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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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small community of well kept lawns and man cured lawns and well kept homes. it's a place with good schools, but it's reputation is taking a hit tonight as two of its past and present political leaders are facing the music. upscale delaware county community radnor likes to be known as best of the mainline but it just doesn't feel that way for some. >> what's happening? >> i don't know. it's part of the disease that's going around the whole country i think. it's not just radnor. >> reporter: you think it's larger than rad more. >> oh yeah i do. >> reporter: arrested went the president of radnor's board philip ahr stands accused of possession of child porn. thursday in media courtroom a former commissioner royal william sprinkler apologized to judge for indecent assault on his 103-year-old mother-in-law. the judge hit him with two years probation, residency problems, larger than this mainline town.
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>> i have a sense of alarm about what's going on in society in general where we're really very lost. >> report roar it's reflected in the town as well you think? >> yeah, it's reflected everywhere. >> reporter: accused of groping the women's chance will wear an an let monitor for 60 days of the two years of supervision. ahr remain the head of the township board where fellow commissioners are trying to dump him. >> what do you tell your constituents. >> what we're going to tell them we're doing everything we can to get him off of the board. we'll remove him as president. we'll do everything we can to get him off the board. >> reporter: some here call the town's troubles a symbol of immoral will the sweeping the country. others are simply stunned. >> is this not a black eye for this community? >> it's absolutely horrendous, but we heard yesterday about current president phil ahr was shocking. i mean it was beyond belief frankly. and with bill, um, that's
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disturbing as well. >> reporter: now expect the board to meet here next week and take ahr's presidency from him. but unless he resigns from the board of commissioners, he'll sit there until he's convicted. also expect the board to keep mr. spagler at a distance a great distance. i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. folks? >> jeff, thank you. developing now a body found in the river in university city police found a body of a man in his 50s floating in the schuylkill river are a around walnut street and schuylkill avenue. they say someone before -- someone shot him before he ended up in the water. skyfox was over the scene right after first responders pulled the body out. about 11:00 this morning. right now police do not know who did this or why. only only fox tonight investigators are on the hunt for evidence in a multi million dollar scheme. now sources say it involves half dozen pawn shops spanning three counties in our area. fox 29 was the only station
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there. search warrants were ex queued and dave schratwieser is live outside one of the pawn shops raided in fulcroft tonight. da dave? >> reporter: iain, sources tell us this alleged multi million dollars stolen property scheme may in fact be fueling local opioid use. today investigators from the state attorney general's office fanned out across three local counties executing search warrants. only fox 29 cameras were there when investigators from the state attorney general's office executexecuted search warrants thursday looking for evidence wide sweeping multi million dollar scheme involving local pawn shops. >> pretty quite around here. when you see that you know what i mean, everyone will buzz around and find out what's going on. >> reporter: bob collins works a few doors away from this warehouse in fulcroft where investigators spent hours searching the building. they hauled away everything from a crafts man air compressor to bicycles and electric heaters. some of the items were in home bee depot boxes. >> all the employees i guess that work there were standing
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out front, they gathered around all talking about it. >> reporter: soses say investigators were looking items shipped here from half a dozen pawn shops in three counties including bucks, delaware and philadelphia. fox 29 cameras caught a team of investigators at the darby pawn shop in collingdale as they poured over the contents of the building. >> surprised something going on. i might lose my stuff in the pawn shop. i don't want to lose it. >> reporter: concerned? it's not fun. >> reporter: any idea what they're taking? >> at the aston pawn shop employees took outside tight lipped saying little about the raid. they told us they hadn't seen a search warn. >> you don't know what it's about? no idea? did you see the search warn? >> nope. >> reporter: sources say investigators believe the alleged stolen items stored here are being offered for sale online. sources say investigators tracked items stolen from big box stores like home depot and
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wal*mart. they believe heroin addicts have been stealing many of the items. like power tools and selling them to pawn shops to support their drug use. >> they bring it here to sell to him. but usually he don't buy stolen stuff because he asks you for anism d. >> reporter: now investigators remain at this pawn shop at this hour. a spokesman for the attorney general' office would not comment saying by law he cannot, we are told by sources the charges could include conspira conspiracy, receiving stolen property and corrupt organizations. no charges have been filed at this point. but we are told a grand jury may be empanelled in this investigation. lucy. >> thank you day. sky fox over norwood, delaware county, where a train has hit a person. septa officials say an amtrak acela hit someone on the track near the norwood station right at about 4:30 this afternoon. regional rail service is back online along the wilmington newark regional line.
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expect delays of about 30 minutes or so. we do not know how the person is doing that the train hit. we'll keep you posted. philadelphia police are investigating a pattern of robberies between septembe september 24th and octobe october11th. detectives say the two offenders have committed seven robberies wearing similar clothes and using the same weapons. most of the robberies occurred in northeast philadelphia or bucks county. the most recent incident was early wednesday morning sunoco on roosevelt boulevard. officials say a man with handgun took a person's money and cigarettes. >> we believe it's two people. they're using the same clothes. the geographical area, the same backpack, some of them they try to make a purchase and pull their gun at the last minute. that's why we think they're related. we obviously think it's two people when you look at the video. we're hoping somebody will recognize or know of these incidents. >> anyone with information should contact police. mold shut down a philadelphia school for second
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day tomorrow john b. kelly elementary school in germantown closed down today after investigators found mold in several classrooms. the school district of philadelphia now says the school will stay closed tomorrow and it will not reopen until it is mold free. district officials blame it on h vac i and condensation damage. they'll give parents an update about what's going on on sunday. good let's get a look at your for now at 6:00. as we take a look at trenton. new jersey state capitol was not immune to the wet weather we experienced today. meteorologist scott williams with a quick look how the rest of the evening is shaping up. scott. >> hi there, iain. talking about clouds sticking around and also cooler temperatures. so if you're stepping outdoors, grab those fall jackets and sweaters. high temperatures allentown only 63 degrees. it was 65 in trenton today. atlantic city, philadelphia high temperatures right around 67 degrees. but that was shortly after midnight. high pressure well to the north. the clockwise winds giving us the easterly wind component kind
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of locking in those clouds easterly winds right now out of the east at about 18 miles an hour philadelphia. 21 miles per hour winds in wildwood. upper 50s right now in reading and pottstown. low 60s philadelphia, wilmingt wilmington. so overnight tonight, back into the 50s even some upper 40s north and west. so coming up we'll talk about the cloudy and cool pattern for now. a few shower chances in the offing but a brief weekend warmup ahead with that seven day forecast. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thanks. here's life look right now at bank of america stadium in charlotte where the eagles will take on the panthers in couple hours. fox 29's kristen rodgers is here with more on the big game. >> you're right, iain a lot on the line. eagles insider dave spadaro is live at bank of america stadium he joins us now. dave, i have to ask you first what is the status of fletcher cox tonight? >> i wish i can give you a definitive answer. i think there's on the missile that he can give eight go here tonight. he'll come out and test the
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calf. and the eagles will see they have until about 6:55 to turn in their up active list. i would say the optimism is growing. i just don't have a definitive answer right now. >> it would be great to have him back. what does carson wentz have to do tonight to help the eagles lead them to win? >> here's the thing kristen. the eagles don't have lane johnson the right side is a question mark against julius peppers, have i tie has to may better than he did last season. and then convert on third downs eagles number one in the nfl converting on third down the panthers number two in the nfl converting on third down a very aggressive defensive approach against carson wentz but look he's prepared as well he can for four days. should be ready to play a very fine game against some questionable cornerbacks in carolina. a look at both sides of the ball your keys for the game. >> i think the first key for the game is that the eagles must run the ball establish the line of scrimmage early in this game that means not only peppers but
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the interior of the panthers defensive line is very strong. number two, they can't let cam newton beat them by buying time in the pocket. that means they've got to win with pass rush precious, number three, the eagles have done nice job in the red zone. that must continue and these are cliches statistics but within the turnover battle, score touchdowns, touchdown in the red zone after good start eagles could get out of here five-one it would be gigantic boost for this 2017 season. >> that would be huge for the eagles. all right. thank you so much, dave. lucy? >> thank you much, kristen. president trump says the executive order he just signed dismantle obamacare is quote only the beginning. the order directs labor department to increase health care competition and choice. the department's mandate to encourage small businesses and individuals to join together to buy insurance through nationwide association plans. now some experts worry that move could draw younger and healthier customers away from obamacare, thus, sending premiums sky rocketing for the old and sick
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left in the exchanges. a white house source estimated the order could take six months or more to take effect. still ahead a store owner says a man threatened to kill her family and would not leave her store. her husband shot him. now, he's in trouble. and making sure they're ready to respond in caves app emergency. local swat teams are showing off their skills. when you're a double-dipping pension-padder
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like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars,
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fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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police release these pictures of a man who committed unusual crime in bensalem last month. on september 24th at target store authorities say this guy stole five boxes of rogaine. some hair growth sham parks a couple of razor are and took off in maroon sedan. if you know anything about it call police. a store owner is from the frustrated after police charged her husband with crime. they say he broke the law when he shot a man late last night. >> but she says he had threatened the man did to kill the store owner and her family. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live
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from philadelphia police headquarters. she says she was scared for her life, dawn. >> reporter: absolutely, lucy. that store own are in police say took matters into his own hands and as a result he is facing charges to night. i spoke to that owner's wife who says her husband really had no choice. he was protecting her and their two children. >> scare me all the time. i got three -- three-year-old kid and five-year-old kid. >> reporter: saran penn breaks down in tears as the mother of two young children describe as frightening exchange with a man who came into the family's business on the 6100 block of market street in west philadelphia about 6:00 oclock last night. she says the 22-year-old who had caused problems before and h and k deli instigated a fight. she says he through garbage all over the place. penn says she chased him out with a kitchen knife after he threatened her. >> and then he say, i will kill your husband, you and your family. >> reporter: penn says fearing for her life, she called her
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husband who was ready when the guy returned an hour later. penn says her husband pulled out his gun and the guy ran away. >> he screamed to my husband, he said, i will kill you. i go get my gun and kill you. >> reporter: that would not be the end of it. around 10:00 o'clock, the man would return for a third time. that's when police say the store owner shot the guy after he briefly stepped inside. >> the mail runs across the street. as he's running across the industry the owner fires the gun hitting him in the leg. >> look like he got the gun on his body when he walk in. that's why he pulled it out. >> reporter: police say the guy did not have a weapon and the store owner is the one who broke the law. >> we understand the frustration unfortunately, you know, it doesn't mitigate the circumstances here. you fire that gun you injured somebody and the law says that you have to face charges. >> it's not fair. because that guy do something bad. after that we, you know, we tried to protect our family.
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>> reporter: now the store owner is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and possession of an instrument of crime. the shooting victim is hospitalized detectives say they still need to talk with him. the bottom line is that store owner should have simply called 911. iain and lucy? >> all right. dawn, thank you. delaware county swat team put its skills to the test this morning intra squad koob stelle course competition the teams tested their physical, technical and decision-making capabilities in the obstacle courses and also had some shooting competitions. they used hand guns, rifles and had some snipers and different practice scenarios. after it was all over, teams and individuals were presented with awards and trophies to honor theirables. >> good stuff. fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at wilmington where it's always a beautiful shot even on a hazy lazy type of day. a lot of cooler out that. iain you notice these things more than me.
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>> meteorologist scott williams here now. scott, how is our weekend shaping up. >> we're looking at temperatures warming back up. lucy, by sunday we could be back into the 80s but look at the cool down today across the area. 61 degrees right now. the high temperature was 67 in philadelphia. sun will set in less than ten minutes. so we're looking at winds still out of the east northeast at 18 miles an hour. locking in the clouds and look at the cool temperatures. upper 50s in reading right now. we have 59 in pottstown. low 50s currently mount pocono. low 60s in millville. also wildwood. area wide we're dealing with a typical fall like feel. as we look at ultimate doppler, we still have some of the clouds, a few sprinkles mainly off to the west. around places like harrisburg, also moving toward the baltimore area. but the rainfall earlier .20 of an inch in philadelphia almost a half an inch in pottstown. a little over half an inch in trenton and we need the rainfall crunchy dry lawns across the area.
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the latest update in with the drought monitor showing dry conditions right along the i-95 corridor immediate suburbs. ass move you into central sections of delaware. so over the next several hours, we're still looking at the clouds. also, the winds still coming in off the ocean so tomorrow somewhat similar to today. mostly cloudy skies. maybe a passing shower or a spotty sprinkle. no heavy rainfall expected. in fact, if we see any rainfall next 24 hours, less than a tenth of an inch of rainfall. so look at the temperatures overnight tonight. 42 mount pocono. upper 40s in pottstown and allentown. mid 50s in philadelphia and temperatures tomorrow back into the mid to upper 60s and guess what, that's average for this time of year. the weather authority seven day forecast showing temperatures rebound by saturday, 75 degrees. low 80s headed into sunday. but a cold front late in the day could spark off a shower and then much cooler look at the
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temperatures monday, tuesday, back into the 60s. sunny and nice for much of next week. 70 on wednesday. low 70s into next thursday. kristen, over to you. >> thanks, scott. the countdown to kick off is on. here's life look from charlotte. eagles/panthers in a big matchup tonight in prime time. the keys to stopping cam newton plus how carson wentz can lead this offense to five and one. sports is next. my daughter is...
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>> eagles down in carolina right now a live look at carson wentz
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warming up for some thursday night football as the four and one eagles get set to take on the four-one panthers in just few hours. really is a big game tonight. we've got a matchup of two of the top teams in the nfc right now. going to five and one would bump the odds of that winner taking the top spot in the playoffs. i know it's just week six but we're always looking ahead and again yeah this is just a big game. even on short work week the eagles know they've been rolli rolling. they're feeling themselves right now. they're explosive on offense and they know they can make plays now it's just about keeping that mentality up behind carson wen wentz. >> we believe in ourselves. i've always believed in myself. i believe in this whole offense when guys start to feel, that, start to make though plays, um, start to see it all coming together, um, it just kind of builds a confidence from players, from coaches, really everybody in this organization that, you know, we're, um, we're capable of getting it done. >> to the other quarterback cam newton. don't have to tell you how good he is. so how do you stop him? listen
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to meme it's one word. discipline. >> it's huge. um, you know, specialsly for us in the back end. you know, a guy like carson wal palmer last week that doesn't run to a guy like cam newton that can extend plays and has the arm to throw it 60 yards it will be huge for us. we have to play with good eyes, good technique and, um, obviously stay on our guys a little longer and be prepared for that. >> elsewhere in the nfc east, cowboys running back ezekiel elliot suspension is back on. federal appeals court has lifted the injunction that block his his six game suspension given by the nfl for his domestic violence allegations. his legal team will respond ba back. guys this is not over yet. this story got lot of leg. you know who also has legs, carson wentz and cam newton two great quarterbacks tonight it. >> will be great matchup tonig tonight. thanks. >> looks like fall finally has some legs. >> that's right. we're looking at cool temperatures here. i think it's been in the 80s this afternoon down in charlot
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charlotte. as far as what's happening here locally, 67 degrees. the high temperature for tomorrow may be a spotty shower next s self days but look at the roller coast ride back into the mid 70s saturday. low 80s on sunday as we move toward early next week a push of fall temperatures monday and tuesday only in the mid 60s. then back up into the low 70s by the latter part of next week. >> you know what on day like today, you're probably thinking about your next vacation. iain you probably are. >> you're actually right. >> here's the question though. will the islands if you're heading down to the caribbean be the same after hurricanes came rampaging through. the resorts some something they want you to know about before you book your next trip. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> have a great night. page six is up next. >> fly, he eagles, fly. ♪
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right now on page six tv, what's the latest on the harvey weinstein scandal? who did ben affleck apologize to and who else is accusing him of doing it to her too? when did alec baldwin have a soda-throwing meltdown? where did kate upton take a topple? all the answers now on page six tv. >> welcome to page six tv with today's big headlines. carlos weir, elizabeth wag miester and bevy lift. here are today's top stories. the floodgates have opened in the harvey weinstein scandal. it's gone from an explosive frond-page story to a full-blown criminal investigation. the "new york post"


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