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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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the cake because it's so old. booted for tickets from more than 20 years ago. yup. >> your news starts in 30 seconds. right now a man in a cape. he's no hero. police say he's a knife-wielding robber. he's after hard earned cash. ♪ a parking problem the
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dreaded boot. fined hundreds for a ticket from 1993? the parking authority says it's no mistake. >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. it's never a good feeling you come out and your car you see that dreaded boot because of parking tickets. but what would you do if one of the tickets that got you the boot is more than 20 years old? thanks for joining us tonight. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. a philadelphia woman stunned over what happened to her. our chris o'connell joins us live from center city. my goodness, chris. >> reporter: well, lucy, iain, if there's one thing most philadelphians can agree on, it is their utter disgust for the philadelphia parking authority. well, for one lady that disgust reached a new level when she -- her car got booted after unpaid parking tickets. two of which were nearly a quarter century old. >> i was pissed. i said that's my city at work. >> reporter: when sandra saw the yellow boot on her car, she
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thought it was a mistake. >> i seen people with boots on their car before and i'm ooh, it's different when it's you. >> reporter: this time it was her. the philadelphia parking authority's boot squad hit the 5600 block of west burke street monday night. her silver toyota was one of those cars. she was shocked to find out she had unpaid parking tickets from her old car dating back, get this, to 1993. >> i can't remember what i was doing in 1993. >> reporter: who does? >> the city. >> reporter: that's right. to get the boot off her car, she coughed up 600 bucks. >> i said, '93? he said yeah. we have tickets for you and that's why we booted your car. i said who knows what happened in 1993? >> reporter: well bill clinton was gnawed as president, the phillies lost the world series to the blue jays. >> i'm victoria lynn. >> i'm chris o'connell. >> i had barely started my tv career yes it has been that
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long. why after all this time ppa giving tickets? well, because they can. >> i know the city is broke and i know their scuffling for money. but don't take it out on me and other people like me. >> reporter: ppa tells us cars will get the boot if they have three or more outstanding tickets, and they will cross reference your license plate with any old cars you may have had. they also cezanne today had seven unpaid tickets over the years and was notified back in january. she says she never got a notice. >> but don't come up 20 years later and say we're going to tow your car for something that happened 25 years ago. it's ridiculous. they need to spend their time going after some real criminals and not someone like me. >> reporter: if that wasn't bad enough sandra's neighbor on west burke street also her car towed one of her tickets dated 1984. keep in mind, lucy, there is a ten-year statute of limitations on these tickets but if you have
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three or more unpaid tickets, no luck. ppa will try to track you down. >> wow! have to go back to 1920s and see what's going on back then. thank you much chris o'connell. meanwhile another car gets booted and this one happens to belong to philly police. sources tell fox 29 on monday the ppa booted this unmarked car on the 2300 block of south 24th street. now police tell us they call the parking authority to let them know it's a police car. but the parking authority refusing to remove the boot. we're going to wait scene how ppa versus ppd thing plays out. mold shutting down another school. this one is in philadelphia. investigators found mold in several classrooms at the john b. kelly elementary school. skyfox was over the school in germantown. district officials are blaming the mold on h vac issues. contractors worked to get rid of the problem, the district has closed school tomorrow. breaking a possible suicide threat from harvey weinstein. tmz got a hold of this video of
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police outside his druther daughter's house in los angeles. 22-year-old called the cops this morning to report her dad was quote suicidal and depressed. he had left her house by the time the officers rolled up. now tmz reports weinstein just left town for a rehab center in arizona. as of now more than two dozen women have come forward to report he sexually harassed or assaulted them. a masked man caught on camera robbing a convenience store in upper darby, but apparently stealing wasn't enough for this guy. what he does before bolting out of the door just ugly. our dave schratwieser joins us live in upper darby tonight. dave. >> reporter: iain that masked robber struck twice in four days in upper darby. stealing 700 bucks from two stores it but not before terrifying store owners and employees. >> very violent. >> reporter: surveillance cameras were rolling inside the s and l deli in upper darby tuesday afternoon when a robber burst in and blasted winton
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jiminez in the face. wednesday he was still sporting a red eye. >> come in. he punch me in the face two times. he said put the money in the bag. >> reporter: in both incidents he don't care. i mean he just walks right in, does his thing, kick the door in and walks out without blinking an eye. >> reporter: surveillance video caught the whole robbery and the suspect's escape much police say the same 95-wielding bandit struck a few blocks away just four days earlier at the this man. >> he told me big knife and he open the door and come over here and put the money in the bag. >> superintendent chitwood said the bandit took $500 in the first robbery at sms a couple hundred dollars at the s and l deli and lottery tickets n both robberies he was dressed exactly the same. >> the cameras were able to get him taking his mask off and we get a pretty good picture of him. >> reporter: both store owners
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and employees say they were stunned by the robberies and worried the suspect might come back. police believe he cased both stores before he robbed them. >> i think i saw this guy but i'm not sure. >> reporter: was he maybe checking out the place. >> superintendent chitwood is concern the violence could escalate if the suspect gets more desperate for money. >> we want to get him off the street before somebody gets seriously hurt. >> the 95 part scares you i guess. >> yes, scares me. everybody scared. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured. police believe the suspect could be from the same neighborhood where these robberies are occurring. they are checking with other local towns to see if the suspect may have struck there. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. philadelphia police say they have cracked a cold case back in june we told you a contractor found some human remains at 17th and atlantic in north philadelphia. after three months dna test revealed they belong to 40-year-old pamela lewis who disappeared in 2014.
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police just charged her boyfriend 43-year-old jamal hudson with her murder. they believe they were in a physical fight when she was killed. >> parents put their children on schoolbuses and vans every single day trusting those drivers will take care of their babies. but what happens if your child falls asleep on the bus and the driver just doesn't notice because that's what happened to a seven-year-old boy with special needs and it wasn't the first time. fox 29's bruce gordon reports. >> reporter: seven-year-old tyler barlow stayed home from school wednesday to be with his mom. to be safe. >> i didn't want to go to school. >> reporter: why is that? >> because i thought something was going to happen. >> reporter: it's understandable on tuesday afternoon tyler was picked up from his elementary school by a wheat services van like this one. to be driven along with a couple of other special needs students to a group therapy session in
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havertown. but tyler fell asleep in the back seat of the van and neither the driver nor an aide noticed as they traveled to havertown, drove back to their headquarters lot in prospect park and then left the van. >> you were in a parking lot, right? were you a little bit scared? >> you can talk to him. >> you can tell me. >> yes. >> reporter: what's that? >> yes. >> reporter: based on the timeline described by tyler's mother it appears the autistic seven-year-old sat alone in that parked van for an hour or more before being discovered. >> i was just out of breath. like i put my life -- my kids live in these people's hands and i just felt heart broken. >> reporter: wheat services is a subcontractor for community transit. a private non-profit that provides transportation for kids like tyler. tom is executive director. this is not right. >> yes, it's not right. it shouldn't happen. it should not happen. there's no justification for it. >> reporter: jack live for is the man in charge at wheat
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services. he declined to talk to us on camera citing contract policy but an e-mail from wheat obtained by fox 29 confirms both the driver and the aid have been fired. stunningly tyler was forgotten and left on board a transportation van last december by a different company. mom says he's having a hard time coping. >> this morning i woke up to him in my bed telling me he's sorry and he didn't want to lose me. so i asked him, what do you mean you don't want to lose me gentlemen said, mom, i could have died in the van report roar officials with community transit tell me they are investigating on their own to try and figure out exactly how long the little boy was left alone in that van. and they'll be having some frank dscussions with wheat services about policies and practices& moving forward. in prospect park, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. blazing wildfires across a wide swath of california and the devastation is only getting worse with firefighters bracing for weather that could spread the already raging fires. so far 21 people have died.
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hundreds of people remain missing. among those lost in the fires, world war ii veteran 100-year-old charles trip pee and 98-year-old wife sarah. the grade school sweethearts recently celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. their family well about the only comfort they could take in all of this is that their parents were together until the very end. 3,500 homes and businesses are gone. >> the family would always wonder what would happen if one of them died and the other one was still left and so they went together. >> 8,000 firefighters are waging war against these fires from the ground in the air and the weather is not helping at all. our kathy orr has been here watching all of this. kathy, it's already hellish battle. >> and this is not at all helping. >> no. we've been talking about those santa ana winds those winds out of the northeast heading toward the coast of california for the
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past several days much the winds are going to change but those winds continue to fuel the inferno and that's why we've seen this fire spread so rapidly. now as you look at the future wind gust you can see in santa rosa where we've had lot of devastation. we're still seeing 38 miles an hour gusts and over the next couple of days, those will slowly subside but it's really not going to happen until later in the week and in napa and san francisco 23 miles an hour gusts. so there will be some improve many with the wind and it has shifted from the northeast now toward the northwest. that's more of a marine influence so that's good. rainfall estimates. look at this for santa rosa napa and whole coast of california not a chance of rain right through sunday. so it is going to stay dry right into next week in california. so lucy the winds are improving. we'll getting some of marine air and winds are diminishing but there's no rain in sight. for us, we have a chance we'll talk more about that with the seven day forecast coming up. >> we'll talk to you then. thank you very much.
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we got big changes with the boy scouts coming up. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, the boy scouts are expanding a program that you might not know about what that means for girl scouts coming up. give up, skeletor! you're finished! curse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason we shouldn't vanquish you to another dimension! ok, guys, hear me out. switching to geico could save you... hundreds on car insurance. huh, he does make a point... i do like to save money... catch you on the flip, suckas! geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance
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is always a great answer. ♪ boy scouts of america might need to come with new name. it's now opening its ranks to girls. it's going start letting girls into the cub scouts and beyond as of 2017. but will girls jump ship from the girl scouts to the boy scouts? that's a question. fox 29's shawnette wilson has more life now in conshohocken. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, it is quite
10:15 pm
the talker. so the cub scouts will remain single gender meaning all girls or all boys but the larger packs will have the option of both genders. now girls i talked tonight are standing firm how they feel about this idea. >> we get to do a lot of activities. we get to go on camping sprees. we get to just be ourselves. report roar it's what most girls love about being a girl scout. it's something they can call their own. >> twins ariana and gianna share that thought. >> boys are really rough and at this age it's just weird to be around boys. i'm around them almost every day at school. >> reporter: now girls will have more options and joining boy scouts if they choose. boy scouts of america announced today that it's expanding a program for older girls using the same curriculum as the boy scouts. kim is the ceo of the girl l girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania. >> competition is not new for
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girl scouts. girls time is being competed for all the time. band, soccer, boy scouts now, and our girls do it all. >> reporter: she says she's isn't concerned about how this opportunity could affect membership in the girl scouts. in fact, she says the organization has been aware of the boy scouts interest in k through five for scheme sometime but they've been serving high school aged girls before now. >> they're leaders in these organizations and they'll continue to be. >> reporter: 12-year-old gabbie plaza doesn't plan on joining boy scouts. not even for the opportunity to make eagle scout. she says their golden award isn't as recognized but carries the same rank. >> i feel like girl scouts is where i can be myself and who i want to be and who i am in front of like my parents, my mom and my sister and i'm at school with boys i'm just like i'm not as comfortable doing that. >> reporter: and the boy scouts statement on the change reads in part "this decision expands the program that the boy scouts of america offers for
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both boys and girls. although known for its iconic programs for boys, the bsa has offered co hi he had programs since 1971 through exploring and the venturing program ". now some believe that the boy scouts are actually struggling with membership and that could be partly the reason why they've implemented this change. back to you. >> all right, shawnette, thank you. chester police are looking for the person who shot someone on the 1,000 block of mc do you avenue around 5:00 tonight. police say the victim is at a hospital and we do not know the condition. teenager fighting for his life after another teen shot him in the back of his head. philadelphia police at about 4:30 this afternoon on bustleton and magee avenue in oxford circle. 18-year-old boy shot the teen they say he took off but they caught him about three blocks away. president trump is back in the white house tonight after campaigning for his tax reform plan in pennsylvania. and recording an interview with fox news host sean hannity. >> this is the largest tax cut in the history of our country.
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[ applause ] >> it is incredible. it's going to put people to wo work. >> before the president did that interview he pitched his tax plan to crowd in harrisburg saying america first means pu putting american truckers first. he's on the road trying to sell his proposal to some skeptical lawmakers on capitol hill. fox 29's dave kinchen has more on the president's speech from harrisburg. >> reporter: harrisburg has its share of supporters of president trump but there are people in this area, of course hooks disagree with the president. both sides listening closely on what the president wanted to about taxes in the in this country. angie's diner in harrisburg waitress connie miller thinking about how president trump's impact will impact her life. >> i'm single and support myself so i think it's good. we've proposed tax cuts that are pro growth, pro jobs, pro worker, pro family and pro
10:19 pm
america. >> reporter: trump spoke before invitation only crowd of about a thousand in central pa while the nation listened for specifics. >> the first $12,000 for a single individual and the first $24,000 for a married couple will be tax free. >> i'm retired so i'm on social security and i still have to work part time, you know. because they just keep taking more and more and more and more nd more and more. >> across town this group eats dinner after being a part of that invitation only crowd with the commander in chief. >> the fact that he just wants to simplify it is awesome. because i've always thought that was something we needed for a long long time. just make it straight forward. so we know. >> i don't know that it will positively impact that much because we're higher wage earners so it looks like it will impact the lower and medium wagerness. that's great. that's what our country needs. >> he's a snake oil salesman i'm not buying it. >> he was part of a small group
10:20 pm
protesting trauma pops visit. >> the guy cares nothing about the middle class. >> he cares about himself end has no idea what goes on in every day society. he does not represent the middle class whatsoever. >> president has to get that plan through congress and while republicans control both houses, keep in mine the president has had trouble getting his own party on board for other aspects of his agenda. meantime the debate will continue on. in harrisburg, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. ♪ this affidavit is horrific. can you explain what happened here? >> the allegations shocking. he's a local lawmaker. police say on his computer hundreds of images of child po porn. >> it's hank i'm up kensington and torresdale. don't respect your server at a fast food restaurant or bodega. they have may have have just seen stuff that would curl your hair. hank's take coming up. paulsboro's a very proud community.
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it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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>> check out this crazy surveillance video. right now an armed robber storms overbrook deli and this is not the only one. police are investigating. our hank flynn noticed arm robberies happen pretty often here in philly. >> it's not fair. it's not fair. after 18 years oh, my god, we been here too many years and we support the neighborhood.
10:24 pm
>> reporter: betty is 100% right. look at the surveillance video. somebody walks in the front door of your family business in this case the felton mini market in lansdowne and pits a gun at your head it is not fair. something betty never bargained for and still coming to grips with it good i said okay. don't be stupid. please just don't shoot me because i have my kids and have to keep working here. >> you said he was very nervous. >> he was very nervous, yes. his voice and the way he kept look aig round because i was by myself in the store. >> do you know this guy. >> police need your help in this and similar cases. hard numbers on armed robberies are hard to come by but it happens in phil al l this restaurant on girard got the payroll snatched back on the 26th. pursuit was given the suspect turned around and showed gun and was gone. all of this video court seat store's robbed by way of philly police department's youtube page. it gives you good sense of the occasional madness faced by restaurant and bodega workers.
10:25 pm
there's 54th and witty. the guy goes under the counter shoves the woman down steals a bunch of cigarettes and money. word is on the street that young woman quit her job. >> i just open the register and give him all the money and then he ran out. >> this young woman isn't quit she was workin working at countt texas chicken and burgers when a guy came over the counter with a knife. she told me she won't live in fear. >> you never know. kit happen anywhere at any time. but had he they should catch him and put him in prison before somebody gets hurt. >> reporter: philly police are working on it but piles of cases, hundreds of them and we see reports of new ones all the time. if you know anything about any of them, throw police anonymous tip and if you know a restaurant or bodega worker show them some love. it's crazy out there. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ new details develop to go night in the massacre in las vegas. now a worker says he warned the hotel minutes before a gunman opened fire on that concert
10:26 pm
crowd. the charges in the da's words, disgusting. a township commissioner arrested for child porn. police say hundreds and hundreds of videos and pig hers. ♪
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eighty-five hundred dollars?!? vanstone auctions? sold for eight thousand five hundred "unicorn in rouge." congratulations, sir. when you need help fast, call us with td asap on the td bank app and skip to the front of the line. hi alex, i have your account pulled up. how can i help? oh, uh... great. are you seeing this charge
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from an auction house? that doesn't look right. i'll take care of that. oh good. thank you. because when you need help, you need it asap. ♪ disgusting, outrageous, offensive. those are just some of the words from prosecutors about the allegations against the delaware county lawmaker. police say they found hundreds of videos and images of child porn on the radnor commissioner's computer. the details are tough to listen to. fox 29's jeff cole has more on the investigation from media. >> reporter: sir, are you daddy x? >> philip ahr did not respond to what investigators claimed was the name daddy x he used in child porn chat rooms. the radnor politician is tonight charged with felony possession and destruction of child porn. >> he didn't try to explain why he was doing what he was doing
10:30 pm
and why he was collecting and disseminating and up loading and downloading these horrendous images. >> reporter: da whelan says alert beside a national group battling child pornography, someone was downloading locally investigators searched ahr's radnor home last month at 6am. on his computers, hundreds every images of young children naked engaging in sex acts with adul adults. if sir, this affidavit is horrific. can you explain what happened here. >> i just got it. i just received it. >> reporter: law enforcement sat in front of ahr's house this morning where there was no answer. neighbors declined to talk. investigators say the father of two was in possession of images of children in pain. >> it's disgusting. it's outrageous. it's offensive. most people -- you know, you shutter with anguish when you look and you hear about that. >> reporter: a member of radnor's board expressed shock at the charges while other board
10:31 pm
members gathered at town hall in reaction to the arrest. >> today as the manager mentioned i made a formal request of commissioner ahr to resign from his position on the board. >> reporter: investigators say ahr would chat online expressing how much he enjoyed some of the images. >> why would you respond in that way, sir? you said did you like to see children in this position? >> investigatoinvestigators saye continues looking at the people who ahr allegedly shared child porn with. he's back in court later this month. in media, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. montgomery county residents are disgusted after getting racist flyers in the mail. a handful of neighbors in east greenville told police the notes showed up this week. we have blurred the flyer. east greenville police say it's from a white supremacist organization. state police are now also investigating. big questions raised tonight in the las vegas shooting.
10:32 pm
two hotel mose say they reported a gunman spraying the hallway with bullets, six minutes before he opened fire on a crowd of people enjoying country music festival. initially the clark county sheriff said stephen paddock showed shot at hotel security guard through the door of his hotel room after firing at the crowd which raises questions about communications at the mandalay bay hotel. today, a victim filed the first lawsuit against the hotel claiming the company failed to notice the gunman set up cameras or bringing in all those weapons he had. the victim's mom spoke in emotion pack news conference. >> we never could have dreamed that our daughter page would one moment be singing under the desert moon and the next moment be clinging to hope she would see the next sunrise. ten minutes of gunfire became an eternity for the child that we love. >> paddock shot 21 page gas per the bull went through her arm shattering her ribs and damaging her liver.
10:33 pm
breaking tonight. tmz reports harvey weinstein's daughter called 911 to report her father is suicidal and a mid allegations of sexual assault and assault weinstein is headed to rehab in arizona. as more women come forward. for many women and men the scandal brings up a lot of issues. here's joyce evans. ♪ >> reporter: he says -- i think it's pretty ridiculous. i think that shouldn't be happening whether hollywood or anywhere else. >> reporter: she says --ing. >> they need get kick out of their positions because it keeps happening repeatedly. >> reporter: most shocking may be who we're hearing from. big-time super a listers. but they weren't always on top. >> you come from the bottom and then just trying to make it up and then probably sacrificing so much stuff to get there. >> i think being in a position that they are they just decided not to always come forward. >> you wouldn't believe how many people come and say you're the first person i'm ever telling about this. >> reporter: university of
10:34 pm
penn psychologist thee ya gallagher says celebrities are not, men or women, the pain many of them carry around inside themselves is life altering. no matter how famous or rich they become. >> there's a lot of hidden guilt, shame, um, hiding. there's, upping arc lot of avoidance of feelings and thoughts that remind them of these events. >> reporter: even famous hollywood tough guys are not exempt. >> it's even more stigmatized for men to come out and talk about being sexually assaulted. >> reporter: the reason why now is deeper, more complex than many people can understand or empathize with. >> but they end upcoming out in their life in different ways that they don't even realize which effects inn mass cease or relationship. >> reporter: some people are calling out super rich often outspoken about everything else actors whether they're broken or not. >> because you're just as guilty for not voicing that you see these things happen in the workplace. >> they have a choice. either yes or no. that's how i grew up. >> we see a lot of victims with a lot of guilt and shame and
10:35 pm
blame then go back. what else was i supposed to do? lose my job? like lose my wife live. >> the guy had so much power. i never knew somebody had that much power over that you you can't do anything. that's scary. >> it is scary and even though more allegations are flying everybody we spoke with believes it's all good. mega producer harvey ryan stein is reported until therapy. his 11 victims are being heard and the movie industry may be finally forced to change. joyce evans fox 29 news. >> fishing down the shore. when two brothers turn into heroes. pulling four people including kids from a rip tide. awesome. and this you got to hear a text message that just cut out a wife and son from her husband's will. ♪ kyle: mom! mom!
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north dakota farmer using his tractor to send a message. you see wait says right there. we stand for the national anth anthem. farmer gene hanson says he plowed the statement in his soy bean field a reaction to the protests of nfl players on the field. hanson says if players want to make a statement, they should do it some other time. not during the national anthem. the north dakota farmer says the patriotic sign measures the length of two football fields and took two hours to create. incredible story of courage and determination after almost a year in a church basement javier flores garcia walk out with his wife and kids a free man today. garcia went into sanctuary at the arch street methodist church in center city allege months ago to avoid being deported back to mexico after living here in the us for 20 years. now he's eligible for a special visa and residency here. through a translator garcia says he got justice. >> i want to thank everyone who
10:40 pm
has supported me and specialsly my lawyer for the hard work and for this great victory because today i'm finally going to be able to go home. >> figure out ways to support my children as soon as i get out of here. >> you can hear more of his incredible story tomorrow morning on good good day at 7:30am. >> in australia you can write up a will that will hold up in court in text message. 55-year-old man wrote a text he titled my will. he never sent it he ended up taking his own life. well court later ruled it's a valid document. the unsent text indicated he wanted to leave his home and pension to his brother not his wife or his son. it also detailed how he had become disgruntled with them. he signed off that text with a smiley emoji. two philly men recognized by the coast guard for saving a group of boogie borders caught in rip current last month. joseph godschalk and his brother william were fishing they saw couple of adults and two kids struggling on boogie boards in
10:41 pm
strathmere. as the brothers were rescuing the group a wave flips the boat sending them into the water but thankfully all six people are okay. walls of flames. eating everything in their path. hundreds are missing and the fires are still raging. we are heading live to california. around here far different story. we're blessed. we're getting a little taste of fall finally kathy. >> we certainly are. we have some showers moving n the winds are picking up and the temperatures are falling. is it here to stay? we'll take a look with the seven day coming up.
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phillies own love lock bridge open at penn's landing the city's residents and visitor which is personalize and latch a love lock to commemorate any life moment. the bridge is a gift to the city and penn's landing. by sarah and dan keating. mr. keating a cancer survivor chose to launch the philadelphia hop fence in appreciation of the friends of the american association for cancer research. >> happening right now, uncontrollable wildfires raging in california and they are only getting larger. what you're looking at right here is damage cam video of a deputy actually driving through the sonoma county wildfires. this is what first responders are seeing around the clock right now. the deadly names have turned neighborhood after neighborhood into ash.
10:45 pm
as of now 21 people have died in those fires. nearly 700 people are missing. right now firefighters are working around the clock to get those flames under control. it's a tough job. fox's ken wayne joins us live from santa rosa. devastation on a historic proportion. ken. >> reporter: well lucy we're used to having wildfires in california especially in october. but this will go down as probably the worst at least in terms of the number of homes that have been lost. as you mentioned more than 3,000 structures destroyed. we're here at the airport. this is the air attack base as well as regular airport. we went up in black hawk helicopter earlier this afternoon to get a birds eye view of the damage and in santa rosa it is extensive. this is a city of almost 200,000 people. and we saw block after block of homes, neighborhoods wiped out. we glue flew north up toward clear lake hooked a right flew over sonoma and napa valleys.
10:46 pm
they run parallel to each other. both of them covered in a very thick heavy layer of smoke. we had to climb up to 7500 feet just to get above the smoke layer and at that altitude we couldn't see any of the damage below. we couldn't see where the fires were burning. we couldn't see what structures might be affected. what roads could be closed because there was just too much smoke. so this is a major fire. tonight the big concern is the wind. it's picking up. it could be gusting up to 45 miles an hour. the wind is really what's driving these fires and now with the planes down for the night, they can't fly at nighttime, it's just too dangerous, firefighters on the ground are out there right now battling those fire lines trying to get them dug and trying to stop this fire from causing even more damage. >> lucy. >> that aerial fight is so incredibly important. having that crew down is not going to serve well to the ground crews because they've got massive battle on their hands and you said that the winds are whipping. is the humidity still low because that plays a big factor
10:47 pm
into all of this of course. >> reporter: it dropped down to eight -- what 8 degrees, eight-points -- the humidity level was eight and usually it's in double digits up around 40, 50, 60. so that was just in the last couple of days when the wind comes from the west from the ocean which is just a few mills away the humidity level climbs way up. the wind is shifting coming from the north and the east. coming from inland and it's hot and it's dry, and it's stronger. the winds are stronger when they come from the northeast and that's what's driving this fire. >> those diablo winds. ken, thank you so much. we appreciate it. stay safe out there. here's live look at wildwood tonight as we get a check of your fox 29 weather authority. temperatures are dipping out there. meteorologist kathy orr has your a look at your forecast in just 15 seconds.
10:48 pm
in weather tonight we are talking about clouds. we're talking about few spotty showers and we're talking about much cooler temperatures. those temperatures will be knocked down about 10 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. 56 in the poconos. 68 in philadelphia. 69 in millville and we have that on shore flow and that's going to it cloudy and going to keep te cool. 61 overnight in the city. 57 in pottstown. 57 in reading and allentown getting down into the 40s overnight in the poconos. so really beginning to feel like fall again. much cooler by tomorrow with a few showers passing through. not going to be a big deal but we'll keep that on shore flow. as long as the wind is coming from the ocean that easterly fetch it is going to stay on the cool side. so as you go hour by hour we'll see a few showers moving that was overnight. early tomorro morning, a few patchy showers more toward south jersey and delaware. we'll see break in the clouds during the afternoon with some
10:49 pm
temperatures only in the 60s. when we look at the rain amounts look at our gfs model saying 500 in the city that's about it. new european isn't just in just yet that number will be or as well. nuisance spotty shower or sprinkle overnight and through tomorrow. tomorrow's high temperatures 55 in the poconos. allentown 63. some sun breaks out in philadelphia 66. wildwood 66. in trenton 65. 62 in reading. lancaster 62. another big story tomorrow will be the winds. winds out of the northeast about 15 to 20 gusting to about 25. here's your seven day forecast. after that windy day tomorrow we'll have a chance of spotty shower friday. otherwise morning clouds increasing sun and here we go again. saturday and sunday looking great the high near 80 saturday for the temple owls football game. sunday partly sunny 82. monday cooler. 73. tuesday 65 we're back up again next wednesday and all occasions next thursday and even into next friday temperatures will stay
10:50 pm
above normal in the 70s. the normal high temperature this time of year is about 68 degre 68 degrees. so anything above that consider that a bonus. that's a look at your seven day forecast. we'll send it over to you. hey there kristen. it's always 75 and sunny in philadelphia. did you know that? >> i'm starting to learn but that looks like beautiful football weather coming our way. eagles have big test tomorrow, though, with cam newton and the carolina panthers. ahead the status of defensive guy that could slow him down but joel embiid back on the court after getting paid this week. what was his impact the sixers tonight against the nets. that's next in sports. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. how many years have we been putting up with this 95 construction? we got a light at the end of the tunnel. a little light over the next
10:51 pm
couple of days. we'll see some changes to the knife scenario here through fishtown. by saturday, we're going to have the new ramps opened to and from girard avenue. and the northbound traffic will be able to be pushed over to that newly constructioned stretch of the roadway. so over the next couple of days, be ready for a hot bed of construction, 95 but we're going to get some gain after all of that pain. we'll grab a cuff of coffee check the jam cams. sue will have the forecast. see you here starting tomorrow at 4:00 paulsboro's a very proud community.
10:52 pm
it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table.
10:53 pm
what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
10:54 pm
♪ joel embiid got paid and today he finally played. day after he signed that $146.5 million contract embiid was back in the starting lineup as sixers took on the nets in long oy handle. embiid proving why he's worth every penny that contract. sixers up in the second embiid knocks down the jumper on 1 foot no less. pretty sweet there. he shared some love later tonight, though. embiid sees ben simmons down low slams that home and embiid with 22 points and 15 minutes. sixers crews 133-114. eagles at carolina tomorrow night. there's no question that fletcher cox makes this eagle defense better. there's also no question that containing cam newton is going
10:55 pm
to be challenge for the eagles tomorrow. how great would it be if cox were back tomorrow? well he may be. cox did make the trip with the team and he's a game-time decision tomorrow night. other injuries updates lane johnson out. went daal smallwood isable. for cock this would be his first game back after sitting out two weeks with a calf injury. he's had two days of full participation and doug pederson says he look good. >> he seems to be okay. he's progressing. you know, again, we'll take it right up to the 90 minute, you know, on game day. make that decision. but he is feeling better. >> carson wentz is visibly more comfortable on the feel here in year two. he's also very comfortable in doug pederson son's office much wentz is in there every day. he wanted more control at the line and now he's getting it. offensive coordinator frank reich says he likes that spiri spirited contribution wentz brings to the offense. >> he had those traits. he talk like it, he walk like
10:56 pm
it, um, i remember one of the things going there and him saying his coaches used to say he had a lot of argument with his offensive coordinator. i took that as a good thing because he knew what he wanted. >> we've had lot of open dialogue, you know, i roo spec the heck out of their opinions and i'm thankful they respect mine as welch it's been really beneficial for me are for this whole team. >> game five yankees inn yanks new york up one to nothing in the third man on he goes deep into the seconds. yankees up three to nothing much they lead it three-two in the seventh. national league action. nationals cubs bottom 82 outside michael taylor gets all this one. grand slam homerun. washington wins it five-zero series heading up heading to game five. >> nothing like baseball playoffs. >> kristen rodgers speaking of exciting stuff welcome to the fox 29 family. >> thank you guys. i appreciate it. so happy to be here. >> mega million drawing is up next. >> good luck to you and then fox 29 news at 11:00.
10:57 pm
here's what's coming you on fox 29 news at college. >> president clinton sworn in the first time. the phillies lose the world series. and one woman got a parking ticket. that just now has the ppa saying, pay up. fox 29 news at 11:00 is next. where are we?
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