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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 9, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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is why we have a six our of 10 temperatures in the 70's right now, it is mild, muggy and here comes the heavier rain, starting to negligent to lancaster county now, over the next couple of hours, it will start to get wet here in philadelphia 75 degrees, we're moments away from our official sunrise time but we do not see sunshine out there we are socked in with cloud. for your columbus day we are expecting temperatures to remain as we said in the 70's throughout the morning, in the afternoon, throughout the evening time. seventy-nine is our high temperature today. we will have, of course, a chance of showers main even a pop up thunderstorm for good measure. weather drama on the way. we have had upsetting problems this morning, bob kelly in, traffic. >> good morning, everybody. 7:00 o'clock straight up on this monday. an accident north on the 42 freeway, coming in toward philadelphia, and that is causing delays on 55, on to the freeway, heading in toward philadelphia, or where we're bumper to bumper closer toward the city here as we head in
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the construction zone. jammed up westbound on the schuylkill expressway, leaving town from the boulevard, out toward belmont. we have had that situation where an elderly woman struck by a vehicle this morning in fox chase, it is pine roadblocked, just off of oxford avenue, jenny will have the very latest from the scene in a few moments. weather delays at the airport, two hours, already at laguardia and that will have a domino effect here in philadelphia but across the country. when laguardia gets behind the eight ball the rest of the country feels it. we have an accident on route 73, right here near i295 and in mount laurel, new jersey and minor delays on the couple regional rail lines, mike and lauren, back over to you. jenny wearing are seeing. >> reporter: talk louder because it is hard to hear you do you hear me. >> yes, we are live on pine road, so pine road is shut down right now between stan wood and rhawn street a span of the few blocks, as
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police, continue to investigate a person hit by a car, this morning. you can see the victim shoes lying in the street as police look into this further. we have video of a chevy malibu. that is the car that is involved in this according to police. its windshield is smashed. we captured video of the car parked on the 300 block of daulton street, police say an 84 year-old woman was hit near pine road and rhawn. she was transported to aria torresdale hospital where she's listed in critical condition. her shoes left in the roadway there was a walker at the scene. police say the driver realized he hit someone after going through, the intersection he pulled over in the neighborhood. one woman living in the apartments across the street says victim is her neighbor. she says she's always out walking earl it in the morning and this is not the first time she has been hit by a car. >> she was hit before. i never knew why she walked
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with the walker but she was always, up and adam she would have a cab pick her up but she would walk every morning especially if the weather was nice. she was full of spirit. she was always joking. she would go to the bank. i mean would i see her all the time. >> reporter: investigators think the person who hit would the man lives in the area the driver is working with the police as police continue to investigate and again, would the man is is listed in critical condition at aria torresdale hospital. >> mike and lauren. >> okay. let's talk about a fast moving fire that rips through a row home in port richmond leaving one fire fighter injured. fire fighter was taken to temple hospital late last night and released a few hours ago. crew where is called to the scene on the 2800 block of cedar street around 10:30 last night, the fire, placed under control within a half an hour. another fire fighter is injured after a house went up
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in flames, in northeast philadelphia, and that is facebook video right there captured the flames on the 4400 block of wind gate street around 1:00 o'clock, sunday morning. fire fighters got it under control in about an hour, but one of them ended up in the hospital with minor injuries, three people and a dog did make it out, and, trying to figure out what happened there at lee two people are dead and several others injured in a horrible accident in gloucester township. sabina kuriakose is live on sicklerville road where that accident happened, hi there sabina. >> as the sun comes up here you can see there is no debris , in the roadway, here, hard to believe, after this intense deadly accident yesterday, you can see we're just a few yard away from the school here, the speed limit is 35 miles an hour, and nearby there are some other children waiting for the school bus this morning. it appears. so it is where ale of it
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happened. lets go to video as the school bus drives by here. we have this horrific accident that happened just after 5:00 o'clock yesterday, sunday evening, police said they heard reports of the collision among several vehicles, neighbors say they heard the crash, and then then came running out to find paramedics working on one person here at the scene, two other people had to be taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital and another person was transported by blank. there was one rescue. they had to pull one person out of the vehicle. police right now are not saying exactly how many people were killed in this accident, we were told last night that several people were killed, and several others were injured. we're hearing reports of five people involved in this accident and that two people appeared to have been killed. we are awaiting police to release names and identities
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of the people involved. we were told that police do know who they are but authorities are still trying to figure out the cause of the deadly crash. their peeling to the public, anybody who might have seen what happened to come forward, and give them any information that vice latest now, back to you. >> okay, sabina. a double shooting has left one man and left another in critical condition. officer arrived just after three credit 30 yesterday on arlington street to find two men suffering from gunshot wounds. the first victim was found sitting inside of a car shot multiple times. he died at the scene. the second victim was found shot multiple times in the head and chest. he is in critical condition. police flooring see if surveillance video may have captured the shooter or shooters, running from that area. >> they were targeted. >> philadelphia police asking for your help finding a missing p-2 year-old man, george hudson was last seen saturday at his home on north 20th street. police say he suffers from dimension, he is 5-foot four, weighs 110-pounds, last seen wearing a red button down
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shirt, blue jeans, and slippers. police say he may be operating a 2014 blue honda sieve wick pennsylania-plates. let me update a story we haddon friday morning, an emergency board meeting will be held it in to address mold concerns at schools in williamstown, new jersey. holy glenn elementary has been deemed unsafe for students. tests performed revealed a large amount of mold throughout the building, prompting the school board to shut it down, students who attend the school are now district's three other elementary school.& so tonight's meeting if you wanting to, 7:00 o'clock, williamstown high school. and the las vegas strip went dark, as a tribute to the mass shooting victims, lights on the marquises, a lot of them anyway, dimmed, at 1:05 our time the exact moment of last weeks attack.
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they remain dark for 11 minutes until the shooting stopped at about 11 minutes from the shooting. >> federal investigators returned for a second search of the gunman's home in mesquite, nevada yesterday. they had to recheck and re document the house where officers found a lot of weapons and explosives, and investigators say they still do not know what triggered that mass shooting which killed 58 people, and injured nearly 500 others. you are fired. >> hollywood, executive, goodwill hunting, and pulp fiction, shakespeare in love. >> academy award winner. >> gangs of new york. >> yes. >> he is now out. it is his own company. >> yeah, i'm not sure you how you get fired from your own company. i now he did it. >> board of directors of the weinstein company released a statement saying harvey has been fired, immediately. last week the new york times detailed decade of sexual harassment allegations against harvey weinstein.
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his attorney has not yet commented. when he does, we will bring it to you. well, it is a twitter war. it is between president trump and tennessee senator bob cork er, who has not been a big fan of our president, over the last few months. >> so karen give us the scoop on the twitter war. >> well, gloves are off and war between republicans which is interesting in a time when the president will need every vote. over weekend they let it all out there, on twitter, the president accused republican senator corker for begging for his endorsement for reelection mr. trump says corker beg him to endorse him but when he told him no he then dropped out. president went on to blame corker for iran nuclear deal and said he expect corker to stand in the way of his agenda so then corker fired back tweeting, it is a shame the white house has become an adult day care center someone obviously missed their shift this morning. now, the white house remaining
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tight-lipped about that incident, when asked top white house official dismissed reports of the drama between the president and his cabinet, but, we will see. he doesn't have to make nice because he is not running. he is going to a place a lot of other other republicans certainly would not. >> okay. >> speaking of the president, karen hepp. >> yes, go ahead. >> listen to this. >> president trump is releasing his list of demands for immigration reform. they include overhauling the green card systems after all these years building the border wall and hiring 10,000 more immigration officers, 10,000. president trump says these reforms are needed in exchange for new dak a legislation which protects young immigrants from being deported democrats say those are policies they cannot support. so immigration discussion and
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debate, goes on. lets talk about what is trending, right now. how about philly fanatic getting a mention on saturday night live. >> i saw this during the weekend update. co host there colin drew a parallel between phillies mascot and president trump. >> i realize trump might not be the best president but he would be the best mascot just let them go nuts like the philly fanatic, throwing free stuff to fans, cruises around on a four wheeler, mocking other countries while he shakes that big old butt around. >> well, good lord. >> this was prompted because of the paper towel throwing incident. 7:11. hurricane nate, it is always way down to a tp. >> a tp he is just tp. >> he is a td. >> he is not even a tropical depression. >> what is he now. >> just a low pressure system that is no more he is a lp. >> lps.
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>> yes, is that his name. >> or rl, remnant low. >> look. >> did you see the parking garage, it is in biloxi, mississippi. >> at a casino there. >> wow. >> but we're getting what the remnants of this thing. >> well, that is a great demonstration of storm surge. even a category one storm can do so much damage. >> sure. >> we have seen extreme this is season with several category four's and five's and that is what happened with. that we will update with you this. it is tropical depression 17 off the coast of africa. best kind of storm because it is not any threat to any kind of land at all but it is expect to strengthen, and then get a name, and that one will be ophelia next one on the list, just so you now know. the remnants of what used to be hurricane nate and that will pass by to our west but we have one area, that is, entering right now, of heavy
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rain, and this is probably the most we will see from nate as far as heavy rain is concerned and it is heading right into lancaster county, right now with heavy downpours, just north of lancaster, itself. so keep that in mind because the rain will continue throughout the rest of the morning, on and off, pop up thunderstorms work isolated heavier downpours so keep that in mind, we have not seen rain in a while and we might forget how to drive-in it. so take your time especially if you run in the isolated thunderstorm. you can see drippy, with a pop up storm or two throughout the afternoon. you may see one on your drive home and then it should be out of here by tomorrow morning and then we will see some sunshine again. how much rain? totals, projected totals are not that impressive maybe half an inch in philadelphia, closer to an inch when we get north and west of the city. 79 degrees today. eighty-five tomorrow. and then 74 on wednesday. we will cover all of this in the forecast on 101.1 more fm by the way, don't forget about our radio partner. once you get in the car we
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have a lot of good stuff to listen to. rest of the seven day forecast is a series of ups and down. temperatures goes down to 67 degrees on thursday. around 70 on friday but back in the 80's, by sunday. it is crazy. i'm dizzy, bob kelly. >> 7:14. how is your curve this morning wow, through go, how about saint gabriel's curve, live look at 7:14 heading down toward king of prussia sue mentioned the road are wet. maybe wipers working once or twice rolling out of the driveway. big delays from new jersey because of an earlier accident , on the 42 freeway, approaching the 295 construction zone, and a accident northbound lanes of 73, right at 295 and mount laurel, new jersey causing delays, and then as we roll out to the gang in allentown that is where we have a little drizzle. no problems off the extension. traffic could be 50/50, with the holiday some folks have the day off. some schools are closed. my kid are heading to class. that is good news. pine road still closed just
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off of oxford avenue, so if you need to get to oxford avenue use burr hull many avenue in the fox chase section of the city. now expect weather delays today at the airport. already, two hours at laguardia. that whiffle a domino effect back here in philadelphia. and with columbus day, the city of philadelphia, all of the offices are closed, and the trash and the recycling, one day behind. so that is one thing you don't to have do today, mike. >> is what one thing i don't to have do today. >> don't put your trash or recycling container out. >> oh, thank god. >> long list have things you have to remember. >> you should see my recycling behavior it is daunting. >> it is tough. >> i have a hard time adulting >> i understand, things get rough. >> what is going on with nellie here, he ace accused of rape month. man claims he sexually assaulted her on his tour bus and she says it happened last friday night. >> um-hmm he was arrested in washington state where the
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tour was. >> he was on the tour with the florida georgia line. his lawyer say it is completely fabricated. he was taken in custody and released without charges saturday morning. >> is that ashanti. >> yes, i almost didn't well, a maryland man, and he is not my brother, he lives in crofton, maryland, he looks somewhat similar to this guy. i have not heard from my brother. >> um-hmm. >> my brother will be the hood ornament there. police say the man tried to stop the bus. he said a kid on the bus threw a plastic bottle and then hit him. he shouted stop, stop, stop. the driver wouldn't stop. he got on the bumper of the bus. how about that. >> the driver just kept driving do you see passing cars. >> they are not going very fast but guy wouldn't get off because a kid hit his car with the plastic bottle. >> kid do some of the darndest& things on school buses but i can understand being
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frustrated but that. >> kid, difficult something once in my hometown of wichita , kansas at the end of an alley we threw snowballs at cars. don't do that. >> okay. without knowing it i snowballed my own dad coming home from work. >> when you got home. >> here comes the maroon buick , he is driving a buick, i don't even know it is my dad , i hit him right in the windshield, he stops, looks up and sees it is his son. >> when he get home. >> i have to go back to my home to sleep and eat. >> in the basement. >> yeah. >> we had two side of the basement. one side was furnished with my bed and the other side was unfinished side of the basement with the washing machine and stuff like that. if you are in trouble you went to the unfinished side. >> for time out. >> and maybe a belt, and then you got to go over and sleep in your bed. >> did you get spanked as a
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kid. >> it was rare there, was always the threat of do you want to go downstairs. this was enough. >> oh, okay. >> eagles fans are pumped up, big win, our bird beat their bird, our carson beat their carson. compare that the with the cowboys loss which was devastating for their fans. we're on top. >> eagles are off tie fast start. carson wentz threw three touchdown passes in the first quarter, here's one helping the bird to a 21 to nothing lead. wentz was brilliant on third downs, 11 for two, three touchdowns on third down. >> that is unheard of. >> way to go zach ertz. >> he wasn't only one to set a career high, nelson agholor i like this flop here. he had 93 receiving yard the most he has ever had in one game. watch this. that is not it. that is torey smith. it?
7:19 am
ryan. now watch this move. wow, wow, wow. he was, bad are bad mouthed in the off season. >> i got an idea. >> what. >> we recreated the baseball, could you recreate nelson's flop. the fall back in the end zone. >> it looks like it would hurt >> that is why i need to do that. >> because i'm elderly and i'm very brittle. >> we don't want to break any bones. >> let me try it in the commercial break. >> if you want her to do it just beg er and we will see what happens. should i let this sound bite play. >> whole lot of fun right now. i work my butt off. i will continue to work my butt off. i enjoy this. i enjoy the game of football. i enjoy process of getting better. i want to have fun with my teammates. >> now we have go down and play cam, down in charlotte. that is thursday night. so very little rest. >> yes. >> speaking of cam, last week
7:20 am
he got in trouble after speaking about female reporters. >> yes, off putting to hear him talk about routes. >> ask me about routes, you know, wide receivers run route s and quarterback throws to them. >> female report shore works for charlotte observer asks a question. one of the eagles youngest fans fired back at cam newton. we will introduce you to the little girl who knows shore routes and she wants to prove to it cam. >> i believe we have made contact with this young laid think morning and she's agreed to come in with her father. >> what. >> yes, yes, yes, yes. is there a new beverage out there, it is whipped cheese, in your tea. i'm not kidding.
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my top five cheeses do you have your top five. >> goda. >> that is goda.
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>> mozerella, monster, goda, provolone is great. >> cheddar. >> no, cheddar is too boringy don't like cheddar. >> sue, do you like cheddar. >> i like colby. >> brie, moths rel, and then goda and provolone. >> do you like wine with your cheese. >> no, but would i like some tea, i like to foam up my cheese and shove it in my tea, lauren. >> i should head to los angeles. a little fluffy cafe is selling just that. apparently, it is delicious. >> what? >> okay. >> i know, i know. basically a whipped cream cheese or a whipped cheese foam would you see on a latte, that is what it looks like and they add whipping cream, aim he not sure if it is whipped cream or what. it is milk and salt. they create this foam. they put it on top of any tea. customers are willing to wait
7:25 am
a half an hour because that is how long some of the varieties take to make. >> it sounds horrible. >> it is cheesy. >> it sounds disgusting. i was so excited, it wasn't in the. u.s. they started selling tonight taiwan, chine, few cafeness london. >> home of the tea they are >> and now herey found this l.a. cafe. i'm sure there are others we do not know about. >> i have heard of stuff that sounds disgusting but when you eat it, it is darn good. >> like doritos and cream cheesy never had that. >> yes. >> i like that. >> it is good. >> like the captain crunch milk shakes. >> do you like those. >> okay. >> and then sweet cereals to bread different meats and stuff it sound disgusting but it is sweet. >> are you a banana fan. >> that is how they are describing this. >> that is how i describe you
7:26 am
too, each morning, sweet, you choose which is which. >> you are dress add like too, same dress on. >> yes. >> lauren. >> yes. >> somebody just asked me something. >> which one is it, sweet or saferry. >> we will let the viewers decide that. >> ebony and ivory. >> there you go. >> swirl. >> i do like swirl yogurt. >> it is very delicious. >> yes. >> it really is. >> yes. >> lauren, thank you. both of you. >> bye, guys. >> sweet, both named lauren, perfect. the players, some took a knee during the national anthem. players take a knee, the vice-president takes a hike, or calling this a publicity stunt by our vice-president. what do you think.
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what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'.
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should amino, that is liquid amino, being in the snack today for your kid. vick victoria beckham gives this stuff to her kid. maybe yours too we will see. and nasty nate, the remnants of this season's latest hurricane will make for a messy monday in some area. who could see the most rain from that storm. >> su, offer course, this is
7:30 am
like a tv transition, of course, it will not that be bad around here. >> but, having said that we have some heavy rain on the way this morning. i think it is not going to add up to a whole lot but make for a glummy, rainy day. buddy's addressed accordingly some kid school, some do not. for won that do make sure you have rain gear with you. you see heavy rain in lancaster county and chester county eventually on its way here. we will have a period by the end of the morning where we will see heavy rain. it nights here yet though. 75 degrees with the 13 miles an hour breeze out of the south. very muggy this morning. it will stay that way all day. temperatures will stay in the 70's all day, and, you know the drill, bob kelly, you cannot rule out a pop up thunderstorm, like today. >> never rule it out. first one of the the house gets the bus umbrella 7:30. live lot schuylkill expressway conshohocken folks heading out of town.
7:31 am
headlights into town. you can see road are wet. that is the deal throughout the day. kind of hit and miss some of the wipers have been working all morning long like folks north and west of the city of been in the middle of the rain storm since 4:00 this morning. here's a live look at route 73 , an accident right here near 295, in mount laurel, new jersey, a crash in conshohocken ridge pike at conshohocken road police are on the scene there. as sue mentioned with the holiday, traffic is lighter in some area but with the light volume sometimes folks have a tendency to pick up the speed. that is where we have had a couple of accidents this morning. here's a live look at 30 bypass. again, chester county getting ready to get hit with heavy rain. coming from new jersey, black horse pike and freeway we have any toward philadelphia because of an earlier accident near 295 interchange and mass transit just some minor delays on a couple of the regional rail lines. mike and lauren, back over to you. lets get out to that scene you were talking about jenny joyce, where a woman has been hit by a car, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, mike. it is an 84 year-old woman hit
7:32 am
this morning and listed in critical condition at aria torresdale hospital a cord go to officers here at the scene which is pine road just off of rhawn street. we have video of a chevy malibu that police say was involved in this accident. you can see its windshield is smashed. we have captured this video of the vehicle parked on the 300 block of daulton street right around the corner of the scene police say the driver realized he hit someone after going through the intersection and then pulled over in the neighborhood. police say he lives in the area. one woman that we talked to lives in the apartments right across the street from where this accident happened. she said the victim is her neighbor and this is not the first time. she's very active and always out early to get her morning coffee. >> she was full of spirit. she was always joking. she would go to the bank. i would see her all the time. she was hunched over and walker for walking she probably could not see her too
7:33 am
well. i'm just so or toy hear that. i really am. >> reporter: woman is under going treatment at aria torresdale hospital again where she's listed in critical condition and we are told that the driver of the vehicle is working with the police, cooperating with police as they continue continue on investigate. mike and lauren. >> okay. jeb i, thank you. by the way, the woman had been hit before. >> yes. >> yes. this wasn't the first time. she had a walker. the white house reigniting controversy over protests during national anthem at nfl games. >> well, the vice-president mike pence made a statement of his own self attends the game in his home state of indiana back home in indiana. two dozen players from the 49ers took a knee during yesterday's colts game. that prompted the vice-president to leave, shortly thereafter. >> vice-president explained i left today's colts game because the president of the
7:34 am
united states and i will not dig file any event that dis respects our soldiers, our flag, our other national anthem, while everyone is is entitled to their own opinions i don't think it is too much to ask nfl players to respect the flag and their nan at them >> president trump weighed in saying i asked vp pence to leave stadium if any players need, diseverything our country. i'm proud of him, second lady karen. after the game 49ers player eric reid said he believes the entire thing was, orchestrated >> this was like a pr stunt to me. he knew our team has had most players protest, he knew that we were going to probably do it again. >> the league said it doesn't plan to punish players over anthem protests, that is what upsets a lot of people about the nfl, however, dallas cowboys owner jerry jones says any players who disrespects the flag will not play. aim not sure what that means. does that mean if they take the knee they will in the play
7:35 am
what happened yesterday at his game? did anybody see that? >> um-hmm. >> can somebody check on that did any cowboys take a knee yesterday and did jerry jones do anything about it. i know they certainly lost the game in the last second. >> yes, they did. >> by the way, don't you think the vice-president of the united states could have made that decision on his own. >> it sound like a child, i told him to leave. >> the president continued to tweet bit this morning, this happened about 20 minutes ago, the trip by vp pence was long planned. he is receiving a great praise for leaving game after the players showed much disrespect for our country. >> i suppose that would be easy to check, long planned, how long has he been the vice-president, seven or eight months. >> so you just go back to see when they planned the trip. >> yeah. >> have you ever heard of the word stupid? >> yes. >> dumb. >> yes. >> not well throughout out.
7:36 am
>> dummies a four letter word and dummies a four letter word >> correct. >> and dov. >> yes. >> we have a commercial controversy. do i even need to tell you how insensitive this is. >> how did this happen. >> all right. top of the class, in more why some high schools are now doing away with naming a valedictorian. >> you cannot take my valedictorian award from me, lauren. >> you might be able to depending where you go to school. >> i have to get it first. >> facts. ♪ ♪
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start your day with a new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
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wal-mart is about to make it much easier to go shopping, mike. they are speeding up the process for or line purchases, with none other than the app. start next month customers will scan a bar code with the smart phone, drop off returns atticus more service desk express lane and they say this will take 35 seconds or less. >> to drop off returns at wal-mart 35 seconds or less. >> excuse me. >> you think you go down there
7:40 am
in south philadelphia or delaware avenue, whatever we are calling that now across from there, i can be in and out of there in a minute to return something. >> that is what they are saying. >> if i got jockey underwear i need to return i will be out of there in a minute. >> saint, drop it off and then refund you the way you pay for it all over and done with. >> if that happens i will clean wal-mart for a week every night. >> yeah. >> anybody see or hear that, wal-mart. >> i will buy something, take it back. >> in and out. >> take someone with you so they can record it. >> see what happens. >> hey, g. cobb, do you want to share with the class. >> unaudible. >> he is not happen bye that. >> within of the crowning achievements of high school graduation is, well, a thing of the past, no more valedictorian. >> what?
7:41 am
>> more and more schools dropping tradition of the naming valedictorian but they are naming multiple valedictorians or none at all. school administrators are worried about potentially un healthy competition between students. so for all of this time we have done this and now suddenly we cannot do it anymore because is there un healthy competition. no, you are recognizing the person for their hard work and achievements, no. >> well, yeah, how did we all survive. >> i felt bad. >> about what? >> that my brother was valedictorian, a nuclear physics, he was first born, my sister second born was the soluteorian. >> the third child got special honors. >> yeah. >> and then there is me, i was fifth of sixth, so i felt paid didn't even come close. >> please, whatever. >> i didn't feel bad. i was like i'm graduating. >> i'm out. >> wow. >> oh, yeah my brother tom, he was mr. perfect, my parents
7:42 am
loved him. they didn't even know i existed. the bishop of our town gave him the award valedictorian. >> here's the deal though. >> this is a cruel world we live in and there will be competition and there are things that happen that you do in the like abe you have to grin and bear it. >> learn how to take it and survive. >> that is right. >> jen went to talk to the stars of lucifer, only one reason she did this because they are extremely good looking. >> okay. >> i'm actually supposed to say this, jen joins us later and she will sit down, have a sit down interview. why is that more important than a stand up interview. why is that? why is a sit down interview more for. >> because you have got time
7:43 am
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7:45 am
accident westbound on the schuylkill. police are not on the scene yet. this happened a few moments ago. leaving town from the boulevard all the way out toward the blue route, crossing town folks lining up
7:46 am
trying to get into 30th street station. we are seeing rain move through chester county for gang along bypass, coatsville, downingtown, heading in toward malvern, backed up in to new jersey, a combination of the earlier accident and just, some rain we have dealt with throughout the morning. and then a live look at that delay on the schuylkill coming up the hill in toward belmont work columbus day city of philadelphia offices are closed. they are saying trash, recyclingeling is one day behind throughout the rest of the week. paoli thorndale line running with delays this morning. sue has your forecast in 15 seconds. well, ahead of the rain we have a lot of humidity out there be on the alert. it may not be the best hair day rain or in rain.
7:47 am
heavy rain moving in. this is probably most we will get as far as heavier downpours are concerned from the remnants of nate, lancaster county all that rain there starting to move into parts of the chester county and everything moving from west to east. we are continuing to take a look, zoom in closer, like new garden in caln township starting to get heavier rain and not too far away from frustrates. do you see about lunchtime we will see isolated heavier downpours, possibility of a pop up thunderstorm or two and then that chance is, remote but it is still out there for the rest of the day just pop up here and there. maybe a smidge of sunshine. that is your future cast and half inch of rain when all said in philadelphia closer to an inch in mountains, reading and lancaster. seven day forecast. ups and down. up to 85 tomorrow. down to 67 on thursday. backup to 82, by the end of the weekend, mike jerrick.
7:48 am
he's going deep to the middle of the field, torey smith and torey smith is in for an eagles touch down. >> it was 21 nothing by end of the first quarter. i loved this celebration right here and it is outta here. out of the park. thirty-four-seven was your final. dave uram is in. g. cobb as well. good to see you guys. >> pleasure to be here. >> can i turn to my favorite highlight of the day. >> sure. >> here it is. >> in the end zone, xavier woods, this one, touchdown. >> that was fantastic. >> wasn't that so sweet. >> yes. >> you don't give aaron rodgers the ball with a minute to go. >> i knew that was going to be a bad ending for the cowboys.
7:49 am
>> i got to say something though yesterday was a double good day because not only that here in philadelphia, we may have the next coming of aaron rodgers. we may have him here. >> i think he is a special player. see. the game is won and loss on third downs and he is operating better than any quarterback in the league on third down. >> eleven for 12. >> yes. >> three of his four touchdowns were on third down play is wow, for 350-yard. >> what he is able to does able to extend plays. one thing he was having problem with the deep throw. you can see doing great job, last two games, right on target. he just seems to have the poise, understanding that you know this guy is heading for greatness. >> he seems like a veteran in just his second year. never gets rattled. he is a leader. he comes through in the clutch >> we need a nickname, don't we need a nickname. >> no nickname. >> win the super bowl no
7:50 am
nicknames. >> nicknames are stupid if we do do a nickname it was wentz wagon. >> corny. >> carson city. >> no, no. just carson wentz. >> wentzsylvania. >> and end the cities are drought of the football championship. >> just do that. >> and he could win it early, the big thing they have done they didn't do for donovan mcnabb they got himselfers and some players because a lot of times, a player will come on young quarterback will get it done but you have to have everybody around him. >> what happened to nelson agholor his confidence is back >> his confidence is back, his talent is showing, he is coming through big. that play, he made that play yesterday. now wentz got him the ball but he got in the end zone that great spin move on the defender. i don't know touchdown celebration i'm not a fan of. >> i thought it was night. >> it was d jack. >> that is exactly why i don't like it. >> desean jackson liked to do that.
7:51 am
>> nice pass. >> great catch. >> now this, juke. >> yes. >> that is a nice spin, gone, end zone, yes. >> yes. >> i like that. >> the plunge. >> i like it. >> i like the baseball thing too. >> that i do like. >> very creative. >> we have recreated the top of the seven, you guys were probably driving n we recreat ed the baseball thing. hey bob can you get me the mattress. recreating the flop. >> do you have insurance for that. >> would you like to recreate that. >> why don't you try. >> why not. >> you can dot flop. >> now bob, our floor director , he is putting a mattress down. >> right here. >> show him the mattress again >> it looks comfortable. >> if he doesn't get hurt falling i'll drop a elbow. >> yes. >> how did he do yesterday. >> he was very good. >> the thing that they did they put pressure on palmer. they knew that their offensive line wasn't that good. they did it without fletcher cox, who wasn't there.
7:52 am
they didn't have their best db there. i think ronald darby is their best cornerback. they are able to do this even though they are not playing at full strength. >> they have been playing shorthanded all season. >> what are you hearing about lane johnson. >> we are hearing he has a head injury. doug pederson. >> i don't think he will play. >> jeff mclane reported he has a concussion. game's three days away. >> with the concussion there is very little chance he will play. vaitai, he played very well, and he got a lot of experience last year, playing for lane, so it seems like he can step in and do the job. they didn't have any problem. >> one thing i don't like and i know they won this season and last season without lane johnson they are two-nine. including with them, they are nine-one. i don't like that. >> okay. we will try to set up mattress and all this and you will
7:53 am
recreate agholor's flop. >> i am okay. >> very good. >> after the break. >> the flopper i love you, couch.
7:54 am
you give us comfort. and we give you bare feet, backsweat, and gordo's... everything. i love you, but sometimes you stink. soft surfaces trap odors. febreze fabric refresher cleans them away for good. because the things you love the most can stink.
7:55 am
and plug in febreze to keep your whole room fresh for up to 45 days. breathe happy with febreze.
7:56 am
lights is on, he makes the catch and run. >> nelson agholor, look at that juke move. >> that is impressive. >> he turns around. >> that is nice touch. >> if for some reason i'm emulate ago this right now. >> g and i like it, you don't like it. >> i don't like it. >> maybe would you like it if you dit. so, go to the edge of the frame. >> you realize i never played football a day in my life. >> company we have a mattress here. >> is g trying to move it. >> yes. >> you know i wouldn't do that >> maybe i will be normal if i hit my head on the floor you know i wouldn't do that. >> you scored.
7:57 am
>> i saw a little bit of the end there. >> but thank you. >> lauren, that was good enough. >> that was great. >> "good day philadelphia". >> we need to learn to do it from way up here. >> no, g. cobb. >> 7:57. fox hit lucifer is back on fox 29 tonight. >> are you here for business or pleasure. >> oh, pleasure always pleasure. >> jen sits down with the guys , jen, tell us all about it. >> tom, tom and mighty say, lauren, either one of these guys would be a good option for you. this guy that plays lucifer is the guy mike jerrick wishes he was in his head, sexy accounts sophisticated, cool and yes, an amazing accent. >> i am welsh but i don't that have in my every day speaking voice because i have spent a long time away from there. >> i have a cheer in welsh,
7:58 am
ready. >> it means. >> i'm told, we will to have bleep this it means long life bleep spark. am i wrong. >> i don't know you don't speak welch. >> not many people do speak welch. >> and they don't talk like that. >> adorable, on top of adorable, on top of adorable. if you have not seen the show yet, is what wrong. tonight is your night, because ladies, and dudes if you want to work out a plan, this guy looks good with his shirt off. off i noticed you have yourirt- shirt off. you have been working out. >> thank you for noticeing. >> i have been working out. >> yes. >> how do we attach that there >> through computers,
7:59 am
basically. most of our wing work is the effects, it is all done after the fact. >> really. >> in powe production. we do however have a set of two dimensional cut out wings that go on a stand so when trying to get a frame reference, there is a wing guy that sticks them in there. >> thankfully i have not been able to see those yesterday. >> i think there is a lot of people that would sign up to be a wing wrangler. you see the other guy in the shot there you remember him probably from the great, great show, smallville. >> he is definitely going to mix up the dynamic a little bit. it is funny, beginning of the season, there is a relationship, there is the relate to each other lauren's character and mine and that sort of, it is a spark that is going to grow, throughout the
8:00 am
season. >> lucifer, yes. >> is there a whole, love try tangle thing happening tonight on lucifer. guys, welcome back to my lounge. >> beautiful, beautiful facility you have there, jen. >> you would like to have those guys on that couch. >> i sure would it is monday, october the ninth, 2017. >> ♪ oh, man we have a monday mess, remnants of the nate, moving into our area. how long it will hang around, and who will get hit the hardest. and a commercial controversy, dove tries to clean up its image after backlash over this facebook ad and how the company is responding right now. >> and an afternoon treat for you of aminos, victoria beckham is a fan adding them
8:01 am
to her children's snacks. but what are they? and should you be giving to it i had kid. did you hear about the shocking allegations against rapper nellie, he is arrested possibly facing serious charges, what a woman claims that he did while on tour, and how he is defending himself. >> ♪ 8:01. we are now into this monday morning and the weather stinks >> no. >> no, we need the rain. >> we need rain. >> people do not even want to hear that. >> yes. >> we need the rain. >> but my hair. >> my hair. >> yes. >> my hair. >> even if it wasn't raining the humidity, it really rolled in yesterday. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh, and six is our number today.
8:02 am
bus stop buddy is happy to be wearing a yellow cap celebrating the rain here. not everybody is off today. you can see heavier rain moving from west toe into our area it is here in lancaster county, parts of the chester county, berks, lehigh veil, won't be long before it starts raining here in olde city. not yet but it is coming. 75 degrees right now. your holiday forecast is, for a discovery of more rain, maybe even a pop up thunderstorm, temperatures staying in the 70's all day long topping off at 79 degrees and that humidity bob kelly. >> gets you all the time you still have a good hair day. >> my kid try to pull that trick we're off because of the holiday, um-hmm, i check that school calendar. pack your bags, get on that bus, 8:02. live westbound, an accident near the shoulder of that
8:03 am
three cars at the off ramp. we are bumper to bumper all the way up toward conshohocken coming in from new jersey delays on the freeway starting to see light rain. look at these guys working in the rain getting ready to set up construction at creek road. we're rain drops on the camera lens in chester county as sue mentioned for the gang coming from coatsville, downingtown along the bypass heading in to malvern. first one out of the house gets the best umbrella, and expect weather delays at laguardia and here in philadelphia up to two hours already in new york. of course that will have a domino effect all day long here in philadelphia, mike and lauren, back over to you. a woman got hit by a car in northeast fail a couple of hours ago. it is right at the corner of pine road, and rhawn. she was taken to the hospital, where she remains in critical condition, 84 years old. police say she was struck by a chevy malibu. the driver of the car stayed on the scene and cooperating
8:04 am
with authorities, our best to her. investigation continues in the deadly car crash in gloucester count ship, this was at intersection of sicklerville road and dunlin way just after 5:00 last night two people were killed, several others were injured, and, taken to the hospital. and, cause the crash to happen philadelphia police are asking for your help trying to find this man here seven two-year old. his name is george rand hudson last seen saturday at his home on north 20th street. police say he suffers from dementia. he is 5-foot four, only weighs 110-pounds and was last seen wearing a red button down shirt, blue jeans, slippers. he may be operating a blue honda civic pennsylvania license plates. happening today, an emergency board meeting will be held it in to address mold concerns at a school in williamstown, new jersey. holy glenn elementary has been
8:05 am
deemed unsafe for students. do you see that picture there. tests performed revealed a large amount of mold throughout the building. that promised the school board to shut the school down. students are now. tonight's meeting at 7:00 at williamstown high school. >> they are checking, and, checking mold and other schools today. some high rises at last vegas strip, some of the high rises turn their lights off. you see a few of them turning off there, a tribute to the people that were killed last sunday night, lights on the marquises, and if they did shut off, they shut them off at 10:05, vegas time. the exact moment of the attack they remained dark for 11 minutes, that is extent of time that that guy started shooting and kept shooting. jason aldean by the way who was on stage when the gun fire broke out honored victims during his appearance on saturday night live. he started the show.
8:06 am
>> like everyone i'm struggling to understand what happened that night and how to pick up the pieces and start to heel. so many people are hurting. there are children, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, they are all part of our family. >> ♪ >> and then, another tribute in a way to tom petty whom we lost last week, he sang his song, i won't back down which is appropriate. >> it was great. saturday night live is being criticized for staying silent on this whole sex scandal surrounding, big time powerful, hollywood mogul, harvey weinstein. people accusing the show of liberal hypocrisy for not mentioning it at all. he has been fired from his own studio company called weinstein company. there are reports that the board will change the company 's name, now. >> that probably would be a good idea. >> right. >> this moves comes amid new
8:07 am
york times report detailing decade of sexual harassment allegations against him. >> saturday night live didn't mention it at all. >> interesting. >> even the phillies fanatic got a mention on saturday night live during a weekend update. we're talking about when donald trump through paper towels in puerto rico to some of the people that needed help >> i realize trum would not be the best president but he would be best mascot. let him go nuts like the philly fanatic, throwing free stuff to fans, cruising around on i four wheeler, mopping other countries while he shakes those big old butt around. >> maybe that is a little too far. >> lets get into this because i saw this, the company that makes dove soap and body wash and stuff like that, it is, having some problems on. but what they placed on facebook it was a commercial, a commercial you can put ads an facebook. >> karen, again, we always ask
8:08 am
, how did this ever get by a marketing board. >> focus group sit there and have a group of different people in the room saying what are you doing with this. this is an ad that starts off with an african-american woman using body wash, takes off her shirt, and white woman underneath. people said what are you doing with this? that has a insensitive chip on it. they think it is racist. dove removed a powe after twit ter blew up and a lot of comments. they posted to twitter saying quote they missed the mark in representing woman of color thoughtfully. so it is not first time they have had some heat for an add d that is insensitive. most same this wouldn't have happened if they had more minorities in their board room or focus group when they are pitching ideas. >> is dove, is that an american company or sit european? >> think it is an american company. >> dove. >> yes. >> is what the main company.
8:09 am
>> sit p and g. >> procter and gamble, bristol myers. >> unilever. >> that might be foreign. >> yeah. >> there you go. >> doesn't uni lever make coast. >> do you know. >> yes. >> the soap, cut it with a knife or was that irish spring >> irish spring. >> i like it too. >> yes. >> that is lucky charms. i don't know. i used to bathe in lucky charms milk. >> good when it turns color. >> back to this other thing that is dumbest thing i have ever heard. somebody had to have seen that when you take the, i mean, come on white woman underneath , clean, better looking, beautiful. >> not a good idea. >> just when i thought you are making progress. >> yes. >> seriously, somebody had to okay that. >> it is true what karen said if you have more minorities in
8:10 am
positions of power someone can say, listen this might be offensive to someone. >> listen, are you kidding me i'm a dopey white guy and i can figure out that is bad. >> true. >> what do you mean that i am 's a dopey white guy. >> you said it, not me i have had this idea for years abe it is finally coming to fruition. >> what is it. >> if you are the parents of a bully, and how about the parents do some jail time. >> you are saying punish the parents, for the kid actions. >> yes. >> not for years but put them in the slammer for a few days. >> the kid will get in line quickly. >> well, what about this an afternoon treat of amino. >> i need two things i need to know what an amino is and why do i want to give it to myself for a boost. >> victoria beckham is a fan, she's adding them to her kid snacks but mike says what are they, and, they should be
8:11 am
given to your children. >> just because, she jumped off a bridge should i. >> no. meet steve sweeney. he's a double-dipping pension padder. double-dipping pension padder! he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise
8:12 am
your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder!
8:13 am
8:14 am
traffic time 8:13. southbound 309 this accident disable off to the shoulder right near path turnpike interchange rolling down to fort washington. it has been a rough go, we had a early morning crash on the freeway we are looking live there, accident westbound on the schuylkill expressway, right there at the 476 off ramp so we are bumper to bumper from the boulevard all the way out there, to the conshohocken interchange. accident on 295 at southbound right here at route 30 which would be white horse pike and we have got some rain, in coatsville, here's a live look at the 30 bypass, we have spray kicking up, an example of what sue has been telling us, is scenario for the rest of the day, so first one out of the house gets best umbrella sue has the forecast in 15 seconds
8:15 am
it will remain warm, humid still keeping an eye on nate as they edge in with heavier rain, maybe an inch or so of rain when all said and done but here's radar and where ever you see yellow that is where rain is heavier and orange heavier then. that everything moving from west to east. as we zoom in we will see heavier rain west of allentown , heavy rain moving from the baltimore area into newark, delaware and then won't be long before it is here, on us in philadelphia heavy downpours pop up thunderstorms are possible throughout the afternoon especially if we see sunshine in between that will get things unstable. it is unsettled for rest of the day, kind of drippy and very humid. as much as an inch or so of rain, maybe less than an inch
8:16 am
around us in philadelphia. where our high today is 79 degrees. feeling like summer again tomorrow for october, and 85 degrees. but, we will get down to the 60's on thursday with a cold front and some rain but by week end things get warm again back to the 80's by saturday and sunday. >> sue. >> yes. >> beautifully done. >> lauren, i'm learning more about you. when were you growing upcoming home from school, what did you have for a snack when you got home. >> i was lucky to have a full moon because my grand moth wore cook dinner you had a full meal, before homework. >> um-hmm. >> yes. >> were you bloated and tired and no energy. >> well, maybe sometimes. >> we're trying to give our kid some good snacks to give them energy. victoria beckham i noticed gives her kid amino. >> you have to try to figure out what are they. >> i don't know. >> we have brought in would you say a nutritionist.
8:17 am
>> certified dietition. >> registered. >> not only here but she has been registered. >> where do people register. >> and for the state. >> and your first name is ha. >> ha. >> we won't get into that yes. >> i love edomeme. >> it is made out of the soybeans just like soy sauce. >> it is soybeansy don't think i ever knew that. >> when you order it what did you think were you ordering. >> i don't know bit is a soybeany love it. i had it last night. >> high in protein. >> liquid aminos have amino acid. and it taste very similar to soy sauce. for people vegetarian it has been popular in that population because they may find it difficult to get protein. they may add liquid amino to something like that. >> lets do this one right here >> that is our next shot. >> a bed of this.
8:18 am
>> thinks a stir fry. you can also put in liquid amino. >> just squirt it on there. >> yes. >> or cook tonight to it. >> okay. >> but for vegan or vegetarian >> you do have to be careful because 1t spoon has, 300 milligrams of sodium, it is a lot. >> yes. >> you can smell it. >> it smells like soy sauce. >> does it takes like it. >> very similar to soy sauce. >> yes. >> what is an amino. >> building blocks of protein. we know when you eat something with protein it helps you stay full for longer period of time then protein is also important for building and repairing muscles. >> okay. >> that is a salad. >> typical salad. >> is what down here just seed >> thinks something like victoria beckham haddon her instagram she poured a little bit and she toasted them.
8:19 am
>> okayy see some casheness there. >> yes. >> so i have a question for you. >> sure. >> i call myself a protein options, so, now can i just take a spoon full of that. >> i would not. >> i would not because it is high in sodium. there are good sources of protein like quinnuo or other grains. >> put it right on it, it is like cannibalism. >> could you put it on meats. >> yes tofu, poultry, fish, just like would you use soy sauce you could use. >> where do you get it. >> any local grocery store. >> you put it on anything. >> yes. >> but just drink it. >> no, she said, no. >> she said don't do that. >> that is strong. >> that is like licking salt. >> that is liquid salt.
8:20 am
>> yes. >> she warned you. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming by. >> you should come by you are very good. >> you know how to do this tv thing. >> it ties far i cannot read that. >> just swallow that and your throat is on fire, we will take a look at another throat you know that face, karen hepp , yes, she's sharing a health issue with us while we are taking a close look inside of her mouth that camera, went down her throat. >> we are going to see inside karen hepp's throat. >> right now. >> she will talk about it. shocking allegations, nellie arrested, what a woman claims he did, on a tour bus, and what he is saying, i think he tweeted.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
mike, what a week. >> i would not leave that. >> okay. >> okay. >> what a weekend i was going to say. >> nellie was accused of rape, he he was booked into jail and then released.
8:24 am
with no charges filed. >> the incident is pending further investigation according to authorities. they arrested him saturday in washington state after a woman claimed he assaulted her on his tour bus. his lawyer calls the claim completely fabricated. the four two-year old hip-hop star on tour with country duo florida georgia line. >> okay. >> so now. >> he says this, let me say i'm beyond shocked that i have been targeted with this false allegation. i am completely innocent. i am confident that once the facts are looked at, it will be very clear that i'm the victim of falsalgation. to be absolutely clear i have not been charged with a crime, therefore no bail was required i was released, pending further investigation. how about that. >> we will see what happened. >> we will stay on that one. there is a new restaurant and i got to go to it. >> of course i did.
8:25 am
>> across from sugar house casino. >> it is gorgeous. it has a, apocalypse day after apocalypse theme. >> okay. >> okay. >> survivor, it is called mad rex do you want to go there. >> lets go. cancer is smart.
8:26 am
it pushes us. we push back. challenging conventional thinking. finding smarter solutions. that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. using tools like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy to bring more options to our patients. cancer treatment centers of america. we're not just fighting cancer any more. we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more.
8:27 am
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8:28 am
punishing parents, mike jerrick is all about this. imagine, if you go to jail, because your child misses curfew or bullies someone in class. one town is holding mom and dad responsible, and they say the kid don't have anything to do witt. >> okay. >> plus, we're calling out cam >> okay champ pay attention because i will only say this once. this is a corner route. this is a slant route. >> oh, yes, we found her, by the way, and we called her,
8:29 am
family and she's coming in on. kay. >> she's coming in the 9:00 o'clock hour. she knows about routes, okay, football. she knows football. >> we play cam on thursday and she has choice word for him. >> yes, yes. we will meet her because we have a big game with cam thursday night down there in charlotte. megan. >> yes. >> did you get footage of the monarch butterflies. >> i can get it for you could you. >> or ask ride an when he did it earlier. who is that sitting next to you, is that samantha. that is samantha's bun, yes. >> yes, yes. >> she has good hair. >> she has nice buns. >> no she has one in almost every day. >> butterflies, monarch butterflies they are beautiful and there is another form of butterfly called the lady. >> painted and when it is cold like in can in a and northern
8:30 am
parts of the united states like here in pennsylvania. >> yes. >> they migrate. >> they migrate. >> this is such a thick swarm of them migrating through the denver, colorado area, that there they are, they are on their way to mexico to roost they will cover trees in mexico and southern california , so you cannot even see the trees, just butterflies. >> 70 miles wide that was. >> that swarm was 07 miles wide, so big that the national weather service pick it up on radar, megan, go back to the radar. >> they thought it was bird. >> bird. >> but its was a crush of butterflies showing up on radar. >> radar. >> look at that. >> yes. >> those are butterflies, sue. >> beautiful colors on radar that we don't always see. >> do you think butterflies are just the purple. >> i don't don't know what color they are using on that radar. >> that is tv weather talk.
8:31 am
>> remember when prince passed away we made purple rain by changing the color tape. so there are various ways, variations on color. >> thanks for bringing us down , sue. i'm just kidding. >> i think it looks very butterflyish. >> i think nature is amazing. >> it is. >> that is on my bucket list, sue serio. >> go to mexico and seeing trees covered in butterflies. by the way, i don't know if this is true they fly all the way down there, from canada. >> well, how olds. >> without stopping. >> i don't know, is there a stopping place for butterflies or do they have stuckees. >> are think still around. >> pull over, joyce kilmer off ramp. >> molly pitcher service plaza >> that would be a screen shot in seconds. >> you will be a gif. >> a gif. >> a living meme.
8:32 am
>> meme. >> at least you are not a meme boy. we have temperatures in the upper 70's and rain is on the way, it is almost here, it is now moved into delaware county the heavier rain is behind it, where we see yellow, this is our color table here on ultimate doppler radar, and we are ahead to a high of 79 degrees on this columbus day, mid 70's right now, cloudy, mild, muggy, thank the afternoon so eye to the sky for butterflies and for rain. >> i wanted to get a butterfly bushes those plants you can put in your yard, that would attract them that would be cool. weather delays in the air, jammo in the runway. we have two hour delays at lah guardia and atlanta and miami. that whiffle a domino effect here in philadelphia pack a
8:33 am
snack, if you intend to fly today. here's a delay west on the schuylkill. an accident near conshohocken, 476 interchange. jammo with the rain, here comes ups trucks too heading to sue's how, heavy rain along the bypass coming out of the coatsville, downtown, heavy rain up in the allentown area as well, and then an accident in cherry hill, southbound lanes of 295, at route 30. lauren back over to you. >> all right, bob, vision of fishtown's new restaurant is what happens in the moments after you survived the apocalypse. well, chances are, you are hungry and mike says you got to try this. >> i survive the apocalypse. >> i survive the the apocalypse. who are you. >> let me take you inside. >> let me put down my sword. i love the after world.
8:34 am
jasmine, thank you. >> hi, mike. >> i survived. >> yes. >> you survived. >> congratulations to beautiful restaurant. theme is you have survived. >> you have survived. >> day after the end of the world. >> day after, that is right, exactly that that truck you will put it in the air. >> yes, and we will have flames shooting out of the truck as well. >> why wouldn't you. >> yes, great bar area. what is this virtual reality room. >> nine people can fit in there, private for certain people to go in there. you will be able to drink. >> never been anything like this in philadelphia. >> nothing. >> so we have got to eat. >> plenty of alcohol. >> we have to eat inning. >> it is 500 degrees, mike. >> that is lava rock. >> let me try this let me try this. >> lemon juice first.
8:35 am
>> squeeze that baby in there. >> yes. >> get that butt inner there. >> yes. >> little bit of butter. >> slab that in. >> do you like butter. >> yes, do i. >> now grab your stake. >> now you can take whatever put on there. >> whatever your female friend was like on there. >> what is that. >> that is mad rex barbecue sauce. >> i didn't even know that was there. >> sorry. >> and then the tiki. >> basically yogurt. >> yes. >> greek yogurt. >> yes. >> flip it over. >> flip it over, rub it down. >> you are ready to go, at at that temperature you are good. >> how romantic. >> thank you. >> good stuff.
8:36 am
>> what do you think. >> now you have to get barbecue sauce. >> i want to live another day. you are the man. >> thanks, mike. >> appreciate it. >> i will see you tonight. >> mad rex. >> exactly. >> frankford, delaware avenue. >> across the street from sugar house, you can't miss it >> nice. >> all right. challenge accepted, a wanted man says he will turn himself in if social media cares enough. how police are responding to his dare.
8:37 am
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cigna healthspring. sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology to anything other than a fiber-optic network? i got to go. peterson. peterson's wife. counting on you guys. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. and now get our fastest internet ever plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month. it is 8:39. >> hi lauren. i'm here for alex who is in texas. >> let me tell but this story of a man wanted by police. he is learning about the power
8:40 am
of social media it all started when champagne for reno. >> isn't that cool namey love that handle. >> he taunted the redford police department. they threatened to block him and then he said wow turn himself in and bring a dozen doughnuts to the station if they got a thousand shares of this post. redford, pd accepted challenge and put their powe on the facebook page. >> it took an hurry to reach that mark. police posted this picture, of a police woman dropping a mike while toreno may or may not be a man of his word it is their experience that every one gets caught at some point. >> wasn't forreno about a movie with clint eastwood as a cranky guy, a cranky man. >> maybe. >> i'm not sure. >> i'm unaware. >> and cranky neighbor. >> grand for reno.
8:41 am
>> yes. >> that was his car, a grand forreno. >> who makes a forreno is that old mobile or ford. >> ask sue. >> ford forreno they are talking in my ear. >> yes. >> is it the gifted or ghosted >> can you wave that woman wants to you say hi. >> hi. >> good to see you what kind of hat is that, a sixers hat. >> it could. >> be good to see you no, steelers hat. >> yes. >> get out of here, lady, move on. >> maybe she can hear you. >> tv show on fox it is the gifted i think. >> jen would know. >> ready for me to blow your mind, guys i will talk to the gifted stars about the sixers. trust the process. come on back. >> blind blown, you're welcome what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches
8:42 am
for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'.
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8:44 am
8:44. here it comes. remnants of nate are here and increasingly, heavy rain is moving into the area. look at lancaster count which all that yellow there and new castle county, delaware, go down there, everything moving from west to east just so you
8:45 am
know and here in delaware county we are seeing quite a lot of steady rain around upper darby and starting to inch in the philadelphia area as well. here's heavier rain in middletown, delaware and how much will we get at the most i would say an inch or so, close to an inch possible and this is highest computer mile estimated amount of rain. chance for pop up thunderstorm for good measure. 79 degrees today. eighty-five tomorrow. feeling like summer. still even though it is october but then we will get a seasonal temperature on thursday when a cold front comes through with a little bit more rain, lovely day and autumnal on friday, back to the 80's, by saturday, and sunday. so a lot to take in there. >> we're going back to the 80 's. >> yeah. >> shoulder pad. >> shoulder pad, and neon colors, big hair. >> now, imagine this. >> go ahead. >> imagine the pox men are of
8:46 am
children. it is the gifted. >> it is also a gift. >> so, generally jen tell us shore about this in the special room. >> i thought this was a time out room but now it is my special room. here's the situation. all of these people some of them are mutants, right, they have mutations, these special powers. one guy who plays one of the police officers is amazing, his name is toby bell, so i asked him if he had a mutation , a special power, what would that be. >> right now, tell i port tation but what we can do is good because i'm flying back and forth between atlanta if i could t el e port, i would be like i'm home. i made you breakfast. i'm back to do this take, you know what i mean, okay, you
8:47 am
don't need me for 10 minutes, i'm at my daughter's volleyball game. that would be awesome. >> pretty cool, right. that is something we could all use his name is kobe and he is a lakers fan but i told him about how kobe's from lower merion. he knows all about that because he is paying attention to our sixers. >> sixers are beginning to look scary, especially if ben simmons can keep it healthy, which i can. >> trust the process. >> trust the process. >> he is trusting the process. i have to tell you when way ness los angeles a lot of people were talking about our big three, talking about the sixers. now, in terms of like the actual show you met a couple of these ladies. what is really cool is they had to go through part core training in part because the guy who is in charge of the gifted is the same guy who has been the director for years, of x men series. >> they know these powers better then anyone.
8:48 am
they understand this universe better than anyone. so being able to have them on the pilot and talk to them about, you know, how they have done stuff like this in the past, that was a big aspect of it. they are really brilliant, and kind of helped everybody to develop their own thing because we want to make sure that everybody has their own gesture, so yeah. >> it is cool. >> yes. >> everyone on that show has their own power, mike and lauren, i wonder if they gave us all power what our powers would be. i know mike's power would be to silence people. >> that is not true. >> that is not true at all. >> i would like to become invisible. >> i want to be invisible. >> that was minor jump high and be tall. >> would i like to fly then. >> no. >> you want to fliy always thought i would want to come back as a hawk, or a eagle. >> but then that means you could not talk and you love to
8:49 am
talk. >> i could squawk instead of the talk. squawk. i love this for some reason when i saw it, i said i got to put this on tv. this is in the port richmond section of the city. a mural, it is a racoon, eating a soft pretzel. >> and you love it. so a local woman, used go fund me to raise money for the project. she came up with $4,000 to get it painted on the side of her home. check it out in the 2500 block of thompson street, and someone, saw you talking bit. >> yeah. >> and tweet had you. >> because i wanted to meet the artist. >> and justin b sent this in, it is his handle. we painted this mural in an effort to bring awareness to a park that gets overlooked. now, a problem, does he say maybe there should be a park in that empty lot or is there a park right there?
8:50 am
>> maybe justin b need to come on the show. >> i'm fascinated, you can contact had mural department if i have enough money, i can have anything painted on the side of my apartment building. >> i think next one since we have a racoon and a pretzel we need a rat and a cheese stake. >> a rat eating a cheese stake >> yes. >> i would like a leamer eating a butter scotch krimpet >> yes. >> i love leamers. >> yes. >> they have a leamer over at philadelphia zoo. >> that is true. >> what would you put on the side of your building. >> all right. who wants to see down karen hepp's throat. >> i have already seen it. >> she will open up her mouth and we will put a camera down inside of her throat, she has an iron with you her voice, actually quite serious, she's coming into talk bit and we will show you whole video tape i can't tell you how far south we will go but it is
8:51 am
interesting. honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing? impressions start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a. it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community.
8:52 am
if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
for lauren, i think you need a pair of these today, a shoe umbrella for your new shoes. order in the next 10 minutes i will throw in an extra pair for free. shoe umbrellas, grab the umbrella, first one out of the house, mike, would you like a pair. >> would i love that. >> for your shoes, a shoe umbrella we have rain coming down. it is ayuky days, westbound on the schuylkill 24 minutes from center city all the way out toward conshohocken. traveling vee at airport expect delays there as well, over two hours delays at laguardia and jfk, also atlanta and miami experiencing delays this morning. otherwise mass transit expect delays on the regional rails, those slippery rails, get us every time.
8:55 am
>> slippery rails. >> slippery rails. >> it is raining in olde city. it looked like it is midnight out. >> who doesn't love legos. now custom design your own lego mini figures with your favorite face, i can get one with lauren. >> company using 3-d painting technology puts your face on the lego mini figures. just take a couple selfies, choose the body that you want. change up your hair style, send tonight. they are funk three i d faces. they are sell for $34 each. if you order them now you are guarantied to get them in time for the holidays. >> what is wrong with my mind, i'm like a 12 years old. >> that you are. >> yes, where does your mind go. >> well, would i get one with your face on it and my face on it and snap them together. >> bureau, don't buy have you
8:56 am
ever heard that thick rent the runway. almost every tv anchor woman does that rent the runway thing where you rent a dress and wear it. >> yes. >> now you can do it, with shoes. i don't mind part of that you you are speaking outside the box. >> oh, the shoe box. >> i'm into this people on twitter don't agree with me. you have got a bully, your kiddies a bully, i believe parents create bully so if you create bully maybe your parents should go to jail for a few days. >> people are saying if the parents are gone then kids will act out more because they are not supervised. >> i didn't think that through i'm stupid. >> not really.
8:57 am
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good morning it is time for 9:00 o'clock. raining all over the delaware valley as remnants of nate, karen's here, lauren's here. >> we are all blue i noticed that as we popped up. >> good morning, guys it is a blue, blue monday. >> we will try to bryant up your day. it is monday october 9th, 2017 sex in the sit, a tv show, highly successful and then became a money. they should have renamed it mean girls. on screen they were best friends, off screen drama was real. why these women made better, very good actors then you thought because, there is not a lot of love between these two right here, oh, man. >> kim cattrail, spilled the beans. >> on. >> i am only going to say this one. thinks a corner route. this is a slant route. this is a post. >> she is schooling cam newton she's in the green room. >> we said we wanted to meet her. she will prove that girls know football. >> they know the routes of the wide


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