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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 5, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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accident. here is a live shot. look, all of the congestion here, down to the schuylkill expressway. you know this curve. it is near west passyunk. and the schuylkill. oh, bob has some information, how to get around this this morning. >> and did he act alone? new questions emerge about steven paddock's ability to carry out the deadly mass shooting in us history. why police think he may have had an escape plan. >> and a picture perfect scene now the side of a serious investigation. the suspec's police are looking for after a rape at a bucks county park. and this. >> a swat by burns doesn't work. wayne simmons for the hat trick. bulls eye. >> that is history, folks. for your philadelphia flyers last night. late, late game. ended about 1:00 this morning in san jose, the flyers stars lead them to late night victory out west.
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ya, first time a flyers had a hat trick in the very first game. >> wow. >> good day everybody, that's good way to start, it is thursday, october the fifth, 2017. alex and have had a combined 45 minute of sleep. this should be a -- >> it will be fun. >> that's what i meant. >> just stay. >> anyway, we very bad accident about 3:00 this morning. tying up traffic. bob? >> good morning, everybody, 60:00; we mentioned it happened about 3:00 this is the morning in the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway. just past university ave. it involved a vehicle, a motorcycle, a driver, on one of the motorcyclists killed in the crash. here is the back up. all eastbound schuylkill expressway traffic push off into university. which is a busy interchange, to begin with, on regular day. everyone headed down into university city. university of pennsylvania. if you are headed down with the kids this morning, foray appointment, or a procedure down there at chop, this is in your way. so here is how you get around it. if you are coming inbound on the schuylkill expressway, exit for 30th street.
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and then you can access university city, via market mart street. get off before you get stuck in the gridlock. if you are headed to the airport, exit for the vine street expressway. take that east, over to 95 south, that will get you into south philly, the airport and even the bridges. if you are watching us from the suburbs, coming into center city or headed to the airport, head right for the blue route. 476, that will get you south, and then north on 95, that's the way to go, for philly international. another accident, this on the westbound side of the schuylkill. the off ramp to the vine expressway, looking liver in the tunnels here, under 30th street station. and you can see the headlight part of that closure point, there is a live look again, everyone coming into center city, you want to exit at 30th u are i can tag the little ones down therefore appointment at chop. i know this is the time when folks would be on the road, sue, headed down into that area. >> 60:00 it, we take look real
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quick at the number of the day because it is once again a ten. but the things you'll in the different about today, little warmer, little more humidity. it is still sweater wet they are morning, but it is not as chilly as it has been. temperatures in the 50's, 60s, bus stop buddy, and his flyers cap, right now, we stay clear, cool, throughout the morning. mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. high temperature of 83 degrees. little bit of a taste of summertime. we will tell you what happens over the weekends, when we bring you the seven day forecast, coming up. mike and alex. >> right back to this accident. looks like, look at that mangled motorcycle there. looks like they were getting ready to tow the cars. is that the problem, bob, that's going to -- once we get the car out of there and the psych snell. >> the car, the cycle, then investigating it, because it was fatal. >> yes, yes. okay. steve is out there. this is university sit of course. steve? >> well, here is your answers, they do have the white acura involved on a tow truck, and you see the woman thank goodness she has her back to us, hate to put camera in her
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face, she was driving the white acura, just got her percent until effect out of there. she has been talking to the state troopers handling this investigation, right beneath the westbound university of pennsylvania and drexel university exit signs to tell you where we are. and boy we've had a lot of near misses from people on both sides of this accident, either here on this onramp, people actually have come to stops twice, and we've heard screeching tires, smelled burning rubber, and then even people in the westbound lanes, i don't know if they are stopping to take look, take pictures, or just confused, but now going into her car getting her effect out and the damage on that car if you are just joining us in the front end, she got into a collision with one of two motorcycles, who are writing eastbound, with her, and the second motorcycle did not get involved in the accident. and we got second hand information from that rider, who sadly could not even find his friends after the accident, that tells you however the distance was between where the body of the cyclist killed was, and his
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mangled motorcycle. chris will walk to the left here, as safer as possible. they've got that motorcycle that was involved in the accident, mike, talk about being mangled, they have it on a tow truck. so you'll get close up look at it, how it looks. at least now on tow truck getting it out of here. so, we have the early signs that this could be cleared before sun up, the other sad thing we saw, the medical examiner showed up and just left with the person's body to remove it out of here. so chris, walk up, right up to the median there. and get a close up look of the aftermath of this motorcycle. who knows how fast anybody was going. but the state troopers will be determining that, and see if who, if anybody, was at fault or just nobody seeing a motorcyclist. we often have happen. i can't tell were you he had a helmet on or not. i can tell you his friends was driving around here with a helmet and harley davidson leathers, which they tell to you wear in case you do fall, leather doesn't scrape assisi as say clot or t-shirt.
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so a sad scene here. three hours and counting. we will let you know when it reopens, guys. >> steve, thank you for. that will unbelievable looking at that motorcycle. >> wow. 6:06. >> triple shooting in north philadelphia leaves one man dead and two other in the hospital. shot rang out on the 2500 block of north dover street around 11:30 lags night. one of the victims died on the scene. a 17 year old, who was shot multiple times, is in stable along with 24 year old man. police are looking for two possible gunmen, who sped away in a white van. they say two different semiautomatic guns were used in the shootings. >> and police in northampton country searching for the gunman behind fatal shooting in lehigh township.& it happened last night on the 500 block of long acre drive. according to published report, a man was shot and killed, a woman was shot three times, but no word on her condition. police are reportedly looking for a man about 61 years old, and a dark blue or black pick up. they say the public is not in
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danger. >> coming up on 6:07. >> well, the hunt is on for two men accused of abducting and raping a woman at a state park up in bucks county. >> and park goers understand bridge little nervous about this, and hearing this. so jenny joyce has the details. jenny? >> yes, good morning, mike and alex. certainly, people are nervous now, they're upset, and very surprised to hear that something like this happened. this is a place where people come with their families, here, at lake nockamixon, now these people say they'll be much more careful after hearing reports that a woman was abducted and raped here on monday night. according to state police, the violent crime happened just after 5:00 p.m. at a fishing pier in the park. two men approached the woman and forced her into a silver four door sedan, possibly honda civic -- civic. the victim told investigators she was then taken to another area of the park, and raped. people that we talked to say they never would have expected anything like this to happen.
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some say they won't be visiting the park alone any more. but now police are asking for your help, they still have not found these two young men believed to be involved in this rape and abduction. they're believed to be two white men in their early 20's, if you have any information, you're asked to call state police. mike and alex. >> everybody be careful. 6:08. this morning, investigators are still evaluating the crime screen out in las vegas, they stay could take four, five more days, the death toll remains at 58. while the number of those injured has been lowered actually out of 500 to 489. the clark county sheriff said some victims had been counted more than once, as far as the investigation, officials say, that guy, they have evidence that steven paddock planned to escape after he unleashed gunfire on the crowd of concert goers. why he thought he would get out of there, i don't know.
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he may have had an escape plan though. >> steven paddock a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo leaving a second rhett life, never of which will be fully un stood. he meticulously planned on the worse domestic attack in the united states history. >> so how much did this woman know? the girlfriends? marilou danley, so for five and a half hours yesterday, the fbi grilled her. she is telling investigators she new nothing about the attack. we shall see. >> 6:09. we check back in on this i76 accident. this is chopper looking overhead. look at the back up there. remember, this is a fatal accident involving a motorcycle. they did just pick up the motorcycle and tow it. >> so the police activity is if you were headed to the airport, bob? >> correct. this is the police activity, the accident between this
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point, which is university, and the airport area. so looking live from skyfox, where all traffic forced off at university, so if you are going to be headed to the airport, headed into south philadelphia, or even headed maybe down for an appointment, getting ready to take the kids down, to chop this morning, or university of pennsylvania, this accident is going to cause delays in your trip, i'll show you couple of detours, other ways to get around it when we come right back.
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>> coming up on 6:12, the salvation army of eastern pennsylvania and delaware is deploying another team to puerto rico this morning to help with hurricane relief. staff and volunteers are set to depart from philadelphia international airport in fact just a few minute. they will deploy for two full weeks. they're distributing food, water, essential supplies, to areas hit hardest by the hurricane. that would be almost the entire country. >> look at. that will we do want to get back to the break news affecting traffic this morning. >> live look from the front seat of skyfox, eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway, all traffic forced off at university city. because of that fatal accident. that happened at about 3:00 this morning, down there, the passyunk avenue interchange, so again, all traffic coming into center city, the back up now begins back at 30th street, forced off here, into university city. we'll have the rest of the
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details, and more importantly, a detour, when we come right back.
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>> updating news, skyfox, overlooking the closure of the eastbound schuylkill expressway, early morning fatal accident around
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3:00 this morning, involving a motorcyclist. closing all eastbound lanes, what we're seeing here, this is the forced closure, at university. forced off into university city. university of pennsylvania, children's hospital area, this is a mess to begin with, on regular day. going to the maps, going to show you the actual accident scene right here still investigate underway, but eastbound, just past that university ave. interchange. traffic is bumper to bumper already, from approaching center city all the way to university. live look, approaching 30th street. so even if you don't go all the way down to university, this is going to cause delays for everyone coming into philadelphia. headed toward children's hospital university city area, exit at 30th street. go around the station, and you can come into that university city area on the back side, using market street. if you are trying to get to the airport, south philly, or up and over the bridges, exit
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for the vine expressway. ninety-five south, that will get you on your way. if you are coming from the suburbs, getting ready to head out the front door right now, maybe going to the airport, or trying to get into south philly, use the blue route from the get go switching into the airport, closure point, kind of choke point there, with no access from center city, to south philly, or the bridges. >> if you are coming from say the suburbs and @ law yourselves extra time, getting had towed on down to chop maybe for appointment, sue, make sure to give yourself plenty of extra time. pack snack for the kids.
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>> spent dollars to. >> expect to be a hurricane, sunday morning shall maybe even into monday, little bit of uncertainty about that, but, it looks like we will have the next name on the list, and of course, after maria, which no one will ever forget, nate, is what will probably have, maybe even by 8:00 that's when we get the next update from the hurricane center. >> lehigh valley, mount pocono, place like that with very weak frontal system, notice clouds, probably won't get any rain. but it is not going to change our temperatures that much. very weak system. but things start to get unsettled as we head into the weekend. let's go to the seven day forecast, 83 today. eighty tomorrow. and then 82 on saturday. then we have to build in a chance of rain on sunday, on monday, and maybe even into tuesday morning.
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today, added humidity, will feel like summertime once again. >> listen to this, sue, see if you take off tones this, 6:19. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton in the superbowl last year is taken quite a bit of heat this morning. all over comments she made to a reporter, jordan of the charlotte observer during press conference, why did i say she was a woman? you'll find out. >> em brass the physicality of his routes getting those extra yards, does that gave you a little bit of enjoyment to see him -- >> it is funny to hear female talk about routes like that's funny. >> is it funny? >> i can't believe he stepped in it like that. so what did she say? >> she said: i don't think it is funny to be a female and talk about route. i think it is my job.
6:20 am
then she said i spoke with him after, and it is worse. i don't choose to talk to about it because i have an actual job today, but one he will not keep me from. >> i would love to -- so she went up and confronted him. what was the snickering about? >> yes, was that inside joke? i don't understand what that could have been. >> well, her job is to study football and study routes. >> know about a sport reporter, study routes. >> wide receivers run route, you know? i feel must be more going on there. >> something between them? >> no, nothing like that. but mine do they have a relationship? because she is constantly in the lockerroom. >> but she didn't find it funny. so maybe it is what it is. >> speaking of sport, i know few people, oh, ken rotweiler went to the game last night. i will talk to us something out of penn state. but ben simmons, see, simmons, pulled, on the floor together. >> yes. >> what about embiid?
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>> no? >> no, no. let's go back real quickly to the schuylkill. because the cars finally being towed out of there. this accident happened 3:00 this morning. so almost three and a half hours old skins fatal accident, want to make sure they got all of the stuff they needed for their investigation, but caused quite the back up and so now i guess one step closer to clearing up the highway. >> is the cycle still there, bob? >> i believe that's the motorcycle thereon that tow truck. and there is the vehicle that was involved. >> i think the opposite, bob. both towed at the scene. >> sorry. looking at the chopper shop. i apologize. >> still have debris though from the motorcycle there. so they got to clear that out before the schuylkill gets cleared out. that's at university city, close to south street, drexel university exit. >> 62:00; we'll talk more about cam newton, all of that stuff coming up later.
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what can you do with two bacon, egg anfor $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'. >> sixers kicking against the grises list, probably won't play the entire pre-season, but as long as he's good for
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the season opener, i'm good. we did get to see ben simmons, markelle fultz, offer the tip, fultz making it look easy. drive to the rack right here. kicks it to ben simmons. simmons drivers, gets little floater. simmons also had 95 cysts in this game. and okafor looked great. fifteen to 20 pounds lighter mack ago move and one. the sixers went onto lose this thing, 110-89. to the eagle right here, offer to great start, three and one, but the one guy that hasn't played well, tori smith, he's had couple of big drops in the first for games, so trying to bounce back. >> i just got to try to, you know, get back on track, which ill. not panicking, not, you know, in a tank or anything, and probably little embarrased by it more so than anything. i mean, not the start that i wanted. let my teammates down. that was first quarter. starting second quarter now, looking forward to getting on track. >> that's sport in a minute. i'm sean bell.
6:26 am
>> and we all get back on track, common. >> we all make -- i do it every day. >> me too. >> and then i say well at least there is tomorrow. >> by the way while were you sleeping happened about 1:00 in the morning when the game finally ended flyers opened the seats on against the sharks, flyers stars stepping up big time. claude giroux started the scoring, putting flyers up one-zip, then wayne simmons really took over the wayne train in full effect. he tips in what would be the game winning goal in the third, breaking three-three tie. but then would end up with a hat trick,. >> i know open-ended net, flyers went five to three, flyers back at it facing the kings out there in california, at 10:00 even time, pennsylvania time, philadelphia time. another late game. wayne simmons with hat trick, first time in flyers history, that a player has started the season, very first game, with a hat trick. >> i like that we're starting
6:27 am
this way. >> yes, another player for the edmonton oilers, kid basically, good, he had a hat trick. >> worried about wayne. >> exactly. >> 6:27. so shall we go back it the schuylkill. >> yes, even though they towed away the cars involved in the accident, there is still a lot of debris in the roadway, steve? >> not only debris, there is some fuel, we saw, a puddle, from where the motorcycle was. and chances are that's gasoline, and then we have little bit of a puddle here with a car was. that may not be gasoline, i don't smell it. but you see the state trooper still in the lane. >> i think we lost his microphone, we'll get back to the schuylkill after the break.
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>> we will tell you how to get around on your morning commute on the schuylkill expressway, we're not sure holing it will be before they reopen it. >> that's the side that heads out to the airport. another fraternity at penn state facing discipline? >> what else in your car, that's distracting you? >> oh, there is something else. there are a lot of distractions. good day, we're here to distract you all morning long until 10:00. it is thursday, october the
6:31 am
fifth. >> i don't know last night, head today this event over in northern liberties last night. the moon coming up over the horizon, gigantic, if you get a chance to go outside right now, don't turn your tv off. it is, i guess, full moon? >> harvest moon. >> is it harvest? >> pretty darn close, right? >> beautiful. >> i missed. >> we will be here. >> after weather and traffic we'll get a shot of it, okay? >> looking live, skyfox, over the closure of the eastbound schuylkill expressway, all because of the early morning fatal motorcycle accident, happened about 3:00 this morning in the eastbound lanes, all traffic here, push off, into university.
6:32 am
let's go to the maps. again, here is the accident scene. again, eastbound, police are still there, they did tow away the car. they towed away the motorcycles that were involved. but the investigation is still underway. all traffic push off at university city. so getting ready to step out the front door coming into downtown, even causing problems on the vine expressway, because, again, these folks here all lined up trying to go eastbound, in toward 30th street. or maybe down towards the airport. children's hospital or university city exit for 30th street, and then you can gain access to market, and come into the back door here into university city. headed to the airport, head for the vine street expressway take it over to south 95 and be good to go getting down to the airport. leaving from the suburbs or king of prussia right now, headed into city, or headed down to the airport, don't do the schuylkill. go for the blue route.
6:33 am
southbound 476 down to 95. that's the way to go until they open up the lanes right now closed all eastbound lanes closed, at university. over to you, sue. >> 6,331 of the days where if you are waiting for bus outside you will need the jacket. because it is in the 50's, 60s, but not as chilly as it has been all week. 7:01 your sunrise time, see preasses ryan how beautiful it is. eighty-five the high today, warmer more humid this afternoon, north and west of the sit he we could get some showers probably right around sunset, but for most of us just cloudy skies, now with those clouds tonight, mike and alex, we may not be able to see the harvest moon, but i will tell you it is official at 7:40 p.m. >> how long. >> there it is right there. >> beautiful.
6:34 am
>> is it moon river? >> shine on shine on harvest moon. >> shine on harvest moon. >> mike, what are you trying to, when there is full moon? i know you turn into something. >> seinfeld. >> oh, okay. >> okay? >> why don't we check on what bob was just talking about, because there is still debris on the schuylkill. steve is out there. what do you see now? >> well, mike, it is still shut down. and debris you're talking about, for instance, this is the right driver side inner tire well, involved in this crash with one of two motorcyclists driving eastbound, with the acura around 3:00 this morning. and both the acura and the damaged motorcycle, towed off the scene here, and the reason the scene isn't completely clear is there is still an investigation, as there always
6:35 am
is, when there is fatal crash, that takes high precedence, over even morning rush hour on the busiest highway around philadelphia. so you see, lot of state troopers here, at the accident scene. you can see right around a curve. still dark out, you can see, almost blind for people, seeing motorcycle, as we see one of the troopers leaving, so, we've seen second trooper lever as well. so i don't foe if there is fuel up there. you can see now that he's left we saw what look like little puddle where the motorcycle was. and motorcycles have 5-gallon gas tanks, this was a rather large harley, and it may have had some fuel spill which wouldn't have been a surprise, because you saw it on the tow truck, kind of mantled. so going into four hours now almost with this being shutdown, you know they want to reopen it as soon as possible, considering the tens of thousands of people that need this road open to get to the airport. for now remains shutdown. we will get right back into you, when we hear so
6:36 am
wondering, usually see the troop heres reconstruct accidents with the wheel on a stick, where they measure the distance between the vehicles, and now, chris, that was his voice you hear my cameraman telling me he sees zooming in as they measure the road which probably can see in the left lane. so you can tell still doing investigation, that explains why it is still shut down eastbound here right around university city, and you see the university of pennsylvania hospital's in the background though, bob mentioned children's hospital, you see the writing on the buildings there, it gives you a sense where we are now. speaking of where we, are we warned bob this earlier. to the left here this onramp. people are stopping to look at this. we've had so many near misses, you know, we keep like slugging our should tears our ears, because there has been so many near misses of people looking at this scene here. even though there is not really to see. and then people almost rearending other people. thank god we haven't had a second accident yet. but that is the other thing we've been fearing about, people rubber neck trying to
6:37 am
look and see. >> i know people, early morning fight out of philadelphia international airport. so i'll take the schuylkill down there, you snow. >> can you imagine? then you get stuck in this. i would be sweating. >> oh, yes. >> that's your thursday morning, folks. 6:37 now. >> it doesn't mean investigators aren't working hard to try learn about the guy responsible, they say, that guy, they have evidence, that he planned to survive and an escape after shooting all of those people. if you include him, 59. by the way they lower the number of injured. they counted couple of people, two, three times, so it is down to 489. bought more than 30 guns in the past year. and has collected guns for over 20 years, f.b.i. agents
6:38 am
questioned paddock's girlfriends, after she came back from the philippines, for about six hours yesterday. grilling her, hoping to get some answers from her. she said she doesn't know anything. >> you remember her sisters, we played that yesterday. they say they believe sent her off so she could be out of this and nab safe space. >> do you buy that? then he sent her $100,000 into her bank account in the philippines? you collect all of that ammunition and 20 years, and live with a guy i don't know this stuff? i don't know. 6:38. they'll finds out. >> state park in bucks county now the site of and dunk sean. >> yes, police now searching for two men, accused of doing this, jenny joyce on it, jenny? >> still not in custody yet. state police looking for the two men involved in this reported rape and abduction here at lake knox. according to police it happened monday night at fishing peer on the property. pennsylvania state police tell
6:39 am
us a woman was abducted and raped just after 5:00 p.m. according to investigators two men approached the woman and forced her into a silver four door sedan, possibly, a honda civic, according to police. the victim told investigators she was then taken to another area of the park and raped. people we talk to say they are going to be much more careful. >> pretty scar. >> i my wife walks here alone sometimes. not any more. >> we come fishing and kayak i here, all here with the kids, last thing i would expect. >> it is horrific, the kind of thing you always think happen somewhere else. >> make you concerned little bit? >> it does, it does, i'll be here with the girls from now on. >> horrifying. >> not the same now. feels damaged. tainted. not the same. >> the two young men involved in the crime are believed to be white in their early 20's,
6:40 am
15-eight, the other about 6 feet tall, not the greatest description, but police hoping maybe you see this story, maybe you know something and give state police a call. mike and alex? >> keep us updated. here we go again, penn state suspended another fraternity after student was found unconscious. alcohol. so state college police say they found the 18 year old passed out on street last saturday, recovering at the hospital, the university says, it is investigating the possibility of involvement of another fraternity, delta tall delta. >> just put out new guidelines with what happened with timothe piazza, saying they want to ban alcohol from the campus. so it is an investigation. we will talk more about it later. >> may be getting closer and closer. flyers opened their season last night, they won. the sixers, pre-season, got blown out, but wayne simmons had a hat trick. eagles, in first place, when was the last time you felt so
6:41 am
good in the fall in september and october? let's talk to the guys the phanatic after the break.& >> i think we have reasons to get excited. >> i'm very optimistic. i think maybe 2009. 2010 maybe? i don't know. when is the last time were you this fired up? oh, we had big night last night. >> all about the music baby. philly knows how to bring it. >> more about, well, there is jill scott. kenny gamble. >> so many greats. so many philadelphia legends. one spot last night. >> fellows the highlight of the evening, alex holley's dress. we will have full shot of it after the break.
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>> i'm optimistic. >> i am, too. >> good time to be an eagles fan, leading the division, plenty of optimism there. flyers off to good start last night. >> they won. >> wayne simmons, had the hat trick, in fact, why don't we call this segment the simmons and simmons show? >> oh, because ben simmons, he showed up last night. >> yes. >> we like the way he looked. >> so wayne, ben, looking good. this is pre-season for the sixers, but markle still has trouble with his shot.
6:45 am
>> i'm little worried about. that i want to see them together. i want to see really all three of them but we'll take two, you know what i mean, embiid, simmons, fultz. >> studies this stuff, big support fan, when is the last time were you this optimist nick october? do you think? and what's with that shirt? >> it's been a long time. >> do you need to do laundry? >> it has been a long time. >> it is throw back thursday? >> what's that? >> your shirt. >> listen, ya, well, obviously the flyers chip shirt. here is the thing though. it is always relevant. because he's on espn, doing football. so no matter where he is, it is always relevant. he should be out no matter where he is employed talking football. >> you just don't want him to have a job at all. >> okay, before we get into -- >> listen, a lot of fire aton shirt out there, you know, that right? >> oh, really? >> oh, i know that for sure. >> yes. >> they're hot seller here in philadelphia. >> okay, we will say this thing for last.
6:46 am
they booed chris humphreys, our new sixers, mercilessly last night. >> why? >> we'll explain it in just a second. start with the flyers. their game didn't end until 1:00. >> for all of the people that braved through it, you got to see a team stay sharp. got to see wayne simmons with the hat trick, seal it tend. they look fast, they have some energy. good sign to start the season when at the come out on the west coast, i know tough for us out here, but the west coast, play so strong, fast, with the energy, great sign, to start the season. >> yes. >> let's go to the other simmons from wayne to ben. i guess he was the best thing about last night? >> i think so, don't you? >> his main strength, his distribution, ability to see the floor one to two steps ahead. and you saw that on display
6:47 am
last night. he is not that type of player but he'll open things up for everybody, make it easier for everybody to get it, will come so easy to him, that it will be attributing he will down effect. robert covington, jj reddick, markle foles joel embiid when we see him, all of the kids will benefit, because ben simmons has such great vision, great sign last night. >> how easy does he have to make it? markelle fultz, did you see those shots he was missing last night? >> yes. >> well, here is the thing, i understand you're concerned, and i share it. i think this is about effort, this is about getting acclamated to the nba of we've been lucky. bear with me here. i know sixers and luck doesn't go well together. but we've got joel embiid, went healthy, expedential, transcended player. ben simmons is the same thing might take a little bit for rookie to get adjusted. won't see that with ben simon,
6:48 am
won't see when joel embiid is healthy but see that with markelle fultz, might take couple of month for him to get going. >> poor chris humphreys, good looking guy but married kim kardashian, whether married for two, three month or something like, that anyway, he got booed last night, has to be the kardashian effect, don't youy? >> here go. >> it does, but here is the thing. correct me if i'm wrong. isn't can ya the only one who hasn't god that boo type effect? you're right there is guy humphreys, like chip kelly, where ever humphreys goes, i'll have that around and surrounding him. >> wait. do you really think they are booing him because of kim kardashian? is that real? >> yes, yes, yes. i have no doubt. why else would you boo the guy? he doesn't done anything. he hasn't even had time to have a cup of coffee. >> i guess. but nothing to do with basketball.
6:49 am
>> i know it doesn't make any sense. >> are you surprised fans can be so superficial alex? really? >> they were booing his bad decision. >> he might have been hurt over. that will that might have been pain in his live. and we boo him? >> has wonderful tan. >> when our ' public figure, that stuff is out, there not like he didn't know what he was getting into when he started when kardashian, right? >> true. >> he knew what he was getting into. >> all right. >> anyway, atones, good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> he hasn't done laundry in months. >> ya. >> ya. >> all right. >> good old days of raid yes. >> i know it, radio is great. what's going on? are we cleared up yet? >> not yet. still closed mike. good morning, 6:49. looking live from skyfox. all eastbound lanes of the schuylkill, still closed, where they're pushing everybody off here at university. listen, live shot, just barely, look at the trains moving, the fright trains
6:50 am
moving faster, than the traffic this morning, going to the maps. again the accident happened about 3:00 this morning. crews are still out here investigating gridlock, all traffic push off, now having domino effect on the vine expressway jammed solid crossing town, folks aren't able to work their way east on the schuylkill expressway. so, if you are getting ready to lever the house, head today say university city maybe taking the kids down for checkup at chop, exit at 30th street. and then you can gain access to university sit, through market street, throw some extra time on the clock. put some smacks in the trunk therefore the kids if you are talking them down for checkup, if you are going to the airport, use the vine expressway east over south 956789 better yet coming in from the suburbs, headed into center city or the airport, head for the blue route from the get go. 476 south, to 95 north. again, the schuylkill, right now, the back up begins at around montgomery, and quickly
6:51 am
building eastbound into that closure point, at university city. sue has the forecast in 15 seconds. >> we're into the month of october. and the sun, it is breitbart out, but the sunrise hasn't really officially happened, and it won't until 701:67:89 but look, here comes incoming into the philadelphia international airport. couldn't you stands and look at that all day. >> with you. >> no, because i have to talk about what happens after sunset. partly cloudy skies after the harvest moon, first full moon after the equinox, and the reason it is called the harvest moon because back in the day the farmers use the extra light to help harvest
6:52 am
their crops. now we have cool front, weak cool front, comes through today. for most of us won't see any rain from it unless you're north and west of the city, fine through lunchtime, even after lunch, about 4:00 start to see some clouds, but there is the rain up around allentown maybe to the north in the pocono mountains, just little bit of it by 10:11 gone. average high 70 degrees, above average all week long, 75 monday, tuesday, 76, and today we head into the 80s. still warm friday, saturday, factor in with another frontal system some showers, maybe by monday, tuesday of next week, what we expect to be another tropical stormment talk about that in a ill little while. we could by the end of the day have tropical storm nate. >> nate. >> nate. >> and could it end up in the gulf of mexico right? >> yup. >> common.
6:53 am
>> i was reading this article, doing stuff in our car that may be more dangerous than texting on your cell phone. >> what could be more dangerous than your cell phone? i don't know but we're doing something that takes our eyes off the road. stop it immediately. paulsboro's a very proud community. it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children.
6:54 am
steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> many coming up 6:56. steve, what do you got? >> four hours going onto fifth hour. you can see, eastbound lanes, still shut down, and, as we look, where the road is surging, beyond that traffic, you'll see state troopers walking in the road, perhaps, once that truck passes. but, there is still a fatal crash investigation going on, even though they towed the vehicle out of here, so that's why the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill, as vital as they are to a morning rush hour, through philadelphia, remain shutdown. we will be updating in you just four minutes from now, and bob kelly have the detour detours.
6:57 am
6:58 am
this is what i make... honey bunches of oats. it's crispy sweetened flakes, plus crunchy granola clusters, plus a touch of honey. it is 'mmmm', is good! it all adds up to a mouthful of joy. honey bunches of oats. have you tried it yet?
6:59 am
>> did he act alone. >> do you have make the assumption he had to have help at some point. >> new information emerges, accomplices leading up to the las vegas shooting, shooter steven paddock may have had an escape plan. >> another incident, linked to alcohol at a penn state fraternity. >> eighteen year old found unconscious, in a off campus parking lot. how the university is responding in the wake of the timothy piazza hazing death.
7:00 am
>> more dangerous than cell phones behind the wheel? why some say new car features to blame, for drivers taking their eyes off the road. >> wayne simmons. with a hat trick. bulls eye. >> and the wayne train, leading the way, to san jose how simmons big night helped the flyers to a late night win in san jose, california. >> that's the good news about what happened overnight. bad news what happened overnight about 3:00 this morning, really bad accident. fatal accident. and now the traffic is a mess. >> it is shutdown, the schuylkill, and this schuylkill east, you can see this, look how far it is back up there. >> that's like say you had to go to the airport this morning, you're not going to tike that route. i will tell that you. >> hope you left little early. but steve has been at the accident pretty much since it happened. hey, steve?


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