm going to make a prediction , you will see scott williams in 14 seconds making me a liar.
9:49 am
>> wow. >> you'll see a big blue h in 15 seconds how about that that will dominate our weather over next several days high pressure in full control. look at this forecast 82 degrees by this afternoon in philadelphia, 70's north and west, upper 60's for pocono mountains. what about baseball later this afternoon first pitch 1:05 upper 70's, very comfortable. we will do it later this evening, eagles game kick off at seven, look at those temperatures right around 77 degrees. weather authority seven day forecast showing 82 today. eighty tomorrow, string of perfect 10's in the upcoming weekend and look at early next week temperature stay mid to upper 70's, now back over to you. hey scott when i go home i like to go around and lay around in the afternoon. >> you watch soap operas. >> i watch bold and the beautiful. it is getting so creepy though , really. well, brooke and bill now are married which i don't understand but it looks like l
9:50 am
iam may start to have an affair with a rival fashion house, a woman who runs that. >> yes. >> can't do that. >> anyway what i am watching is espn they have tv cameras and radio shows and this ryan rasul i watch his show. well, alex, can you help me out here. he is now facing charges, police received a call early yesterday morning from a home owner, reporting a, strange man, sleeping in one of their bedrooms. he had wandered into his, somebody elses house. now, van, from tmz, was this in wyoming. >> it is in jackson, wyoming, jackson, wyoming it happened. i have never been there before i heard it is beautiful though he wondered, around 3:30 at night, and allegedly, big time
9:51 am
espn comment taiter, he does simulcast every morning on espn. he is good at his job. he wandered in the home. home owner was not clear if the door was locked but he walks in, then very startling called police. they say he was hammered, bloodshot, glassy eyes, slurred his speech, could not answer questions coherently. cops felt it was a forced entry but not clear whether or not door was locked or unlocked. he was charged with criminal trespassing. this is a misdemeanor charge for ryan, very embarrassing day for him yesterday, and there was some reports that he was also naked. >> naked. >> yes, with his pants around his ankles. so not exactly the best moment for ryan rasul there. it sounds crazy. >> woman's name that owned the house, goldie locks. >> stop. >> he thought he was at his
9:52 am
house. >> yes. >> he thought he probably thought he had made it back to his home. he could end up costing him $750 fine. here's the deal, it is the knows serious in the world wasn't violent or aggressive in anyway but embarrassing a guy who is on one of the biggest networks in the world. >> wonder what he was drinking >> van, have you ever had a few cocktails and ended up in someone else's home thinking you were home. >> in somebody elses pool, this happened, great story in 2003. i had a little too much to drink and i thought i was going to a part that i was next door but i was at wrong party. i said nobody is here. i will get in the pool early. so i jumped in the pool with my clothes on. home owner came out, called the police, not the best moment for me but they didn't press any charges. >> that is good. >> good, yeah. >> thanks for sharing. >> we will watch you at 3:00. >> by the way, i don't
9:53 am
understand why i just told that story on television. >> it is good day. >> we're bonding, van, that is what that means. >> by the way, somebody on my twitter account said that they thought you have a crush on van. >> me, really. >> yes, van's great. he has no idea what i looked like either. >> hey, van. >> is van a single guy. >> are you single. >> am i? unfortunately i'm taken. >> all right. way to go, van. >> that is sweet. >> but i'm taking but like i tell everybody but i do have hobbies. >> oh, my gosh. >> people take things out of context, do i love tmz. >> he may be single in philly, if you know what i mean. >> plus he likes to swim fully clothed and the other guy goes
9:54 am
into peoples houses name. >> it is all backward. >> see you this afternoon, van >> if there is anybody on tv hoist a van people think there has got to be more. >> you want to hear us get together, you have to have them get together, start matching them up. >> we must take a break because we have a big thing to announce when we come back. meta appetite control...
9:55 am
it's your glass of willpower that helps keep cravings... ...far, far away.
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feel less hungry with the natural fiber in clinically... ...proven meta appetite control. from metamucil. unlikeso babies can sleeppampers stasoundly all night.s drier, pampers.
9:57 am
happy birthday to karen's sister. >> lizy, happy birthday. that will be all of us together. >> do you know where you might go in case general public would like to join you for lunch. >> it will be pizzeria vetri. >> chancellor between 16th and 17th, it is in a alley. >> happy birthday to your sister. >> do you like her. >> she's great. >> don't forget go eagles,
9:58 am
lets get that win tonight, baby. >> let's do this. >> dolphins, i have a couple-- no.
9:59 am
10:00 am
it's "the wendy williams show." now, here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you, thank you. thank you. >> thank you for watching. say hello to my c


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