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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 4, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> boy, i don't believe, i don't believe you can have a nicer day! if i don't think so. karen hepp in from the mass unit. >> quick doctors appointment, and it was a disaster, but i'm fine. >> since 7:00 this morning, our bean to the doctor, and back? >> uh-huh. >> you've been scoped down your nose, and you name it? >> ya. i can't hear. i can't talk. >> you okay. >> oh, i will ' live. >> this will be a fun hour. >> she can't hear, she can't talk, it is perfect. good day, it is thursday, october the fourth, 2017. >> no, i mean -- >> i know. >> christmas, before halloween. how many of us have started to shopping for christmas yet? okay, we have a spy, who went into a toy convention, and we have the toys that will be the hottest, not for this year, but for 2018. now, how is that for a heads
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up? >> oh, ya. it is a big one. and former first lady in philly. michelle obama headlines conference for women. but did her husband, really, steel the show? how he surprised her, because yesterday, was there 25th anniversary. it is a big one, so you know he had to pull out a nice surprise. >> i'll tell you this, he shamed us all. >> and get your fairytale ending. how you can actually be a real life disney princess, and you get paid to travel. >> sign me up. >> you get to be a princess and they pay you? oh. >> but there is no official duties. >> long hours. >> yes. >> i would like to be elsa. >> you already were one year. >> you could be prince charming. >> oh, halloween coming up, i have to work on my halloween costume. i think i have it, though. i think tiff. >> i don't have mine. >> i said i would never be a woman again, maybe one more year. say good-bye to postcards. when was the last time seriously that you were on a trip and go i got to write a postcard. pain in the butt. right postcards to your mom,
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dad, whatever, your loved ones. and then you forget. and so you buy them at the airport, scribble it? >> or real lazy just hands it to them when you see it, hey i got this. >> hey thanks. >> so, millennials that i've talked to, people in their 20's, and early 30's. prefer selfies over buying stuff, like postcards. so, they just take picture of themselves, send it to their fans, that will do it. well, 25 years ago, come on, we used to buy packs of like 20 postcards or whatever? >> but the difference, wish were you here. would you sends something. nowadays, everyone can see where you are, just put it on the location thing, you can see here i am, in tibet or something. >> sure. puquet. >> i have something in my throat. >> you know what i need is a scope. >> i need ent like karen. i don't think you're supposed to do that. >> oh, you're not. >> sorry. just trying to help. i think that's a misnomer. >> so let's talk about stuff that we don't havey? more. we are not using postcards, i
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don't miss them. business cards? >> i cannot get rid of them soon enough. i don't like whether people hand you them. because then you just keep getting loaded with them, where are you going to put them? i need your contact, just put, air drop it in my phone. >> put it in my phone right here. >> if i need to call you that's where i want it. >> good way to get numbers. smart phone apps have taken over for. that will movies have been in big decline, even though they're building new movie theater down here what 12th and market. >> were you so upset about that too. >> not upset but i just don't get it, i mean, netflix, right? >> something about going to the theater, sitting down, having that experience on the big screen. i think it is good in the city. >> well, i like that, too, but only go with the noon showing, where i'm there by myself. >> oh. what about those new i pick theatres, it lays out into a bed, you get blanket, un limit popcorn? >> trouble is i'm out in about two minutes. >> that's true. >> drool running down. >> specially with our hours. >> this is weird. diamonds are losing business.
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diamond people. look at. that will diamonds because few are getting married. isn't that wild? >> isn't it? >> oh, i never thought of that. >> i don't need to got engaged or married. so i don't need to get the diamond. >> save some money. >> i don't know. i would be interested to see some numbers on, that that's interesting. >> here is one that i will not give up. bar soap. i still use bar soap. >> you want the dial soap? >> i think man thing. i think my husband swears by the dial soap. >> why not, you have to worry about whenever i see bar soap, i feel like i have to wash off the top part. sitting there. >> well, my hair, not anybody else's, i live alone. >> i think that's a woman-man thing. i want the soft soap. men, they want the bar soap. >> this is why i like to go home. i don't want to stay in somebody else's apartment, because she has got some lufa. and a stinking, you got bends over, and pump the bottle of
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body wash always 28 degrees. why is body wash cold? >> why would you want -- >> it is cold. >> the water warm. so it guess you hot-cold. >> i don't want to take that. >> that takes time. simply grab the bar. and where do you rub first? >> i have a tendency to go down south first. >> of course you do. we're not surprised at all. >> oh, i want to put that on pie my face? so you don't use bar soap? >> , no i like liquid. >> i think that's real amen-woman thing. i start on my arms. and go around, you know? >> don't you go southbound, keith, first? i think guys -- >> that's a man thing. >> straight downstairs. >> probably the last place you should go. >> well, let's think of some of the things we may miss. >> like what do you mist, late 80s, early 90s. >> i miss poloroid cameras.
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it is really hard to have hard pictures any more. i know they still make them. >> it is not the same thing where you have, you know? oh, look at the barbie ones? >> i know t dow miss the flick of the wrist to make it, instead every blowing -- >> like a poloroid picture, shake it, shake it, shake it ♪ >> that was a lot of fun, i like having the hard pictures. >> now you take it on your phone, you have a hard picture right there. >> the problem is, when they say no sends in a picture of your child for school. great. i'm not sending my phone in. >> you can e-mail it, can't you? >> no, they want hard copy. they want to put it there in front of their locker in front of this other thing. >> you still go to the drug store and get the hard copies printed out? still do that? >> nobody does that, have to order it on line, delay, that's what i miss. >> fellows. you know what we used to use. poloroid cameras for. >> alex, when was your choice? >> i miss, block buster. i miss the movie rental places. and i know nowadays you can get it on tv.
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jut click bus -- button, something about getting families, friends together, hopping the car, walking up and doubt the aisles, trying to find a movie everyone could agree on, the ever problem where you pick the movie up, more. you don't have the fake one in the front. oh, man, they don't have any more. then go to the next one. i miss it. and then they came out with red box, i didn't like red box because they're so limit in the their options. it is like come on, there are five things, and then you have to, you know, you don't have it, you're done. >> isn't that how netflix started? >> exactly in the mail. >> you have to send it back. >> what did we get like three, two, three, you would get at a time. >> i never sent them back. i just stacked. >> i'm sure. >> sure i owe $6 million to netflix or something. >> block buster really? >> or any movie rental place. plus you get some of the old stuff. >> fellows, did you ever try to sneak in behind the curtain, without being seen? come out, your school teacher standing there. oh, i don't know what that was. i thought it was like
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extension cords back there or something. and they had beads, you had to slip in behind the colored beads. >> you are really -- >> what's yours? >> i don't ever remember from the meeting. what was mine, megan? >> oh, i have visual aids for mine. >> okay? >> ann seinfeld, of course. >> (phone ringing). >> ♪ >> ♪ >> believe it or not george isn't at home ♪ please leave a message at the beep ♪ i must be out or i'd pick up the phone ♪ where could i be? believe it or not i'm not home. ♪ >> see? i do kind of miss that. when you walk in, and you can do stuff, like pea, change your clothes whatever, while listening to your messages. i mean, you can do it with just by hitting speaker on your cell phone, but it is not the same. >> it takes up memory. sometimes would you keep the mess and for a long time just to hear their voice over and over again, the guy called
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you. >> but we can still have it. >> that's true. >> i also like iphones, you can see it typed out. so you don't have to listen. she this person -- >> i like that, too, i even bought the listen, because i got it right here. then the words aren't right, you snow. >> that's true. >> i'll see in you connecticut, when they meant conshohocken. >> skyfox over, looks like, we have a fire at a manhole over there. that's ninth and walnut. ninth and walnut, hospital there. >> look at all of the smoke coming out of the manhole. >> yes. well i don't know, that's not a manhole. that's a great, air event for the subway that goes underneath there. wouldn't you say? that's not a manhole. that's exhaust event for the underground septa system, or what's the one that goes over to jersey? patco? patco? >> by the 47 bus stop. >> yes. >> they're on it, got the guys in the hard hats.
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>> pointing and talking. >> but it stopped traffic certainly on ninth and walnut. i believe the guys there are standing on walnut, if i know my walnut. >> you know your walnut. >> i do know my walnut. i used to live at eighth and walnut. >> did you. >> block away, ninth and walnut the bus. >> thanks, car glenn so the hospital right there? >> jeff. >> jeff? >> penn hospital has an office building, at eighth and walnut. >> okay. >> is he sprague water in there? >> eggs' not going to spritz that thing out, is he? >> oh, lord. >> see, there is jefferson. >> hope it is not something more serious going on underneath, or too serious, anyway. >> see, you have the black smoke coming out. >> oh, look, several. look down, see the 21st. >> i think that's the venting isn't it over walnut, where they stick the orange pipe up to event the system? the sewer system? >> now we have a major smoke problem.
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>> looks like it is shutdown. >> fire department not there yet. skyfox beat the fire department there. 9:11 now. thousands of women gathered yesterday. was this impressive, yesterday at the convention center there were 12,000 people. >> people were really looking forwards to it, so exciting the first lady was here, such -- and so many other high profile women amaze that were here. >> first of all what do you think of the dress? >> i like it, it stands out. >> oh, there is shaundra rhymes. >> so more than 100 national world renounded speakers there who addressed all of the people who attended the convention. so 9,000 women, they were listening to, you know, advice about career advancement, entrepreneurship, the former first lady michelle obama. >> we will continue to do work around education, girls leadership and training, i mean, barack and i want to be involved in developing the next generation of leaders. >> and there is about a week of mourning. >> so while you can tell very serious conversation, everyone said it was amazing, very
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enlightenment shaundra talking with michelle. >> oh. >> what do these two know about accomplishments? >> ya. really. >> but while this was going on, remember yesterday was the 25th wedding anniversary with barack obama. >> they were separated on their anniversary? >> well, since he couldn't be there. he knows what to do. he surprised her with a video during her talk. >> oh,. >> here it is. >> the idea that would you put up with me for a quarter after century, is a remarkable testament to what a saintly, wonderful, patient person you are. your strength, your grace, your determination, your honesty, the fact that you look so good doing all of this, the way in which you've ' always taken responsibility for your own actions but also looking out for the people around you, is remarkable. truely the best decision that
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i ever made to be persistent enough asking you out for a date that you finally gave in. and i hope that you feel the same way. so don't want to interrupt the flow of what i am sure is a fascinating discussion, but i figured that you wouldn't minds maybe me parachuting in just to say how much i love you. >> well, i'm done. >> oh. >> is that 25 years ago right there? >> this is what she tweeted out. she said happy 25th anniversary barack owe bamm, a quarter century later still my best friends and most extraordinary man i know. i love you. >> well, how can i ever sends a message ever again? how will you top that? she immediately stood up, took amtrak back to new york and we haven't heard from them since. where are they living now? didn't they get a place in d.c.? >> down in d.c. >> okay, she got and amtrak, went to dc, haven't heards from them since.
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>> that's special. >> god, are they in love, aren't they? >> you can feel it, you can feel it. >> i wish i -- >> the best thing i ever did, i remember, at my wedding my husband said that getting married to me was the biggest deal he ever closed. i love that. >> closing the deal. >> well, he is in business. >> how romantic. >> that didn't come across right. but i thought it was really special. >> karen, get the paperwork, mr. attorney, bring the contract over there. okay, preacher, hold on. could you just sign right here? >> oh, it was a toast. >> and then put in the honeymoon suite. >> as long as it is to you, baby, that's all that matter. >> that's the prenup. >> initial here. and then here. >> listen, karen, don't let us hate. we're both single. so he's hating right now. that's about it. nobody talks about deals or par chuting in for us. >> no. we're on the phone with each other last night. that's our life.
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>> in comparing our lives. >> comparing or horrible tragic love lives. >> all right. >> so, we envy you. >> that's right all right. >> we're good though. life ain't so bad. >> it is really fun. >> karen tells me every day i should be living it up, and quincy, oh, quincy gives me speeches. >> and don't you listen? >> uh-huh. >> i love your stories, karen? >> i just meant, that's what i mean about living it up, taking advantage, you know? >> live that life. >> that's right. i'm out here trying to live my best life. >> live my best life. we can solve this whole love life thing. >> no, we can't. >> seriously. >> no. >> talking on the phone all night. no you hang up first. >> that is not what happened. >> where are you going? >> hey, karen? >> that was the wrong way. >> oh, thank you. joe in the control room giving us privacy. thank you. one more time? >> no, we don't need it. >> we don't need it. my gosh, see, now people will think things. not like. that will you know someone
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just tweeted: i just want someone to look at me the way alex whom i looks at mike jerrick. >> awe. >> what kind of look is that? i don't know if you want that look. >> what, with disgust? >> i don't look at with you disgust. >> what did she say? space sweet. >> they didn't say what kind of look. >> so i'm always looking forward. i don't get to see the looks you give me. >> so doing this one? >> oh, lords. >> what do you want me to do? >> look at me with adoration. >> oh, god. that's all i got. you know, it is barely october. women, it is october, isn't it? okay. but the holiday hot toy list, now, here is the thing, we sent spy into a toy convention, and he found the hot gift for 2018. that guy you know, his name steve novella. hi, steve. >> reporter: good morning, guys, yes, at the fall toy preview. the toy association kind of long lead show where toy manufacturers will show
9:17 am
prototypes for 2018. super secret show. you can't get down behind the doors unless you know this gal right here, adrian. already sealing cool trends, in prototypes for next holiday season. lets satisfaction start with this. >> so this is from the robot sports line, so very cool. you can kind of move him back. spin him. i'm going to hopefully get him on, make my shot. but what's really fun is it is taking the robotics to the next level, sports play that kids love. >> sure. what kind of feedback will this toy maker gets from manufacturer? >> maybe change the color, the size, the style of the vehicle, the packaging. >> would they discuss price point, hey that's not where we need to be? >> sometimes change a feature, press point. >> sure. kids love slime in 2018. might love smelly slime. we have orange here. we have grape here. again, classic play patterns. >> yep. the slime trends is continuing to 2018. so -- >> moms, dads, it is not going anywhere.
9:18 am
big trends that we see last year, this year, apparently for next year, despite all of the digital stuff that kids have at their disposal, games. >> yes. games are huge for the industry. this is spot it. this is really simple fun marching game. what is new for next year, they're working with all different licenses. so you have different nba, nhl, finds your favorite team. >> very cool. we talked about last year, with toys like hatch machines moles, this blind box, kids don't quite know what they'll get inside. that trends big this year. looks like big again. this is peel to reveal from orb factory. you know you are getting a squishy. just don't know quite which one. >> also fun to point out, that un boxing that has gone to the next level where the box becomes part of the play factor. >> society box itself is really the environment in which i use the toy. this is watermellon junior. you can't tell at home but waited ball. waited because filled with water. where do i play with it? >> play in the pool. it will signing to the bottom. it will slowly rise to the
9:19 am
top. if you a want want to play catch under water we can do it. >> cool. speaking of classic, silly string, big whether i was a kid. now you have glow blasters from sill string which will allow you as opposed to with a nozzel,. >> can go pretty far. >> not bad. again, the update hereof course, the glow in the dark silly string, the blaster that you can now use to fire at your friends, the feedback key from buyers, the goal here get feedback, get orders, get this stuff on holiday wish lists for 2018. we're at the fall toy preview from the toy association, back to you guys in fill. >> i great job, remember last year, hatchables? old school. >> now we know what's coming? >> jumped the shark. >> now they're bringing back other ones, right. >> teddy my granddaughter said she want the big thing now lol dolls. have you heard about this? >> no. >> we have to look it up. >> lol dolls. >> series of them. >> we will meet at thirds and market tomorrow, because we want you to holds us, because
9:20 am
we're scared of the flu shot. but we need to get it. this is the week to do it. >> if you want your shot and you have insurance you can get it for free at thirds and market between 8:00 and 10:00. yes. and if you aren't covered by insurance you will pay $41, we will stick you in the arm. >> and then get some tacos. >> why not? get the tacos today. hey, jen? >> okay, we've been asking eople on twitter, facebook, instagram, their favorite places as we try to get to the next spot, we are going to hear from all of you guys. so come on back. jared, you got this? >> we got this. >> we got this.
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>> okay, philly. beautiful shot there. joe, down in the control room. >> as he said that i think the president is supposed to arrive around 9:30 a.m., right, in las vegas? >> it would be 9:3 9:30 vague vegas time, 12:30 our time. they're in the air. >> oh, okay.
9:24 am
>> okay, so, by the way, the lol dolls apparently everybody knows about them. i'm out of the loop. >> me too. >> lol. they're ten bucks. 9.99. series every them. >> is this a surprise? oh, they pop out or something? >> and you just buy them week after week after week after week. >> oh, little -- >> i think you're on the money though. because when our producer, milky way wilky checked sold out at wal-mart. it shows this is the time the white hot trends? >> white hot. >> you talk about white hot. i think of jenn fred. >> she is white and she's hot and there she is going to get a taco. where are youing. >> okay, here is what we're doing. on our way to chestnut hill. south philly to chestnut hill in less than three hours, i think we will make it happen. because they've one of the most special tacos where we're headed. can you say brussels sprouts, okay? now, i asked people, twitter, instagram, facebook, where their favorite taco is. so i'll gave you a little idea of wherever one likes their
9:25 am
tacos, first of all from twitter, jen dub says: taco ls techa. kimberly in philly says lows gios and verrazano also in south philadelphia. remember, we started in the italian market and el comeradra. onto facebook, elvez, and they also make one heck of a orange margarita. number five, this was interesting, and i think we talked about this before, taco tuesday. at tavern on ridge. which is amazing. then finally from instagram, tack rhea feliz. >> okay, she is breaking up little bit. thanks, jen, see you at the next stop where your microphone is fixed. tough to drive around. >> probably got taco sauce on it. >> she is a mess. >> but we love her. she mentioned that taco tavern on the taco, taco around your tavern, in rocks bo owe, i'll be hosting a event in rocks bo
9:26 am
owe i'll tell but tomorrow. how about that? >> sounds good. >> i don't know why i'm yelling, up on ridge avenue. so there is a scar crow festival in town. >> i never new this. >> scarecrow festival. >> i'm stuffed. >> steve there? >> there is our favorite. >> mike, we sent the scarecrow of fox 29, your truely, to cover this scarecrow, so i'm qualified. a lot of mine fellow citizens are here. too many to show you in a tease. but we will show you as many as possible, here at peddlers village. ♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing.
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no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours.
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hey, guys. where are the cookies for the... bake sale? bake... bake sale? need to bake in a hurry? use new country crock buttery sticks with sunflower oil. there's no softening required. so baking is delicious and easy. ooh, cookies! ah, ah, ah! (laughter)
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hey, alex, 9:29. they are getting ready for your thing this will be big. there will be a lot of things
9:30 am
happening at around 11:30, noonan broad street because philadelphia music alliance they will have their walk of fame ceremony, and they are going to introduce some big people and they will induct them in the walk of fame. >> they will put plaque in the cement there in front of the kimmel center, this would be broad and spruce. >> yes. so we're talking about some big problem, okay. jill scott, patty labelle will be there. >> yeah. >> and soul survivors, sister sledge. >> yes. >> mcfadden and whitehead. >> that is almost the expressway to your heart. >> exactly. >> very good, very good. >> then tonight there will be a big thing. we will tell you about it. i'm so excited and very nervous but it will be okay. >> she's hoe continuing induction ceremony over at the fillmore tonight and she will meet for the first time jill scott, one of her favorite people on earth. >> yes, other people will be in the audience. >> patty labelle for goodness sake. >> we will explain later
9:31 am
gamble and huff, hi kenney. >> let's talk about the scare crow festival trying to figure out played the scare crow in the wizard of oz. >> i know in the wiz michael jackson played the scare crow. >> that is ray bulger from 1939 with dorothy. >> judy garland. >> she plays dorothy judy gar land. >> these aren't the only kind of scare crows out there. >> i like to see them with a stick up their butt. >> no. >> i mean it, anyway over at peddler's village steve keeley standing by with a stick up his -- okay, here's steve. >> you didn't think i was going to say this but do you know and not many people do, michael jackson came here, real secret, when he was alive and stayed here to visit things like this how about that for a fact. >> yes. >> yes, yes. >> look, somebody named james bond, by the way, mike do you know what james bond movie that scare crow is from? that would be from thunderball because i know you don't
9:32 am
necessity that but that is okay. i know you saw it before. okay, look, is there more than 150 scare crow is here, dult mate scare crows and little kid scare crows. did you show spider man gregor did you miss it. we have justin with us one of the two speaks people here and you have october feast, your take on october fest, something for kid and adults. why would somebody come here as opposed to something else next weekend. >> we keep it very local for the families, lots of fun, pumpkin painting, mechanical bull for the adults as well and plenty of food, beer. we have our own free will brewing behind thaws will come out as well as chad ford winery just fun for everyone. >> people make idiots of themselves on mechanical bulls when beer is involve. >> we tried to do something different. we wanted to bring in something for at adults but kid can get on as well. >> if you ride the mechanical bull we know of a law firm who has five doctors who are also lawyers and medical doctors.
9:33 am
anyway, we're showing some of the scare crow is here, look at this, that is a disney character, greg, who is that. >> belle. >> that is it. >> we have captain hook, another disney character. i have no idea who some of these are but you can vote for these. they have a contest. they will take votes until october 29th where you vote who you think is best and joe 's here, as we walk around the great ground is here, and too many scare crows and ground toss cover. it looks like a farm. this landscaping here is phenomenal. this is, hardly work for me what do you think of this scare crow thing. >> this is great, this is when village comes to life. it takes big pride in having these scare crow. >> snow white scare crow was made by a little kid so you have kid and adult. >> this is kid division. you happened to like this one so we brought it over. it is snow white, which is, wonderful. they did a great jobbie thought that was wonder woman and you said brought it over. they are across the street. >> they are across the street down by courtyard area all around 42 acres we have, they
9:34 am
are scattered all the way through you should be proud of yourself. he and his staff are already hanging the christmas lights for their big christmas show that already committed sue serio to come do the weather in the dark from four to 71:00 mourn, sorry sue but you are committed. a jen fredrick scare crow, look at this. our own cousin it, as we come to the front with the shade here, and our big board, mike jerrick. mike you are so well represented here big bird scare crow. that looks like a legitimate big bird but that is also, in the running here. karen, would you be offended if i said were you represented here, this is you, before you put on the make up and do you hair at 3:58 in the morning i'm only kidding but i had to say something. >> undoubted. >> i had to say something. >> there is a princess here with your name on it. >> too sweet. >> where is my scare crow, steve. >> alex, i could not offend you there is no beautiful scare crow is here but if you want me to find you one, i can
9:35 am
all i see is, all i see is scare crow that is remind me of fredrick. this one says it. >> okay, thanks, steve. i got to tell you, i'm a jaded dork. that looked like fun. >> it does look like fun. >> i might even go there. >> it is a great date and i used to go there when i was a kid, i remembered it, i have to go back to the top of my list. >> bucks county. >> bucks county. >> i may not make it. >> i'm kidding. >> do you like fairy tail endings. >> well, who doesn't. >> yeah. >> all right. i got it for you. get paid to be a princess, paid to be a princess.
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meet steve sweeney. he's a double-dipping pension padder. double-dipping pension padder! he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year
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as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder! ...and lucky you has neprogressive top prizes.ut bet i can clear these shelves faster than you can play. ready...go!! (cans/condiments hitting the floor) i won! fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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>> ♪ >> megan, i will give you a weeks salary if you find a picture of our news director on the disney crew. >> he loves to go, you have to be like carson wentz you have to pay up for that weeks salary on tape. >> jim driscoll is his name and he asked me if i would take his clothes to the dry cleaners today because he has a bunch of meetings. >> he is boss. >> we have a dry cleaner right over here. remind me to take this over there, when the show its over. >> okay. jim, i'll get to it. he is small in stature but a giant in our industry. so i think if he ever decide toss retire i have a job for this guy. disney cruise lines is hiring people, to be. >> no, stop it.
9:40 am
>> what? >> stop. >> jim's daughters are excellent at dance and i think one of them actually works at disney. >> really. >> she went through. it is a hard process to go through and to go through all of the auditions and to make it, and she did. >> what was she doing. >> she's one of the characters in disney, she's one of the princess or one of the people that is down there. >> it is a college program. >> yes. >> they get to float around the world on the cruise ship. >> she's in disney. i don't know current status. >> like internship program. >> it is like a dream achievement for so many people >> can you get to be an intern , you get to be a princess in disney world and another poor interns they get to sit in the back room here at fourth and market. >> they get you coffee, skinny vanilla latte. >> that is career advancement right there. >> anyway there is this job they are offering jobs, disney is, you have to work 80 hours a week, but the company is also looking for entertainers, make up artists crew members for the ships. if you are interested, you can
9:41 am
apply on line on the disney career page. >> how about that. >> the places you will go. >> that is fun, they go all over the caribbean. >> yes. >> and doctor seuss. >> the places you will go. >> i keep talking our news director and assistant news director said i have to take my granddaughter on one of these cruises. >> it is one of those things where you are a naay sayer because you have your together time and get then get your alone time it is not overtly disney it is not always in your face. >> i would have done it if i still drank vodka. but i'm not drinking anymore. so could i survive a week on a disney cruise without alcohol. >> would you take your excursions. >> yes. >> walking around. >> you could. >> no. >> a three day trip, go down and do a three day and then it is not too long of a commitment. >> seinfeld episode to day, it is almost over and then tomorrow, next day, it is almost over.
9:42 am
anyway, i have no life now, i have no loved one, anybody to cuddle with, my children are away, my grandchildren i'm alone, alex won't kiss me. so, i'm left with just myself. i have let two of my potted plants in my apartment die. so i had these two beautiful pots that are empty. so, they are gorgeous. >> they are pretty nice. >> that is like ceramic artwork. >> it is nice. >> it is mike, karen, you know it is fancy. >> that has sat empty for almost three years because the plant died, fikus died. i said can i hire somebody in the philadelphia area to come in and plant a tree for me. >> what happened. >> people, all sorts of different people. i think i have it all taken care of. jim, sorry, i will clean the dress. >> people said yes, call this, it is first time in my career that a viewer sent in
9:43 am
something to help. it is first time i have ever gotten from a viewer a bag of dirt. a bag of dirt. it is actually poo fertilizer. >> there is someone pooping on the front of it. >> yeah. >> yes. >> okay. >> look at that. >> yeah. >> it is from fras hiss valley organic fertilizer. >> it is organ glike isn't all fertilizer organic. >> they have lots of chemicals in it it comes out organically >> have you ever seen a worm poop, look at that, it comes out the other even. >> well, both end, who knows. >> so thank you for the fertilizer. >> even got a card. >> and a card, yeah. >> real quickly. >> sorry about all of the glitter because you are utterly amazing on the outside >> please enjoy our organic fertilizer and the money tree
9:44 am
which should be arriving soon, wow, if you are new to gardening this should help best wishes your friend at fr ass valley. >> yes. >> i am owe are's no gardener but money trees exist. >> she said a tree will be delivered. >> sit a beach tree. >> megan has a money tree. >> because the leaves sound like money, it is like a beach tree. >> you rub it and it brings you wealth. >> you don't need that, that is over here. >> you come over here and rub my tree, if you want money. >> all right. taco day and jen's going from taco place to taco place, where are you right now. >> we have made it to chestnut hill and look how cute this place is, it is called el to keith owe, we will hear about these amazing tacos after the break. we just moved in about four months ago,
9:45 am
but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
9:46 am
9:47 am
okay. we will hear a lot of that, tonight, alex. >> i'm excited. >> look at the leaves, isn't that beautiful. >> speaking of leaving, i am going to leave you for 15 seconds
9:48 am
oh, how happy everybody has been with the weather pattern over last couple of days for leaf peeping in the pocono mountain is it has been ideal, warming trend coming up we have humidity returning, it will feel like summer for a couple days but not in the extreme way and there is a possibility of some rain this weekend. checking temperatures around the region 60 in philadelphia, 55 allentown. fifty-nine in dover. sunshine has taken us to 54 degrees in mount pocono, chillier 49 in hazelton and walking out the door in ocean city new jersey it is 63 degrees, 65 in rehoboth. we will get to a high in the upper 70's today. eighty's tomorrow, friday, saturday but probably lower 80 's. still comfortable. more humid but nice. shower chance on sunday. and possibility of showers on monday and tuesday, as well, but by this time guys, we are going to need the rain.
9:49 am
>> isn't sunday a home game. >> well, it sure is. >> wow. >> we're playing cardinals. >> yes. >> yeah. >> run the ball. >> run the ball. >> my grass's dead so do i need rain because i got to get sprinkler out soon. >> we hope it rains for karen. >> and you. >> and you. >> now, i, i like us before will sprouts and i like the way that they seared them and stuff but never had tonight a taco and i want this. by the way you will want them too we have gotten a number of tweet about this place and i bet it will go up any second. venture up toward chestnut hill, el tacotico, that is where she is, el tacotico that sound good, sing it with el, no. >> yes. >> we have been waiting all morning for this, the us before will sprouts taco andre ace here, good morning. >> good morning you didn't know that zagot listed this as
9:50 am
a best taco. >> i am happily surprised. >> i brought a taster would you like to meet him. >> yes. >> hi jared. >> hey. >> normally we make him try really fattening stuff but this is quasi healthy. >> it is a healthy option. >> i have my utensils. >> so tell me what he is eating. >> we have a nice, warm, soft corn tortilla. >> he is trying. >> i say go for it, that is what tacos are for. >> we put a nice layer of our smoke onion salsa on there, nice, tangy, us before will sprouts lightly fried, lime juice and puffed rice and pickled onions. >> really tasty great option for vegetarians. we also a lot of our guests love to draw the salsa on there which makes it a vegan option which just goes the extra mile for people with diet restrictions. >> how sit. >> amazing just so we're clear jared has tried pork taco.
9:51 am
>> um-hmm, um-hmm. >> this is in the live van. you have tried, did you try shrimp taco. >> i did not. >> did you try -- no. >> are you going in for more will you finish this up. >> yes. >> people don't necessity where you guys are and forgive them for that in chestnut hill you used to be a couple places >> yes, space has turned over a couple times but since 2014 we have been here 8201 germantown avenue a lot of people haven't ventured out into chestnut hill and it is only 15 minutes outside city fantastic galleries, restaurants, really an amazing little town. >> great tacos. >> great tacos. >> all right. >> so that is what it is, national taco day, and jared, thanks for your participation. >> anytime. >> and you, thank you for everything. >> i'm coming here for tacos. >> i have this thing in roxborough on saturday i'm going to go over to chestnut hill and i will go meet that woman and i will eat tacos.
9:52 am
>> how about that. >> how about that. >> do you know is what war movie ever made. >> the best movie ever made was press would i man. the best with julia roberts richard gear, and then she grows up to be a beautiful creature. >> oh, snap it. reach for it, he will snap it. oh, puke. >> playful joker who makes her laugh. >> oh, god an update on her. dates. you look amazing.
9:53 am
9:54 am
and you look comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know it's half-washed. add downy to keep your collars from stretching. unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth... ...and strengthen fibers.
9:55 am
so, don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. well, i'm not sure, oh, thinks a live shot, i will go to this event if i have time it starts at 11:30, right. >> hollywood walk of fame, this is it for philly. they already have the plaque laid out there, they have some wood over each of the plaques these are music icons of
9:56 am
philadelphia. >> um-hmm. >> so then after this ceremony , tonight, they are going to be celebrate. it will be a great, great event philadelphia music lines they are having it at the fill more there will be great performances some people being induct just imagine all this music in one room, mcfat on and whitehead, labelle, so patty labelle, sister sledge, jill scott, producers behind lauren hill's album will be honored. it will be, music magic. can you believe that we will be there? i'm so excited. >> i'm not so sure alex will make tomorrow's show because of you ever met jill scott. >> you'll meet her tonight and sitting in the green room backstage with her. >> i'm introducing her. >> patty labelle. >> and get jill scott to come on to the show. >> i have got an interview with her. >> i believe that she had a double strapped bra line at one point and i had her on in
9:57 am
the show in new york. >> okay, mike. >> so congrats to the inducte es, y'all wish me lucky don't necessity how i will contain myself. it will be exciting, taking lots of pictures, alex holley tv, let you know the best because there will be surprise guests too. >> you will pass out. >> julia roberts is turning 50 >> wow, really she looks good. >> she said she was a brat growing up. there she is. >> she has been really honest. she's could go is in event of how self absorbed she was, which i think all of the stars are just as self absorbed that is what you have to to do to be a actress at this time. >> flu shot starting at 8:00 o'clock. >> yes, yes. >> no, no, now is the time to get the flu shot we will meet you at third and market tomorrow starting at 8:00, karen. >> i'm scared already. >> will you get one. >> yes. >> you will get one.
9:58 am
( floor creaks) i can't believe we're doing this! (thunder cracks) ahh! gus, you're not scared, are you? i don't like thunder! this is getting creepy! (a wolf howls in the distance) heeey ... -whoa! (shriek) did you say creepy? fang-tastic fortune. the new scratch off from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of $50 grand. that's a monster of a prize! (giggles) (laughs)
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keep on scratchin'!
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♪ ♪ live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." ♪ ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [cheering and applause ] >> wendy: hi! you made it! thank you for being on time! say hello to myc my coe co-hosty studio audience. uh-huh. let's get started. it's time for hot topic.


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