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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 19, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. man wanted for shooting six people across two states is captured after hours on the run police brought him into custody in newark, delaware. tonight we talked to the people right there as he was arrested. thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. scary situation unfolding all day and night right now fox 29 bringing you team coverage from newark to wilmington, delaware. o'connell live in wilmington with more. chris? iain, an accuse the mass shooter is behind bars tonight. in a cell here at the wilmington police station. radee prince accused of murdering three co-workers and shooting three others. radee prince in handcuffs
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tonight being he is cored into the wilmington police station after a day long multi state manhunt. >> at 70:00 5:00 p.m. suspect was taken in police custody after a brief foot chase from these three -- three agents from the atf, and during the foot chase, our suspect did discard 380 firearm. >> reporter: it all started before 9:00 this morning in edgewood, maryland, when police say prince walked into his work kess advanced granite solutions and started shooting at co-workers. three were left dead, two more were injured. >> they were screaming. i could tell something wasn't right. i asked if they needed help they said call 911 someone is shooting next door. >> reporter: prince then took off. police say he drove an hour and 45 minutes to wilmington where he went into this car dealership on northeast boulevard and shot the owner of that business twice. he's expected to survive. investigators say prince knew all of his victims in both locations. prince's suv was ditched in
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newark, delaware, earlier tonight. and thanks to a tip from the public, police moved in. three atf agents from baltimore made the arrest. police wonder why prince who had been arrested 42 times and convicted of 15 past felonies was still on the streets. >> if someone is going to be violent in the community, if violent people are causing carnage in the community and causing violent crimes we got to find a way to keep them behind bars. >> reporter: now, prince is from the wilmington area. but was living in maryland because of his job. he will face a judge tomorrow and most likely be charged with three murders. now, more on the arrest of radee prince. let's go to my colleague dave kinchen live tonight in newark, delaware. >> reporter: chris, we can tell you that neighbors say they had to go inside for their safety when the arrest happened. they say they were following the
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case all day and news reports but never thought the manhunt would end in their backyard. >> i lived here 20 years. so it's a little shocking. we've had little things go on but nothing too bad like this. >> reporter: the quiet of newark, delaware, northern wood development shattered by police sirens and helicopters as law enforcement moved in on the suspect wanted in a multi state manhunt for shooting six people. three of them killed in maryland. one of them wounded in delaware. >> i'm at a loss for words at the moment. >> reporter: police called to the area of four seasons parkway and clover mill drive after learning suspect radee prince was believed to be there. what happened next would shake up a whole community. >> i drove home to call my friend, and my friend, she's like i can't talk, i can't talk. i'm two car lengths in front of the guy they've been looking for. >> our neighbor came in and she said something crazy is going on. we need to get in the house, and then this all happened a few minutes later. >> i'm in shock because i heard he was in baltimore which my
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husband just left to go there. then i heard he was in wilmington and then up and down 95. so i've been nervous that he's in the area, you know, where is he run to go. >> reporter: fox 29 cameras rolling as new castle county police drove prince away a woman who says she knows him tells fox 29 she can't believe the allegations of murder. >> that boy had a good up bringing. he wasn't like he was mad man or that he was a crazed maniac bought he wasn't. >> reporter: newark neighbors are just glad the search is over. >> in a way it's very thrilling that they got this guy. terrible, terrible news, you know, for what he did, upping to, all these people. it's very upsetting. >> reporter: meantime, court records indicate that prince had a personal injury lawsuit filed against him by the person he allegedly shot. the person from delaware. we can tell police are looking more into all of this to figure out a motive. back to you. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. fox 29 was right there as the manhunt ended night.
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we broke the news on life television as he was brought into custody and then sent the news right to your phone. we are following updates tonight throughout this newscast. breaking news right now. philadelphia police investigating after two teens are shot in the city's west oak lane area. a 17-year-old boy shot and killed. police say they got the call around 7:30 tonight on 67th street and when he they go there they found the teen shot in the head and the chest. he was taken to hospital where he later died. then on etting street, police say a 16-year-old shot multiple times in the groin. he was taken to a hospital. he is still in critical condition and right now police do not have any suspects in either of these cases. parents in one chester county school district are outraged and they are demanding action. after a display depicting the lynching of a black child was found in the coatesville high school locker room. today a group of protesters marched to the schools and joined students at a rally. the district says the doll hanging from the ceiling which
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we will not show here at fox 29 was put there by a member of the cross country team. later images appeared online of pup kins carved with racist symbols what appears to be students in the background. one barn says he actually kept his son home from school today. >> i kept him home because i'm worried about him. i'm worried somebody might do something to him and if he tries to retaliate or defend himself, he'll be a victim. >> it was disgusting. it was a little girl doll being hung. it was unbearable. >> the district says they are talking to students about race and investigating the incident. they have also asked police to investigate. he's only 14 but already a hero. teenaged boy jumped into action to save his family when two burglars burst into his home. one of suspects is dead. this all unfolded on west oak lane. our dave schratwieser a s live at philadelphia police headquarters with more on this. dave? >> reporter: iain, family
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members tell me when those two suspects broke into their home just before midnight last night, and started brawling with family members, it was the 14-year-old who came to the rescue. >> very proud him. very proud of him. very much so. it took guts. >> reporter: candace johnson is proud her 1484 old son quadir after he confronted two did you go burglars inside her hospital on 65th street tuesday night. she says he defended his family by fighting back and chased them off. it was just crazy. it was just -- it was like a movie it happened so fast. i was so scare. i've never been through anything like that in my life he's going to say he's going to kill mooch mommy yelling at the tom much her lungs. >> he stepped when he heard his mom scream for help he quickly tried get his sister out of the house and came to his mother' rescue. >> i saw them fight mike mom's boyfriend high to establish hip. i got the knife and my sister was froze at the door so i had to get her outside the house. >> reporter: intruder and his accomplice fled the house with
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the kitchen knife still in his back. he collapsed the block away on the front steps of another house the knife still intact. he was pronounced at the scene. >> he believes he's the man of house. i'm going to stip and do something. >> reporter: homicide detectives arrived on the scene the suspect was identified as 42-year-old craig jones who police say has 20 prior arrests. police believe the suspects followed johnson's boyfriend home from this neighbor bar and forced their way into the house looking to rob him. johnson was injured in the melee. >> what was the main thing in your head that point? >> i have to protect my family. >> he's my baby. i love him. >> reporter: now, quadir was not injured in the melee. his mom suffered a foot injury. homicide detectives are still investigating. but quadir is not expected to be charged. they are still looking for that second suspect. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. local churches in northeast philadelphia say they are being targeted by robbers. saint dominic church in holmesburg on frankford of a says they were robbed a few days
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ago and the crooks kind of wound their way through the base bam cat a combs rivaled through the building, the sanctuary even the choir loft. 160-year-old church can't afford the extra expenses and was installing security cameras. the church is still in high spirits. >> let's pray for these people, actually that they get caught, um, before something bad happe happens. >> luckily when the newly installed alarms go off the burglars took off dropping what was in their happened. eagles player in the spotlight once again. what he's doing for charity that's got everyone's attention tonight. >> it's hank. i'm at city hall. philadelphia put this blackboard up today so that anyone, anyone can come and write their reasons why amazon should come to the city. how long do you think it took that to go south? i'll tell you many hank's take coming up. special trick or treat for patients at the alfred i dupont hospital for children in wilmington. local spirit halloween stores brought the holiday tradition to
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them. costumes, candy and other treats all made possible for those who might not get to trick or treat this year. part of program by spirit of children it strives to make hospitals a little less scary for kids and their families. ♪
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♪ eagles fans have whole new reason to love defensive end chris long. he just scored big points in the hearts of philly fans with a big announcement at a local charter school. he is donating the rest of this year's paychecks to pay for kids education. amazing. shawnette wilson was at the announcement tonight and she joins us live at pennsylvania lanning. shawnette. >> reporter: well, iain to, night long announced that a philadelphia education program is going to get $100,000 and that amount could actually grow if his campaign takes off. [ applause ] >> reporter: eagles defensive end chris long walked into a room full of about 50 excited teens. but his big score with them has nothing to do with his performance on the field. >> chris is playing the whole
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season without collecting a paycheck. is that awesome or what? [ applause ] >> reporter: long attend add fall celebration for summer search philadelphia. a mentoring organization that works with teams from low income families from tenth grade until they finish college. he came to announce his donation of $100,000 to the summer search education program. >> wanteed to something that -- that would affect kids that aren't going get scholar slip no private school and not necessarily that that's better or worse, but, um, everybody needs resources report roar long started with the motivational speech that left each student with something. >> he said life is short and then you got to be -- the spark that makes everyone smile. >> he felt like our generation is the one that can change how we feel about today. what's going on today. report rt long had networking session with the kids. they talked to him about their experiences taking trips to nicaragua and costa rica hiking and canoeing. >> what we can all agree on for sure that can help our country,
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it is pouring more into our youth and into equity in education and opportunity in education. >> reporter: long is donating to two other cities where he's played before and he's urging business people, other athletes even fans to donate so the city who raises the most money will get an extra $50,000, iain. so go to to find out how you can donate and help our philly kids win for education. >> philly stand up. that's great story. thank you, shawnette. >> reporter: yup. >> turning to your weather now. let's take look at wildwood. kind of a warm night out there but it's not here to say. meteorologist kathy orr when you can expect a cool down. ♪ >> oh, boy, iain. [ laughter ] >> this is something iain and i don't like to discuss. >> exactly. >> we're not really cold weather people. >> no. >> maybe we should have been born in florida or something. you can see down the shore morey's pier looking great tonight. clear skies, light winds, falling temperatures not quite as cold though as it has been the past couple of nights.
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so that's the good news to this forecast. right now it's 58 degrees. but by next week at this time, that will be our high temperature. that is how quickly things are going to change around here. right now 49 in the poconos and in allentown. 48 in pottstown. 58 in philadelphia. 49 degrees in millville with that southerly wind. ultimate doppler you can see clear skies across the board really no weather happening to speak of. just very very quiet conditions. overnight, 45 in the poconos. 49 in philadelphia. 47 in millville. 47 in trenton. 46 in wilmington at the bus stop it will be another chilly morning. the morning lows are going to stay on the cool side but it's the afternoon that's going to be so beautiful. chances of rain this week, pretty much nil. right into the weekend. the next chance of rain looks like it's going to be on tuesday. that's when a series of cold fronts move through the coldest air of the fall season will be moving through next wednesday and we're going to see a huge change in the pattern so between now and then we have nice stretch of sunny weather. but by the time this moves in
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next week, toward the end of the month and i think these temperatures are going to be sticking so the normal high is 65. monday 76. tuesday 69. wednesday 62. next thursday only 58 degrees. that is it. the temperature trend for the end of the month below average temperatures for the whole eastern half of the nation. and we're talking about normal highs only in the upper 60s. so we do anticipate temperatures there or below. during the day tomorrow, 72 in philadelphia. 65 in the poconos. 72 in wilmington. 70 in pottstown. 71 in trenton and wrightstown 7. so another gorgeous day with plenty of sun. on your seven day forecast it does get warmer. friday, 73. saturday 75. ditto sunday. monday looks nice and right now, it looks pretty decent for monday night football. mild and dry. the rain moves in tuesday. another front moves through wednesday. and then it gets even cooler next thursday. so enjoy this sunny stretch looks like it could even be a sure bet for the weekend that's
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how good this is. that's a look at the seven day. we'll zen it back to you iain. >> kathy, thanks how about this unique approach to draw attention to amazon. the city of philadelphia brought out this blackboard the purpose for people to share why they think amazon should build its headquarters here as our hank flynn found out philadelphians showed their pride. is. >> it is toll ran. it is diverse. it is great place to raise a j amen to that. it's hank. i'm at city hall where you can write anything you wanted on this bulletin board today to entice amazon to this fine city. my take is it went well mostly. vivian craw for writes what is in her heart. >> philadelphia is family friendly it is child friendly. you have a friend in philadelphia. >> philly people were huge on the board set up at city hall witness intention of listing our cities many attributes all the better to attract amazon and thousand of jobs. sports teams were listed and food as it should be. somebody wrote in that the tv
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reporters are hand m a loft good philly pride spelled out but come on with open anyone the other shoe had to drop and it didn't take long. dan wrote keep amazon out no tax bait manies for corporate parasites. >> they'll crowd everything. they need four whole city blocks for the size of their complex. they should be begging us if they want come here i think it would be ridiculous to offer any give ace ways to amazon. >> wealthy company no doubt i can so dan's point as his note was wiped off by a staff. they philadelphia me they wanted this thing to be positive much it's a competition. and there are other cities vying to host amazon. >> that's about the time philadelphia mayor jim kenney rolled in and wrote his own message on the board. tsop baby. i'm not going to explain it many ask your mom. >> what do you say people say phil loll give up. >> 50,000 jobs, 50,000 people paying a wage tax is not a bad thing. we cannot look away the this opportunity. >> he listed philly's low cost
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of living, location between new york and d.c. and huge millennial population. all good friends. ma'am son may hold all the cards here f witness fair world and the not, if amazon new philly like we do they would beg to come here. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ all right. that's what's up much what's up in sports, kristen? >> iain, for anyone who says athletes should just stick to sports they shouldn't. vo the b b
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>> we talk about change but we always always create. chris long does. ♪
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pro athletes talk a lot about using their platforms to do good. but not a lot actually creates change. chris long well he put his money where his mouth is literally eagles defensive end is basically playing for free this season and announcing today he's giving his last ten game checks to organizations that provide education equality. don't tell him to stick to sports. we shall applauding him. this is after long gave his first six game checks to his hometown of charlottesville, virginia. this is not a one-time thing or something to make him look good. he is genuinely a socially conscious person. supporting his teammates in the locker room and at nfl league meetings he doesn't just want change, he is in fact creating it. the pledge ten for tomorrow campaign that he started today already has fellow players in the nfl following his lead. long is sparking immediate good throughout the league, and that is something we need to take time and applaud. there simply aren't enough people like you in this league.
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thank you, chris long. iain? >> all right, kristen. that is great story. well, congratulations to gucci main and the tee keisha the couple tied the knot at the miami four seasons hotel last night. keisha potty add few pictures on twitter. they exchanged vows in front of cameras wearing all white. bet pick up the tab. it was a million dollar wedding always nice to have someone else pay for that wearing white. but they look good. newlywed couple looks good. it will in miami. gucci and keisha. >> i was in miami last weekend. it was lit. up next tmz followed by page six at midnight then stay tuned for "the q" at 12:30. that's always a good show and then the simpsons. there's your lineup of course we're back at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have your traffic and weather covered all morning
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>> right now on good day philadelphia, they got him. the manhunt for the suspect behind a workplace shooting in two different state comes to an end. we have a live report from wilmington and what police are saying. >> and today's the day selling our city to amazon. phillies push to bring the second headquarters to our city of brotherly love. >> and how about philadelphia eagle chris long going long. his big commitment that he is doing right now to help educate our kids. >> and how about our 76ers? what did you think about the opener? so what does this mean for the season? we'll explain all of it. it is pretty encouraging, i'm excited. >> good day, such a beautiful day yesterday. >> yes, it was perfect-ish, cold in the morning, now not
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as colds. >> did i notice. >> not quite as chim i. so we will give this one a ten. >> yeah, thank you, sue. >> that's right. it is a ten. and i think we've got a string of them coming up over the next couple every days, but let's just deal with today first of all. and we start off with a look at bus stop buddy. he's got just a hoodie on. we took off the gloves. the mittens. forty's, 50's, your temperatures out there this morning, we'll show you few numbers here, 53 degrees, the current temperature with southwesterly wind at 5 miles an hour, southwesterly winds, it will make it feel just a tad milder this morning. so, 48 in wilmington. forty-eight in mount pocono. forty-eight in wild would. still need jacket or sweater. but it is not quite as chilly as it was yesterday. we think we will be at around 65 degrees by lunchtime, more breitbart sunshine and another beauty today with a high of 72. sunset time 6:17. that's a look at your planner for today. bob kelly has taken a long
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weekend, so we'll take care of traffic for you as well. start off with usual road work on the schuylkill expressway. this is westbound at south street. the work is continuing, as you see right there. breitbart lights therefore the folks that need to do that work. and you can see the right lane blocked with the construction truck there. we have a look at route 42, at creek road, in new jersey, and everything is moving along fine there. and we have the benny on the philadelphia side looking from there we're looking pretty good, at least so far this morning. karen? >> thank you, sue. we appreciate all of. that will let's get right to the big story. he's captured, the guy wanting for shooting six people in two different states will be going before a judge today in delaware. tragically three of his victims died. police say he did know all of his victims, he's got a big long criminal history. right out to the wilmington police department and steve keeley, steve? >> reporter: well, lock up here at the police headquarters building for now, since 7:00 p.m., after being


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