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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  October 3, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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questions then answers i should say about why a gunman opened fire on a crowded music festival. and also right now we are taking a look at security every where what happened out there has us rethinking of the events made in america we have welcome america, we have large scale events when the pope comes and we had nfl draft. are we go to go do things differently in our area? we will take a late lease at all of that. >> remembering a rock and roll legend tom petty has died, this morning a look back at his life and legacy. >> we will try to have a good morning in the wake of this very difficult news and tragedy, it is october 3rd and there is a bright spot good morning to you thomas drayton. >> lets get a check of the forecast, sue serio standing by. >> that will be bright literally because sun has been bright. we have not seen too many cloud and this morning we will give you another 10. buddy, a reminder that you do neat sweat shirt or jacket this morning.
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but our temperatures are mostly in the 40's and 50's as we walk out the door, nothing on radar. current temperature in philadelphia is 53. northeasterly breeze and sunrise almost at that 7:00 o'clock mark officially so 75 degrees another beautiful day, close to 70 by lunchtime. sunset time 6:40. another fantastic weather day to day, changes as we get into what for many will be the holiday weekend bob kelly because we have columbus day. >> hold on do kid have off from school. >> i don't know. >> good one. they will wait until sunday to inform me. live look at 422, down to one lane here, heading in to king of prussia part of the overnight construction one of the few zones still active, and busy, day at the pennsylvania convention center , pennsylvania conference for woman expecting 12,000 visitors in center city , including our get speaker michelle obama around lunchtime hour. we will have increased volume
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on the regional rail lines and increased traffic volume around the convention center, plus, extra security with mrs. e hour. so keep that in mind for center city commuters, today. a look at route 73 good morning to the shaders, maple shade new jersey no problems on 295 or new jersey turnpike at the moment. during the midday they are paving lincoln drive all the way from allen street down through mt. airy, mass transit so far so good running with no delays, karen and thomas back to you. >> we will begin with a tragedy in vegas and nation that is still coming to grips this morning for deadly is mass shooting in our country's history. >> lets look at the latest of what we know, right now lets look at the toll of the victims 59 people have died, 527 were injured. >> you know shooter, 64 year-old stephen paddock had weapons, 23 rifles and hand guns in his hotel room and at his home police found 19 guns,
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ammunition, and explosives. >> now isis claimed responsibility but federal investigators don't think that there is any link to any kind of international terrorism. >> i want to emphasize we believe paddock is solely responsible for this heinous act. we are aware of the rumors outside media and also on social media, that there was more than one assailant. we have no information or information to support that theory or that rumor. we believe there was only one shooter and that was stephen paddock. >> detectives, crime scene techs are working ever since this all happened to process this scene based on additional rounds of ammunition they found, they think this could have been even worse. >> there were people from different walks of life forever link by this horrific tragedy this morning we are learning more about so many of that was there for their one year anniversary and husband shielded his new bride when all this happened.
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the wife heather said that he saved her life. it is expect to be eerie motional day at philadelphia international airport as people who were in vegas returned to their family and friends, lauren johnson at the airport this morning, first flight expected here in about an hour and a half, good morning to you, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, that is right, yesterday temporarily shut down and then reopened for business, we're talking mckaren international airport in las vegas. passengers trying to get to and from had a tough time as we have learned about the war mass shooting in the nation's history. our cameras were here when first passengers arrived back home, emotional embraces, quiet, tight hugs, people just elate that had their loved won made it back able to escape the horror and blood bath in vegas. not everyone made it out alive , 59 people died, 500 more injured. terror started while jason aldean was on stage and turned into hours of panic and chaos
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for 22,000 people. police stormed mandalay bay hotel heading to the 32nd floor where they say a lone gunman was raining down bullets on concert goers. some people caught up say images of those injuries are all that they can remember. >> there was a couple that had clearly been at the event, the woman was covered with blood, her chin, both of their legs were covered in dirt, the evidence of tragedy was apparent on their face. >> what do you do, i don't know if there is anyway from stopping something like this from happening. it is the scary part, it could happen anywhere. >> reporter: sixty-four year-old stephen paddock was man behind the gun and dozens more were in the hotel room. they found explosives at his home with more guns and weapons. as the investigation continues police now want to know, why? why this retired high steaks poker player went on a killing spree, one that will forever change the lives of those who
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survived it and we are hoping to meet up with some of those survivors this morning. one couple on the flight right now heading back home saying all they want to do is hug their children. karen and thomas. >> thanks, lauren. as everyone is trying to dive deeper into this totally senseless tragedy is there one thing that is still a mystery what prompted the shooter to unleash this horror. investigators as as of yet they have found nothing in his background to suggest why he did what he did? he is 64 years old. he was a wealthy real estate investors had a number of properties and no criminal history. now his brother says as far as he knew he was just a poker playing accountant with no political or religious affiliations. there are allegations he had gambling debts and sued a hotel several years ago. family members say they are at a loss as to what triggered the shooting. paddock's brother who lives in orlando says it does in the make any sense. >> did you have any indication that he was angry at anything or anybody.
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>> absolutely nothing. there is in reason for me not to say this, this is why i would love for you guys to give some reason for this if there was anything i could have done, i would have done it. but there was, exactly nothing we have absolutely clue why this happened. >> paddock says he spoke to his brother a few weeks ago and says the family is now frayed of retaliation. investigators say his father was on the fbi most wanted list, for about seven years want are for bank robbery. tragedies like the one that happened in las vegas make every city in the country wonder how to protect people with large events like right here in philadelphia where we have so many, one of the places we hold so many of them are on the ben franklin parkway where steve key is is with what people are saying, steve.
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>> reporter: most popular tourist spots around the world have become sadly most targeted by terror, none more popular here in philadelphia then these steps that people come across the globe to run up. ever since the boston marathon bombing, those running a lot longer distances like next month philly marathon where the finish line and starting line are right on the parkway now sianni deal with new security steps before their first race steps. some same thing will happen now with high rise threats, law enforcement will be on the look out by looking you the out over parkway and place that is big crowd gather for several concerts here every year. >> we will look at this closely and we will look at how we do business. >> it is tougher for large events we have our aviation unit out there checking rooftops but you are right that would be a little bit more difficult in the middle floor. we have detectives go out to every hotel, every building, work with those buildings. we will look at that threat
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like we always do. and make sure we put people in place. we always learn from these events. >> reporter: the next big crowd event gathering in the can john of center city high rises just in 13 hours a 6:00 p.m. memorial vigil for vegas victims. mayor kenney will be among speak's cross the street from his office at city hall in the thomas payne plaza where many of those attending will look up and wonder how do you possibly, or who could be on the look out from any floor of every high rise above. >> certainly taking a moment to reflect steve keeley, thank you. stars of the music world are mourning victims of the route 91 hard vice festival. ariana grande tweeted my hearties breaking for las vegas we need love, unity, peace, gun control and for people to look at it and call it what it is, terrorism. luke brian word cannot begin to explain my sadness, my family and i are praying for victims of this tragedy,
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truly heart broken. blake shelton said deepest sin are sympathy and prayers, lath night, i don't even know anymore, y taylor swift tweet ed there are in ward to express sorrow my broken heart feels for victims in vegas and their families. 5:10. breaking news overnight, likely while you were sleeping we who another legend, tom petty has died. >> ♪ >> oh, one of the classic, tom petty, from 2002 at rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony, they broke out in the 70's topping charts with refugee, i won't back down and learning to fly, he just wrapped up a tour, 40th anniversary tour last week. he was found in his home unconscious and in cardiac
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arrest, he was 66 years old. just waking up very good morning to you lets check the forecast as we head outside. >> sue, get out the 10 we have a bright spot. >> just like yesterday, basically for those old enough to remember it is a carbon copy, a lot of people don't even know what that is, 53 degrees in philadelphia, 39 in mount pocono. forty-nine in lancaster. forty-seven in wildwood. now, 3 miles an hour breezes, average high 71 degrees, and we went above average yesterday at 75 and right back there with plenty of sunshine today, tomorrow and thursday add a few cloud and more humid by then and back in the 80's, mostly cloudy and 80 on friday , mixture of cloud and sun on saturday, maybe a shower or two heading to the link for eagles game on sunday and on monday, seven day forecast how sit looking out there. >> my mom used to run off the
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monthly newsletters in the basement with the smell of the ink there, and take turns, to crank the wheel, to turnout mountainly newsletters. >> we're so old. >> 5:11. good morning. we're cranking the traffic here no problems on the schuylkill coming into downtown, everything is open, overnight construction, gone, outta here, vine street expressway opened up as well this morning, lincoln drive will get a nice make over today and it need it, it is a rocky start, they milled and they will be paving all day to day so watch for delays starting at 9:00 a.m. karen and thomas, back over to you. bob, thanks very much. here's another bright spot, michelle obama's coming right here to philadelphia today, so there is an event that is bringing her and so many other big name women to our convention center, it is a who 's who.
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we will take to you las vegas the famous las vegas sign lit up, more than 24 hours after the worst mass shooting in modern american history investigators this morning trying to figure out, trying what led the gun man in vegas to open fire on thousands of innocent people. >> lets get out there right now to what we know, we know we have all of those victims 59 people who who their lives, 500 people injured, lauren blanchard is their life with the latest, lauren. >> reporter: hi karen, thomas you are right we do not know
5:16 am
exactly why this guy did this. stephen paddock 64 in mesquite nevada. we don't know what caused him to do this. he has no prior history of mental illness, no violence, he has no record from police necessarily, there was one citation managed in court, and , they don't know what caused him to do this. he was divorced, but was a retired accountant. police don't know what caused this man to do this. they have continued to search his home where they found even more weapons, they found 23 weapons in that hotel room alone just back there on mandalay bay, it was the 32nd floor, once the sun comes out we will see that blend out window a bit better but they have found another 19 weapons inside that home as well as an explosive material, in his car , several pounds of that and according to gun store
5:17 am
owners where these weapons were purchased, they say they were all purchased legally, and there was no indication that this guy was mentally unstable when he came into purchase them so a lot of folks just do not know why he did this. karen and thomas. >> we know it is 3:17 where you are this morning can you set the scene what you are seeing around you in these early morning hours. >> reporter: i'm in what was the parking lot for this festival, this morning, still a very erie area. there is nobody out here because police have this area roped off. there are just random shoe here and there, a cowboy boot here and there, broken glasses , bottles, pieces of clothing, there are fences where the people trampled them down, trying so very frantic ally to get out of this area. fences just broken down, pushed over whether they were these metal fences, that are permanent but then they also
5:18 am
had some fences that were set up, for presumably this event or for this parking lot, those were also pushed down. we have heard that there was a bit of blood on them, crews have been working to clean up a lot of this but there are a lot of cars, just left unattended over here. it looks like there is one parked up on a curb as if somebody was trying to get out , realized there was in way out and got out and ran, very erie scene over here, as you can only imagine how kay why the i can it really was. >> we saw that terrible video. did you hear anything about the allegations of his family history what his father's past has and maybe that goes to his state of mind and maybe he had gambling debts. >> reporter: not that police are commenting on just yet. they have been staying fairly mum, on this because of course they are trying to make sure any information out there they give is correct. of course, there are allegations or there is this past family history but at
5:19 am
this point they are not trying to tie any of that in just yet , until of course they are absolutely sure. folks have spoken to his brother and the brother say they are extremely stun. they had in idea that their brother was capable of such a heinous act. go this morning, lauren because i want to focus on the victims. 500 victims. dawn tell us about the efforts to get loved won reunited. >> reporter: police set up a police line due to malfunctions or technical difficulties they had to give out a new number all over twit ter they are telling folks to call that number if they are looking for information. they are setting up red cross is set up, i necessity there is a big command powe over in the surface hotel. they are trying very hard to make sure that they have everybody accounted for, taken care of, resource as veilable there are a number of hotel is here offering rooms free of
5:20 am
charge to families that are trying to come in whether to find their loved won in the hospitals or for those who are deceased, so this community really coming together, and really good news, because there was such a large call for blood donations, at this point they say they have, they are fully stock, there is so many people that come out to donate. they are doing all ready fine this morning but still they say that need will continue over the next coming days and weeks. >> we appreciate your insight and reporting live from las vegas. >> eerie motional morning. 5:10. governor tom wolf will be at pennsylvania conference for woman alongside former first lady michelle obama hoist head lining. wolf's expect to speak on his administration support of women's rights. the conference at convention center it is sold out, grace anatomy and scandal executive producer sandra rhymes will be speaking. people are coming because they want to see michelle
5:21 am
obama that is why it is sold out. 5:20. >> lets check your forecast, sue serio good morning. >> quiet morning, out there a little on the cool side, especially if you are in allentown this morning, weather headlines include more october sunshine, sunny start to the month on sunday, get that weather pattern going since then we will still maintain that rain free workweek but humidity will return by thursday. here we are to the north of the jet stream and that is our weather pattern that has been in place since weekend so cool air is still dominate as we get started on our tuesday morning, can't find any precipitation enclose bias far as radar is concern, our cold front is, way out to the west of news minnesota, so for right now, it is 47 degrees in reading but look at kutztown where it is only 39, 43 in coatsville. to the south of us, it is 47 in middletown delaware. williamstown new jersey 46. fifty in camden, new jersey
5:22 am
and jackson nj is at 46 degrees. chill anyplace these morning. we only made it to 68 degrees in atlantic city but mid zero seven's in philadelphia and wilmington reading, trenton and allentown and that is where we expect to be today as well, should be another beautiful day, with maybe just a few cloud as the shore but plenty of bright sunshine here and you can hear that forecast on the radio with us every morning 101.1 more fm bob kelly. >> sue, today is national boyfriends day. >> powe a picture of your boyfriend. >> okay. >> 5:22, quick before billy gets up. live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near spring garden street no problems or delays in or out of the city. we're in good shape over not construction gone, pick up, out of there good morning a live look working your way in to downtown philadelphia in problems up and over the bridge. we mentioned convention center 12,000 expected at the event
5:23 am
today, pennsylvania conference for woman at the convention center. we will have a lot of extra volume around the convention center both mrs. obama, governor in town, other dignitaries will bring witt an extra level of security measure so keep that in mind. septa says expect increased ridership on its regional rail lines where everybody heading to the don't day. come into downtown and lets have some fun. lincoln drive watch for the paving operation beginning at 9:00 o'clock and for the gang watching us down the shore, hello ocean city, in problems at all over route 52 causeway bridge. we will take a quick break but check your lottery numbers, maybe you are winner. bass pro shops -
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good morning i'm sean bell eagles feeling different about their running game then they did just two weeks ago and that is mainly because of lagarrette blount, has been a bee over last couple weeks and head coach doug pederson thinks everything is coming together for the running game. >> every week we try to establish the running game. that is the first thing you've got to try to do. if you can do that it will open up the play action pass and that is where you want to start. these are the same runs we have used but we window dress them differently but the timing, accuracy, pinpoint, the blocking, things that we work on during the week are starting to pay off. >> flyers getting ready to
5:27 am
start their season off tomorrow in san jose against the sharks and the vets had a little advice for young guys before their first game. >> pretty good start, to start in the shark tank, it is not an easy place to play but i'm sure they will be fine. we have great players. we have to be calm. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. all right. cold enough for hockey season to start soon but nothing as far as rain is concerned. could your lawn use a little drink? we will tell if you there is rain in the forecast coming up
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so many thoughts and pray ers for all of the people out there in las vegas and everybody that watched this unfold. as we are's trying to talk with our children and make sense of something that is completely senseless. >> a lot of questions. also ahead this morning the tragedy in las vegas could bring changes to our area specifically music festivals and parades around the delaware valley. >> and, overnight... we're playing his music, passing of a legend, tom petty has died, we remember all of his music and his legacy. >> so many great hits 5:30
5:31 am
great to have you with us i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp >> good morning to all of you, 5:31. we have big news but we have a good spot and that is the weather. >> it will warm up. but heading outside you will get hit with the chill. >> don't forget that jacket, buddy didn't, he may leave it at school because we will go back in the mid 70's but as we start out our suburban temperatures in the 40's, 50's we have nothing on radar so temperatures here, the airport temperatures 50 degrees with the northeasterly breeze at 3 miles an hour. sunrise time will be significant probably tomorrow, with that 7:00 a.m. sunrise, as the days get shorter and we get further inner to autumn. beautiful october sunshine once again today with a high temperature of 75 degrees. another beauty but what about the rest of the week and, for many it is a holiday weekend, we will talk about that coming up as well, bob kelly.
5:32 am
>> a lot of folks like to head out down the shore or up to the poconos this coming weekend but right new we are quiet, hate to say it but it is quiet, nothing as far as accidents, or problems, we have got construction coming our way later today on the roosevelt boulevard to make it tight between henry and ridge starting at 9:00. here's the blue route 476 out of mid county heading down to the schuylkill pockets of volume starting to pop here, folks coming on the freeway between black horse pike and 295, jammo at the convention center day big event, 12,000 expected here in center city bringing a lot of grid lock around the convention center itself and, of course, mrs. obama our governor coming to town as part of the event. that will bring an extra level of security. septa is saying expect increased ridership on the rail lines so be prepared and make sure you plan extra time if you are traveling on the regional rails this morning, karen and thomas back to you. if you are just joining us
5:33 am
at 5:32 lets get you updated, details are unfolding american 24 hours after the las vegas massacre. most deadly mass shooting in modern u.s. history. as of right now 59 people died , 527 others are hurt, shooter, 64 year-old stephen paddock as reason why we dent necessity. police say he fired over and over from the 32nd floor have the mandalay bay hotel. >> just so horrible. investigators when they got into that room they found 23 weapons inside that hotel room , when he opened fire. nineteen more guns at his house in mesquite. fbi says there is in link that there is any connection to terrorism but there were allegations they dent believe it at all. >> as details develop we are learning more about the victims. >> there thinks couple, so many different people, all different ages, parts of the country and walks have life they were celebrating their first anniversary and husband jumped on top of his new bride to shield her as did so many others out there, he died, and
5:34 am
she said he gave his life to save hers. there were so many people from our area that frequently get to vegas many people there as this tragedy unfolded some there during that concert, some came back yesterday and some will be arriving in an her or less at philadelphia international, lauren's there with the very latest, lauren. >> good morning to you, karen. >> you mentioned yesterday flights were delayed, diverted out of las vegas but hours later they were back on track once police were able to secure that scene and this morning a philadelphia couple will come home much different then when they left [gunfire] >> reporter: those pops were part of the vegas fire works show katie and bob furmister of horsham were among 22,000 people gathered to see jason aldean perform. it was their final night in vegas or so they thought. gunshots started to ring out and they ran for safety.
5:35 am
katie sprained her ankle trying to escape mass kay uses her injuries minor considering the blood bath that left 59 people dead and hundreds more injured. >> it was wrapped fire it was like pop, pop, pop, pop. >> that pop, pop, poppy just get sick. >> it is hard. >> i can't handle it. we were all having fun. >> singing. >> singing, dancing, until somebody just goes and. >> messes it all up. >> that is it. >> we just wish this nightmare was over. >> reporter: we were able to speak with them yesterday via face time from their vegas motel room. man behind the massacre an accountant and high steaks poker player 64 year-old stephen paddock who stashed dozens on have high powered rivals inside a 32nd hotel room in the mandalay bay and
5:36 am
sprayed bullets in the crowd from his two windows. furmisters most exited to get back home to see their children. their flight is expect to land here around 7:00 this morning. we have been keeping an eye on the status of that flight. we will hope to talk to them when they get back. they say most exciting part of coming home, karen and thomas, seeing their children. >> so many stories to be told in the coming days, lauren johnson, thank you. numerous public prayer vigils are taking place in vegas. last night city hall gathered for a vigil remembering the victims. cities mayor praised the city for showing strength in the face of tragedy saying quote, we will not be tarnish by this one sick horrible human being that he thought he could destroy who and what we are, that will never happen. lets talk about the president, president trump will visit las vegas tomorrow. >> he has another trip already scheduled he will go down to puerto rico to look at the damage there and u.s. virgin islands, after those hurricanes that swept through.
5:37 am
lets get to washington where doug luzader is, right now, doug. >> reporter: good morning. well, the president, yeah, he has trips today, trip today to puerto rico and tomorrow he goes to las vegas playing that comforter in chief role and as far as puerto rico is concern it comes amid criticism about the u.s. response in the wake of hurricane maria and as far as the visit to las vegas is concerned he will meet we understand with victims of this horrendous attack and both of these triggered debate s around here that the first having to do with disaster response, second having to do with gun control, for instance. we are hearing discuss from some members of the congress. it also sparks this wider debate about what we need to do in this country to harden, soft targets. >> i know we will be looking at his visit to las vegas. lets talk about his trip to puerto rico.
5:38 am
as you know he faced harsh chris cyst bomb his response, government's response to puerto rico. will he be visiting with the governor and with the mayor of san juan. >> reporter: we understand mayor and it has been this big spat between the mayor of san juan and the president, on twitter and elsewhere. the mayor we understand will be at within of the briefings that the president gets today. whether there is any interaction we just don't know but that has certainly been a source of tension as this island deals with just the aftermath of just this horrendous storm. so there is a lot of work to do in puerto rico and federal government will play a big role in that. >> he called them ingrates to the victims, i think only 5 percent of the island has power. we will be following that, thanks very much. we do appreciate it. right now we're remembering a music legend we had untimely passing of tom
5:39 am
petty, he has died. >> ♪ >> tom petty and heart break ers they hit music scene in the 70's and they had so many classic songs that just were the sound track to so many lives. refugee, free falling, american girl, learning to fly , so many classics, he was born in gainsville, florida and he charmed generations of all age was his southern swamp y sound. he was induct in the rock and roll hall of fame. he just wrapped up a 40th anniversary tour just this week. he was found in his home in malibu. he was just 66 years old. we will be right back.
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welcome back, 5:42, can you believe 12 weeks until christmas. >> so crazy time to make a list. amazon is out with the list of top holiday toys. >> the festive season will not be inexpensive for us parents. >> expect to pay $200 for some of the most coveted toys, that includes cosmo the robot you see right there, he has a personality that evolves the more you hang out with them. also on the list lego boost
5:43 am
creative toolbox kid can build , code interactive motor ized models and for the budding young chef this ultramodern play kitchen, look at that which has a working ice maker, and microwave. >> seriously. not in my house, all right 5:43 is the time. we will be right back.
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5:45 am
empire state building in new york city went dark overnight in their honor. there was a orange halo at top
5:46 am
, choice of color. the orange is meant to shine a light on gun violence. another tribute to the victims this one in paris, usually brilliant eiffel tower went dark, at midnight in their memories. >> we will have more in a moment. 5:46 as we get ready to head outside lets get a check on traffic. >> i'm jumping inside 5:46, not bad at all, no major incidents on the major roadways. we will take it. an accident in the neighborhood, hello port richmond aramingo avenue and lehigh avenue a live look right here. it is all around the front of this house here i'm wondering if the vehicle struck a park car here on aramingo avenue just off of lehigh, so we are waking the kid up with the flashing police lights going in to the front window and i-95 northeast philadelphia in the bad, kind of quiet working north or south through construction zone, a live look at route 309 working your way
5:47 am
out of warrington heading down in toward willow grove and flower town. wilmington looking good waking up with in delays on i-95 or 495. check with the airport. good day to fly heading in or out of philly international but big big volumard the convention center day 12,000 expect in our city for the pennsylvania convention of women, michelle obama as well as the governor will be down here and that will, of course bring an extra level of security. convention center jumping today, probably equivalent to one of the busiest days of the flower show just to give you a comparison. septa also says expect increased ridership across the board on all regional rail lines today and driving in the city, watch for construction coming our way on the lincoln drive. forecast for your tuesday sue by has got tonight 15 seconds
5:48 am
unlike a week ago the jet stream is to our south now, let nothing cooler air from north, and that is why it has been so comfortable and cool to start, the last couple of days, but, when we get to the end of october it looks like projections are that we will see above average temperatures , at the month will balance out that way and we have gonna above average as of yesterday's high we don't have anything to show you on radar so lets talk temperature we will need that sweater in mount pocono where it is 39 degrees. american a sweater maybe a coat. forty-three in pottstown. forty-five in wrightstown. wildwood has 47. fifty in wilmington delaware and shore in sea isle city a milder 63 but look at vineland 's current temperature 45. that is where we are this morning got to 68 in atlantic city yesterday, mid 70's just about every where else and we are heading to a high in the
5:49 am
mid 70's today, plenty of bright sunshine a few extra cloud at the shore and high of 66 degrees in mount pocono, this is another beautiful day, continuing. what we had yesterday. >> thanks, sue. >> we saw three people running on the ocean city boardwalk. there is a trial for a person man set off bombs in new york city and sea side park in new jersey a rocky beginning, the judge in this case briefly removed the suspect ahmed rahami because he was interrupting the judge saying he hadn't been able to see his lawyer. prosecutors say he was the one who set off a bomb in september, last year in manhattan which injured 30 people, there was also one in new jersey that exploded but in was injured there he is 29 and says he is not guilty. man in bucks county is facing charges, police say anthony depaulo shot and killed his girlfriend in tulleytown. it happened on the 300 block of main street. depaulo faces charges including criminal homicide,
5:50 am
no word on a motive. there is a bookkeeper from south jersey, was she taking money for her accused of stealing american 400 you this dollars from her employer. burlington county prosecutors say that she admits to it. her name is sarah. she was taken money from the paul davis restoration into her personal credit card accounts they say, the thefts took place over a decade, she faces eight years in prison when sentenced in january. supreme court will leave in place a ruling in new jersey that prohibits mandatory life without parole for children. highest court has declined to take up the case involving ricky cyber and james comber, both convicted of serious crimes and sentenced to lengthy prison terms for multiple offences. new jersey's highest court ruled that judges need to take additional care in sentencing juveniles to such licensing prison materials. >> they thought they paid their tuition? not the case. students at princeton university are being urged to double-check their tuition
5:51 am
bills. 136 families were charged twice for tuition this semester and double payments were withdrawn from their bank accounts causing some of them to bounce. university officials blame processing error through new on line payment system, the problem has been since fix, princeton refunded families and paid the overdraft fees but a few students were sweating saying what is going on. let me show you boardwalk in ocean city, joggers passed us. we saw swinging pony tails. live look at boardwalk getting even better because the city has approved an 11 million-dollar project to rebuild the beaches at northern end of the island and also to do part of the boardwalk, so beaches that will be helped out will be between sea spring road and 12th street, so all that is going to be beginning next month. >> before we head to break at 5:51 get ready to say ahh, meet this morning's fury friend looking for a forever home what a face, right. this one month-old adorable domestic short hair shy at first but looking for a
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welcome back looking live at you see the famous sign, we will have updates throughout the morning on "good day philadelphia". everyone is pouring out their hearts, brittany spears tweet ed completely heart broken, keeping victims of the
5:55 am
tragedy last night in las vegas in prayers. jennifer lopez saying i love vegas feeling so broken this morning, celine dion, she had a show there expressed her remorse for victims saying praying for innocent victims and their families in las vegas. we should point out clark county commissioner's office has set up a go fund me page for victims of the shooting and families. so far more than 2.9 million-dollar has been raised the goal 3.5 million. out of the dark some light numerous public prayer vigils taking place, last night people gathered at city hall for a vigil remembering victims from sunday night's shooting. there lane vigil planned here in philadelphia at 6:30. cities mayor spoke thanking first responders and praising city to show strength in the face of tragedy saying get we will not be tarnished by this one sick, horrible human being that he thought he could destroy, who and what we are. that will never happen. horrifying sounds from inside mandalay bay, hear
5:56 am
moment swat breached the room where the las vegas shooter carried out his massacre, quick reaction, here, to get that shooter under control. it is 5:55. we are remembering a rock and roll legend this breaking overnight tom petty passed away at the age of 66. more on that. tragedy in las vegas. how the rock world is paying tribute today. we will be right back. "good day philadelphia" continues in two minutes.
5:57 am
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[gunfire] so, what now? after terror on the las vegas strip another day of chaos and confusion, dozens are dead, hundreds more injured. >> you could see bodies dropping and people getting trampled, and it is one of the craziest things. >> questions, continue to swirl, the biggest one what would prompt this man to open fire on thousands of innocent people. >> ♪ >> and, legendary rock star tom petty has died, we will listen to his music this morning as we continue on with
6:00 am
good day philadelphia good day everybody. it is october 3rd, 2017. look at alex holley showing up again. >> i'm still here. >> good to see you. >> you are showing up. >> i will by seven. here comes sue serio, ladies and gentlemen. >> maybe this will help, another 10 out of 10 today, yesterday was about as perfect as weather could get especially in october we have temperatures in the 40's and 50's this morning and like bus stop buddy, you will need a jacket and sweat they are morning and then you won't later this afternoon. 54 degrees, sunrise i should say official at 6:59. so days are getting shorter and closer to that 7:00 a.m. sunrise. it will probably happen tomorrow. once sunnies up what a beautiful day, mostly sunny skies, low humidity and a high of 75. can't we do this every day? of course not things will change and we will talk about that in the seven day forecast , bob kelly. >> 6:00 o'clock straight up we


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