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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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zone, it is pulled down for the touchdown. the second of the night for ertz. >> ertz. he put us in the driver's seat do you remember that slogan? ertz put us in the driver's seat. >> we get it. >> all right. nothing could be finer then to win in carolina. we will talk about it, this morning. >> and holy molly, the mold problem just continues to grow , shutting down schools from the suburbs to the city. so why does this keep happening? how concerned should we be. >> are our kidding to go get sick. the worst ever? another disaster, death toll rising, fires spreading, hundreds missing, callus still on fire. that is a live look, look at the burned out vehicles, and close to 5,000 homes and businesses, gone. good day everybody, it is, friday october the 13th, yes, it is friday the 13th, does
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that adjust your behavior at all, friday the 13th? are you superstitious. >> i'm not but i feel like things just happen, you know. >> i had mine yesterday, sue, everything went wrong yesterday. my friday the 13th happened to my on the 12th. >> how is it going to day, so far. >> it could not be better. >> got it out the way. >> i got it out the way. >> it is okay. >> i got it out of the way. >> there you go. >> just like that, sue. >> finishing each others sentences now, just fabulous. it helps that the eagles won last night. of course. now we have a seven out of 10, maybe unluckyish weather day but look, bus stop buddy there is a black caton this friday the 13th. we are celebrating the eagles win and flyers home opener tomorrow. there is an umbrella, because you just might need it. it is certainly not raining as much as yesterday. temperatures in the 50's and 60's but we have seen a few
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showers to the south, there could be a stray shower or two , for you, today. 57 degrees right now. sunrise at 7:10. don't look for a lot of sunshine if any. sixty-four by lunchtime. topping off at 67 today. it could be worse for a friday , at least it feels like october bob kelly, it was so summery for so long. >> 6:02, downtown philadelphia getting ready to head out, westbound on the schuylkill expressway, disable right here near roosevelt boulevard heading out toward the boulevard up the hill into conshohocken for gang in chester county. accident westbound on the 30 bypass just west of 322. it makes this one tough is as you come around the curve and everybody pushed over to what would be the right there, this guy is hugging concrete barrier. so the accident itself is westbound, but, most traffic this morning head east, coming in toward city what a difference a day makes. we were soaked yesterday at this time. road dry, headlights are on
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coming in toward philadelphia on the freeway. route 130 southbound we have down pole and wires at riverton road, from an early morning accident for gang in langhorne, northbound 95 a disabled at off ramp to route one and then if you are coming into the city later today or tomorrow get ready, to row your boat, navy regatta takes over, kelly drive will be shut down tomorrow but boats and families will be arriving today, here in philadelphia. mass transit, buses, trains, trolleys, all running with no delays. second and 10, to the end zone, it is pulled down for the touchdown, second of the night for ertz. >> i know a lot of people waking up, grabbed your phone, whatever turned on our station at 4:00 this morning. get it off that other station from last night. okay, did eagles win, i drifted off, did they hold on? yes, they did. what is best head line this
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morning. beat down in carolina. >> i like that. >> that is not bad. >> pound that. >> pound that. >> they keep pounding that is their motto. >> yes, pound that, panthers. >> pound the panthers. under our thumb. not bad. crunch time. defense came up big. are they? do the we dare say it. they're for real. >> i was thinking about that. in the preseason one year we said we were going to the super bowl, we didn't do that this year. >> we're winning close won. figuring out how to win. what are you hearing in south philadelphia. >> reporter: yeah, people here are super excited. obviously eagles won last night. it is friday. so what is not to love. people here are very excited here in south philadelphia. take a look at some of the highlights from last night, it was a big win for the eagles. it wasn't an easy game carolina has a strong defense and carson wentz said in post
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game interviews that the panthers pushed play these were not prepared for and made things a little bit difficult, especially in the short week but they have pulled through in a big way. fans in south philadelphia say they have a good feeling moving forward. >> yeah, yeah, yeah you could get excited, second best record in the nfl under the chiefs, right. >> he is looking more and more as a professional quarterback. last year he would russia lot. this year he is real resilient and he looks much better then last year. >> reporter: hopefully players are all sleeping but when they do wake up, of course, they have a lot to smile about on a friday. take a look, at this tweet, from zach ertz. he is having a great season. he tweeted a few hours ago that thursday night road win feeling, i have a feeling, it will be a great weekend for all of those players before they get back on the field and practice ahead of the monday night football game on october .
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>> that is our next one monday night whole nation watching, against our rival washington redskins. >> now they have time to rest, well deserved. >> there will be some parties this weekend. >> do you think so. >> yes. >> what is that diner? there she goes. there she goes. she's gone. >> just like that. >> puff. >> they will zoom out and show name i think. hold on. >> oregon diner. >> i go there all the time. >> oh, nice. >> yeah. >> okay. >> they should turn their tv on there too. >> did they have a different channel. >> what channel do they watch. this is making me sick. >> i think you can tell. >> we don't need to zoom in. >> okay, zoom out. >> okay. >> you think we were get props we are outside of your place. >> of all stations... >> yeah. >> yeah.
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classes at several schools in our area are cancelled again today for mold. i can't believe that word is in the prompter. they call it remediation. what i'm trying to say is they are trying to get rid of the mold and they are closing schools until they get that done. >> a lot of parents have questions like what does this mean for my child? this seems to be popping up. steve? >> reporter: well, wait until you see these pictures we will show you. if parents are watching, kid at jb kelly school you will hear screaming through windows here's photo number one, this is a child's desk, in the music suite, at jb kelly school. this picture and this mold covering this seat, is two teachers snapped these pictures. look at these musical instrument cases in november 2015 when they first reported mold, the school administrators. not this week, two years ago.
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these pictures from the musical suite of the kid desk and chairs and instrument case s. at the jb kelly school built in 1968, opened in 197o news release number one we reported was just traces of mold were found at jb kelly school. the teachers union said those traces turned out to be 600 square feet of mold in 10 of the schools 41 classrooms and then yesterday even more mold was found at jb kelly, 400 more square feet in 15 other spots outside the classrooms, in the bathrooms, in the closets, in the halls. as wendy barber-lake her won that pulitzer price and dylann parcells report in this morning's mold rampant throughout the school for years n november 2015 as those pictures shows, two years ago mold at jb kelly was reported to administrators and apparently nothing was done. why was it reported? teachers told those reporters that they had come down with lots of respiratory illnesses.
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that is why. and so the teachers union yesterday put out a news release following the latest release from here at headquarters saying that the school will be shut down until the mold's gone. teachers union reminded everybody they had this report with these pictures two years ago and nothing was ever done. somebody will be answering for these things, later today for sure, this sounds like the perfect ideal jeff cole story later today i would say. >> i would say so too, steve. this is the story he has been on all week and it will go on day after day. we will check back with you. 6:09. we have a major disaster in our country right now. death toll continues to rise in the war wild fire in the state of california, crews on the front line say they are far from contained. we will take to you california
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police are report ago this from the time the guard was shot to when stephen paddock opened fire into the crowd. mandalay bay statement comes as attorneys suggest more lawsuit could be filed by victims and hear families. yeah, there was one report that said nine minutes between
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shooting in the hallway and security guard and opening of the fire. so they have to figure that all out. they will, with the security cameras and stuff like that. ezekiel elliott, he is out , but will he stay out? how his zest pension will effect next month's game between the eagles and the cowboys. let's hope he is still out.
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that is a system stalled to the south and keeping it cloudy and on the cool side so that is why we say still cloudy and cool but things will be changing over the weekend. by sunday, at the very latest. is there off shore system throwing back rain to the south of news southern delaware but not much, and if you see any rain, today, or tomorrow, it won't be much. so i wouldn't cancel any outdoor plans for the weekend and so many things going on. you do see green on the radar today especially to the south and some of those spotty showers, could sneak up to the north and maybe by this evening if you are heading out and you can see even more
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tomorrow morning. but just spotty showers, not a wash out of any kind. finally, by evening on saturday some of those cloud could break up. we will start cloudy sunday morning, cloud clear by afternoon in the 80's right before that cold front comes through and then that will change temperatures, dramatically, between sunday and monday. right now it is 57 degrees in philadelphia. forty-three in mount pocono. sixty-three in wildwood. 14 miles an hour winds makes it feel cooler then that. it is in the as windy as yesterday but still breezy. 68 degrees is your normal high we will get it around average with a high of 67 with all of those delightful days in the 80's. seasonal today. backup to 80 on sunday, and much cooler monday and tuesday and then back to the 70's on wednesday, and thursday. so lots of ups and downs in that seven day forecast, keep track of it all here, and, on our radio partner 101.1 more f
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m, bob kelly. >> boom, you got it, sue. we will call it 6:17 on this friday morning. all in a good mood plus weekend. live look at chester county just cleared that accident out of the way sitting westbound right here near 322. time to make the doughnuts. here comes headlights north on the freeway stacked up from the black horse pike in toward philadelphia. but at least not raining, we had to deal with that all day yesterday. route 130 we have down traffic signals, southbound side blocked at riverton road from an early morning accident, who loves fire trucks? >> i'm totally into it. >> that is what we will do today they have brand new fire truck for you, mike. >> all right. >> up here in levittown. it is fire prevention week. they are having a big fire prevention night, later on but we will give you a sneak peak and they will bring the brand new fire truck in during our 9:00 o'clock hour of good day and to make it even sweeter, if you show up this morning free coffee and doughnuts for everybody from nine to 10:00
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o'clock. come on out and say hi, we will put you on tv. if the kid are late it is okay we will give you a new ride on the fire truck. we will row the boat, navy day regatta rolls or rowness to town, they will bring boats in today and big event kicks off tomorrow at 6:00. imagine rowing in the cold, schuylkill river. >> that is a vacation bob kelly. >> warming up fast. >> glad we are going to the fire station. we need to thank our fire fighters, perfect situation. we have heroes on the front lines of the fire. what, 23 different fires now in northern california. >> they are still trying to handle this. this is now, the deadliest we have seen in the state's history. >> that is right. >> state of california. >> two more people were confirmed dead overnight. death toll is up to 31. >> meanwhile hundreds of people are still missing. thousands of homes destroyed. >> my god. >> fire has charred nearly 2,000 acres. fire fighters say they are working to get 20 different
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fires under control as mike was talking about. war are in napa, sonoma counties and with no rain in sight officials say they are far from getting any relief in this situation. >> we are in this fight for a long hall. it will continue to get worse before berth. >> it is heart breaking. we need to provide as much relief as possible, to the victim families, you know, we have hundreds of folks still unaccounted for. >> it is actually 200,000 acres that is affected by this. there is still no official cause for any of the 20 different fires. >> i have not heard in this country, over like 200, 300 people missing, missing. >> i heard earlier it can be hard to identify because some in some areas all that is left are ashes. so it is hard to figure out who is who. >> they may not be dead, lot of people ran leaving their cell fence to melt. entire towns are gone. >> you can only imagine
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families whether or not in the area loved one missing you don't know what happened to them. >> nope. >> so, yesterday afternoon, early evening, the house down in d.c. approves a 36 and a half billion dollars disaster relief bill to help residents in texas, florida and yes, puerto rico. the vote came hours after president trump tweeted we cannot keep fema, the military and the first responders, hoff been amazing, under this most difficult circumstance, in puerto rico forever. well, puerto puerto rico's governor said he received assurances that the government is not rushing to pull fema from their island, because that was not said to the people in florida, and texas, and louisiana. we're still sending money down for katrina from 10 years ago. >> yeah. >> more than 10 years. >> little bit more than that. >> it was 2005. >> twelve years ago.
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>> 6:20. >> president trump says executive order he signed to dismantle obama carries quote only beginning. >> he feels like he had to do it himself. order directs the labor department to increase health care competition, and choice. >> so people now will be able to buy insurance across state lines where the prices might be lower. they can choose to buy insurance with less coverage, small businesses would be able to band together to buy into association and plans, and lift limits on short term insurance coverage. white house sources mated that the order could take six months or more to take effect. >> if it takes effect at all, executive order. so jon dorenbos, we love you, jon, speaking out after having emergency open heart surgery, still ahead his emotional heartfelt message to his fans. he had to text it and tweet it , because not easy for him to speak. when you're a double-dipping pension-padder
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last night carson wentz to zach ertz, favorite receiver, his second touchdown catch of the night, eagles take 18-10 lead. about a minute left, all down to this fourth and one
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for cam newton. no good. eagles, win, and able to move to five-one on the seasons. ezekiel elliott suspension is back on in a two-one decision federal appeals court lifted injunction that blocked the six game suspension, nfl says it is effective immediately. players association they say they are reviewing their options. this story is far from over. joel embiid back at his stumping groundness kansas as sixers work out for their game with the heat later today in kansas city. embiid got emotional talking about his time as a jay hawk as it propelled him to come to philadelphia that key game later tonight at 8:30. that is sports in a minute. kristin rodgers. >> crazy to see joel embiid on his college, he was only there one year at university of kansas but they practiced and they will play in kansas city tonight because kansas city doesn't have a team anymore. >> home coming for him. >> that was kristin, she's knew, you will meet, talk with her later in the show.
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>> i have looked over her bio, we will tell you all of her secrets. it will be fun to meet kristin >> she doesn't know what is coming. >> i didn't realize that her daddies famous. >> he is. >> a famous rodgers. >> aaron? >> her dad did play football, yes, through most of his life. >> it could be aaron rodgers. >> well that would be her brother. >> yeah. >> or cousin. >> how about that big d last night. i'm talk about defense for eagles. they were in such a good mood after the game. do you want to see what happened when the game ended. they got on their phones and they started tweeting this he were up late. i saw some other won. >> i love this team. >> yes, let's keep things rolling. i think, responded i love you too, bro. zach ertz posted that thursday night road win feeling. look at that. >> he had two touchdown passes , yes. >> and, malcolm jenkins wasn't
6:27 am
holding back his good mood, take a look at this. >> ♪ >> that is fantastic. >> i will quiz you right now do you know what he is doing, do you know what this is called. >> sit the duck. >> the duck? what is the duck. >> it is with a dog. >> dog catcher. >> no, he is doing the dog catcher. >> he is in a fraternity, and he is hopping. >> he is doing the. >> shout out to the omegas. >> you know about the cappas. >> yes, cappa thing. >> yes. >> doing the shim i. >> yes, doing it. >> so, the hopping, that is what they do when he was there >> okay. >> that is whole other level. >> they are hopping.
6:28 am
>> yes. >> i need to work on my hopping game. >> oh, my gosh. 6:28. >> nice try, i don't think cap pa will let you in. >> no. >> they will talk to you. alex does. we have a little bit of rain, to the south of us, do we expect more over weekend? we will let you know, forecast coming up.
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carson verse cam our quarterback lead bird to a w over the panthers. so yes, we are flying high, this morning. what a win. demanding answers parents taking their concerns over mold in our schools, straight to the top, we will take you to the top. harvey weinstein's fall from grace had an unexpected level of political fall outlaw makers and officials are both scrambling to stake out their positions. >> good day everyone it is friday. >> friday. >> normally would be excited because it is friday with the eagles win but it is friday the 13th. >> what are you trying to do. >> can i be a q, i want to be one of the dogs. what am i doing, the hop. >> oh, my gosh. >> i will lose my green card here. >> i will lose my black card. >> i'm trying to be an omega.
6:32 am
>> i want to be a q, do my hop >> all of the brothers will say yes to that. i'm probably -- you are an aka >> yes, do you know our colors >> your colors are blue and, they are pink and green. >> yes. >> ensue knows bit. your mother-in-law. >> my mother-in-law, aka. >> yes. >> i didn't have to use mine. >> it was fun to watch. cloudy, cool, on this friday the 13th, friday the 13th, black cat, bus stop buddy today, oh, my gosh, we have just in case umbrella, rain coat, no. warm sweater, good idea today, flyers home opener is tomorrow , eagles won last night. we have explained all. that lets get to the radar. a few included this morning. we will see more cloud then sunshine if we see any at all today, 57 degrees, we are away
6:33 am
from sunrise time at 7:10, 14 miles an hour win, still breezy, quite windy yesterday, and, similar weather today, not as much rain but showers will be around, mostly cloudy skies and seasonal high of 67 degrees, so friday is taken care of we will get you through rest of the weekend and more changes next week in the 78 day forecast. >> 6:33. good morning, everybody. tgif. everybody in a good mood. maybe getting a late start watching the game last night, in problems here on the blue route, road are dry, what a difference a day can make. we are seeing delays from new jersey, freeway, north bound heavy from the acx to the walt whitman bridge. early morning accident. knocked down traffic signals. southbound lanes of route 130 block at riverton road, folks moving through the shopping plaza there, schuylkill expressway starting to see delays at conshohocken, navy day regatta takes place tomorrow, we will see crew is
6:34 am
arriving today and then shut down kelly drive, tomorrow morning, starting at 6:00 a.m. , temple, at noon time, flyers tomorrow night in south philadelphia. so that will bring us some volume through weekend. out of the stadium area mass transit at the moment looking good with no reported delays. low snap. wentz field it. hits his target. taking off is agholor look at that burst for the touchdown. >> look at that. >> organizing a celebration here. what are we doing. what have we practice. >> they goes. nelson is so, happy, after the rough year last year. >> can you imagine where he was last year, yes. >> it got in his head they were talking about it. now that he is in the slot, working better, more comfortable and we can tell. >> we can tell.
6:35 am
>> yes. >> i wore carolina blue today. >> i'm just realizing this, did you, what were you thinking. >> it is around my neck because they choked. >> wow. >> there we go. >> boom. >> i got to work on miy just spilled my. >> i got to work my q dog stump while you clean up your drink and jenny's at the oregon diner and jenny. >> reporter: we have moved on from the oregon diner because, dunkin' donuts has dollar coffees after last night's eagles win. so it is a friday. you know what today also means , no voices on a friday after last night's win. we have monte g here with us. >> yo, yo mike and alex my voice never like this but so hyped last night, so hype, you know what i'm saying we dit baby, we dit. carolina had a problem when eagles had the answer you know what we did, yes, indeed we
6:36 am
beat panthers. yes, indeed we got it done. you know we turn it in, yeah, little kitty cats. meow. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> okay, voice is weak, spirit is not weak, and super bowl champs, and, we are going all the way, fly eagles fly, baby, baby, yeah. >> monte g i have to ask you have single season you bring this hype, energy what is different this year. you really believe it. >> new team, new players, one dream, super bowl champs. carson wentz is the man. he is never been a rookie to me. we have our players, i'm glad he played. fletcher cox. we have team, players, everybody is together. we are all together working harding strong working together it will make me happy we will do it. broad street parade. it will happen. i can feel it. >> broad street parade, there you go, prediction from monte g. carson wentz is the man.
6:37 am
carson wentz was tweeting he is very happy. five-one philadelphia eagles record, going in to monday night football on october 23rd now they have a break. they relax for a couple days. >> take a break, today 33rd event. we are not scared of nothing. that is voodoo. they cannot voodoo us. we are going to the top. carson wentz is the man. our team best. we will go all the way, baby, yeah. yeah. >> monte g, one thing, if we do get a super bowl ring you got to get one. i think you deserve a ring. >> we will get down, broad street, philly will be off the hook. we will be running around, i will be like mike jerrick take my clothes off and running around town with my bird head buck naked. >> mike, is that what you do. >> normally after a big win. >> i love it. >> yeah, baby. we will go out, me and mike
6:38 am
together. >> monte g always pumped up. >> i'm mikeyj and he and i went around, no clothes own our wing had. >> monte g and mikeyj. we have been following this all week. when will we clean up this. mold in our schools. >> classes cancelled again today for some schools but many parents still have questions about the possible risk from this. >> yes. >> how harmful to our kid. >> what sit doing to our kid lungs? steve's on it again. what is this three or four in a row, steve. >> i guess you can say we will go frommontty g to mold i g as we complete a full week in south jersey where schools are shut. here in center city the philadelphia school difficulties try has a big problem on its hand. way bigger then it initially told us, earlier this week. it did not, have any within tell them about the mold at jb kelly until wednesday afternoon and it responded immediately and got a crew there within one hour.
6:39 am
way, way wrong says the philadelphia public school teachers union. it says it reported widespread mold at the same school, two years ago, and look at these pictures that prove it. mold covering the student desk , chairs, and then look at the mold on the little student s musical instrument cases. this is in the musical suite at jb kelly in november 2015. long before wednesday afternoon, um. the teachers union has these and many more mold photos and they report on jb kelly homed, done by teachers union paid for environmental scientists two years ago. here's what the they have to say yesterday. >> really we wanted to have the school close today and tomorrow nerd to make sure that there aren't any risk for that kind of exposure. this particular building, jb kelly, it is about 47 years old. the hvac system dates back to
6:40 am
the original structure. it is an older system. we are focusing on correcting it, and correcting as many of our systems as possible. >> reporter: well, lee whack, spokesmen for the district who wasn't here two years ago, said that most of the mold was found in the ceiling tiles. we have learned they will replace all of the ceiling tiles in all 41 classrooms and hallways. but the initial report, this week, after they went in there looking for mold found 600 square feet of mold in 10 of the 41 classrooms. yesterday after they thought they had it cleaned up in one day even more mold found in jb kelly, 400 square feet more and 15 other spots outside of the classrooms. the bathrooms, closets and hallways. this is a big problem with the mold, and it is big. then they have a big problem with credibility saying they just found out about it wednesday, when the teachers union says no, that is not true. guys? >> that is not true.
6:41 am
all right, stay on it, thanks steve. investigators are on the hunt for evidence of the multi million-dollar scheme, sources say it involves a half dozen pawn shops, and spanning three counties in our area. our cameras were there when investigators from the state attorney general's office, and search warrants at a warehouse , willing and investigators were looking for items shipped from a half dozen pawn shops in bucks county, and delco, and, philadelphia counties. sources also tell us investigators believe stolen things are going for sale, on line. so watch out, a spokesperson for the attorney general's office say by law, he cannot comment at this point, prosecutors have not yet filed any charges yet but i have a feeling they are coming. harvey weinstein's most
6:42 am
spoken accusers had her twitter account temporarily suspended. how people are retaliating against twitter and we will give you more about the latest >> harvey weinstein.
6:43 am
6:44 am
good morning, an accident on the schuylkill expressway where it just happened, this is westbound right before the university avenue on ramp.
6:45 am
so thinks impacting everybody leaving south philadelphia, and heading west, in toward philly, you can see the crash right there, police are not even on the scene just yet. get ready to come over walt whitman bridge or coming out of south philadelphia and trying to get in toward downtown philadelphia, boom, there you go, backup already, getting down near passyunk avenue in toward center city. best way to get around it use i-95 coming out of south philadelphia. i-95 to the vine street expressway and that will get you around delay. eastbound on the schuylkill disabled right here near spring garden street, again backed up on the vine expressway, folks trying to cross town over toward the schuylkill, we have a big weekend here for folks on i-95 , lot of changes taking place, good stuff though, there will be the new ramps from richmond street to go north on i-95, that should open up sometime over the weekend and then, 95, to three northbound lanes will be shifted over to the newly rebuilt lanes, and penndot now
6:46 am
says that sometime by tuesday morning, they will have that ready to go, it is hot bed of construction from center city all the way up through fishtown and then they will get started working on the other side, of i-95, julio, i mean enrique. >> one of them. >> one of those guys, along with pit bull down there tonight at 7:00, big concert in south philadelphia. sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds. it is 6:46. tranquil in trenton this morning. we have got a look at some of your weather headlines, cool, cloudy again today, but shower chances to day and tomorrow, slight chance but there could be a shower around but we have that weekend warm up we have been promising, it looks like
6:47 am
it will really happen on sunday. as far as rain is concerned there is a disturbance that just won't go away to our south and it is spreading a little bit of rain into southern delaware, very light rain if you are getting any at all, some of that looking at future cast could inch up into our area, maybe this afternoon , maybe this evening get a stray, we will call them spotty showers because it is not a big deal, do not cancel any outdoor plans because of the weather but having said that it will be cloudy on saturday with a chance of a spotty shower. by sunday, here we are, on sunday morning, cloudy in the morning, sunshine rolls rolls in the afternoon but by sunset we are into anticipate ago this cold front that will come through. 80 degrees on sunday. cold front comes through and much chillier on monday. we just have to get ready for a lot of wrapped weather changes between today and monday. 57 degrees in philadelphia right now. forty-three in mount pocono. sixty-three in wildwood. in the 50's in reading and in
6:48 am
lancaster, mid 50's there, factor in the winds and these northeasterly winds, that keeps us cloudy and makes it feel even a little cooler then it is. we spent all these days in the 80's since last week. seventy-nine on wednesday, yesterday was finally seasonal average high 68 degrees and we will than at 67 today as well, with a chance of the stray shower, some sunshine, we're hoping on saturday with a high of 75, 80 on sunday, bam, then 62 degrees on monday and tuesday. seventy's on wednesday and thursday. lots of ups and downs. sweaters and flip-flops over next couple days. little crazy hey sue. >> there is another disturbance that won't go away >> yeah, yeah. >> what? >> are you talking about me, aren't you. >> what? no. >> that was a good one. >> i thought there was some video coming with that, sorry.
6:49 am
>> i clammed up. >> she's talking about me. >> i love you. >> i know, i'm kidding. >> every hour something new comes out about harvey weinstein. >> so his fall from grace has had an unexpect level of political fall out too because of how involved he was with politics, donating money. >> lawmakers and officials from both parties the democrats and republicans are distancing themselves from harvey weinstein. >> so karen, you have the latest. for a while there people were upset because it took these politician toss come out and announce them but now they are >> they are coming out, some came out pretty quickly. he and his wife has given about a million-dollar to democrats. it is a big number but when you consider all of the millions they have it is not that much. people are trying to get rid of the money as you were just talking about. fall out after two dozens actors accused him of sexual harassment or worse, hillary clinton spoke up saying she's shocked and appalled, by his
6:50 am
behavior. some are saying, you know, there is actually big names that she's very smart and must have known earlier because so many knew about this. blow back. she said she would give money back from her campaign to charity right now. democrats, heavy hitters publicly condemning him including former vice-president, and women's advocate joe biden. >> long past time for the powerful men in hollywood to speak, to be strong enough to say something because silence is explicit. >> i'm really happy, heartened and proud of many democrats across the aisle and people in the nation, media, otherwise, very anti trump coming forward about this. >> so people are coming forward about other people as well, in recent days, also more information. we know, of course, big money donors like weinstein people write these very large checks to super packs fairly often. interesting people are trying to distance themselves from any money at all, presidents,
6:51 am
lots of people over the years. more on that. he is in the rehab right now. and we will talk about them about that as well today, is that right. >> he has been on the phone constantly with page 6a gossip column out of the new york powe and we have page six people on in a little bit. >> nice tease there, thanks very much. there was a show on years ago called make me laugh. whole premise comedians would get in the person's face, contestant and if they laughed they who the money. if they didn't laugh they would won the money. sixers tried it, the players, they tried to make each other laugh, by telling really bad jokes. of course, it will be funny. >> there might have been your momma jokes. >> you have to pull out your mommy jokes. >> we will show you when we come back.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
hey, alex. >> yes. >> could you read this because i put a muffin in my mouth i didn't realize we were coming right back. >> your timing is a little off >> okay, i got this. >> so, former eagles player jon dorenbos is opening up he has been through a lot over pennsylvania month, and, and, and, in philadelphia we have so much love for him even though he is not with us now.
6:55 am
>> yes. >> he took to instagram to share his recovery so far and exactly when he shared it yesterday one day after his emergency surgery. they business his wife. his wife has in the left his side since things were crazy but he found out that he needed the operation after, new orleans saints team doctors found an aorta aneurysm. >> a bubble on your heart that could burst at any moment that was during his physical, a routine exam they do when you get traded. so he pinned a heartfelt shout out to u penn cardiac nurses and doctor and his wife. his wife took this video of his first shower. >> what? >> jon is enjoying his first. >> how does it feel. >> it is unbelievable. >> you know how good that feels. >> it has been a month since he has had a shower.
6:56 am
>> look at that scar. >> my goodness. >> that is a brave man right there. >> he is. >> john was placed on the none in football injury list and released by the saints, of course, so now he is a free agent. i don't know, he had a great career going in television and with his magic. >> yep. >> yeah. >> a little birdie told me he might have a tv show already in the works. >> that would be great. he would be great doing that. >> i remember we talk about how it is a blessing that everyone was so sad he got traded but turned out to be a blessing because he wouldn't know what was going on with his hard had he not got that physical when he got traded. >> probably saved his life. 6:56. mold clean up continues today in local schools this mold seems to be spreading, so how do you know if your child has been exposed and what would this mean for your health? we will break this down with doctor mike.
6:57 am
6:58 am
what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'.
6:59 am
to the end zone, it is pulled down for the touchdown, second of the night for ertz. >> nothing could be finer then to beat carolina, early this morning. or close to it. yes. the eagles beat cam. >> we're five-one. >> all eagles all morning, on
7:00 am
"good day philadelphia", from the suburbs to the city, it is mold. >> the school's dirty. school dirty. >> could long term exposure put your child at risk? the death toll from the relentless wild fires in california continues to rise. it is now the deadliest week of wild fires in state history welcome everybody. it is friday 13th, remember that will that affect your behavior at all, it is friday the 13th. i'm not bothered by it anymore >> no. >> you know ladder, salt. >> if something bad happens. >> of course. >> exactly. >> i have good news and bad news. this is, a thermos for hot coffee. >> okay. >> it is not mine. >> i don't know who it is, it is full and been used. i can pour a cup of coffee out of it. bad news, i just took a pea break and i was in the bathroom, men's room and it was


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