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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  October 8, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> chris: i'm chris wallace. hurricane nate hits the gulf coast. in a week after the las vegas massacre, we are still left a simple question. why? ♪ >> anything that would indicate this individual trigger point that would cause him to do such harm, we haven't understood that. >> chris: a live report from las vegas with the latest on the investigation. we will talk with the owner of the town's biggest hotels and casinos, steve wynn, who decided a year ago las vegas was a soft target. >> we profile or inspect or examine everybody who enters the building. >> chris: steve wynn only on "fox news sunday." and then, even gun rights advocates are refuting bump
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stock like the government used to make his automatic weapons fire faster. >> fully automatic weapons have been outlawed for many, many years. this seems to be a way to go around that. >> chris: is this the start of sweeping gun control? we will ask chris cox, associate director of the national rifle association. plus, as president trump decides to decertify the iran nuclear deal, his, his secretary of state denies he is considered quitting. >> the vice president has never had to persuade me to remain the secretary of state because i have never considered leaving this post. >> we have to put the end to iran's continued aggression. >> chris: we will ask the sunday panel about the relationship between the president and rex tillerson as they weigh on a major policy change. and our power player of the week, a professional football player goes out of this world to make a difference. >> i wanted to come home and
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really help. >> chris: all rights now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. we'll get the latest from the investigation into the las vegas mass shooting in a moment with a live report, but we begin with breaking news. hurricane nate made landfall early this morning striking mississippi with rain and wind in excess of 80 miles per hour causing flooding and power outages. nate has been downgraded to a tropical storm. let's get the latest on nate's path. rick. >> hey, chris. the fourth hurricane to make landfall in the u.s. this hurricane season, which is slightly remarkable. you can see it moved onshore, still moving very quickly, which is great news. it will not sit in any one spot, so the flooding won't be as bad
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as it could have been. that said, over time this will pull up into the tennessee valley, ohio valley, and eventually across parts of the northeast because it is interacting with a cold front coming in bringing a lot of moisture out. rain moving in the north georgia mountains, tennessee valley toward the central appellation. and by tomorrow all the moisture moves and across parts of the northeast, so a very wet start to the week and a wet commute to the day tomorrow. it look at the overall vein totals will be extreme. some spots up to 10 inches. that means flooding could be widespread especially across the central and southern appalachi appalachian. >> chris: now to las vegas for investigators are still looking for a motive into why stephen paddock open fire on a crowd fast sunday night killing 58 people and wounding almost 500.
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will carr is in las vegas with the latest. will? >> chris come authorities say as stephen paddock was perched on the 30 second-floor of the mandalay bay he left a note on the nightstand, it had calculations so he could maximize his accuracy as he fired down upon the crowded. when that happened, thousands are scattered, people raced over and physically pushed down this fence and ran over to the airport to get safety. while questions continue to swirl around motive come authorities are putting up billboards asking for help. also reports the fbi believes paddock had severe mental illness that went undiagnosed. 58 people killed in the attacks, almost 500 injured before paddock shot and killed himself. investigators continue to question paddock's girlfriend, marilou danley beauty they went on at least a dozen cruises.
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the community continue to try to heal. vice president mike pence took part in a community prayer walk on saturday. >> we do more with those who mourn and grieve with those who grieve but we do not grieve like those because heroes give us hope. >> along those lines, a carpenter drove into town from chicago and put up 58 wooden crosses on each cross with the victims picture and their name. really a touching reminder of all the people's lives that were lost. chris. >> chris: will carr reporting from las vegas. thanks. the las vegas massacre raises new questions about how to prevent these attacks. joining me now for exclusive interview, one of the giants of las vegas, steve wynn, chief executive of wynn resorts, who has been thinking about this problem for a long time. steve, it was over a you said las vegas was a target city and
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you were going to harden your hotels and casinos. what did you do? >> actually it was two years ago thanksgiving, i got every consultant and advisor i could think of to come through from ray kelly two people from seal team six. it took us from thanksgiving to develop and institute a program of counterterrorism, and it'll be two years this may. started in 2015. >> chris: without going into great detail, what kind of things you have in your facilities? >> basically we had to recruit and expand security by tens of millions of dollars to cover every entrance, to retrain the entire workforce from housekeeping and room service to people in the tower and observing people. we had to cover every exit and every aspect of the building to
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see if we could identify and preempt any kind of terroristic or violent action. it's never perfect, of course, but what you can do to use local vernacular, you can change the scenery. >> chris: i know you had hidden metal detectors and profilers in your casinos watching the people walking in and out. would any of those measures have prevented stephen paddock from checking into one of your hotels instead of the mandalay bay to have brought in these suitcases carrying his arsenal, a couple suitcases at a time, checking into a room in a high floor, knocking out the window and raining terror down on people below? >> i know my friends at mgm are deciduous about taking their employees and guests.
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having said that, there are a couple of things in retrospect, and always good to look over your shoulder anything, but we have a routine with housekeeping and room personnel to do inspections. we have rules about do not disturb her. if a room goes on do not disturb for more than 12 hours, we investigate. we don't allow guns in this building unless they are being carried by our employees, and there are a lot of them. if anybody has a gun, and we find them continually, reject them from the hotel. >> chris: if he had suitcases carrying these automatic or semiautomatic weapon, would you have been able to thought that if they were in the suitcases being carried up to his room? >> we certainly wouldn't invade the privacy of a guest in a room, but let's put it this way, the scenario that we're aware of
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would have indicated he didn't let anyone in the room for two or three days. that would have triggered a whole bunch of alarms here, and on behalf of the guests, of course, investigated for safety. it would have been a provocative situation. i'm sure the same is true at other hotels, but in this hotel a 36-hour, 24-hour, 36-hour did not disturb on a room is a predicate for investigation. >> chris: after the shooting last weekend, you started having security at the entrances to your hotels, bond people, inspect bags being brought in. will you continue doing that, and with the hindsight, have you thought of new measures you will take to try to prevent another one of these massacres from happening using one of the wynn
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resorts as a perched fire down on thousands of people on the street below? >> if i can clear the record, we have been guarding the doors for two years every single day 24 hours a day. we have magnetometers at every employee entrance and every place of human collection like the nightclubs. we don't want people at the door, that is not necessary, we profile or inspect or examine everybody that enters the building. under most circumstances, unnecessary to do any kind of invasive procedure. the things we're looking for for that represent potential threats are much more obvious and allow us a great deal of freedom in allowing us to not interfere with the normal flow of people in and out of the building which is close to 15,000 or 20,000 per day. >> chris: i understand the
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stephen paddock had gambled and stated that your properties along with a lot of other places along the strip. no you talk to your security team afterward. looking back after talking to them, how much of a profile. you have on him, and was there anything in that profile that should have raised a red flag? >> interesting question. he has been staying in las vegas since '06. we are talking 11 years with his girlfriend or at least in recent years. a frequent visitor once or twice per month in this hotel and others. the most vanilla profile one could possibly imagine. a modest gambler, at least by our standards. nothing serious. he paid promptly, never owed any money anywhere in las vegas, he did not fit the profile of a problem or a compulsive gambler. if there was anything interesting we discovered in the
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years of service, and we have butlers and waiters and masseuses and people in the beauty shop but know this and this man completely. talk about normal, mundane things. if anything stood out over the six years, nobody who has ever worked there had ever seen the gentleman or the lady take a drink of wine, beer, or alcohol of any kind. it a lot of people don't drink, but considering their frequency of all the restaurants and their behavior as normal to arrest taking advantage of everything available in our resort, they never had any liquor, their behavior was conservative, private, understated in every way. it you never, ever would stop a man like this coming in the building. however, nobody in this company's history, no public person has ever walked in the
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service elevator unless they were accompanied by security. that wouldn't happen. >> chris: did he go in the service elevator, steve? >> i'm just saying, anything like that. i'm not sure whether he did, but nobody goes in the back of the house unaccompanied by security. but another thing, being in a room for three days in a do not disturb situation, that would have triggered an alarm here. what would have been considered as a potentially dangerous thing from the cast point of view that maybe the person was ill, and we would want to inspect and see that they were safe. we would want to know more about anybody who was sequestered in a room for more than 12 hours. that would be something that our people have been trained to look out for. >> chris: steve, you and i have known each other for some years, you are a very smart man who knows just about everything
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and has seen every aspect of human conduct, do you have a theory, do you have an instinct for the big question, why stephen paddock did what he did? >> no. no. but, i have this feeling, chris. this is a man who behaved rationally, privately, little introverted, play video poker, but with a rational man. every review of his behavior indicates he was a rational man, so with his girlfriend. and yet he prepared over an extended period of time a totally irrational act. this sounds like someone either totally demented, and behavior which he never evident did, or somebody sending a message. this is a plan. we don't know what that messages or if if there is one, but this behavior according to my employees is as stunning, as
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unexpected as anybody any of them have ever met. and that's the status i hear from the sheriff and watching television that seems to be the momentary analysis of the situation. i don't really have anything to add to that. >> chris: steve wynn, thank you. thanks for your time, and we will be watching how you and the rest of las vegas responded to this terrible tragedy. it thanks again, sir. >> we will be fine. it >> chris: after yet another mass shooting, the debate over gun control reignite, but this time even the national rifle association is calling for more regulation. we will talk with the nra's executive director when we, right back. ♪ ron! something's going on at schwab. oh really? thank you clients? well jd power did just rank them
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at optum, we're partnering across the health system ♪ >> chris: in the wake of last sunday's mass murder in las vegas, we all followed an all-too-familiar pattern. shocked, questions, and calls for more gun control. most of us also learned about a device, bump stock, that allow rifles to fire faster. now even some of the strongest advocates of gun rights are: for more regulation. joining me here is benign, executive director of the national rifle association.
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welcome to "fox news sunday." the nra surprise a lot of people this week: four atf to review bump stocks. here is part of her statement. "the nra believes devices designed to allow semiautomatic rifle to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulati regulation." this revelation had been on the books for seven years, why is the nra suddenly concerned, and what specifically would you like to see atf do? >> what we called for was atf to review any device that allows semiautomatic to function like a fully automatic. it is illegal to convert a semiautomatic playfully automatic. what the national rifle association said it was atf has to do their job, review these, and if there is a further regulation, we will work on further regulation. chris, what we saw last week was pure evil, and we have seen evil existed in this country, box
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cutters on airplanes, car bombs, trucks full of explosives, and firearms. as we have this conversation we have a look at the broader picture and have an honest discussion about what works and what doesn't work, and our concern is all the focus on devices takes away the attention from the underlying behavior. until we address that, these things are going to continue to happen. >> chris: let's talk about the underlying behavior, you are the nra, we will talk to you about the specific technique. would you be okay with banding bump stocks? >> we don't believe fans have ever worked on anything if something transfer a semiautomatic function to fully automatic, it has to be related differently. fully automatic are regulated differently in this country. if something copies of a semiautomatic and playfully automatic, those should be related as well. >> chris: did you get any blowback? there are fallback for calling
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for more regulation. >> there were nra members at the counter, shot at the concert and murdered at the concert. it what we are getting from nra members is grief and fear of the way americans are grieving and scared something like this might happen again. it will there be disagreement over policy discussion? of course. there is an ongoing discussion of gun control in this country. we had it during the debate as a campaign last year when the most pro-gun control candidate was defeated by the most pro-second amendment candidates. what we are concerned about is we are having a conversation when people are grieving, there used to be a common decency in this country when people pause from talking about policy. unfortunately with dianne feinstein and michael bloomberg, they want to politicize these at this time. it >> chris: there are number of gun control advocates, number
9:22 am
of them democrats for more sweeping measures. here are a few a few. >> i can't believe one whole political party in the greatest country on earth is totally sold to the gun lobby. >> if you give them a bump stock it will be a slippery slope? >> i certainly hope so. >> chris: i know that sets your teeth on edge. use a common decency, let's wait. it was enough time? 58 people killed, almost 500 injured, is it common decency to wait a day, two days, a week, a month? it is understandable, i know you don't agree with their solution, but what is wrong with saying we have to address this issue? >> let me talk about hillary clinton and nancy pelosi both. i take dianne feinstein at her word when she says that she had
9:23 am
51 votes in the senate to turn in all of your guns, they would do it, but the talking points might change for dianne feinstein, but the underlying agenda doesn't. hillary clinton ran as a most pro-gun control candidate in america and she lost. she gets an award for hypocrisy because she will never spend a moment without armed security surrounding her the rest of her life, she will never dial 911, never lived in a high crime area, her life is no more valuable than a single mom in chicago work in a leadership who own a gun and carry it to defend herself. yes, look at firearms. >> chris: i'm going to throw a little monkey wrench at the control room to play an earlier bite, but you and i talked earlier this weekend and you said you wanted to have a sensible conversation about gun control. the head of nra talk this week and i want to play a clip from
9:24 am
what he said. >> one thing the american public always knows, the elite protect themselves and protect themselves with guns and lecture the american public about how you shouldn't do that. >> chris: the reason i pick up on that is because you are in effect with saying the same thing about every clinton. is it right to turn it into class warfare if you are for gun control you are part the elite? >> it is not class warfare, chris, it is what the american people want. the american people want to protect themselves and defend themselves. it >> chris: that's actually true. yes, second amendment, but if you talk about background checks, let me just say that, there are a lot of people, the majority of people would like to see the gun controls. i am put off at the argument if you believe in gun control, you are an elite. i have to tell you, i know very few people outside of public
9:25 am
officials who have armed bodyguards, one of the few people i know, private people, who has armed bodyguards. >> i am armed security, but my license gun, they won't allow me to protect myself. the one my point is you couldn't not have a gun and leave in gun because it is dangerous. we can argued about the merits of it but to dismiss people to say it is just the elite and they have armed guards to be a disservice to your argument. >> it is the hypocrisy that father's the american people. the hypocrisy coming out of hollywood, coming out of politicians, and a lot of people in the media who refused to accept law-abiding people between new york and los angeles and between washington, d.c., and miami deserve the right to defend themselves. we can talk about background checks, this murder in las vegas
9:26 am
happened, the murder in las vegas, orlando, tucson. >> chris: let's talk about background checks and specific issues. he passed them and brought the guns legally. there is a 72 hour limit on background checks, as a result they call that the charleston loophole because dylan ruth, the man who bought a gun through a background check and killed nine people in a church, you can see his picture there, he got the gun because the background check wasn't complete in 72 hours even though he would have failed background check. it when it is a matter of life and death, you don't want background check to go on forever, that's not appropriate, but could it be four days or five days and not three days if he gets his gun? >> sure, the national rifle association network to include every mental health record, every criminal record to make sure people don't fall through the cracks.
9:27 am
the one that's not true. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> chris: in february president trump signed a measure saying the social security administration no longer has to provide information on mental disorders to the national background criminal check and the nra supported that. >> that is a misrepresentation of our position and what president trump did. what he said what you can't arbitrarily deny a senior citizen the second amendment rights based on no finding of danger. the only finding what they asked somebody to help manage their financial affairs. if somebody needs help with her checkbook to eliminate them from their second amendment. >> chris: mental disorders, because some people with mental disorders in your backpack. >> the definition was somebody who asked for help with their finances. that shouldn't be a prohibitive category.
9:28 am
we will let me ask about another measure that should be talked about, and i want you to watch this video. here it is. [gunfire] to go stay down. the one you hear the gunfire. one reason stephen paddock was able to fire so quickly, so many shots so quickly was because he had a high-capacity magazine, he had a bunch of them that held between 60 and 100 round. i understand second amendment, supreme court has ruled on it, why do you need a magazine that sold 100 rounds? >> nobody in america who watch that video that is in. nra members at that concert were more horrified than you and i. a fair question is asking if banning me from owning these
9:29 am
would prevent a criminal for misusing them is a fair question, and what you have to do is look at what has congress done? congress banned high-capacity magazines for ten years and bill clinton's bill clinton's own justice department said it had no impact on crime. california still bands those magazines but did not prevent san bernardino or santa barbara. it does not stop murderers with machine gun. >> chris: even when you see the horrific video and he is hiring because of bump stock end of the magazine is able to fire 100 round in a few seconds, less than a minute. it no qualms about allowing people? why should, in 30 seconds if you will, why do shooters need people to protect themselves, why do they need magazines with 100 round? >> it is intentionally designed to scare people. it they own magazines for
9:30 am
different sizes. it depends what you have them for. people can own thing for safety and responsibility without hurting anybody. it cannot be fair and balanced without discussing the broader problem we have with the broader culture out of hollywood, video games that fundamentally change how military simulators work. th>> chris: thank you so much for coming in today, please come back and we will continue the conversation. >> thank you. >> chris: hopefully not as another one of these terrible tragedies. it we will discuss where things stand in the debate of gun control. and what you want to ask about chances of new gun laws in the wake of a las vegas massacre. we may use your question on the air.
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kim guadagno isn't >> apparently this allows you to turn a semiautomatic into a fully automatic. >> i hope they will summit political courage to stand up and say enough is enough. >> chris: their bipartisan agreement with dianne feinstein and house speaker paul ryan at least on the issue of bump stocks. former national security council staffer gillian turner, columnist for the hill, juan williams. washington bureau chief
9:35 am
associated press, and tom rogan of the "washington examiner." julie, what do you make of all ryan saying they want to take a look at bump stocks? is this the beginning of a conversation, a broader conversation gun control, or other trying to limit it there's one device that is so hard to defend? >> i don't think you will see any broader conversation on gun control. they came out and expressed openness on bump stocks is an interesting development because we rarely see republicans left her some of low-hanging fruit on the debate here. i think there will be a reluctance on g.o.p. lawmakers to go any further on that. certainly the nra would push back aggressively if they started to do that, but there's not a huge constituency for bump stocks. if you take a device and put it on a legal semiautomatic weapon and turned it into a fully automatic weapon, that has to be
9:36 am
addressed. >> chris: we ask you for question, and on this issue of gun control in the wake of the las vegas massacre, rick freud treated this, what conceivable gun legislation could have prevented the evil that occurred in las vegas? stephen paddock bought all these legally and pass the background check. >> if we are talking about gun violence or terrorism in the age of vices, -- isis, the mass penalty event leaves them similar in terms of issue. you can put in checkpoint at every public hotel, massive inspections. the point comes down to what you consider the freedom of movement, what are you willing to give up and return for
9:37 am
measure of security? that puts us back to the second amendment debate. if you look at the two most recent supreme court cases, it is actually quite a bit of wiggle room there for local governments, especially when it comes to the public element to do things. the one i did an interview and he specifically said there is an unfettered right to the second amendment but that doesn't mean there can't be gun control, reasonable, sensible ones that don't infringe. it must talk about another hot topic, become a administration they would accept new broad restrictions on birth control. the insurance plans to provide contraception coverage to their employees. it it was president earlier talking about it.
9:38 am
bigger we are ending our tax on your liberty and reaffirming america's leadership role as a nation that protect religious freedom for everyone. >> chris: the religious right is divided with this, the president's decision, he's made several in this regard, to say employers or reasons of religion or moral beliefs are not forced to provide birth control contraception to their employe employees. on the other hand, women's groups are upset about this. >> i would caution the president and all republicans that chipping away at the affordable care act, executive order, one executive order at a time will be an awfully painful exercise over the next few years. if you look at what chuck schumer said the president last week over the phone, which was allegedly repeal and replace
9:39 am
is now dead for the final time. he won the president and chuck schumer talk in the president talked about maybe doing day deal with democrats and chuck schumer said -- >> chuck schumer said repeal and replace obamacare is officially dead, it died its last breath a couple of weeks ago. if we take him at his word, the president has two path forward. it will be incredibly painful for everybody involved. you can try to cut a deal with them. the president is showing this past week is time to pursue vocals offered at one. maybe he will forge a certain degree of success with congressional democrats on this, but he will not get a deal to replace and repeal obamacare. whatever way you look at this going forward because the republicans failure to get this done for the president will be painful. the one i want to pick up on this because i'm curious about
9:40 am
the politics of it. the president promised to keeping a promise to help get him elected. it on the other hand if you look at people, most people support the idea of contraception. he is turning out a majority of voters. >> in interesting dynamic here because he is not only pulling the contraception mandate but also: money for the promotion of obamacare, but is actively trying to undermine obamacare to make the case to chuck schumer and the democrats this is imploding and he will come to me to make a deal. that is his bargaining position. with regard to the politics with the faith, the faith has no obamacare repeal, a death deal with chuck and nancy if you will recall, i think there is a look
9:41 am
to make sure you always play to be face. i think there is less catering than pandering to people who i think are misinformed about the consequences, like trump realizes we aren't getting done, but we are actively here trying to drain the swamp and disruptive. it has your life improved? is it better off today? th>> chris: people would say the economy is doing quite well. have you heard of harvey and irma? >> have you heard about a test cut feel that benefits the rich before the blue color? people have to get that information at some point. >> this is what the president is it so encouraged on, he is not fashionable in the age of bernie sanders, but if you talk
9:42 am
to economists, productivity, that is the key. >> chris: only on our panel, go to birth control to corporate taxes without missing a beat. we'll president trump to certify the iran nuclear deal this week and what about his relationship with the secretary of state, rex ellison
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> you know what this represen represents? the calm before the storm. >> what storm? >> you'll find out. >> chris: the president raising a lot of questions, and we are back now with the panel. one thought of a possible storm is the president may and is expected to announce this week he will decertify the iran deal, say it is no longer in the national interest, but that doesn't end the deal, it go to congress and the congress has 60 days to decide whether or not
9:46 am
they will reimpose the sanctions that were lifted as part of the deal, and if they don't do that, we are still in the deal, which raises questions, what would that accomplish? >> it is a sort of a middle ground for the president, maybe he will go in this direction. it it doesn't tell the deal, but it passes the buck to congress. it the first reason i don't think the president will recertify as he enjoys nothing more than passing the buck to congress making them make these hard decisions like we saw with daca. what happens if he does not recertify the deal with iran, hand it to congress and they have 60 days to debate and make their own decision by a vote. the second reason i don't think he will recertify, the albatross around his neck right now is
9:47 am
every 90 days he has a very publicly sign an agreement that shows iran has been behind on this deal, it is a thorn in his side on the foreign policy spectrum like nothing else. this is an obama-era legacy. the one certifying he is off about her? >> freeing him from that. >> he has to sign a certification that is driving him crazy, one of the driving factors. the one defense secretary testified before congress this week and was asked a key question on this matter. >> do you believe it is in our national interest to remain? that is a "yes" or "no" questi question. because yes, senator, i do.
9:48 am
>> chris: you can tell how excited the secretary was to answer that question. it the president is supposedly going against almost to the clear senior security team in making this decision to decertify, why do you think that is? >> i think he is flying to the base, but i think this is a very aggressive step to say listen to the faith. i promise you during the campaign i would get rid of this iran deal, it is the worst deal ever for the united states, it is a rip off and i will act on my campaign promise because it's not only inner circle and a lot of reports this week rex tillerson called him a moron and all that, but they have some sort of suicide pact to see if he fires anyone of us, we are all going. they are there because in the word of bob corker, they act as a buffer, they are stopping
9:49 am
chaos in terms of our foreign policy from becoming imposed by the president. it is an intriguing situation, but the president is playing to the base one more. >> chris: beginning of, let's talk about this with rex tillerson. it was a report this week schumer seriously considered quitting over the summer and at one point not to be president but some other people he called the president a moron, that led to this. >> it continues to be misreported, there is not a consideration in my mind to leave. >> we have a very good relationship. we disagree on some things, sometimes i would liken to be a little tougher, but other than that we have a really good relationship. >> chris: other than that. what's really going on here, and is a tillerson out or not?
9:50 am
>> this has been a complicated relationship for a long time. months ago i had an administrator tell me he likes the idea of tillerson more than he actually like tillerson himself. he gets annoyed at how tillerson handles insolvent meetings, he doesn't like the idea tillerson has been pushing this idea of diplomacy. as a top diplomat, that is in general what you're supposed to do. tillerson has been frustrated by being undermined by presidential suite and robert kushner picked up a large part of the portfol portfolio. a big challenge for tillerson right now, and one to have to decide about his future, what kind of juice does he have left with foreign government? when he says this is a position of the united states government, do they believe him anymore? talking to diplomats around town, they don't always believe him. >> chris: i want to pick up on that point with you, tom,
9:51 am
because whether tillerson stays or not, you think his effectiveness as secretary of state has been diminished. leaders around the world are watching this play out, and we have seen the president in the face of north korea that we have avenues to talk to north korea, the president tweeted don't waste your time, rex. >> it is so critical here because as julie suggests, when foreign diplomats hear from americans, it is not just rex tillerson, it is all of the foreign embassies around the world. if they are not seen as edible, it's a huge problem. it is a huge problem for president trump if you talk about the iran deal now, the short window if he decertify to get the french on board, if they don't trust the only guy in the
9:52 am
room in paris with them, secretary of state tillerson, their willingness to take the manufacturers by the way we are going to push on this, they say you are talking to tillerson, trump is tweeting tillerson is an idiot, that is difficult. >> it hinges on whether or not he did call president trump a moron. if he did come it will ultimately be made known to the president and is a fireball often throughout the course of history. that is not something as secretary of state can survive, so all the policy and disagreement will fall by the wayside and will come down to whether or not there is proof he spoke of the president that way. >> chris: did he call him a moron or not? >> he did not specifically deny it in his press conference.
9:53 am
>> chris: thank you, see you next sunday. from the football field to outer space, how a former astronaut is using his story to inspire others.
9:54 am
the one only 352 americans have had the chance to fly into space. it one astronaut if using his unique hats there to inspire young people on their own journeys. here is our power player of the week. >> no matter where you come from, no matter what zip code you are in, with grace and
9:55 am
perseverance and a lot of second chances, you can do anything you put your mind to. >> chris: he is going to 372 orbits of our planet, but it is his journey to get there that is the real story. >> my parents gave me a chemistry set when i was seven or eight years old record created an explosion in her living room. >> chris: he was hooked. he played football and won at scholarship as a wide receiver, but that was never his passion. >> i didn't watch monday night football on the nfl, i was in the chemistry lab. it was my favorite thing, it was something that got me through college. the one he was drafted to play in the nfl, but even trying out for the dallas cowboys with a balancing act.
9:56 am
>> at night i am watching science videotapes. >> chris: a hamstring injury ended his football career. he went back to school, got his masters and became a research scientist at nasa. in 1998 he applied to be an astronaut. >> only a few of us have done so, select differentiated me from some of the other candida candidate. the on one in 2008, he went on e first of two shuttle missions. his role was operating the robotic arm to install a lab on the international space station. but he says orbiting the earth every 90 minutes made a more profound impression. >> you are connected to everybody around the planet, so my perspective i wanted to come home and really help inspire the next generation. it >> chris: at a book fair in
9:57 am
washington this summer, he shared his life lesson. >> opportunities come for you but you have to be prepared for the opportunity. having a one person in your life, all you need is one, that has your back and believes in you. >> chris: is a big push these days to study them, science, technology, engineering, and math. but he talks about theme, having the arms. >> if you say steam is the best thing, you're leaving out the artist that are truly part of anything in designing. >> chris: melvin's book is called "chasing space" featuring a photo that has gone viral at him and his two dogs. he wants young people to chase blank, whatever their passion is. >> when i share the story and the experiences, and a kid on the path of going nowhere sees a spark and looks up in the night
9:58 am
sky, one day i can watch a rocket heading off to mars. >> chris: melvin made headlines writing an open letter to president trump calling his criticism of nfl players kneeling during the national anthem divisive. that is almost it for a pack program. we are the official sunday show of the washington nationals. it last night the national fee for chicago cubs 6-3 to even the national league division series of one game a piece. if somebody was so excited, he showed up this morning. george washington, to help birds on our team. george has delegated me to say "go nats!" did i do that okay? chicago, we are not doing so well. we will see youp://www.evertz.c]
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> the following is a presentation every fox 29 sports. >> week five of the national football league season. the eagles are back in the friendly confines of lincoln financial field. and eagles team sitting on top of the nfc east. >> play together, coming together. >> with carson calling the shots. today, another carson flies into town, when carson palmer bridges his birds of a different tether to philadelphia. inch incites, animal cyst. philly, babe. >> i as carson wentz and the eagles meet carson palmer and the cardinals. fox 29 game day live starts right now.


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