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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 12, 2018 9:00am-9:59am EST

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coffin, pay their last respects, and that will go on for quite a while but then actual funeral service and mass, will start at 11:00 o'clock this morning. >> remarks of remembrance will be first at 10:30 and hear from the mayor, fire commissioner as well as, one of the lieutenant latourneau's brothers but we want to make sure we will get to steve keeley because he is out there >> you have covered a lot of these, this was i beautiful ceremony once again, steve. >> reporter: i have been a lot and probably not as many as this guy and to tell you difference between reporters and fire fighters like harold who came here from columbus, yes it started pouring just now and i said do you have a rain coat. he said it is in the van. do you want me to get it. >> it is water, we're used to it. >> spoken like a typical fire fighter. this may be a seven hour drive none in stop, maybe further you have gone but you have gone to plenty any chicago we were talking about and never gets easier i'm sure. >> no, it does not.
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you pay your respects and pay our condolence to the family members. >> reporter: you didn't fly here first clause what accounts through your mind when you drive seven hours when someone died doing what you do and every day could be your last. >> we don't drive by myself. i've got five other members with me, so, we come as a team a lot of times you get to plan ahead of time and by the time you get there things changed. >> on behalf of the philadelphia fire department we appreciate you and your team coming here from columbus it means a lot to you as a citizen let len as a fire fighter. >> all right, thank you. >> guys? steve, thanks. you can hear you cannot help but be touched and moved, it is difficult when you are out there covering it, seeing it for all these people and that is why they come so far to see fire fighters and any first
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responder that come from all over in the only the delaware and lehigh valleys. >> thank you viewers, we have the best viewers in the country, and thank you for responses, and support for staying with that for as long as we did. we thought it was important and thank you for watching. >> and we remind people public viewing starting now. cameras are not loud in there but remind thaw for remarks of remembrance that start at 10:30 cameras will be allowed and go to fox and we will stream that because right after that the funeral mass will begin. >> okay. well, we have so much to get to in this her you know what the big story of the weekend will be, beside the weather, 65 and then down to 35. big game tomorrow night, right we got you covered on that one but also what has happened in los angeles last night. it was kind of ladies night at the critics choice award. yes, it is award season out there. the jokes were made by woman,
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enjoyed by women, but women with a topic of conversation, of course, talking about all of the different, pay equity problems we have in hollywood but also all the sexual misconduct stories that we have covered for what, almost a year now karen. >> who wasn't there one of the big stories was who was not there. >> that is right, i heard this who didn't show. >> big winner and cheating without knowing it. it turns out you are most likely cheating or being cheated on without realizing it. they are calling it micro cheating and we will tell you if you are guilty of doing it. >> if we say micro cheat we might discover somebody cheating on somebody today. >> you could be cheating right nowy think everybody does. it is nuance. little things. >> we are human. >> really. >> we have breaking news what is happening in my home we will discuss that in a minute. big game, eagles vicar battle of the bird.
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we will do food, make up, we brought in alex's make up artist so talented to have fun , have a good party. >> not my makeup party but even, this, it is a lot in philadelphia. we need help because you want to get that green eye shadow and things for the game. you have to have it shown to do it at home. >> by the way by end of the hour one of my favorite guys, been an eagles fan forever the guy with the hat, silver hat. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> ultimate fan. we found a woman who will do that to my face. >> okay. >> we will all be made up. >> all right, karen, we have to make a decision now folks, it is a saturday game at 4:30 it is in our hometown of philadelphia. are you going to the game or are you noting together game. everybody is different. >> there is conflict, different kid had games, they have basketball games, hockey
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games, what do we do, at the same time because playoff game , scheduled and so we scheduled it for holiday weekend. maybe you have a situation we were going to go to the poconos for holiday weekend as a family trip. >> sure. >> my husband is like, no, i have a playoff game i will not be able to go. so we will still go. it has been back and forth this whole week. as of yesterday at noon he was like we will in the go, guys aren't going, they weren't going to go. >> he is not going to the game >> that is what he told me yesterday driving home at 12:30. >> so he is not going to the game with the fellas anymore, the fellas want to get together in the a nice comfortable living room and drag your butt to the poconos. >> the breaking news, because what happens is with so many of us, you don't want to get to the extraordinary lengths, he went to all of the games he went to tampa, went to the super bowl and watch them lose , they suck me in, i have
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been there for whole ride and i don't want to be heart broken. they are now back on board, they are going to the game. he came home from work. he change the conversation keeps going back and forth. by the time he came home from work last night we're going to the game, everybody fired up, we support foles, it will happen. >> could it change again tomorrow morning. >> no, he is going. >> yes. >> i had this very conversation with rouge, rob wasserman, he is doing same thing he has tickets. it will be i game time decision. another guy i know jim, he says game time decision what about you, you have tickets. >> game time decision. >> you don't want to disappointment and sitting out there. >> heart broken again. >> it is going to get colder and colder, and rainy. i thought to myself, what a pathetic fan i am, if i have tickets and i don't go out there. >> that is what is happening in peoples mind we are still going to the mountains. i will be watching and he will
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drive down and then drive backup. >> i know for me because i don't have tickets but i want to watch witt fans and get someplace festive. i have been looking at places, that have specials cool things to watch the game. i'm looking for a cool place to watch it. i want to feel part of the experience. >> are you asking then for viewers or restaurant bar owners to tweet you right now. >> that within nice. >> lets do that. >> okay. >> who are you again you are alex. >> alex holley fox 29. let me necessity where you will be watching the game. lets get something together. >> i posted on facebook initially we had this dilemma, everybody says, thank you viewer, they all support might husband because wow go to the game. sorry karen my husband is back >> yes, you know how that goes >> you're darn right. >> we have been waiting since 1960, we're going to the game. lets get back to hollywood and then eagles. hollywood celebratd bows in film and television last night. this is what you call your
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critics choice award. it is a bunch of folks like our kevin mccarthey who is a film critic. they get to choose their favorite actresses and actors and they met at airport hanger at santa monica airport. that sounds weird but it is really nice looking, santa monica airport. >> yes. >> they opt had not to wear black like golden globes you could wear color or something like that. the ceremonies with more low key then the globes. there were big moments like olivia mun. >> she was the host. >> and niecey nash toast to the quote unquote good guys in the business. >> do i want to say by the way thank you to the producers for paying me the same amount of money and mark wahlberg a million-dollar. >> he took a pay cut, it is really nice of him. >> can't let that one go.
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>> and brooklyn prince melted heart with her acceptance speech for her award for best young actor or actress. >> i would like some say all of the nominees are great, and awesome. >> my gosh, she's only seven. >> the mike is covering her face. >> florida project. >> oddly she got a lifetime achievement award. >> stop. >> seven. >> quite emotional at seven. what a little actress. her name is brooklyn prince. wand wore man actress, god add delivering a speech when she accepted the see her award honoring actress who are challenging female stereotypes on screen and off. >> well, g. >> throughout my career i was
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asked to describe my dream rolls and it was clear i wanted to portray a strong, independent woman a real one. the irony of this is that later i would get to be wonder woman and all of these qualities i looked for i found in her. she's full of heart, strength. >> it was such a good movie direct by a woman as well, which is also important to mention. i cried watching wand wore man i was crying like a baby. >> i ren talking to alex, when she, the next day after she saw oner woman. another super hero movie. i cried. you what? you cried at a super hero movie. >> um-hmm. >> some people at station when i said that last time they said what part did you cry on. i told them. because, i was late, it came out a while ago. they forgot what part it was. >> i had a lot of friend that is say that. it inspired me. >> you and me this weekend.
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>> also, another super hero movie, i said um. my expectations were kind of low. >> but then surpassed. >> female empowerment is that what got you. >> it does get to me. >> was it love. >> it was a love story, yes. >> did she fall in love with batman. >> i will not tell the story for people that didn't see it. >> i'll do it again, did she fall in love with batman. >> is there a batman reference >> it is a joke. >> hello, there is a batman reference in the movie. >> does batman make an appearance in the movie. >> define appearance. >> she's writing an e-mail. >> he walks in tights and they make out you don't see him but he has a presence. >> does she fall in love with green lantern. >> remained me again why i'm bringing up james franco, karen, alex, which one wants to do it. >> he just won golden globe. >> for what movie again, he won a golden globe.
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>> disaster artist. >> best actor. >> you would think wow go to the critics choice award so why would he stay away. >> because of the accusations coming out from ally shedy and other women from accusations back in the time and then he made two different very awkward appearances on late night television one on one night, on monday and then on tuesday and then he is coming under scrutiny every day there is more headlines front page. >> did he win last night. >> he did. >> the presenter, walter gogg ins said james isn't here. sit five women accusers. >> yes. >> most of them is agoing studio and he has denied the claims but he probably thought best i stay off red carpet, not go. >> i did not know. >> he had an agoing studio where he teaches others to be actors. >> yes, he did. i don't know if he still has it but that is where allegations would be. he was acting in the theater, come in, cast young actors in his project hoke may or may
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not have gotten made. so yeah. all right. what do you look to me for. i think they look to me for relationship advice. >> yes. >> no, not ever. >> over the years i have tried to provide you with relationship advice because, if you're happy in your love life then i'm happy, okay. i'm a giver. you might want to sit down for this one. experts say you are probably being cheated on and you don't even know it, but. >> or you might be the one cheating. >> i'm more interested to detect if i'm being cheated on >> yes. >> explain what this thing is. >> it is called micro cheating , it is little signs that you will be able to tell if you are cheated on. it means being unfaithful without exchanging bodily fluid but you are thinking too
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much about somebody else, okay you are not getting together. there is no horizon foulke dancing or anything about it. will you do it. >> yes, what is it. >> if you always make a effort to look nice if you know you are going to run into certain people not just woman or man you where. oh, i think i heard karen hepp will be at that cocktail party i get more dressed up and do my hair and stuff. i might run into karen. >> okay. >> what about if you ever seen your x reminding them of a memory, remember that time when we danced all night, yes. >> that is egregious. >> do you think everybody does that don't you text somebody or write on a birthday, yes. >> an x. >> people very formative in my life that i was with five years and we became friends afterward, so we don't call. i'm not sitting there for gossip but on a birthday there
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an e-mail exchange. if you don't say happy birthday. >> it is different, it is like remember that time we went out and late were dim and you said this and i said that and -- >> good point. >> happy birthday have a nice life. >> you know, remember, memories. >> so like in january 12th, lets say, today, and you remember like seven years ago january 12th you were, in turks with another woman. >> right. >> getting a massage on the beach. >> so cold do you remember seven years ago when we were sun bathing or whatever, that is not good. >> happy birthday i'm fine with. >> i don't mind. that people are entitled to privacy in their life. do i think, you can have a relationship. >> you are dating another man and you will text the guy about what happened 70 years ago on a beach. >> yeah, i mean. >> this is karen who invited her ex-boyfriend to her wedding. >> yeah, two of them. >> one still send me a happy
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birthday. >> how do you think i'm getting happy birthday from. >> i was one of these two, lets do a mike check i feel a mike check coming on, either that or i have gas. >> mike will agree with me. >> don't think he will. >> now, i used to text every x on the birthday until my last relationship and she goes, um-hmm. >> there is a difference between birthday and a memory. >> i'm not with you on texting your ex, on birthday, memory or any other, karen. i got to let you ride by yourself. i'm not an advocate of this micro dating idea. these experts are look for reasons to get in fights with our significant others and they throw this information out there. you look nice, because you think you will bum in to somebody. if that is the casey might go cheese every day because i'm looking nice for anybody i bum in to. it doesn't matter to me. but the texts an x i don't agree with that. >> why not. >> i don't care about it.
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because it is just like why are you holding on to those memories so tight. if you have been away from this person for a year, two years, even six months f they are still coming up in your memory and thinking about last time we hung out together and send them a message to remind them of that last time then you probably should have stayed with him. why do you focus so much energy on a relationship outside a relationship you are right now. that is my only issue. not that i think it is cheating. i don't think it is cheating. you are focusing your energy on the wrong place. you can take that energy you know what i'm saying. you take that energy and focus it at the person you where right now. if you are having a story about somebody were you with two years ago maybe catch yourself and maybe i should give the person i'm with right now a call, and maybe spark a memory so i can clear my mind of the memory of the personally was with two years ago. that is my only issue with that. i don't think it is cheating i
9:18 am
just don't agree with it. >> it is called micro cheating >> you sound like one of these crazy experts. you sound like within of these crazy experts. >> okay, listen. this happened to me, not that long ago. middle of the night, mid of the night i'm in bed, she's my girl friend, now, imagine you are in bed with your wife. granted my thing has only been a year and a half, two years, i hear a ding on the phone sitting next to her on the night stand. we both wake up, the ding. i miss. her x. >> it went over smoothly. >> i rolled over and went back to sleep. >> he misses me what do you
9:19 am
respond. >> that is because you are an adult, you are grown, you roll over, he says he missed her. he might have been out drinking, partying and 3:00 in the morning he might miss her. it is not what he did it is what she does at that point. >> do you know what happened. >> did she return the text. >> what happened. >> you must think i'm a fool, i didn't go back to sleepy worried about it all night licensing and was furious i didn't tell her. so next day we're having lunch >> yes. >> i brought it up. i said i'm in the bringing it up. >> yes. >> i think you're a girl in disguise. hold on to it for six hours, how do you hold on to that for so long. just say something to her in the moment. >> we don't hold on to that stuff. i got pretzel guy behind me. we don't hold on to that. you are a girl, mike, it is
9:20 am
okay. >> strong mother and four sisters and raised two daughters. >> i'm the same way. >> a man can be like that too. >> here's what i'm saying, mike i don't mean to offend woman by saying that what i'm saying is there is normally men we approach it head on. if you got a issue with your wife or girl is doing just ask her bit. why hold on to it. you know what i'm saying. then it just makes it bigger and worse when y'all do talk bit. you should have talked bit and got it over w megan is telling me to wrap. she must in the like what i'm saying right now. >> thanks, mike. >> i need mike in my life, relationship crisis and needed to know what to do i call mike up, do it now. >> i'm here for commentary. >> yes. >> he is my life coach. >> put a button on what happened? i didn't let it go. >> of coursey went to lunch, the next day, i will in the
9:21 am
bring it up. i brought it up. >> how did that get over. >> disaster. >> weird so what did you say. let me see text back. let me see text back. >> deleted. >> why is it deleted. >> let me tell you what the end game is, did not end well. >> no. >> nice segway, karen. >> because taylor swift is at it again her new video with ed sheeran and future is out, but what people are talking about who was not in the
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
did you do anything. >> no. >> this is free form television. >> lovely, okay. >> hi guys. >> introduce jason. >> jason, hello. >> good morning, good morning. >> we have make up segments with us. >> yes. >> so we're getting ready for the game. we have to put our game face on. put on some green make up or accents n last time i did this
9:25 am
i looked like schrek. this is not a good idea. lets call in jason to put in subtle green and look facts nable. >> if you are not going to the game or having a party, watch party, it sounds like that is what you will do, do you want to look sophisticated or blah. >> well, he wants to be cute, party ready, steve, thank you. >> you will be a fan. >> what are you going to do. >> i will take advice. >> more subtle. >> yes. >> all right. you know, seinfeld fan and puddy, elaine's girlfriend he always likes the game face. >> yeah. >> so, do we have a picture of the guy, we have a picture of the guy that you want, within of the biggest philadelphia eagles fans ever and he paints his face half silver and green >> to you got that picture us from. >> i do. >> get ready. >> we will talk about the new taylor swift video overnight. >> yes. we will take a look, it is
9:26 am
call end game, let us know what you think as well, here it is. >> ♪ i want to be your even game. i want to be your first game. i want to be your head game. i want to be your end game. end game. end game. ♪ >> so here's the thing that everyone is talking about with this, she's partying with everyone, future's in it, future the rapper. i see ed sheeran, they is, is there ed sheeran. we see famous faces. and backgrounds are in there. >> she spent lieutenant of money. >> lon on, tokyo. we thought that maybe katie perry would be in it because when she was filming down in miami people thought there was a backup dancer that looked like katie perry but now that we see video, we have screened it, our buddy, ed, hi there. she's not in it. >> now, have i been, where have have i been, i have not heard this song at all. has it been on the radio, wow.
9:27 am
i have been missing out. >> what have you been listening to. >> so, i love that, that looks amazing. jason, a miracle worker. >> thank you. >> we are having a party. >> we will reveal, also when you have a party we will get to the couch, right. we have it all decorated all theme out, wait until you see this, yes. >> wow. >> lets eat. >> we have foot, rally towels, all kinds of great things, balloons, lets go ♪harry's meeting clients...♪
9:28 am
♪...from far away. but they only see his wrinkles.♪ ♪he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal.♪ ♪better find a way to smooth things over.♪ ♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry. ♪yeah! ♪he would be a less wrinkly, and winning at life.♪
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>> ♪ >> you hear that, that means we're ready to kick off our playoff party. i'm ready for this. look at all of the snow still out there. >> so if we're going to have this, starting to get our make up together. look at this set up. isn't this nice? i'm loving t so we have to get our food together. >> high! >> pompom's in the house. >> some people are going to the game, but other people will be staying at home, you want to invite people over. but you want cute things for
9:31 am
people to east festive. >> yes. we're going with a full-on spread. >> what this. >> mike, he's getting his make up together. >> oh, right. >> we want to show this inspiration, he wants the full face paint on, you know this guy, so spirited, mike, wants to imitate him. he wants to be like him. now we have our reveal, mike just had his make up. you ready, mike. >> ya. >> come on up. wait for it. >> you guys come back now so we can show it. >> now there go. >> i don't see the monitor so i don't know whether to pop up. >> that's pathetic, that's not popping you. >> look great though. >> that's good. >> and creepy. >> do i need more? >> no i think you look good. >> good? >> very festive. >> now we continue on. mike can join us. >> thanks, alex, because my knee was hurting. >> i bet it was. >> so this morning i brought you, we start with the roasted pork sandwich. so it is obviously inspired by
9:32 am
philly's favorite rose pork sandwich. i made it in the slow cooker great for feeding a crowd, takes minutes to prep, then you just threat go slow and cook all day. >> what did you put in the slow cooker? >> pork and -- >> pork loin? >> roasted pork, pork butt, so it is 8 pounds pork pork butt, bone in, just throw it, in all kind of seasoning and stock and red wine and tomato past, fennel seed, so you get the real italian flavor without actually having to go. >> i love that. >> okay? >> then you have the brokery rabe on top, total favorite. pigs in a blanket, i put everything bagel spice on top. and just made them little, little more punch of flavor. >> i might try little bite of that. >> that's mustard to dip in. then we have this is the easiest thing on this table. this is buffalo chicken skewers. and the buffalo chicken skew
9:33 am
ers, just the frozen buffalo chicken bites you get in your grocery store, then blue cheese, little bit of celery, then keeps everybody from like double dipping into your pot. and this is an avacado ranch, blender, takes minutes to prepare. and then -- >> wait. minutes to prepare. i love avacado. do what? get ranch and put after kad owes in it. >> avacado, greek yogurt, and spices, fresh dill, and blend it up. it literally took me like a minute to make that. >> sounds good. >> okay? >> the rice chris piece, so cute. >> rice crispy treat footballs, my son helped me decorate, so they're not perfect but i think it adds to the charm. and they're just piped with a little bit of white chocolate. and then you guys can decorate yourself. and i have one here for you unless you want to eat it. here we go. you might be stuffing. you know white chocolate? >> could you slay it right there? >> and you have frosting, so
9:34 am
the frosting might be easier, just drawn a line over your edges and your laces. >> i will. >> wait for the camera. >> pull it back there so the guy can actually see it. >> okay. then you do the same thing with the snickers. >> hold on, wait. >> here we go. >> ready? >> pressure. >> there we go. >> good job. you've been practicing? >> not at all. >> okay? >> then the laces in the middle. >> laces. oh, this is so cute. i love this. >> and it is easy. >> what do i do with the chocolate things? oh, that's for something else. so the snicker, also going to make a football. these are mini snickers, and i just use them as decoration on top of just any cupcake. and if you don't have time to bake anything, go to your local grocery store, buy a packet of your plane cupcakes and then decorate your snuck tow make it look like a football. >> so i couldn't figure out what she was doing with a square piece of candy, but if you turn it to the side, it is casino of the shape after
9:35 am
football. >> yes. as close as you can get, the only other thing coy think of was an almond, but they're so tiny, ya. >> now, why do yours look so cute and look so messy sloppy, hot mess. >> how did you get the perfection of laces and not sloppy slop. >> takes steady hand. if you rest the heal of your hand down, and then pull toward you, you're going to have a steady hand. and that looks fine. you've never done it. if you haven't done this foray time -- >> these ideas, of course people can -- >> all of these recipes on the home page today on the suburban soap box. com. and they're all up in the little slider easy for everyone to find. >> thank you. >> mike, those were good. >> pigs in the blanket, yes. >> oh, avenue thing. here it is. >> thank you. >> thank you, kelly. >> thank you. >> and go eagles. >> go eagles. >> love it. >> can't have a party without good food. >> all right, i don't know if you heard about this, but i
9:36 am
saw, they make chicken wings that are green colored for the game. >> fun. >> what? >> so they're green chicken wings. and we will show those to you turning 65. downsizing. enrolling in medicare part d. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they come to cvs pharmacy. for advice and ways to save money. including copays as low as zero dollars. switching is easy, call 1-833-cvs-medd and transfer today to cvs pharmacy. it's just my eczema again,t. but it's fine. yeah, it's fine.
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>> i'm pretty satisfied with my face painting. this is the woman who do it. >> thank you. >> she about two minutes to get it done. so if you have a party she will take a longer time. what's your name? >> jane lashner. >> and what's your website. >> face painting philadelphia. com. >> we love the balloon hats, as well. >> and the balloon hats, it is fabulous faces face painting anibal on twisting, so i made the balloon hats, too. >> so you bring the balloon p.m. for my house? >> of course. >> jane, thank you. enjoy the game. >> i will. >> go eagles. >> go eagles. >> i didn't want to see these green chicken wings. what makes them green? >> let's finds out. >> why don't we ask tom? >> common in, brother. >> look at them. >> hey, oh, they're great.
9:40 am
>> sit down, great shot of you. >> what's your name? >> tomorrow keyhoe with yards. >> oh, with yards. >> yes. >> oh, did you bring beer. >> lots of beer, of course. >> okay, let's lock at the wings. what makes them, normally chicken wings, i mean, normal chicken wings, but how do you make them green? >> we smoke some long hots, you know, pure a them in philly pail. and then add butter and we make the green sauce for them. >> just like that? >> i'm going in. >> you don't want red sauce against the falcons, green sauce, philly bleeds green, it is perfect. >> okay, say it is falcons fans in town, like matt ryan's parent, they call you up, could you do red if we need you to. >> nope. >> green here. >> burn some of them so they're black? sends them over to the house? >> now you guys going to have these special tomorrow? >> we have them all the time. these are our philly wings, wings we always have, yes. >> love it. >> what beer did you bring?
9:41 am
>> brawler. >> we will be brawling tomorrow. >> oh, this is great. >> how do we get ahold of you? >> yards brewing. com. >> that's it. >> you the man. >> fifth and spring guard glenn nice and simple. >> your prediction on the game tomorrow. >> eagles win by six. >> by six. >> looking for like 30-point win, i am. >> most predicting close one though. >> do you remember, another thing, i've never heard of this until this year, girls gone green, not girls gone wild, girls gone green. >> i love. >> this these are moms, one of them from our area, they come up with the great videos, do them on these parodies, right before the big game. now they have the playoff edition. >> oh! >> (bell rings). >> hey, hey everybody, this is the playoff edition of girls gone green. i'm donna, and i'm in the studio. and trasses on location in florida but nothing could stop us from cheering on our eagle eagles. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! so hit it, girls.
9:42 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> atlanta falcons come to town ♪ you know we're gone a shout them down ♪ our defense will tear them apart ♪ >> eagles fly ♪ falcons cry ♪ cause they know ♪ we'll crush mattie ryan ♪ >> hold on! we all noah mother of two who would fit in. >> our jenn fred? >> jenn frederick. >> uh-huh. >> the new best friends, new best friends, they'll meet, you know. >> i love it, so creative. >> oh, on twitter, i've received some messages from young ladies, and, well, ladies of all ages. we're going to watch parties, and they want the make up you have. >> oh, they do?
9:43 am
>> oh, nice. >> it is fairly acceptable, isn't it? >> i think it is certainly, yes. jason is here, show us how to get the eagles green make up, like i said, not look like shrek. look at that. just something certainly. he's going show us how to do. when we come back, ladies, get you ready for the watch parties. hey, jason! we just moved in about four months ago,
9:44 am
but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy.
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>> sue, are you ready for some football? >> it is a cold one. >> let's do it. >> so look at a temperature tomorrow when the game starts about 30 degrees colder, than it is right now, so, yes, back in the freezer, at least we had little bit after break, but maybe left over shower during your tailgate. but, mostly just chilly, windy for the game. maybe 30 degrees at the start of the game. twenty's for the rest of the game. but meanwhile, contrast that with our current temperature, 63 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-four down in wildwood. and 50's in a lot of other places but these winds are gusting as high as 30,
9:47 am
35 miles an hour in a lot of places. so, as we look at the rain move through, we see some heavy rain headed our way up the chesapeake bay from dc and baltimore and moving northward. so it won't be long before we'll see some of the heavy rain move into delaware, in fact, some of it is already in new castle county, delaware, and even further north than that here in philadelphia. we're seeing nice steady dreary rain, too bad, because we can't really enjoy these milder temperatures, now, tomorrow morning, this winter weather advisory is actually been extended now lancaster county, as well as berks, lehigh, northampton, carbon, monroe. from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., because this rain ends with some frozen precipitation, as that cold air moves in tomorrow morning. slippery travel early in the day in the higher elevations, keep that this mind. so lower 60s for the rest of the day today, and temperatures fall through the 30's tomorrow. then it is to stays cold for the foreseeable future with a chance of snow tuesday into
9:48 am
wednesday. alex? >> well thank you, sue. we appreciate it, so getting ready for the game, right? we had little bit of make up earlier. jason got me together. because i think a lot of ladies, touch of green, you want to represent in your make up? >> i like to call it football glam. >> i like, that but don't want to do too much specially with green. i told when you i tried it, got little too excited, it was shrek, or fiona, i guess. but you're going to show us how to do it and just pop of color? >> make sure to use highly pigmented eye shadows, eye lane ers, will give you maximum color pay off. mick with a little bit of glitter or different textures and tones. >> so what are we going to start off with? >> as you can see, on our beautiful model here, i use the urban decay moon dust pallet. little get of grit nerve it, color pay off sex lent. >> and i love. >> this my gosh. >> this is what it is going to look like? >> this is what it will look like when you're done, highly pig meant dollars. all you need is literally one color swipe. if you see the color pay off sin credible. >> you do it in the middle of the eye.
9:49 am
>> lower lash line, closer to the lash line, you want to fill in your actual lid. the biggest mistake they mess up with their placement, careful, that your placement is on point. >> okay, this is after you have like the normal neutral color make up? >> normal more neutral, eye primer base, all of that good stuff. this is the finishing touch. then use glitter, any casino, but make sure the grit is her fine, glitter as we talk about before during our new years eve segment kind of messy. make sure you're using little bit, you want to pop that on. >> looks like the emerald city. it makes me so happy like you're right out of the wizard of oz or the wiz. it is gorgeous now look up for us, we will see the model. oh, it looks really good. i like. >> if you're going into team spirit. use rihanna beauty madam, nice green mat lipstick. this is called wasabi. >> oh,.
9:50 am
>> okay? >> and we need to get car inch, minute left. >> minute left. so that looks good. >> are those sold out? i feel -- >> no, not sold out, you can get them on line, also go to sephora and get it. so karen we gave you a nice green liner. look up to the sky. the green is going to make karen's eyes pop right out. >> is there a particular liner which we should be looking snore. >> waterproof eye laner, if you want to use a coal, coal is easier to maneuver and smudge, but careful, as time goes on, it can become messy. lift the eye. when watching the game, it is good to use waterproof or water resistant eye line they are way you're protected in case you start crying or anything that far nature. >> crying. >> don't want to be crying. we're going to win. >> we're going to win. >> when it is cold sometimes your eyes water. >> waterproof just so you can avoid that. >> green underneath. don't have to do anything up top? >> to something up top you can. but remember more is more n this case you want to looks like you're fun, festive, having great time at the game. >> if people have questions, how can they reach you?
9:51 am
>> reach me instagram shades of jason, shade of jacen or shades of yacen. com. >> go eagles, ladies. >> yeah. >> okay, so now that we have our food, we have got our make up together, it is time to get hyped up. how about this? we will play this video for that you will get you all the way together, and i need to you gather on the tv and get your game face on. we will be right back.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> we're going to be feeling the sunshine, probably during t, but so what? >> and get colder but we like that. >> your face is is perfect. so here we go. a lot of people little bit. nick foles taking the place of carson wentz. i've in for nick foles. are you all in? >> i'm in. my people are in.
9:55 am
>> now nor the doubters out there, this is for you. >> we'll play video produced by the philadelphia eagles, the purpose is, to get hyped up. >> now there is lasts about a minute and a half. all right? so, this is what we want you to do. join us tomorrow on good day philadelphia, because lauren has lot of eagles stuff planned. >> get you together. >> special game day live, and the game will be at 430, get out there early tailgate, get your watch parties together. now let's get hyped, see you back here monday morning, but make sure you tune in tomorrow you. >> can't say it quiet. let's get behind. >> yeah. >> here we go. philadelphia eagles atlanta falcons, tomorrow afternoon at the linc. >> it will take everybody in the room. dilling in, dig in for these next few weeks.
9:56 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> did you expect to be here? he expected it. he always expects it. >> no one could have expected it, it doesn't matter how we got here. or what we look like along the way. all that matters, finding a way to >> we're the top dog around here. >> so find the strength. finds a scene. or make your own. your lane.find a shirt. because more of this means more of this. >> finds power. finds inspiration.
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