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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the manhunt underway right now in delaware. ♪ and this story is still breaking at this hour. police looking for this man. 37-year-old radee prince. it all started when police say he showed up for work at emmorton business park in edgewood maryland this morning and according to investigators he shot five people, killing three. that's when police say he made his way into delaware. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. thanks for joining us at 5:00. police also want prince in connection with a shooting at a wilmington, delaware, car dealership just an hour and a half later. you can see edgewood and wilmington about an hour apart. a press conference just wrapped up in wilmington. where we find our chris o'connell live tonight. chris? >> reporter: good evening, iain and dawn. multi state manhunt continues tonight after a violent day long crime spree that left three people dead and three more
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injured including a man here in wilmington, delaware. where that manhunt continues tonight. take a look at the man that police are now looking for. they say his name is 37-year-old radee labib prince of wilmingt wilmington. he went on a shooting spree all started this morning when hartford county, maryland, sheriff's office says radee prince walked into advanced granite solutions in edgewood, maryland, just before 9:00 this morning and shot five people. we are being told that prince had worked there for the last several months and in fact was scheduled to work today. and he wasn't done yet. police say then he drove about an hour north to wilmington where he went to used car dealership on the 2800 block of northeast avenue and shot an employee there. police scowered different addresses in the air you're area you're looking at that manhunt today. police saw radee prince drive away from the scene, were unable to catch up with him. wilmington police say although
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he is still on the loose, radee prince was not shooting at random. in fact, he was targeting his victims. >> everyone of the victims that this individual shot, the victims and the offender knew each other. these were targeted shootings for whatever person his mow of what to you was to go out and shoot these individuals including the people where he drove up to 28th and northeast boulevard and shot that victim. they have a past history together. >> reporter: now, take a very good look at this picture of police say this is the car prince was driving. this is 2,000 black gmc acadia with a delaware license plate we put up there. pc64273. now, prince was last seen driving in north wilmington about 11:00 o'clock this morni morning. police say he is not only armed six people today, he is desperate. they are begging anyone if they
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see this car, they know where this man is, please call 911. dawn? >> all right, chris. let's take another look at the suspect and the car he was last seen driving. if you have any information at all, authorities have set up two tip lines. they are at bottom your screen. coming up we will have live report from that maryland business that was targeted today. that will be later on in the newscast and here's a look again at the suspect and the car police say he was driving. some local parents are keeping their kids home from school after what they call series of racist incidents. >> some parents even marched to the school campus in coatesville in protest. jeff cole live in coatesville with the very latest. jeff? >> reporter: dawn, the display of the lynching of a black child found in the high school last week has drawn a loud protest here today. some parents say they want action. the school district says it's doing just that. >> protesters shouted to
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motorists at noon not far from the school grounds they wanted them to know racial incidents both in and outside the school -- >> it's not a joke! >> reporter: were no prank. shaheem perry is a 17-year-old junior whose dad kept him home from coatesville high. >> it was disgusting. little girl doll being hung. unbearable. >> reporter: we are not showing what the school district says was a black baby doll hanging from the ceiling in the high school locker room. school officials claim it was placed there by a member of the cross country team. later, images appeared online of pumpkins carved with kkk and swastikas what looked to be students in the background. james king is shaheem's father. >> i kept him home because i'm worried about him. i'm worried somebody might do something to him and if he tries to retaliate or dough fend himself, he'll be a victim. >> honk again for racism. >> reporter: small protest group marched to school grounds where they were met by some 200
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students allowed but orderly protest. >> people died for this reason. like racism, that we lost family. we lost friends. and for them to call it prank that's far from prank. that's far from being a joke. >> reporter: some parents believe administrators have failed to quickly district officials say they're meeting with students to talk about race and investigating the doll incident. >> these acts will not define us. racism will not be tolerated in the coatesville area school district, and we will continue& to spend every day and educate students, staff and our community to make sure that we have a school that is inclusive and tolerant of the differences that we value. >> reporter: the district says its asked local police to determine whether this a hate crime. runners on the cross country team say it was not racially motivated. what seems clear tonight racial tensions exist. live in coatesville, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news.
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iain, back to you. >> jeff, thank you. skyfox over a lock down at overbrook high this morning a teacher heard a loud noise sounded like gunshots not hallway. student also says he saw a student run out of the building with a gun. philadelphia police though checked through the school to did not find anything and lock down was lifted about an hour later. police in chester investigating a possible shooting earlier today. skyfox over the scene on the 1200 block of clover lane this was about noon. police still not releasing any specific details. jerry sandusky will et not get a new trial on child sex abuse charges a judge denied the former penn state football coach's request for both a new trial and a dismissal of charg charges. the 73-year-old sandusky says he was wrongly convicted for sexually abusing young boys. he argued he had ineffective counsel. he also claimed prosecutors should have disclosed more details about changes in the victim's stories. the judge says the bulk of sandusky's claims lacked merit.
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he's serving a 30 to 60 year sentence. a new jersey man caught up in a statewide child pornography sweep learning his fate today. a judge sentencing 56-year-old bruce davis to five years in jail. davis was arrested back in 2016 as part of operation statewide which traced child pornography files shared on peer to peer networks. police found more than a hundred files of child pornography on davis' laptop. new jersey state police were able to arrest 40 men last year as part of that operation. well one of the great jewels of center city is the jogging and biking trail that hugs the schuylkill river. >> but a series of violent attacks and sexual assaults along that trail has a lot of people that use the trail a little scared tonight. the latest in series of steps to make things safer. our bruce gordon live at the trail tonight at the entrance of 25th and locust. bruce? >> reporter: iain, there's no clear evidence that the schuylkill river trail is any more dangerous than any other neighborhood in center city, but
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as you say, a fist full of high-profile incidents over the last couple of years have put the spotlight squarely on this stretch of asphalt and so tonight, some extra eyes on this scene. on a sunny autumn day the schuylkill river trail through center city is buzzing with activity. but when the sun goes down, these crowds disappear. >> i've been hearing the stories about the kids on the bikes and attacking females. >> reporter: make i was little nervous. >> yes, does it. >> reporter: half dozen attacks over the past two years have spurred city officials to action. first they made the lighting along the trail more reliable. then they installed better mile markers so crime victims could more easily report their location. and now, crews are installing 21 security cameras along the trail to better keep an eye on things. the price tag, $150,000 picked up by the city council president's office and that of district councilman kenyata johnson f you're outside enjoying yours self, any public space here in the city of philadelphia that you should
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still -- you should feel safe. >> reporter: the cameras will not be monitored in real time but can quickly be reviewed for evidence of a crime and can be used ahead of any trouble says johnson. >> the police officers can also use the footage in reviewing who is actually hanging out on the trail on day to day basis and if they're up to no good. >> reporter: joggers we talked to had mixed feelings about these extra sets of eyes. >> that's scary especially when it gets darker through the winter at night. feel a bit safer for female on their own. >> the idea of being filmed, i don't know. >> reporter: everybody is watching. >> everybody is watching much big brother, you know what i mean? >> reporter: long-term city officials would like to install call boxes along this trail of the sort scene on college campuses the idea is that crime victim would be able to immediately report what happens and then get those cameras into action to spot exactly who high tailing it out of here. iain, that is down the road. >> bruce, thank you. some bad news for philly sports fans. looks like the 2018nfl draft is
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going to one much our biggest arrivals. the nfl officially announcing a few hours ago the draft is heading to dallas. that's right. the big. draft next april will be at at&t stadium in arlington. the 2017 draft drew over 250,000 fans to the philadelphia art museum steps after it left new york for the first time in decades. turning to your fox 29 weather authority now ba a difference a day makes as we take live like at reading berks county. temperatures milder today with a whole lot of sunshine. but will it stay that way? meteorologist kathy orr here now. kathy, i actually had lunch outside today. it was so nice. >> isn't it unbelievable? you know what, dawn, you can do it again tomorrow. >> i like that. >> and the next day and the next day but it's not going stay like this. a beautiful day perfect weather down the shore as well. morey's pie are looking great with that deep blue sky, low humidity and really not much of a wind at all. it's 71 in philadelphia that is our forecast high temperature. 70 degrees in allentown.
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69 in wilmington and 69 in millville. so tonight, we're talking about cooler temperatures but not quite as cold as it's been nearly 50 in philadelphia. 40s elsewhere. 52 in wildwood. a very pleasant evening. we'll go hour by hour through this evening. temperatures falling through the 70s. still a southwesterly wind into the 60s by 9:00 o'clock and then dipping down into the 50s by about the 11:00 o'clock hour. warming up big time as we head toward the weekend but guess what those temperatures are going to crash next week and this could really stick. scott even will be back with all that coming up later in the broadcast. for now we'll zen it back to you. end join it, guys, while we have it. >> all right, kathy, thanks. coming up a stunning crime targeting churches in north philadelphia. what's being done to stop the thieves before they hit again. and after racist graffiti is found at a local university, police are now offering a reward to find whoever is responsible. the big gesture from a philadelphia eagle. where chris long he's donating his entire paycheck for the ye
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year. ♪
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>> manhunt underway for the gunman police say shot five of his co-workers in maryland killing three of them. police say 37-year-old radee prince is also linked to a sho shooting in a car dealership in wilmington. less than two hours later. investigators say the shooter had a history with all the victims. right now a motive is not clear. police in newark, delaware, are on the hunt for package thief. take look at this surveillance video. police say this guy stole two packages from the 400 block of
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stanford drive on monday night. they were in front of victim's apartment door and police say the items inside, well they were worth more than $300. any information, police want to hear from you. well corks thieves are targeting churches on busy strip in north philadelphia? >> joyce evans talked to some in the area who feel burglars are targeting them. >> reporter: breaking into somebody's property is really bad when you steal things that's worse. when it's a church, come on. but when you see how the thieves broke into this place and what they bagged up, how low can you go? >> shiny but they're not worth anything. >> reporter: they packed as much as they could. using the church's collection bags. >> they didn't actually get away with them because we found them outside. >> reporter: they didn't get these. >> they tore it apart looking for few dollars. >> reporter: they caused a lot of damage. clean up and repairs to saint dominic a 160-year-old parish in holmesburg. that like many churches can't
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really afford extra expenses. burglars just hit the parish school last may stealing money and breaking the kids trophies. >> i'm thinking maybe this is where they went in because this lock was snapped. >> reporter: but first church maintenance supervisor joe ya nellie says. >> -- tested that window with a rock. to make sure no alarm would sun. once inn sigh the joe says the crooks wound their way through the basement cat at a combs rivaled through the building, the sanctuary even the church choir loft. >> i don't know what they were looking for up there but they were up there. >> reporter: so the thieves were done rummaging and pillaging the church. but they just couldn't resist trying one more door. >> when they broke the glass they were able to put their arm inside and open the bolts. >> at alarm went off. >> reporter: the thieves dropped everything and took off. a few days later -- >> down towards that fence there into pennypack park.
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>> landscapers stumbled across cases of wine. saint dominic communion wine. >> that would be the wine that you drink the blood of christ. >> reporter: between the repairs inside the church and security systems being install installed, thieves have set back saint dominic tens of thousands of dollars at least. still father concerns says, pray for them. >> let's pray for these people. actually had they get caught, um, before something bad happe happens. >> reporter: or something worse. in holmes burg, joyce evans fox 29 news. >> abina is offering $5,000 for any information that leads to an arrest and convict. this is after radnor police notified the university that the esther couldn't prove enough sent for an arrest. it all stems from incidents last month when students found racial slurs on dorm room doors police
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are still questioning more people. >> sexual harassment social media hash tag has a famed gym nast coming out with her own allegations. mikayla maroney says she was sexually harassed. former usa team dr. larry nass nasser. nasser pleaded guilty to federal child pornography charges in june and more than 100 women and girls now say he sexually assaulted them. women are using the hash tag me too on social media to share their stories of sexual harassment or assault. it was all prompted by the harvey weinstein sexual harass many scandal. the second debate in the run for new jersey governor being held tonight. candidates democrat phil murphy and republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno go head to head at william paterson university in wayne. in the first debate the candidates spoke about gun control, the bear hup, property taxes and health care. election day is just 20 days away.
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>> controversy over president trump's contact with family members. a fallen u.s. service member continues. it all started when the president was criticized for not contacting family members of four soldiers killed recently. then the president called the family of army sergeant la david t. johnson yesterday but democratic congresswoman says that call was full of insults and sarcasm. saying that he never said the word hero. now, the president is denying making those incentive comments to johnson's widow. >> didn't say what that congresswoman said. she knows it. she now is not saying it. i did not say what she said. and i'd like her to make the statement again. >> meanwhile, johnson's family is looking for answers about that incident that led to his death. he was killed by isis linked militants in an ambush during an anti terror operation. a second federal judge has stopped president trump's revised travel ban from going into effect. fox's kevin cork has more from the white house. >> reporter: three travel bans
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all stopped short at least temporarily by federal judges. president trump's latest version of the ban was scheduled to go into effect wednesday but it was blocked. first by a judge in hawaii, then another in maryland. officials who saw the restraining order says the ban sets a dangerous precedence. >> any time you have this kind of discrimination taking place it might happen to one person if you let it go then that means the next time it's going to affect other people. >> reporter: but the justice department is pushing back. saying in a statement that the expeditious manner continue to fight fort implementation of the president's order and exercise our duties to protect american people. they point out the ban isn't muslim based as many critics claim. with north korea and venezuela both appearing on the list. attorney general jeff sessions trying to make the case to skeptical democratic lawmakers on capitol hill. >> these travel ban efforts are
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a front to our nation's commitment religious liberty. >> it's a lawful necessary and order that we are proud to defend. >> reporter: meanwhile the white house is standing behind the president's executive action saying the president isn't willing to play politics with national security. >> the president's executive order is an important step to ensuring that we know who is coming into our country. >> reporter: the administration is expected to challenge the rulings although it is not clear if they will go through the usual appeals process or simply ask for the supreme court to weigh in immediately. at the white house, i'm kevin cork, fox news. still ahead suspect turns himself in to police that's not unusual but it's what he brought with him that's got people talking. >> making sure the doctors and nurses of tomorrow are ready to take care of patients. we'll show i was state of the art simulator used to train them. >> a local organization helping give kids a taste of the great outdoors. how it's inspiring them to find
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their passions. ♪
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a facebook fugitive in mig michigan used social media to taunt police finally turning himself in in a rather unusual way. he brought doughnuts to the officers who had been hunting him down. michael posted on facebook telling police he would turn himself in if officers could get more than a thousand facebook shares on a wanted poster. guess what, that post went viral. >> cops like doughnuts, whatever, but i thought i'd bring them something for the inconvenience. >> this is officer greg's bagel because he's a bagel guy. they were taunting me. bu at the same time, you know, they're a police agency and i'm not. >> he was want forward probation violation related to dwi and other charges. how about this? pittsburgh airport has so much stuff in lost and found officials there are auctioning off everything from a phone charger to an abandoned car. the pittsburgh international airport holds the auction every year. airport officials got the idea after they noticed more than a
5:26 pm
dozen vehicles abandoned in the parking lot. officials say they tried to fine the owners of the cars but nobody comes to claim them, so one lucky couple walked away with a jeep wrangler. >> i look at my husband and we just look at each other like we just bought a jeep. it was really exciting. >> airport officials say they plan to continue the auctions in the future. money made from those auctions donated to charity. one county in our area marks a small win in the war against drugs but hank flynn says we got a long way to go. his take still ahead. and imagine being forced to give up the job you love. how a former firefighter blinded is giving back and creating works of art. kathy? >> just when you thought the weather couldn't get any better, the seven day forecast, it does. we'll take look at that plus a major cool down in there as well. scott will have the details. ♪
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a manhunt is on tonight in
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delaware and maryland. officers in both states searching for this man who they say opened fire in edgewood, married, earlier today shooting five people, killing three co-workers. police say radee prince of wilmington also shot another man he knew in wilmington. police now say it's been hours since they have seen or heard from prince. >> there are a lot of moving parts going on here. let's get update now from fox's paul wagner whose live in edgewood where this all started earlier today. paul? >> reporter: dawn and iain, this is the business here behind me and this business park just off of i-95 in edgewood, maryland. right now, there's law enforcement up and down the 95 corridor looking for this man. they're in helicopters, swat teams, dog teams outlook fog this man. they check addresses and other places and they've had calls coming in from all over the area of possible sightings of this man. as you mentioned five people shot inside this business. one person shot up in wilmington, delaware. let's tell i was little bit more about what we know so far.
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radee prince was a current employee of advanced granite solutions. he had four months on the job. witnesses say he used a handgun when he came into the business just before 9:00 o'clock this morning. there were multiple people inside the business who ran outside who were not wounded by the gunfire. his motive at this point is unknown. the sheriff's office says they received 911 call for a shooting at this business. as i mentioned just before 9:00 inside deputies found five victims. three of them dead. two who were wounded were airlifted to baltimore shock trauma whereas of two hours ago they were still in critical condition. all five are employees of advanced granite. now kevin doyle was in the back of the business when he says he heard a commotion. we talked to him earlier today. he said all of a sudden he heard shouting and screaming. he saw people running out of the business. he came around and he saw others running outside of the front of the business. at this point, again, mr. prince is still on the run.
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his motive is unknown. the sheriff's office says that the public needs to be very vigilant because they do not know where he may be at this point. back to you guys in the studio. >> paul, his world will get real small as this search continues. do officials or authorities know where he might be? there's an area there's several states that are in close proximity to each other. >> reporter: well, we know he was driving a vehicle with delaware plates. we know he had an address here in hartford county. they went and searched an address in cecil county just east of here and they've searched addresses over in delaware as well. so we also know that they've been in touch with his family members to try and get them to assist at this point. but they do not know where he is. other than the sheriff at 2:00 o'clock this afternoon telling us that they believe he's still in this vehicle and that he's not changed vehicles at this point. back to you guys. >> paul wagner live for us in edgewood, maryland. thank you for the insight and
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the latest information there. turning to the weather now, live lock at ocean city, new jersey, temperatures kind of pleasant today but how long is this going to last? kathy orr and scott williams have your full forecast in just 15 seconds. another beautiful day after a cool morning with deep blue skies. you have to love it. old city philadelphia and center city looking great. the high temperature so far our forecast high of 71. winds out of the southwest at 1e that's a warm wind for us. take a look at these numbers. southwesterly winds boosting pottstown to 69. allentown to 70. 70 in reading. 70 in trenton and even in millville 69 degrees. 60s and 70's along the east. warmer temperatures to the west and this is what moving our way. temperatures well into the 70s. that mild air over us right now
5:34 pm
becoming pretty warm by the time we make it into friday, saturday and even sunday. so it's going to stay pretty nice around here. we'll go hour by hour. those southerly winds will continue tonight into the day tomorrow with temperatures each day getting gradually warmer and with that dry air, fair weather high pressure in place we look at the chances of rain and it's pretty much nil right through sunday. after that, things begin to change a little with a series of cold fronts. scott has been logging at that and shows us what's coming and this time, scott, when that cold comes, it could stick. >> let's hope so, kathy. especially for the folks ready for finally seeing long duration of the fall like temperatures. right now as you mentioned, warmer air off to the west. that will head in our direction next self days but let's talk about the middle and latter part of next week. some of the coldest air of the season it's been bottled up in canada the pattern change will affect us the middle and latter part of next week with that series of cold fronts. so look at the high temperatures
5:35 pm
next week. monday 76 degrees. tuesday upper 60s. then look at wednesday. 62 degrees. upper 50s at best as we move toward next thursday. and that might have you asking what about the remainder of the month? it looks like two-thirds of the nation will experience below average temperatures right toward the end of october so maybe more frost on the old pumpkins kathy for halloween. >> and trick or treater. >> i don't want to hear about it. i'm in denial right now, scott. i don't know. thanks very much. rehoboth beach delaware looking good this afternoon. deep blue skies. ocean looking great as well. ocean water temperatures around 70 degrees. we are going to look at another picture perfect day tomorrow. so overnight the low in philadelphia 49. 45 degrees in the poconos. 43 in pottstown. millville 47. wildwood 52. tomorrow's high temperatures rebounding nicely a day much like today with lot of sunshine. 72 in millville. 69 in pottstown. 70 in reading. 71 in in philadelphia. and 71 in wilmington.
5:36 pm
take look at your fox 297 day forecast from the weather authority. friday a gorgeous day. 73. another perfect ten. the walk to end alzheimer's is in wilmington, delaware, on saturday. looks great. 75. sunday 75. monday so far so good. 76 and here's the change scott was talking about. showers for your tuesday. even cooler with clouds on wednesday. the high 62. the low 55. time to get out the fleece, guys. i don't know about you but i think this change is going to be sticking around for quite awhi awhile. till april, may. >> i was kind of enjoying these >> me, too.atures, kathy. coming up an eagles star making a big play off the field. the surprising way he's giving back. when you're a double-dipping pension-padder
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like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars,
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fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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♪ much love philadelphia eagle goes even farther to help kids get the education they deserve. defensive end chris long donating the rest of his year's salary to increase education equality. he'll use his next ten game checks to launch the pledge ten for tomorrow campaign encouraging people to make
5:40 pm
donations for equal education opportunities. earlier in the season long donated his pay to provide scholarships for students in charlottesville, virginia, after the deadly race fueled protest there that by the way is his hometown. >> pretty impressive. a boy battling cancer who loves hock keen islander has his dream come true last night. eight-year-old blain drop bloom may not be able to play his favorite sport. yesterday he lived every fan's dream. he received all access pass including an honorary locker and official gear pass. he got to practice with the new york islanders he has stage four nom hodgkin's limb foam man receives oral chemotherapy every day. his favorite player josh bailey was time to have little time with the little boy. >> impact and especially for not only him but his family, his parents, how hard it must be for them like i said just good to have a day like this to kind of get their mind away from it. >> his mom says this was the
5:41 pm
best day ever for him and doesn't think he will ever forget it. >> still ahead montgomery county declares a small win in the opioid epidemic but it looks like they've got long way to go. hank's take straight ahead. >> training the doctors and nurses of tomorrow. the new simulator helping them get real world experience. kristen. >> turn on the lights it's time for the 76ers to step on to the stage this season with real hope behind them. hear brett brown on the expectations of this youth team ahead in sports.
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after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration."
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guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack, critical services were underfunded, and our credit rating was downgraded...11 times. from the bridge to the beach, we've seen it all, and we've had enough. kim guadagno isn't the change we need. kyle, we talked about this. there's no monsters. but you said they'd be watching us all the time. no, no. no, honey, we meant that progressive would be protecting us 24/7. we just bundled home and auto and saved money. that's nothing to be afraid of. -but -- -good night, kyle. [ switch clicks, door closes ] ♪ i told you i was just checking the wiring in here, kyle. he's never like this. i think something's going on at school. -[ sighs ] -he's not engaging.
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>> montgomery county declaring a small victory in the fight against drug abuse but leaders say there's still a long way to go. our hank flynn went to find out how this battle is changing.
5:45 pm
>> we have have been able to prevent an overwhelming increase in death and mortality associated with drug related deaths in montgomery county and we're very happy that so far in the first half of this year we've been able to demonstrate that with our numbers. >> reporter: that's good news, right? it's hank. i'm in montgomery county. my take montco officials we'll have our little victories but this whole heroin epidemic a long way from over. first things first. montgomery county says it had 116 accidental drug deaths through june of last year. same period this year, it's 111. montgomery county commissioner says don't throw a party. >> this is by no means a victory lap. >> fentanyl the counsel tie says it's a factor in three quarters of drug related deaths so far in 2017 and that's an increase. got with ken davidson of montco the 25 year ems veteran done his research he says the hyper
5:46 pm
powerful fentanyl is cheap and never been soys every easy to get. >> pretty blatant about it they tell you how to order it if you're interested in purchasing the products to determine what kind of products you want. you stepped an e-mail to sarah and she'll contact you back and tell where you to send your bit coin. they'll are a range for deliveries. >> car fentanyl, low fentanyl. sue fentanyl. al fentanyl. make the problem more complex. fentanyl incredible potency adds another dimension. medic need nor narcan oh to revive overdoses. >> the more narcan is being used, and both in, um, total number of people that receive it as well as more and more police are having to give multiple doses. >> right. >> two, three, sometimes four or five doses. >> reporter: laws of supply and demand apply, too. narcan is in high demand which means the cost goes up and e. ms services do not have bot testimony less budgets. >> unfortunately, ems agencies are still left to purchase it on our own so medication that used to cost us maybe five dollars a
5:47 pm
dose now costs us close to $50 a dose and then you add to the fact that we now need to give two, three, four doses sometimes and it's certainly a pretty dramatic impact on us. >> i'll leave you with the fact that several medics from several counties have now told me that think of they're having problems getting reimbursement from health insurance companies. cover that another day but think about the notion of ems companies going broke. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ despite a sophisticated system. police in lima, peru incept a major drug shipment. drug agents confiscating a number of black plastic tubes made from a cocaine mixture. the tubes reportedly made using a ton of cocaine were found in a metal shipping container yesterday. officials believe the cocaine was bound for mexico. according to the us drug enforcement administration, peru is the second largest drug producer in the world right behind columbia. >> let's check on your money tonight. it seems millennials are shattering yet another social taboo spilling the beans on
5:48 pm
their salary. they've now become the most likely age group to tell others how much they make. that's according to new survey from the cash lore there's a website called that. 63% share their salary with immediate family 30% even tell their colleagues. >> look at the most -- one of the most popular money apps among millennials vin mow it has a social media component baked into it. i think that that's a pretty good testament as to how comfortable millennials are with being transparent about their finances. >> the study also finds that only 19% of jenn xs and 8% of baby boomers tell their colleagues how much they make and those who earn $30,000 a year or less are most likely to discuss their salaries with co-workers. twitter users get ready. the social media site is making some changes to its rules. twitter says it will be implementing sweeping changes to better protect users from abuse and harassment. the site ceo jack dorsey pledge
5:49 pm
to go revamp its guidelines after users boycotted twitter for suspending actress rows mcgowan for speaking out against harvey weinstein. twitter will take a tough stance on non consensual nudity and videos shared without the subject's permission. medical professionals of tomorrow well they're getting to practice the life-saving techniques they learn in the classroom. >> but they don't have to worry if they make a mistake. fox's jodi goldberg shows us the high tech simulator training program. >> reporter: it's a simulation center that mimmics a hospital. here at lau post both under grad and graduate students are using it to learn proper techniques and gain real life experience. >> one check his blood pressure? >> the sim man which is our, most advanced can do everything from, um, you know, give blood to have a heart attack to simulate a seizure. >> reporter: eight mannequins simulate different scenarios. there's even a maternity ward with a mannequin programmed to
5:50 pm
give birth. different from other schools students from many disciplines work together like they would in a real health care environment. >> in this case, we have all the students integrated into the labs. so you'll have the medical imaging students and social work students interacting with the nursing and the diet at the time tick students. >> few hundred students come through the simulation center each week. their performances are recorded and they're graded but what they take away from the experience is worth so much more. >> we do everything from vitals to blood pressure cuffs and moving the patients to even showering and washing the patient while inside a bed which is, you know, very very difficult when you have never done it before. >> it's better to make mistakes on mannequins rather than real life people so it's definitely a good learning experience. >> reporter: learning in a safe environment now to excel in the real world. in brookville, long island, jodi goldberg, fox news. still ahead a local organization helping give kids a taste of the great outdoors. how it's inspiring them to find
5:51 pm
their passions.
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all right. sixers fans, tonight is the night. the 2017 sixers season opener. they play the wizards in washington d.c. ben simmons and markelle fultz both making their nba debut. joel embiid is back on the court for the season -- for the first time since january. fox 29's kristen rodgers will take a look what to expect in sports that's coming up at 6:00. talk about inspiring a former firefighter in missouri not letting obstacles stand in his way. nearly 30 years ago, robert sap
5:55 pm
went blind. forcing him to give up a career he loved. but sap found something new to do with his time. wood working he picked up the skill by teaching himself now. he creates custom works everything from cabinets and armoires to bunk beds. >> fighting the fire you go into a house and it's tollly blackout that's how i feel like i went into a house fire. i didn't come back out of the it yet. >> sap will donate some of his pieces to an auction all the money from the winning bids will be donated to the safe fund that gives families a fallen first responders $25,000 when they lose a loved one. well talk about a unique driving range fame european city two professional golfers captain for the european and u.s. rider cup golf teams got to take some shots from a paris land mark. the promotional fun at the eiffel tower a part of pumping up international golf fans for the rider cup tournament. it will be hosted by paris next
5:56 pm
year. >> a local organization is all about giving city children a taste of the great outdoors. >> our bill anderson went out to see how it's helping them find new passions and other ways to challenge themselves for goodness sake. >> a lot of the students come from a violent environment, um, they keep their shield up. >> reporter: it's pretty universally accepted that things you experience first hand have a direct impact on your growth. learning and your development. >> you know i live in the hood, um, not everybody gets to time -- gets the chance to come out here and do stuff like this. >> reporter: unfortunately too many young people particular those from inner cities rarely experience much outside of their community, their neighborhood or certainly their city. in a nutshell, that's the point of outward bound. >> these challenges specially our students out of their comfort zone and in a learning zone where they can grow. >> reporter: for years, outward bound has been taking young people on trips to teach them that there's much more out there than what they may see and
5:57 pm
they can do much more than they may know. >> get to that spot where you're pushing it and go one step further. spent the day with students from sayre high school the transformation in front of my eyes was impressive. some started off as typical students too cool to participa participate. >> i didn't like it at first. >> played few games to break down their defense and and get to know each other better. >> people to people. >> quickly we're ready to take on in my opinion the challenge of the day. >> you're going to climb with the rest of your team supporting you. climb up this ladder. get to the top of the ladder. >> the physical part of the climb and jump was one thing. >> but watching inner city teens many who are used to not opening up trust their classmates and challenge themselves, that was amazing. >> beat that. >> alex was one of those kids who wanted nothing to do with the trip initially but after not only climbing but doing it blindfolded you could see the days impact. >> i got over my fear the first time i went.
5:58 pm
i was too scared to do it but then i jumped. then i saw it wasn't that hard of a thing to do. >> this outward bound journey was only day but the message was lasting. >> there's more and all of our students than we know and when we give them these challenges and these chances to like rise to an occasion, you'll often see it. >> they've been proving it for years. give our kids a challenge and they just might surprise us for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> loolooked like they were enjoying it. great program. good stuff. that's our news at 5:00. >> fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ it's one of the most popular trails in philadelphia. but series of violent attacks along the schuylkill river trail is keeping people away. now, there's a plan to make things safer. but first our big story at 6:00. a deadly workplace shooting in maryland. sets off a manhunt that
5:59 pm
stretches up i-95 to our area. >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> that manhunt is still underway right now in delaware. take a good look. this is the guy authorities in two states and the feds are trying to find right now. 37-year-old rah knee prince accused of opening fire at a maryland business and office park killing three and hurting two others before making his way into wilmington. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. police say they have linked prince to a shooting less than two hours later in wilmington, delaware. when you take look at the map, you can see that's only about an hour's drive from edgewood, maryland, to wilmington, delaware. that's where authorities provi provided an update about the latest developments. our chris o'connell joining us live from wilmington. >> reporter: well, dawn a man with a very long criminal history is still on the loose tonight.
6:00 pm
police say after he shot and killed three people and injured three others in two states. he is still out there tonight and he may just be in the wilmington area. we want to show you a picture of the man police are looking for. take good look. 37-year-old radee prince with addresses in wilmington and in maryland. the hartford county maryland sheriff's office says prince walk into the advance granite solution shop in edgewood, maryland, this morning just before 9:00 where he shot five people. three of them are dead. two of them in critical condition. he then headed north. police say prince then drove about an hour and 45 minutes to a wilmington used car dealership on the 2800 block of northeast avenue where he shot an employee there twice. that man survived. now, police say he knew and had history with all of his victims. but where he is now is anyone's


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