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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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parents, tonight the community in washington township is gathering for homecoming. that's where our joanne pileggi is live tonight and this is on the minds of many parents and students, joanne. >> reporter: that's right, chris. kick off for the friday night homecoming game in just about an hour. washington township hosting cherokee here in south jersey. obviously everyone is excited about the homecoming festiviti festivities. but i have to tell you, people are still talking about an incident involving racist text messages. >> the initial response to the incident was anger but students opted for peaceful protests to bring attention to the racist text messages and the use of the n word on social media. school administrators held an emergency meeting last night with parents. student leaders and the local naacp. this was the third isn't a stripping of incidents that ignited racial tensions in the region. the others members of the cross country team at coatesville high
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were reprimanded for having a black doll in locker room and there was also another incident with pumpkins carved with kkk and swastikas. today, coatesville students walking out in protest. >> elsewhere at a high school football game in quakertown middle school students were accused of throwing rocks at a bus and shouting racial slurs at the opposing team. ♪ >> reporter: back here at washington township, the mood is upbeat for homecoming festivit festivities and the game and everyone wants to focus on that and not the racial incidents. >> my daughter went here. my grandson has gone here. it's a great school. there's little incidents that are wonderful that no one seems to recognize because they're just not maybe headline stories. a couple of idiots do the wrong thing and don't think and all of a sudden it becomes big news and it becomes a racial thing and the not fair. it's not fair. >> reporter: parents say they acknowledge that this incident happened. they're not happy about it.
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but they also say that this is not indicative of the way students and people in this area typically treat each other. we're live in washington township, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. back to you, dawn. >> thanks, joanne. police say it is a multi million dollars family business. just one problem. it's illegal. investigators zeroing in on a major gambling operation in philadelphia. >> investigators claim they were running numbers at dozens of locations around the city. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at philadelphia meeks with the latest. dave? >> reporter: chris, prosecutors actually say gary creagh, sr., ran 40 locations across the city. some of them earning $1,500 a day and they were open six days week. he used that money according to prosecutors to buy expensive homes and luxury cars. >> for except 66-year-old gary creagh police say it was truly all in the family. his son, daughter, brother and cousin were all allegedly part
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of a huge citywide gambling operation broken up by advice investigators. >> the operation run by gary creagh, sr., generated millions of dollars of illicit profits. >> reporter: da says the citywide numbers scheme operated out of 40 locations like this corner property with a gate at 17th and wharton in south philly. >> anybody could come and go? >> no. anybody couldn't come gone. the operations highly organize and located in unmark buildings throughout the city typically in low income neighborhood. >> reporter: according to investigators, creagh and his relatives also ran numbers out of a location here on ridge avenue and this one on germantown avenue. >> most of people that placed bets at these locations were on fixed incomes. >> you had to know what you had to know to be ail to come play numbers. >> reporter: investigators say creagh owned this home in moorestown, n, and others at the jersey shore in new york and las vegas. he liked expensive cars includ
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including a jaguar, a porsche, bentley, lamborghini, ferrari and aston martin. >> his lifestyle was significa significantly different than the people who both worked for him and the people who placed bets. >> reporter: now, creagh was released on quarter avenue million dollars bail. his attorney perry demarco, jr., says he will fight the charges in court. the city will not say at this point if they plan to try and forfeit some of those expensive homes and luxury cars. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you. we want to show you knew video tonight of a van police believe was involved in a deadly hit-and-run in southwest philadelphia. police just releasing this surveillance video. they believe the person behind the wheel struck and killed a 57-year-old man on sunday night. it happened on the 2300 block of 67th street. the gray van may have front end damage and broken windshield. next week, philadelphia's former top prosecutor will learn his sentence for bribery and corruption charges.
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seth williams sentencing was moved to early tuesday afterno afternoon. just yesterday the state supreme court disbarred williams. retroactive to april when the court first suspended his license. williams resigned in june after pleading guilty to accepting a bribe from a businessman in he can change for legal favors. williams faces up to five years in prison. family members are speaking out about the alleged gunman behind a deadly shooting rampage that spanned maryland and delaware. relatives of 37-year-old radee prince say they feared for their own safety for years because of his mental instability. radee prince is accused of killing three people at an office in edgewood, maryland, and hurting thee others on wednesday. prince is facing murder and other related charges. investigators however continue to search for a motive behind the deadly shooting spree. 42 people have lost their lives in the devastating california wildfires. and now we're learning those fires have cost the state more
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than a billion dollars and counting. the numbers they are staggering. more than 5,000 homes destroyed. 4,000 damaged. 3,000 cars and trucks gone along with some six undrea commercial buildings. for direct insured loss tote link more than $1 billion and that $1 billion figure doesn't even include uninsured property. loss of productivity or the cash know for years to come from the many vinyards that were lost. >> but suffice it to say these are big numbers. very early, and given a number of the challenges that people are having with getting into areas and also given the enormous scope of these fires i would anticipate these numbers will rise significantly. >> according to the national inter agency fire center, as of today, those fires have burned more than would hundred or 2,00. it's considered the most expensive fire in u.s. history.
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time now for your first look at your forecast at 6:00 as we take live look at wildwood on a friday night. not a bad day to stroll the boards. >> no, looks likes a nice fall evening down there. scott? >> beautiful weather area wide down the shore. the poconos mountains excellent for leaf peeping. look at the above average temperatures. reading if he degrees the high today. 74 in philadelphia. along with allentown, dover and atlantic city. high pressure it's still park off to our west. so really dry conditions as we scan the skies. look at the comfortable temperatures. upper 60s wrightstown. 68 now atlantic city. 68 in the lehigh valley. grab a light jacket though because those temperatures will drop hour by hour. 64 at 8:00. low 60s as we move toward 11:00 o'clock tonight and then those numbers will dip into the low 40s far north and west. 43 in allentown tonight. 51 in philadelphia. 51 in wildwood. coming up we'll talk about the beautiful weekend our neck chance for rainfall op tuesday
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and some cooler fall like air by the middle of next week. dawn? >> chris? >> thanks, scott. a man who has devoted his life to protect the public makes history in delaware. brigadier general david fleming the first african-american general for the state's national guard. our jeff cole reports from new castle where fleming just received the honor today. >> reporter: david fleming says the color of his skin has never been a barrier to his service in delaware's army national guard. certainly today's ceremony is proof of that. >> david fleming the third has spent his life in service of his state, of his nation. he served delaware and law enforcement for 25 years ending his career as the leader of a narcotics task force. he's the father of nine, the grander father of five. friday he became the first african-american general of delaware's army national guard. >> move heaven and earth to get to where you want to go.
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and if somebody is in front of you, you tell them to lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. >> reporter: in the warmth a mid fall day fleming a helicopter pilot was promoted to brigadier general. he'll hold the post of assistant general leading delaware's army national guard. he was hailed for his dual roles, citizen, soldier -- >> e pitt moa tow mice what it means to be a citizen soldier. selflessly dedicating his life to protect his community, state and nation. >> so too help remember -- >> fleming gave his wife diamond earrings and thanked her for her sacrifice. >> he goes away. i hold up the household and it works fine. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> brigadier general will command is force of 1600 well aware of what it means to do so. >> the barriers are lifted that there is no ceiling. that the sky is the limit. >> the ceremony over the work continues. 40 members of the national guard head to storm ravaged puerto
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rico monday morning. in new castle, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. coming up devastating fire sends a family running from their home. the local business that stepped in to help them. and a philadelphia landmark is marking a big birthday. hard to believe the reading terminal is turning 125. big celebrations being planned. sean? >> dawn, the sixers making their home debut against a team expected to be really good in the boston celtics. hear why the players think they can match up with any team in the east. that's coming up later in sports.
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chris brown: a fighter for the working men and women of atlantic county. brown fought for what's right by taking on trenton special interests and standing up to chris christie's takeover of atlantic city. he fought to protect jobs in our region and to defeat the north jersey casinos. and now brown is working to keep atlantic county affordable for families and retirees. let's keep chris brown fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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♪ fire at a cherry hill apartment building this week sent a young family running for their lives. >> where did they go? they ended taupe place where cooking
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and community energy. fox 29's bruce gordon has more from cherry hill. >> thank you for everything the other night. >> thank you. >> so very welcome. >> reporter: justin sacks took his daughters back to the cherry hill diner thursday night to show their appreciation for an act of kindness that wasn't technically on the menu. >> thank you so much. >> they were really incredible how just as a little community diner and they were really showing what community is at that point. >> just before midnight monday, the family was driven from their place at colonial apartments next door by a raging fire that damaged 32 units. before long justin, 12-year-old and eight-year-old daughters both still in their pajamas showed up at the diner tired, teary eyed and in need of a bathroom. >> they said any booth you want, sit down, please, you know, can i get you hot chocolate. anything you need. do you want coffee? >> overnight manager diane was the woman in charge that night. >> i can't even explain how i felt that night. i just helpless, like, what can
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i do? i have to do something. you know, i just had to do something. >> reporter: diane and her crew brought out hot food, hot drinks, even offered up a back booth for layla to get some sleep. >> did they give you hot chocolate. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: how was that. >> it was yummy. >> reporter: not bad deal, huh? >> over the next hour and a half, more fire victims showed up at the diner. firefighters and emt's too. each getting the same royal treatment. when it was time to go, diane waived off justin' as tempt to pay. she came to this diner as a teenager long before coming to work here. she knows it's a special place in the community. a place where compassion is served up whenever it's needed. >> i would want somebody to do it for me. i would want somebody to do it for my children. it's just the right thing to do. >> reporter: the sacks family safe and sound in their apartment now. secure in the knowledge that when trouble comes around, friends, fellowship and, yes, food are right around the
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corner. in cherry hill, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. one of philadelphia's most popular attractions has big birthday coming up. the reading terminal market is turning 125 next year. so organizers have a year of festivities planned to mark the occasion. it will all begin on februar february 22nd the next year which is the market's official birthday. guests will be taken back in time to the year the market op open. >> it will be 1893 day in the market. a day in which we transport the public back to what the grand opening of this grand building would have looked like complete with period dress, bicycles, victorian decor. >> do we get the same prices? >> i hope so. >> the mark also has new technology coming in few weeks including an app which will allow customers to order for pick up. coming a long way. >> i'll do some damage in there. all right. ba tock your fox 29 weather authority now. let's take live lock the ben franklin parkway in center city.
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perfect night to get out there and enjoy everything the city has to offer. meteorologist scott williams here now. >> scott, the weekend is looking just as good as today. >> absolutely. a perfect ten across the board. 72 degrees right now. low humidity. we had high temperature of 74 degrees. we should be topping out in the mid 60s for this time of year. look at ultimate doppler it's dry, it's quiet. it will stay that way right through the weekend because of this big area of high pressure parked right now around the upper ohio river valley really not a cloud in the sky. light winds out of the northwest right now. temperatures will be dropping overnight tonight. look at the numbers right now. still pretty comfortable upper 60s in allentown. 68 degrees in reading. 67 now in wilmington. 72 degrees in dover. 68 in atlantic city after a high there of 4 degrees. overnight low temperatures dipping into the low fours for the lehigh valley. 43 degrees we're looking at upper 40s in wilmington and dover. upper 40s to low 50s as you move
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into sections of south jersey. so that's why you need to grab that light jacket if you're stepping outdoors this evening. hour boo hour for tomorrow, a lot of festivals taking place, yard sales looking great. pumpkin picking 8:00 a.m. upper 50s. nearing 70 degrees by noon. fetch the afternoon high temperature. a super saturday on tap. 77 degrees for saturday. 76 for your sun today. what about leaf peeping? pretty patchy color around philadelphia sections of delaware and south jersey. but at its peak right now toward the pocono mountains beautiful weather to get outdoors. 72 degrees on saturday. 70 on sunday. that high pressure continues to dominate the weather pattern but it will break down early next week by monday mostly cloudy skies looks like we'll stay dry for the eagles game but then tuesday that cold front arrives, some rain showers and then those temperatures start to drop by the middle and latter part of next week feeling more like fall
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especially by your thursday. the weather authority seven day forecast showing 77 tomorrow. great weather for the walk to end alzheimer's. 76 degrees on sunday. 77 the high temperature on monday. then tuesday low 70s. 64 degrees on wednesday. much cooler upper 50's to right around 60 for the high next thursday. low 60s for friday. here's the monday night football forecast much mostly cloudy and mild upper 60s at kickoff. maybe a spotty shower as folks are leaving the game. but sean bell, that is some good news. back over to you. >> great news. eagles are flying high right now at five and one but i'll tell you why they better not overlook this washington team on monday. plus the sixers making their home debut tonight. taking on the celtics. hear why this could be a statement game. i know, it's early but it might be just that. that's coming up next in sports. where are we?
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tonight the wells fargo center will be rocking. the sixers are making their home debut against the celtics a team that's expected to be an eastern conference finals contender with or without gordan hayward but the process already started wednesday against the wizards and even though the sixers didn't get the win, the potential was there. úyou can see it ben simmons look like the real deal and robert covington shot lights out. he led the way with 29 points and he seems to think this team can compete with anyone anywhere any time. >> we feel hike we one of the
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best teams and, you know, we got the potential to be one of the best going against the best each and every night. top teams in the east we definitely got to put ourselves in that category one day. just a matter of making the ride strides. we got all the resources. all the potential just a matter of us executing on the court. >> eagles have a big matchup against washington on monday night. that team is a lot better than the team eagles faced in week one. washington is three-one since that lot loss and kirk cousins is showing why he should get paid. i think esche. he's a top tear quarterback eagles are about to get into the meat of their schedule this is when great teams separate themselves. >> the middle stretch is where teams separate themselves. a lot of guys start off fast and some guys -- some teams tank but consistent ones who can make this middle stretch and win those tough games is what separates us. >> and hopefully the eagles aren't feeling themselves too much. everyone has been telling them how good they are all week long.
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and gary cobb seems to think that could be a problem. >> they can't start celebrating and really this is an atmosphere after that win over carolina to start celebrating and start thinking about all that you've accomplish and really five and one is great. but you really haven't accomplish anything at five and one much this is something to keep an eye on f that team comes out flat in the first quarter, you know that awed team that had some success probably took too much time off. >> of course you can catch the "game day live" crew this sunday at 10am. fox nfl sunday at 12:00. and the cowboys will be playing the 9'ers at 4:00. you always know the eagles usually lose game they shouldn shouldn't. >> don't say that. >> lose. i'm hoping they don't usually one pops up on us. hopefully it's in the against washington. >> i'm not feeling good about this one. >> me neither. i got to be honest with you. >> lot of time. >> bite your tongue. >> that's how phil fans are. >> i know. i know.
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>> well the weather is going to be fantastic for the weekend i know there's a lot of walks going on. >> a lot of events taking place. >> i'm doing one on sunday and paws for the cause at fox chase cancer center and last year there was a monsoon. >> we're talking beautiful weekend. a perfect ten for saturday. the walk to ends alzheimer's in wilmington 77 degrees. 76 on sunday. a perfect ten there. then on monday, clouds start to roll in but temperatures still around 77 degrees. the rain should hold off for the eagles game. but tuesday grab a poncho, grab an umbrella showers likely much of the day. lingering into early wednesday. then those temperatures start to tumble. >> all right. thanks, scott. >> thanks scott. well a teen with a dream of becoming a dancer loses her legs in a tragic accident. months later, she's learning to move on and tonight she's get something help from the philadelphia 76ers. that's coming up at 10:00 o'clock. and that will do it for us tonight at 6:00. have a great night. we'll see you back here at 10:00.
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right now on "page six" tv, who saidr says sophie turner is an upgrade for joe jonas. and what is behind the latest sightings of ben affleck. where's the underground club that mariah carey belongs to. >> welcome to "page six"-of-tv. taking us inside today's big headlines, carlos greer, elizabeth wagmeister, and miss bevy smith. and here are today's top stories. we are less than one month away from ben affleck returning to the big screen as batman in justice league, but bat fleck sadly has not had heroic headlines of late. since the weinstein sc


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