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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 10, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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them about the severity of the problem. and local college student shot and killed by police in miami, what police there say this temple student did before being killed. a local school football game gets ugly, my heart's broken they embarrassed me and the school board and our community. >> middle schoolers, allegedly using racial slurs against the opposing team how administrators hope to turn this into a teaching moment for students. shirley temples for everybody and they are all on joel, sixers i been investigating in the process making them their 150 million-dollar man but is the big man worth the big gamble. >> ♪
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>> are we wearing 76ers colors >> yes in honor of joel embiid making 170 million-dollar. your we excited. >> has he done anything yet. >> he will actually play at some point. >> he was dancing pretty good wednesday night. >> he was. >> again, joel embiid and i have in common. >> what is that. >> is sue not included. >> you threw me off it was sue , you and joel. >> i did. >> yes. >> no, i was just throwing to sue, i said sue. >> that threw us off. >> it is not that big of a deal. what is the weather. >> you will still not tell us. >> we went to the university of kansas, billing big deal. i have no money. i'm a short white guy. i got nothing. >> joel is funny. >> yes, true. >> true. >> it is not a 10. >> it should be for the tenth but it is going to be a nine.
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>> come on. >> look at that beautiful sunrise. it is humid. >> make it a 10. >> no. >> i want it to be a nine. it is cake decorating day look what bus stop buddy did. wow, that looks good. we are going to have a demo on our own program we like to call "good day philadelphia" coming up in the 8:00 o'clock hour. you will like it. no rain, anymore, just the cloud we just showed you. 70 degrees. we are still not at our official sunrise time at 7:06 officially but it looks good at the moment. we are heading to a high temperature of 84 degrees today, still summery out there but bit less humid. we will take it. we will talk about temperature changes in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> take a piece of that cake while you're over there. we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound, right here near conshohocken curve and there you go it involves this dump
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truck, a couple of cars, fire fighters are on the scene and don't you love penndot guys when you go on the air they start playing around with their cameras. bottom line 47 minutes from king of prussia into downtown. you can see fire fighters blocking what would be that right lane so only left lane opened as we head eastbound in toward philadelphia, a couple cars, they had the driver, dump truck off to the side giving a little talking to. we will see what happens. bottom line is we are behind the eight ball there in the sit. delays on both doyletown and paoli thorndale regional rail lines. it wouldn't be surprised if we see slippery rail delays because of that rain we had and it knock the leaves off of the trees, southbound i-95 heavy from bridge into allegheny, mike and karen, back over to you. >> no school for an entire south jersey school district. >> but it is like 6,000 kid. issue there is mold. now all of the schools are cancelled. is a bean, parents have to be scrambling what are they doing with these kid they just can't
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stay home. >> that was concern we were hearing yesterday when our crew was at this emergency meeting between the school board and parents, parents saying they don't know what to do and they are getting last minute notice because all this just came to light since last week. so lets go to video we got at that meeting, take a look, it was packed, standing room only all of these parents wanted their voices heard and big question was accountability, parents say that either the district should have known about the held issues much more in advance. last week one of the schools had to be shut down because this report came out saying they had mold from the ceilings to the floor this week district shut down all of the schools because they were finding mold, elsewhere, so parents going back and forth with school administration officials really upset, let's listen. >> this problem has gone on way too long and somebody knew about it. it was just pushed under the
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rug. >> this board absolutely knew nothing. >> i want to thank the task force built from the bottom up because it is clear to me that the top doesn't care. >> reporter: again, school district officials denying they had advanced knowledge of the mold before it was such a serious problem. what you are looking at, of course was a photo of what the mold looks like in one of the those schools. clean up continues. it is part on the reason why they needed to shut down these schools for the rest of the week. back here live all of the schools elementary through middle school to high school was shut down this week and then reassess after clean up is done to see how much long their will last. for now guys, back to you. >> okay, sabina. we will talk about that all week long. 7:05. a temple student in miami, is shot and killed by police there they say the to 22-year old attempted to run down a patrol officer.
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>> no. >> that was the scene when it happened there, they whipped out their cell phones and took videos. this was a young woman, transfer student who just transferred into temple university. lets get out to steve keeley to explain what we know, steve >> reporter: her name was kerry ann hyphen she wasn't on the campus long since transferring here for her senior year, she was an honor student planning to graduate in the spring with the political science degree and go to law school. she was there in south beach for the long holiday weekend. it turnout to be last day she was alive. she's down there in the car with a guy and for some reason she runs into a truck, stopped at a red light. and then backs up, and then drives away, people are trying to get her to stop, pedestrians on the street, south beach is like ocean city boardwalk on the holiday weekend. she goes through red light, crashes through other cars
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including a retired homicide detective from miami. backs up, goes again, by this time all of the officers are on regular foot patrol and have her car surround. she runs over one knocking one unconscious, another fellow officer on foot patrol feels he has nothing to do but to shoot and try to stop her from killing anybody. >> he rear ended it. after she rear ended it she drove off again and ran over a police office ever and then after that shots were fired. >> i heard five gunshots and saw pigeons flying away and then a crash. >> reporter: there is a lot of questions but karen and mike, the most obvious one will be answered by blood tests. was she under the influence of something. if so did somebody put something in her drink. this is dinner time on sunday. it wasn't like she was at a club late at night and still daylight. so the guy who was with her, was not shot, and even though police fired four gunshots into that car. he was questioned, released.
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police did not identify him. i don't know if he was a local guy or from maryland where she lived with her family outside d.c. or somebody she just met. that is another unanswered question we don't have an answer for just yet either. >> owe die, all right, steve, thank you. this just happened a septa bus driver walking to work shot in the leg at bridge and diamond street, it happened during an attempted robbery. thank goodness a good samaritan drove the driver to temple hospital. that person is in stable condition. oh, man this is unbelievable, footage, governor of california has declared his state a state of emergency. >> lets get to thomas. we're talking about the wild fires. this is a really bad situation not under control. >> they need all of the help they can get. 6,000 fire fighters are up against the clock battling 15 wild fires across the state, many simply not contained.
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lets go to northern california first. one of the biggest scorching the state's famous wine country killing at least 10 people and burning over 1500 homes and businesses, and the fire in northern california, ignited sunday night quickly spread because of the extremely dry conditions and low humidity. officials say more than 20,000 people have been evacuated, some with little notice. southern california more than 5,000 homes evacuated as fire crews to battle a wild fire. blaze destroyed 6,000 achers there and destroyed dozens of, homes in orange count a loan. plumes of smoke were visible over disney land and officials issued air quality warnings for parts of the los angeles county. police say those fires have not been contained. >> been here 45 years, great neighborhood. it will be a lot of work getting it back. it is mother nature at her worse, i guess. >> looking at fire damage here it is not hard to see why so
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many mandatory evacuation order are in place, more than 100,000 people are now without power, in just two counties alone. that number is expected to rise along with the amount of the fatalities. my daughter is really upset. 2,000 homes and businesses. burn to the ground, yesterday. 7:10. authorities leading the las vegas shooting investigation they come up with a different time line now. >> well, they now think that the shooting of the security officer actually happened, before the mass shooting. >> in the hotel room in the lobby or hotel hallway. >> what he think happened is shooter stephen paddock shot at that hotel security guard in the hallway through his door minutes before he then later opened fire on that entire concert that was below him and create that had carnage. >> that is difference. they thought that happened after the mass shooting. >> or during middle and transpired and that is when that swat team improvised came up and handled that situation: they say he shot the guard in
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the leg through the door of the suite, six minutes before i fired into that large crowd. the sheriff also says that the suspect fired at some fuel tanks which did not explode, to create a diversion of some sort. we still don't know the motive but we are learning more about his back story about who he may be. investigators say they have been putting information together with his family. they have been doing interviews and getting information about him and his troubles. president trump may be trying to win over the republican establishment after a twitter spat, broke opened, deep divide. where we getting this information that he is trying to heel things up but we are investigating that. the president spared with a prominent g.o.p. senator, bob corker, i have a feeling doug luzader is all over this one, the soap opera continues. >> good morning, yes it is something of the soap opera. as far as healing the rift, every weekend the white house is staked out and we saw
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yesterday, playing golf, watch president trump head out for columbus day golf outing with a friend of sorts, south carolina senator lindsey graham. when when trump mocked graham during primaries but all set aside with graham even tweet ing how bad did he beat me? i did better in the presidential race then today on the golf course. great fun. great host. not so much warmth from senator bob corker who publicly said president could in his word put us on the path to world war three. another republican, saying corker and trump should knock it off. >> he shouldn't made remark but president should not allowed himself to get dragged in the fights. >> they could create head count problems on capitol hill for white house where president need just about every republican vote in the senate to get anything done. todd that report that some in the president's cabinet have been critical of the president , including rex tillerson, something tillerson denies but one leading republican foreign policy
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voice says there has to be discipline. >> he makes the decision and then you toe the line. when the time comes that you cannot toe the line anymore you resign that it is honorable thing to do. >> president need support particularly on foreign policy issues right now, dealing with hot spots like north korea and iran. mike and karen. >> former vice-president joe biden will be in our area bucks county today, vice-president former vice-president, will be in warminster announcing a new partnership between beau biden foundation and doyletown health. partnership is to teach adults how to prevent and react to child sexual a abuse. the event will be held at ann 's choice a retirement community starting at 1:00 that have noon. it is also last day to register if you want to be voting in the elections next month in pennsylvania. all you have to does submit your voter application on line , or you can print one out , mail one in, only thing you have to make sure it isopod marked by today to be
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able to vote in november 7th. my vote, sue serio. >> for what? >> anything. >> wouldn't you like to have sue running stuff. >> i would. >> well, you know, lots of fun , days off good weather, treats. >> sue for queen. >> be careful what you wish for. >> we have a cold front that came through yesterday, all rain from nate is way out of here. now we are anticipating this next system that will be visiting us tomorrow, probably in the afternoon with some rain. we will be rain free today. is there your gift from the queen and half of tomorrow. there is some cloud rolling in from the west, already. but for most of us we will be seeing sunshine finally that the official sunrise time has happened, as far as the timing of this rain not to day just some cloud on the future cast, some cloudy skies to start the day on wednesday, the afternoon and evening it looks like we will see, some rain
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here and there, lingering, into thursday morning and hopefully clearing out by thursday afternoon. and, get rid of everything by thursday. and, we have reduced visibility, and, and and, you can see arrows, wind coming from the north, that will enable dew point toss drop during the day-to-day. that means humidity will be lower. 70 degrees in philadelphia. sixty's to the north of us. fifty-nine in the mountains. seventy-one in wildwood. normal high is 69. we are well above that already we went to 81 degrees yesterday. we will be at 84 today. ironically that is just what i said on 101.1 more fm, earlier today a will be again. 84 degrees will be our high. now we are hearing it three times bob kelly. eighty-four is going to be our
7:16 am
high today. >> eighty-four. >> that is right. >> 101.1 radio partner. >> 7:16. we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway rolling, people dipping in their lunch bags here. we are bumper to bumper from king of prussia in the conshohocken curve, almost an hour to make it pennsylvania this accident scene. a dump truck and vehicle in the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway. we will notice, i don't know what happened. past couple weeks they have been paving the schuylkill. last night they were slicing lines with the big saw in what would have been the right lane you can see the markings right here. i don't know why after they did a nice smooth paving projects they are now cutting up the new asphalt. we will try to get an answer on that one. septa regional rails slippery rails because of the leaves getting knocked down, doyletown, thorndale line running with a couple delays and willow grove, southbound lanes of 611 right before the turnpike watch for a crash.
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who ising to the bruno mars concert. >> i am mike's front row. >> i don't know about that. >> on the way home they are shutting down the schuylkill expressway. >> what? >> westbound lanes will be closed tonight at about 10:00 o'clock. so i know concert will not be over until after 10. anyone leaving south philadelphia coming through into the city you have to get& off at 30th and right back on. best bet go north 95 and cross town on the vine expressway. >> this is fantastic, that is great excuse for not coming in tomorrow. >> you're late. >> i got on the schuylkill they closed it down and i was trapped. >> i could walk back. >> i was injured. >> speaking of that, injured. >> here we go, look at cover, joel embiid as you know is making 170 million-dollar over five years. fantastic. here's the article. pretty good one too. is it worth risk? eytan sander, is it worth the
7:18 am
risk? >> of course, it is worth risk on top of that are canadian you weren't here last time i was on with mike i got ripped to shred for t-shirt i was wearing. i want an apology as i'm wearing a blazer for you. >> i apologize lou fantastic. >> we appreciate it. so do our viewers. >> we have been told you have no pants on. >> it raised ohio. yes, it is worth money. anybody nervous, scared, don't be. he is so good he makes such a difference when he is healthy, it is necessarity you get him locked up. you can't wait, couple more days you have a deadline before you lock him up to this big contract it had to be done >> is he going to play. >> idon't have a crystal ball here, i don't have a magic eight ball i can shake or anything like. that yes, he will play. from what i hear team will
7:19 am
allow him to play back to back i think we all thought there would never be a reality where he would be playing back to back. you cannot pay him that have money and that big a salary and still baby him. lets expect him to play, based on the amount of money he is being paid. >> joel, we will pay you 170 million-dollar, and you have to play almost every game. >> good job. that is what you do. >> he wants to play. lets in the forget he wants to play. >> this was a kid last year when he was held out all he wanted to do was get back on there told trainers, coaching staff i'm good. he wants to be out there. >> no question. why the sixers stink so bad last night, i know it is exhibition. >> yes, it is exhibition but at the same time it is not lake there is in reason to be concerned. their defense right now ace attorney us. like here in my ear piece they are having a hard time
7:20 am
transition defense. they can't get back on defense they will not only get killed by good teams but mediocre thing. it is not a skill or a talent, it is an effort thing. that can get better. this is not a great team it is a decent team trying to get good this year. >> remind me of andrew bynum remember when thousands office people at national constitution center. >> andrew bynum, what? where is this coming from. >> well, i was over there at national constitution center, thousands of fans came out. he he never played. >> joel embiid was better in one second. >> true. >> then andrew bynum ever was. >> we're good. >> as long as embiid plays 40 gamesy like your partner's tweet that said markelle fultz is having trouble and ben simmons had trouble at free throw line but markelle, he is not a pie warm pie that is being cooked, he is a frozen
7:21 am
pie and need to be that you had first. >> that is right, lot of these guys are half baked and he is frozen. you need to thaw somebody out. run them under warm water and thaw it out. >> not a very good way to thaw out a turkey, putting it under warm water. >> listen, i don't thaw my turning that i way i thaw my chicken breast that is what i. >> of course, you do. thanks, gentlemen. >> you look fantastic. >> just for you, mike he is learning. >> he will be on tv. middle school in our area and some kid in trouble for what they were saying and what he this were doing. this was friday night lights football game. the administration said we will use this as a teachable moment. we will get both side together kid were throwing rocks at a high school. >> and bad word and names that were hurtful. mcdonald's makes a mess of
7:22 am
a weekend promotion release of the limited addition sauce i like their sauce creating outrage. >> people thought it was fraud >> well... >> they have really limited numbers. they had hundreds of people standing out there and they had really limited. >> we are talking about packets of the sauce. >> it goodies sauce. >> vegan too
7:23 am
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you know i love the barbecue sauce at mcdonald's. i dip my chicken nuggets. a.m., i go barbecue sauce. i wanted to try this sauce that they were trying out but they ran out of packets. tell me what happened, lauren. >> karen, mike good morning, it is chicken mcnugget, right. >> right. >> i do this sweet and sour sauce. we are talking about barbecue, sweet and sour little, little packets. is there a sauce, that is like a plum sauce that is a colt favorite, who knew. people did know. mcdonald's said they were bringing it back for a limited time. i'm not joking. thousands of people across the
7:26 am
country lined up, only to find out they made just a couple dozen of these sauces. they sold out like that. people got violent. upset. >> what? >> in one location police had to be called in. >> where was that. >> mcdonald's is going okay. >> it was at a mcdonald's in florida. >> okay. >> mcdonald's says we were sorry, we didn't know you will be able to get more of these sauces. in the meantime that little packet, i don't know how much you paid for it, i saw one for 300 bucks on e bay. >> hold on, people like this sauce, so much they were buying it for $300 on ebay. >> one is listed on e bay for that muchy don't know if anybody bought it. >> i want to taste this. >> yes. >> i kind of do too. >> it is hard to say. >> it had to be a mistake. >> is he, i mean come on you make 20 packets for
7:27 am
350 million people. >> several listing on e bay. >> thanks very much. if you wait out there in line for hours and hours and you have 20 packets. >> people were furious. >> first of all, if you wait hours and hours for a packet of sauce i think you may be just leave the country. >> hey, general general. >> i mean thin the heard. >> okay. he is right, i hate to say this but he is absolutely right. you guys, it is here, it it is fright fest we are at six flags great adventure. this is their busiest time of the year. we will show you why, look, creepy clown, come on back, we are having a great time.
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i played a doctor on tv, but now i'm helping save lives for real. i'm partnering with cigna healthspring to remind everyone how important preventive care is to people my age. so go, know, and take control of your health. cigna healthspring. together, all the way. i have a question, karen hepp. >> yes. >> if you had to guess, where are the healthiest people in center city philadelphia or out in the suburbs. >> that is a good question people in the suburbs have trails, hiking and we have more in the sit. >> well, you have pollution in the city but that is a good question? we will answer. also do your kid one of the most popular down load in the app store, the to be honest app, tbh app allowing users to rate your kid, is
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that a good thing? we will put it to the test. we will explain. normally these apps are fruit with problems. can i just spill the beans? mom and dad, this is a good app. >> this is different. >> 7:31 here's sue. >> bus stop buddy, celebrating national cake decorating day. what a balancing act there shade on buddy now, it is mild and still on the muggy side, temperatures in the 60's and zero seven's but will get better. we have cloud out to the west but generally look at that a lot of sunshine, great start to the day, looks pretty out there, whole different then yesterday when rain was arriving just about now. 70 degrees at the moment and we're heading later on to a high of 84 degrees. feeling like summer once again but a cool change is on the way and we will talk about it, coming up, bob kelly. >> sue, good morning everybody we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound lanes, of the schuylkill expressway, right at the conshohocken curve and
7:32 am
it happened before the sun came out here. we are looking live at a dump talk and couple cars off to the right shoulder. it is eastbound stacked and packed from kop into conshohocken. good morning to bellmawr, new jersey. headlights crawling from approaching the ac expressway in. after the holiday first day back is always a busy one and we're jammed up, on the doyletown thorndale lanes because of some slippery rails an accident willow grove, southbound 611 right at blair million road, and pennsy turnpike stack up westbound in toe that willow grove interchange, mike, back over to you. >> mike, thanks. i used to love in high school going to the friday foot football games, rival team often hurl insults at each other but officials say what happened at a football game in quakertown the other night was more than poor sports man ship. as cheltenham high school's football team arrived in quakertown for friday night's home coming game witnesses
7:33 am
told officials from both schools that quakertown fans began to throw rocks at the cheltenham bus and spotted racial slurs. >> our cheerleaders, members of our band, were insulted using racial terms the most divisive terms you can use. >> the n word was used. >> the n word. >> reporter: superintendent of quakertown school district is a cheltenham grad himself. he says that a dozen middle school students were interviewed, and two, eighth graders were identified as the culprits. >> my heart's broken. fortunately it is just a few children and i say children, middle school students but they embarrassed me, embarrassed the school board and our community. >> well, doctor is here with us on good day philadelphia thanks for coming in from the superintendent of the schools there and chad last ter
7:34 am
president of the penn. doctor, lets start with you. like you said right there disheartened, how are you doing today on tuesday, i guess you have talked about this and with the students there. >> well this has been going on in my life since late friday night and a pol guys to the cheerleaders and to the team and visitors from cheltenham my alma matter. i was embarrassed. since friday night we have been investigating this and took this very seriously. we found out the names of the few that were very vial in their word, and we took appropriate action. >> we have done a number of live shows in quakertown, just wonderful, wonderful people but it only takes a couple i guess, right, doctor. >> i will tell you behind me the other night we had probably had three to 4,000 fans. it was a lovely night. it was our home coming. it was or senior night. our marching ban put on their full performance for
7:35 am
competition. it was a great night. it got very sour. but i will tell you it was sour for some of the cheltenham cheerleader and that was incredibly unfortunate. a pol guyed to the superintendent, on saturday and a pol guys todd him again yesterday. >> chad, i hear both side say this is a teachable moment, is it. >> certainly a teachable moment. beauty is you have two school districts and two passionate superintendents who are working and collaborative to make sure that we address this other thing too is that one of the things we need to do when talking about racial identity and racial formation we need to include these young people 's parents. we need to find out if these are things happening in the home, if this is something young people are seeing in the larger society when we look at some of the things with our president, some of the things in charlottesville and make a matter out of interpretation so we can structure things for them. >> do you find it a, teachable moment doctor harper. >> this is an incredible teach
7:36 am
able moment. i sent out a blog to my 6700 closest friend, my parents and faculty, letting them know what happened. i put on your film length from last evening's news to share with them and ask them to have that teachable moment at home. i asked our teachers this morning to do that also. our high school principal reached out to the cheltenham high school principal and we will get our student bodies together and we will make sure that this, we put a try to put a happy face on a very sat situation but we will get behind it. >> this is what need to happen we don't want to punish these young people. i can speak for those officials at cheltenham school district. they met with the cheerleaders they spoke about passion, having courage under fire. they talk bin telling grit. they borrowed from michelle obama when they go low we go high. i think both of these schools have an opportunity to come together and foster dialogue around conversations of race
7:37 am
and we will all be better for it. up to the adults to make sure we provide that leadership. >> no question but these are young middle schoolers. >> that is beauty of it, mike they are young middle schoolers and we can reshape the world for them at this tender age. >> what about some punishment, what would be so bad about that? doctor, what will happen to these two that have been isolated. >> they are going to be disciplined accordance with our student code of construct what do you think should happen there, you say don't punish them. >> they have a code of conduct they have to implement that. what i'm saying, we should not cast them on it. we need to bring them in the community of the martin luther king spoke about and this can happen. leadership that this superintendent is, displaying and our collogue over at cheltenham high school is beauty of it all that we can get beyond this. >> doctor, i have to tell you i handled this really well. >> well, thank you, sir, i
7:38 am
will tell you, my community came out in response to my e-mail to my 6700 parents, and family, and members and teachers and they came back with a wonderful response last night. we are playing cheltenham here this afternoon, in soccer at 3:30a lieutenant of our parents have already came back and said they will put banners out and show up in force and i let cheltenham necessity that we're taking this seriously. we are embarrassed but make the best of it great gesture. >> good luck to you, sir. >> thank you, doctor. but again chad real quickly here they are so young these kid that are throwing roxanne racial slurs, where are they learning that stuff. >> that is why parents are really essential to get to the bottom of this thanks, chad. thank you.
7:39 am
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when there were no statues of philadelphia in woman, i walk by it every day it is in rittenhouse square. i don't know why she's holding a dead goose. >> she looks like a goddess. the 10 women we named were not bible features. looking at that draping that she is wearing. >> who is she pint pointing at >> she's point ago the rouge, mike, over there. >> yes, it is very deliciousy just killed a duck. >> okay. so, have you ever walked across the bridge and it is glass, plexiglas, walk down, and look down. >> now watch this, somebody is crossing the bridge.
7:43 am
>> he is freaking out. >> your life passes before your eye. >> it will break and fall thousands office feet to his death. >> get this. >> it is, fake. it is a stunt. what would you call it. >> a a gimmick, that is video of glass breaking and they make glass breaking sound as you are doing it. >> it it is neat. >> not when you first have a heart attack. >> is it neat. >> it is cool to see. >> it is video under the glass with sound effects of breaking glass you think you will die. >> what we find humor us. >> that cannot happen in the united states because lawyers would be, well, i will not say anything bad about lawyers because i need one but somebody could sue. >> i had a heart attack. >> it was fake. >> bruno mars tonight, i will go to this concert because alex holley is forcing me and
7:44 am
i had to get her a ticket. >> you will have so much fun. >> we will have fun. >> what row will you be >> we will have fun. >> what row will you be sitting in so people (closed captioning is being provided as a public service by cn8.) by. >> look at you. >> i do not take many selfies. my eyes hurt. bruno mars 32nd boys day. >> let's make him a cake. >> it was monday. >> well that would be yesterday i think. anyway. it was sunday. it was sunday. that makes no difference because he is performing tonight. i will take him a cake backstage, take him a cake and need to decorate witt your help. >> i bet you get invited to an after party, backstage on the tour bus. >> somebody call the boss i won't be in tomorrow. from mars to jen, hey, jen >> my god where are you it it is fright fest, yes, would you think i'm in some kind of foreign super duper creepy kind of place.
7:45 am
guess what i am. six flags in great adventure is transform. is there too many some ease and too much smoke. we will tell you is what happening.
7:46 am
hey, girlfriend. how's your café au lait? oh, it's actually... (squeaking of balloon) it's ver... (squeaking) i'm being so serious right now. i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... (squeaking of balloon, laughing) i had a second balloon! goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, it happens to more people than you think. try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose.
7:47 am
mmm. good, right? yeah. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. and now, try our real sour cream. it's delicious. we start backup through cherry hill down to the 42
7:48 am
freeway. on the freeway we go heavy from the ac x in toward walt whitman. first day back after the holiday always jams around the board from the school buses and everybody heading back to work. here's the benny stacke up into downtown philadelphia heavy on the schuylkill expressway in the tunnels here , exiting for 30th street station and center city. put your deodorant on using norristown line within of the trains has no air conditioning at the moment, according to septa, we will work on that one. i know we will go to the bruno mars concert tonight. guess what, on your way out the door grab a big pretzel for ride home using the schuylkill because tonight they intend to close the schuylkill with construction at 30th street station at 10:00 o'clock and that will remain in effect until tomorrow morning. sue has your tuesday forecast in 15.
7:49 am
7:49. look at the fall foliage. this is the pocono mountains. gorgeous start to the day. few cloud around left over from yesterday when we had all that rain but things should be clearing up a little bit. you see those cloud to the west that is what we're talking about. yesterday's rain in nova scotia so today we are left with sunshine and 70 degrees walking out the door in lancaster at 66. sixty-five in allentown. go to the north it is 59 degrees in the mountains where we saw pretty leaves changing. seventy-three in cape may right now and 73 in rehoboth beach. we are heading to a high in the mid 80's again, and another summer kind of day but then we will cool down with highs in the 60's but then we will warm up again over the weekend maybe a few showers in the morning on saturday, rest of the weekend, already looks
7:50 am
great, guys. >> okay, big game thursday night, sue you know that down in charlotte. could you give me weather in charlotte at some point today. >> sure. >> thanks, sue. >> it is a lot of fun this weekend. >> yes. >> given that we have a game on thursday. it means whole weekend opened. penn state has a bye weekend. here's great thing to do. jen's is someplace that is scary fun and get out there and have a good time. is what happening, jen. >> so we want to thank our sponsor six flags. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i was surprised to learn this is your busiest season of the year. >> people love being scared, they love fright if he and coming out for our world class coasters. >> these zombies are personal friends they are allowed to touch us. in the park they are not allowed to touch people coming here. >> you come to get scared but they will not touch you. don't worry about that. >> touching, is there touching >> but the ride are going while this is happening. >> yes. >> one of the reasons people
7:51 am
visit is for rides our coast ers are running. >> friday night starts at 5:30 it is like the dark gets in. there are opportunities if you have a little guy or girl who doesn't want to be scar. >> thrills by day, 11 to 6:00 it is family friendly fall theme, wear their costumes trick or treat and great time for the family. after 6:00 it gets very scary. >> so, we have, hi, baby. we have all of this happening, you had numbers, like way more than this for numbers in terms of the zombies and what can expect. >> we have 225 zombies, it takes 11 make up artists to get them ready. we have two new won this year. five scare zones, a new scare zones plus 11 fright fest shows. >> do you have a favorite. >> i really love the unleashed show. >> what is that. >> acrobatics, dance, theme, scarry can we show them at 9:00. >> yes. >> all right. >> ladies and gentlemen you
7:52 am
are so pretty. >> they to look pretty. >> it is getting to be daylight. >> they will have to, you know , crawl back in their holes soon but they are here to join us for nowy need a big steam of the fog because you can do a trick, should i try it. >> should i do it. suck it in and then what. >> i dit a little bit. >> ae you happy. >> you are an honorary fright fest zombie. >> we will be here all morning and we will show animals at 8:00. >> we have creepy chrisers in one of our daytime shows plus magic from the side show of oddities. >> we have q show interns, john and we will freak him out , that is what we will do at 8:00. he says he doesn't want to have snakes touching him. say hi, john. is there john. we will freak him out. >> i see it. >> crazy. >> thanks, jen favorite walking zombie. 7:52. who is more likely to be obese
7:53 am
people in the city or people living in the suburbs. we will bring in our doctor mike coming up next to break this down and give us an answer, who do you think. if your skin had a wash label
7:54 am
7:55 am
what would it say? 50% freckles. 70% unique. no matter your label all skin deserves gentleness. that's why dove is sulfate-free. the number 1 body wash recommended by dermatologists.
7:56 am
okay. we have been asking the question all morning if you live in center city philadelphia, are you healthier then people out in the suburbs? we saw a study. >> so doctor mike's here, mike just said something in the break i'm trying to contemplate we will reveal in just one moment. >> she's talking about foot fungus, does your husband or boyfriend have foot fungus. lets start with that, hoist healthier, hi doctor mike, good morning. >> you live in the city. you walk more. you will have less weight gain and the study show you will be healthier, unless you live in a suburb kind of like you guys >> what does that have to do witt running trails and stuff like that.
7:57 am
>> parks. if you have income like that you can buy things like a trainer and you can go to the gym and all that stuff. >> health care. >> yes. >> if you live out in the suburbs and like most of us you have to drive to places, so i will not exercise as much >> can you walk to a convenient store doctor mike in your hood. >> yeah, yeah. >> do you. >> no. you will get hit by a truck or a car. >> people living in center city fill are healthier then suburb people. >> what about small town america, haddonfield,s media, malverns, any small town area doyletown people can walk around. >> what about conshohocken. >> well, media, i'm there a lot, it is a great place and people walk all over the place it is a very cool place. >> just by a little bit, city foulke more healthy. >> yes, look, what you need to do is where ever you live you live healthy.
7:58 am
like you do, karen. >> i'm healthy. this is a trend for guys. i do this until my woman friend said why don't you wear socks. guys are wearing, going without socks wearing suits. i remember sheneille who used to do this show she said her husband ojay didn't have socks on at their wedding. hey sam, i'm waiting for pictures with guys with no socks. that is what i'm driving at here. >> there you go. >> i see this all the time. >> it is a good look in the warm months. it is a nice look. >> it is kind of hip. >> yes. look at that. >> but you get sweaty and stinky and can create athletes foot and that lead to toe fungus. >> may we show another picture of how sexy it is. you get stinky feet. not good. because what happens is if you don't have socks, that is
7:59 am
toenail fungus one of the things that can happen. then you can get a fungus infection of your feet. we call that a fungus. look at that. >> now the socks suck up and absorb moisture and they keep it dry so your feet don't stink. you don't get fungus. >> i have a question. >> there is a lot of fungus among us. >> well, are you going to explain. >> when i was in high school i didn't wear socks. never mind. >> where is your foot. >> show me a foot. >> is there anyway to get rid of toe fungus they said my liver would be blown out if i took too much. >> there are a couple ways to treat it, topical meaning you paint your toenails. there is topical medication for fungus. >> does that work. >> yeah, yes, you have to stick witt. >> i don't like to use oral medicines because it is
8:00 am
somewhat, you have to watch your liver because it is in the liver it is hard to see my liver. >> doctor mike, thank you. >> i love you too. >> he has beautiful feet, have you ever seen his feet. >> i haven't. >> like a ballerina. >> "good day philadelphia", it is tuesday october 10th 2017. local students put at risk frustrated parents confront new jersey school officials about mold. their solution, we will lock the doors to the school this week. plus it is a trump family feud. >> i'm basically first wife, i'm first lady, okay. >> president trump's ex-wife ivana makes a pretty bold claim how melania trump is firing back to defend her first lady title. well, it seems to be the teenagers favorite app now but
8:01 am
would mom and dad approve? we put it to the test. what you need to know about the to be honest app that allows users to rate your child. >> ♪ >> birthday boy bruno the star making his way to our city just days after celebrating his 32nd birthday and we are cook up a delicious surprise for him. >> i got a surprise, i'm taking alex holley because she's a big fan and we will show tape when she showed bruno mars in a second, two or three years old now. >> wow. >> to kind of get backstage i will make a cake for bruno mars. >> entree. >> his birthday was sunday. i don't want to say happy birthday but you know, funky philly or whatever. so we brought a chef in. she has, hi marie. hi, how are you. >> that is maria gleeson in
8:02 am
classic cakes. you know them in cherry hill, new jersey. we need a bruno mars theme cake, okay. >> okay. >> do you that and then, if you pan to the right, we have got three cakes that are basically opened canvases. if you drop that i swear to god there is a third cake there: i will do one. karen do you want to do one. >>sure, cake decorating day. >> sue will do one. >> my first job was in a bakery. i learned how to write, happy birthday and stuff. >> maria, ready to go. >> get started. we will see what you can do in an hour. >> 8:02. talking about excellent. >> yes. >> check out the weather outside, nice. >> it is a nine out of 10. we have budd which his shade on. decided to try his hand at cake decorating. wow, that one looks good. balancing act there. we have got some cloud moving
8:03 am
in. you may see cloud here and there throughout the day but it is pretty looking up at the sky. 71 degrees right now. average high is 69. we are above the average high. we will sore to 84 degrees today. seventy-nine in wildwood. lower 70's in the poconos mountains to day all and all feeling like summertime at lee for today bob kelly but things will change. >> well, we will take it, enjoy it while we can. hello to northeast philadelphia, southbound lanes of i-95 all jammed up because we had a disable in the center lane until just a few moments ago. we have a push off there at cottman. there goes the tow truck. southbound i-95 heavy from wood have men to downtown. put 35 or 40 minutes. heavy on the been friday mid span into downtown. first day back to work. that first day back is always a little crazy. accident on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, it is between willow grove and philadelphia taking out two left lanes.
8:04 am
is there the backup on the eastbound side a vehicle fire for gang down the shore,e on the atlantic city expressway right at garden state parkway, exit number seven there, otherwise mass transit minor delays on the regional rails, mike and karen back over to you. kid scattering all over in south jersey mold shuts down six schools for the rest of the week. >> and so parents are so concerned they had a huge meeting, emergency meeting last night and they were very angry at school board members because they are like what are we go to go do what will happen next week. lets get to sabina, sabina? respiratory problem and then find out there might be mold in the school you would be really upset. and, that meeting yesterday, with tons of parents, absolutely pack to the brim. this high school auditorium, and, upset because, the mold issues have been handled properly by the district. they were accusing district
8:05 am
officials of knowing about the issue way in advance before they alerted parents to it. basically last week one of the elementary schools, one out of the four had to be shut down because of a report that the district had mold inside a building from the ceiling right down to the floor. so after they shut down that elementary school district went ahead, made a huge decision to shut down all of the schools and clean them all out. parents going back and forth with administration officials last night. let's hear their concerns. >> unaudible. >> why would it have to go to all these committees fit is something that need to be expedited. >> i will tell you that this issue never never ever came across my committee. had it come across my committee, anybody that knows me knows i would have blown this up. >> reporter: fiery back and
8:06 am
forth last night, now you're looking at a picture of mold that was, taken from actually inside, one of the schools, and, right now, school district thinks all this mold is coming from an outdated, air conditioning system and as you heard there district is saying they didn't have advanced knowledge. schools remain closed throughout this week and they will reassess situation as it continues, guys. >> follow it all day long and tomorrow as well. thank you. 8:06. we now know developing at temple a student has been fatally shot in miami by police after she was struck a patrol officer with her vehicle while trying to flee the scene of an accident on sunday. she's 22-year old. kerry ann, driving erratically police say drove through some red lights and hit some other cars in her path. then she was shot four or five times. >> she died. all right.
8:07 am
former vice-president joe biden is in bucks county today , vice-president biden, former, will be in warminster announcing a new partnership between beau biden foundation and doyletown health. partnership to teach adults how to prevent and react to sexual abuse of our children. the event will be held at ann 's choice a retirement community that starts at 11:00 . president trump doesn't seem to be the only one at the white house getting into a feud these days. >> my goodness this one between his wife and ex-wife, one of them at burleigh first lady melania trump has found herself defending her own title of being first lady who was the first, first lady. this comes after president trump's first wife ivana said during an interview well, i think she was being a little tongue and cheek, you know, facetious she said i was the original first lady. >> i don't want to cause any kind of jealousy or something like that because i'm
8:08 am
basically first wife, i'm first lady, okay. >> now, i cannot imagine melania being threatened. >> apparently she was, she felt like she had to put out a statement. she had her people put out a statement. embrace the role that she's already in. she fired back. >> what did she say. >> well, she said all kind of noise from a x and she's trying to promote a book but now she's going to be selling thousands more books. >> ivana has a book out raising trump. >> raising trump. >> she raised his three children. >> three of the five. >> ivana. >> unbelievable situation in california, 6,000 fire fighters up against the clock this morning battling 15 different wild fires from northern california to south. adam housely is up close and personal, welcome to philadelphia. you are in napa.
8:09 am
>> reporter: yes, basically. >> he is in napa california where some of the war fires were and we cannot hear him. >> i can hear him just fine. >> go ahead. >> no worries, yeah mike we are in napa, we are in the oak mill area in the trail for people coming to the valley, one of them really a start of the wine trail on the east side, that is where we are right now where this fire has burned through 24 hours ago. we're in front of the waynery here. i grew up just down the street here, bottom of the hill, you can see this winery is gone. by some accounts as many as 15 that have been damaged or destroyed but homes is the matter. around here, my parent's house down the hill is still here. three or four neighbors homes burned to the ground. as you go down basically toward the country club where they had pga event, just on sunday just a couple hours before the fire ripped through there, they had final round of the pga tournament safeway opened. i cannot even tell you how
8:10 am
many homes burned down all the way to the edge of the fair way. it seems like maybe more than half in that area alone. then fire over in santa rosa which burned in the neighborhood there that is 30 miles as crow flies in sono ma counties in another wine region of the northern bay area a lot of problems here, we still have fires burning around here 15 all told, ratees death toll is 11. that number will go up i can guarantee thaw and numbers missing, or missing person reports is over 100, guys. >> that is kind of unusual in these situations, so many people missing, adam because normally you get a warning but this thing, this thing spread is it santa ana wind. >> reporter: it is over 100 missing person sports just in sonoma county and it could be because is there no cell service, very little land line service here and no power in either valley. busiest time of the year for
8:11 am
tourism here is basically shut down. there is no picking of the grapes. that is much less important then loss of lives, but, you know, you have a situation where similar to santa ana, and, and, this is an area that doesn't get that kind of win. people weren't expecting that. >> another natural disaster. adam, thanks. images are shocking taking a look at that. >> get a chance, google a satellite image of a neighborhood, with probably a hundred houses in it yesterday morning just fine n3 or four hours all are gone. >> i have never seen that before. >> santa ana wind are usually in southern california, a part of orange county and winds get from east to west and they blow that air over to the coast, dries everything up and it goes up like matches. well, they gave her the heave hoe, major celebrities
8:12 am
speaking out against harvey weinstein but woman coming to his defense that is really raising eyebrows. who she blames. my god. is there a new app, a good one for your kid, a lot of them are playing this right now, hoping to score a high rating but how do you get a high rating is different from all of the others. maybe pleased. >> a good app finally. >> um-hmm.
8:13 am
meet steve sweeney. he's a double-dipping pension padder. double-dipping pension padder! he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise
8:14 am
your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder!
8:15 am
get distracted by the cake in here. good morning, everybody, southbound lanes of i-95 heavy from woodhaven down into downtown. we had an earlier accident. everything is damp and wet from that rain we had yesterday. be ready for that. we have wicked sun glare out there this morning. rolling in downtown philadelphia first day back to work after a holiday is always crazy. here's the benny coming into downtown philadelphia, stacked up mid span into eighth and vine a accident on the pennsylvania turnpike it is eastbound juste of willow grove just cleared out but we are bumper to bumper from
8:16 am
valley forge all the way over to willow grove. your forecast for your tuesday sue has got in 15 seconds as requested, the weather for thursday evening, and charlotte, north caroline, it is looking g72 degrees temperature wise it is looking good but there is a chance of a shower at bank of america stadium in charlotte, north carolina on thursday night, eagles hope they are resting up because it is short turn around. we have a few cloud moving from the west but bright sunshine here in philadelphia looking good, it will get started to day. seventy-one in the city. sixty-six in allentown. dover delaware 70, same in atlantic city. we have seven day forecast that has a lot of ups and
8:17 am
downs in it. eighty-four. cooler tomorrow. seventy-five with a chance of some showers and then thursday , also a chance of showers and high of 67. another cool one on friday. these are seasonal temperatures but then we will warm up again over the weekend temple plays connecticut at noon on saturday. >> thanks, sue. >> karen, no, sue, beautifully done, this is karen. >> hi. >> i will be mike these apps that kid use to rate themselves, they are no good because people get their feelings hurt. >> i found one that does work. i thought this was a fascinating thing, it is called to be honest or tbh and it is one of the most popular down loads in the apple app store and it is free. so, sit as good as people talking about? we decided to bring in an expert, stephanie humphrey. >> good morning. >> karen says it is good, do you agree. >> it is good, sort of, for right now.
8:18 am
i see that it could become very problematic very quickly because literally, from yesterday when i was testing to it this morning they have added some new functionality that might make it a little bit of a problem. >> is what premise of the app. >> it is trying to be anti version of the other anonymous app that is allowed kid to be so mean and to cyber bully each other. so it gives you a poll question like a senior superlative and who has best smile, who is cutest, who body be most likely to go out with or whatever and you get four choices of your friends who you connect with on the app and you pick one. that person gets a jewel if you get pick for any of those things, it is all quote unquote nice things for now. >> okay. >> supposed to encourage self esteem and show you how much your friends like you and things like that, but again, super problematic. i will tell you what i am i
8:19 am
got most likely to be on snl, i got best skater and someone would be my plus one to a party. >> i would love that. >> so, what did you put in there. >> i'm a tenth grader at a local high school. that is first problem. there is no way to verify age. anytime i do these apps that we talk about their parents should be concern. i created an account as a child. i'm communicating with other students, other children basically. >> what did you put in there to make them come up with a -- >> these are generated by the company, the superlatives, poll question. >> how would they determine you would be good on saturday night live just because you are a tenth grader. >> the question pops up and four names pop up and they pick the name that is most associated with that. >> that is cute it is super cute you said some things that are starting to be a problem there noise way to verify age. i'm on here has a tenth grader
8:20 am
, that is number one. anonymous parties starting to go away. that was the whole premise it was anonymous great reviews from your friends but they added a feature and the thing that parents like that they thought would keep it safe you could not message people, send dm's, basically. now you can if you screen shot something or rereply to one of the poles you got pick for it will reveal your identity to the person that chose you for that poll. >> what sit called again. >> tbh. >> to be honest. >> ask your kid if they are using it and just talk them through it. >> definitely. >> if i never got an alert would i start to feel bad. >> it is that popular contest everybody wants as many jewels as they can and if you are not getting them you know how will they feely want jewels. >> yes. >> likes on instagram. >> it is same thing. >> that you can to the kid bit steph, good to see you.
8:21 am
hang and for a piece of cake. >> pick up your phone and throw ate begins the wall right now. >> do it. >> what? >> do it. >> why would you break your phone i'll tell you. a lot her backlash for harvey right now not taking it alone there is a woman sticking up for him. this one may surprise you. >> she's a dope. honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...?
8:22 am
what's it doing? impressions start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
8:23 am
8:24 am
it will be a good show tonight i'm taking alex holley she loves bruno mars. do i too. if you go to the show give me a tweet let me know where you are sitting and i won't come down and see you. just kidding. i will take a cake back to bruno mars. that is a live shot in our studio of a chef by the name of maria gleeson from classic cakes. she's doing a bruno mars theme i get the piano theme. >> he likes a lot of flashy, gold, he goes, all in.
8:25 am
>> well, cd 24 car on the magic. >> she has got some gold flake there i see on the table, and, also next to her is our three other cakes, i believe that are blank canvass that we will be decorating. never mind. more hollywood stars are speaking out about movie mogul harvey weinstein and the sex scandal. >> almost all of them are blasting but one big name coming to his defense. lets talk about the people being critical. people who spoken out in his favor before like meryl streep , glenn close, michael keaton, publicly denouncing him. jennifer lawrence said she was deeply disturbed to hear about his misconduct. she was never aware of any of these claims or of harassment in the past. >> pretty much everybody else was. >> it depend if you were the star then i had different treatment then some of the people trying to become stars. jessica chas tane called on her male collogue toss hold
8:26 am
these other account be. president says weinstein for a long time and he wasn't surprised by the allegations. >> how about that. >> i would like to hear from former secretary of state hillary clinton, president obama because they got a lot of money from him. do you see that, that is a fashion designer by the name of donna karen. she's very famous, defended her long time friend harvey. she said harvey's victims may have been asking for it, quote unquote, you look at everything all over the world today and how women are dressing and what they are asking by just presenting themselves the way they do. what are they asking for? trouble. she has lost her mind. >> just one of those blaming victim, it is stunning because of all people it is stunning for her. one of the alleged victims rose mcgowan fired right back saying you are deplorable aiding and a beg ace moral crime. you are scum in a fancy dress.
8:27 am
>> asking for it because that is the way you are dressed. come on donna karen. she makes dresses. >> that is not the personally thought. that is like a long, long, time ago it is surprising you would have someone as a woman designer. i always like her. i find it shocking. >> fright fest i love this when my granddaughter in town, scared the pants off of her. there is jen. >> it is intern appreciation day, say hi to john. he didn't really want to be part of the segment. hi. >> hi boo. >> i'm not talking to you. >> come back we will tell but great things they have going on here.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
i'm full of questions this morning at 8:30. teaching children manners?
8:31 am
social skills. >> whose job is it? should that be taught at home? or in school. >> it has to start at home. it would be nice to reenforce. >> we will discuss there, karen. >> and then latest beauty trend and it is gross, seriously. i'm apologize if you go eat your breakfast. >> nose hair extensions. >> hers look cute and i don't know why because she's like a cat but this is a thing, and maybe you'll try it i have another question for you then, sue serio. >> yes. >> start with you. >> yes. >> i'm so self-conscious us now. >> a man very close to me, very close to me is one of those guys that has hair coming out of his nose and i don't mean just a couple, a lot of hair, a lot of hair. should i say something. it is horrifying. but how do you say it. you've got to trim that.
8:32 am
>> do you buy a nose trimmer. >> that is not a bad idea. >> i say something then i'm inviting that person to say something to me about something they don't like the way i look. >> i never looked at it that way. >> you open the door there. >> i don't want that door opened. >> no. >> nor, do i. so let it go. let it go. sixty's and 70's, our temperatures right now take this lovely decorated cake to school. he has interesting lunches, doesn't he. some cloud out to the west and mixture of sun and cloud here in philadelphia right now. 71 degrees is our current temperature. we have a little bit of breeze out of the north at 7 miles an hour. how about 84 for a high today, summery feel but humidity not as bad as it was yesterday, yeah, tonight down to 65 degrees, pretty comfortable night but things will not stay this warm. we will talk about a cool down coming up as decorate or bob takes over, for traffic.
8:33 am
right now. >> you are just decorating your finger. >> what are you doing. >> he is eating the props. >> give that back to the prop laidy remind me in the to use that bag, please. >> 8:33. northbound i-95, multi vehicle crash right here north bound from approaching broad street, and pushed over to the left, vehicles are stuck behind this sign here and coming from the airport into the city, watch for delays. vehicle fire on the atlantic city expressway eastbound between the parkway and atlantic city and going to the bruno mars concert later tonight on the way home grab one of those big pretzels on the way out the door because penndot is working on the schuylkill that will be closed westbound on 30th starting at 9:00 tonight until 5:00 tomorrow morning mike and karen, back over to you. >> that is a long concert. >> that is not the concert. >> okay. >> thanks, bob.
8:34 am
>> downtown funk you know who has her freak on today, you know what town you should go to in new jersey. >> jackson, new jersey. >> that is right. >> hi there jen, you freak. >> here's the situation. thinks scariest thing we have ever done. good morning again. >> good morning. >> you brought your friend is we have our friend is here. he as nighttime show, side show of oddities and all sort of things including breathing fire. >> i haven't seen it because i didn't want to see it before bye sort of wish i would have seen it. here it is. >> wow, that is insane. >> this is what mike used to look like before he stopped drinking. that is amazing. he does all kind of things. it gets more freaky. >> daytime show that is family friendly. at nighttime show, you never know what to expect.
8:35 am
>> no, no, no. >> all right. >> we will go from one thing over to this. thanks, doctor. gorgeous, and i don't want to kiss you. here we have some people, we saw the gorgeous snake who do we have here. >> this is homer a dragon and all of the animals are, part of the the professor's creepy critters. >> something for little kid to do that is not super scare. >> we have fright by night thrills by day. children of all age can come up to 12. go trick or treating. they can see our fun friend. >> oh, hi. >> not the one behind you. >> but the one with us. >> when you brought our our friends, it is first time i held on to some a zombie. >> who is this. >> this is your rusty, one of our snakes. >> okay. >> he is about 50-pound, he is quite comfortable there. just down from here is samson, all these guys are part of the
8:36 am
professor slitter show where the professor conquers up creepy critters and kid learn about them f they stick around after the show they can get up close and personal with them. >> why is it important to teach kid about animals because you want them to be better citizens of the world. >> a lot of these animals can be invasive, some people get them as pets and don't realize they grow like rusty next to us. even samson was a invasive species in florida. a lot of people get to learn about the animals and learn the importance. >> is he trying to be his friend. >> they do get to know each other pretty well but he is sniffing, smelling the zombies trying to see what they are doing. >> i love it. >> we're in the done. we are sticking around until 9:00. harassing john the intern hasn't finished yet. i'm sure is there something else we can do to him. mike, do you have a favorite? like them all, i will be switzerland there, nicely done
8:37 am
4:36. 8:36. break your phone. can't tell what time it is, there is a reason you my want to break your new phone and not feel guilty bit because you can have an upgrade? we will explain. this is the cake right there for bruno mars is playing in our city, tonight we will decorate some cakes as well on this national cake decorating day, it is a contest. let us know.
8:38 am
8:39 am
hey, guys. where are the cookies for the... bake sale? bake... bake sale? need to bake in a hurry? use new country crock buttery sticks with sunflower oil. there's no softening required. so baking is delicious and easy. ooh, cookies! ah, ah, ah! (laughter)
8:40 am
okay. we will put tonight rice and
8:41 am
dry it out. >> yes. >> then you talk on it for like a month. well, yeah, i'm here. i will throw this in the toilet today. >> why? >> new study shows is there a possibility you are already damaging your phone if you think you will get a new phone if you know an upgrade is coming you will treat it poorly. slap it around a little bit. researchers found that right around the time you upgrade to a new phone comes out people tend to be more reckless with their current phone. they call this upgrade effect, karen. >> well, they say it is not just lasting judgment that people may be unconsciously but to a certain degree are deliberately losing and break ing their phone. >> it is a subconscious thing. >> people are so oddly complicated. >> we are. >> we do weird things. >> this is, this is a complicated thing up here. it used to be mossy and new dried out, it it is like
8:42 am
driftwood. >> tap in that creative and what you can do with cake decorating, on this cake decorating. >> chef maria gleeson, are you still working. >> i'm still working putting on the finishing touches over here. >> she has got a cake that we're taking bruno mars tonight after the concert, maybe before, so it is bruno mars theme. i see piano keys. i see a picture on top. this is the gold. karen, you, sue and i will attempt to make our own cake for bruno. >> okay. what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands.
8:43 am
america runs on dunkin'. it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from.
8:44 am
steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
8:45 am
they are trimming the greens atwoodloch this morning , look at how the trees are changing colors. just beautiful up there this morning. the rain's gone and sunshine has arrived. so lets check some of our weather headlines as we get started this morning. that is a temperature still summery for now, we have mid week rain on the way, that would be tomorrow, and then cooler temperatures, ahead, after that, but they won't
8:46 am
stick around either, right now , and all of the rain, in the remnants of nate, yesterday. 71 degrees in philadelphia. heading to a high of 84. seventy-five for tomorrow with chance of showers, and showers possible on thursday and then by thursday and friday our temperatures are only in the 60's but don't get used to that because by week end we will be in the 80's on sunday so another warming trend, cooling trend, it is crazy. >> ♪ bruno mars in town at wells fargo center. so we will take a cake backstage to him so alex can meet him, take a picture, so maria gleeson is a chef at classic cakes in cherry hill. >> good to see you we wanted a bruno mars, i notice his birthday was on sunday.
8:47 am
combination of bruno mars theme with the birthday cake. >> she did that all just now this morning. >> see, you have a picture of bruno. >> how did do you that. >> you print it out on edible paper. >> yes. >> um-hmm. >> now you have a piano theme going. >> you have some gold flex. >> twenty-four carat magic, gold. >> that is name of his cd. >> name of the whole tour. >> anal bum. >> you have scale, trouble cleft and all that stuff. >> i will write right on top. >> i have to see this. >> so i will hold from it here down so it is in the palm of my hand. >> palm of your hand. >> i have my writing tip, icing ready to go and i always put this under here to keep it from hitting my work. >> under your armpit. >> keep it out of the line of
8:48 am
fire. i use my other hand to hold this study. >> i might use a different color. >> i think you should. sit a certain tip. this is a round tip we use for writing but you can write it any thing you like. >> that says philly funk. >> using f instead of the h. >> just for the funk. >> okay. >> we can use p-h. >> you could. >> whatever you write it all has to be the same thing. >> uniformity. >> take that tip. >> down here. >> dot not touch me. >> just let it fold fantastic. >> what is that.
8:49 am
>> that is a p. >> yes. >> look at that. >> fancy pants. >> now funk. >> do you want a p-h. >> don't funk this up. >> what if i run out of the room on the cake. >> you have plenty, you can do this. >> bruno will be impressed with this. >> sue is a ringer. >> that is gorgeous. >> pin this, how with that. >> that is great. >> nice job. >> mike, i got you green because you wanted different color. >> she makes a lot of money. >> you are damaging the cake. >> he is bold.
8:50 am
>> i ran out of room. >> you got some on your arm, buddy. >> how much is a cake like this. >> fifty bucks. >> fifty bucks. >> hey, di get me that. he will have a lower a giant disco ball in the arena. so what if i put this ball, right on the cake. >> that that is bling. >> there you can decorate around it. >> sure you could. >> okay, maria, thank you. >> glitter. >> you cannot forget. >> that looks good, karen. >> may i. >> sparkle is my favorite color.
8:51 am
>> i'm sure, yeah. >> she necessary how to make a rose. >> the rose died. >> very welcomed. >> we will see you tonight at the concert. it is october which means it is time to think about halloween from spider milk shakes to candy kabobs, fun treats for the kid and the adults, next. grit. some have it. some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide, or stand up. at strayer university, we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up, and work with you every day
8:52 am
to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it.
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strayer university. our bodies grow babies... ...we run marathons... ...companies... ...solve problems. how? we eat. we eat almonds... ...strawberries... ...quinoa. and yeah...we eat chocolate. ♪ we eat in sweatpants... skirts. we eat alone... ...and together. women are strong. we eat, and we own it. special k.
8:54 am
okay. so if you are watching monday night football last night, it was so boring, i went to sleep it was three-two like a baseball game at half time. so i missed this, it is star wars the last jedi the movie's coming out so they had a clip
8:55 am
of it. >> yes. >> come on. >> this is not going to go the way you think. >> they drug out this thing. >> we are excited for this, thinks trailer of the first look of the last film in this whole franchise that they are saying for right now, it opens december 15th in time for christmas. it looks good. i'm excited. it will be huge. >> i'm excited. >> well, my kid will be. we will be there. >> well, it is a beauty trend. no, it is not, but it may, nose hair, nose hair extensions. you know i have seen this in magazines. >> i have never seen it until now and aim not quite appalled
8:56 am
she looks a cute little panda bear. >> she's cute. anyway i will try it and see what it looks like on me. lets go to the white house it is real white house of d.c. >> we are talking about is what happening with the president's current wife and his ex-wife, the first ex-wife and that is what the problem hoist the first lady, in the trump house. >> i need a couple ex-wife's. and now, i help people find discounts,
8:57 am
like paperless, multi-car, and safe driver, that help them save on their car insurance. any questions? -yeah. -how do you go to the bathroom? great. any insurance-related questions? -mm-hmm. -do you have a girlfriend? uh, i'm actually focusing on my career right now, saving people nearly $600 when they switch, so...
8:58 am
where's your belly button? [ sighs ] i've got to start booking better gigs.
8:59 am
ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. feven being the backng half of a unicorn. fortunately, the front half washed his shirt with gain. ah... the irresistible scent of gain flings laundry detergent. >> ♪ >> okay. i think of bruno marci think of alex holley as bruno mars. and i also think about the
9:00 am
fact it was 15 degrees below zero when we shot this. >> was it rulely. >> it was. >> so, this is so much fun we had fun doing it but so cold. thomas drayton joining us here >> hi thomas. >> so glad restraining order has been lifted. >> good to have you back. >> thank you. >> out of the halfway house. >> it has been a minute, i'm halfway there right now. >> sue serio joins us too alex will be back tomorrow. alex is flying back in from dallas this afternoon because we are going to bruno mars. >> are you picking her up. >> i probably will. >> you know how high you just got. >> we are pregaming over at dell friscos. >> that is good. >> i hope i make it to the wells fargo center. who is more lazy, men or women now weigh in on this quickly. it is not what you think. who is lazier? men or women? especially when it comes to


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