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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 3, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ loo live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. [ gunfire ] >> shots fired from land lay b bay. >> tragedy strikes the united states yet again. >> it was an act of pure evil. >> a barrage of gunfire strikes a crowd at a las vegas concert. >> we have an active shooter. we have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds. >> the killer not even his relatives know why did he it. >> where the hell did he get automatic weapons? ♪ >> families want answers and investigators are determined to get them. >> thank you much for joining us i'm lucy noland. our country is once again shaken to its core. once again from what authorities
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are yet again calling the deadliest mass murder in our history. as of now, 59 people have died. 527 others are hurt after that shooting at a concert in las vegas. the shooter 64-year-old stephen paddock police say he fired over and over from the 32nd floor of thmandalay bay hotel. before the swat team broke in authorities are confirming the gunman shot at officers through the door of his hotel room. now authorities later returned 23 firearms from his room and found 19 more guns, explosives and thousands of rounds of ammunition at this home. the fbi has no evidence that links the attack to terrorism. team coverage right now on fox 29. from a criminal profiler's take on the method dick way the gunman operated to local people marching for change. first we begin with our chris
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o'connell whose been talking with a couple right in the middle of the concert the chaos, the bloodshed, he joins us live from the operations center. chris? >> reporter: lucy, well we know tonight that killer had an arsenal of weapons. more than 23 guns in his 302nd floor hotel room at the mandalay bay even more guns found in his nevada home. to night, as police search for a motive there are some local people coming back from las vegas who were in that audience last night. >> you just see bodies dropping and people getting trampled. >> reporter: among the chaos and confusion the las vegas shooting,. >> it was rapid fire, and it was like pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> katie and bob fur meister from horsham were visiting vegas for a weeknd away. >> the pop, pop, pop i get sick and i just -- >> it's hard. >> i can't handle it. >> reporter: katie suffered a sprained ankle in the chaos trying to escape the gunfire. the couple talked to us from their hotel room in las vegas getting ready to fly back to philly. >> all of wuss just having fun, you know. >> singing. >> that's it singing.
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>> dancing. >> and dancing. somebody just goes and. >> messes it all up. >> that's it. >> we just wish it's a nightmare and we just wish it was over. >> reporter: authorities identified the shooter as 64-year-old stephen paddock who lived in retirement community in mesquite nevada 80 miles away. among his arsenal with a converted fully automatic rival with a high capacity magazine. more guns were found in his ho home. as authorities search for motive there are those who just want to get home. >> to see our kids. we're going to head home to see the kids. that's all that matters to us. >> reporter: and tonight, a massive show of support for las vegas. tens of thousands showing up to give blood to the injured victims. and more than two and a half million dollars have been raised in the last 12 hours for victims and families of the las vegas shooting. lucy?
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(bell tolls). moment of silence president trump and first lady stood silently on the south lawn of the white house alongside the vice-president and hiswife and administration officials. the tribute honors the victims in las vegas. earlier today, the president addressed the nation about the attack. >> it was an act of pure evil. hundreds of our fellow citizens are now mourning the sudden loss of a loved one. a parent, a child, a brother or sister. we cannot fathom their pain. we cannot imagine their loss. to the families of the victims, we are praying for you and we are here for you. and we ask god to help see you
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through this very dark period. >> we're learning more about one of the many victims. police say sonny milton died in the attack while protecting his wife heather from the shooter. she told reporter that milton gave his live to save hers. the question most everyone is asking tonight, is why? what would make someone open fire on innocent people especially so methodically. dave schratwieser has been talking with criminal profiler and philadelphia's police commissioner joins us now live from philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, las vegas police say stephen paddock's them room looked like a sniper's nest than a hotel room. they have no motive. so we tonight went to see a forensic psychologist an expert on the criminal mind. >> level of determination is intense. >> reporter: high stakes gambler whose family says they were dumb founded by his actions. that was the profile of las vegas gunman stephen paddock that emerged early on monday.
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>> a person who either had some kind of unresolved issue in his life and it was going to come out through this kind of behavior i doubt that he had any issues with the people that he was shooting at. i think they were all strangers to him. >> reporter: dr. elliot atkins is a leading forensic psychologist who analyzes the criminal mind. his first take away from the 64-year-old paddock's historic massacre on the las vegas strip -- >> he had a plan and he stuck to it. what does that say about him? >> reporter: doctor at tins says panic' -- paddock's level of prepared stand out he checked into the hotel sweet days before the attack. he may have used ten loaded weapons in the murder spree after shreking a room high above the crowd. >> he went into that building knowing he was going to do something. he brought all those guns with -- all those rivals with him. >> he had designs on killing those people probably for a long time. and that's the scary part.
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>> reporter: family says he has no military background. no history of mental illness and they were absolutely dumb founded by his actions. commissioner ross sat in on fbi briefing late today. says the fbi has no links to any organizations or groups including the islamic state which earlier today claimed credit for the shooting. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. of course isis claims credit for lot of things that grab headlines. new details coming in about the man behind the massacre. but as dave schratwieser just toll us stephen paddock's motive remains a mist reach that's right, sir say the 64-year-old was a wealth knee real at the time investor with no criminal history. his brother eric is a complete loss to explain what happened. >> we have absolutely no idea whatsoever. we have no idea what he did this and that's what you'll find out
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is i can't imagine. when you guys find out why this happened, let us know. >> authorities found 23 guns in his hotel room and at his home they found 19 more guns explosives and ammunition. as always, happens after another mass shooting some are demanding change. in delaware county tonight demonstrators are calling for strictor gun laws. some of them who came out tonight have lost family to gun violence cannot stand to watch this happen over and over again. and they think new gun laws are the answer. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live from springfield the site of a march tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, the group marched to congressman pat meehan's office here in springfield. they are calling for a federal ban on military style assault weapons. >> i was in favor of gun violence prevention before that but i was not committed to it. i've been committed to it ever since. >> reporter: brian miller stood before dozens of people rallying against access to military assault weapons telling a personal tragedy. he says 20 year ago, a man
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walked into the washington, d.c. police headquarters and opened fire. >> he pulled out his mack and opened fire killed my brother with a first bullet. >> reporter: his brother michael john miller was a 37-year-old fbi agent. brian miller was among the group that marched from springfield friends meeting house to congressman pat meehan's office on streel road. they taped a call to act on the front door of the office building. >> so these weapons of war cannot be sold on the civilian market and get into the hands of damage people. >> mayor i don't know and lance donald evans were shane bite shooting in vegas. >> not again. we are becoming so immune to mass murder in this cup tree. it's uncivilized. >> reporter: they say something must be done to reign in gun violence. >> we're not against the second amendment rights but we feel there have to be some limits on things like assault weapons and these things that used constantly for mass murders. >> reporter: spokesman for
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congressman meehan's office sent us this statement in response to the rally it reads "the act of domestic terror last night in las vegas is tragic and sickening. as the investigation continues congressman meehan will be focusing on what further steps can be taken to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them and prevent a violent massacre like this from happening again much this group that rallied and marched to night they've met with the congressman before and they will couldn't to do so. lucy? >> thank you shawnette. as always many are turning to social media to share their feelings and express sympathy inn including ariana grande. she wrote... foin may a terrorist struck at r concert in manchester, england. killing 22 people. now ariana said saying prayer -- rihanna said...
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so many people volunteered to donate blood hospitals are asking for help. i'm going to talk to you about this. how about that? hundreds came out earlier today to donate blood. here's wawa happened. the mayor and in fact state officials had said that they need >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. call. so many people showed up they had to wait in line for hours upon hours. so many showed upshor riffs of clark county said you guys can go on home. thank you for all of your help and come back tomorrow afterno afternoon. authorities know whose behind this tragedy but they don't know why. we're learning more bout killer and rock and roll legend fighting for his life. tom petty is in the hospital as rumors swirl about his condition. he had just wrapped a major tour. ♪ ♪
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[ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved.
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it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities. >> to fight people have been gathering at city hall in las vegas for vigil remember the victims in last night's shooting. the city's mayor spoke thanking first responders and praising the city for showing strength in the face of tragedy. everybody in this community has been so touched by the loss of these lives and the horror of that mentally sick horrible
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human being who has taken into his hands devastation and imprinted it in our minds forever. >> another tribute this one from around the world eiffel tower went dark for the victims of las vegalasveigh authorities terrort attacked two women in the french city this paris much the mayor of paris tweeted the lights went dark to pay respect to victims of both tax. 22,000 people is weighing on the signs of so many. the coward who killed himself instead of facing authorities. fbi joined the investigation which is far from finish. many details keep coming on in. as the hours tick by. fox's caroline shively joins us live from lavas gas. >> this investigation is just getting started. at this hour we are learning
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even more about the gunman who was behind the worse mass shooting in modern us history. [ gunfire ] >> chaos shots ring out at a country music concert on the las vegas strip. sending thousands running for their lives. >> everyone said hit the floor. so everyone was just like literally laying on top of each other trying to get out of the way and the shots just kept coming. paddock went on shooting spree from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel and casino then killed himself in his hotel room. the 64-year-old was not on law enforcement radar, and authorities believe he acted alone. >> we have determined to this point no connection with an international terrorist group report roar his brother says stephen paddock was wealthy real estate investor who liked to gamble but never showed signs he could be violent. >> i have no idea that he had that he would have that many firearms. >> reporter: suspect had at least 17 guns in his hotel room and more at his home in nevada retirement community. >> from the house in mesquite we
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retrieved in excess of 18 additional firearms. some explosives and several thousand rounds of ammo. >> it was an act of pure evil. >> reporter: president trump will be in las vegas on wednesday meeting with first responders as well as the families of the victims. reporting live from las vegas i'm caroline shively. lucy back to you. >> thank you very much, caroli caroline. fox 29 will be live in las vegas tomorrow morning as well. our dave kinchen is in nevada his reports begin at 6am on "good day philadelphia". another big story tonight. another very sad story tonight. mew si legend tom petty is in the hospital reportedly his wife found him unconscious not breathing and in full cardiac arrest at his malibu home he's at ucla santa monica medical center. tmz has been reporting that a chaplain was called to petty's hospital room and that his
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family has do not resuscitate order on him. and tmz has other things they've been reporting throughout date basically saying that he does not have brain activity of course that is from tmz. petty sky rocket to do stardom with his band tom petty and the heartbreakers in 1978. he completed a big tour just last week and in fact a lot of people saw him at wells fargo center here in philadelphia and reminiscing about that. other people such as myself wish i had gone. let's get a check on your weekend weather. kathy, you got the suit going and it is a great day for a suit because fall is definitely in the air. >> lucy, it was cold this morning. philadelphia was 50 the suburbs were 49 and in the northern part of our region the lehigh valley and poconos waking up to frosty conditions won't be quite as cold tomorrow morning. looking good right now outside though with temperatures that are in the 50s. 59 in the city. the wind is calm and the skies are clear. so temperatures are going to fall fast. 41 in the poconos. 53 in allentown. 50 in pottstown. 50 degrees in millville and 50 in atlantic city. throughout the northeast 40ing,
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some 50s. no 60s on the board upstate new york and new england in the 40s. many locations will be around freezing southeastern canada. high pressure is dominating we have a clockwise flow that's a northerly wind component you get that canadian influence so that means those mild sunny days and those chilly crisp nights. temperatures in the 50s through the northeast. some 60s and 70s i was head west more of a southerly wind through the central planes and this warmer will be will be moving our way over the next couple of days. high pressure dominates singing air clear skies and plenty of sunshine. that's right through this week. watch this front slowly move toward the region over the next several days. and that means changes possibly over the weekend but not big changes. as a matter of fact we're talking about a warming trend. overnight tonight cool, 53 in philadelphia. 44 in allentown and pottstown. 46 in reading. 43 in the poconos. and 50 in millville. tomorrow we're back in the 70s. another beautiful day. 74 in the city.
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70 in dover. 72 in pottstown and 74 in reading. as we look ahead through the month it's looking good. the whole eastern third of the nation above average in temperature in particular the delaware valley and through new england upstate new york we're talking about 80 to 90% chance of above average temperatures lucy it doesn't really get much better than that on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, wednesday 78. thursday 81. friday stays warm. so does saturday, sunday and into monday the next chance of rain would really be sunday and/or monday. so a dry sunny stretch and thank goodness the tropics are quiet. for now. remember hurricane season continues through the end of november. >> they've been worried because we had such an active hurricane season that it would be really bad still. >> there's still time. >> i know. sadly unfortunately. thanks, kathy. >> you bet. all right. so let's talk about something happy right now, please, because i need it sean bell. >> we were all happy yesterday weren't we eagles run game in full effect. legarrette blount was a monst
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>> so eagles are flying high. sean bell has your sports in 15 seconds. ♪ remember when everyone wanted legarrette blount gone? remember that? before the season. we said cut him. yeah. not any more, right? you said he was old. slow. basically washed. fans thought he couldn't play any more. but yesterday we saw he's got all the juice. blount wait crazy against the chargers. 16 carries for 136 yards straight beast mode on them cats ran angry and tough. this was the run -- this is what the run game needed this is what we wanted and doug thinks it's all coming together. >> every week you try to go in and you try to stab your run game. that's the first and that you
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got to try to do. if you can do that, it will open up a little play act pass. it will open shots down the field that's kind of where you want to start tears the same runs that we've always used. we just window dressed them a little bit differently present them a little bit differently to the defense but the timing the accuracy the pinpoint the blocking things that we work on during the week are starting to pay off. >> to the flyers they're kick off the season wednesday in san jose against the sharks and there's a lot of young guys on that squad. a bunch of player the flyers hope will grow up quickly. wayne simmons, jake vorachek sat down with the guys to tell them what to expect in the first ga game. >> raise their spirits and get them going a little bit. i remember my first nhl game i was little bit nervous and shaking all over the place. you know, just another game. once the puck drops then get through a few shifts they'll be fun. >> it's kind of a shock. let's be honest. not a an easy place to play. they'll be fine.
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they're great players. they just got to be calm and, you know, be themselves. >> to the phillies they ended their season yesterday on good note stomping out the mets and winning their final series. a team with a ton of young talent. so the future looks bright but unfortunately pete mackanin won't be able to see this thing through. >> it was just real special day. you know i just like to thank the fans for the whole season. we had great second half finished up strong. got a lot of young looking at a time length that we can be proud of and look forward to the future with. >> in my opinion listen he should have gotten another try but good luke to pete cannon. he'll get another gig. >> wants up next. >> tmz followed by page six at midnight
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happening right now on "good day philadelphia" reliving the terror in vegas, this morning there are more questions then answers about why a gunman opened fire, on a crowded music festival. and made in america in our area there is so many other thousands of music festival that happened in philadelphia and around this city. what happened in las vegas how this will affect what happens at future events and what law enforce. will do differently. also ahead remembering a rock and roll legend tom petty has passed away this morning a look back at his life, and legacy. i could play his music all day long. people been sharing their songs. let us know as well. >> great to have you with us i'm thomas drayton. karen hepp bob kill gi morning to you.
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>> good morning. su and i were radio dj's we played those record. >> get a little scratching. >> yes. >> we video that we will show it later that was after my time. >> good morning, sue. >> you know what, we had a nice day yesterday and i think a lot of us needed to go out, take a walk and just calm down , and, we have another one for you, for today, a 10 out of 10 is your weather number, and right now there is nothing on the raid air, and, no, nothing on satellite. not a cloud in the sky, really 55 degrees with calm wind and sunrise almost at that 7:00 o'clock mark officially. look at mount pocono with 38 degrees, another chilly one there, but it is 64 in conn tras in rehoboth beach, we're starting off with only 40 degrees in mays landing and 45 degrees in valley morning. so that is where we are at the moment. plenty of sunshine. another beautiful day with a high of 75 degrees. seventy forecast just ahead, bob kelly here right now, good
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morning. >> good morning, everybody. 3:59. a tad before 4:00 on this tuesday morning. downtown philadelphia hot bed of construction vine street expressway closed both directions between the schuylkill and broad street until 5:00 this morning. they are also working out here on the east and westbound side of the schuylkill. what we see here this is the westbound jammo heading out into k of p, valley forge service toll plaza here, again only one lane opened in both directions, this is where they were doing paving last night, expect a lot of extra ridership on the regional rails this morning there is a big conference for woman here in center city. septa says make sure you give yourself extra time coming from the suburbs this morning karen and thomas back to you. we have another tragedy in las vegas a nation that is still coming to grips this morning from the deadliest mass shooting in our country's history. >> here's very latest on than what we know, 59 people who their lives, 527 people were


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