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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 11, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> from ten pennies, the best of the best place maybe in the country. she is giving out roses. >> what? >> come by right now, ya. it is something called petal it forward. and nationwide effort, by florist to spread happiness. >> you got two roses. >> two roses in. >> one for yourself. >> yes. >> and another one to give to someone else today. >> oh, that's lovely. >> to spread the happiness and a smile. >> i think we need. that will hey straight up 9:00. it is a wednesday, october the 11, 2017. look, it is karen hepp. >> good morning respect guys. >> and she had plenty of roses out, there get out here fourth and market, pretend like you bought it. >> or maybe in the doghouse it would be a good way to get you out of the doghouse. >> would would you bring that up? >> well, because you've been, there right. >> i've been in the doghouse few times. >> and sometimes i feel like men are in it, don't even know they're in it. >> right? >> so subtle signs, and subtle shade, that your woman, or man, maybe throwing, that you may miss. so, we will talk about some of those signs to show you you're in the doghouse. >> perfect example. let's talk about text, certain
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words that they use in text, it will make you know that you're in trouble. >> okay. >> and there was some magic in philly talking 24 karat magic. >> yes, bruno mars lit up the stage last night. and you know we were there, yes. having too much fun. >> bruno, 24 karat world tour. >> did you go? >> plus what was wearing after the concert, many people, ah, upset about. >> okay. >> oh, i don't know, but i can take a guess. holidays are here, got to get costumes for everybody, it can add up so fast, so now we have deals of things that to affords this holiday weekend. here is the key. normally jen goes out and do there is steve keeley is, there so you never know what he will do and finds when he brings this. >> apparently some of these things 09% off. almost free!
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>> i always like pants half off. no, never seen steve in a consignment shop. >> this should be fabulous. >> it will be great. >> hang around for that. here we go, while were you sleeping, more women have come out accusing harvey weinstein big movie mogel, every sexual harrassment. so his wife announced overnight she is leaving him after ten years of marriage. >> that's her? >> there she is. and weinstein reportedly boards dollars a private jet and headed to a rehab center in europe for sex addiction. meanwhile the new yorker just released new audio of weinstein being confronted by a mod nel 2015 as part of a police sting. >> the new yorker magazine, uma be hearing this woman's voice in just a moment. that is the model, her name is umbra gutierrez. >> from italy. >> so, the night before this audio tape was made, she alleges that harvey grabbed her breast, okay, now the next night she report he had that
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to police, police say okay. let's go back to the hotel, tomorrow. you'll wear a wire. >> hallway, and he wants her to join him, in his hotel room. >> here is the element on this, the reason this wasn't prosecuted at this time because bass he wanted her to go upstairs with him, then she start today but chicken out and got afraid. then she didn't go through with it why the sting didn't go any further. that's why the it is the most explosive of the audio that we have. >> chicken out, what do you mean by that? she didn't go through the police sting? >> lee was afraid whatever could encounter. she did not want to have something happen that was going to be even more inapropriate. she didn't can not go
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forwards. >> so show strength by warding him off. >> she just was afraid of what would happen. >> so that tape made two years ago, 2015. but big time actresses have come out. gwyneth paltrow. >> angelina jolie. >> the list of accusers keeps going on, rose mcgowan one of the first people. >> been out. now calling out ben afleck in the midst of all of this. she hinted that ben afleck new about weinstein's behavior all along, even though now he's tweeted condemning wine scene's actions she is saying hey you knew about this and do anything about it. >> there were hundreds, thousands of people new he did this over the last 25, 30 years. >> i think like one of the worse kept second receipt. they joked about it all of the awards shows. >> women known at the academy awards, one of the jokes, you don't have to pretend he's a training tiffany more.
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in sit comes, they use harvey weinstein lines. >> the question, if you knew something was happening, shouldn't you say something? or should you not say something? you think maybe he was afraid for his career? >> you should say something. people are afraid to say stuff. >> yes about but it takes the tipping point, whole organization where like it happens all the time. like the way that it is, it is the industry, then you either choose to not work, you need the voice of women and need everybody to come forward. >> so somebody with strength came forward, then another person, then another person, now that he's lost his job he's gone, big bad wolf is gone. now everybody can come forward, right? >> right. >> which is a good thing, but i'm telling you, i brought this up little while ago, we normally do fun topics, when you tweet us, comments, i don't -- i said 90% of the women i know in the television industry have had this happen to them. >> without doubt. part of the industry. it was widespread. we had some issues with our parent company. so ya.
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>> ya. right. rod rales comes to mind, used to run this place, no longer with us on earth. you got bill o'reilly. you got bill cosby. harvey weinstein now. so i asked: just in any walk of life, have you ever been sexually harassed? ton of tweets, almost every single one every them at some level have been sexually harassed at the job. >> i mean i think so. i don't know a woman that hasn't been i feel like. >> i know on tv when i went up to work at the network i met a woman by the name of lauren salve on, one of the first people that did an interview two, three days ago, saying she was harrass the by harvey weinstein. >> in fact i was invited to her wedding. but she never mentioned it to any of us. >> but it was common knowledge. >> i think you don't even talk about it, what will you do? what will you say? you don't want to be a wine
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err. authorities speak up. sometimes just like it is the price of doing, you don't want to get a label. so just, you know, if you can be like oh, that's the way he behaves, try finds a way to avoid the scenario, but what through? you need to work and pay the bills. >> people worried about the career, that kind of thing, you don't want him to stop you from going far. a lot of women weighed in, i appreciate your honesty. megan can you throw the first one there? >> melissa, any woman who hasn't experienced sexual lauras until the their career raise your hand. >> said no one. >> nobody. >> get rid of the lower third please. all about the power, happened at a mom and pop travel agency major corporation, every woman has a story to tell. >> then she said it happened three times to her. first at 18, then 26, she had to quit. then at 31, and then she worked for herself. and she says it is also happened all of her friends, too.
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>> yes. >> megan do you got any more or is that it? >> few more coming in. i i know a friend every mine, first karen t, i gave up my dream of the tv industry because of people like weinstein. >> i know a woman in new york where she came in before, somebody like all right, turn around. let me see you. are you a bad girl? i like bad girls. >> she got the job. >> she did get the job? this is out in california. this was film. he said after touring the facility, do you know that i have a reputation for sleeping with people that i hire. would you like the job? >> this is still going on, people. >> it is important to know, too, it is not gender specific. because terry crews recently came out. he shared an experience he had. and his wife was there. and he said he was groped, not by harvey weinstein, but a hollywood executive.
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he said it just shows this is coined of prevalent. >> so terry crews is the guy from the old spice commercial. >> and he's in the movie height checks, brooklyn 99. >> yes. >> i had a woman one time in california she said i'm casting director for a soap oprah. i don't remember which one it was. >> we need a tv reporter. want to come in and do it? i'll do it. >> call it under five. you have under five, pretend like you're a tv -- and i live close by. she said well i'll gave you a ride home. so i get in the car. she doesn't pull out of the parking lot. and so, if i really want to go beyond this soap opera, let's get it on. >> she said that? >> yes. >> wow. >> yes. >> and? >> it was -- no. no. i got out. i walked home.
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yeesh. >> did you not. >> i walked, i, i hate to say i swear on my children, because that's what harvey weinstein said on that tape. no, i would tell you if i did. >> maybe i should have? >> stop it. >> i would be on bold and the beautiful. speaking of soap operas, bold and the beautiful, i sir bill is going to get it on with his son's wife. >> let's go on from something gross to something that will make us feel good. great video. >> all right. we need it. >> very exciting. so we have some cameras there, this will be some great news for a little girl will change her life, she is a child that's with foster family and finally going to have a mom and dad, getting adopted. >> there is the offers manager
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breaking the news. awe. look at that hug. that just says it all. look at that. that's the life changing, like oh,. >> so this is at her school. >> uh-huh. >> and it is surveillance video, that's why there is no sounds on it. her name is tanna. isn't that cool? she has already been with the family for two years. >> but now it is official. >> now it is official. >> she has been legally adopted. >> like all of your hopes and dreams come true. everything you dream about your whole life, like they're going to be my mom and dad. good news, good moment. how about that? good moment in your day. >> i love that. >> that is precious. >> the importance of adoption. >> and being a foster parent. >> is your significant other trying to tell you something, like, you stink and i don't like you, you're in the doghouse? a lot of guys, i have to admit this, were in the doghouse, and we don't even know it what did i do? how many times have i said
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that in my life? so what do i do now? >> yes, you come to us, ask us for advice. >> that's right. what did i do now? we usually know somewhere now, but the clues the woman sends to you, to let you know like you're in trouble. so searching through some of the different ones, sometimes just in the text messages that you're sending like where there is nothing cute at the end of it, not having like any kisses at the end. >> that is so true. the ends of a text message, doesn't have an emoji, or hearts or kisses. not even xo. >> i don't sends that to my husband. always in the doghouse. >> all right. what's the neglect one? >> the next one is watching a movie, that he hates, or your significant other hates, and you refuse to switch it off. >> what's the next one? >> changing screen savorier picture of you, basically to
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something else. i can't even look at you any more. >> you do that one mike. >> i change -- >> you're a screen safer changer. >> you change it every day. >> i try change it every day. but i've had that happen to me. i gave this one woman a nice gift. i wrote her nice cards. she took a picture of the nice card. that will was the screen saver. >> oh, that was nice. >> love mike. two date later, gone, i had done something. >> what is the next up? >> using the ends of the milk or bread and not bother to buy any more, so left dry. those are for people who probably live together then a lot of these. >> only two pieces every bread left. i'm making a sandwich. the heck with him. >> dow that sometimes i won't make dinner, make dinner for the kids but just too tired and don't make something for my husband so he has to fend for himself. cereal night. >> that's intentional? >> you know if i'm feeling really loving go all out, the whole thing, all the of the sides. >> here is good thing, making saw hate. >> or they hate. >> what i mean. >> you don't like the way this looks on me so i'll wear it. >> you can tell if you're in
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good graces because wear something that they may not even like but they know you love it. basically lingerie. i mean? nobody likes to wear lingerie. isn't it uncomfortable? yes. you wouldn't -- what? >> , no you gave me that slug like ugh. >> well, i mean. >> quincy, do you know when you're in the doak house? >> i do. but i've been married. i go he is that's for people who are dating? if you don't like common goal in your relationship then you start nit-picking being made about certain things that really don't matter. i'm at the point in my life, and in my relationship, where it is like hey, we're together. let's have fun, right? because we have these kids, all of these issues, but don't not put kiss i things at the end of the text message, don't, that's just petty stuff. pick up the phone, or talk to your significant other being and say hey, i don't like why you do. >> this or why you don't do that. don't just not do something
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and make a big argument about it, that's men's other time about being mad about stuff that you're really not in the about. the guy, all dumb, oh, i don't know why i didn't put the milk in the back. then you think she's mad about the milk but she is mad about something you did before. >> so you've given up. >> no, not over. i'm just saying i don't have time to argue about these small things. these are like this is the stuff we're argue being? you will wear something -- >> i don't think that's what you are arguing about, i think a result that you have to talk about it. so what i am ' saying, if you have issue, right? tell me what the issue is. >> don't be passive. >>don't be passive. i'm going to wear this or i'm not coming home tonight or i'm going to -- she doesn't like salmon, so i'm cool salmon. stop. who is doing this? how old are we? >> good point. i like that common sense. >> we have time to do other thing, arguing all the time,
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here is the thing, arguing all of this, me and my wife, we went to dinner en blanc, smooth, look at this, very smooth. i was so happy because the outfit i had right there, cost me like $9, that's another whole thing. but hey guys, you don't have time to argument we don't have time. i don't care. not about kids. just saying if you're in a relationship and all you are doing is arguing leave. watch "th "the q"," 12 noon. and we have tickets on, going to the q, we are going to the q. ugh. then just go. >> right. just go. >> thank you, q. >> we will just go. thank you, we will be there bruno mars last night, out past midnight, i think it is obvious today on the show. >> but 24 car al magic tour, right? >> right. >> so i put on all of the gold coy finds in my house. and i post it on instagram. do you have wear gold to see
9:17 am
bruno. >> even gold rope? >> no, like a rope chain thing. i was just grabbing everything and anything. but you guys know i love brown owe because of uptown funk video we did three years ago, finally, because he hasn't performed in ill if i since then, we got to see bruno mars do uptown funk. i got to dance along with him, way up in the back, but that's fine. >> do you think that's what we will look at now? >> yes. >> you scrolled past. >> , no i don't think did i. >> yes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that cents with a the encore. >> yes, because he went out and finished concert acted like he wasn't going to do it.
9:18 am
>> nobody left. no, bruno mars will not have a concert and not do uptown funk. look at the crowd, a lot of people there. that was great. >> beautifully shot. who shot that. >> did you. >> also interesting part i lover people come to philly and perform, hear what they say about the sit, inning rate where they are. so there is this song calling all my lovelies, latest albumn, tack being there woman isn't paying him any mine, calling these other girls, not giving him any attention. so he bridges out a phone and pretends he is talking somebody, talks about how he want to take her end a trip right? >> so she is suggesting on this big olds flip phone from the past why don't we go to jamaica or the bahamas, something like that? >> but he had another place in mind. >> rip the one time we vacationed over here? you say you want to go to the jamaica, bahamas, it is like nnah. >> he goes, f that.
9:19 am
we're going to philly. >> but it was like yeah! people loved at the end he did locked out of her end, that was really cool, too. >> and they had gold spendings. we'll show it. look at. that will i just love when any concert when they bring out confetti or anything falling from the sky. i have love it, i think it looks so cool. >> i remember back in the day would actually sends a real camera to these concerts. >> so if i do want to see more i took a lot of videos on my camera. guck to my instagram. so great. i loved it. them left because we were being good, but other people got to meet him. we had to run home, go to bed. >> be honest, we didn't have that. >> true. we went to our friend, mark suckers, but dianna william who we love on the radio, she went back stage. now we didn't know what he changed into because he was all sweaty. >> oh. >> ya. >> is that a pittsburgh pirate
9:20 am
seriously? >> yes. >> i've seen others, here is the thing. we thought he would come out with a sixers. >> yes, what i was trying to get to, sixers, phillies, something, to show, i mean, beyonce did it when she made made made in america, created her own jersey. >> but decided not to do that not knowing people would go back stage afterwards and get some pictures with him, so he got the sweat he -- sweaty clothe off. >> just pittsburgh pirates fan in general, hey i'll put this on because i want to? >> i think he has shirts in every city. >> maybe we didn't give him one? >> i don't know. but they got on plane and went to north carolina. so i don't think -- did bruno mars can do no wrong. >> someone made that mistake before. isn't there an advertisement they didn't know the difference between philly and pittsburgh? >> that has happened. >> maybe he doesn't know.
9:21 am
>> he has good people around him. he has to know. >> people need to be better. >> problem bring just didn't think about it, i'm not going to reveal this person, but someone with the wells fargo center shear said that we gave him flyers jerseys, we're so mad he wore the pirates jersey. so, he had the option and he chose the pirates. i thought it was a really good show. now i will never listen to another one of his songs he didn't know what was doing. >> pr people. >> somebody needs to tell people, the biggest aggregious thing that ever happened here as far as entertainers, back whether destiny child was destiny child, they came into the wells fargo center because it was the all-star game we had that year. so i talked to them all back stage and all of that i leave, because we have to change, i leave, i come back, and they have lakers jerseys on, to go out and sing in front of the
9:22 am
philadelphia crowd. thousand they that because it was a national tv audience. >> still. >> still talk about this to this day, that was 2001. >> well, i remember it, we all remember it, hey, the dutchess of cambridge, we haven't talk about her. >> she has a bump, baby bump. >> that's what happens when you're pregnant. >> well, we haven't seen it yet. first time we're seeing it. >> oh, wow. >> you know, you can just look at my belly. same thing. okay, we will show it to you.
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meet steve sweeney. he's a double-dipping pension padder. double-dipping pension padder! he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder!
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>> nice little theming, pedestrians l it forward. thanks to ten pennies, great flower shop here in philadelphia. and right there, giving them out to you. one to you, one to your friends. >> thanks, ann. >> good to have you back, alex hole. >> i how are you?
9:26 am
>> from dallas, texas. >> yes, did i go home to texas over the weekends, every year since i was four, going to the state fair in texas, my grandpa used to make me when i was little, now i take him. we have pictures from the fair. another great year. this is when we first got there, took nice picture together. and then another one at the fairment we just really go to eat. >> oh, ya. >> so i had fried, if you show the next picture, fried chicken noodle soup. i had fried freed owe pie. i had fried fahita fries. >> wait, how do you do the fried chicken noodle soup? >> that's the power of the fair, i just eat it. >> the needles and everything, i had fried coke, you bite into it, liquid. >> so like little balls, you eat it, dip it in suppan maybe give it little crackers, yes, fried chicken noodle soup. and fried definitely eggs, did i that for sue, i know she
9:27 am
loves fried devil egg. >> i also say thank to you all of you, because before i left, i was debating whether i should go to my high school reunion? you guys voted, yes, i did go. and i had a great time. >> i knew it. >> so these are two of my friends from high school, being silly, at the photo boot there. i ran track with them. and did. >> cute. >> i had a great time. >> had you kept in touch with them? >> yes. these are two i keep in touch with. >> what about the mean girls? >> well, it is funny, because it is funny how high school works. when i got there the people i knew in high school, they were very nice, we talked, and the people who didn't talk to me still didn't talk to me. >> is that right. >> really? >> yes. >> still didn't talk. >> still didn't. and i mean it is fine, no big deal. >> what about any creepy people didn't show? like you were worried about? >> yes, there is a couple of people, what's it going to be like when you see them. didn't show up. >> hey, one of my favorite vet, i got to host, muds h. r. mcmaster a? yes, you take your dog, and you strut around the party.
9:28 am
>> strut. >> yes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it does not get any cuter than this. >> dogs, in costume? look at spider dog. we have this and so much more coming up as we preview this saturday's mud struts for paw's. >> test. >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> ment. >> testing.
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♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪
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no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. well, we have breaking news in smyrna, delaware thinks sky fox over the scene where is there an overturn, we have been going in and out but thinks on route one, in delaware state police they are on the scene there, and they have been working on this. it was an overturn tractor trailer. we don't know what it was carrying but you can tell it is leaking on the roadway.
9:32 am
>> significant thing right there about that stretch of road it is main drag in and out, that is completely shut down in both directions so that will create significant delays, route one north, closed right there exit 119 right around there. it is also closed south by intersection with 299 right in the middle. that is significant. that is a big deal until they get that right sided out of the way. >> it will be a while. we will keep you updated how that is going and we will take you back to see where it is going on there. when you are out and about buying halloween costume a lot of times people want to buy something for their pets too. >> well, sure. they are so cute, costumes are amazing. so lets get out to sue because she is at a wonderful event. hi sue. >> i cannot stop laughing at these costumes they are so adorable. we have a purpose for this fashion show melissa levy is here from paws, the mutt strut in saturday. >> it is coming up days away at the navy yard all to raise money to help us save more homeless animals but we have
9:33 am
an amazingly fun day planned so we are hoping lots of people come out. >> we are working on slightly milder weather which is really nice what time do i get there. >> 9:00 when registration opens, mutt strut itself kicks off at 11:00 but we have a festival all day long from nine to two, food trucks, live muse being and all kinds of fun events and activities for dogs throughout the field down there so make a day of it. >> excellent. >> i will there been along with melissa and here's some dogs, cute costumes. lets get right to it. >> first up is raven, so first three dogs we have raven is an owned dog will be strutting out there. and proudly, as spider dog. >> yes. >> and then we have bindy, thinks a fierce little alligator, we're hoping alligator gives her a little bit of confidence. >> yes, very dedicated volunteers. >> her mom lewis is a incredibly dedicated paws supporter and volunteers and out here doing her part and
9:34 am
she will be at the mutt strut on saturday. >> just let me keep laughing. >> yes. >> and this is tootsie the lady bug who will be strutting her stuff. she doesn't like red carpet, that is okay, she's doing her own thing. >> and then last but not least our two adoptable paws dogs will be out there with us and that is what this is all about >> they are up for adoption. >> this is jasper. >> biker dog. >> biker dog jasper and he is an older gentlemen, we think about eight to 10 years old. and then next up is hasan who is, hasan has a lot to say, dressed, i'm this is sure what this is, yes, sort of maybe 50 's, i don't know, danny sue. uko look i'm not sure. >> all right. >> but, hasanis younger, one to two and right now at our adoption center in olde city but they will be at the mutt strut looking for a new home. looking to adopt a dog that is another great reason to come
9:35 am
out. >> great fashion show. remind everybody, that navy yard. >> yes. >> this saturday morning. >> yes, indeed. >> we start off at 9:00 and vendors there, pet related businesses there. >> we have an agility course, and ask the trainer, ask the vet, face painting and paw painting and all kinds of stuff. >> we have me, steve more son from wmmr. >> matt and kristin. >> absolutely, a great cast of characters coming out to support and we're looking for a beautiful day. >> that is on me. >> that is on you, we are counting on you custom shopping for roofus because we will see what the mutt strut this saturday morning at the navy yard. all of the money benefits the philadelphia animal welfare society we like to call it, paws. >> love it. >> last year roofus was a referee so exited to see. >> i can't wait. >> sports theme, we like, yes. >> all right. >> thanks, sue. >> 9:35. back in the public eye duchess of cambridge is seen for the
9:36 am
first time in almost six weeks she has been sick, dealing with the pregnancy issues. we will show you new video because we are looking for the baby bump. ( floor creaks) i can't believe we're doing this! (thunder cracks) ahh! gus, you're not scared, are you?
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get back, baby, we are outside of our studios live here at fourth and market. we have heard the term pay it forward. it is petal it forward day and i'm here with my girl ann from 10 pennies giving out rosie, is what the concept. >> concept is you take a rose, i give you a rose, other rose you give to someone to bring smile and happiness, petal it forward. >> we will be here until 10:00 y
9:40 am
at 17th and market two roses, one for your, oh, my gosh cute babe a leather. what is her name? what is your name. >> emily. >> hi emily would you like a flower. here you go. one rose for you, and then we will give another rose to someone tolls make them smile, throughout the day, all right, everybody. i love your look, wow. >> lets see if sue can give us some sunshine today, back to you guys. >> thank you. >> those flowers make you happy. >> do they. >> they do, they bring me joy. >> until they die. >> everything dies. >> so i refuse to say the term baby bump but i will say this. >> what do you call it if it is not a baby bump. >> she's pregnant. this started in hollywood about 10 years ago, calling it a baby bump. >> because of the paparazzi pictures and magazines, always looking for baby bump. lets show new person who has
9:41 am
it, duchess of cambridge. >> let let me see. >> is this the video. >> i don't see a bum. >> look at how dramatic this is. >> oh, i guess slightly, very slight. >> well, how far along is she six weeks, seven weeks. >> she's much further then that but she has horrible morning sickness so difficult to gain weight so she has been out of the public eye with the first day of school, for little george, she wasn't there. >> right. >> so, yeah, she has been having severe morning sickness we have not seen her in six weeks. i think she's like three months. >> yes. >> i need to go find a bathroom. >> i would rather be in bed. >> yes, please. >> why do we have to talk to that guy with the beard, he is a weirdo. >> i think they had an important call, it was about mental health, prince harry one of the things that were important and that is why she came out. >> i promised the woman i train with her name is jl
9:42 am
lewis, i would stop eating sugar. she said how many vegetables did you have today. i said none. >> um, um, um. >> this is changing my life, get off that stool. >> we want to change, we want to change your life, you will pull veggies out of the oven. >> yeah, right now. >> he is hard to control. >> don't ever call me a chef again. >> so hot. come on back.
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9:45 am
back to this breaking news out of smyrna, delaware area. delaware state police are currently on the scene of this crash, involving that tractor trailer, this has come unhinged from the tractor route one right. >> yes, main road through that area having that shut down has shut off traffic. you can see some of the fluid gushing out and you can see that symbol on the side of the tanker right there talking about it. >> we don't know fit is gasoline, milk or whatever it is. >> that sign karen was references show it was flammable. >> whole bunch of stuff do you see the back there is a ridge some sort of fluid come down i don't know if that is that or something to flush out. we saw it gushing out. almost all of the contents were being, not unloaded off on purpose. >> all right. we will have more on that at fox we will have weather in 10 minutes, somewhere.
9:46 am
>> fifteen seconds 9:46. rain has held off here in philadelphia but i don't know how much long their situation will last because we have rain out to the north and west of us, we have rain to the south of us and some sneaking in here. otherwise mostly cloudy skies, and temperatures that are close to 70 degrees. i don't think we will get out of the zero seven's today. sixty-two mount pocono. sixty-eight in wildwood. zero seven in dover, delaware, so 85 yesterday. seventy-five today. sixty-five tomorrow. sixty-eight on friday. these are more seasonable temperatures then we will warm up to above average both saturday for temple game and they play connecticut, noon at the linc and 82 degrees on
9:47 am
sunday cooling off again by monday and tuesday of next week, guys, back to you. >> thanks, sue. temple home coming too. >> yes, temple home coming. >> i am going to give each of you a rose but i will decide what color. so i have looked up on the internet what each color means , as i decide this, jen fred, we will go back to the reading terminal market. hi there, jen. >> you should go to the party. >> party, okay. >> yes, bring the zucchinis. >> we will do it on tv. >> what? are you talking to me. >> yes we're talking to you. >> we're on tv, good morning. >> chef, chad rosen thaw is back, good morning. >> how are you. >> they have every single vegetable you have ever seen and they all look gorgeous. you say it is time for to us invest in this idea of swapping out meat for veg is in some cases. >> you can make veggies taste like meat, right here we will do a buffalo cauliflower. take this and fry it just like
9:48 am
fried chicken but hit it with milk, flour, season it really well, throw it in the oven, just row it on real high heat. >> i will back you up. do i to have put milk and all that stuff on it. >> use water if you had are a vegan cut out that dairy use water. water, flour seasoning. >> just a little bit. >> milk helps it crisp up more >> and then this. >> but we make homemade blue cheese. i bring this special to the lucky well, in ambler which is barbecue restaurant in ambler. but, just house made blue cheese. >> i love it. >> because you know you are a big barbecue guy. i necessity this. sometimes we have to swap out but we don't want a leafy salad. >> something that is hearty, mushrooms, make a cheese stake out of big thick mushrooms, port bellos. >> just spices them up, slice them, roast them on high heat and break them down and chop them up. >> i feel like you said egg
9:49 am
plant too. >> egg plant is great, i make it look pretty. >> look at you. >> a little celery, you know, just like a chicken wing, blue cheese and celery. we used two types, cauliflower from the future. >> it is like game have thrones. >> crazy cauliflower. >> okay. >> and just color flower. >> blend it together. >> is what the store which purple color flower. >> it is purple and cauliflower. difficult not do my research. i wish i knew. >> when you come here. >> cauliflower is very fall, it grows best in the fall. and this is, when you taste this, you will, you will want a stone. >> no. >> you will be amazed. >> no. >> you don't want chicken, you don't want chicken. >> i don't want chicken? that is good. >> yes,. >> i roast it or boil it first and break it down cauliflower is pretty hard. >> that is better then i thought it would be and if you are keeping score at home
9:50 am
almost everything he cooks is better then i think it will be >> thank you, guys, thank you, for shopping. >> that was fun. >> i just dragged my butt over there. >> i love how colorful it is, fruits and veggies. >> i love our viewers, hang out there at lunchtime. i have made my decision on the color of flowers. >> this will be telling. >> yes. >> very much so. >> actor seth rogan he learned a lesson about how to treat your mother. the public way that she called him out, for not calling her often enough. >> you have to call your momma >> you have to. blank blank.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
♪ >> remember when we were obsessed with this song. >> yes. >> byu brigham young university mascot. >> i love that. >> this is awesome. >> that is pretty good, mascot outfit. >> that is great. >> the cougars out of utah. >> do you think it is a man or would man. >> that is a good question. i don't know. >> wow. >> they can all dot same thing >> and they are on point. >> that timing. >> racey for brigham young, they were all expelled after that. of course.
9:55 am
when your mom, back when my mom was alive, my, i would call, sometimes my mom wasn't around so my dad would pick up he and i never had more than a 152nd conversation. how are you doing. then i would talk to my mom for an hour. i don't think that is that uncommon. >> a lot of times you don't have time for long conversation you don't pick up the phone and dedicate the time to have a long conversation. >> your mom has sixth sense when she knows you are there and just looking at the phone. seth rogan i love him, he is so funny, his mom, called him out on twitter, and she tweet ed him saying, where are you? and he tweeted back when you don't answer your mom's calls for a day. >> that is what happens. >> he was busted. >> you know one of my friends his mother if he doesn't pick up his mother will come back me have you contacted him. i will send him a text, your mother is trying to contact you in this day and age
9:56 am
millennials they have their phone in the hand all the time fit is ringing, please. >> that is the problem you know they have their phone. >> you are looking at it and ignoring it. i have something to tell you right now. >> classic one yesterday tweet ing about arrangements for bruno mars with alex. i'm texting her. she calls me. >> he got so mad, why did you call me. >> i'm like, because i didn't understand your text just get to the point. >> they are perfectly clear these text. >> your text are fragmented. >> somebody tweeted me, put up the tweet there, have you ever seen this movie little shop of horrors and steve martin played a dentist, and hey mike one of my kid didn't believe me when i told them it wasn't me. does that look like me. >> i don't think so but it is funny. >> that is pretty good. >> yeah. >> i will give you roses now because give a rose a day to anchor woman day. >> roses have meaning, so whatever you pick. >> it says here, white means,
9:57 am
innocence, knowsens. >> oh, my god. >> orange means passion nate. >> passionate. >> readies love. lavender this is what i want for myself lavender means love at first sight. >> it is important thaw love yourself. >> yellow is just bringing joy , if you want to bring joy. di, could you put up a camera to our audience to our viewers i want you to have some joy in your life today. pink means i admire you. i'll keep that one. oh, orange, you have passion. >> yes. >> i will give you an orange one too. >> i hope you have a passionate day. >> i hope you do too.
9:58 am
>> so does my husband, so does your husband. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> bye, guys i'm not kidding.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> live from new york city. it is the wendy williams show. ♪ [cheers and applause] now here's wendy! ♪ [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> wendy: thank you so much for coming to my show. [cheers and applause] thank you so much.


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