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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 11, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. he came face to face with gunman this morning trying to rob him and he says an angel saved him. tonight, he's telling his story from a hospital bed. thank you for joining us at 11 coliseum lucy noland. that man was on his way to his job as a septa bus operator. when a man shot him. our dave schratwieser is live at septa head quarter it's. dave this isn't the only armed robbery police are investigating in the area. >> reporter: they're looking at a couple more lucy. robert wouldn't gus is resting in the hospital awaiting surgery tomorrow morning to repair a fractured leg that was caused by this shooting. he says he was walking to work at 4am this morning when a gunman approached him, demanded his money and then shot him when he tried to get away.
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>> i'm hanging in there. everything is sore but i'ming in. >> from item tell university hospital bed wounded septa bus operator spoke out tuesday night over the phone. telling fox 29 how a would be article robber opened fire on him on his way to work. >> demanded everything i had and i seen the car coming down the street, i decided to just run for -- tour the car and that's when he started shooting at me. >> reporter: 47-year-old wongus who usually drives to work walked tuesday morning to this bus stop around 4:00 a.m. because his car was in for repairs. he was shot in the leg and left bleeding in the middle of the ridge avenue when a driver pulled over to help. >> he was my angel. this morning he was my angel. like i said god wasn't ready for mow because i'm sure if he was, the guy could have took my live at any time. >> we heard like three shots. oh, my gosh what's that. >> reporter: police are trying to determine if the shooting here in the 3100 block of ridge was part of a pattern of gun
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point robberies in the area. two other robberies have been reported here in the last two weeks. >> now i got to be like don't want to get robbed. it's terrible man. >> reporter: won gus a 13 year septa employees is scheduled for surgery on wednesday to repair a broken leg from the shooting. he had some special words of thanks for the good samaritan who came to his rescue. >> i would definitely pour my heart out to him because he didn't have to do that. >> reporter: extra police patrols have been added in the area in case those robberies are connected. pleats still working on that. they tell me they're reviewing surveillance video from area businesses trying to identify the gunman. lucy? >> hopefully they will do that very soon. thank you, dave. right now investigators are trying to figure out what started a house fire inville a nova. skyfox over the scene this evening. heavy smoke just you can see just pouring out of the home right there as firefighters battled the fire. took them more than two hours to get it under control. no one is hurt, though.
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a sex scandal rocking hollywood the man at the center harvey weinstein one of the most powerful people in the movie industry. and a list of accusers is growing. to night gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie come forward accusing the movie producer of sexual harassment. >> chris o'connell is in the operations center gathering the latest. >> reporter: his company has fired him. his wife has left him and now harvey weinstein last week one of the most powerful men in the movie business tonight a hollywood pa rye ya. >> right back here harvey if you don't hyped. >> reporter: allegations against one of the most powerful men in the movie business are breaking by the hour. new claims from new accusers. tonight actress louis geist coming with her story of unwanted advances by the moon some called a god in hollywood. >> he started following me and telling me that he could introduce me to bob weinstein and that i can get a three picture deal and that he would
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green light my script but i had to watch his masturbate. >> reporter: she is among the parade of actresses coming forward in bombshell reports from the new york times and the new yorker with claims they, too, were sexually harassed or assaulted by harvey weinstein. actresses like an gentleman lena jolie, gwyneth paltrow and ashley judd all coming forward with similar casting couch huer row he roar stories dating back decades then came the recorded published by the new yorker. >> a 2015 new york city police sting which youly recorded weinstein admitting to groping model amber guiterrez charges were never filed. in a statement today spokesperson says any allegations of non consensual sex are unequivocally denied by mr. weinstein. and tonight weinstein's wife fashion designer georgine in a
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chapman has told people magazine she is leaving her husband. the two have two young children. lucy? >> it's not a surprise now, is it? chris o'connell, thank you much. pipe bombs, high-powered rifles for sale, caught the attention of the fbi and atlantic city police and one undercover investigation later danielle demmers also known as daniel smith along with nina house are in jail. authorities say undercover agents bought enough materials to make five pipe bombs from demmers. they also say they bought a high powered rifle and more than thee hundred rounds of ammo. >> the potential was there. these items could have been used to cause some pretty mass destruction and havoc. >> this kind of brings the crisis that we've seen across the country home. this is the first time that atlantic city has been this close to having some type of destruction. >> prosecutors have charged both with possession of a device of destruction. they say they have no reason to believe, though, that this is is
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linked to terrorism. new insights tonight about the temple student visiting miami then shot and killed by police. she ran over an officer. now we told you last night 22-year-old cariann his thong transferred to temple to study political science her father says she is was in miami celebrating her birthday. fox 29's dave kinchen has been talking with temple students life now in north philadelphia. dave. >> reporter: well new information coming to light. raises a lot questions about this individual involved in this incident down in florida and a lot of students here at temple really have questions, too. >> it's really sad that escalated so quickly. >> reporter: temple university students are reaction to go viral video of transfer student cariann hithon darting away from a crash scene to be shot by miami beach police this past weekend. >> it's scary to think, like, when you're young you don't really think about, like, how fast your life could be over report roar video shows hithon a temple transfer student from
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maryland in a black bmw right after a collision. she races off and hits a police officer while another fires thee shots. she crashes and dies at a hospital. investigators say she fled another crash scene ran a light and was driving erratically. police believe she and passenger ryan lucas 22 were drinking heavily. >> i can only surmise that my daughter panicked. >> her father reactioning tuesday to the news of his daughter's death. >> of course, rage went up in me. how could you know things escalate with you know a 5-foot two, 5-foot 3110-pound soaking wet young lady who wouldn't harm a fly escalate to this. >> cariann wanted to transfer to temple university to study political science she had six runs with police at ham many ton university. she was also reportedly
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convicted of speeding and had her license restricted for six months following a drug charge. >> it's just like kind of unbelievable. just like how fast these things happen. >> reporter: florida law does allow police to fire at moving vehicles if they believe they're being used as a possible weapon. but police stress this case is still under investigation. lucy? >> all right, thank you dave. new reporting tonight on the las vegas shooting in the horror the gunman planned. he may have been trying to set off a massive explosion at the nearby airport. investigators are still trying to piece together a motive and it's slow going. paddock fired special incendiary pull bullets at a 43,000 barrel fuel tank in mc karen international airport. maddock's car was stocked with explosives and apparently he had protection gear as part of an escape plan. he also had power tools to bolt met its metal bar to trying to prevent the opening of an
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emergency exit door near his room and was trying to drill a wall in the haul but never fipp initial. fox 29 is working to get results for homeowners. weeds everywhere same with trash and squatters they come and they go and they come right back and neighbors want to see a change. a sign on the kay vacant property suggests that renovations are underway but nothing is finish. philadelphia departments of licenses and inspections cited this home 16 times over the past seven years and now neighbors have a message for the city. >> please come out and do something to this house. we'd be so glad to have them do something to it because we hate living like this. >> shortly after our report city employee did come out and start to clean but there is a long ways to go. what a rescue. a car was burning. a couple was inside but thank goodness for them a new jersey state trooper was driving by a exact moment. police say sergeant james mitchell was on his way to work this morning in egg had a are bore township when he saw a car
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hit a concrete barrier, burst into flames. the trooper hemmed the driver unbuckle his seat belt. then ran over to his wife who was struck. -- actually stuck. police say he grabbed her through the window and pulled them both to safety. the couple is at the hospital but authorities say they should be fine. raging wildfires are burning that was wine country. firefighters are battling hard against these deadl deadly flamn california but they've got a long and hard slog in front of them. and a local college professor is on leave for what he said on twitter for his safety sakes as a university. the comments getting a whole lot of backlash. so much so the university is in fact very wor
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>> caught on camera two people lighting a grocery store on fi fire. police in willingboro, burlington county, have just released this video from the meat stop. they're hoping you can help catch the arson any ofs it happened about a month and a half ago. if you've got any information they would very much like to hear from you. more than a dozen intense wildfires are burning through california's wine country tonight also even in southern california. raging flames burned through building after building block after block so far the fires have killed 15 people. one of the scariest things here, nearly 200 people are reported missing and sonoma county alone and the president is offering federal support. more than 100,000 acres burned
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so far. 1500 structures gone incinerated and popular vinyards and hotels are gone as well as golf courses. officials are warning those under evacuation orders to stay away until they say it's safe to return because there's all kinds of burning embers still flying around hot spots they've got to get under control. our fox 29' weather authority says no rains is in the forecast for the next seven days. >> unfortunately, this is a very active fire. multiple agencies in this county are still doing evacuations and trying to get people out of burning areas in some of the community it seems we have areas that aren't burning any more and they can return but that's really not the case. >> so in southern california fires there charred at least two dozen homes and buildings. the smoke cast really an erie orange glow over disneyland you can see that sleeping beauty castle right there. the fires are still burning out of control. a drexel professor whose made national headlines is on
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leave tonight and it's not just his controversial tweet that is have him off campus. it's the fear for his safety. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live on drexel's campus in university city. shawnette. >> reporter: lousy, he's a tenured associate professor of politic and global studies and tonight he's threatening to take legal act. sick carrillo maher first came to the radar last december when he tweeted this. >> at the time he told us in e-mail he... then in march, he went viral again for a tweet in which he described feeling the need to vomit at the sight of a passenger giving up a first class airline seat to uniformed member of the military. a drexel student started a
3:45 am petition to get him fired. last week, after the las vegas shooting, he tweeted this. it's the white supremacist patriarch you stew pitt in an op op he haded to the washington post he said threats started coming in. >> i don't agree with him being on leave. um, i think the point of the university is to allow people to discuss a wide are a rave opinions, and i think his opinion was valid. i don't think there's any reason to say that he can't have that pin or can't say that opinion to the oh people. >> reporter: relating to this matter drexel university has released a statement. it reads in part... >> again, in response to being placed on administrative leave he's threatening to take legal act. lucy. >> much more to come i'm sure. thank you, shawnette. the race to become new jersey's neck governor is heating up.
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the two top candidates for the office faced off for the first time tonight. republican lieutenant governor kim gag danno and democrat phil mur foe squared off in newark. mur tee would not direct the answer whether he would support a 2% cap in labor contract disputes. other issues the candidates clashed on gun control, the bear hunt, property taxes and health care. >> we need to make sure that they get to pick their doctors and we also need to make sure it's affordable for them. we're a donor state. mill murphy on the other hand is a single pay your advocate. >> if i had your track record and governor christie's to run on i'd make stuff up that includes your comment about single pay your. >> the election is november 7th. murphy who is a former obama administration ambassador to germany holds a lead in the polls. all right. weather, let's take live look over the benjamin franklin
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parkway. isn't that a pretty shot, kathy orr. i always love that. >> i do too. >> nice and clear tonight. perhaps different picture tomorrow. >> yeah, we'll see clouds rolling in tonight and rain during the day tomorrow. it doesn't seem like that out there right now. >> it seems like july out there right now. >> the rain is coming. no no at will of the rain but on ultimate doppler you can see a few clouds rolling in from the west and showers as well moving in from the midwest a few up from the south. but it will be gradual. so tonight, we'll see increasing clouds and mild temperatures. it is still 72 degrees. the wind is calm. northerly wind component during the evening hours and for tomorrow, it's 59 in philadelphia -- poconos rather. 72 in philadelphia. 72 in wilmington. 63 in pottstown and 65 degrees right now in reading and in lancaster. still some humidity out there. you can see those dew point temperatures in the 50s in the poconos that's comfortable. in the 60 range still a little muggy. those humidity rates will be going up, though, tomorrow as the rain moves in. so we'll go hour by hour. we have high pressure to the north. we have a warm front and then a
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trailing cold front so a good deal of moisture moving for toward the northeast. we're not going get all of this. during the day tomorrow see some showers moving in. this northeasterly wind will keep a little bit cooler. rain showers moving in after the seven, 8:00 o'clock hour then periods of rain during the day. the lunch hour some spotty showers where you see the yellow and oranges heavier rain. those spot tow showers couldn't. between the ryan are rain and easterly flow temperatures will be about 10 degrees cooler than today. look at the rain amounts in philadelphia. .30 of an inch with the american model. the european model says 210ths of an inch. 58 in allentown. 53 in the poconos. 59 in pottstown. look at philadelphia. millville, dover, wilmington even into wildwood atlantic city temperatures in the mid 60s. so pretty mild tonight. during the day tomorrow, the high 75. the normal high is only 69. occasional rain and northerly wind at about 5 miles an hour. once this front is out of here,
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we see more cool air building n during the day tomorrow, still in the 70s for the most part. in the poconos only 62. 72 in dover. wildwood 71. atlantic city 73. but look at the seven day forecast. we see morning showers linger on thursday. behind that front, it's windy and cooler winds gusting to about 25 miles an hour on thursday. the high only 66. friday we're back up to 72 for the temple owls on saturday it looks great. more sun, 79. warm again sunday. monday turning little bit cooler with a few more showers and then by tuesday, 67 degrees. fair weather high pressure builds back in but we're talking about halfway through the month of october. >> i know. >> the month is forecast to be above average. >> yeah. >> highs are in the 60s. >> 82, 79. 84. wasn't that today. >> today. >> unbelievable. all right. thank you very much. tom srendenschek, what you got tonight. >> lucy, good evening. we have roger goodell ready to move on. finallfinally from national antm
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protests. my thoughts on why he is direct
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♪ here's the deal. tom srendenschek says nfl commissioner roger goodell has the right to lay down the hammer and he should. his commentary in veep seconds. ♪ up front i'll tell you i get it. i get what malcolm jenkins has tried to do with his protests during the national anthem. this whole mess and let's be honest it has become a complete mess comes down to semantic the bulk of the nfl protests have been designed to raise awareness about social injustice. plain and simple. it is not to embarrass the country report american flag. but in the nfl simply gone too far. nfl commissioner roger goodell
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had to step n it is finally time. he wants to change verbiage from players should stand for the national anthem to must stand& for the national anthem. look, this just in. the nfl is a multi billion dollar business that is being hurt right now. guess what? it's the owners game and their money. those owners pay roger goodell. they pay him a lot of money. $34 million a year to keep the machine rolling. change has to happen. goodell jenkins eagles chairman jeffrey lurie and philadelphia civic leaders met in september for an open discussion on the issues. it was a positive start, positive step. but this is still the nfl. it is still the owners game. let the players continue to raise awareness. don't get me wrong but today's message the platform has got to change. lucy. >> all right. thank you much shredder. round two sylvester stallone and michael b. jordan teaming up again. rocky will direct and produce creed. >> some people think we're twi
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twins. >> you and me. >> sly and i. [ laughter ]
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frost fox 29 studios this is "good day philadlephia." >> happening right now on good day philadelphia, a controversial drexel professor known for his bold statements on social media is on leave. but not because of his latest tweet. but for his own safety. >> and breaking overnight, three people had to be rushed to the hospital. we just had a triple shooting in south philadelphia. the search for the shooter is on. >> looks like a bomb went off. nothing left of these homes. >> just a horrible scene out west this morning, california burning, more than dozen lives lost, dozen every people unaccounted for. as 17 massive wild fires reduce thousands of homes and businesses to ash. >> and thankful to be alive. a new jersey state trooper hailed a hero. what he did on his way to work that saved a couple's lives.
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>> what a story. it is great to have you with us on this wednesday morning, 3:58. thomas drayton with karen hepp, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> being look great in pink. bob kelly almost identical. i think they have a secret e-mail going on. >> like they're garanimals. >> sue serio, good morning. >> i picked a six out of ten today. because we have some rain on the way. >> all right. >> maybe it could have been a little better because it is not raining right now, but i think on the whole that's what we will end up with. look down to the south. see quite a cluster every thunderstorms moving through the eastern shore of maryland, sneaking newspaper delaware, as well as rain headed into lancaster county. we will look a little more in depth at that in a moment. 67 degrees the current temperature, and sun will rise at 7:07. not expecting a lot of sunshine today. but throughout the course of the day, there could be a peak here and there.
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76 degrees our high, with mostly cloudy skies, showers around, and thunderstorms possible to the south of us. we will talk about what's happening with that. we'll get you ready for the weekends, and more coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, happy wednesday. >> hey, back at you, sue. hump day, half way there. good morning, everybody, it is exactly 4:00. here is a live look at the work crews out on the schuylkill expressway. as promised, they were out last night, closing all of the westbound lanes, right here, in the tunnels under 30th street station. so, for anybody leaving south philly, or coming over the walt whitman bridge, trying to work your way in toward philadelphia, you're push off at 30th street. top of the ramp, hit the traffic light, and back on to the schuylkill, throw another five, ten minute or so, into your trip. they're working here in king of prussia. this is a live look. the schuylkill eastbound down to one lane between king of prussia and valley forge, pretty much all the way down to approaching gulph mills again, the active work zone, they're working on


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