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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  October 21, 2017 7:00am-8:45am EDT

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u.s. attorney general and philadelphia today jeff sessions speaking to thousands of police officers and protesters say they will be there, too. busted. police zeroing in on a major gambling operation. dozens of locations run by one family and investigators say it brought in millions of dollars. sixers hype around the home opener. fans packed in to see joel embiid and the team in action in philadelphia. some famous faces out in the crowd. and constipation, pain, extreme weight loss and even death? a famous face finalist from project runway dead at 39 from an intestinal disorder. what exactly it is and what symptoms you should pay attention to.
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that's such a sad story. caught many people off guard. good day, it's at saturday, october 21, 2017. good news it doesn't feel like october. i think it still feels a little bit like late summer outside. >> what wardrobe do you wear? temperatures running well above average but it will be super saturday. live look down the shore. >> nice. >> beautiful sunrise ahead and those temperatures they will soar later on this afternoon. so beautiful weather down the shore. center city the lehigh valley the pocono mountains just get outdoors and enjoy. what about weather bite numbers on a scale one to ten, well, can you guess what you think today will be? a perfect ten. looking pretty good weather wise and that's all because high pressure it is in full control. ultimate doppler right now it's dry, it is quiet. it will stay that way. the next best chance for rainfall not really until next week.
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we'll expand the view and take look at this dome of high pressure off to the south and west. most of the cloud cover off to the west as well outside of our studios, dry, quiet, 50 degrees right now. humidity a little high early on this saturday morning. the winds they are calm and we are talking about a beautiful day ahead. we have 44 degrees right now in millville. upper 40s atlantic city. 40 current until pottstown. 41 in allentown. 37 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. so you need the light jacket or sweater early but as we go hour by hour, watch those temperatu temperatures. we're climb to go upper 60s by noon. 77 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. and take a look the normal high this time of year 65 degrees. 77 degrees in philadelphia. logging good for the walk toned alzheimer's later on this morning as you move toward wilmington, delaware. 76 degrees for your sunday. so coming up we'll talk about the beautiful weekend. monday night football will the
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weather cooperate? and then timing some tuesday showers. lauren, over to you. >> we certainly need it for the eagles. thank you very much. happening today, gun violence and gang crime. the attorney general in philadelphia to talk about ways to reduce that. the discussion part of project save neighborhoods and jenny joyce live in center city with a preview on what's expected at today's meeting. hi, jenn feature. good morning, lauren. so we are expecting to hear from attorney general sessions beginning at 9:00 o'clock and as you mentioned his focus will be on how to reduce violent crime. this is part of the fall meeting for the major citie cities chies association here at the convention center later this morning. sessions will discuss the project save neighborhoods initiative among others that aim at reducing crime. during sessions visit there will be increased security in around the convention center. there is also a protest planned outside the event later today with people fighting the state of policing in america.
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philly has been known as a progressive police force it's very good at allowing protesters to express themselves and only interfering in people become violent or out of control. well today's focus is violent crime just last night jeff sessions spoke at an event in austin, texas that focused on immigration. >> the president is determined first and finally to build a wall at the border. this will make it harder for illegal aliens to enter the country but more importantly the wall will send a message to the world that we enforce our laws. >> reporter: sessions' speech is one of hundreds happening here at the convention center for this chiefs association meeting happening today, and it goes right into an international chiefs association convention happening through tuesday. so thousands of members of law enforcement expected to be here at the convention center for all of this, again, ag sessions
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will -- is set to speak at 9:00 o'clock. lauren. >> jenny, let's hope those conversations become action. thanks so much. meanwhile hillary clinton head to go new jersey to help raise money for democratic candidate for governor phil murphy. clinton will campaign for the candidate in harrison tomorrow. her visit comes just days after former president barack obama campaigned for murphy and it's not the first time campaign event clinton has attended since her defeat after the presidential election. she campaigned for ralph north northam. now to breaking news out of south philadelphia. motorcyclist dead this morning aft an overnight crash that crash happened just before midnight on interstate 95 near the walt whitman bridge. police say the 26-year-old was speeding when he hit guardrail and was thrown from the bike. he was taken to hahnemann hospital where he died. officials still investigating. now to our top stories. california judges toes out a $417 million verdict against a fortune 500 company.
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a woman sued johnson & johnson in baby powder cancer case that. woman claimed she developed ovarian cancer by using one much its talc based baby powders for feminine hygiene. the judge granted the new jersey based companies request for new trial. the reason cited were errors in the case and jury misconduct in the previous case that ended with the award two months ago. judge also ruled that the award for damages was excessive. the woman name in the suit has since died but her attorney says they will appeal that ruling. new details in the bill cosby case a former district attorney who declined to press sexual assault charges against cosby has started to file a lawsuit against one of his accusers. the attorney for bruce castor says the personal injury complaint will claim andrea constand sued castor for defamation in 2015 to cause him to lose the prosecutor's race. during campaigning his opponent kevin steele who won the race
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criticized castor's handling of the cosby case. the search for child pornography led florida deputies to something far more sinister inside a locked closet an arsenal of guns explosives, ammunition and aerial photos of two schools. there was also a note promising to have my bloody revenge. authorities arrested 24-year-old randall drake. the sheriff now calling drake a lone wolf comparing him to the las vegas shooter stephen paddock but friends of the suspect are shocked. >> i do feel for the parents. i can't imagine being in this situation. especially with your son and then definitely a state if not some sort of national microscope on you now. i mean, it's tough. >> drake was immediately taken to mental health institute for evaluation after posting bond and we hear doctors plan to hold him for at least 72 hours. a witness to the deadly
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office park shoting in maryland says the suspect radee prince gathered a small group of co-workers together to complain about the company advanced granite solutions that happened moments before he started shoo shooting. says that same witness. meanwhile hundreds attended candlelight vigil last night outside the state house in annapolis to honor the victims. now the discussion begins about gun control with some saying concealed carry permits could have prevented some of those deaths. >> i mean we believe like all the surrounding states including now d.c. with the ren decision that maryland citizens should be allowed to carry firearm for self-defense if they so chose. perhaps if somebody would have had a concealed carried weapon up in edgewood yesterday, maybe that tragedy wouldn't have turn out as bad as it did. >> as for prince he was captured in delaware and arrested. he plead not guilty to attempted murder and weapons charges. he will will be back in court later this month. all right. let's talk sixers at home on the
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hardwood in front of a packed house. it's the first time the sixers played at the wells fargo arena the team off to pretty rough start. was not the home opener fans were hoping for. the game was sloppy, full of fouls. in the end, the sixers weren't able to come back falling to the celtics 102 to 92. the team now zero and two on the regular season after last night's loss. despite the loss there was real fun happening off the court. [ applause ] >> can you see who that is? it's meek mills showing off some hidden talents back stage flipping around with some of the crew members. and if you were watching the game at home, did you happen to see that? alex holley out in the crowd posted that photo to instagram saying yeah, feel you joel. rough game. it's no secret that our phones have made us more disconnected in real life.
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how comedian will ferrell is proving your devices are ruining family time. plus, a 74-year-old man laces up his shoes and starts walking miles a day on a mission to find a kidney for his wife. his message that's capturing the nation's attention. >> i'm sue serio. look at weekend wendy. she is all dolled up for the harry potter festival. this is the biggest one in the entire country started last night and continues today from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and this year they blocked off 12 blocks of germantown avenue for this amazing festival which includes the quidditch tournament, lots of live performances, characters walking up and down the street, everybody in costume practically, you can learn how to make possessions, muggles and wizards can all come. we hope off good time from weekend wendy at hog warts and me.
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♪ what a sunrise and if you're awake you know this place. you might go there on the weekend. philadelphia's most popular attraction is about to celebrate a big birthday reading terminal market turning 125 next year organizers have a year of festivities planned to mark the occasion it all begins on february 22nd the next year
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which is the market's official birthday. guests will be taken back in time to the year it opened. >> it will be 1893 day in the market. a day in which we transport the public back to what the grand opening of this grand building would have looked like complete with period dress, bicycles, victorian decor. >> the mark also has new technology coming in few weeks including an app which will allow customers to order for pick ups. scott, i think imagine you would like a taste test of all thing at reading terminal to is he what you like best. >> absolutely. one of my favorite places in philadelphia. let's hope they have prices like 1893. berks county beautiful sunrise out there. a little cool. so light jackets and sweaters to start. but we're looking at temperatures later on this afternoon feeling more like spring. 50 degrees officially in philadelphia.
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the wind it's calm right now. look at the chilly temperatures. 40 in pottstown. 44 degrees right now as we move toward millville. 46 wildwood. low 40s in reading. also, toward the lehigh valley right now but those temperatures by this afternoon with a lot of sunshine yeah, mid to upper 70s. 76 degrees by the afternoon wilmington. 76 in the lehigh valley. low 70s in the poconos. great weather for leaf peeping. then for tonight, temperatures chilly again. 50 in millville. mid 50s philadelphia. 40s once you move north and west. so chilly overnights but pretty comfortable afternoons for the upcoming weekend. high pressure off to the south and west. so that will allow for dry conditions and a lot of sunshine for today. a few more clouds by sunday and then mostly cloudy skies on monday out ahead of a cold front. looks like we'll get the game in on a dry note but after the game some showers moving in from the west, and a pretty good soaking
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as we move toward your tuesday. some of the computer models as of late painting anywhere from half an inch upwards to almost an inch of rainfall the european model and then behind that system, we're looking at another cool push of fall air arriving úof next week. and latter part but for the weekend, get outdoors and enjoy. a lot of festivals taking place, pumpkin picking we're looking at walk to end alzheimer's in wilmington this morning. 77 degrees by the afternoon. 76 degrees for tomorrow. coming up lauren we'll talk about that cool down with the seven day forecast from the weather authority. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thanks so much. businesses in philadelphia say the controversial soda tax hurting them big time and new study released by the city suggesting the same but how true is it and do the numbers really add up? our bruce gordon takes a look only in philly. ♪ hi, i'm bruce gordon. sure would be nice if we can have honest conversation about
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philadelphia's controversial sweetened beverage tax. but if the tate latest research is any indication, i wouldn't count on it. a new survey from city controller and vocal soda tax critic alan butkovitz says 88% of responding businesses have been negatively impacted by the tax. that's huge. 88%. forget about the fact that none of these businesses were asked to prove their losses. that's not really possible. but note that i said responding businesses. 741 out of around 1600 businesses approached actually filled out the controller's survey. as polling goes, that's a pretty good turn out as butkovitz himself claimed. >> when you do random surveys, universe as long as it is large enough is represents the entire universe and in this case survey of 741 participants provides i was statistically accurate profile. >> reporter: what about those who did not respond? isn't it
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likely they were far less likely to have been impacted by the tax? think about it. if a governmental agencies asked you about a new tax and it impacted you deeply, you'd make darn sure you got your opinions out there. so someone would hear you. and if that tax barely impacted you at all, wouldn't you be a little bit more likely to keep walking and blow it off? ♪ >> reporter: we've heard since the tack took effect back in january that stores along philadelphia's border with the pa suburbs would take the biggest beating. it made sense. folks in those neighborhoods had the easiest time crossing the line to get the cheaper soda. but the bucco vets report shows those border sip codes had among the fewest impacted businesses. see there the light colors around the edges. only one of the three sip codes with the most impacted businesses bordered the burbs at all and barely by the way butkovitz notes those three sip codes with the most businesses impacted, well, they're among the poorest in the city, but wait a minute. we were told back in january that poor folks drink more soda
7:19 am
than anyone else. the implication was that poor folks were practically addicted to sweetened beverages and thus this tax would hit them the hardest. what do you know? seems like they figure out they can drink something else as butkovitz admitted when i pressed him on the issue. >> i would concur that there's probably been a significant drop off in consumption in those areas. >> reporter: look, i'd rather pay less than more for soda and just about everything else just like you, and you could argue the kenny administration was less than clear and candid about exactly where the soda tax revenues would go. but if you're going to claim the economic sky is falling with each new levee, you better back it up with numbers that don't fall flat. only in philly. ♪ all right. scott, we all know this i have two devices. how many phones do you havism pad and phone. >> two phones, a computer. >> we are overloaded and overwhelmed by technology in
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series new videos will ferrell reminds us you just have to put them all down. let's watch. >> i'm not hungry. what's wrong, sweetheart. >> i miss daddy. >> i know. we all miss him. >> i miss him more. >> i miss him the most. >> i miss him -- >> no. >> i miss him. >> i miss him so much more. >> hey, everyone shut up. this filter makes me look like a cat. it's so funny it's making me c cry. >> well, today -- >> i can't. it's funny. this is the funny way to show that kids are not the only culprits the video is part of a new public service announcement called device free dinner campaign started after scary srfaced about kids spending too much time looking at screens, a study found that young people spend seven and a half hours a day looking at their phones. so that brings us to this morning's instant poll reaction
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question. are you guilty of using your phone during intimate family moments? forgive us for that spelling mistake. intimate what we meant. not intimidate. yeah. guilty. >> i think we're all guilty, right? >> what was that? you missed the whole conversation and you're like what did you say? i have to repeat everything i just said because you weren't paying attention. did you hear about this -- look it's trending right now. what was that? >> unless it's a conversation starter and we're going to like discuss it, it's so rude to do. but we all do it. it's like we're so connected but yet we're not connected because everyone's doing something else or just -- >> i know. >> their head is buried in their device. >> crazy. i like no cell phone zones. >> i do too. >> some of the restaurants have them. >> i'm guilty of it. >> i am too much it's an evident to stay connect. be up to date. know what's going on and when you put your phone down you feel like something is happening and i don't know. >> exactly. >> we got to figure outweigh. a happy medium and the apple watch doesn't help you can put
7:22 am
your device over here. >> i'm not on that yet. >> then you're still looking. not paying attention. all right. straight up. do you want to see that super star on good day tomorrow? she's a singer, an actress and don't forget her killer dance moves. paula abdul is joining us live tomorrow on "good day philadelphia" and you dope want to miss it, do you? but first mega millions and the winning lottery numbers. we'll be right back. ♪
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trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams)
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or, you could just trust duracell. ♪
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♪ welcome back. 7:25 this morning. junior reporter justin from temple university here this morning. what do you have for us justin. >> good morning. what i found was a food co-op in north philadelphia partnering with local pre schools in order to spread food awareness and promote healthy eating. >> it's nice when you're running a business that is doing good for the world. >> for dylan bayard that business is philly foot works. a food co-op in the hunting park section of philadelphia. it started in 2014 with a mission to get locally grown produce to as many people as possible. >> and so as we're thinking about new pick up locations as well how we could promote our overall mission of healthy eating we thought pre schools. >> pre schools that participate as pick up locations for philly food work get a monthly stipend to spend on food for their students. >> we thought that we could work with the pre-schools themselves
7:26 am
to actually use the $65 a month to purchase snack as well as other food for activities. >> with the childhood obesity rate in many country hovering around 17% it makes what's happening in gardens like this that much more important. which is why dylan and i headed over to the academy for early learning a few blocks away to see how the students are already being affected by this program. >> helps our parents be able to reinforce the healthy eating that the chef does with her culinariables they can take it home, they can talk about what they purchased. >> ultimately going forward we want to get deeper and deeper with our healthy eating society kids grow up that way and educate the next generation to come. >> reporter: for dylan it's all about the joy of food. >> it's cool to see a kid and hear about a kid who, you know, wasn't interested in something, you know, thought that vegetable was gross, upping, and all of a sudden they're eating the sweetest cauliflower they ever had, h-u-h, this cauliflower isn't so bad. >> reporter: if you could be a
7:27 am
vegetable, which vegetable would you be? >> i'd be broccoli. >> reporter: you would be broccoli? >> that's acute question, just justin. i don't know what vegetable i would be. where is this locate idea. >> it's in the hunting park section of philadelphia. so not too far away. >> okay. perfect. we'll put the information on our website so people can have access to that. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. later on good day, carrie washington -- kerry washington gets candid about natural that's her hair in november issue of allure magazine. why the actress says she is saying bye-bye to weaves. ♪
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hey, girlfriend. how's your café au lait? oh, it's actually... (squeaking of balloon) it's ver... (squeaking) i'm being so serious right now. i really want to know how your coffee is.
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in japan it looks incumbent prime minister is headed victory this is video from his visit with president trump fact in february. he is the favorite with a high chance of winning tomorrow's general election. japanese voters appear to what to stick what they know rather than hasn't the reigns over to someone with little or no experience. talk about technology. that many people in puerto rico will be happy to see. internet balloons, google has moved forward in launchin launce balloons to help provide people internet access in remote areas of puerto rico. dozens of cell phone towers as you can imagined were knock out by hurricane maria. the project balloon enables texting, e-mailing and web
7:31 am
access only to at&t customers and federal communications commission has authorized google to send 30 more balloons to that area. google has warned that the technology in the balloons is still experimental but was tes tested prior to being put to u use. something of course better than nothing for those people there. welcome back. you're watching good day philadelphia weekend. i'm lauren johnson. scott williams has look at your saturday forecast. it seems to not be able to make up its mind, scott. >> temperatures running a good 10 degrees or more above average, lauren, later on this afternoon. feeling more like spring. a little bit of a chill, though, first thing on this saturday morning. a warm weekend ahead. we'll talk about the monday night football scenario, and if those showers will hold off. rain a good bet though as we move toward your tuesday. temperature wise, 37 degrees currently in mount pocono. so some frost on the old pumpkin there. 40 degrees in pottstown. 47 wilmington. 44 degrees in millville. we have 49 currently in atlantic city. we'll kind of zoom in to sections of south jersey.
7:32 am
mullica hill 40 degrees. 40 in bordentown. 42 hammonton. mid 50s north wildwood. 55 degrees in ocean city. later on this afternoon, a lot of sunshine. don't forget the sunscreen. we're looking at 71 degrees mount pocono. 74 in pottstown. 74 in dover. mid to upper 70s in philadelphia and millville along with trent trenton. high pressure prominent and dominant that will continue to allow for a lot of sunshine. but a few high clouds will start to move toward our area during the day on sunday. we need some rainfall. the latest drought update has much of the i-95 corridor into sections of delaware in the dry category. how much rainfall do we anticipate? overnight monday into tuesday, half an inch, maybe up to an inch of beneficial rainfall. beyond that, a cooler push of some fall air heads in our direction by the middle part of next week. so roller coaster ride will
7:33 am
continue. 77 degrees today. 76 for your sunday. 77 on monday out ahead of that front. clouds roll in. showers around tuesday into early wednesday and then 64 for wednesday's high. 60 at best by next thursday. low 60s into friday. so that kick off forecast for monday night football mostly cloudy and mild, tailgating looks good during the game okay maybe a spotty shower leaving the game. but lauren look at those temperatures at kick off upper 60s staying in the 60s the entire game. >> good playing weather. thank you, scott. all right. here's a question. can we reduce gang and gun violence in philadelphia? the attorney general says so and today jeff sessions is in our area speaking to police officers about that exactly. jenny joyce live in center city with a preview of this morning's meeting. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. attorney general sessions will be speaking at 9:00 o'clock here at the pennsylvania convention center. he's one of several speakers here attending major cities
7:34 am
chiefs association fall meeting. sessions will discuss the project safe neighborhoods initiative among other that is aim at reducing violent crime. during sessions visit, there will be increased security in around the convention center. there is also a protest planned outside of the event later today with people fighting the state of policing in america. well today's conference focuses on violent crime, last night jeff sessions spoke at an event in austin, texas, that focused on immigration. he talk about how the federal government is working to expand its immigration and customs enforcement or ice department to process illegal immigrant cases more swiftly as they continue to make that issue a top priority. so back out here live, we've been seeing a lot of tour buses pulling up to the convention center. we also have those barricades front and center waiting those possible protester that is we do expect to see here later today. so, again, sessions will be speaking at 9:00 o'clock this
7:35 am
morning. lauren? >> jenny joyce, thank you so much. we have breaking news happening right now. egyptian security officials say at least 55 police officers have been killed in a shoot out during raid on militant height owd near cairo. officials say the he can change of fire took place late last night about 85 miles from the capitol. after security services moved in, we are told that death toll could increase. of course, we'll staton top of that story for you. back here closer to home in trenton prosecutors say the officer who shot back at an arm suspect was justified in his use of force. it all stems from an incident back in may when police say 35-year-old tyleeb reece shot and killed an innocent bystander and wounded three officers during a 35 hour standoff. the officer opened fire after reece shot towards him but didn't hit anyone. reece now faces a number of charges including murder and attempted murder. protests erupt in chester
7:36 am
county. dozens of students at coatesville high school walk out of class yesterday to protest racism. the walk out comes in the wake of several incidents including a photo that surfaced online showing students with pumpkins carved with a swastika and kkk symbols. earlier tis month, a black doll was found hanging in a school locker room. the district and police continue to investigate. right now, a man is in custody after going to extremes to get on rooftops in the city. surveillance video from the dorchester condos shows the suspect. police say he got on the roof to take pictures but it's still unclear what he was taking pictures of. he was also seen on the roof of the sonesta hotel back in september. the man has not yet been charged but he could face criminal trespassing charges. last night's home opener had fans back in to see joel embiid and the team in action in philadelphia. the mischief players on both teams were accused of doing the night before the game.
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>> i'm jenn frederick and tomorrow on mom p ma log i'll call out eagles players. but not for anything bad. they're actually being awesome. find out why i say we all need to be like eagles player. yeah. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm sean bell. the sixers had their home opener last night and it didn't go too well. they had a lead going in to the
7:40 am
fourth quarter but then they coughed it up right here kyrie irving giving to shane larkin. larkin buries the three. the sixers went on to lose this one, 102-92. to the eagles, they're getting ready for a big prime time matchup monday against washington. they're coming off a big break because they played last thursday night. the guys still trying to stay on point. >> the middle stretch is where, you know, teams separate themselves a lot of guys start off fast and some guys -- some teams tank but consistent ones who can really make this middle stretch and win those tough games is what will separate us. >> to the alcs game six yankees/astros. bottom of the fifth, right there, jose, coming through in the clutch with the bases loaded that's a two-run single astros get the win seven-one. game seven will be tonight. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. ♪ okay. so we know the sixers played yesterday. it's big rivalry on the court. sixers and celtic a hell fun
7:41 am
together before the act. before last night's home opener players on both sides went out for a little spooky fun. jahlil okafor posted this photo to instagram posing with celtics rookie jason tatum. guess what? they visited terror behind the walls at eastern state penitentiary on thursday night. fellow duke key a meal jefferson was also there. scott just asked me have you gone to terror behind the walls? >> no. i don't dough haunted houses. >> i haven't gone either. but i don't really do haunted houses either. >> i don't. and my gem was gym was trying to get people together to go and take trip on the weekend. i overheard someone saying you can wear a necklace that allows them to touch you and pull -- >> yeah. no uh-uh. lauren doesn't do that. >> you don't want that whole experience? >> no! >> first of all york need to be scared. i don't -- halloween -- >> the last time i recall going to haunted house i had no voice after. >> next day from screaming. >> exactly. >> i can't do it.
7:42 am
i'll leave it to the sixers. have fun. a new haircut might just be what you need to is that so up your holiday season look. but there's no going back once you commit to the chop. look at that look. the cut life has a million followers on instagram. keeping up with the latest looks this morning she joins us on the show with the best do's for going short. stay with us. ♪
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♪ 7:44 on saturday morning. oscar winner lupita nyong'o the
7:45 am
latest actress to cues harvey weinstein of sexual harass. she's one of more than 40 women claiming to be victimized by the now shamed producer. weinstein denied the claims in a statement through representative mr. weinstein has a different recollection of the events, and philly's own jill cot the latest woman to make statement about weinstein in the wake of all of these allegations a movement has gone viral on social media. it's now shining a light on just how big an issue sexual harassment is. our own iain page asks so what are we going to do to change that? ♪ more and more women have come forward in the past few days to share their stories of sexual harassment after the fall harvey weinstein. the powerful hollywood mogul had been protected for years by his own company. others who knew but wouldn't say anything and a culture of complicity and enabling.
7:46 am
how pervasive is sexual harassment? just this week, a poll found that more than half of american women have experienced unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances from men. more than half. fallout from the did he mice of harvey weinstein has now spawned a movement on social media hash tag me too. the goal of the movement is to give people a sense of the mass knighted every the problem. as horrick as the allegations against weinstein have been, more problematic is the sense that the behaviors is not uncommon. the power of me too is it's taking something women have long kept quiet about and making people understand just how common sexual harassment and assault is. it's getting men and women to stand up and talk. it's not easy. men have got to step up and change the culture. if you tolerate inappropriate behavior you're nurturing a culture in which it can thrive. so if you see a situation at your job, do you let it go? what if it were your mother, sister, even your daughter, maybe you've got a brother or father who can do better. we all have to do better.
7:47 am
no one gets a pass. we can't let them win. we've known about the weinsteins of the world for a long time. now we're beginning to understand the magnitude of the problem. there's long way to go. so what are we going to do about it? will we change? let's hope so. ♪ good saturday morning, time now is 7:47. high pressure in full control a lot of sunshine expected today. dry weather as well. live look right now reading, berks county, temperatures upper 40s to right around 50 degrees. the wind it is calm. we have a little bit of a chill especially north and west and as you move into sections of south jersey. we have low 40s allentown. 44 degrees right now in millville. so hour by hour for today a lot of sunshine, upper 60s by noon. 77 degrees by four this afternoon. as we look at the high temperatures, well above average get outdoors and enjoy. lauren, back over to you. >> scott, thank you so much. kerry washington gets candid about natural beauty in the
7:48 am
november issue of allure magazine. the scandal actress says she likes wearing her hair's natural tech cher because she wants to set an example for her kids. she does not want them to think they have to change theirs to be beautiful. 40-year-old has one-year-old son an three year old daughter. straight or wavy, thin or thick short hair seems to be the rage this season. tahir rah joy from the cut life is walking us through some of the top trends. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you. it's my first time. >> i know. what do you think so far? >> i'm loving it so far. >> good. thanks for stopping by our studio. i know it's early this morning. >> let's talk short hair. you've always had short hair in your opinion pr and you decided i'm going to start blog. >> absolutely in 2013 i start thed cut live to have short hair inspiration on life and to date we have 1.3 million followers on instagram. >> apparently there's an audience for this. >> absolutely. lot because sometimes i see short hair and i think i want that but i know if i make that
7:49 am
jump, that's it. >> right. but you know it's about expressing your individuality and having an option and i think that's what women want. they elect to change their look constantly and that's what the cut life is about just giving you inspiration. whether you want bob length hair or bald we celebrate it all. >> i love that. you have two models with us this morning. >> yes. >> you'll talk about those two cuts. let's talk about the first one. >> yes. they are from bouncing and behaving salon. the first is the blond bob, and bobs are very in for fall. i actually just got a bob done. >> yeah. >> myself. protective styles are all of the rage and i love this bob because it's platinum and don't get caught into the i have to only wear blown in the summer. you can definitely rock it in the fall and she's roar confident with this look. i love the angle and the long bangs it's just beautiful. >> one quick question for you. is that considered a lob because it's a little bit longer than like a tradition chin length bob. >> i would still consider that one a bob. >> okay. >> i think a lob is when you have it angles almost to the chest.
7:50 am
>> okay. bot cha. >> because it's still a long bob. >> i gotcha. >> i would consider hers a traditional bob. >> i need to know what i'm talking about. i'll go in and ask for bob it will be so short, like, no! i want it longer. >> talk about the pixie cut. >> the pixie cut is one of my favorites i love the color. bouncing and behaving did a galaxy color on her pixie. >> okay. >> thing about it gray is trending but this is more like a purplish hugh. >> so you can take that trend to the next level with this cut, and don't worry about it being too cold for a pixie. you don't have to have it super short she has lot of texture. wave and curls so you can rock this style all year. it's one of my favorite cuts. >> what are people ask you most about on your blog what's one the biggest questions a lot of women have. >> a lot of women want to know where to go. to get their hair done. >> right. what should they be looking for when they find a stylist to cut their hair? because eighths big step. >> it is. >> once you cut it they say you can't go back but you can. we have protective styles that you can use if you're not feeling the cut, but definitely,
7:51 am
um, they want to know where to go, how to maintain the hair, what products to use on your hair. >> speaking of where to go, a loft our viewers will say where do i go to see tahir an meet her. there's an event in germantown. tell us. >> the enjoy lucks short hair don't care victorian germantown from two to five short hair runway show. showing the latest short hairstyles along with amazing clothes and then we'll have vendors there that will have beaut fee and lifestyle products and the first 100 guests that come. >> ut-oh. >> get a bagful of free produc products. >> we love free. thank you so much for stopping by. >> thanks for having me. >> the thing we do for the ones we love. a 74-year-old man walks for miles every day he's on mission to help his wife. we'll share their story coming up after the break. ♪
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7:53 am
7:54 am
i'm dr. mike. in shocking news, the numbers of head and neck cancers in men are now out numbering those in women with cervical cancer all related to the human papilloma virus. you have to get your kids vaccinated. age 11 and 12 will prevent them from getting the hpv virus. in new survey of college students, they found that over 11% are using drugs like rita
7:55 am
lip to help them study and to troy to do better in school. now, the bottom line is that these drugs do not improve your scores and they can have significant health side effects. so, listen, the only way to do well is to study, folks. in an observational study done in great britain, one in five people will observe someone having a cardiac arrest, yet very few participated in doing or performing cpr. now, if you want to do the right thing, folks, learn cpr techniques and save a life. i'm dr. mike, have a great weekend. ♪ all right. he's looking for a kidney so he hit the road. kind of ununconvention al much he's 74 years old, he's a husband and he's trying to help his wife spreading his message by wearing a sandwich board. it's gaining the attention of drivers in thousands of people online. fox's kirsten nunez has his
7:56 am
story. i don't walk real fast. >> reporter: with every step he takes, and every car that passes, wayne winters gets closer to his goal. >> i'm trying to get a kidney for my wife. my wife has stage five kidney failure. she's on on dialysis and she doesn't like it. it's horrible r report wayne found the love of his life 26 years ago now he's on the search to find her a kidney. while deanne undergoes dialysis. >> it's really hard today because this is the worst i've ever seen her. >> reporter: wayne says he felt helpless watching deanne suffer. >> i felt like i needeed to something. >> reporter: wayne got the idea of the sandwich board after seeing another man online that did the same thing and got national attention. >> i thought, i can do this. >> reporter: so with a new suit and new shoes wayne hit the streets. >> look at this road how busy it is. i don't know which way to face. i just walk up and down.
7:57 am
>> reporter: red letters spell out the plea for his wife and hundreds of people in utah also in need of a kidney. rush hour is his favorite time. >> she slow down and they go look at my sign. [ laughter ] >> they can't go home in hurry. i feel like i'm doing the right thing. it feels good to be out here. >> reporter: on the first day wayne had a man stop saying he would see if he was a match for deanne. >> deanne, i think we have a chance of getting i was kidney. >> reporter: but until it's for sure, wayne will keep searching. >> such a sweet gesture. constipation, pain, extreme weight loss and even death. famous face finalist from project runway dead at 39 years old from intestinal disorder. what exactly is it and what symptoms you should pay attention to. and tomorrow state up super star is on good day. she's a singer, actress and you can't forget her killer dance moves. paula abdul joins us live and you do not want to miss it.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. guns and gangs rampant in philadelphia dan officers in our city hear from the u.s. attorney general on how to curb the violence. preview of that event is coming up life. and police bust an illegal gambling operation run out of 40 locations by one family genera generating millions of dollars. plus, it's one of the most popular trails in the city, but violent attacks along the schuylkill river scaring people away. now there is a plan to change that and hopefully make it much safer. good day everyone much it's saturday, october 21st, 2017. last hour our junior reporter had a story for us at the end of it he asked one of the cute kids if you were a vegetable what vegetable would you be? >> i've been thinking about it for an hour. i want to be kiwi. they're fuzzy and furry on the outside. >> yeah. >> but so yummy on the signed.
8:01 am
>> that's a vegetable. >> it's fruit but it's fun for me. >> what would you be. >> maybe brussel sprouts. >> okay. they're actually pretty good. they're really good. >> i used to not like them but i like them now. >> me too. maybe that is a good one. >> olive oil and salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar. >> look at you. can you bring us some tomorrow. >> i will. >> do you promise? >> no. >> i knew you won. come on it's perfect cooking weather. >> well, it's great weather to be outdoors maybe even grilling later on this afternoon. lauren, because temperatures are going to climb into the 70s. live look right now down the shore. beautiful weather. a little bit of a chill you might want that sweatshirt or wind breaker early on this saturday morning. but by the afternoon, those temperatures, they will soar well above average. weather by the numbers on this saturday, scale of one to ten, it's going to be perfect ten. looking pretty good. a lot of sunshine out there. don't forget the sunscreen. even though it's fall, yeah, you need to wear it year round. let's talk a little bit about
8:02 am
what's happening or not happening on ultimate doppler. it's dry, it is quiet. that's because high pressure is park off to the west and that will stay in control through the upcoming weekend early next week it will break down and that will open up the door for some showers. but in the men time, a beautiful day on tap. 53 degrees right now. winds light out of the north northwest right at 3 miles per hour. as far as those temperatures a little bit of a chill as we were talking about right now. upper 30s mount pocono. 43 degrees in reading. 42 in allentown. 46 right now in wilmington. we have upper 40s right now at the airport in atlantic city. but we'll zoom in and you can see some of those shore points right now in the mid 50s head further inland mull coy will he today hill 44 degrees. 44 now in cinnaminson. so hour by hour arc lot of sunshine. those temperatures climbing hour by hour noon 69 degrees. by four, 77 degrees. so mid to upper 70s for high
8:03 am
temperatures later on this afternoon. 76 allentown. 75 degrees in atlantic city. if you're looking ahead, the countdown for halloween. ten days away. thanksgiving, 33 days and look at christmas, lauren, 65 days away. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thank you so much. gun and gang crime in philadelphia the attorney general in our city to talk about ways to reduce that type of violence. that discussion part of project safe neighborhood. jennifer joyce live in center city with more on what's expected at this morning's meeting. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. well, attorney general sessions will take the stage in just under an hour here at the pennsylvania convention center. we've been watching all morning long as these tour buses drop people off for today's event. jeff sessions will be speaking at the major cities chiefs association fall meeting here at the convention center. sessions will discuss the project safe neighborhoods initiative among others that aim at reducing violent crime.
8:04 am
during his visit, there will be increased security in and around the convention center. there is also a protest planned outside the event later today with people who are fighting the state of policing in america. philly has been known as a progressive force that's very good at allowing protesters to express themselves and only interfering if people become violent or out of control. today's focus is violent crime last night jeff sessions was in texas. he spoke about immigration. >> the president is determined first -- first and finally to build a wall at the border. this will make it harder for illegal aliens to enter the country, but more importantly, the wall will send the message to the world that we enforce our laws. >> reporter: so jeff sessions will take the stage at 9:00 o'clock this morning. his speech is one of several happening today at the convention sent. lauren? >> all right, jenny joyce, thank you so much.
8:05 am
meanwhile hillary clinton heading to new jersey today help raise money for democratic candidate for governor physical murphy. clinton will campaign for the candidate in hearing prison tomorrow. her visit comes just days after former president barack obama campaigned for murphy and it's not the first campaign event clinton will tendon since her defeat last year in the presidential election. earlier this month she campaigned for virginia gubernatorial candidate ralph northam. now to some breaking news out of south philadelphia a motorcyclist is dead this morning after an overnight crash. the crash happening just before midnight on interstate 95 near the walt wilt man bridge. police say the 26-year-old was speeding when he hit a guardrail and was thrown from the bike. he was taken to hahn non hospital where he died. officials are still investigating. and egyptian security officials say at least 55 police officers have been killed in shootout during a raid on militant hideout near cairo. officials say the exchange of fire took place late last night about 85 miles from the capitol. after security services moved
8:06 am
in. we are told that death toll could increase. now to top stories. california judges toes out a $417 million verdict against fortune 500 company. woman sued johnson & johnson in a baby powder cancer case. the woman claimed she developed ovarian cancer by using one of its talc based baby powders for feminine hygiene. the judge granted the new jersey based company's request for a new trial. the reasons cited were errors in the case and jury misconduct in the previous case that ended with the award two months ago. the judge also ruled that the award for damages was excessive. the woman named in the suit has since died but her attorney says they will appeal that ruling. new details in the bill cosby case. a former district attorney who declined to press sexual assault charges against cosby has started to file a lawsuit against one of his accusers the attorney for bruce castor says the personal injury complaint will claim andrea constand sued
8:07 am
castor for defamation in 2015 so he would lose the prosecutor's race. the winner kevin steele had criticized castor's handling of the cosby case. and police say it's a multi million dollar family business. the only problem, it's illegal. investigators zeroing in on a major gambling operation in philadelphia and employees claim they were running numbers at dozens of different locations. fox 29's dave schratwieser has the latest. >> reporter: investigators say for 66-year-old gary creagh, it was trial al family business. his son, daughter, brother and cousin were all allegedly part of a huge citywide gambling operation. >> the operation run by gary creagh, sr., generated millions of dollars of illicit profits. >> this criminal enterprise was really a thorn in philadelphia police department's citywide advice's side. >> reporter: da says the citywide number scheme operated
8:08 am
out of 40 locations like this corner property with the gate at 17th and wharton in south philly. >> anybody could come and go? >> no. anybody couldn't come and go. report the operations were hig highly organized and located in unmarked buildings throughout the city typically in low income neighborhoods. >> reporter: according to investigators, creagh and his relatives also ran numbers out of this location on ridge avenue and this one on germantown avenue. >> most of the people that placed bets at these locations were on fixed incomes. >> you had to know what you had to know to be able to come play numbers. >> reporter: investigators say creagh owned this home in moorestown, new jersey, and others at the jersey shore in new york and las vegas. he like high end cars including a jaguar, a pore cher, bentley, rom bore genie, ferrari and aston martin. >> his lifestyle was significantly different than the people who both work for him and the people who placed bets investigators say it took 20 years to take down this
8:09 am
operation. creagh was released quarter avenue million dollars bail. his attorney perry demarco, sr., says he'll fight these charges in court. at police headquarters, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. consumers will spend $9.1 billion on halloween but that doesn't mean we aren't searching for deals. did you know there was a day you should stock up on sweet savings? we'll have that for you coming up but first, constipation, pain, extreme weight loss, famous face dead at 39 from an intestinal disorder. but what exactly caused his death? we have a doctor in our studio to discuss. >> i'm surveillance yo look at weekend wendy. she is all dolled up for the harry potter festival. this is the biggest one in the entire country. started last night and continues today from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and this year they blocked off 12 blocks of germantown avenue for this amazing festival
8:10 am
which includes the quid dish tournament, lots of live performances, characters walking up down the street, everybody in costume practically. you can learn how to make possessions, muggleses and wizards can all come. we hope off good time from weekend wendy at hogwarts and me.
8:11 am
8:12 am
i'm car remember help. this morning i'm joined by don donna. good morning. >> good morning. tell me about your family. >> i'm married to scott. we are celebrating our 25th anniversary in november.
8:13 am
>> congratulations. >> i have two boys, george is 18 and pat is 14. >> you have business i found so interesting call eternal celebrations and you mean really eternal. >> eternal, yeah. >> what do you guys do? we actually decorate and maintain the resting place of your loved ones. >> we'll go to the gravesite and we will trim the grass and the weeds we'll remove any debris that's there and clean the headstone or grave marker. and then we'll place a decoration on the grave that you have chosen from our website. everything from the standard cone all the way up to anything that you can come up that means something to you. some people like the irish we do an irish wreath that has the shamrocks and stuff like that. we'll send i was detailed report stating anything that needs to be taken care of or any 96 or anything on the grave marker or gravestone. and then you'll get before and after photo. >> how about for the holidays. >> we offer lighted wreath and a non lighted but the lighted one is very nice. >> that is very nice. i'm thinking of you holidays and lights on my house.
8:14 am
>> it is changes everything. it makes it nice. >> and especially for like i think about my grandmother passing and thing like that are important to me like her birthday i'll never forget that. you can come out don special dates and occasions that are important to the families. >> that's correct. >> you pick the date that we'll go out and take care of the gravesite for you. >> how about how much does it run it. >> starts at $55. quarterly package is 185. >> you're in the warminster area. >> we are. >> how far do you travel. >> about 10 miles but we'll go further than that for a little bit extra mileage charge. >> and tell me again the name of your website. >> www eternal >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good job. >> for more information about eternal celebrations just come to our website fox ♪ good saturday morning. it's going to be beautiful weekend. a lot of sunshine for today. a few more clouds for your sunday. but temperatures above average. monday night football game will
8:15 am
the weather cooperate? then it looks like some tuesday showers with a front and temperatures will drop behind that system. a little bit of a chill early on this saturday morning. 40 degrees in pottstown. upper 30s mount pocono. 49 in dover. 47 degrees currently in millville. but down the shore, we're looking at 57 ocean city. mid 50's in wildwood along with cape may but head inland hammonton 42 degrees. 46 right now in camden. late on this afternoon with all of that sunshine, winds will be light. more out of the south. so temperatures will soar. 73 degrees in wildwood. 76 in allentown. 71 even mount pocono. 74 degrees in dover and 76 degrees in wilmington so we're dry and quiet on ultimate doppler. high pressure off to the west that will stay in control. few more high clouds though will stream in our direction as we move toward sunday. but here the bottom line. 77 degrees for today.
8:16 am
76 degrees by your sunday. keep in mind the average high for this time of year is right around 65 degrees. we will be well above that. as we move toward early next week, we're watching the clock. we're watching that area of high pressure. monday night football it looks like we'll get the game in dry. but overnight monday into tuesday, the front arrives with those showers. we need the rainfall a pretty good soaking expected so we'll run the clock through 10:00 p.m. monday. still dry but then watch what happens overniht monday early tuesday. maybe a tenth of an inch. then before all is said and done, we're looking at a little over half an inch. some locations will likely pick up an inch of rainfall. lauren? >> scott, thank you so much. the recent death of an atlanta designer turned reality show fan favorite has left the fashion world completely shock shocked. michael knight died tuesday after a battle with ibs more commonly known as irritable bowel syndrome. the issue became so extreme the 39 year old says he struggled to keep weight on showing off a
8:17 am
noticeably thinner frame during his last runway show.& knight opened up about his declining health in facebook post back in july. he wrote in part, this year really has taken toll on my health badly. in short ibs is a gastrointestinal diss or in which the food i eat, my body doesn't absorb the nutrients. in addition, toxins from food leak into my bloodstream. this sib is serious. it has completely taken over my life ". here to explain about this doctor steven blake. we've been chatting about this and there's some confusion and some things that you want to clear up. your first point is that ibs itself does not lead to death. >> absolutely not. and i think it's very important that the community be aware that irritable bowel syndrome is not a condition that could lead to death as michael knight has shared that as the reason for his physical problems. that just doesn't happen.
8:18 am
>> you're thinking there could have been some other underlying issue that he was dealing with in addition to ibs? >> exactly. it's very likely that he had irritable bowel syndrome because ibs is boy far the most common diagnosis that exists as far as the medical community is concerned. and so there are millions of people who suffer from symptoms from irritable bowel syndrome but ibs in itself does not cause the gastrointestinal problems that michael alluded to was the foundation of his issues. that just doesn't happen. >> and when you hear what he says in that -- in that post, he says, it's a gastrointestinal disorder. that part is true. >> um-hmm. >> which the food that he eats his body doesn't be a sash the nutrients. is that what happens with ibs? >> absolutely not. >> okay. >> so tell us what does happen. >> irritable bowel syndrome is a functional bowel disorder. meaning that there's abnormalities that occur in the gastrointestinal tract that can lead to symptoms such as be a
8:19 am
nominal pain, abdominal bloatedness. issues with constipation. issues with diarrhea. some pebble alternate between diarrhea and constipation. >> okay. >> we speak ofism bs as irritable bowel syndrome constipation or irritable bowel syndrome diarrhea but there's absolutely no malabsorption issues occurring in irritable bowel syndrome. malabsorption disorders might crone's disease or very rare cases all cera tiff colitis but drone crohns disease will interfere with the absorption nutrients as far as what our body needs it can involve the small intestines. ulcerative colitis involves the large intestines but the malabsorption which can occur in all cera tiff colitis cannot& involved any the nutrients it's involved with absorption absorpf liquids in the colon that can lead to diarrhea or what have you. >> he says toxins from the food were leaking into this bloodstream. that again you say is not a
8:20 am
symptom ofism bs. >> absolutely not. >> okay. >> it is important for the community to not be alarmed because there's a lot of people in this city, in this country, in this world with ibs but there's no issue of malabsorption associated with it. >> it cannot lead to death? >> cannot lead to death. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> clearing the air. we appreciate that. >> yes, i'm happy to do that. >> if you're looking for halloween costume ideas for your furry ones, we'll make sure you're not barking up the wrong tree. plus, the easy ways to keep your four leg friends happy and save this holiday season. ♪
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♪ ♪
8:23 am
start your day with a new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a. ♪ it's a great day for a walk in wilmington, delaware. fox 29 proud television sponsor of walk to end alzheimer's this morning's walk gets underway in about an hour and if you can't make it today, you can join us for another walk next month. we'll be at citizens bank park. head to my fox for more information. one of the great jewels of center city is the jogging and
8:24 am
biking trail that hugs the schuylkill river. but a series of violent attacks and sexual assaults along the trail has lots of users frightened. the latest in series of steps to make things safer, bruce gordon reports. >> reporter: on a sunny autumn day the schuylkill river trail through center city is buzzing with activity. but when the sun goes down, these crowds disappear. >> i've been hearing the stories about the kids on the bikes and attacking females. >> reporter: make i was little nervous. >> yes it does. >> reporter: half dozen attacks over the past two years have spurred city officials to action. first they made the lighting along the trail more reliable. then they installed better mile markers so crime victims could more easily report their location. and now crews are installing 21 security cameras along the trail to better keep an eye on things. the price tag $150,000 pick up by the city council president's office and that of district councilman kenyata johnson. >> if you're outside enjoying
8:25 am
yourself any public space here in the city of philadelphia you should feel safe. >> reporter: the cameras had not be monitored in real time but can quickly be reviewed for evidence of a crime, and can be used ahead of any trouble says johnson. >> the police officers can also use the footage in reviewing who is actually hanging out on this trail on day to day basis and if they're up to no good. >> reporter: joggers we talk to had mixed feelings about these extra sets of eyes. >> that's good especially when it gets darker through the wint at night. feel a bit safer for female on her own. >> the idea of being filmed all the time, like, i don't know. roar report serve watching. >> everybody is watching. big brother, you know what i mean. >> reporter: long-term city officials would like to install call boxes along this trail. the idea would be to allow crime victims to report what's happening immediately and then put those cameras to work. in center city, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. those who served our country setting back time sort of how
8:26 am
disabled veterans are find agnew passion after returning home from war. and couldn't sum mers will spend a lot of money on halloween. but you still want a dole, don't you? there's a special day that you should wait till to buy and stock up on sweets. we'll tell you more about the savings coming up after the break.
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♪ attorney general jeff sessions will be in philadelphia speaking this morning about ways to curb crime in our area. it's part of project safe neighborhoods. he's set to speak at 9:00 o'clock this morning at fall meeting for the major cities chiefs association. it will be held at the pennsylvania convention center on arch street and is expected to last for several days. breaking news out of south philadelphia. motorcyclist dead this morning after an overnight crash. the crash happened just before midnight on interstate 95 near the walt whitman bridge. police say the 26-year-old was speeding when he hit guardrail and was thrown from the bike. he was taken to hahnemann hospital where he died officials are still investigating. welcome back. you're watching good day weekend i'm lauren johnson scott williams keeps playing with the weather. it's like a puppet, scott. just moving strings. >> it is up and down, roller coaster ride. feeling more like spring later on this afternoon. high temperatures are going to be topping out in the mid to
8:30 am
upper 70s. but we do have some changes monday night football mostly cloudy skies. then it looks like some tuesday showers. so great weather for pumpkin picking, fall festivals if you're washing the car today, it will stay pretty nice but as we move toward next week once again we're watching out for that rain by tuesday. upper 30s a bit of a chill mount pocono. 40 degrees pottstown. we're looking at 46 in wilmington. 47 degrees in millville. sections of south jersey this morning 43 mullica hill. camden 46. 44 degrees in hammonton. mid 50s as we move town down the shore. later on this afternoon all of that sunshine warming those temperatures up. what about 73 degrees in wildwood? 77 millville. 74 pottstown. 76 degrees in allentown. high pressure still in control. that will give us a lot of sunshine for today. but some high clouds will move in our direction during the day tomorrow. so tomorrow will be more of a milky sky. 77 degrees today.
8:31 am
76 degrees by sunday and then as we talk about that rainfall next week, high pressure shifts on off to the east. the cold front will open the door for the rainfall and some of those cooler temperatures that will move in behind that system by the middle and end of next week. case in point, 76 degrees by tomorrow. 77 on monday. and then the cooler air moves in high temperatures by next thursday only around 60 degrees. ♪ hannity air. >> well done. >> made an irish weiss key -- >> do you think you have what it takes to be a master chef? well fox hit competition it's searc searching are next season winn winner. opening casting calls around the country but this morning all eyes are on philadelphia as judges scout for talent. jenny joyce people are waiting
8:32 am
to audition. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, lauren. philadelphia is one of 11 cities hosting this open call. we are live here at the sophia hotel. it runs from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00. we have line going. these people think they have what it takes to be on the show. keisha here you're from west physical, correct. >> correct. >> tell me why you're here and what you brought with you today. >> so the reason that i came is because i do love cooking. i love everything about food. i love every as spec of it i love being able to share what i have on the inside on the i want to give eight shot and see what i can do. >> reporter: i love this keisha. your cooking experience is at home with your family. you're not professional chef you told me. >> right much. >> this is your chance. >> yes it is. this is my chance to show the world again, you know, my passion for food on the plate. and what i have on the inside i can share that with somebody else. >> what are you making today. >> today i am making a ginger and fennel chicken with -- i'm
8:33 am
sorry, i'm nervous. chicken fennel with fried rice. >> awesome. that sounds delicious. i think lauren this is a little tricky because they warned everybody there's no kitchen. you can't refrigerate anything. you can't heat anything up. so it's challenging. i heard you say you were the first one in line her today. >> yes, i was. >> what time did you get her here. >> right before 7:00 a.m. >> right before 7:00 a.m. not starting until 10:00 but going until 6:00 o'clock tonight and i asked one of the producers how many people could possibly be picked today? they said they have no set number much it's based on the talent. so if you guys bring it, off chance. >> whoo! >> report roar lauren, we'll zen it back to you. >> man, that is a challenge. no kitchen. all right. jenny joyce, thanks so much. forget santa claus, amazon may be coming to a city near you. the online retail giant plans to pick east coast city to host its second headquarters. some major criteria are the city must have at least 1 million people, check. have an international airport,
8:34 am
check. a mass transit system, check. educated workers, all things philly already has. our money guy dan is here to explain why the company could move to our city and it could be great thing for your wallet. >> it's possible. >> yes. >> if we meet everything on paper but sometimes when you meet things on paper it's not -- >> i don't know. >> yup. >> how does it look for filly. >> it looks reasonably good. the odds maker some of give philly 30% chance so there's all sorts of weird, you know, tables out there that show the projections. it's hard to say really. but philly has a good chance. we're certainly in the top let's say five. >> okay. >> yup. >> so if they decide to move to our area, that means, of course, jobs. >> so there's good things and maybe some not so good things. amazon could deliver up to 50,000 jobs in the philly market. >> nice. that's lot of jobs. that's estimated to generate about $100 million. >> okay. >> in direct payroll taxes to the city if it were to be in the city of philadelphia. >> okay. >> that's a good thing. that will fit potholes.
8:35 am
>> right. >> mayor kenney in that will fit some potholes it has those ripple effects. those jobs create other jobs. they shop, they vacation, they do things here in the delaware valley. it creates a nice circle for the economy. >> bad news. >> well, it does come with pri price. >> okay. >> so for example taxpayers there's a cost. state of new jersey they pitched the deal to amazon. they're going to spend up to $7 billion to get amazon if amazon selects new jersey. >> okay. >> with tax incentives and things like that but the biggest controversy really is about housing. >> oh, man. >> those 50,000 folks have to live somewhere. >> okay. >> right? >> and what happens, it drives up the price of housing it has -- it has done in seattle. so therefore it's kind of controversial. especially for affordable housing advocates that say, look it will create less affordable housing more competition for housing. >> really quickly we going to fast. tell me the thing about halloween candy. i told everyone the best day is. >> october 27th. according to the survey you want
8:36 am
to shop on objection 27th to get your suite on for halloween because that's when candy will be the cheapest. don't wait till october 30th. that's when it's most expensive. >> all right. dan, thank you so much. >> you got the. those who serve our country setting back time. well not exactly. but they're fixing your watches. bill rohrer shares how disable veterans are finding a new passion after returning home from war. ♪ >> reporter: building on sixth street in odessa, delaware, may not look like much on the outside, but inside, it shelters the passion and determination of this country's veterans. anyone who served in the military has the opportunity to become a master watch maker through the veterans watch maker initiative. >> if you come to mean you have one eye and one arm, and you have the passion in you, we can overcome anything and make i was watch maker. >> reporter: veterans watch making initiative chairman sam cannon mirrored the idea from the joseph bullova school of
8:37 am
wash mapeing. a program that taught disable veterans returning home from world war ii how to repair mechanical watches. the invention of quarts watches eventually caused the school to close in the early '90's. >> from the people i talk to in trying to promote this may have been bug bee whips or wagon wheels. you don't need watch makers much everybody has cell phone and the truth is there's more need for watch makers today than there was in 1944. because most of them aged out and retire. and the industry just has no o one. >> reporter: this is the first group of veterans to complete the initial five and a half week course. their final exam, putting together their very own quarts watch. moving along smoothly is john carlos. i did four years in the infantry, one combat tour to iraq. >> he signed up for the marine corps on his 18th birthday. >> 9/11 kicked off. i was in the tenth grade and i
8:38 am
instantly new as soon as, you know, as soon as they -- they said they're going into afghanistan i had to be part of this. i had to be a part of my generation's war. >> reporter: watch makin makings give given john carlos a new passion since returning home. >> you come back with little bit of culture shock and that can be tough and i think a lot of guys have -- they have issues dealing with that, and that's one thing that this program does, takes you out of everything and puts yourself in this tiny little world. >> show it off today when i go home. yes. when you reach down inside of one of these guys anding after knowing what they've been through you turn that light on and you ignite that passion in them, man, that's better than $100,000 year for mow me. >> reporter: bill rohrer, fox 29 news. okay. it's almost halloween and this morning it's going to the dogs. dressing up no longer just for
8:39 am
kids. americans will spend average of thee hundred $50 million dressing up their pets on october 31st. gina is here with a most spook tacular costumes plus tips to keep your four leg friends happy this holiday season. >> good morning. >> good morning. how are you. >> how are you. >> i'm good. i'm good. >> who is this cutie. >> this adorable little one a pism ppa sheens wearing one of our halloween hats. she's also wearing one of our color buds and she's got a great little color set for halloween. so she is ready to go get trick or treating. >> she is ready. we have some other dogs in our studio, too. >> we do. >> this is a big deal because a lot of people are -- automati automatically think sometimes adults, kids but now the pets. >> now the bets. you really have to think about the safety. >> okay. because, you know, there's a couple of things that are going on here. first of all the kids are trick or treeing collecting canny. we all know chocolate not good for dogs. >> right. the other thing not good for dogs is raisin you get a
8:40 am
chocolate covered raisin double trouble. make sure your dog is safe place when you're opening the door for the trick or treaters they're not running out. that they're not, you know, down the block while you're handing out candy. you bant to think about save environment for them to be in. make sure they're in their crate or they're in another room. >> he is special physical they're not good with kids. >> especial physical they're not good with kids. >> true. >> exactly. >> i see you have examples that you can put on pets. you have to be careful with the costumes, too. >> you do. if you want to wear a costume, you need to make sure that it is not going to, you know, in any ware strict their movement. i think they can still, jump and play and there's nothing hanging that can get caught on anything. the safer bet is really to just put on cute little accessory. my lab is wearing a neck tie. we have some great neck ties and bow ties. we have some great cali flours and accessories that go right around the collar. they don't realize it's there. >> i know. they're being festive. >> look at bert tee with that smile to the camera and little
8:41 am
bow tie. >> bert tee is perfect in that autumn color win wheel. >> it gets dark pretty early. anything we can do to help them stand out more, do we have any glow in the dark costumes. >> we do. >> or lighting? well one of the things that you can do is attach this little light up to their collar. >> there you go. >> and so people can see then. your dog from far away. because this little thing will hang from their collar. the other thing is, making sure that they have a proper id tag. we like silly dog id tags because they glow. >> okay. >> so and they're silent. >> is that what this one is. >> that's what this one is. >> i'll hold it. i know you have your hands full. >> there's a couple of examples right there and they glow up and they have all your dog's information and they don't jingle.& >> smart idea. >> it's kind of nice. >> sometimes the jingle is good because you can't find the dog. >> you can hear the jingle. i'm serious my dog is 4 pounds about this size and if she goes and hides somewhere i need that jingle to help find her. >> this is true, too.
8:42 am
this is true, too. >> this dog likes you too, lauren. >> i know. >> you know to know your dog foreshore. >> is this your baby. >> this is one of my three. >> gotcha. so can you take the dogs out with the kids? is that safe or -- >> it's not recommended. but sometimes you really don't have an option. >> yeah. >> sometimes you're kind of forced. you need to take them and you're scared for them to be alone because they might be startled by the doorbell couldn't stanley ringing. >> right. >> and no one is there. if you do like i said, really make sure that they can be seen with either a light up collar. >> make sure they've got anism d tag. >> got to say goodbye. have a fantastic saturday. thank you for having me. >> of course.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
you think this is a big saturdak it's a big saturday for penn state and happy valley? you think it's a big saturday for a temple team as they travel to army? you think it's a saturday that's so big that fox might have triple header each game with ranked team, guess what? it's that big. you think it starts right now? it does. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is the fox 29 college game day kick-off show. >> and with that we welcome you inside our fox 29 college football studios. i'm tom srendenschek. the dust still settling from crazy week seven in college football it saw seven teams in the tom 25 lose unranked team. reshuffle link of the polls big time. who knows what week eight has in


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