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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00.
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good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. we begin at 11:00 tonight with a teen in some serious trouble. 18-year-old behind bars accused of shooting a 16-year-old in the head in oxford circle. the victim is hospitalized with critical injuries. our shawnette wilson joining us live at philadelphia police headquarters with the details. shawnette. >> reporter: dawn, i talk to the victim's family tonight. they are grateful for the police officers who put him in a patrol car and rush him to the hospital much they're also relieved that that suspect is in custody. but they are disturbed tonight to know that that 18-year-old had a gun. 16-year-old mess zaya shiver ton remains in aria torresdale hospital to two days after he was shot. his condition unresponsive and extremely critical. >> this is the hardest thing she ever going to have to go through. >> row ceta paterson is his grandmother. she says her daughter is too distraught to talk. >> this is senseless. teenagteen teenager need to sti. everybody needs to stipulate. there's not going to be another generation if ya'll keep killing
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each other for nothing. >> reporter: police say it happened just before 4:30 wednesday afternoon. 18-year-old muhammed good is arrested and charged in the shooting. police say officers on patrol saw good at bustleton and magee avenue firing several shots at the victim then running off. police caught him on the 2200 block of unruh. they believe messiah was the intented target. >> shot one time in the back of his head. completely unresponsive. when he got to aria torresdale hospital, he never regained consciousness. >> reporter: former philadelphia fire commissioner derek sawyer is his uncle. >> we all praying that he recovers from this. because at 16 he's too young to lose his life. >> family members say messiah is an 11th greater who all around athlete. he plays basketball, football and lacrosse. sawyer says what happened has changed of one's life. >> the reality is that we lost two young men not just one because that young man when he goes to jail he doesn't get a
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chance to live his life either. >> reporter: police have not released the motive in the shooting and the family says that's not the only question they have. >> my biggest concern is how did 18-year-old get their hands on semi-automatic gun. i don't understand that. and i think we need to work on trying to figure out how we can get guns off the streets. >> reporter: and police did recover that gun. they say the suspect tried to ditch it in some burbs as he tried to get away. dawn? >> all right, shawnette. thank you. if you live in delaware county or chester county and have been a victim of a burglary take good look. stay pleat displaying more than 150 different items at their media barrack that have been stolen over the past two years. dozens of people showing up today to see if any of the stolen property belonged to them. tonight parents are demanding answers about mold issue in their children's classrooms. schools in monroe township, new jersey shut down all week. the district says some will reopen next week. fox 29's dave kinchen reports from williamstown where parts
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just met tonight. >> reporter: parents tell us they've been so upset about this mold crisis. >> 13-year-old girl has gone missing in toms riff. police say that antonella's family has not seen her in two days. vest her home wednesday night and they have not been able to contact her since. she may be in the company of a 19-year-old man named jeffrey troutman. anyone with information is asked to contact the toms river police department. especially if they know anythi anything. in northern california, the situation is desperate as thousands of firefighters continue to battle the raging wildfires it is now day five and the death toll continues to climb. fox's brook, joins us live from santa rosa california with the conditions there. brooks. >> reporter: well this is the
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deadliest wildfire week in california history. 35 people dead, 250 missing. and 5700 homes just hike this one destroyed. many of the homeowners not even able to come and see what's left if anything. we've been trying to sort through the rubble and all we can make out are little things like a coffee cup. i just noticed in the last ten minutes or so there was a fan over here. this is what's left of a metal fan. look at that. also, we saw a little cat run up among this rubble. we tried call it over and it ran off very scared. there have been a lot of animals that have gone missing. you can kind of make out a washer and drier over there. but is there are thousands of firefighters on the ground trying to fight these flames and there are new concerns tonight with the red flag warning that we could see new fires popping up with 40 miles an hour sustain winds. those santa ana winds which basically caused all of this in the metropolitan areas of santa
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ana. also, besides all the homes you see car after car in the street like this one and you can barely make anything out. i mean there's no steering wheel left in here. there's no cushioning seats left. no handles on the doors. you probably can't even make out what make or model this thing is. there's no tires even left. there's no rims or wheels. it got so hot in many of these fires that this is what you see left over from when the engine melts just melted metal. but in all of this, there are some bright signs of hope. look at this. a nag, a sign of resilience. in all of this, hanging above all of that rubble. it's just going to be a long time to rebuild and to kind of come together. some of the bright spots we've learned today there was a cat that we saw that was rescued and hurt. it is now been reunited with its owner and two people survived by jumping into a neighbor's pool
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and staying there for hours. they lived to tell about it. >> wow! incredible. quite a situation out there. brooks, thanks so much. stay safe. well tonight we would like to tell you more about the monthly situation. parents asking for answers in monroe township, new jersey as we mentioned earlier the schools have been shut down all week but the district trying to provide answers. fox's dave kinchen reports from williamstown. >> reporter: parents tell us they've been so upset about this mold crisis they've launched a petition they would they want to change of leadership in the school district. meantime, this evening was all about sounding off with each other. >> i know he's been sick for the past four years going to that school and good portion of the pictures shown with mold he was in those classroom. >> reporter: jennifer is talking about the monthly found at holly glenn elementary school and believes it's either caused or contributed to numerous health problems for her son. >> asthma, he has to do nebulizer treatments, allergy medications, and as soon as he started this year he's been
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nothing but sick. >> reporter: she among dozens of parents filing into the williamstown high school theater to blow off steam in meeting run by parents even though the monroe township school district says most schools had reopen for students tuesday following a district wide precautionary shut down for most of this week after the mold was found. >> at this point i kind of want some justice. i want them to own up what happened. if something hammed let me know it happened. >> it never should have come to this. my older son was in the district ten years ago and with all of this coming to light there had been health issues now we can look back on and say wait a minute, wake this was part of the problem. >> reporter: come tuesday students who go to holly glenn and whitehall elementary schools will be taught another buildings while crews continue to work towards acceptable air quality for students and staff. >> at this point i kind of want closure of the fact are are the schools clean. >> the school district has not confirm whether the classrooms indeed made those children sick. the children you just heard
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about there. the district is continuing to monitor efforts to improve the air quality in the school's impacted. we can also tell you for more information on the holly glenn relocation plan you can log and oh on to in williamstown, n, dave kinch kinchen, fox 29 news. >> how would you like to be able to drive the shoulder of the highway during rush hour without having to worry about being pulled over and getting a ticket? it could happen at some point in pennsylvania. in fact penndot is considering it. fox 29's brad sattin is live on the blue route in woodlyn with the details on this one. brad? >> reporter: pretty exciting of this is one of places on the blue route as well as behind me interstate knife. both in delaware county. they're looking at this plan. pennsylvania officials have been watch wagon the state of virginia has been doing. it's been working well there. so it sound like they're ready to give eight try here. >> not shore why they call it rush when there's clear follow
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rushing involved but penndot has an idea to speed up traffic though beware they're no rush to do it it's years away but they're about to begin engineering and environmental studies to turn some of the shoulders along the blue route and i-95 too actual lanes of traffic during the busiest times of day. specifically in both directions of 476 from west chester pike to i-95 and on i-95 southbound from ridley park to the commodore barry bridge. >> utilizing the shouts we do have. during peak travel times when the bottlenecks on 476 and 95 are bad this will help alleviate some of that congestion. >> it can't happen soon enough for drivers. >> it's a waste of time. it's frustrating. you have people driving aggressively. >> psychotic like it's crazy. >> it's horrible. >> you sitting ther sit brake, , gas. >> there are ways to management shoulder for when cars break down or emergency vehicles have to pass and while implementation
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is still way down the road, penndot says the plan could seriously shorten your commute time. >> certainly from what we see right now could cut as much as half had half the time or more. >> reporter: get to your destination -- >> much faster. >> reporter: much faster but a ways to go. it sounds like construction isn't going to get started until, dawn, the 2020's years to go. >> all right. it does sound like a good idea. thanks, brad. thing get ugly at a panthe panthers/eagles game but it's not even about a rivalry. the violent video that everyone is talking about tonight. and diamonds from a lab? you heard right and they are the real deal. but will they save you money?
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♪ people just waiting in line at a philadelphia dunkin' donuts for a cup of coffee and a doughnut. they fine themselves being terrorized. a man with a knife jumps the counter. this is right in the middle of the day. police say it happened wednesday just before noon at the dunkin' donuts on girard avenue. the man robbed two cash register then ran off. they have connected seven recent robberies in the area to a lone suspect and they're trying to determine if this is the same guy. >> threatening the employees with the knife and they back off thankfully so they're not hurt in this encounter. >> come on now. god for bid they could have really got hur.
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like, and, like, i'm still in shock. >> police say they have seen an up tick in the number of knife point robberies of stores in that area. las vegas officials clarified the timeline of deadly mass shooting at the center of the debate was when a security guard was shot outside the gunman's door at the mandalay bay. the sheriff's new version of events now alliance with the hotel's version. meanwhile the shooter's motive remains a mystery. in an autopsy officials say no abnormalities were found in stephen paddock's brain his body will be studied at stanford university. it's been nearly two weeks since paddock killed 58 people and hurt hundreds of others. 45 people are still hospitalized in critical condition. meanwhile country star jason aldeen made an emotional return to the stage. his show yesterday in tulsa, oklahoma was his first sin the mass shooting in vegas. he thanked the crowd for coming out. he said every day he thinks about the 58 people who lost their lives.
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well, a panthers fan is arrested after a sucker punch at last night's game against the eagles. everybody is talking about this viral video. but a warning, it is tough to watch. police say kyle, punched a 62-year-old man the victim says he was standing during the game which led to the argument and then the punches being thrown and eagles fan tried to step in and break it up. tonight he's facing assault charges. >> we are tracking rain on your radar but will it put pa damper on your weekend plans. meteorologist scott williams here with your forecast. kind of a roller coaster of a forecast, scott. >> absolutely a little bit of everything and a little bit of weather for everyone. as far as what's happening over the neck several days, we're looking at a cool overnight. a weekend warmup and y-a few shower chances but don't cancel any plans a lot of festivals taking place. pumpkin picking and also we have the big temple homecoming game taking place for your saturday. temperatures tomorrow, look at this. warming back into the mid 70s.
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maybe a spotty shower around any time during the day. i think the highest chances will be south and of the i-95 corridor but look at sunday. a more summer like feel and temperatures will soar into the low 80s. ultimate doppler right now few pockets of light showers and some drizzle especially around new castle county, but most of us just dealing with cooler weather. look at the numbers right now. upper 50s in reading. 59 in lancaster. mid 60s currently in atlantic city. and look at that wind out of the east and that has been the culprit for all of the cooler conditions as of late. but the jet stream it will lift to the north over the next couple of days. in fact by sunday out ahead of a cold front those temperatures will be well above average but for the overnight tonight we'll dip to right around 62 in philadelphia. low 50s mount pocono. 63 degrees in dover along with atlantic city. hour by hour for tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies, and we will
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see once again a few light showers most of the coverage will be down the shore the delaware beaches. but those temperatures recovering into the low and mid 70s taking us back above avera average. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you 75 degrees for tomorrow. then low 80s on sunday. maybe a late evening shower into the overnight with that cold front and look at the temperatures monday, 63. 62 degrees on tuesday. tuesday morning look at those temperatures into the mid 40s. dawn, back over to you. >> all right. thanks, scott. it is america's scariest and most elaborate haunted house. it's right in our own backyard. fox 29 twine's photojournalist bill rohrer shows us what it takes to put on terror behind walls at the eastern state penitentiary. >> terror behind the walls at philadelphia's historic eastern state penitentiary has been scaring people for the last 26
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years. 32 night fright show is one of the largest in the country. visitors get to walk through six different themed attractions. but these scary moments are just part of the chaos. right in the middle of it is special effects make up artist lauren palmer. >> this is the best job. i couldn't ask for anything more. >> lauren and her staff have just two and a half hours before the show starts. >> i'm adding a little scab blood to some wounds. >> every actor just right. >> we're trying to put as much hollywood quality film make up into the show as possible. >> look like this on the film set could potentially be a lotted thee hours whereas he have to do it in 30 minutes. so turn around is quite a bit faster. >> there are 200 actors on this production. >> next. >> each have their own individual look. everything from a traditional zombie to a ghostly ghoul. >> every look is kind of my baby so it's hard to pick a favorite. >> lauren and terror behind the walls start planning in january. so if you want to give her a
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compliment -- >> ew you look gross or wow that's disgusting and we're like thanks. >> the actors come from all different back ground. >> last year i started actually halfway through the season. >> some are full-time actors teachers and accountants. denise is a bartender. while on haunted tour you get to see the signatures of lauren and her team. cemented on each of the act's face. just don't make any wrong turns. you might regret it. in philadelphia, bill rohrer, fox 29 news. ♪ >> scary. in your money tonight, these diamonds are real but they're made in different way. these diamonds are grown inside a lab using pure carbon in a process that simulates what happens in nature. just speeds up the process by a few thousand years, and you'll get a bargain these diamonds cost about 30% less than natural ones. the lab grown diamond industry is a small but it is growing.
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and kristen rodgers joining us with what's coming up in sports. kristen. >> eagles are proving they are the real deal this season and they have guy leading this team that has pushed this team to the top of the nfl the guy i think should be crowned this year's mvp next.
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eagles are couldn't to go rise in the nfl and one star on this team is the cream of the crop. hear why kristen rodgers thinks this year's mvp is on the birds. her commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ i get it's on week six of the nfl i think we've found this year's mvp carson wentz. hear meow. the most valuable player in the nfl is the guy that makes his team better, the guy you do not
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want to see go down, the leader for his program. to tee that's carson wentz. listen to me here. wentz is one of the statistical leaders in the entire nfl right now. he should be in this conversation. he may be a we're two but the guy is playing out of his mind. he's had seven touchdowns passes in the last five days alone. you want to talk about bringing value to me that's keeping your offense on the field and that is third down conversions. wentz leading the nfl he's the leading nfl passers on third downs, six touchdowns off them. as for being a leader in general look at him showing off unselfish fail cal will the lowering that shoulder trying to score for his team. sure there's alec smith with 11 touchdowns so far. aaron rodgers making big plays for the packers but eagles have risen above the rest in the nfc and hey has made this team a play off contender once again. break out the crown because this
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one is going to carson. >> all right. kristen. former philadelphia eagle john dorenbos says thank you. he took to facebook today to share his gratitude after successful open heart surgery last month. dorenbos thanked his wife specifically for never leaving his side. along with his surgeon and nurses. dorenbos was traded from the eagles to the new orleans saints before the season and it may actually have saved his life because when he received his customary physical with the saints doctors they found an aortic aneurysm which required surgery. so it's so good to see that he's going to be okay. >> yeah. we wish him well. >> absolutely. that will do it for us tonight at 11:00. up next tmz followed by page six at midnight and "the q" at 12:30 and then simpsons. we are back here for philadelphia "good day philadelphia" weekend. you are here? >> yes, tracking the changes. all right. >> thanks for watching. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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[captioning made possible by wrner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: harvey weinstein had a last supper of sorts. he ate dinner at an italian restaurant at a strip mall hours before he was supposed to go into rehab. >> uncle sal's in scottsdale, arizona. harvey: a nice place? >> it seems like for scottsdale. >> hey! >> i take it back, relax. >> there was a brutal assault at the panthers-eagles game last night. a younger fan pummeled this older fan, punching him repeatedly in the face. harvey: that's horrible. disgusting. >> kate upton is in aruba. she's doing a modeling shoot on top of aoc


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